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weak antenna signal

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 29986866
dockmasterdave 10/20/19 05:15pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
weak antenna signal

OK, I posted the other day looking for info on an aftermarket antenna booster. My Wineguard from 2009 DOES NOT have the internal boost, at least , there is no switch and no 12v plug and no 12v wiring anywhere near it. I took apart my connections today, put dielectric grease on them and made sure all were tight. I discovered that from my antenna to the ceiling plate is RG59. Would it help to switch it to RG6, and does it really just pull all the way through the ceiling to install the new? I have visions of it disconnecting somewhere mid ceiling and requiring ripping the ceiling down to re connect. It is in an Amerilite 21MBLE Thanks again
dockmasterdave 10/20/19 05:15pm Technology Corner
stand alone antenna booster

Our wineguard doesn't have the built in booster. I added a stand alone and a wingman years ago. A couple years ago, at a place I know we had signal before, we got nothing. Replaced the booster and all was fine again. Same problem, no channels where I used to get @8 It's my backyard so I know what I should get. Can anyone recommend an aftermarket antenna booster that will last, or might pick up more channels ? TIA
dockmasterdave 10/19/19 05:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: F150 Tire time

I have a 14 f 150 ecoboost that came with michelins. When they wore out at about 40,000 miles I went to Continentals. I got a much more agressive tread pattern, no more noise or stiffer ride, and Da** these things stick. I'm now about 60,000 miles and thinking it won't be long before I need new and I am certainly buying another set of the Conty's. They always did make a good tire. I have the " terrain contacts ". I tried to put them on my 2010 f 150 as well but they didn't have the size I needed. I never knew this site wouldn't allow a minor cuss word. but it keeps editing it.
dockmasterdave 10/19/19 03:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: norcold thermistor plug

Thank you Dford, that is exactly what I was looking for.
dockmasterdave 10/14/19 05:52am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
norcold thermistor plug

I have a norcold ref. The performance isn't as good as it used to be. I have read about unplugging the thermistor to compare cooling temps. Does anyone know where that would plug in ? I did search but it came up with nothing. Thanks for helping.
dockmasterdave 10/13/19 05:11pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Tv antenna upgrade questions

We have a wineguard batwing with no 12v to the head. We simply bought an aftermarket antenna booster that plugs into 120 volt, and screws into the coax between the antenna plate on the wall and our tv , or splitter. Went from 17 channels to about 30 at one campground by just screwing the wires on and plugging it in.
dockmasterdave 09/12/19 03:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Hurricane advise?

I would say, if you are expecting winds you wouldn't drive it in, move it.It is on wheels. If the winds here are predicted at over 50 MPH my trailer will be safely locked in a commercial building. If I didn't have that option I'd take a long weekend trip to the panhandle or maybe AL/TN. We did for Irma and we live in south Naples near Marco Island. We got hammered here, and had no power for 2 weeks when we got back. Fired up the generator and lived in the trailer. Really glad we protected that trailer. YMMV
dockmasterdave 08/29/19 07:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Ecoboost vs. V8 - Can you explain?

Because a 3.5 litre ecoboost, with the turbos open, displaces @ 6.0 litres of fuel and air. 6.0 litres beats 5.0 litres. Plus it makes over 80% of it's power from just above 1500 rpm, the 5.0 v8 probably doesn't make max power till 4000 rpm. Drive one and you'll understand.
dockmasterdave 08/28/19 11:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Air bags/shocks and the anticipated ride.

I've had air shocks in the past and will probably be adding another set soon. They are easy to adjust pressure up or down. If the pressure is low it will ride just like before, pump the pressure up and the rear goes up and stiffens a little. Still not a horrible ride when pumped up. A LOT cheaper than air bags and I'm not looking to add 1000 lbs of payload, just level out the truck. Nothing you do to your truck will legally change it's rated payload, but it can make it more comfortable and ride level.
dockmasterdave 08/20/19 08:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: stupid move

If you actually hooked them up "backwards" most rv's have reverse polarity fuses near the battery or converter. Hopefully just a couple blown fuses.
dockmasterdave 08/16/19 10:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Filter for beach water

We have an inline filter with replaceable cartridges and use the charcoal filters to take out smells. That said, a month or two ago we were at a county park with sulfur smelling water. I didn't even connect too it. We ran off our tank that weekend. I didn't want to risk smelling it a month later.
dockmasterdave 08/06/19 11:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Micro air easy start in new roof air.

pianotuna, How does an autoformer help with starting the a/c ? I have an autoformer and wondered about starting a 13,500 a/c off it. I just replace3d the a/c unit. My old one would start and run on it but, not cycle and restart. I have the Wen 2000 inverter. It has a much shorter period of overload than a Honda etc, like maybe a second or 2, but not enough for the a/c to restart. I couldn't justify a couple hundred bucks for a microsoft and then running the genny at almost max output continuously. I will probably end up buying another genny for @ $4oo and parallel them. Just wondering how the autoformer figures in.
dockmasterdave 07/24/19 11:11am Tech Issues
RE: not your normal tire thread

We got the Maxxis tires from Simpletire. I just replaced them with a set of 5 Carlisle radial trail hd's from Walmart online. $44 a tire. All have the same date code 48th week of 2018. I hope to have better luck with these. They are also rated for 81 MPH. They'll never see it on my trailer but it's nice to know I'm not running so close to their limit.
dockmasterdave 07/24/19 10:59am General RVing Issues
not your normal tire thread

So, I got tired of China bombs and put a set of Maxxis on our 23' TT about 2 years ago. Went from 178/80/13 to 185 to get a little more cushion on weight capacity. Bought online, delivered to tire shop for installation. DOT codes were 3 years old on date of delivery. I called Maxxis, They said they have no control over age unless bought directly from them. IF bought directly from them they TRY to keep them not much over 2 years old. Any way, I am at about 5 years , so time to replace is coming up. They have been covered since new, never over 65 mph, max 68 to pass, and always have pressures checked and topped off to 50 before a trip. Did a 300 mile round trip to the FL Keys 2 weeks ago. Upon return I notice 3 of them have small pieces of tread missing and the belts have slipped. Just lucky we made it home before the show would have started. No cracking on sidewalls, and we have put over 15,000 miles on this TT without any tire problems, except 1 china bomb? I will check to make sure axles aren't bent or misaligned. Has any one else seen this ? Was it just "their time" to die ? Theories welcome. TIA
dockmasterdave 07/23/19 01:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wheel bearings

Check out etrailer.com. They will likely be your next best friend.
dockmasterdave 07/18/19 03:27pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C excessive noise/buffeting

Sorry to say it sounds normal to me. Ours isn't ducted and is right in the center of the living area. Makes it hard to even hear tv. We just replaced the a/c as ours died and the new one is a little bit louder than the old one. They claim it's quieter Bxxxxhit.
dockmasterdave 06/25/19 10:26am Tech Issues
RE: Quick and Easy Camper Life

Living in SW FL, we had to evacuate our home for hurricane Irma. We towed our tt to Alabama. When the storm was over we came back to no damage on our house but almost everyone else had quite a bit of damage, many homes are still covered with tarps waiting for a new roof. We hooked the generator up to the tt in our driveway. Had a/c, hot showers, refrigeration, and cooking abilities with HD tv, for over 2 weeks till the power came back on and water was cleared for drinking. Nice to have a back up plan.
dockmasterdave 06/21/19 11:02am Truck Campers
RE: 50amp surge protector ?

I also have a PI after having a surge guard fill with water in the rain.
dockmasterdave 06/18/19 05:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Easy start on 2000 watt 13500 btu

I have a 2000 Wen and a 13,500, with hard start cap. It starts it fine, the first time. When it tries to cycle it overloads and goes into limp mode.I was looking at $3xx for an easy start and about $450 for another gen, I'll go with the second generator and parralel kit. I don't see it as smart to push a genny that hard and kill it early. You are planning on running it at max capacity non stop for how long ? Might want to re think how much hassle it is to parralel 2 2000's
dockmasterdave 06/18/19 05:02pm Tech Issues
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