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RE: LEDs Replacement for Flourscent

For my 12" florescent fixtures, I cut the wires to the ballasts and wired directly to the 12" COB LED Daytime Driving lights shown here for just over $2/each when purchased as shown. The work perfect and give more light than the old tube while using a lot less power. The strips have 3M backing tape for mounting. Just need some tiny wire nuts to connect the wires. https://www.amazon.com/Universal-Waterproof-Trucks-Daytime-Running/dp/B071PFC1H2 https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/610TaVpuKZL._SL1050_.jpg height=500 You don't need to spend a lot of money or make it hard on yourself when using these lights. I had longer fixtures that took 4 of these with ease. I swapped them out a couple of years ago and they're still working great. I'll admit having a few failed on other rigs I installed them in but for the price, you can't beat these lights. Just curious, at 6000-8000k color temperature, those lights are going to be very blueish appearing. Do you have yours behind a white lens? Does that help, or do you prefer the brighter, blueish light? :):) I have tested some of these, and the ones I have are not blueish, they are true white which is what I prefer over yellow. They would work easily and excellently for fluorescent replacements. When I say I have tested them, I used some of them for a project at work. We needed to lower a camera down a mine shaft and needed lights for the cameras. I got some of these because I had used some for my motorcycle. I ran them high voltage (if I remember correctly it was over 18 or 19) until they started losing leds. They put out light down to 6.5 or 7 volts. Next I took some more and submerged them and they worked just fine, so then I submerged them and powered them up and left them for a 3 day weekend, and they were all working perfectly when I came back to work. After all that, I was definitely a fan of them. Yes I am still working, and I love my job. ;)
dieseltruckdriver 02/16/20 08:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Continuous Omni-Directional Amplified CA-2500 Antenna

Has anybody switched out their CA-2500 antenna for something that actually works? Been FT for 2 years and we are tired of neighbors with a $25 Walmart antenna getting WAY better reception- we have no obstacles, we're 20 miles from Fort Myers(this winter anyway), amplifier is on, and all connections are tight. I'd like to take this one off and replace it, but with what? Thanks I think you will get many posts from people who don't understand this antenna. We have that exact antenna on our 5er and they are junk. Last year I bought a small yagi antenna and a pole which I strapped to my ladder when I got to our destination. That worked much better, but this year I am going to replace the factory antenna with this Winegard antenna. It cannot work any worse than the Continu.us antenna, plus the Winegard wont rattle in the wind or catch branches. Before anyone wants to inform me on better antennas, I am a ham, I understand antennas and antenna theory. The antenna I posted is my best option, simply because I cannot reach the ceiling to crank a Sensar up and down without getting a ladder out every time I want to do something with it.
dieseltruckdriver 02/16/20 08:07am Technology Corner
RE: Finally added the solar Next up, water storage

How long are you going out there for? Water weighs around 7.2 pounds per gallon. Train your crew to use less water as an alternative. Water weighs 8.3 pounds/gallon. Yep, its diesel that weighs 7.2 lbs/gallon.
dieseltruckdriver 02/11/20 05:45pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Multimeter Calibration?

I knew that when I posted it. Just a good meter for around $100. But, there are others, I have a $400 meter so I'm not going to spend the time to find a link to a cost effective good brand meter that measures DC current. By all means, if you have one, please post for others.I was just letting people know as well. This meter doesn't look too bad, but I have no experience with it.
dieseltruckdriver 02/09/20 01:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Multimeter Calibration?

All meters, thermometers, etc have an accuracy rating. A good meter is +/- 1% or +/-2% of the reading. If you take 2 meters and read the same thing and both are accurate to +/- 2% you can now be off by as much as 4%, so best to not compare 2 meters. The best reading is one that is consistent, meaning if I am reading something and come back tomorrow to read the same measurement, it is within that accuracy rating. Another point is that all of these meters, Fluke, anyone, are made in China. Better companies use the better manufacturers over there and have better QC. So, it makes sense to buy a better meter if you want better accuracy. A $25 meter is going to give you what you paid for, a cheap meter reading. You should buy a better meter. You can get a descent quality meter for less money than you think. Just search around for it. Stick with a company that makes meters and measuring devices and not some brand that has there label put on a Chinese POS. This is a great Fluke meter used by lots of electricians at only $100... https://www.amazon.com/Fluke-Electrical-Voltage-Continuity-Current/dp/B0006Z3GZU/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=fluke+multimeter&qid=1581182098&sr=8-5 There are other good manufacturers of meters that are comparable and probably a little less expensive. The meter you linked to would be ok to test a pedestal, but not good for dc. We got them at work and I told them I don't even want one. I put it on 12 power supply, and it only gave the reading in volts. As in 11. I like to see hundredths of a volt at work. I do controls stuff, and when I am measuring 4-20 milliamps, it matters. That meter only does AC when measuring amps. I am not saying it is a bad choice, just be aware it is just very limited on DC stuff.
dieseltruckdriver 02/08/20 03:03pm Tech Issues
RE: electric v manual awning??

I guess I am the odd one out. When I bought my new 5er, I asked if I could get it with a manual awning, and was told no. I wasn't very happy about that. I have come to love the electric, and my wife likes that she can put it out, where she was always nervous about the manual so she just wouldn't do it.
dieseltruckdriver 02/06/20 05:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Multimeter Calibration?

I know this won't really help you, but at work we used to send our meters in to Fluke for recalibration. Then I would check my meters (Flukes) against the newly calibrated meter. This year they decided the cost was too high, so they just bought us new meters. My old Fluke 77 and my favorite, a 73 still match the new meter, so I am still good. I typically test with 12V, 24V, 120VAC and 240VAC. That covers my useage. Actually, if you know of someone with a decent adjustable power supply, you could test your meter against that. I know mine is within 1/100th of a volt. That is good enough for my camper. ;)
dieseltruckdriver 02/06/20 05:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Best charge controllers..

Well I haven't seen anyone post a link to this yet, so here is something to watch.
dieseltruckdriver 02/06/20 05:14pm Tech Issues
RE: how do dey do dat ?

Don't really know exactly how it is done, but there still idiots out there that will try backing one up without a spotter, and will run all over something or someone. Drove a truck for more years than i want to count. Backed up a trailer literally thousands of times (PER YEAR). I can count on one hand the number of times there was a spotter.Same here, but we aren't the norm here. My wife knows her job is to stop me before I hit anything that might puncture the roof.
dieseltruckdriver 02/06/20 05:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Trip out west, YNP, Glacier. Which cell booster to get?

Making a two month road trip west, week long stays in Black Hills, YNP, Teton, Glacier, and other “remote” areas. We’re a Verizon family. 12 year old kid that will want to do typical streaming. Have been looking at Weboost offerings. I’m handy and can do a hardwired install on 5th wheel. I hooked up a Netgear MIMO antenna to our mifi, and it gave a little boost out here pn the populated east coast, but I’m not sure that’s robust enough for the wide open spaces out west. You will be just fine with Verizon. There will be some dead spots between here in the Black Hills and Yellowstone and Glacier just like there are in other areas. Just because we don't have the population doesn't mean we can't stream. Actually it is usually better because we don't have as many people streaming per tower.
dieseltruckdriver 01/31/20 05:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Smart Light Bulbs

I am using the plain white Philips Hue bulbs, with a hub at my house. They do exactly what you are looking for, and do use your phone to program the times. The nice thing about them is the slight "ramp" up to bright or off, as opposed to off then ON. You can program them to brighten over a set time, like 30 minutes, or just come on at a certain time. They are very flexible. There are cheaper options which I have some, but these are my favorite.
dieseltruckdriver 01/20/20 07:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Camping Lights

You'd all hate me, we light up the trees in our campsite with the red and green laser lights, always get a lot of compliments on them. While I am another one that prefers dark, I think those things are cool looking. It's not for me, but it seems I see one doing that about once a summer and think it is a neat effect.
dieseltruckdriver 01/19/20 05:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer Tire Speeding Rating??

For whatever it is worth, I have been using the Endurance tires for the last few years, Load Range D (which is excessive for my trailer). After 20,000 miles, I am very happy with them. But I almost never go over 65 mph. My trailer came with the Endurance tires and I am one of those that believes LT tires are much higher quality tires (because they are). I was going to change my tires out right away, and thought I might as well see how they do. I am going into my third year with them, and don't see a reason to change them yet. I am actually now considering replacing them with more Endurance tires when the time comes since they are working so well.
dieseltruckdriver 01/12/20 04:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

This is 100% the opposite of our experience. We wave and almost always get waves back. I'm not good at talking to strangers so I won't instigate a discussion unless you have something specific that I have questions about. I'm OK with talking back if someone else talks to me. This describes me exactly. I am not antisocial, I am just not good at making conversation.
dieseltruckdriver 12/31/19 08:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: How do you summer travel?

After a 300k-400k mile drive pulling a 11k 5th wheel trailer were ready to stop for the nite at a camp ground or rv park. Just plug in on arrival and unplug in the morning when hitting the road. I'd be ready to stop for the night after a 300,000 mile drive too......and a new truck! Don't think I could handle a 400k drive! LolThats what I was thinking. They are animals! :)
dieseltruckdriver 12/28/19 01:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: *NEWB ALERT* question about TT up keep

I agree with the others regarding your propane issue, it takes a while to get the air purged. When you are having to retighten your stabilizers, do not lubricate the threaded shaft. If you do, they can loosen themselves, I made that mistake one time. I have seen others do it, but mine would not stay snug, so I never did it again.
dieseltruckdriver 12/28/19 01:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV Crushes Truck

I NEVER pin my arm open. When I park at home I have to pin my arm open every time. It is a serious downhill slope and the weight is always against the front of the hitch, so the arm will not stay open on its own. I am also one of those that doesn't do a pull test. I have posted my reasons why several times. I do multiple visual checks making sure it is properly hooked as well as grabbing the handle to make sure it is pinned. Every time.
dieseltruckdriver 12/20/19 09:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Crushes Truck

Big SNIP His wife started filming him pulling away then had him stop. During this initial time of pulling ahead if high hitched that sucker would have dropped instantly! The video starts again and almost immediately the RV drops like a rock. Reason is when he stopped the tenion of the kingpin against the slide bar released and the slide bar released and once pulling again it drops. CASE CLOSED!!! And another one No. You are incorrect here, but it is understandable. Most people would be surprised how much force it takes to pull a trailer free of just resting on the hitch plate and not latched. That is why many times I have posted that the only way you can really know how to do a proper pull test is to do just that. Back under, barely take the weight off the legs, do not close your hitch, then pull out. I have done this. Most do not, and will not know how much pedal it takes to pull out. Only when you use the same amount of throttle can you do a proper pull test. That is why I never do a pull test. I do a visual inspection, but do it at least three times before moving. Also, I do have a B&W, and they are much easier to do a visual than most hitches. If they are closed and pinned, and you verify the large part of the pin is completely visible under the hitch, they will not fail. Of course that is true of most hitches. I also painted the large part of the pin on out last fiver so my DW would know what I was looking at when doing a walk around. She has instructions to do a complete walk around inspection separate from mine in case I have a brain fart. It can happen to anyone.
dieseltruckdriver 12/17/19 06:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Please help me choose between these two portable smokers

Interesting! I am very new to smoking. I have been using a 30-inch unit, keeping the temperature as low as I can and still get smoke. But after 4 hours the bacon is cooked. Does that mean I'm doing it wrong? I slice it up and freeze it and fry it for breakfast and it makes me very happy. But is it not supposed to end up cooked? I don't carry a grill with me, but I could, if that is a better solution. I have a little one that I got for free. I've never used it. I don't really understand how it is different from my propane stove, except that there is a little Hood over the burners. Is that to keep the grease from putting out the flame or catching on fire or something? Do I really need both a grill and a stove? I'm feeling a bit clueless here, but eager to learn! If you already have something to use as a smoker, lower the temperature as low as you can, that is when you get the best smoke. That is the beauty of the smoker tube, it produces very little heat. Maybe you just need to work with what you have more so you can learn it better. My experience with bacon is limited, but I have done roasts, briskets, chickens, turkeys, steaks, beans, mac and cheese, etc. with great success.
dieseltruckdriver 12/15/19 11:26pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Please help me choose between these two portable smokers

If you carry a grill with you already, you may want to consider the LizzQ. I have two of these, one for the house, one for the 5er to use in our Weber Q120. I have a Weber Smokey Mountain, and a pellet grill. Some call them pellet smokers, but they don't give much smoke flavor. I use the LizzQfor cold smoking cheese, smoking turkeys, briskets, etc. It really is turning to my go to for smoke. If I remember, you have a smaller rig, and the little tube takes up the space of an empty paper towel roll. Just the cardboard part.
dieseltruckdriver 12/15/19 04:26pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
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