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RE: Rooftop material

EPDM is a 40 mil thick black on white roofing material which is a bit heavier due to the higher concentration of rubber. TPO is lighter due to a higher concentration of synthetic material in a 30 mil thickness, and it is a white on white roofing material. Both products are of the highest quality and come with similar warranties from the manufacturer - over 10 years for each one. TPO roofs negative may be as they age, they become less flexible and can actually crack open. This is the main factor that limits their lifespan. But with the 15 year manufacture warranty this is not a major issue for most buyers. Since TPO is a slightly cheaper option, it's very popular with todays RV owner. EPDM rubber only negative including the absorbing sunlight and has occasionally seen moisture leakage. It's a strong material that tends to last a bit longer and is durable especially with a hail storm.. In conclusion, both products are very high quality and will help protect your RV roof greatly. The EPDM rubber is a bit thicker, but the TPO is more reflective. We have a chart below that breaks down both products. Doug
dougrainer 10/04/21 11:26am Tech Issues
RE: Coleman Mach 3 screws coming loose

Some OEM's (OLD Winnebago's) they used a spring for each mount bolt to keep the tension on the bolts. The bolts come loose from the AC Gasket compressing over time. Are you using OEM(Coleman) gasket or a after market gasket? Doug
dougrainer 10/04/21 11:13am Tech Issues
RE: Holiday Rambler Navigator HWH control panel location

Usually mounted up under the Drivers inside by the Brake pedal. This link shows what it looks like. About half the size of a shoebox and silver. Doug https://www.hwhcorp.com/mr152000.pdf PS what do you mean 400 Power Pack?????? HWH does not have a series 400 You mean a Ford performance upgrade?
dougrainer 10/04/21 11:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New shore service tripled energy bill

I would suspect you had a 120 volt Water Heater and it was left ON. Doug
dougrainer 09/30/21 06:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Refer died

I wouldn't say it's "quite easy" to replace a cooling unit. Most RV Repair shops won't even do it anymore because it's so much work. Having said that my buddy and I (mainly him with my help) have replaced two so far. RV Enthusiast Magazine May 2021 has a full breakdown on how to do this. I have been replacing Cooling units for 42 years. For me, It is as easy as pie. I can replace a 4 door 1200 Norcold Cooling unit is less than 2.5 hours. A standard 6 or 8 CF 2 door in about 1.5 hours. Where do you get your knowledge that "Most RV repair shops won't do it anymore"? The PROFIT is extremely worth while for some shops. The use rebuilt and charge almost as much as new for the part and charge from 4.0 to 6.0 hours labor. If the shop states it is too much work, I would NEVER have them work on anything for my RV. Doug
dougrainer 09/30/21 10:41am Tech Issues
RE: Radial Tire Valve Core Failures

Years ago, some of the big tire chains had millions of faulty Tire cores causing your exact problem. I wonder if your tire store somehow got hold of some of those old bad Cores. Doug PS, the purchasing agent made a GREAT DEAL.
dougrainer 09/30/21 07:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Aqua Hot 450D troubleshooting cool air zone 2 (front)

Yes tap it when cold and hot. No luck. I am clueless about what could be the problem???? I taught I could save myself a trip to the dealer. Clueless? Did you READ my post and do the things I asked and when you do, respond back with the answers. Doug
dougrainer 09/28/21 01:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Aqua Hot 450D troubleshooting cool air zone 2 (front)

Trainer is the man on these. He hooked me up last winter. Yes, and his post did not ask questions. The OP has also not responded to questions. Doug
dougrainer 09/28/21 07:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dometic not working on ac

The Check light will come on regardless of AC or NO AC if at any time the refer tried to light on LP. And it did not light. BUT with a check light, the refer should still work on AC if the AC system is operating. Now, On AC check for 120 volts at the board on the 2 wires coming from the Heat element. IF you have 120 volts, then the Heat element is bad regardless of OHM reading. IF NO 120 volts, odds are the board is bad, if you have 120 volts on the 120 input to the board. Do you have a year model for the refer or RV? What color is the epoxy the resistors and circuits on the control board? Cream colored or Greenish colored? Doug
dougrainer 09/27/21 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: Aqua Hot 450D troubleshooting cool air zone 2 (front)

You have 3 pumps. It is very hard to "hear" a pump running. I usually put my hand on the pump to feel if it is running. I also feel the return lines coming in the top of the Aqua Hot and the lines should be as hot as the lines coming out of the pumps. I am not sure from your post if you did that. IF the return lines are all hot, then the coolant IS flowing thru the radiators. Do the radiator muffin fans come on? Are you using the Diesel burner to get the tank hot? Doug
dougrainer 09/27/21 09:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tires - The 10 Year Rule

Years ago, a retired Tire Engineer from I believe Goodyear used to give Tire seminars at FMCA and Good Sam rally's. He used a Potato salad analogy to let people determine how good a tire looks versus its age or mileage(lack of mileage) I will Readers Digest the tale 1. Wife makes the Potato salad for a large Family gathering and puts it out that mid morning ON A WARM DAY. 2. Later that evening Wife tells Husband to put Salad in refer 3. Husband forgets 4. The next morning Husband walks out and sees the Potato salad and realizes he is in deep trouble with wife 5. He covers the Salad and puts it back in the refer and tells no one. 6. WOULD ANY NORMAL PERSON THEN EAT THE POTATO SALAD????????? 7. SAME with Tires that show no deterioation but are old and have very few miles
dougrainer 09/25/21 12:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tires - The 10 Year Rule

Michelin guidelines. 1." Keep five years in mind After five years or more in use, your tires should be thoroughly inspected at least once per year by a professional. 2. Ten years is a maximum If the tires haven't been replaced 10 years after their date of manufacture, as a precaution, Michelin recommends replacing them with new tires. Even if they appear to be in usable condition and have not worn down to the tread wear indicator. This applies to spare tires as well". That said, AGE is not as much a concern as how often the tires are used. Tires have emmolients(lube) in the rubber. When tires are regularly driven those emmolients stay distributed thru the entire rubber. When they SIT for long periods(trailers and Boat trailers more common), the emmolients dry out and cause certain areas of the rubber to dry and have small cracks thru the tread. So, if you have a 7 year old RV or CAR and have less than 10k miles on it, REPLACE THE TIRES AS THEY ARE NOT SAFE. I replace my 1975 Corvette tires every 7 years which only has 31k original miles. I don't want to risk a blow out caused by drying out of the tires. Doug
dougrainer 09/24/21 03:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Awning leak

We have the Girard awning and it is side mounted not roof mounted. The rain was running behind the rail and down the side of the coach. The front storage bay was leaking from an area where there are electrical lines running through the top of the bay. The living room leak may have emanated elsewhere but it is right in line with the furnace and rear refrigerator access. Girard PATIO awnings do not use a Awning rail to mount the box. They have 3 to 4 brackets mounted to the sidewall. Girrard SLIDE COVERS also use brackets to mount to the sidewall. Please explain if you have 3 awnings on the Pass side. 2 slide covers and a large Patio awning. Look at the picture in the link under Premium paint system Is THAT what your awnings look like? Doug https://tiffinmotorhomes.com/class-a/open-road-allegro
dougrainer 09/23/21 12:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dometic Control Board wiring

Ron, are you a lawyer:B I ask because of your Sig. Then I wonder WHY on a 3 year old Dometic you are trying to rewire something. The parts easily are replaced. Are you stating you did not mark or take pics of the back of the refer before you started swapping parts? The system is very simple, but I don't have a law degree:B Just 42 years as an RV tech and master certified for 25 years. So Yes, I am razing you, but I don't understand why you are replacing parts. What was the original problem? When the refer is on Auto, the priority is 120 volt. IF you have NO 120 volt to the control board or the Heat elements are bad(VERY RARE on newer refer) then the refer will do NOTHING. NO indication just no cooling. If you disconnect the 120 power cord on Auto, then the refer will switch to LP. OR you can select LP operation on the inside control panel. NORCOLD brand refers DID have a fault indication when there was a problem on 120. The CHECK light on a Dometic is just to let you know it failed to light on LP. Nothing else. Doug
dougrainer 09/22/21 10:32am Tech Issues
RE: Awning leak

Your main awning is the Girrard on TOP the Motorhome. NO AWNING RAIL. Now, you have slide covers that have awning rails. BUT, they are secures to the slide room and the upper Awning rail of the motorhome and IF the awning rail on the motorhome was leaking the water would not come all the way down to the storage doors or the furnace vent. You could have a slide room seal problem that is leaking the water down. Is the furnace in the slide room? Every Tiffin model and floorplan is different. Doug
dougrainer 09/22/21 10:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Awning leak

You have 3 problems. 1. Water should NOT leak between the awning rail mount to the upper sidewall roof. I doubt it is leaking BEHIND the awning rail. The roof material over laps the top corner and they do use Butyl sealant behind the awning rail. The usual cause of leak at the awning rail mount is the area where the awning rail is spliced. The awning rails rarely are 1 piece and there are 2 sections. I hope the awning WAS retracted in that torrential downpour. 2. The outside doors and partitions and covers should NEVER leak. Your compartment door should not 3. The furnace vent should NOT leak. Are you POSITIVE the water came in thru the furnace outside vent? Is there a Refer access door in the vicinity of that furnace vent? Was the rain blowing into the side of the RV where that furnace vent is located? IF SO, I can see where it would leak. Take the refer outside access door off and see if the area behind the refer is wet if on same side as the furnace vent. Doug PS I just looked and saw you have a new Tiffin. WHICH awning do you have the Girrard or Carefree.
dougrainer 09/22/21 10:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dometic Control Board wiring

Usually on a Dometic the switched is when you have the electric interior door lock system. The switched is wires to the Ignition switch and when the engine turned ON the refer doors lock. If you have a Trailer then the door lock is not installed or used on the 1350. Doug
dougrainer 09/21/21 03:52pm Tech Issues
RE: HVAC - No Compressor run

Regardless of the tstat, IF YOU HAVE 12 VOLTS AT THE UPPER CONTROL BOARD ON "Y", THE COMPRESSOR SHOULD COME ON. If NOT, your control board or the Capacitors are defective, NOT YOUR Tstat. BUT if you do NOT have 12 volts from the tstat on "Y", then find where the open is. Do you have 12 volts at the tstat on the wire for "Y"? If NOT then odds are your tstat is bad also. Doug I would like to temporarily wire around the relay long enough to verify that the compressor will physically run. I think I just need to add a short connecting wire between the 110V input and the relay output circuit. Don't know what I might be doing to the balance of the board, if anything, just don't want sparks and fire. OK to do that? Yes, I will test the actual output of the thermostat by disconnecting that wire from the board. There are 2 heavy duty large wire gauge wires with Spade terminals on the relay. You can just pull them off the relay and interconnect them. Then apply 120 power to the RV. The compressor should start and run. Make sure you have NO 120 to the RV when doing this. Only connect 120 after you have jumped the 2 wires. Doug
dougrainer 09/17/21 01:11pm Tech Issues
RE: HVAC - No Compressor run

Ranger That's exactly what I did. Jumped 12V from GH (and GL separately) to the Y terminal and there was no response. I have the situation where one test would indicate that the board has failed (the above test) and another test would indicate that the thermostat has failed (only .8V on the Y term supplied by the thermostat). Seems like an impossible situation unless both the board and the thermostat are defective. I have ordered a thermostat to see if that fixes the problem. Like I previously said, they're only $20 or so and I need to get this thing fixed. If it turns out that that a new thermostat produces the correct result, I'm done, otherwise, I'll see if I can find a new board. They're pretty scarce right now. Regardless of the tstat, IF YOU HAVE 12 VOLTS AT THE UPPER CONTROL BOARD ON "Y", THE COMPRESSOR SHOULD COME ON. If NOT, your control board or the Capacitors are defective, NOT YOUR Tstat. BUT if you do NOT have 12 volts from the tstat on "Y", then find where the open is. Do you have 12 volts at the tstat on the wire for "Y"? If NOT then odds are your tstat is bad also. Doug
dougrainer 09/17/21 08:34am Tech Issues
RE: HVAC - No Compressor run

There is no low pressure cut off on his AC. You should have 12 volts on the YELLOW wire or "Y" terminal at the upper control board. If you do NOT, just jumper the 12 volts from either the GL(low) or GH(high) fan wire. Fan on LO and the GL will have 12 volts. GH and on HIGH it will have 12 volts. IF the Compressor relay fails to close and engage the compressor the upper board is probably bad. Doug
dougrainer 09/15/21 06:19pm Tech Issues
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