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RE: Life is full of compromise...

A quick tack on to my thread... Our vehicles are a bit older and the newer cars are basic. This week I rented a new car with some features I kind of like... the cruise control has both a speed and following distance setting and will basically put itself in traffic and keep itself there. It also warns about rear cross traffic when I put it in reverse and warns about blind spot traffic when I signal to change lanes. It got me wondering if the newer C's had these kind of options too?
davelinde 09/13/19 05:32pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: This chapter done, what next?

My family and I have had the opposite progression. If I go back further in my history my immediate family did zero RV though I was close to an uncle (worked for him, best man in my wedding) who not only had RV (Class A and now a travel trailer) for a short time in the 1970's he owned a campground! On my wife's side they were always tent campers... When we married we backpacked (stopped that fast) tent camped (for a while), borrowed a pop-up (a few times) then jumped to the 5ver. I'm still mulling the compromises and your summary was very well thought out. THANKS!! You are spot on that I really need to decide how we will travel, since that makes a big difference in what matters.
davelinde 09/13/19 05:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Life is full of compromise...

Thanks all for feeding me thoughts, facts and opinion on this - it is helping me get my mind around this a bit. I will need to work to get comfy with the idea of a Ford V10... Having had a couple diesel motors I loved that could take me some time. For the specs... I was assuming smaller tanks and I am confident we can live with that. The huge capacity of the hauler was always way more than we ever needed. One thing that does seem low is the amount of propane spec'd for a lot of rigs, and it seems especially odd for those with propane gensets. I'll need to dig into that more.
davelinde 08/29/19 01:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: This chapter done, what next?

Our pockets have only medium depth... The kids are not 100% gone but not likely to ever camp with us again. We miss the kids a LOT and we don't miss them much at all - if that makes sense? It IS a nice time of life. For the travel plans - we intended to see the US circa 2008 or so and life just got in the way. Then we ended doing non-RV trips while the rig sat depreciating in the back yard. We want to do the RV-restart to see the US while we are healthy and able.
davelinde 08/27/19 05:25pm General RVing Issues
Life is full of compromise...

I've been reading a bit here and also made a post in the general area to see who I might chat up in the forums to get ideas. But as I ponder and google and skim I think my curiosity comes down to wondering what kind of compromises come with a class C solution vs my prior rigs. As I noted in the other post, our RV history has mapped our lives, next plan is to use an RV for an extended time travelling the US as empty-nesters. So here are the compromises I see... Range... our first rig had a 300 mile range and that is frankly annoying - so I over-compensated and the next rig (HDT getting 9 with 200 gallons of diesel) could do 1800 -- what can I expect in a C with a small 4 down tow behind? Storage space - our first rig quickly put on (literally) a ton of stuff and approached over weight ratings quickly. Our second rig had storage to spare for tools and toys. I can live with less of both but would like to have compressed air, basic repair tools, a pair of bicycles, golf clubs, maybe a smoker... at least a nice grill - will I make GVWR? Living space - we've always been able to sleep 6 to 8 comfortably but without the kids (friends... cousins etc) along now we only need to do 2 - but can we do 4 (or 6) in a pinch? Amenities - our first rig was basic and for our second we added the genset, big tanks, 3 TV's, sound system, ice maker, second fridge, screen porch... For a smaller rig I can give all of that up I think actually - but in the last decade I think RV have new amenities I may covet? What is the must have bling? Setup - both our rigs were labor intensive to site and setup. We are done with leveling manually... I'm thinking all class C will anchor and level with a push button? Plug in electric and decide about water/sewer later? We are assuming a 4 down tow behind for ease of local transport and ease to connect/disconnect the vehicle. I think if we can do that we don't miss the towable setup? Comfort/ease of travel. With the 5er and 3/4 ton it was work to drive and nothing in the cab. When we had the HDT our cab had space to stand up, a coffee maker, fridge and was as easy to drive as set the cruise, engage the jake brake and let her go. While my wife refused to drive it, I found the HDT a joy. With a C I guess we have fridge and coffee close. DW says she will drive it. But do the new rigs have cruise with following distance and lane assist? Will a C get pushed around the rode like my pickup? I'm guessing I'll never get the ride and handling I had in the HDT? Drivetrains... I see the Chevy/Ford chassis discussions here and I guess there is some religion behind that? I've had bad luck with Fords, I've never paid the premium to get a Chevy, I still have my first Dodge/Cummins and I've loved both my diesels (the Cummins and the VED12). What are the drivetrain choices we all love here? and finally... cost. My 04 Dodge cost me 35K and I still have it - it was a bargain. I don't remember what our Jayco 5er cost (it was in the teens) but I do remember we were able to sell it at 3 years old for only a few grand less than we paid. The Volvo HDT was a splurge at another 35K and we did not sell it for anything near that later. Same with the toy hauler - it was closer to 40K and did NOT hold value. We have flexibility to spend what makes sense so I wonder what price points I should expect for an RV I'll enjoy for 3 to 5 years and what I can expect in maintenance and retained value when we sell it.
davelinde 08/27/19 05:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: This chapter done, what next?

A good place to start is the Class C Sub Forum Thanks - I actually did skim that before starting here in "general". I saw a few threads hitting topics of interest to me. Also some in the Class A area. To a large extent our situation is not unique and our path seems well worn. We picked the big 5ver because for the price we could not beat the storage and living space and features. We very much like having a small vehicle at our destination. I'm pretty clear that if we go the C route we give up things like the 1800 mile cruising range of the HDT, and the days of dry camping possible in the hauler with a 5kW genset and huge holding tanks. But I'm not ready to drop the coin on an equivalent Class A and DW says she would drive a C w/dinghy (vs the HDT she refused to even attempt). I'm trying to get my planning groove going again and be ready for the next RV show we try as C shoppers (I'll guess it will be the next time they set up in Tampa).
davelinde 08/27/19 02:34pm General RVing Issues
This chapter done, what next?

It's hard to believe I joined this forum over 15 years ago and this is the first time since 2004 that we have not owned an RV. When the kids were little we had a bunkhouse and that was great. The kids got bigger and we did a few long stays (6 months) in the bigger toy hauler we got, also great. I got a used HDT to tow the hauler and it was a blast to have so much truck. But now the kids are gone, the maintenance on the HDT was more than I wanted so it was sold. The hauler is bigger than we need so this weekend it was also sold. DW has informed me that she wants to revisit our plans to spend an extended time driving the US - target to do that is 2023, so time to plan. The current thinking is a Class C of some sort with a 4 down vehicle in tow. It will be just the two of us, no kids or pets. We have grown to like "easy" for setup maintenance and operation. Has anyone here had similar experiences with a our sequence of RV? What are the pros and cons and considerations? We've got a few RV shows between now and a purchase, so I'm ready to collect ideas.
davelinde 08/27/19 02:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Vintage RAM.... what to do?

aside from emissions the 2004 does nothing better then the 2016. Are the latest trucks getting better fuel consumption again? When the first set of emmissions equipped diesels came out I remember hearing that the mileage was quite poor.
davelinde 03/23/19 09:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Vintage RAM.... what to do?

I like the idea of going through an older truck and making it as relible as new. But for the money ... I guess I can probably run some numbers and evaluate this... For now my truck is a dandy daily driver that costs me nothing and without towing heavy should last a long time. I guess in my mind it does not have a trade-in value, but that is not true. I guess I could also decide just how much longer I really want to have a truck (at least another decade I'd say) and maybe a used truck could be a reliable tow vehicle at a good cost and also hold value? I think that my unknowns on what the emissions did to 3/4 ton trucks makes me wonder... Initially I thought it killed efficiency? I have one buddy who is an owner/operator on a big rig who said the emissions junk makes his life miserable in the HDT realm... So despite being old tech I do kinda cling to my pre-emissions truck instinctively.
davelinde 03/12/19 05:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Vintage RAM.... what to do?

I appreciate the opinions here, thanks for chiming in. Some reactions. Yes, I've picked up a lot of the parts I needed to refurb my truck from Geno's and they have most of what is still broke too. So far the busted plastic junk in my cab is all repairable. In terms of rough numbers... back in the day I paid 36K for my truck new. I bought the Volvo for 35K and ended up selling it for scrap at 5K (if I had not let the maintenance get away from me it would easily have sold for more, my bad). I mention that to note that paying 50K (or more) for a truck is hard for me to wrap my mind around. But yes... I'm contemplating about 10K in refurb as someone noted... and that does give me pause. Also yes... I bet I could sell mine as-is. I have two neighbors who have mentioned they'd love to buy it, though we never talked price. For the interior, I've already fixed the grab bars, the busted tilt steering and installed a modern radio/bluetooth. What remains is fixing the busted lock/mirror/window control cluster and fixing one rear door lock... the real challenge is making the seats comfy enough to do 10 hours (I can barely stand them for 3 now). The exterior paint is still just cosmetic and pro-active against letting it degrade too much. The big ticket would be a pro-active rebuilt tranny and maybe an engine brake. Finally... I know me - if I go drive a 2018 I might write a check.
davelinde 03/12/19 05:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Online sales... a good idea?

Other than the trend of small dealerships getting bought by chains it sound like little has changed in the last 10 years. These posts reminded me of the games we played with buying our Cyclone... We went to see it at a dealership 60 miles away, and had a price in hand from an on-line dealership with the 1000 mile ride to pick it up. After being treated wonderfully... seeing the rig, even hitching it to my truck to measure how much it squatted we started talking price. After letting the sales guy posture and make his best pitch I told him he was off base by more than 5 figures, was he sure. He told me my price was SURELY wrong and missing options so I said THANKS. I guess we walked so fast they had not been ready for that because while we were driving home they called to tell us that we were... in fact... correct on the bottom line pricing and they could match it "just for us". So I gave them a verbal on a deposit against a credit card with the promise of a contract to follow. When we got the contract there were a dozen items not clear so I sent them back my list of written questions. Apparently they were unfamiliar with actually doing business because after two days I called to find out why my questions were not answered. I was told that my contract was completed and my deposit was not refundable. Since I had never signed anything I called the credit card company, disputed the charge and signed a contract with the on-line folks. I got several calls from various managers and general managers there and told them all that I no longer cared if they beat the price - their business practices were unacceptable to me. So now to today... I guess the drive up to Indiana is do-able and I might consider on-line direct sales one more time if we decide to pull a trigger on our third (likely last) RV.
davelinde 03/12/19 05:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Vintage RAM.... what to do?

Volvo's are a PITA to work on It was a challenge - the clutch and Eaton autoshift got wonky on me and once I could not drive it to be serviced things got complicated. Towing it was not a simple thing... It really was a joy to drive while it ran well but not so joyful once I could not fix it myself.
davelinde 03/08/19 08:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Vintage RAM.... what to do?

Its definitely do-able. I think so too... just not sure what I might be missing. The rap on the Dodge back in 04 was that the Cummins would keep running while the plastic **** around it would fail. This has actually been true and my grab handles, diverter doors, and window control console have all cracked and failed. However fixing them was cost effective and not too hard. I don't see any reason I can't get another 10 years and 150K on the frame/power-train - especially if I drop a few grand on an overbuilt tranny. If a new truck was more reasonable I might be tempted to trade-up but at the prices I've seen it seems crazy to buy a new diesel?
davelinde 03/08/19 08:26pm Tow Vehicles
Online sales... a good idea?

It's been a while since I read these forums regularly. When we bought our 2004 Jayco and later a 2009 Heartland there was still a lot of debate about on-line sales. Was it a good price? Could you get service? Shouldn't you have a local dealer? From those decade old experiences it was a no-brainer. We bought the Jayco, never needed service, and sold it for nearly what we paid for it. For the Cyclone, we really tried to buy from a local dealer but they were too shady and we ended up buying on-line again for a substantial discount. We actually DID need warranty service (in a big way) and a different local dealer did is (though reluctantly and it took a long time). Ironically since we were moving then the reluctant dealer ended up doing us a favor by storing our RV for "free" and after we got it back we moved 1000 miles away so "local" was no longer meaningful. In the next few years we may trade in for something smaller (and lighter) than our hauler and DW does drag me to the shows to look and wish. We have a ton of local dealers but I still think the national on-line guys must be a good idea? What say you all? What has changed since 2007?
davelinde 03/08/19 07:47pm General RVing Issues
Vintage RAM.... what to do?

I cannot believe how long I've been away from this forum but it seems like just yesterday. In 2003 I agonized over diesel v gas and would the Dodge 48RE tow heavy. I can surely say that now I KNOW and diesel is a great choice and with 160K on my 2004 5.9 48RE auto with some time towing both 10K# and 14K# the tranny seems to have held up. I did a multi-year diversion into the HDT truck world and I've gotta say that a Volvo HDT is fantastic TV but not easy to maintain. At this point the Volvo is sold and I still have the RAM and in the foreseeable future we will be towing something again. But wow oh wow oh my... I could buy TWO MORE Volvos for the price of a new decked out Dodge?? Not gonna happen. I'm thinking about putting a new paint job on my 2004, replacing the interior (not sure how) and getting a rebuilt trans with engine brake. The truck is great for current use (a daily driver) but the front bench is not ideal for long hauls, the paint is fading and I would not trust putting 10K# behind it and taking a long trip. What say you all here?
davelinde 03/08/19 07:35pm Tow Vehicles
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