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RE: Solar & Inverter starting point advice

As far as where to place the inverter, it will depend on your rig. I placed my current one behind my fuse/breaker box since 12 volts was easily accessible there. When I change to the larger inverter, I will mount it next to the batteries so I will have a very short run for 12 volts. My 5er came with a generator prep so I can tie 120 volts in to that. That powers an outlet that my 30 amp cord will plug in to, so no further switching will be required. I am still debating reusing the relays to turn off the converter, or just using a light switch to shut it off.
dieseltruckdriver 06/05/21 08:00am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Solar & Inverter starting point advice

Thanks all! So if I was to get a 500w inverter, where would that be installed in a travel trailer? Is it installed behind the breaker/fuse panel? Per recommendations,I will search google and youtube for inverter installation. I'd be fine adding it just to our primary TV location as that is also where we recharge laptops and phones in our camper, but just trying to wrap my head around the wiring and mounting location of the inverter itself. Thanks again! If you can route the wiring, you could use one of these.That would give you a dedicated outlet. To make things easier, I added a couple relays to switch between shore power and inverter power at that outlet. That way we don't have to unplug from one outlet and plug in to the other when we want to watch tv.
dieseltruckdriver 06/05/21 07:38am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Solar & Inverter starting point advice

I have 400 watts of solar, two 12 volt AGM batteries, a Victron BMV 702 battery monitor, Victron 375 watt inverter and LOVE IT! Last night it paid for itself in full. Just like last summer. No worrying about the generator noise, hauling gas, and we can watch as much tv or run the furnace as much as we want. The inverter only powers one outlet, and that is for the tv and a power strip to recharge laptops etc. It also has a remote switch so I can turn it off when it isn't needed. I am going to add a couple hundred more watts of solar, but mainly for early spring or cloudy days. Honestly 400 watts is all we need, I just want more. Coffee is always done with the percolator. That makes the best coffee ever!
dieseltruckdriver 06/04/21 05:44pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Water Pump Replacement...Looking for hi flow unit

Just a thought, check to make sure you don't have a build up of crud in your shower head. We have a 3 year old 5er, and this spring the kitchen sink faucet put out next to no water compared to when we bought it new. we took it apart, soaked it in vinegar and it works like new. It might not be your pump.
dieseltruckdriver 06/03/21 08:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV 12V Smart WiFi Thermostat

I have a three year old model Honeywell that uses two AA batteries and is programmable. If you want to monitor your pets, maybe a webcam you use when you want to instead of a thermostat that will use battery power 24X7.
dieseltruckdriver 06/03/21 08:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Home base TV Antenna

I know we should probably take this to a new post, but still, wa8yxm is correct. I actually just checked my 5er tv since I am in it, and it does indeed give the channel number. In case anyone is still reading this and wondering what Gdetrailer means, I have "channel 6-1" on currently, but the actual physical channel is 29, so it is UHF even though looking at the displayed channel it would seem to be a VHF channel.
dieseltruckdriver 05/26/21 01:15pm Technology Corner
RE: Home base TV Antenna

No reason to replace the antenna but you might want to check what channels they actually broadcast on (Ask your television it knows, it's in the menus but do to different brands I can't tell you the path as well. I have 3 TV's here adn they are all different) But look for manual add of channel. Tune to a channel then go to that menu options) numbers less than 13 keep your antenna Numbers highers only you can go to a smaller UHF only with higher gain. Where I am there are still VHF carriers :R "Digital" OTA AKA ATSC does not work like that. ATSC uses what is called "virtual channel numbers" which can be "assigned" to any of the currently allowed TV broadcast band within the band plan. SEE HERE "virtual channel A virtual channel is the designation, usually a number, that is recognized by the user as the single entity that will provide access to an analog TV program or a set of one or more digital elementary streams. It is called “virtual” because its identification (name and number) may be defined independently from its physical location. Examples of virtual channels are: digital radio (audio only), a typical analog TV channel, a typical digital TV channel (composed of one audio and one video stream), multi-visual digital channels (composed of several video streams and one or more audio tracks), or a data broadcast channel (composed of one or more data streams). In the case of an analog TV channel, the virtual channel designation will link to a specific physical transmission channel. In the case of a digital TV channel, the virtual channel designation will link both to the physical transmission channel and to the particular video and audio streams within that physical transmission channel." ATSC Channel 2-13 can be anywhere, it can be broadcast on UHF frequencies and the tuner will find it and as long as the broadcaster has done their job correctly the tuner will know that it is channel 2-13. Because many TV markets have "branded" their identification by their original analog TV channel number they were assigned to, it was decided in order to allow the broadcasters to continue that time honored tradition to use a virtual channel number assignment system. This also made the analog to digital changeover to be as seamless as possible without the need to go off the air for days or even months while all their analog equipment was being removed and new digital equipment installed. OP has a wiring issue, first of all, with an outdoor antenna with a preamp should be able to drive at least one TV without the movement of a person inside the building affecting reception. OP states they have three TVs, that also means they have a splitter which just plain kills the fragile ATSC signal. If the OP has an antenna mounted preamp and inserted the splitter in the wrong place that also will kill the signal.. Antenna mounted preamps require a voltage to be inserted into the coax that leads to the antenna preamp. Placing a splitter in between the power injector and the antenna preamp is a no no and will kill all signal from the antenna. Splitters must be inserted on the TV side of the power injector. Passive splitters represent a huge loss of signal strength, a two way splitter is 3.5 DB of loss to both sets, a 3way splitter will have one port with 3.5DB loss and two ports of 7 DB loss. A four way passive splitter will have 4 ports with 7 DB loss.. With ATSC, any and every inserted loss can easily kill enough signal to make other RFI in the building easily "swamp out" the little bit of signal that may be on the center of the coax. LED lights, RV power converter, computers, cell phones, cell phone chargers and much more can generate a considerable amount of RFI.. Something else which is why I mentioned the OP needs to list makes and models of the preamp and antenna.. If they are using a indoor only preamp, I have never had much luck with those on outdoor antennas.. They are just amplifying the RFI noise inside the building.. One needs to use a two piece antenna preamp which uses a antenna mounted preamp and a indoor power injector.. As they say, "garbage in, much louder garbage out", have to put the preamp where it has the best chance of not amplifying the RFI inside the building. WA8YXMs advice was actually spot on. Notice he said "check what channels they actually broadcast on". Fellow ham here. ;) After four paragraphs of Gdetrailer explaining why WA8YXM was correct, I also agree that it seems to be a wiring issue, and I think it was explained very well. I would guess a splitter in the wrong spot also. Edited to add, very nice visual explanation!
dieseltruckdriver 05/26/21 09:33am Technology Corner
RE: Schwintek slide

Three trouble free years here also. Just make sure you hold the button for 5 or 6 seconds after the slide stops moving. Also make sure that it isn't on a large slide. My BIL has a Schwintek slide on a large slide and we had to fight it to get it in one time, but I don't think he has had any problems since.
dieseltruckdriver 05/22/21 11:36am Tech Issues
RE: Rv Park with Pine trees

There is also the Black Hills in South Dakota, but it will probably be tough getting a reservation now.
dieseltruckdriver 05/20/21 08:39am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Running Inverter Generator Safely From Pickup

Maybe "mr_andyj" is thinking of propane? :@ . This is honestly an easy mistake to make. To make matters worse, RV manufacturers use a combination CO/propane detector, and since it involves propane, it must be near the floor. I would always advise an additional CO detector. $30 bucks isn't much to be safe.
dieseltruckdriver 05/13/21 06:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Running Inverter Generator Safely From Pickup

No problem except in #3 just aim the exhaust out, not in. Even your truck burns some of its exhaust again, it is called Exhaust Gas Recirculation, there is an EGR valve to take some exhaust and re-burn it, so no, this is not going to be a deal breaker.... CO is heavier than air, so will find its way to the ground, not so much your windows, which will likely be closed bc you are running your AC anyway. Campers are not airtight, so always a CO monitor is in order. The farther your gen is from the camper the better. IF the exhaust is literally blowing onto the camper then you might die, literally, so deflect it or aim it away. I can't imagine the sound a cheapo construction generator will make in the metal cavity of a truck though. I know I am nitpicking, but CO is slightly lighter than air, but close enough that they mix easily. I calibrate our CO sensors at work, and I have tested my Kidde CO detector that is in the bedroom of our 5er. It has a readout that is surprisingly accurate. I trust mine because I have tested and verified that it works. Most people don't have that option. That being said, I run my Honda 2000 under my slide, so I wouldn't have a problem running it in the bed of my pickup while hooked up either.
dieseltruckdriver 05/11/21 08:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: LR E tow vehicle tire comparison

Well, since we are mostly done with our snow season, I have to say that I am VERY happy with the Cooper HT3s. They worked as well as the Goodyear's in ice and snow, and the towing experience is much better. The tread life is still to be determined, but they appear to be holding up as good as their reputation.
dieseltruckdriver 05/10/21 07:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Honda EU2000i at high altitude

I think I may have posted this in another thread, or at least I thought about it. I live at 5500 feet, and have camped at over 7000 feet and I run the stock jets. The only issue you may have is reduced output do to reduced engine power, but if all you are doing is charging your batteries, don't even worry about it. I did it at a peak over 7000 feet on a couple ham radio Field Day weekends, and the Honda ran all weekend with no issues what so ever. It still does, but I may have changed the spark plug since then, it was a few years ago. Those were a couple fun weekends. The land dropped off all around me, I had a 20 meter dipole up about 35 feet and pretty much worked anyone I wanted on 20 with 100 watts. Last year by a lake I almost couldn't buy a contact.
dieseltruckdriver 05/09/21 06:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Very disappointed

We found out just this week that we can't buy a hand gun. We ordered one on Cabelas website and paid for it, went to pick it up in Rapid City SD cause that is our domicile location. When wr went to pick it up everything was fine till they seen our address was a PMB and said they would have to reimburse us because the ATF does not allow them to sell guns to anyone using the PMB cause that is just a temporary address. So what the heck. We vote here but can't buy a gun. Just venting. Tara Go to First Stop gun shop downtown Rapid City and ask them, they will give you the straight scoop.
dieseltruckdriver 05/08/21 04:21pm Full-time RVing
RE: Mobile Router that will auto connect to Wi FI- RESOLVED

I must be missing something. Hotspots are routers and any device I connect to it will always auto connect to my hotspot. And as long as it has a signal, it auto connects and subsequently so do all my devices to it. Hotspots and local wifi are completely independent of one another. If I go to a CG and want to use their wifi, and it has a password, I have to put that in. I think it takes me about 30 seconds. But if I revisit the same source all my devices remember it. But why bother if you have a hot spot? Sorry if I am daft, but I am just not understanding the actual problem. I am not commenting on the OP's useage, but for my purposes, I can use two different hotspots depending on coverage, or my home wifi for devices that will only connect to one wifi network at a time, and don't remember any others. Such as my original Chromecast or Roku. (Yes I have ones that are dedicated to our 5th wheel. ;) ) Otherwise you have to go to the menus and set them up for whatever source you have. The item I linked to above will automatically connect to whatever network it sees, and then my Chromecast and/or Roku connect to that and get internet so they are happy. Another option is to name all your wifi producing devices the same, and use the same password, but that can get messy at times. Plus it's more fun coming up with interesting names for the networks, like my Mango being named "Wifiver".
dieseltruckdriver 05/02/21 09:08am Technology Corner
RE: checking exterior lights

Plug in the truck when you're ready to leave. Turn on the lights and four way flashers and do a walk around. Check the tires on the way. ...and that your jacks are up and your hitch is properly hitched. Do it every time before you move. No exceptions. It doesn't take 30 seconds.
dieseltruckdriver 05/01/21 03:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Too hot

There is usually a large difference between the Badlands and the Black Hills, as well as a difference between the southern hills and the northern hills. We are usually much drier than what you are probably used to. West river (western South Dakota) is much drier than east river. The Missouri River sort of splits the state down the middle. That being said, there is always a chance storms will change things in a very short time.
dieseltruckdriver 04/30/21 03:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mobile Router that will auto connect to Wi FI- RESOLVED

Mango I am pretty sure this is what you are looking for. I use it for our two different hotspots, one ATT and one Verizon, and after it is set up I don't have to do anything other than turn on the hotspot I want to use. Edited to add: I posted this using one as I sit here looking at the lake.
dieseltruckdriver 04/30/21 03:01pm Technology Corner
RE: TPMS suggestions

I have no experience with anything but my current Tireminder, and I really am liking it.
dieseltruckdriver 04/25/21 03:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: What is a “converter”?

Sheesh. You guys need to get out more. Really, arguing if a converter is actually a converter?? ;) We really need the ability to like a post. ;) I like both of these posts! :)
dieseltruckdriver 04/22/21 07:51pm Truck Campers
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