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RE: Why do I keep blowing out tires on my truck?

I’ll second the only rotate front to back. That’s all I do. Going side to side can cause damage because the tire has a memory and when it spins in one direction for thousands of miles and you switch it to rotate in a different direction then it came cause the rubber and steel to fatigue sooner. Bias plus never had that issue. That is the biggest falsehood I’ve heard posted on here in a while! Which says alot considering this is rvnet, the land of wacky theories and methodologies! Lol I find it hard to believe you even said that. Aren’t you a Dodge mechanic? You should know better. And while I don’t usually google stupid stuff like this. It got the better of me. Couldn’t find a single “recommendation” that didn’t promote side to side rotation as a viable option. ALTHOUGH, to your point, I also generally only rotate straight front to back unless I am trying to correct some unusual tread wear. What is viable, is on a rwd vehicle, the drive axle tread will feather in the opposite direction of the steer axle tread. Front to back only rotation keeps the tread feathering in check. Or in the case where rear tread wear isn’t greater than front, and tires are all equal wear not necessitating putting the best tread on the right rear to help it “catch up”, I may rotate side to side only, which has the same effect as front to back but by different means wrt correcting feathering of the tread. This is more pronounced in vehicles with heavy axle loads, aggressive tread and or more torque/aggressive acceleration. And much less noticeable in the opposite conditions. I guess you know far more than I do. Sounds like you are the final answer to any questions asked here. We’ve finally found “the guy,” LOL My recommendations are accurate. And yes changing the direction of rotation of a tire after thousands of miles can and does make a difference!
dodge guy 08/02/21 05:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Why do I keep blowing out tires on my truck?

I’ll second the only rotate front to back. That’s all I do. Going side to side can cause damage because the tire has a memory and when it spins in one direction for thousands of miles and you switch it to rotate in a different direction then it came cause the rubber and steel to fatigue sooner. Bias plus never had that issue.
dodge guy 08/01/21 08:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: front seats

This is a problem all across the industry. Goes from low end class C’s to high end DP’s starting back in the late 2000’s. From what I’m seeing it’s from your body sweat and the oils from your skin. My 2012 I found the sofa this year starting to crack. I had ordered a reclining loveseat from Laz Boy before I ever found the damage. And now I’m seeing the euro recliner where your head rests is starting to peel. My driver and passenger seats are still in good shape. When the time comes I’ll end up having the seats reupholstered with real leather.
dodge guy 07/31/21 08:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why do I keep blowing out tires on my truck?

It’s possible they are overinflated. You need to do some weighing Truck empty Truck loaded for a trip with hitch in bed Truck and trailer Then you will know your true weights.
dodge guy 07/31/21 05:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dash AC not cold

Sounds like it’s low on refrigerant. You would need gauges to accurately see the pressures and determine how much it needs. From the EXPERTS on the link I posted. Gauges are good but you CANNOT accurately determine the correct charge. As I stated, TOO MUCH coolant will cause low output as well as LOW coolant. Gauges cannot be that accurate to determine that. You can get close but close will not give you the BEST cooling other than an exact charge. If I was paying somebody, I want the BEST not close. Doug From the link. the only way to be certain of an exact charge is to fill an empty system with the specified amount of R-134a refrigerant. A good AC guy knows how to read gauges (and I am one of those people). You have to know outside temp and humidity and have a chart to compare that to the pressures on your gauges as well as the vent outlet temperature. It can be done with the right person. Sadly not many like that left anymore!
dodge guy 07/30/21 04:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dash AC not cold

Sounds like it’s low on refrigerant. You would need gauges to accurately see the pressures and determine how much it needs.
dodge guy 07/30/21 12:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Off grid for first time, need some guidance !

You can get a 200W solar kit off Amazon for around $250. Then I would get 2 matching batteries. 2 6V AGM golf cart batteries will last you awhile and offer more Ah.
dodge guy 07/29/21 07:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: 8 people killed in Utah sand storm

I think some of you have never driven in an area where these kinds of things happen. There is no preparing for it. A sandstorm or whiteout happens in seconds. Yes me minute it’s clear as a sunny day then seconds later zero, and I mean ZERO, visibility. It’s one of those things you can’t prepare for. Yes you can see it up ahead after it happens, but when your first in line there is nothing you can do. I pray for all involved.
dodge guy 07/27/21 06:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Saw a TT with rear entry

Had an 05 Cherokee 28A with a rear entry door. it was more for storage when you folded the bottom bunk up. but it was a full size door with a window with a screen door. found a small metal sign that said Employees only and stuck it on the glass of the door.
dodge guy 07/25/21 04:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fuel for Gassers

It’s hard for me to find 91 or 93 non ethanol. But when I had my V-10 Excursion I used 93 non ethanol when I could. Big difference in power and mileage. Having double the fuel capacity at 80 gallons the hit will be harder on the wallet. And while the savings will be small the improved performance will be worth every penny.
dodge guy 07/23/21 09:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fuel Mileage on 8.1 Workhorse

dodge guy and ArchHoagland, I agree with your math and refueling policies. The only thing I'd add is that the height for the pick-up tube for the generator is usually set at about the 1/4 full mark on the gas tank. So if you are using the generator, you definitely want to be looking for fuel well before the 1/4 full point on the tank. And up and down hills might even cause it to start sucking air before that point is reached. In our rig we usually travel with the generator running to keep the family comfortable, so I used to fill up around the 325-350 mile point which seemed to work well for us. ~Rick Yes, I forgot to add that. Although I have ran the tank down to 1/8 and the generator still ran. But I was coming into Denver and filled right off I70 before I got into the mountains. So yes, you have to know where the cutoff is for the generator fuel pickup.
dodge guy 07/22/21 06:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: SEMI cameras

When I installed my pioneer touch screen in my class A I also installed a front view camera. I installed a switch so I can turn it on and see what’s in front of me. I only use it for parking. But it could be useful in stop and go driving. Truckers know where thief bumper is. I’m betting he wasn’t leaving any room for someone to squeeze in between you and him.
dodge guy 07/22/21 04:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fuel Mileage on 8.1 Workhorse

Most class A gas tank are 80 gallons. So at 6 mpg you can go 120 miles to a 1/4 tank. I start looking for a station at 1/4 tank. Out west I’ll start looking at 1/2 tank because it can be pretty far between stations out there. Realistically you can easily go 400 miles before you need to fill up. But you will have to stop before you ever need gas!
dodge guy 07/22/21 03:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 6.8 3-valve towing FW

That's really interesting - I always wondered how equal the 6.8 would be had it gotten the 6 speed transmission. I suppose a 6.2 with the 6 speed would feel just as strong as the v-10 with the 4 or 5 speed trans. Or for that matter a base model 6.2 F350 that's new enough to get the 10 speed. Although if I'm looking that new there isn't that much of a price differential between going for the 7.3 I suppose. Don’t know about the SD’s, but in the F53 the V-10 for the 6 speed. My buddy says his performs great. He gets about .5mpg better than me so that puts it around 7.2 give or take.
dodge guy 07/22/21 12:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing Capacity

Well we solved our issue and likely saved a few dollars as well. We had put a deposit on a Bronco Sport and it was supposed to arrive on 7/7. Apparently not a lucky number as that was the day hurricane Elsa rolled through in Jacksonville. A couple days later the dealer told us our Bronco was damaged at the train yard and could not be sold along with another they were expecting. Deposit was refunded and we were back to square one. I spent days searching from SC to FL for another Bronco Sport Big Bend with the options and color we wanted. Apparently the are made of unobtainium. So, we called the local Ford dealer and factory ordered one with an ETA of mid-October. Well, I will be officially retired as of October 1 and have little confidence it will arrive in time. Lo and behold a few days later our copy of RV magazine arrived with a special feature on dinghy towing. They had a list of towable vehicles and one of those was something we had considered two years ago. A few hours of searching and …. BINGO!! Last night we drove to Orlando and picked up our Summit White 2021 Chevy Colorado LT with Crew Cab, 4 Wheel Drive and Red Line package. After we pop on a soft tonneau cover we will be good to go. Although this vehicle can be dinghy towed I plan to dolly tow it. Less expensive, less hassle and the dolly has a foldable hitch for easy storage. I’m happy, momma’s happy. FYI, you can’t dolly tow a 4X4 vehicle even with a neutral T-case. Both axles need to be either on the ground or on a trailer. You could dolly tow it if you remove the rear driveshaft!
dodge guy 07/20/21 08:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 6.8 3-valve towing FW

My 2012 Class A with the V-10 and 5 speed performs well For as heavy as it is. Loaded for a trip towing our 13 Explorer I’m at 24,500 approx GCW. My only complaint was the lack of power, And mileage. I fixed those 2 with a tune from 5star. This got rid of the too intrusive bribe by wire which would pull throttle back when you needed it the most. And also changed the shift strategy. It now performs remarkably well for its weight, and I went from a stock average last year of 5.2 to a tuned average of 5.7 mpg. If your truck has the 6 speed auto it will perform even better.
dodge guy 07/20/21 09:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tire covers

Always. For that matter, cover your roof AC shroud and the vent hoods, plastic will become brittle and break from UV. Yes, but a brittle shroud will not cause a blowout or potential damage from a blowout.
dodge guy 07/19/21 04:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Highway speeds - Keep your distance!

Why you should never follow to close! Following to close danger!
dodge guy 07/18/21 04:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is a Damon Challenger a decent motorhome?

Those were/are entry level motor homes. So not alot of options. And no luxury features. Condition depends on how the previous owner kept it. Oil changes? (Engine and generator, how many hours on generator?). How old are the tires? How are the brakes? Has he trans fluid been changed? Brake fluid? Coolant? Any signs of roof leaks? Has the roof been inspected and sealed periodically? Is everything working? What’s the asking price?
dodge guy 07/18/21 05:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2021 Chassis Class A Motorhomes

It will be nice to see if they will integrate all the electronics they said they would. Auto high beams, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and so on.,,, The problem you run into is the sensors need to be mount on the body then interface with the chassis systems. So,,, who provides, who installs and who warranties the systems? Considering the confusion regarding the lines of demarcation for simple things like the wipers, head and tail lights adding cameras, distant sensors, radar and such the level of frustration for the basic owner would get really ugly when the service centers, chassis and coach, tell them "Not my swim lane" the first time there's a problem. I agree with you there. And knowing how the RV manuf assemble and install things, the sensors will probably be installed backwards, or behind metal shields and not work correctly!
dodge guy 07/15/21 05:59pm Class A Motorhomes
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