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RE: replacing bathroom fan

The WALL Switch wires are for the Fantastic supplied Tstat type wall switch. It is NOT for a 12 volt on and off wall switch. Doug
dougrainer 04/20/21 06:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: onan generator synthetic oil filter

synthetic oil is not synthetic! Literally, there is no such thing as synthetic oil. The term "synthetic" means the oil is a higher quality crude oil distillate than the typical oil. it all comes from crude oil. Most synthetic-anything is made from something off the crude oil distillation stack in some way or another. Hydrocarbons are a big part of modern life... Really. Mobil advertises it as the "The Worlds Leading Synthetic Oil". Doug Mobil 1 is a blend of synthetic and dino oils. It was originally a pure synthetic, but Mobil successfully lobbied to continue using the 'synthetic' description while changing the formulation to a blend.
dougrainer 04/19/21 02:54pm Tech Issues
RE: onan generator synthetic oil filter

The possibility of a leak exists in any engine, or any type. So therefore you should never use synthetic oil in any engine. :R I have to wonder about the advice given by some of these so-called experts. Full synthetic oils are clearly superior to conventional oils. This isn’t even debatable. At both low and high temperatures, synthetic oils have better viscosity and thermal stability than conventional oil or synthetic blends. Full synthetic oils are designed to flow quickly in winter temperatures and resist extreme heat. So now the “experts” are advising that we not use it because it “might leak”. Maybe I should just start using an old fashioned non-detergent oil so a healthy layer of sludge can build up on the inside, and help prevent future leaks. :):) If you are using my post for this post. READ it again. What the Mobile engineer stated was, in a "used" engine it is not advisable to start using Synthetic oil. In a NEW engine, continue using Synthetic oil. IF your NEW engine does not have Synthetic oil then use it at the first Oil Change. All my Vehicles except my 1075 Corvette came with Synthetic and I use Synthetic for replacement. I change the OIL FILTER every 5K and do NOT change the Synthetic oil at that time. I change the Synthetic OIL every 10k. I could go longer, but I am old school and feel better at 10k. Remember Mobil 1 was touted as a 25k life oil 40 years ago. Oil Filters are there to trap the contaminants that are produced from Metal on Metal to prevent them from circulating thru the Engine. Which will cause problems if allowed to circulate. Doug
dougrainer 04/19/21 02:52pm Tech Issues
RE: onan generator synthetic oil filter

40 years ago I had a Engineer from Mobil that helped develop Mobil 1. 1. He stated to NOT use the Oil as a replacement in a engine that had regular oil from the OEM that has over 10k miles on it. He stated that Mobil 1 will get thru microscopic holes and cracks in engine seals and you will have leaks that you did not have before. 2. He also stated to not use in Gensets. Same reason. IF there is a microscopic hole or crack in a engine seal the Mobil 1 will find it and you will have leaks you did not have before. 3. I doubt Synthetic oils have changed from that in 40 years. Doug PS, these questions came up because I was doing a LOF and Genset Oil change on his motorhome and wanted to know why he was not using his own companies fancy new Synthetic oil. You will want to check with your vehicle's manufacturer to make sure, but typically any automotive filters that are made for modern vehicles can be used with any type of oil. Every major motor oil manufacturer says you do not need a special or different oil filter when using synthetic oil.
dougrainer 04/19/21 11:57am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic Ac keeps blowing 12 volt fuse

Thanks, I have determined it is one of the 2 white/orange wires that are wire nutted together, going to the 12- , while I had everything disconnected and the box out I thought I would twist the two wires together and it popped, with the box sitting on the counter. Do you know where those 2 wires go/come from and are they 12 volt negative as the 12- indicates? Thank you Without the schematic I would not be positive. There should be a schematic ON the Galvanized box showing what the various wires are for. Doug
dougrainer 04/18/21 09:38am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic Ac keeps blowing 12 volt fuse

Thank you dougrainer for your help. I was able to get the ac and the furnace both working. I simply hooked it back up but left the one white/orange ,the one that must be shorting out, disconnected . Since I had two of the 12volt - wires . I checked and had 12 volt, not really sure why they have 2 of the same wires, you were right the control box was good.thanks again for walking me thru the process ! There are EXTRA wires that are NOT used coming out of the control box. You have Red Pos IN from the fuse supply. You then have a Pos output to the tstat. You found that someone had combined 2 wires and should not have and should have had a wire nut installed to prevent shorting. SOMEONE had to have combined those wires or you would have had this problem from when the unit was new. Doug
dougrainer 04/18/21 09:37am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic Ac keeps blowing 12 volt fuse

I disconnected the blue wires for the furnace, still pops. I disconnected all the wires except the 12volt + and -, it still pops. Ac 6 pin is unhooked also. When I disconnect the 12v + from the control box the lp warning works fine and the fuse doesn’t pop The 6 pin is ALL 120 volt. The control box is just a galvanized box held in place with 1 or 2 screws. Drop the box and remove the 1/4 inch case cover screws. This will expose the Circuit board. Look for a shorted inside wire connection or melted connection. Turn the 120 breaker OFF for the AC unit when doing this. You have isolated the problem to the control box. The Dometic P/n you are looking at is for the complete Galvanized box and board, once you remove the cover you will see a Dometic P/n ON the control board. Usually starts with 31. Doug
dougrainer 04/17/21 04:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic Ac keeps blowing 12 volt fuse

Thank you for your reply and information sorry for lack of details. It is 2008 Heartland Bighorn model 3400RL. The AC is Dometic model 59516.331. I see 6 wires on the t stat, not phone style. The control box is 3107541009. Also furnace does not work. The furnace has a 20 amp fuse in the fuse box, but it’s not blown. One odd thing I noticed is when I put a new fuse in(which blows immediately) the CCI LP gas alarm beeps and the lights on it go out. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you The clicking is the 12 volt relay on the control board. Normal. ODD that the LP detector is on the 20 amp circuit for the AC. Most OEM's install the LP detector on a 5 amp fuse at the main control panel. The short could be in the LP detector wiring. Doug
dougrainer 04/17/21 02:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic Ac keeps blowing 12 volt fuse

Label the wires at the control box. Disconnect the 2 BLUE wires at the AC control box and then see if the fuse blows. If it does , then disconnect the remaining wires and see if the fuse blows. DISCONNECT them at the control box. See if the fuse blows. Report back. DO NOT REPLACE THE CONTROL BOX. This is a common error when novices work on a RV system. I have NEVER replaced a control box for a Dometic AC for a fuse blowing. This is with hundreds if not thousands of Dometic AC's over 42 years as an RV tech. Doug
dougrainer 04/17/21 02:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic Ac keeps blowing 12 volt fuse

Depending on how your OEM wired the system. The AC system is protected by a 3 amp fuse ON the upper AC control board. That means YOUR fuse is shorted by the 12 volt wire run from the Roof top to the wall tstat. That said, you need to state WHICH Dometic control system you have. There are up to 6 or 7 different ones. Also, your Furnace may be on that 15 amp fuse and there is a short between the Furnace and the upper AC control board. You need to state if you have Phone type wire connections or standard 7 wire multi strand AC/Furnace wiring. Year/Brand/Model of RV will also help. Doug PS. you just joined. ALWAYS list Year/Brand/Model of RV and Brand and MODEL of the appliance when asking for help.
dougrainer 04/17/21 08:55am Tech Issues
RE: Pinched Propane line ideas??

This is a common problem with rubber LP lines in slide outs. The BEST way to fix is, YOU HAVE TO REPLACE THE LINE. Once it is kinked, there is no way it will stop kinking no matter how you route it. Now, when you replace the line, find a metal coil spring that will slide over the new Hose snug but not too loose. That metal spring cover will prevent the hose from kinking. IF you have room, you can install a longer replacement hose to then route it to prevent kinking when extending and retracting. MY preferred method is the Spring around the hose. Doug
dougrainer 04/17/21 08:51am Tech Issues
RE: Onan 4000 surging at idle warmed up only

Easy answer. Your Carb is gummed up. There are 16 VERY SMALL fuel jet holes and if just one is blocked will cause surge at idle. It is normal for a gummed Carb to smooth out under load or even increasing the idle speed. DO NOT INCREASE THE IDLE SPEED. Some do this and think they have fixed the problem. All it does is increase the output voltage. Doug I read your post too late. I downloaded the service manual and adjusted the speed one full turn increasing voltage up to 122.5 with no load. I increased the sensitivity adjustment screw but put it back where I started. The surging is gone with or without load. However, while doing the adjustments and testing, I found that the Hz was fine with good load from AC, microwave or electric water heater. But when I have it only with converter charger with a high charging rate the Hz fluctuates between 45 and 62Hz. What's that all about? Happens only when converter charger is the only load on the generator. If I turn on anything else it settle down to 62Hx. Well, you have opened up a can of worms. Basic rule is, you NEVER have to adjust the governor or mixture screws. What you did is common among people that do not know what they are doing. The Carb holes are gummed up. You remove the needle jet that has those small holes and clean and blow out the debris. 60 htz is the correct frequency. 126 to 132 volts is the no load voltage. Doug
dougrainer 04/16/21 07:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Centeroid fuel sender location 2002 Monaco Windsor?

There are 2 adjusting pot screws on top the unit. 1. Is for the 1/4 tank empty readout 2. The other is for the Full to empty readout When you adjust, you fill the fuel tank full. Once you determine which POT screw adjusts the Main fuel readout, you have to adjust clockwise or counterclockwise VERY slowly and in VERY small adjustments. It takes up to a minute for the needle to move. Very tedious process. HOW much is the needle off full when the tank is full? Doug Here is a pic of it https://www.google.com/search?q=adjusting+fuel+level+sensor+on+Monaco+motorhomes&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=SuxkvF8zkJ_g_M%252CSYlp5ukNV16fPM%252C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kSA1LSz9KDIOOuiYmT49_QGYhWMIQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjNouKQ6IPwAhXSGs0KHSHLDzMQ9QF6BAgiEAE&biw=1920&bih=1007#imgrc=SuxkvF8zkJ_g_M&imgdii=vqCXpNMZzek29M
dougrainer 04/16/21 04:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan 4000 surging at idle warmed up only

Easy answer. Your Carb is gummed up. There are 16 VERY SMALL fuel jet holes and if just one is blocked will cause surge at idle. It is normal for a gummed Carb to smooth out under load or even increasing the idle speed. DO NOT INCREASE THE IDLE SPEED. Some do this and think they have fixed the problem. All it does is increase the output voltage. Doug
dougrainer 04/16/21 01:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Time for air conditioner replacement

Your tstat and Communication cables and roof top controls are specific to Dometic. If you go to another Brand, you will have to run new Tstat Cables from the wall to the roof and change out the wall tstat and the upper control boards, which adds cost. Not exactly true. the Penguin II and CCC2 for example use a 4 conductor RJ11 (phone) connector. They don't even supply this cable you have to make one and run it UNLESS your old system has a cable already run with at least four spare conductors. If you have the spare conductors just buy some RJ11-6p4c connectors and attach your old wiring to them. The Penguin installs doc has the wiring pin-out for you to do just this. Odds are you won't have to run wire in a change out; new install, yes. What I posted is TRUE. The 4 wire com cable IS SPECIFIC to Dometic systems that use the Com Cable. What did I post wrong? Doug
dougrainer 04/15/21 12:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: false alarm "jacks down"

1. In 42 years as an RV tech, I have NEVER heard the term Stanchion to describe any type jack system:B stan·chion noun: stanchion; plural noun: stanchions an upright bar, post, or frame forming a support or barrier. a frame that holds the head of a cow in place, especially to facilitate milking. I don't know Doug, at least one of those definitions seems to fit! What do you think? :B Did not doubt the definition. Just how many times has ANYONE heard that term to describe a RV Jack System component? Doug
dougrainer 04/15/21 07:20am Tech Issues
RE: false alarm "jacks down"

1. In 42 years as an RV tech, I have NEVER heard the term Stanchion to describe any type jack system:B 2. You do not state Year/Brand/Model of RV. Also do not state Brand and/or model of Jack system. 3. Now, to answer your question. You do not have Retract springs, that means you have Hydraulic DOWN and UP. These type systems have a Hydraulic Pressure switch, that when all 4 jacks are fully retracted, the Switch opens once the Hydraulic pressure goes over about 2200 psi. Once this switch is satisfied, the system shows retracted and system shuts off. 4. 2 things will cause your problem. 1. System loses that hi pressure because of a external or internal fluid leak, which will NOT cause a jack to extend, but causes that pressure switch to open. When you turn on the RV, the system sees that loss of pressure and does a Automatic retract to restore the pressure on the PSI switch. 2. The pressure switch itself is defective and relaxes after a few days. 5. IF no external fluid leaks, I would not worry about it. Just a minor annoyance and not worth spending money unless it gets worse. Doug PS. Power UP and Power down means it takes Hydraulic pressure to keep them FULLY retracted.
dougrainer 04/14/21 08:33am Tech Issues
RE: Converter wiring question

Amazing, a lot of posts, but NOBODY asks for the brand and model of the Converter. BUT, he states a 3 prong plug, which indicates THAT is the Plug for 120 TO the converter. He then states "black and white wire to be lugged to the converter". This makes it easy. BLACK is Positive and WHITE is Negative/ground. BUT all you have to do is connect the coach battery and use a multimeter to test that White and Black. You will get 12 volts between the two and depending on the - or + display on the multimeter will tell you which is POS and which is Neg. Doug
dougrainer 04/13/21 08:08am Tech Issues
RE: Thermostat has no 12v DC

It depends on how the OEM wired it. 1. The OEM wired the 12 volt to the wall tstat from either the furnace or Main 12 volt fuse panel and designated one of the wires to the roof with 12 volts 2. The OEM used the Furnace 12 volt supply to the Tstat OR upper control board depending on if a Coleman(RVP) or Dometic roof AC 3. The OEM ran a dedicated 12 volt wire from the main 12 volt fuse panel to the Upper control board of the AC unit In your case, I would check the furnace wiring and furnace 12 volt fuse at the Main 12 volt fuse panel. Did you replace your system with the same BRAND AC system? Last, you just joined. ALWAYS post Brand and model of Appliance and Brand Model and Year of RV. ALL RV's have different specs and wiring and appliances. Doug
dougrainer 04/13/21 08:01am Tech Issues
RE: Dish rec’r No Satellites found using new 2000w inverter

Good you fixed the problem. BUT, you stated it worked fine on Shore Power and not with the new Inverter. Replacing that Coax would not have fixed the problem. What Gives? The Inverter only supplies power to the Sat Receiver and has nothing to do with the Coax cables. IF the coax has indeed fixed the problem, then the 13 to 18 volt pulsed signal test I want you to do would point up a bad coax at the Sat Dish itself. My test requires you to test the output at the reciever. IF that was good, then you disconnect the Coax AT the Sat dome/dish and test for that 13 to 18 volt pulsed signal. IF you do not get that then your coax is indeed compromised. Doug
dougrainer 04/11/21 01:30pm Tech Issues
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