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RE: Made it to Myrtle Beach, barely...

Good luck! Unfortunately with how it was acting up, going home will be the only way to tell! A fuel pump, when bad, can take an hour or 2 of continuous running before it starts failing to the point of drive ability issues.
dodge guy 06/29/16 09:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Blackbear tune

The safety of the engine and how long it lasts with a tune is dependent on the tuner. 5star and Black Bear give you a really good tune with a safety cushion built in. They don't run it right on the ragged edge like some other tuners do. When you claim over 100HP from a motor (diesel) with a tuner alone your asking for a failure! With a gasser as long as you keep the A/F ratio in check and adjust other parameters you'll be OK.
dodge guy 06/29/16 10:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Made it to Myrtle Beach, barely...

If the pressure is low, and on a GM it needs to be exact hen that's your problem. Have them do the pump and filter. I wouldn't worry about the sensor issue, there may not be one after the pump replacement. Have them do it, go sit on the beach and enjoy the weather. Worry about it if and when it happens! Worrying more about it now will only ruin your vacation.
dodge guy 06/28/16 09:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Age restrictions

I've never ran into it, but I have heard of them. I wouldn't shy away from such a place because they are just trying to keep the place nice. My Excursion and trailer look like new. If anyone ever asked the age of my RV it would be stuck at 9 years old for a long time!
dodge guy 06/28/16 09:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need a new SUV to tow!

You need at minimum a 3/4 ton SUV! nothing else will work with your requirements. The Sequoia will not work. you want either an E250 V-10/diesel, Excursion V-10/diesel, Suburban 2500 6.0/8.1L or a Savanna/Express 2500 6.0/8.1L. those are your options. If your worried about $900 more a year in gas then you need to rethink RV`ing! sorry!
dodge guy 06/28/16 05:36am Travel Trailers
RE: just purchased fuel milage horrible

If it were that bad it would be running very rough and belching out black smoke out the tailpipe. Either that or it is leaking fuel badly. It is possible the fuel pump is bad and it is leaking into the crankcase!
dodge guy 06/27/16 04:59pm Beginning RVing
RE: Leaving outside camper lights on?

Just left mine on by accident this last weekend. walked out of the camper in the morning and noticed it on. I think most of them are left on accidentally. Yes it happens. But after years with a trailer you get to know which switch is which. I watched one woman with a trailer they obviously had for a while, she must have flipped several switches on and off trying to find he proper one. She must have left half of them on and one of them was the street side work light. Lit up our site like a city street.
dodge guy 06/27/16 03:22pm Beginning RVing
RE: Boy this listing IS FISHY

People listing on CL always do that. They put in a price of $1 or as was mentioned leave off a 0! I have called a few of those and asked if I could come take a look at it and told them I have the $1 or whatever the price was cash in hand. Most ask if I really thought they were going to sell for that price? I tell them "well there is an edit feature for the ad" they don't like that! Hey!!!!! You want to play he game be prepared for someone else to also!
dodge guy 06/27/16 03:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Made it to Myrtle Beach, barely...

You can get O2 sensor codes with a bad pump because he engine is running lean. Especially on an older vehicle!
dodge guy 06/27/16 10:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Winegard to Jack King

Not sure about anyone else, but I upgraded to a Jack. I pull in stations from far away with the Jack better than the Winegard ever could! Even when new the Winegard could only pull in about 12 stations. After I went to the Jack I could pull in 72 stations. I'm about 45miles from Chicago so it is a pretty good test. My buddy had he Winegard and added the Wingman and it never did any good. He upgraded to the Jack a year after I did and was very happy he did. Yes the Jack has to be aimed precisely, but that's why it's a better antenna! Once aimed it is stronger. One campground we go to neither of us could get a signal when I went to the Jack I got 20 stations, I could turn it towards another city and get thier stations too, obviously not at the same time. Real world tests are much better than what lab tests show!
dodge guy 06/27/16 10:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Made it to Myrtle Beach, barely...

Can't comment on the trailer. My only question is how old were the tires? On the Burb, it sounds like you've got a fuel pump failing! On GM's a common fuel pump fail symptom is no power, lack of power, no acceleration and stumbling when you give it gas. It will feel as though you are running out of gas! How many miles on the Burb, and have you ever replaced the fuel pump, or for that matter the fuel filter!!! (Has it ever been replaced?)
dodge guy 06/26/16 08:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Wireless Back Up Camera on Trailer

I have an older wired VR2 I bought years ago. I lengthened the wire and mounted it in the rear of the trailer. I put the small monitor right next to my rear view mirror. It has worked great for he last 5 years!
dodge guy 06/25/16 07:19pm Towing
RE: I should'a got a bigger trailer

I wouldn't be to upset if you purchased a smaller trailer than you wanted and are now regretting it! You can fix it easily by trading it in on a larger trailer that is still in your tow rating.
dodge guy 06/23/16 02:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hanging chairs from ladder blocking license plate

So what do we do when we block our TV's plate with our trailers? When I put on my bikes you can still see the plate even though it's in front of them.
dodge guy 06/23/16 08:09am General RVing Issues
RE: 30 ft- one roof air sufficient?

Depending on where you go with it it may do OK or it may struggle. Mine has a hard time in direct sun in 100deg weather. Now if I parked it under a tree in he same type of temps, then it works just fine and will even cycle on/off. If you camp where there are a lot of trees you'll be fine. If you camp in the desert, you won't be happy!
dodge guy 06/23/16 08:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Resort Fees

This was not an issue for us until July of 2011 when we stayed at a Jellystone Park (Caledonia, WI). Family-oriented park and you paid a resort fee of $6 per day per person for the first three days of your stay, whether you used the amenities or not. All campers had to wear a wrist bracelet showing that they were paid guests. I totally understand the CG's point of view in this case, and that is eliminating the influx of locals who wanted to use the parks facilities for free. What annoyed me then - and still does to this day - was the guest fee. $10. OK, no big deal, right? It just so happened that our "guest" for all of about three hours that day was our daughter, fresh out of Navy boot camp graduation and in her dress whites. Wanting to be above board about everything, I explained this to the desk staff when we brought her in. Nope, no exceptions. You pay full fare. Military discount? No. I paid the fee, but asked for a manager to stop by our site when one was available. Said manager did come around after about a half an hour. I recounted the whole tale. Long story short - the CG refunded $4 of my $10. Yes, the $6 I did not get back was the resort fee, even though there was no way in Hades that our daughter was going to be using any of the amenities (no, she had no change of clothes). I got in touch with the Jellystone national entity, but my communication went unanswered. I've no problem paying for something we will use or even if we have access to amenities and choose not to use them. Our campground choices are often based on what amenities are there and understand that if we choose not to use said amenities, well, that cost is rolled in to what the CG is charging us per night. Because of Jellystone/Caledonia's inflexibility, we no longer stay at any Jellystone park and further, are careful to avoid CG's with additional "resort" fees over the nightly rate no matter what the amount. I no longer go to that campground. they have nickel and dimed themselves out of reality. their resort fee is only covering an old minigolf course and a pool and 2 water slides.
dodge guy 06/23/16 05:39am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Pop-Up Camper Pops its Top on Expressway

nice that the person with video of the incident didn't feel the need to stop. Indeed! Excellent point. From the video I didn't see any need to stop. there was no reason too!
dodge guy 06/23/16 05:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Pop-Up Camper Pops its Top on Expressway

WOW! must not have had the latches on it. lots of pressure building up inside of it. at least the driver behind him avoided any major impact!
dodge guy 06/22/16 06:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: I should'a got a bigger trailer

Did you get the specs and the loaded weights of each of those vehicles and trailers? How can you condem something you don't know about. You said yourself "we have a 26ft no slide trailer that is right at 6000# loaded ready to roll. this is much less than what my owners manual for my half ton pick-up says is my max!" So you are under your rating quite a bit, but anyone else that uses the entire rating is wrong?! I used to tow a 28ft 6500lb loaded trailer with a 1/2 ton conv van with no issues. I was under or right at my ratings and enjoyed every minute of our Chicago to Glacier NP. 3500 comfortable miles.
dodge guy 06/22/16 10:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Do not use awnings in heavy rain?????? Really???

Did it also say do not use at all in case of a sudden windstorm? They are just covering themselves for liability reasons. Use it in the rain and use common sense. If it is sloped enough it will not collect water same thing If you tilt it. Let it dry before you put it away. I have put mine away wet before and unrolled it a day later to let it dry. I've been doing it this way for 13 years, 10 with my current trailer and he awning still looks like new.
dodge guy 06/22/16 09:51am Class A Motorhomes
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