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RE: Request Prayers

Retired paramedic here. The urgent care facility made their diagnosis based on what? Is your wife's behavior significantly different than before her accident? What, if any physical symptoms is she displaying? Not a lot of detail provided, but I would suggest 911 call for an ambulance, transport to a hospital for evaluation where a doctor could order imaging such as a CT scan or MRI, tests I'm sure weren't available at an urgent care facility. Don't know where you are, but in Florida EMS personnel were covered by what was called the incapacitatd patient law. Simply put, if in the judgment of a paramedic or EMT a patient (based on history, behavior,symptoms, physical presentation) could be transported to a hospital for evaluation; not to be confused with laws addressing psychiatric or mental health crisis. She was fatigued and slightly out of kilter....and her head hurt,
down home 10/09/21 09:16pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Request Prayers

Thanks Folks for your Prayers!Elsie is going to be fine. Sinus infection and some pneumonia. Head injury not leaving permanent scaring or any on her brain. Daughter took her yesterday to ER and today me.
down home 10/09/21 09:15pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Request Prayers

I can get her there. She just won't go.
down home 10/08/21 07:47am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
Request Prayers

Wife fell backwards while trying to repair planter that someone ran into, last week. She went to a urgent care who said she had a traumatic brain injury but not...serous? Well she is essentially been in bed for days. Today he said she felt some better. She refuses to go to an ER. I can't take her, I can't drive, possibly ruptured disc and other things. I can't sleep and medication isn't helping a lot. Can't walk well or get up or lay down. Called her Brother a little while ago, to call her in the morning and take to her or even come and take her.please pray for my wife.
down home 10/07/21 10:59pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Looking for ideas on how to Roll up/store 50 amp cord

The factory one, the good one, is heavy and stiff. But...make one lop, on arm turn the other way for the next loop and so on on your off arm. You will have a strong arm by season's end if you extend the whole cord, and coil back up. Next coach will have the cord, water and sewer on powered reels. It makes things easier f the cord is clean. If it has been down in the dirt or gravel or rain, it gets cleaned by hose or just wiped clean, by wife as it is retrieved.
down home 10/07/21 11:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Question about freshwater tank use

OP said they don't use their FW tank and asked if should they sanitize it. Turned into 3 pages of opinions on why they should use their FW tank. To the OP, no. If you've never used it, no need to sanitize it. If you do eventually use it, most public water sources contain enough chlorine or chloramine to take care of anything that would be harmful. Glasses need cleaning, i guess.
down home 10/07/21 11:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Battery replacement

Don't buy the Interstates! Buy Deka AGM 240 each I think or less. Interstates when the company bought Johnson Controls many years ago now and just up the road, started making the Interstate brand after a year made them with thinner plates etc but their marketing was great. On my daughters truck I replaced Interstate batteries from Wal Mart about every year. Wife stuck on the side of the road with factory batter about to explode, north of Atlanta, in 2018 bought an Interstate from a gas station down the hill from the road. 2019 it went bad and in a series of event cascaded into $4,000.00 in repairs the batter would not hold a charge and in Shawnee, Oklahoma, the Parts stores would no replace it because the mechanic did not punch out the date of purchase, unknown to my wife. Johnson Controls makes a lot of batteries under different names and quality, and I have no idea which one to recommend if any. Teh battery n my AMG is over ten years old, I don't know the brand and hard to get too. I find out I may put them in my other vehicles.
down home 10/06/21 06:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Question about freshwater tank use

Many times we stopped where there was no water. And on the road we stopped to use the facilities, plus the ice maker is running. Some campgrounds the water pressure is low, so we use out of the tank and refill later. if we just over nighting, or in bad weather we may not connect the water or power, use the batteries and or the generator and onboard water. Towed broke down in Ark on I40, parked at welcome center and used on board water and generator for ac it was hot. Many campgrounds as stated before have bad water sediment, sulfur iron etc. Clogged many filters, so may not connect up at all. Michigan campgrounds use well water and lots of sediment/mud when a lot of campers or not. The really good filter clog up first that is their job so we may not connect up. our tank was kept pristine and we drank from the tank and cooked with it and showered with it and washed clothes from the tank water. The 800 lbs or so of 100 gallons of water will help to smooth the ride too. Always kept the tank full when we could ,except trip to storage, or if headed o=t in a week or too again left the tank full plus drinking water chlorine. So we kept water i the tank for whatever we encountered or decided not to use campground water or when there was no water. Our well filtered water was usually far superior to the tap.
down home 10/06/21 06:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Need Tires

I have a 2014 Winnebago and am looking to replace tires. CUrrently the tires are Michelin 235 80 R22.5 Having problems finding the same tire, and would consider another brand. Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks Doesn't have to be the identical tire just the same size. Last ones we bought were Michalein 285x55x22.5 "Steer Axle Tires" on all positions. They have a center groove for tracking and a decoupling? grove around both edges. Not cheap but tires, I don't remember on the rear but front or steer ties took i/4 ounce on one wheel and no weight at all, none, on the other wheel. Coach rode a whole lot better with more flexible sidewalls. Most for semis are rock hard on much much lighter Motor Home. Goodyear G670s have longer lives but stiffer and o decoupling groove, if you have had a problem with Rivering.
down home 10/03/21 02:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Flying J frustrations - Alternatives?

Since I have a 2005 diesel that isn't made to run on the B-20 that Flying J, Loves etc. are offering I try to fuel when unhitched from trailer. I'm considering a replacement fuel tank to give me more capacity than the 26 gallon OEM tank. I agree that Flying J and Pilot have become complacent in their concern for the RV business. A wise investment. Neighbor next door at our old home welded up his own 100 gallon tank for his F350 out of aluminum plate, with baffles, pump the whole works. Not all of us can do that. They aren't cheap and 100 gallon tanks for pickup beds for sale? he pulled/pulls a three axle fifth wheel that is heavy enough he had to make cross members and install air bag system. 129 gallons total is a lot of weight but got him across the country. His is diesel though. I'm not sure of the legality of a 100 gallon in bed gas tank
down home 10/03/21 01:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Truck Battery discharging overnight

I would take it to an Auto Parts store and have it tested with a Carbon Leak Down test! Virtually everyone does it now. A battery can show 13.4 volts charging or right after charging, and leak down below 11 volts n a short time. Your post says the battery is dated? 11/14 that is just about 10 years. The battery in my AMG s now 10+ years old and doing fine but..... Wife bought a new Interstate, stranded on the side of the road, north of Atlanta in 2018. 2019 the thing failed. Showed 13.5 volts when jump started and run a bit. The Tech did not bother with the Leak Down Test and so down the road it wouldn't start the car. Weak cells.
down home 10/03/21 01:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Still searching for info

Is your slide hydraulic or electric? If electric check the connections, in whatever compartment. We had problems fora while with the little spade wold slip off the connector. Finally replaced the spade connector. Never had a problem with the breaker but check it. If that is nto the problem then it might be the motor. Easily replaced but hard to get as they do not or did not for our mfg many spares. Factory called the mfg and got them to expedite producing one, still took two weeks
down home 10/01/21 10:44am Tech Issues
RE: New shore service tripled energy bill

That is quite high I think. Our refrigerator/freezer ran, once cold, with ac running at 72 degrees about 5-10 minutes out of an hour, unless we were preparing meals and in and out of ,the fridge ad freezer. Long cords, in high heat like Kingman Az will drop voltage, from experience, but effect on power consumption, I'm not sure
down home 10/01/21 10:39am Tech Issues
RE: Coal-Rolling Teen Pickup Truck Driver Hits Six Cyclists

If he caused them to go to the hospital a stay in the hoosegow will adjust his attitude!
down home 10/01/21 10:27am Around the Campfire
RE: Coal-Rolling Teen Pickup Truck Driver Hits Six Cyclists

Did he hit them or just hurt their feelings with diesel smoke? He should be taken to the woodshed for that. He hit someone, or caused them to wreck or harm then he will be charged. Going to center Hill to fish for trout on more than one occasion, Bike Clubs" would block the entire lane and then some and refuse to get over when they could.This is on a very curvy narrow two lane road of over ten miles. No wonder someone might throw a plastic water bottle at them. They don't do that now, or at least around here. We have bike races, tours etc all the time and in groups of maybe two or three or singly. Everyone yields the road to them. Not sure what the reception would be if they blocked traffic. Lots of diesels, not new, don't have cats or emissions reductions in power. There are no California mandated emissions tests either.
down home 09/30/21 09:31am Around the Campfire
RE: Tow hall mode

We got over 25mpg in our mh..in Kansas with a 70mph, according to radio, tailwind. :)
down home 09/30/21 09:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Radial Tire Valve Core Failures

We had the left front wheel assy valve core come loose in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Chased down a Sap On Dealer to buy vale core tool to tighten it up. I don't remember if the G670 tires were well balanced or not. Cores that are inferior(cheap)may be the problem, as it was with the Chinese valve stems that caused the failure of all four tires on ourF150. Other than that, out-of-balance sounds reasonable as a cause, without any real experience on the subject. In my 73 years that one experience is the only one. When we replaced the front or steer axle tires with Michelin "steer axle" tires with decoupling groves on the edge and center groove. It took 1/4 ounce of weight on one wheel and 0 as in none, on the other wheel.This on 285x22.5 tires and wheels. Outstanding! And the ride was smooth with more flexible sidewalls and in balance. I have no idea how to identify a quality valve core but would question where you buy the next ones. *Bad spec valve cores, the more likely or possibly metal valve stems, think is the problem. Everyone, that is the Tire sales places tend to buy all the same, cheap and the same brand. If this is the case the problem will emerge over some time and the Dealers who sold and installed them will face big problems in reputation, and claims possibly including injury and death from wrecks. This is one reason I check the tires with a laser pointed temp gun every stop, and the tire pressures checked and adjusted before we headed out. Checking tire pressure was a challenge for me, to get accurate readings so It was done by mgr where we stored it and at shops along the way if thought it needed.
down home 09/30/21 09:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow hall mode

Our 2005F350 dualie had tow haul mode switch. Empty coming down a wet hill, I put it in tow hall and the truck went sideways. They changed the programming after that. Drive it in tow haul from the start won't cause any problems. Tow Haul effectively gave to other gears. I don't remember between which gears, when not in tow haul. Probably a lower first gear and lower gear between 2 and 3. In a diesel that was lot more engine breaking, plus it engaged the engine brake....the reason my truck went sideways when suddenly engaged. I didn't read all the replies so my apologies if someone else gave the same info.
down home 09/28/21 02:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: cable connections

Ours had a switch to the left of the Driver's seat, if engine or generator wouldn't start flip it and house batteries would send current to starter. Without examining the situation I can't tell. Call the Factory advisor or tech lines.
down home 09/28/21 02:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Where to get steering alignment done for a class A?

Hunk of Cheese, do you have the tires properly inflated for the load that they're carrying? Some places just air up the tires to the max inflation pressure on the tire, but that is often times over-inflated for the specific tire & RV/weight combination. I know on our rig that gave a very poor (hard) ride and made steering a bit squirrelly, especially on rough pavement. Argh. Yes, I have the tires aired properly -- I keep them all at 90 PSI, which is slightly higher than the tire manufacturer's recommendation for my weight. Tire mfr. recommends 80 PSI which is also the tire's minimum allowed inflation and I wanted to stay above the minimum. When I first got my coach and took it in for inspection, the shop filled my tires to 140 PSI. Ride was so hard. I came back later after learning some stuff and tried to tell the guy he had made a mistake. The whole shop was immediately very angry, (I guess they had had this argument before.) and somebody sarcastically yelled at me "if 140 PSI wasn't the tire manufacturer's recommended pressure then why would they stamp it on the side of the tire?!". They waved away and didn't want to look at my PDF brochure from the tire manufacturer. Wow, that was frustrating. De-airing the tires did help a lot with the squirrely but it's still there. Behind the seat on the wall or elsewhere there should be a label with recommended tire pressure for the coach.Our coaches do not weigh 100,000 lbs and the sidewall molded in maximum pressures are for a semi. We had the pressure for our tires raised in 2012 when the bays were filled with things for our kids, out near Tucson. What a mistakeI59 was real bad then and it nearly beat us to death...and loosened everything in the coach including screws in the shower, the washer/dryer half out of the cabinet and so on.
down home 09/28/21 01:19pm Class A Motorhomes
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