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RE: best way to recover a roof

Gdetrailer, Is your roof flat? Mine is curved. I like the aluminum idea. dougrainer, Redecking sounds expensive. But I do value your advice. Well, You CANNOT install EPDM or TPO over the existing EPDM/TPO. You CANNOT install new EPDM/TPO over the existing wood subdeck after you remove the OLD EPDM/TPO. You HAVE to redeck. You overlay the new decking with Wood Glue/screws. Doug
dougrainer 07/03/22 09:04am Tech Issues
RE: best way to recover a roof

First, I commend you for "doing the right thing", a complete re-roof ! It is the only way to know if there is damage to the roof deck and/or the supports. Any flexible roof covering has a life of about 10 years. UV (sunlight) is the enemy. Biannual washing and treatment with a UV protecting will help extend the life. EPDM or TPO are the only realistic options. TPO comes in different grades/thicknesses. TPO does require some special tools to weld the TPO. Please explain welding. There is NO welding on EPDM or TPO roofs. Doug
dougrainer 07/03/22 09:00am Tech Issues
RE: Random a/c issue fixed?

You need to state Brand and Model of AC unit. The "thing" dangling is most likely the FREEZE sensor. There is NO so called thermocoupler in a AC unit controls. Is your Tstat LED? You lose display when you state it turns OFF? Or it goes from AC cool to OFF and display always stays on? Really need to know Brand and Model of AC. Doug
dougrainer 07/03/22 08:58am Tech Issues
RE: best way to recover a roof

If Rubber(Epdm/TPO), you remove the old. Redeck the roof with wood panels and then glue on new Rubber membrane. Doug
dougrainer 07/02/22 02:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Second Auto Transfer switch

Transfer switches are 120 volt. Solar and Batteries are 12 volt. AS another asked, what are you trying to accomplish? Doug
dougrainer 06/30/22 02:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slide-out issue

Well don't take kens post as gospel. You have a 20 year old Winne? If so, odds are you have a HWH slide system. If so, the cause of a slide pooching out, is a internal leak at the extend or retract solenoid. Each slide room has a dedicated extend and retract solenoid. IF you have HWH, then go to the solenoids and manually open the T handles on the solenoids and operate the slides in and out for about 30 seconds. With the solenoids OPEN, the room will not move much. You just want to flush any possible debris out of the solenoid needle valves. This works about 50% of the time. The other 50% you have to replace the solenoids that are leaking internally. IF you have HWH jacks, then odds are on a 20 year old Winne you have HWH slide rooms. Doug
dougrainer 06/30/22 11:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Power Gear air bag vs leveling Jacks

There are 3 systems 1. Hyd Jacks 2. Hyd Jacks AND air bag leveling 3. Air bag only leveling 4. The advantage to air bag leveling is you never have to worry about the ground situation(sand/dirt/mud) for the jacks to sink into. Both Air Bag and combo Jack/Air usually have a 12 volt air pump. Once you turn the Motorhome OFF and have leveled, the electric air pump will continue to air up the bags as they lose pressure and this will also cause the system to continue to keep you level. 5. You don't state what model Monaco, but usually the Hi line signature with Tag axles had the air only. The less expensive Monaco's had Air/Hyd jack. Doug PS to your other question, Air bag and Hyd jacks have almost the same amount of lift available. The BIG difference is, with Hyd, and your site is very uneven you can install wood blocks under Hyd jacks to gain more lift.
dougrainer 06/30/22 10:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas 11 years ago from a Forum memeber

Doug, you are wrong on this one. Stick to what your expertise is, I have always admired that. My post content was NOT my take 11 years ago. It was a long time member of this forums post. I just stated the opening. Doug
dougrainer 06/29/22 07:55am Around the Campfire
Gas 11 years ago from a Forum memeber

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30345058
dougrainer 06/28/22 04:01pm Class A Motorhomes
Gas 11 years ago from a Forum memeber

I was looking for a previous post and found this from over 11 years ago. I wonder what Party was in charge at the time of this post? Doug PS march 2011 "Having owned a 1993/1992 GBM for four years soon I have no complaints in a $$$ sense BUT had I been in better shape to afford a 'toy' in 2007 in hindsight I could see the 'wisdom' of buying newer. Why? Because a transmission or frig are going to cost about the same for the same class of MH where it is 10/20/30 years old but the 'remaining' time to 'drive' that repair expense out of them decreases with their age. While gas is going to $10 a gallon before many of our expiration dates will be reached we are knocking on $5 gas' door as I type. This will park even more MH's and make those who are upside down even more upside down it they are have not sold out at the smaller loss by now. Those of us living today have yet to grasp the meaning of 'down sizing' at a local, state and national level I expect. Remember a few years ago when people were buying brand new DP's for less than 3 year old similar used one's were priced? When it finally hits banks the better times have come and gone those who still have their cash will be paying less for the same than today I expect. Waiting for things to get better may be a suckers game too. Who knows? With that being said the price of used cars are crazy today. While inflation is wild in some sectors today we will have to wait and see what much higher costs every where will impact future pricing. Land and gold grabbing is over the top. Time will tell if the smart or dumb money is doing the buying or the selling."
dougrainer 06/28/22 04:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: Got the insurance money but I can't I do this myself?

Well, usually when you CASH the check, you have completed the claim. It will state so on the check. As to the J wrap. The Burgundy will NOT be on the J wrap. The white stripes and Burgundy will HAVE to be painted, UNLESS, the Burgundy is a decal, but that will still have to be ordered and decals are NOT cheap on RV's. Doug
dougrainer 06/28/22 12:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 96 Georgie Boy Water Tank

I found specs for 1996. It shows 82 gallons fresh and 52 gallons for each holding tank. GAS chassis. Doug
dougrainer 06/28/22 12:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Got the insurance money but I can't I do this myself?

A few weeks ago we had 2 blowouts that caused some cosmetic damage to our FW. It's mainly just one piece of Jwrap on the side, the plastic dual fender panel, step light and a Jwrap tubular aluminum support. I've seen how Jwrap attaches and it's not out of my comfort zone for DIY. I've done plenty of work on RV's, cars, metal work etc. The estimate came in about $2k and $1500 of that was labor. Jwrap is apparently more expensive to ship than the cost of the material. Less deductible, we got a check today for $1600. Before I take it to a shop to have the work done, this seems like something I could pretty easily do myself in an afternoon. $500 in materials and I pocket $1k for my labor. Thoughts?What brand tire ?It can't see in the picture. Blow up pic seems to show Goodyear. Doug
dougrainer 06/28/22 10:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bounder Construction

1. ANY glued panel can delaminate. Wood backing or Styrofoam. 2. Usual cause is water intrusion and sometimes lack of adhesive(missed area) at build. 3. Wood backed Lamination can use most adhesives 4. Styrofoam backed MUST use a water based adhesive. If NOT, then the wrong adhesive will "melt" the styrofoam., Then you have a much bigger problem. MORE problems happen with Styrofoam than wood backing. 5. Lamination and warranties, they usually state, that IF ANYTHING is added or modified to the exterior walls(cuts holes or added screws) will VOID the warranty. Reason is, these are possible egress points for water intrusion. This is why, when you or the dealer want to add or modify the exterior walls of a RV under warranty, you need to get the OEM to sign off and allow this type modification and will then warranty for the warranty term. 6. Most common problem I have seen is when a dealer or customer wants the Over the Range Microwave/Convection Oven vented to the outside and the OEM vented to the inside. Because the hole cut and sealing of the outside vent was not done correctly the wall delaminated from the water intrusion. WHICH the OEM denied warranty. 7. SO, wood backed or Styrofoam, BOTH are good and most problems happen because of water intrusion. Doug
dougrainer 06/28/22 09:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Got the insurance money but I can't I do this myself?

Yes, it was to you. Have you tried to get a Paint estimate? Did you cash the check? Doug
dougrainer 06/27/22 10:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Got the insurance money but I can't I do this myself?

Have you even talked to a Paint shop? I think you will be surprised by the COST of what seems to be a simple paint job. I think you will overrun your costs and since(if) you cashed the check you are stuck. Doug
dougrainer 06/27/22 02:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Norcold N7X solenoid knurled knob adjustment

I guess it depends on how old the refer is. IF the refer has been operating on LP just fine, then the position of the manual cut off is not a concern. The "T" of the actual handle should be pointing at the incoming copper/rubber LP supply line. In 43 years as a Tech, I have NEVER had that valve as a problem with Flame. Either it was ON or OFF. Never halfway. Doug PS, your N7 should have a slot screw.
dougrainer 06/26/22 07:15pm Tech Issues
RE: 2008 Roadtrek Versatile 190 mystery battery

When I work on any RV that at first you cannot find the battery, I look for this on the sidewall or van side. Doug https://www.amazon.com/Valterra-A10-3300-Battery-Box-Louver-White/dp/B00HSO0EY8/ref=asc_df_B00HSO0EY8/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312430092407&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=8935643844920176803&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9027230&hvtargid=pla-492389436851&psc=1
dougrainer 06/25/22 05:08pm Tech Issues
RE: 2008 Roadtrek Versatile 190 mystery battery

^That sounds like the perfect candidate for a sealed AGM or gell battery - i.e., doesn't require adding water occasionally or cleaning corrosion off the terminals, and can be tucked away in just about any dark corner. Remember, you have to make SURE the Coach Converter system can charge AGM/Gel batteries correctly. Doug
dougrainer 06/25/22 05:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Dump Valve cable stiff.

Just use this. I have used it for 43 years. Doug https://www.amazon.com/Motion-Pro-08-0182-Cable-Luber/dp/B0012TYX9W/ref=asc_df_B0012TYX9W/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312158603728&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=4077182808791323314&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9027230&hvtargid=pla-460266440593&psc=1 I had to use google to find a video to show how this thing works. Here is the video I found. Motion-Pro-Cable Luber video Sorry, I just assumed that people would buy and follow the directions it came with. But, you are correct, without a visual it would be hard to understand how it works. BTW, the ORIGINAL reason I used this tool 43 years ago was to lube the old style Dash AC/Heater control cables that were standard back then on Class A motorhomes. You can also use it for OLD manual choke cables. Doug
dougrainer 06/25/22 08:10am Tech Issues
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