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You just joined. ALWAYS Post Year and Model of RV. Post Model of appliance if you can find it. This helps tremendously in geting people help. Think of posting My Ford Explorer does not start with no info on the Car. See how hard it would be to try and get help:). Odds are the Capacitors are good. They just "jump" start the motor. So, if the motor runs on LOW and you switch to HI, then usually the motor will go to Hi because it is already turning. Unless you have a 12 volt tstat supply problem. The HI tstat wire is not sending the HI run 12 volt signal to the upper board. You will see a GL(lo) and a GH(hi) on the upper control board. The wire to each will have 12 volts dc positive depending on LO or Hi selected. So, the FIRST thing is to see if the GH wire has 12 volts when Tstat selected for HI fan. If it does, then open up the control board cover and check for loose or burnt wires. DISCONNECT 120 BEFORE YOU DO THIS. Doug
dougrainer 07/03/20 01:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Electric Awning Locks?

I have never seen a electric awning motor FAIL where it freewheeled. They always FAIL and lock up so the awning cannot unfurl or turn. Doug
dougrainer 07/03/20 01:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Gremlins in my camper

Get rid of the parts replacer and find a technician. I assume you paid this idiot? What a wonderful way to make money. They have NO idea what they are doing and they get paid to replace parts. You paid labor and Parts Mark up. How much did you pay him? When was the last time you checked the Battery Water before you replaced the Battery? Full 24/7 hook ups, you must check the water weekly. Even a BAD Battery, the Power Converter would still supply 12 volt power. UNLESS, the Power Converter is Bad. What you need to do is, Disconnect and get your Trailer to a regular good RV shop. Otherwise you will continue to pay for worthless help. You have so many symptoms and problems and your tech knowledge is very limited so help from us would be a waste of time. Doug (41 years as a RV tech, NOT a Mobile tech)
dougrainer 07/03/20 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: Bad thermostat?

Some of the RVP thermostsats were suseptible to RF inerference from flourescent lights and cell phone chargers. The Tstats wouold just blank out to 0000. Depower your tsat and any of the above then restart the tsat to see if that is the issue. Been there done that. Good luck Bob These RVP tstats are the old Zone Control tstats. He has a newer that is not subject to RF problems. Doug
dougrainer 07/03/20 07:10am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic penguin heat pumps

2000 monaco diplomat Replaced both AC units with dometic penguin heat pumps model 651816. Replaced thermostat with new ccc2 10 button thermostat. So 2 zones. Zone 1 (front unit) works great on everything, ac heat pump furnace etc. System will not pick up zone 2. Did reset. Nothing. Dip switches set properly to zone 2. Replaced communication line between the ac units, did reset, nothing. Tried going direct with thermostat and 12v power to back unit set dip switch for zone 2 to off so that unit was zone 1 now.. Independently it works as it should. But with front ac as zone 1, zone 2 does not show up on thermostat. When 2nd ac is connected with communication line E01 shows on thermostat and sometimes back unit starts. Not zone 2 though on display. Help please... Did your New AC come with the bolts to secure it? Mine didn't and I'm trying to figure out if it was supposed to or not. Thanks for the input. New Dometic AC units do NOT come with mount bolts. Those bolts come with the Inside plenum mount kit. Doug
dougrainer 07/03/20 07:08am Tech Issues
RE: Disappointing test drive

If that was a Ford Chassis, the thing about Ford Chassis is, They have to be aligned CORRECTLY. When you have a Ford aligned correctly, they handle like a dream. I would test drive other Class A 2020 Fords and I will bet you will find out that you had a bum Ford that needed an Alignment. Did you give that feedback to the Dealer you test drove from? Doug
dougrainer 07/02/20 02:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Entegra warranty Are you kidding me/

Check with your state, you may have a 7 day backout period where you can return the unit. If they think they will have to undo the sale, I bet it will get the problem solved quickly. Please quote Georgia law or any State law that has a Back Out period for new RV or Auto sales. A LOT of people think there is such a law. There is not unless you can quote the specific law. MOST Laws, once you leave the lot, you own it. A good Dealer will sometimes allow a return if it has a few miles and the Title paperwork/Registration has not happened yet. Once the Title work is processed, you are stuck. Carmax got crossways with Texas 25 years ago when they had a 20 day return the used Car with complete refund. Texas reminded Carmax that State law required Registration MUST be started within 10 days of signed papers. Carmax changed their policy in Texas to 10 days. Doug
dougrainer 07/02/20 10:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bad thermostat?

Sorry, I had Dometic on my mind. But, same things. You seem to have the LCD Coleman(RVP) wall tstat? Verify wiring is secure at the tstat and also at the roof AC control board. 12 volt power to the system depends on the OEM and if they run 12 volts direct to the AC system or if the use the Furnace 12 volt wire to power it. Doug PS, There is no common failure of this tstat.
dougrainer 07/02/20 06:55am Tech Issues

I assumed you have a wall tstat model? My advice was for Wall tstat controlled models. The Control board is mounted in front of the Evaporator on the metal front evap cover. If NO access from Inside then you have to go on top. The control board is located right above the Front of the inside lower access panel that holds the air filters. Doug
dougrainer 07/01/20 07:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Furnace fan speed control

If it was running too fast, it would not light. Doug If you want to spend the money and you MUST use the Wall tstat for this model. https://www.amazon.com/Atwood-38542-2-Stage-Excalibur-Thermostat/dp/B00CLSWD6S/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
dougrainer 07/01/20 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: Transfer switch salvagable?

You can "file" the points to make it work in a pinch. But it is NOT a long term fix. They fail because the Rv'er transfers with loads. Turn your interior main breakers OFF and then Plug into Shore or Start the Genset and then turn your Main interior breaker back on after the Transfer has closed the relay's. The Transfer box will last forever. Some Transfer boxes close relay's in both Gen and Shore and others the Shore is already closed and the Transfer relay's open from shore and close to Gen. Doug
dougrainer 07/01/20 09:53am Tech Issues
RE: Furnace fan speed control

The Fan SPEED on a RV furnace dictates a lot more than just blowing air out the floor ducts 1. The Fan RPM is what closes the sail switch to ignite the furnace. Too slow and it will not light, or hunt back and forth 2. The Fan RPM is designed to bring the correct amount of air IN to the burner chamber to correctly mix LP and air to get the correct flame 3. The Fan speed also dictates how large an area the furnace will heat Doug
dougrainer 07/01/20 07:19am Tech Issues

Odds are the HI fan tstat wire is not connected to the upper control board. Also, there is NO Hi compressor. Compressors operate at the same "speed" all the time. Just access the upper control board and you will probably see the hi fan speed wire spade pulled off the connection. Doug
dougrainer 07/01/20 07:16am Tech Issues
RE: air conditioner / Thermostat problems

1. You cannot use a 4 button where a 5 button is used. The upper control boards cannot communicate correctly. AS you found out. 2. EE is a COMMUNICATION fault. LACK of communication. This means that Phone type COMM cable is either rusted at the Roof AC connection point(usually this). Or the cable has been cut or damaged. Odds are you have a Penguin Unit(series 65). If so, then rust/corrosion is likely since you have a 20 year old unit. Your model you should be able to access the Control boxes from in side the unit right above the AC ceiling filter plate. You will see the quick connect phone type cables plugged into a splice type connection. Disconnect them and check for rust. The normal sequence on Monaco is to run the COMM cable from the wall tstat to the FRONT AC and then another COMM cable from the front AC to the rear AC. Make sure you check BOTH AC COMM cable connections. Bad connections are either AC will cause wall tstat problems. Doug
dougrainer 07/01/20 07:13am Tech Issues
RE: Generator Sound/fire box

YEARS ago when most Class C's had no Genset's we installed Gensets and had to build the box and insulate it and make it air tight to the Inside. You build a box in a RV to make it slightly less loud inside and to seal it from the inside. Look at the link I provided. This type material is usually available locally in 4 by 8 foot sheets. It has a foil back and you install with the foil visible. You cut and install on the sides and back and ceiling using liquid nails. If you have no box make one out of 3/8 plywood and then install that insulation. Once the Insulation is glued in you then use rubber silicone to seal all the edges to make it air tight. Most RV Gensets are vented thru the floors now and require no vented door. BUT, I would vent the door if on a 5th wheel or trailer. More air is good. Doug
dougrainer 06/30/20 07:15am Tech Issues
RE: Fleetwood American Tradition Washing Machine/Dryer Problem

You do not state what Brand. Is it Splendide? If so, is it a combo washer/dryer? Is it a Combo VENTLESS washer/dryer? Doug
dougrainer 06/30/20 07:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2008 Itasca catalytic converter & pipe stolen

Catalytic Converters are stolen due to the Platinum content. I used to work for a precious metal recycler and we would not accept catalytic converters just to try to prevent people from stealing them. But, lots of scrap yards will pay for them just like stolen copper wire and such. Too bad. Here in Texas we used to have a problem with Thieves cutting the 50 amp Shore Cords off the Motorhomes and just unplugging from the Trailers on the Sales lot and selling to recyclers. The various cities go together and started requiring lots of ID and the thefts have stopped. Doug
dougrainer 06/29/20 08:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Noisy Refrigerator

Refrigerator is in cooling mode again and the whining returns. I do not see a fan anywhere. Sounds now like it is in the cooling circuit. When I turn off all power to the unit the noise keeps singing for maybe three minutes, then slowly coasts down to no noise. Will call the factory in the am. You are not going to see the fan. You have to pull the refer to get access and see the fan. THERE IS NOTHING IN THE COOLING CIRCUIT THAT WILL MAKE A NOISE LIKE YOU HAVE. Doug
dougrainer 06/28/20 04:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Is it OK to mix battery types??

You can add mixed and mixed age batteries. But, it is not a good idea. A older battery will cause problems with the newer battery and can cause the newer battery to fail prematurely. Interstate Battery, one of the largest makers of Batteries in the USA, They have a policy, If just ONE of their batteries fail during warranty, they replace ALL the batteries in that battery bank. Now to your situation. The RV battery SHOULD be a deep cycle battery. A Chassis battery is NOT. So you will be mixing a Deep Battery with a standard Battery, which is not good. Doug
dougrainer 06/28/20 04:47pm Tech Issues
RE: City Water is filling/overflowing my freshwater tank

Just remove the INLET pipe to the Water Pump. Turn on City Water and you will see water come out of the Inlet of the pump if the Pump check valve is the problem. Doug
dougrainer 06/28/20 11:07am Tech Issues
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