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RE: Convict Lake, CA questions??

Try to pad your budget a little bit so you can splurge one night and go to their restaurant. Their lodge is some of the best fine dining we've ever had.
dedmiston 05/07/21 02:40pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Cuddeback to Calico ride

I've been so frustrated with this before and from seasoned riders as well. Had a large group get totally separated when ONE rider didn't confirm a turn. And we were only going form north of Cuddeback to the Husky. Makes it worse when its really dusty and everyone spreads out, or you have one or two VERY slow riders. The other thing that I'm really cautious about is when we're in a big group and we come up on another big group. I've had clueless riders in our group peel off and join the other group. What a nightmare.
dedmiston 05/07/21 02:37pm Toy Haulers
RE: Dead batteries

You should be able to jump your generator too. Don't connect to the batteries though, connect to the gen itself. Pos to the pos input on the gen and neg to the gen's chassis. At least that's what I've done on my Onan.
dedmiston 05/06/21 04:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Another Redwoods Question

The blackberries! I picked a ton of them. The wife made a blackberry cobbler. Was that GREAT? You would love it. I was thinking the same thing. The berries up there are phenomenal. We've eaten our way through Humboldt County until our teeth were purple.
dedmiston 05/06/21 10:43am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Traveling around Lake Michigan

When you get to Sault Saint Marie, drive by the lock visitor center and drop someone to go in and look at the board that gives approximate passage times. Take a picture of the board with a phone and go to either camp ground as both are pretty nice. Be back there for the passage. The times on the board are a guess and often off by some. Arrange to get back there to be in the "peanut gallery" to watch them flush a real ship though the lock. We took the boat tour through the lock and loved it. We also took the train tour on the Ontario side. We were there in the fall of 2019 and the train ride through the fall colors was heavenly. We're from CA though, so the leaves are a novelty to us.
dedmiston 05/06/21 10:40am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Estes Park to Loveland

Thanks for the info Kavoom! This is a scouting trip for future trips. We want to gather information on utv trails as well as good campgrounds. We are looking forward to exploring the Black Hills. This may be our last trip to Estes if it’s that bad. Mark Just curious. What do you ride?
dedmiston 05/06/21 10:35am Roads and Routes
RE: Happijack Bed

With just one bed, do you even raise it? Is it in a location that you use for something else? I'm not trying to imply anything, I'm just curious. We have dual queen happijac beds in the garage of our toy hauler, and we raise the beds so we can use the garage for transporting our off-road car. I'm trying to picture the purpose of a single happijac bed if it isn't in a toy hauler.
dedmiston 05/06/21 10:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Cuddeback to Calico ride

That's an awesome trip. I'm heading out there solo on my bike this weekend and tonka town is one of the few places I have never been but going to try to find. Thanks for sharing. Good luck. It should be nice this weekend. Careful riding solo out there. We didn't see anyone else last weekend.
dedmiston 05/05/21 08:32pm Toy Haulers
RE: Where ????

We've probably camped more this year than any year before. We go out to the Southern California deserts to boondock and ride off road about every other weekend. We have a very small group of trusted people who have been our camping pod. It's been a great year so far. Last weekend was our "end of season" trip, because it's too hot to camp in the desert now until it cools down again in November. We'll switch to beach trips, etc. now.
dedmiston 05/05/21 04:07pm RV Lifestyle
RE: One Great Big EV Thread

From the start, this didn't feel like an RV thread to me. And while the discussion has been interesting, I'm moving this from General RVing to Around The Campfire.
dedmiston 05/05/21 02:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ramp door patio DIY. Whose done it?

I haven't seen any pictures lately, but plenty of people have posted pics here over the years. It's not a hard job. If you can, go visit a few local dealers and pretend you're kicking tires. Take a look at how the cables are anchored. I've also seen people fab braces out of jack stands, but that looks pretty iffy to me. As far as the fence goes, as long as you don't have dogs or little kids, you should be OK. As I type this though, I just remembered a friend in our group whose cables broke while he was standing on his ramp. He had his infant granddaughter in his arms at the time and had to tuck and roll to protect her. It was insane to see. This was on a bluff overlooking the beach, and he was lucky he didn't have one of the spots where his ramp cantilevered over the bluff. Be careful and go ahead and over-engineer it.
dedmiston 05/05/21 12:56pm Toy Haulers
RE: Happijack Bed

BTW - I always pin my upper bed up while we travel so that the weight is on the pins and not on the chains.
dedmiston 05/05/21 12:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Happijack Bed

Does your lower bed fold into a dinette? If so, you pin the upper bed to the highest position and then lower the lower bed down so you can sit there.
dedmiston 05/05/21 12:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Recommend An AC Unit

unfortunately we've become a disposable society. When's the last time you took your T.V. to a repairman? Hell, we replaced our washer/drier last year because they were making funny noises but were 20 years old; didn't even call out a tech. We were being really frugal at the beginning of the pandemic and couldn't replace our dishwasher. I tried to replace a few broken parts with parts from Amazon, but we finally gave up. We did dishes by hand for about nine months before finally replacing it. It wasn't so bad when it was just the two of us, but our son came home when his University locked down, and he's not much of a dish washer.
dedmiston 05/05/21 12:18pm Toy Haulers
RE: Recommend An AC Unit

you're wrong. They ARE serviceable. Add a suction line service port to charge. First fix the leak, pull good vacuum and weigh in the proper charge. Hey Steve - Ordinarily I'd tell someone to prove it when they make a contrary claim like this, but Nayther is an HVAC guy and I trust what he says.
dedmiston 05/04/21 10:32am Toy Haulers
RE: Cuddeback to Calico ride

Call out turns AND everyone should wait at the turns for next car ;) Yeah. That was a tough lesson to explain to the newcomers. Luckily the guy riding sweep was one of our regulars and knows me well enough to know when we weren't on the same page anymore.
dedmiston 05/03/21 09:31pm Toy Haulers
RE: Can I run my Onan while plugged into shore power?

Yes and no. You can run it, but it won't actually exercise it since there won't be any load. You're better off disconnecting from shore power first.
dedmiston 05/03/21 04:03pm Tech Issues
Cuddeback to Calico ride

We took a crazy ride this weekend. We met up with a group we haven't camped with for about a year because of covid. It seemed like a good opportunity to get together and squeeze one last desert trip out of the 2020/2021 season. It was a great trip and I'm glad we got to go. Cuddeback Dry Lake off 395 north of Kramer Junction (395/58) is a pretty decent place to camp, but the riding is mostly flat with long distances between POIs. Friday was insanely hot. It was 97° when we left home after work. Ugh. We had a fire Friday night, but everyone sat about 10' away from it because it was too hot. We just needed the light of the fire to be able to see each other, but didn't need the warmth. I asked the guy who put the trip together where we were riding on Saturday, and he said "Tonka Town" (fine) and then to Calico (WHAT?!?!?). I told him I thought he was nuts, but nobody else in the group complained. Whatever. We got a nice early start and hit the trail by 8:15. It was a big group though: eleven side-by-sides and a lot of people I hadn't ridden with before. Just as we were about to hit it, the leader asked me if I could lead the ride, because he likes the trails that I pick and he knows I have a good nav. I agreed because it's not as dusty when you're leading. Fine. I know the Can Ams can make it around 150 miles on a tank if you use Eco mode and don't stay on the throttle the whole time, but the RZRs made me nervous because they don't have the same range. Even though a lot of us were carrying a few spare gallons, we'd absolutely need to get gas for the whole group to make it back. It was cooler on Saturday (low 80s) and pretty comfortable. There was also a pretty good wind to keep the dust off the trail depending on our direction. The ride to Tonka Town was pretty uneventful with only a few backtracks to put the group back together again. Even though I called out all the turns and kept the speeds down in the 30s, some of the riders weren't very good about keeping an eye on the person behind them, so we split up a few times. Tonka Town is a trip. I wish I had taken more pictures. Everyone should try to see it once if they're in the area. People have taken hundreds of toys out there and set up little diorama scenes with an airport, hospital, and even a brothel. https://i.imgur.com/aJ4BMwql.jpg https://i.imgur.com/7Eg2eLxl.jpg From there I was just winging it and improvising the route. I knew where Calico was, but I was trying to keep it interesting and avoid the straight roads. We explored a lot of amazing canyons and the riding was great, but we kept hitting dead end after dead end. We were literally under two miles from Calico, but I just couldn't find a way to get down the hills to town. And the group was too big and the experience levels just not right for taking any big gambles on the trails. So I turned us around and we backtracked all the way around the hills and ended up taking the straight (boring) roads. We finally made it to town and gassed up. I forgot that the decent fast food places were on the other side of the 15 and our group was too big to risk riding down the paved roads to get to food, so we just had chips and ice creams from the c-store at the Shell station. https://i.imgur.com/Ji8hLkVl.jpg I was kind of ready to be done and head back, but a lot of people wanted to see the ghost town there at Calico. I've been there plenty of times and don't like how much of a tourist trap it is, but the group really wanted to see it. Fair enough. When we got to the gate, I told the State Park employee that I didn't want to pay to get in and I asked her if I could just hang out in the parking lot while others went in. She told me to just go to the lower lot and anyone else could walk up the billion stairs if they wanted to go in. So she waved everyone else through and didn't charge anyone. My wife told me to stop being a poop and go up with everyone else since they wanted to see it so badly. Fine. I had told everyone that my plan was to kind of bee-line to Calico via Tonka Town and then take a more scenic route home depending on everyone's fuel situation and attitude. When we left Calico, a couple of the guys came and asked me which route we were taking, and I told them "the fun way, not the fast way". Everyone was fine with that. Once we were committed to the fun way, one woman's RZR started giving her trouble and went into limp mode. I don't know what her error was, but her friend cleared it by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery. This became a recurring issue, but I wasn't really surprised that someone had issues out of our group of eleven cars. We rode back via Inscription Canyon (petroglyphs) and Black Rock Canyon, one of the most scenic areas out there. Everyone rides out there to see the Husky Monument, but they're missing out on a gorgeous ride by skipping the Black Rock Canyon. As the day went by, the "breeze" turned into a gale, and everyone had bobblehead syndrome from holding their heads up against the wind. It was blowing so hard that it snapped the flagpole mount off my trailer and destroyed my pole, flags, and beacon light. All told, it was an eleven hour trip and 167.5 miles. We saw a lot of great things and had a great time together. But with the wind and the long day, we skipped the fire and everyone just stayed inside for dinner and drinks. https://i.imgur.com/6GxxO5vl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/AoRMi1Ul.jpg I didn't think anyone would want to ride the next morning, but nine cars jumped in with us and we took a nice loop through the hills above Cal City and had lunch at Randsburg before we packed up and headed home. I'm grateful that we got one last trip in, and that the heat wasn't too bad. https://i.imgur.com/BZX6uRAl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/1otyu7Hl.jpg
dedmiston 05/03/21 02:19pm Toy Haulers
RE: One Great Big EV Thread

“...relocate the local "legless lizards...” Please don’t make fun of legless lizards. Poor guys and gals. Too late. I already did. And I will again.
dedmiston 04/30/21 08:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: One Great Big EV Thread

"restoration of the site to its current condition — dominated by old-growth sagebrush — would not be complete until at least 2162." How much old growth sagebrush does the USA need? How many snail darters are needed to stop a new reservoir and dam? A local development in my area required "natural mitigation" to replace two local species. They were required to set up traps and relocate the local "legless lizards". They also had to plant a half acre of poison oak that had been impacted by their grading and building. Imagine the hassle that the landscape construction company had to go through to call nurseries and beg them to cultivate poison oak so they could purchase and plant the mature 1 gallon sized poison oak plants.
dedmiston 04/30/21 03:22pm Around the Campfire
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