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RE: Fuel mileage 5th wheel vs travel trailer

When we went from our S&S truck camper to our first 5th wheel, there was no difference in mileage. I honestly did expect mileage to get a little worse, but there was no change. There was a large weight difference, but not as much in aerodynamics.
dieseltruckdriver 09/28/20 08:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fuel mileage 5th wheel vs travel trailer

Yep. Mileage is more about wind than weight.
dieseltruckdriver 09/26/20 07:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fitness Watch??

The problem with a fit bit is that the display is way too dim. I’ve had one for a while. I can’t even read it if I am outside in the sun. Very common complaint if you do much research.That is another reason we went with the Garmins, the numbers were larger than many we looked at. My arms don't seem to be long enough anymore, even though I have long arms!
dieseltruckdriver 09/26/20 08:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Does RV antifreeze go bad?

A "freeze test" is not a good way to test RV antifreeze. The propylene glycol and water mix it's made with will in fact freeze at some point. The difference compared to straight water though, is that the PG/water mix does not expand to cause damage when it freezes.This is exactly correct.
dieseltruckdriver 09/25/20 06:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fitness Watch??

I wear a Wyze Band $25. I've had others and this is the best one yet, not quite a smart watch but lots of features, even heart rate. https://wyze.com/wyze-band I am a big fan of the Wyze cameras and plug but not the other stuff. I just pulled all the bulbs and replaced them with the Philips Hue stuff. I had been using a mix of them. Back on topic, We have been using the Garmin Vivosmart HRs for several years and love them. They give very good information when you connect them to the app.
dieseltruckdriver 09/25/20 06:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Battle Born Lithium

In my research to learn more about Lithium batteries, and replacing the flooded 6V's in my rig, I just discovered Battle Born Lithium Batteries (Reno, NV) will soon be introducing a 250Ah battery, due sometime later Fall, or early Winter... no pricing yet... Will Prowse dyi solar chanel has great info https://youtu.be/gOqQp2Xjr6U I agree. I spend a good amount of time watching his reviews.
dieseltruckdriver 09/20/20 08:54am Tech Issues
RE: Iphone vs separate hotspot box

service aka signal access has more to do with the carrier you have , not whether it is your iPhone or a Wi-Fi hotspot If you get a hotspot, get one from a different carrier than your phone That way one of them might have a useable signal Most of us have at least 2 devices with different mobile phone carriers I have AT&T for my hotspot, and Verizon for my phone This is exactly how we do it, and it works very well.
dieseltruckdriver 09/16/20 07:34pm Technology Corner
RE: I found it!! The converter I mean.

You are ok. What you are planning with the relay is exactly what I am planning when I get a higher wattage inverter. The only time the relay does anything is if the inverter is powered up, and that should make the relay last even longer.
dieseltruckdriver 09/14/20 06:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Solar Panel Wiring on Rubber Roof

I have a rubber roof and I need to run solar wiring from the panels to the combiner box. The length will be about 15' and I have small square plastic feet that you can stick on the roof and attach a zip tie through and then zip tie the cables to the roof. I also have the option of putting two screws through these plastic feet. I would like to avoid drilling additional holes in the roof for all the feet and I'm wondering if I can use the tape that's provided on the feet as well as dicor to secure them to the roof. My fear is it will only be secured o the rubber membrane and will this try to pick the membrane off the roof while traveling down the interstate at high speeds? I've seen one person do it like I'm describing on a Jayco forum and no one advised against it and they never wrote back after the install saying the rubber membrane ripped.... Thoughts? I have exactly what you propose to do, and have had no issues, but I am only on my second year with it. If I notice any lifting, I will use a screw in the cable anchor and more Dicor to hold the spot down.
dieseltruckdriver 09/07/20 09:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Cooper tire failure at 65mph - now what?

I just switched to Cooper HT3s for my F-250 because after 3 sets the Goodyear Duratrac did not last like I thought they should. I have always had good luck with Cooper tires so it was a natural switch for me. OP, those tires have seen LOTS of gravel, haven't they? I grew up living on gravel, I have seen that before. I did the complete opposite. The Duratracs have twice the mileage on them as the HT3's and way more tread left. Superior snow traction, abrasion resistance and they look WAY better on the truck. What works for you, works for you. I read reviews that the Cooper HT3s have gotten 80,000 miles towing. I very highly doubt I will get that, but I was barely getting 30,000 from three sets of Goodyears. If I get the same from the Coopers, I will consider it a win, or at least not a loss. The Duratracs were very good in snow, which we get a lot of, but they discontinued my model. I told my tire guy that I have chains, so I don't really care if the Coopers aren't as good. Thanks for giving your input, it is appreciated.
dieseltruckdriver 08/21/20 07:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Auto level question

I have Ground Control 3.0 with a 4 point system and I just select Auto Reconnect. The back jacks come up, then it adjusts the front to hitch height. I only use retract all if I want to verify all the jacks are fully retracted.
dieseltruckdriver 08/20/20 07:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cooper tire failure at 65mph - now what?

I put Coopers on my F350 and had wear issues as well. Replaced them after 2 years and around 35K miles and went back to GY's. No defects in them just unusually rapid wear on all four corners They were not worth the savings. I just switched to Cooper HT3s for my F-250 because after 3 sets the Goodyear Duratrac did not last like I thought they should. I have always had good luck with Cooper tires so it was a natural switch for me. OP, those tires have seen LOTS of gravel, haven't they? I grew up living on gravel, I have seen that before.
dieseltruckdriver 08/19/20 06:30pm Truck Campers
RE: door lock won't open

If you suspect it to be gummed up, spray WD-40 inside the lock. It is not a good lubricant, but it is a very good cleaner.
dieseltruckdriver 08/10/20 09:03pm Tech Issues

Winegard has a "Dome" type antenna that is directional. not sure how it works and not sure how well it works but there are 2 or 3 ways it might work. It is also "Self pointing" (Automatic) Please do not ask me more about it. I use a Sensar IV with Sensar Pro indoor module Works well but due to hills and trees kind of starange I'm east of Flint MI Way N.E. of Lansing and I get Lansing better than flint. I looked at one of those for my use, but there were way too many comments about the lack of durability. The Air 360 was about 80 bucks and a VERY easy install, but it is an omni directional, so that means it works equally bad in all directions. It's just better than what I had.
dieseltruckdriver 08/06/20 04:43pm Class A Motorhomes

I uninstalled an OEM batwing style antenna that did not work well. I installed an omnidirectional Winegard Air 360 that doesn't work nearly as well as my previous campers crank up Winegard batwing but much (MUCH) better than the cheap knockoff that came on this 5er. I do still carry a pole and a gain antenna (both VHF and UHF) that I can strap to my rear ladder for those places we don't get anything on the Air 360.
dieseltruckdriver 08/05/20 08:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Just about dropped it!

Hooking up the 5vr to come home from our last outing, I left the front hatch open by mistake. I couldn’t close it or the tailgate. So I opened the jaws of the hitch and pulled forward far enough to close the hatch and then re-hitched. Raised the front landing gear and pulled ahead a couple of inches to release the wheel chocks. As I was walking around doing a final check before hitting the road, to my horror I noticed that I had the release handle still pinned in the open position!:E I thank my lucky stars that I hadn’t pulled ahead any farther to release the chocks or I would have a big hole in my truck bed...or maybe just serious damage to the front of the 5vr?:o I wanted to keep my two posts separate, but I am really glad you caught that before you did anything serious! :)
dieseltruckdriver 08/03/20 09:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Just about dropped it!

The padlock is simply part of MY process. Bottom line there is not a better or more highly rated hitch on the market. GOD gave us eyes. It’s not the hitch fault if we don’t use them.It took you long enough to respond! There is NEVER a reason for this to happen. It takes all of 10 seconds to Get Out And Look (G.O.A.L.). No one is in that big of a hurry to not spend the time to make sure they are properly hitched. I am not commenting on this particular case, but to the general masses. I check my hitch at least 3 times, and it takes me less than 1 minute, that includes my walk around checking windows, awning, lights (with 4 way flashers on), jacks and hitch. I have my DW check my hitch jaws every time also, two sets of eyes are better than one, and I have taught her what to look for. To those who think a "pull test" is good enough, you are most likely doing it wrong. Lift your jacks 1/4" from your blocks, then pull out from under your trailer. You will be surprised how much throttle it takes, then you will understand what I am saying. Don't have your 7 pin plug plugged in when you do this, or be quick on your brakes. I drove truck for 17 years pulling 120,000 lbs (doubles), in case anyone wants to tell me I am doing it wrong. No, I haven't dropped a trailer YET. Not saying I won't, I am human, and humans screw up. It happens. I have a B&W Companion, and I have to pin my jaws open every time I unhook at home, I have a 5 degree downhill slope where I park my 5er. I have done what the OP did, but I caught my mistake when I do my walk around. It never varies, and if it gets interrupted, I start over. It takes much less time than trying to lift a trailer back up.
dieseltruckdriver 08/03/20 09:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Portable Gas Heaters

Get a Portable Buddy heater. We have been using one for several years, and they are safe.
dieseltruckdriver 07/29/20 04:57pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Eu2000i muffler cleaning ideas?

This is an easy job. Follow these instructions HERE. Note that in the manual it says to clean the spark arrester every 100 hours or 6 months. I bet no one does it, I know I don't. I do mine every so often when I think about it and that is usually way over 2-300 hours.
dieseltruckdriver 07/26/20 07:07am Tech Issues
RE: Wheels off the ground "Does it Hurt the frame/RV"

No issue with having your front wheels off the ground. You should not however use the jacks to lift your rear wheels off the ground as it circumvents your parking brake. First, I do not have and have never had a class A, but, when the rv is in the air on jacks, how could it possibly move. When it is off the ground, there is nothing round that can roll.
dieseltruckdriver 07/21/20 06:48pm Class C Motorhomes
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