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Don;t let your wife leave a tube of Cortisone on the counter next to the Colgate Toothpaste. Turn on the lights in the bathroom when you brush your teeth.
down home 04/01/20 01:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Fuel Prices are WAY Down!!

At 19 pesos/liter is roughly $3.24/gallon At 13 pesos/liter is roughly $2.24/gallon $1/gallon cheaper is a significant drop in pricing. Wish we were seeing a drop in fuel pricing in in AZ $2.59/Gas (down a few cents) & $2.88/Diesel (roughly same for months) Bullhead yesterday saw regular for $1.89 and on 93 before I40 to Kingman 1.89.
down home 03/31/20 06:11pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: People suck

Kids, at home, have some chickens too. They were giving away many dozens at Church event for people who needed them. Hard to mange with them staying in the pen all the time but Eagles, Hawks, foxes, coyotes are around during the day time. One good thing is they are all natural and we don't get any ill effects from arsenic or anything else. But....eggs in every dish........
down home 03/31/20 06:03pm Around the Campfire
Socks again

We only have the washer dryer in our MH and I have the same fur drawers for my clothes etc. In the last few weeks I have lost one sock, I bet the left one, of three pairs of socks. We lock the coach when we are gone and the burglar alarm is on. So it must be MH spirits or gremlins etc who are shopping for their own wardrobe. I don' suspect my wife,as all the clothing is new. She did however get rid of all my 40 year old+ favorite Tshirts. at home one of my favorite shirts disappeared between the laundry hamper, my closet and the washer dryer. I'm thinking of rfid's if they make them small enough. I wonder if the rest of you who have manged to keep all your socks and shirts use rfds,walk your clothing to the washer and dryer and back on your body or what. I've told so many that my two different sock combos are the new style, it may end up that way.
down home 03/31/20 03:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: What is MISSING from your RV Park?

Designing a park to maximize profits, or sardine sites will eliminate the RVing experience. People will stay once and only again if nothing else is available...for one night. Occupancy rates will ht the bottom and then rate cuts to get people to overnight and then long term occupants paying barely enough to pay utilities, taxes,...and limited help. Destination Parks are now being defined as sardine can parks near attractions. Nothing but higher priced parking lots...That is not the RV experience we want or will pay for. We want and go to Parks with space, paved and concrete pads, large pads, grass and flowers and maybe water features and..lakes. Now defined as RV Resorts.Another important element is no kids and adults on high power ATVs and carts screaming around the park stirring up clouds of crushed lime or dirt dust. It cost fortunes to clean and keep clean our rigs and five minutes in one of these holes ruins it and precludes any sitting out at the campfire or anything else. Nothing like choking on lime dust from the pool or kiddie pool back to the coach to escape it. You don't just construct some parking spots and expect success and fortune. Marketing, is a/the prime consideration, in planning a park, as well as a level of quality, and room for expansion and upgrading. Americans are fed up with the China First so to speak of junk in everything and high prices for it.
down home 03/29/20 01:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Speed

The slower you go the faster time passes. We are pretty slow being self quara. Therefore everything including this site is speeding by.
down home 03/27/20 03:37pm Around the Campfire
RE: Frog in fresh water holding tank!

Don't bother the little toadie frog. Our last home they were everywhere. Almost as loud as the time we had three hatches of Cicadas, not really. Drink bottled water. Put in a port and stock it with crappie. Fresh fish and frogs legs.
down home 03/26/20 05:39pm General RVing Issues
Well, They gone and done it

No resturarnts are open, and if I see another burger I might go screaming into the night. But now they really done it. They closed all the Barber Shops and Styling places...and my hair is gettin per neer long as my wife's. Don't think a blonde/brownb afro on a whitish Native American would go to good. Who has the longest hair how? Are you combingit or just au natural? By this time next month I will have to get some bell bottoms and clodhoppers.I bet I got a pair of shoes from the seventies, at home. Peace Baby!
down home 03/25/20 05:19pm General RVing Issues
Maintnence Free Deep Cyelse 6 Volt Batteries

You can find maintenance free 1w volt batteries everywhere. My T105s have plenty of capacity and long life as long as they are serviced properly. But adding water every few weeks, especially when sore a distance away is a problem plus the corrosion on everything including he frame. CW in Oklahoma City said they had Hawk Brand Maintenance Free deep cycles to replace the T105s for around 700.00 for four. I don't know the brand but it seems the only ones around. And...there is little wiggle room for any differences in size. AGMS are great but I can't justify the price. Anyone know of a deep cycle replacement for the T105s? Seems the market would be large for them.
down home 03/25/20 02:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Will fridge run off tow vehicle on batts on TT?

Our fifth wheel towed by F350 dual alternators had a 20 amp cartridge type fuse. It was charging or keeping the batteries in the fifth wheel charged and the refrigerator freezer was getting electricity..through the batteries. I hadn't thought about it but it did have a converter charger in it. The factory sent me a second vented battery box an cables. It was a Holiday Rambler Alumiscape. It had two 12 volt deep cycle maintenance free batteries. Most of the wiring harnesses offered for connection between Fifth wheel or Trailer and the tow vehicle are really inadequate. I bought a heavy 10 gauge wired plug and leads Trucks and Trailers and soldered the connections and heavy shrinked them too. No way the flimsy 14 gauge wires on most would carry the 20 amp rated fuse load, imo. if you don't have the capacity in your towed RV simple enough to buy the converter charger and wire it and..be sure to use battery boxes and vent hoses to the outside.
down home 03/25/20 02:00pm Tech Issues

it appears all the Rallys may have been canceled. I haven't heard from Freightliner, or ACA yet or I misseed the emails and wife hasn't told me yet.
down home 03/25/20 01:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric black tank dump valve. Worth it?

Absolutely worth it, in a number of scenerios. Our gauges are in the coach the valves in the bay. Need to wire gauges to a set in the bay. But why just stop at black tank...which requires flushing by connecting a hose to the flush vale for both tanks an switching between tanks.If I was younger I would have remote controls to servos on black, gray, and fresh water fill/and supply switch valves..as well as aux water connection to flush valve. one of it is hard to lay out just require a clean sheet of paper while looking at the plumbing and where to mount the servos/switches in the bay and power supply and remote switches inside where the gauges are. I imagine a Prevost conversion has all that all that already. I have had to open the gray and black and flush them on a dark and stormy night and twern't any fun atall!
down home 03/24/20 07:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: lawn care - which comes first - mow then fertilze

I don't know what the pros recommend but...our mowers would fling the fertilizer high and wide, especially the one with high lift blades. I would mow and bag and get all the debris I could off the lawn and not fertilize until at least the next day.
down home 03/22/20 06:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: Any hints about why my tire leaking?

Several years ago we had all four new tires on our F150 go bang, at different times. China junk valve stems. The Dealer and Distributor replaced all four tires. There are probably still some china junk valve stems without UV protection still around.. Second you may have damaged the valve core with a defective plastic valve stem cap. We had a leak on left front on the MH. It was the valve stem being loose. The good stainless caps used on large tire high pressure tires on Mhs and Trucks kept the pressure in,until the pressure was checked and apparently didn't reseal as good. We had a different problem with our Fifth Wheel tire stems, rubber with brass tube inside someone stepped on and bent/broke them inside and they all leaked. We replaced them with bolt on or in short stainless valve stems and caps. I would recommend the short stainless valve stems and caps if they will work or a slightly longer one if necessary.
down home 03/22/20 06:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Insanity in the grocery stores...

Kids back home said they went o several food stores and found no meat,in one the Butcher said they work all night but as soon as the meat is put in the cases it is taken out by Customers. Like we hear elsewhere the fast foods, are carry out only and dining rooms locked except McDonalds who will let you in to use the bathrooms. Restaurants are said to be closed but Denny's was open the other day when we passed by. Over in Nevada, if no one else has posted it, all the Casinos and Restaurants are closed. Laughlin is a ghost town,
down home 03/21/20 03:27pm Around the Campfire
RE: Insanity in the grocery stores...

In two months there is going to be an explosion of fat people, but with clean hands hand clothes. Food especially meat needs to be eaten within a short time. All those tons of snacks might last the full two months. Wife said laundry supplies were all gone and of course hand sanitizer and soap.Come Halloween whole towns will be TPd..
down home 03/19/20 09:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: Which one of you told

Your phone has a GPS and the Weather God can "Ping" it to find out where you are. Forgot that New Ford Edge ST the screen says blah blah blah, it is tracking us and recording data unless we connect a smart phone etc, which they track. Fortunately I haven't driven over 200mph in a while, or gone to a strip joint, or.....
down home 03/19/20 09:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: Help!

Manusl says diddly about led light. However video on the net told of the linage to high temp and low non adjustable thermostat on side of water heater.If temp exceeds cap it causes the light to go on an the thermostat is toast. Replace both thermostats 25.00 each a lot cheaper from the net and do it yourself.
down home 03/19/20 06:44pm General RVing Issues
Which one of you told

It has rained just about every day back home in Tennessee since October. We escaped to the desert and now it is snowing up high and raining cats puddles. Only way it could have found us is someone told.
down home 03/19/20 01:19am Around the Campfire
RE: Insanity in the grocery stores...

You think maybe everyone is buying so much toilet paper so they can roll everybody's yard, Halloween? Maybe we can trade some toilet paper for steak? How about a trade-in for a new car?
down home 03/19/20 01:16am Around the Campfire
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