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WE looked at a 2020 and 2021 Allegro today. Pretty spartan as to features. We have decided, to try anyway to stick to $300k anyway. They both had the 459 Cummins and macerator hose and pump and reel for water hose unconnected and the power cord.The washer was the washer/dryer we weren't real happy within our old coach. Freightliner frame and four bags only,I believe and he house batteries were 6 lead acid. Not going that route again.Our old coach was real quality wood cabinetry. These two unites were"Real Wood" pressed wood and painted! $45kmsrp $300K or there abouts. Didn't have jacks to worry about. That's good. Not all electric and only 10.5 k generator. Aquahot but 3 roof heat pumps, 40 ft no tax axles and no side cameras.Shifting gears anyone had good luck with a one or two year old coach for$300k area? They had one but you could tell it sat in the desert for a year. All the tires were hard Semi Michelins not the great ones we put on our old coach
down home 01/26/21 08:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: It's a wonderful day: COVID vaccinations

100% DAV Apparently last on the list is Veterans. The City east of us was giving injections and usually ran out mid-morning or earlier. I didn't even try to go. There were reports of people lining up middle of the night...and after being in lien for many hours, in the am being told they had run out and to go home. Only for them to call relatives to come get the shot. Jut found out I probably have prostate cancer and may not get it anyway.Told to see my Primary care Physician...appt in March bout the shot(s).
down home 01/26/21 07:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: Annual maintenance

Doubt our Mh went 4,000 miles without changing the fluids and lubricating. A couple three years we didn't go anywhere and still changed the fluids.
down home 01/21/21 10:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Unnecessary Warnings Shown on Products

Almost every warning label is there because some ID 10 T did that stupid thing. And sued the company. Not necessarily that particular company. Remember the famed McDonald's hot coffee law suit. Now, she did not get millions, the judge knocked it down at $640,000, and the two sides settled for an undisclosed amount. And the lady had serious injuries - 8 days in the hospital with 3rd degree burns that required skin grafts. But McDonalds has spent tens of millions defending such lawsuits, along with many others. There were/are People looking for things like no warnings of the obvious so they can sue. Insurance companies use to compile lists of these repeat criminals.Still some courts,make you wonder how they got on the bench.
down home 01/21/21 05:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Unnecessary Warnings Shown on Products

My favorite was on a snack food I bought from a vending machine at work one day. Feeling a little hungry so I bought a bag of roasted peanuts. Standing there snacking on my peanuts, I start reading the back of the bag. Right there in bold letters "CAUTION: MAY CONTAIN PEANUTS." Now it wasn't necessarily the warning that disturbed me, it was the "MAY" part. Of course, then I start wondering who sued the peanut company for putting peanuts in a bag of peanuts without a warning label... On the peanut butter jar too!
down home 01/21/21 05:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Thankful for Honest People

Billfolds are all made in China apparently I can hardly get the out or in they are so tight. Some have to be trimmed a bit to fit. However those clear multiple card or id holders will fall out and possibly someone had picked my pocket one time. I use to keep it in rear pocket like everyone else but it was like having a big rock there and made my hip sore. Carry in front pocket, where it is impossible to get out some times. I won't carry a purse of course. Maybe someone has a solution?
down home 01/21/21 05:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: Credit Card Fraud

We bought something or the other a couple weeks ago online. Got an email saying I needed to call and update my information, as they suspected fraud. Well the bank doesn't call wanting updates over the phone, like that. They will call if they suspect fraud but call asking to update contact information. We have received calls and emails from "Social Security" about "money laundering and to contact such and such a person or agent? immediately or an arrest warrant would be issued that day,I think. from the "Treasury Department" and several others and Credit scams. The list is too varied and long to remember them all. We have referred some of them to the real federal agencies and banks and blocked many numbers and email addresses but it does no good.They come from everywhere in the world and numbers are spoofed and emails..well them too I suppose. But it is clear these people are aware of some of our Internet bill paying and purchases...when there scams, from those same names of the Credit Cards and Businesses are right after, within hours or a day of some transaction.yet they don't have all the information except maybe the people who bought wrinkle cream from Washington State and the other instances where we had to get the charges removed and they issued new cards. it didn't use to be so bad until we go the notice from OMB that the Chinese stole ours and lot of others information, I think. That was 5 years ago, now.
down home 01/20/21 09:29pm Around the Campfire
RE: Credit Card Fraud

I don't use a credit card often enough to dive into Credit Card Security issues. Filling the tank is about it. Stores well if it isn't sporting goods, tractors ,farm supply, well I don't do them, ahem I mean except trailing the wife at the Supermarket filing a cart with the good stuff and putting it ahead of hers at the check out or putting it in her basket then going to the car.
down home 01/15/21 04:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: Credit Card Fraud

Since we pay our bills on the net I have wondered if someone has our number so to speak. Small trail charges, by Fraudsters, and we get the cards cancelled and get new ones issued but... While in Az someone charged ninety something dollars for facial cream, in Washington state, on the net. credit Union refunded the money and changed our cards butt handicapped us. We had to call them to tell it was us numerous times even for fuel. Credit Union didn't believe us, it seemed, that we didn't order the cream. We try to always use the card as credit not debit but some charge machines insist it to be debit. I scarcely use any of the cards.They will all be paid off in a few months. Hadn't been for emergencies on the way out to and while in Az wouldn't be be any charges now.
down home 01/14/21 11:27am Around the Campfire
Credit Card Fraud

We had a charge on Chase Mastercard to Hertz. We hadn't used Hertz this year. Hertz had no record of the charge. Of course Chase removed it but if the wife hadn't reviewed all finances every day. they might have charged a lot. how they got money with Hertz showing as the recipient is beyond me. You can't rent a car for the amount they charged.
down home 01/14/21 10:46am Around the Campfire
RE: Reminiscing

If adversity builds character that is the reason I am who I am. Without the Lords help I wouldn't be here.
down home 01/14/21 09:13am Around the Campfire
RE: Veterans News Update New Agent Orange Diseases

Last time I was at Lejune was with my Uncle in 97. Aunt had passed and went to help him. The barracks on the beach looked like a storm just went through. I asked why he didn't run with his old unit to help him stay fit. Commander didn't like the idea > he lived the sterotypical Career Marines life. Three tours in Nam One while I was there, served all over the world and died in 2007 from Agent Orange caused Diabetes and cancer from smoking. Didn't have any kids. The Corps was his family. If he had stayed in another ten years he might still be with us.We slow down and disease death overtakes us.
down home 01/13/21 05:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: New Wriinkle in Customer Service

I received 4 sensors per pack until now. They lasted a week each. I got three in a pack this time and was informed by pharmacy they were supposed to last 10 days. They sent me gratis 3 more sensors. The pharmacy also sent me a package of three. And it does say ten days. So I don't know we will see how long the on I am wearing now last.
down home 01/13/21 05:00pm Around the Campfire
Traveling to Alaakska later ths year or next.

Are Americans still allowed to travel though Canada to Alaska. This time we will be taking only a Suburban,unless she changers her mind and we buy a new MH.
down home 01/12/21 02:33am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Meds on the road.

VA cal them and they will ship to where you are. Also like Edd505 said they will fill most meds for 90 days. Wife now gets hers through CHAMP VA same pharmacy.The fill all her meds 90days at a time. When she was getting hers though insurance where she worked and later Medicare supplement they only had certain pharmacies in the network.CVS They would fill only 30 days at a time, and she could get a medication filled one me out of home area. Next refill would require a new script there and when she got home. Really put a crimp in traveling for more than month after she retired.I kept telling her she could get them through the VA for several years.She could also have enrolled in VA and go her meds and if she wished, medical care at VA until she retired and went on Medicare including dental which she really needed and cost tn out of pocket and it would have continued.Wouldn't listen.
down home 01/12/21 02:28am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Chipmunks

Last squirrels I shot matny moons ago, The kids ate everyone of them before I could clean up the knife etc outside. Wife fixed them in BBQ sauce.I asked the kids awhile back why they didn't save me any.Said Mom said it was Venison? Got plenty around here but mostly young. What happens to the adults I don't know. Maybe coyotes have learned to climb big straight trees or our resident Bobcat.
down home 01/11/21 07:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gander Outdoors

When Gander Mountain was under the original Owners, variety, quality and price beat all the competition. We stopped at the Coldwater, Michigan, I think store many times. Still have a couple of decades old reels.But like the place in Coldwater that my wife worked at as a teen, making floats, everyone started buying Chinese. We tried to buy the float mfg but the kids who took over, well I don't know who owns it now and.... COLDWATETR!!! Been there many times. My dad worked in Coldwater. I grew up a bit north (Tekonsha) about 4 miles from Exit 25 on I-69 Mother worked in Marshall, MI (still farther north) and did a consult for Progressive Dynamics one time (she was well trained in computers of the day) Did not know they had a Gardner Outdoors though. Must have been after I left. Farm I grew up on is not a propane Tank Farm. (Distributor). Been through Tekonsha many times and Marshal, the whole area. We bought many baked godson the honor system from the Amish just est of Coldwater area. Wife's family, the cemeteries are full of Relatives and some to distant to have met from near FT Wayne to Coldwater eat into Ohio and beyond Her Mom's People near Battle Creek, all had large farms now sub divisions I think. Traveled many dirt roads for pheasants and deer thick as flies. Asparagus at just about every corner of the roads and along them in places. Wife sisters born in Marshal.The fair in Marshal was outstanding up until 0 years ago. I enjoyed all the farm equipment horses and so on. A farm just south of the Ohio line wife's Great Grand Father settle about 1850. Part of the Underground Railroad,with secret passages etc it still stands but moved across the road an renovated and changed near the cemetery. Letters about wolves bears,Indians and trading bread for honey that Indians strained through deer hides, full of deer hair and discarded. and so on.
down home 01/11/21 07:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gander Outdoors

This evening I though I would look at their online catalog, for hunting and fishing. Practically nothing, two surplus pistols of poor quality. I was referred to Camping World at one point. A few collapsing chairs and so on. I would have sworn we got a packed last year some time. it would appear they are going out of business with the find a store feature showing just a very few in the upper Midwest, west of Lake Michigan. I can see no profitability in the way it was ruin. This is what happened to last Owner's mismanagement of Sears and K Mart. SEARS, once the two world leaders in selection, quality, warranty and Customer loyalty. On Saturday or anytime we wanted anything we knew where to find it from fishing boats and motors to fishing tackle firearms,too most especially. The Craftsman; brand was found in every Tradesman and Builders tool box as well as every Race Car builder and team and homeowner!No hassle warranty we would buy nothing else. Everything for the home and farm and mine was found at Sears. Dad said when he was stationed at Cap Forest a Basic Trainer. things weer ordered from Sears and there in three days and if it was urgent a truck was sent To Chattanooga or Nashville for it.Takes a lot of tools on a base. Saturday mornings even in the early 70s,it was a trip to Sears or Friday evening for tackle and lures and such or ammunition and my wife bought many clothes.
down home 01/10/21 08:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Camco sewer lugs out of spec? An easy fix but very odd

Bought a home theater at Cosco Samsung.Worked that evening.Next day dead as door nail.Took it back no more in stock. Went to Best Ripoff and bought a "Polk"not cheap. Neither one of them were. Worked that evening next day dead as a door nail. Got testing and the power supply was bad.Went back to Best Buy with the dead power supply. Said no we would have to bring the whole affair back,80lb or so and they would order a new one. Did, got it Saturday to our door. The power supply is the same as the Samsung. I'm wondering how long this Chinese "Polk" will last. Supposed to be 600 watts. So far it won't shake the walls.
down home 01/10/21 02:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Chipmunks

A cat, if it can get to them Doubt it can climb inside the walls though. i know the black racer idea makes women and feller cringe but if you can get a young one they train rather easily. They are intelligent and they love rodents.Releasing a grown one in an RV will do the job over a few days, perhaps. Then you gotta catch the snake. They will bit but have no teeth just a hard sharp mouth edge.I've been bit more than once by different wild snakes. usually get control of them first though. Look at it this way you can't have a snake story unless you catch one or one bites you.
down home 01/10/21 12:02pm General RVing Issues
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