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RE: Calculated MPG

Keeping track of mileage has changed my style of driving. Now I am more of a hyper-miler and slow down ahead of time and don't accelerate that hard. Use cruise control when it is safe. That is how I got to 23.8 mpg in a one ton Ford diesel. Sounds legit. https://images.theconversation.com/files/418660/original/file-20210831-13-i2p7p2.jpg?ixlib=rb-1.1.0&q=45&auto=format&w=1200&h=900.0&fit=crop width=600
dedmiston 01/18/22 02:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Calculated MPG

Segal's Law A man with a watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure.
dedmiston 01/18/22 11:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Class A LP Gas Line

Hi Dog Hauler, Welcome to the forum. Check out THIS THREAD for help with posting photos. It's hard to guess on your nose and your fittings, but Amazon has a good selection. And three years on an LP tank is incredible.
dedmiston 01/18/22 07:59am Tech Issues
RE: Northeast Oklahoma

Qait a must see: Mr Ed's grave (maybe) more like east central OK tho. But worth the trip...heh When I was a kid my family would always take long road trips in the summer (dad was a fireman and banked up his time). My mom would research in advance and make us stop and random cemeteries where some long-lost relative was buried, and then she'd turn on the water-works. It was always concerning to us young kids, but dad told us to just keep quiet and let mom be mom (bless her heart). Not that we're related to Mr. Ed (or Francis either), but I wonder if she'd break down at his grave site?
dedmiston 01/17/22 04:13pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: National General Insurance cost adjustments

Do you think it's because mileage has been down so much during the pandemic? Or maybe you had some points roll off your record at the end of the year? Either way, take the money and run. By the way, could I borrow four hundred bucks?
dedmiston 01/17/22 04:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Time to ride

Nice I hope your far out for the 3 day'r It was really quiet for a 3-day. I've noticed a huge boom in bikers this year. Most of the riders we've seen on the trails the past couple of trips were bikes. It's great to see. Ditto for the parking at destinations like Randsburg. Side-by-sides have really taken over, but they're too expensive for the younger folks. I've been so glad to see so many new bikes out there, because this means we've got another generation joining the sport.
dedmiston 01/17/22 04:06pm Toy Haulers
RE: Dumb mistake

Thanks for all the responses. Not worth the risk, but where do you dispose ? Dispose of it 1-2 cups at a time every time you start a campfire, more if you're boondocking and less if you're in a fancy park. Folks in my group used to start their fires with gas, but it's scary to light, and then it just kind of explodes and then all the gas is gone. I use diesel now. It's a little harder to light, but then it catches and rolls into a great fire. True story...years ago, a young fellow in our small group of tenters, watched me tip a little premix for the dirt bikes on some logs in the pit. He decided to do the same, another night, waited for a few of us to gather round. He said not too close, before tossing the match, so I was back a bit, sitting in my nylon webbed chair, when it lit. As it lit, a trail of fire came back, between my feet, under my chair, melted the webbing as I jumped clear. No, he didn't realize he was losing gas from the full can, when he carried it back. Yup, another dumb mistake! Jerry Yikes Jerry. That's terrifying. Yeah, I always look for a trail. It's like a Bugs Bunny cartoon when the trail of TNT leads back to the powder keg. I had a crazy monkey-see-monkey-do episode at camp years ago. One of the guys in camp watched me start the fire with gas and then the fire kind of burned out because nobody fed it more logs. Just as I was walking back to the pit, I saw the guy grab his gas jug to try to restart the fire (very bad idea). I just yelled "Oh no. KIDS, RUN!!!" The gas immediately caught fire on the hot coals and followed the stream back to his fuel jug. I thought he was a goner for sure, but he had the presence of mind to jerk off the spout and throw it away from the crowd and the flame followed the spout. I can't believe he didn't self immolate, but the gods were on his side that night. We got to use that as a great lesson with the kids. They've never forgotten it. That was the night I switched to diesel for starting fires.
dedmiston 01/17/22 04:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dumb mistake

Thanks for all the responses. Not worth the risk, but where do you dispose ? Dispose of it 1-2 cups at a time every time you start a campfire, more if you're boondocking and less if you're in a fancy park. Folks in my group used to start their fires with gas, but it's scary to light, and then it just kind of explodes and then all the gas is gone. I use diesel now. It's a little harder to light, but then it catches and rolls into a great fire.
dedmiston 01/17/22 02:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Replace OEM fuel tank?

Because it's the strongest bladder that determines the stops, not the weakest. Yeah you got a point but I can pull off on the shoulder, go around to the curb side, open both doors, and pee away with traffic whizzing by. Stand at 45 degrees to the road facing forward. Hold onto your business with your left hand, point high and and far with your right hand, and position your head in the same direction as your right hand. People driving past will look up and wonder what the heck you're pointing at.
dedmiston 01/17/22 01:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Dumb mistake

I keep two diesel jugs in my truck bed: The “good one” is for topping off the tank. The other one is the fire starter. Looks like you have a new Fire Starter jug.
dedmiston 01/16/22 08:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Time to ride

We’re out at Spangler this weekend. It’s pretty quiet so far.
dedmiston 01/14/22 10:31pm Toy Haulers
RE: Camping on Sand

You really should read your policy. It’s easier than you think. Your carrier can’t violate their policy. Plus it’s a “contract of adhesion” where the tie goes to the insured (the policy holder). Your agent can’t speak for the carrier though. They can’t extend coverage beyond the policy language. Trust me. I’ve spent a lot of time doing this. The agent is just a sales guy. The only exception is that the agents occasionally pay out claims out of their own budgets to keep their best customers happy. That doesn’t happen so much anymore though. The policy is the policy. And the whole business model is built on insuring negligence and stupidity. They can cancel your policy or raise your rates, but they have to pay the claims covered under the policy. It’s very straightforward.
dedmiston 01/14/22 10:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Calculated MPG

“ Most fuel gauges are nearly useless even the ones that I carefully calibrated, the tank shapes just make it that way.” Interesting statement…. Maybe applies to antique vehicles? The gas gauge on our off-road car (CanAm x3) drives me insane. The tank must be shaped like an upside-down letter "L", because it will read nearly full for the first 90 miles, and then start dropping like a rock after that. I have to keep a backup tank under my set just in case. We try to push our rides as far as we can.
dedmiston 01/14/22 10:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping on Sand

I would never trust the agent. Just read your policy. It’s a very clear contract.
dedmiston 01/14/22 07:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Custer State Park Sylvan lake 32’ tt

Hey NCMODELA - You might want to add the location of Sylvan Lake to narrow this down for us. Thanks.
dedmiston 01/13/22 11:47am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Water system going crazy help!!

when the pump is on I noticed that water coming out of the city water intake. Put a plug on it. I always plug mine after I fill, because it sometimes runs out of that connection and starts a siphon and empties the tank.
dedmiston 01/13/22 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: When is a purchase a purchase?

Ok, I can add a little context here. He purchased a Jayco Pinnacle and a friend of his is in management there. Due to that he felt comfortable feeling things will go well. Apparently the dealer did the PDI’s they could do. Others required things shipped from Jayco like two bay doors (have no idea what’s up with that) and something else that had to come from Jayco. I guess that makes a little more sense. But I think id still rather sign when everything is done. But we may not know all the specifics. . I do appreciate your input on the legal part of things. I don't know if it varies by region (maybe different state laws), but in California for cars and RVs you write up a "due bill" signed by both parties and it lists out all of the items the dealer needs to perform as part of the sale. This isn't warranty service, it's a condition of the sale. Getting the dealer to do the work quickly is another matter though.
dedmiston 01/13/22 09:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: When is a purchase a purchase?

It's not "yours" until you sign the paperwork and pull off the lot. You aren't making payments, your insurance isn't in effect, etc. Since you already have a contract in place to make it yours eventually, they can't sell it out from under you. (Contract = Offer + Acceptance + Consideration)
dedmiston 01/13/22 09:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water pump runs continually

Again, I disagree, but I think a lot of you have gotten used treating other members badly for the sake of "being right", to the point where all this feels normal.
dedmiston 01/11/22 08:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Camping on Sand

Gotta have insurance, because if you have to evacuate, you ain't taking the trailer with you... Have you confirmed (in writing) with your insurance that they would cover you if you parked in the tidal area and lost the rig? I would be very surprised to see a No Beach Camping exclusion in the policy. I used to work in claims and we covered everything but fraud. Read your policy though. They're pretty simple to read.
dedmiston 01/11/22 08:31pm Fifth-Wheels
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