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RE: Plain Black Wrapper

I would like to take my Renntech tuned AMG a about 220 mph down I94! Ain't sayin I'm gonna do it though, Eh! Just would like to. Rebelling against all the Porch Sitters and Nannys writing Laws just because there ought to be a Law. Some of youins should have ridden the old moonshiner routtes in a 66 SS396, in Tn at 160 over hills and dales. I bet some of you haven't ever gone over 55 mph since Nixon! :)
down home 06/18/19 10:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: mild rant, contractors and repair folks

W have a leaking gray water valve. Was referred to a local RV mobile Tech near Jonesville, Michigan. Said he would be at the campground on Thursday about 5:00. So instead of out enjoying ourselves w sat and we sat and we waited. he never showed. Called him and he gave excuses and said he would work us in on Thursday,he never showed. So called him again ad said we were moving to different campground on Friday and could he come there. He basically chewed my wife out and said he told us he would try to work us in but that he had 50 other Customers. He gave us the time and a commitment. Wife delted his nme from phone but if I find it I will post it all over Southern Michigan where 80% of the people are wife's relatives.
down home 06/18/19 10:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Plain Black Wrapper

I'm not afraid of our LEOs local, county or state..except politicians conducting a "safety program." I have been concerned about I40 est and east , est of Nashville, when we did carry substantial amounts of cash, in our mh because or real reports of policing for cash/asset forefeitures. We were never stopped however. In other states there were and are still some areas like I95 in SC, Ga, and Fla where you could and may still expect problems with traffic ticket income being a budget item. Don't carry enough to be concerned with Asset Forfeiture, now, and certainly don't violate any laws. Speeding: We follow the traffic.
down home 06/16/19 04:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Question for Class A owners.

Giving some thought to eventually moving from my current travel trailer to either a Class A or Class C motorized MH. One thing that has me perplexed is how are the engines on Class A's repaired? How can mechanics get to the engine for major engine work? It seems as if the MH is literally built over and around the engine. Are special repair facilities needed? I doubt you can go to your local Ford dealer in the case of a Ford chassis Class A gasser. Thanks for any information. Ours is a Cat in a Freightliner chassis. Access to the top of the engine and most of the engine and cooling is easy but though a hatch below our bed.
down home 06/16/19 04:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Front AC not working?

Before doing surgery to the refrigerant system pull inside output vents and check for sealing of cold air from going inside roof instead of inside coach.Buy a rool of aluminum Duct Tape and fix if there are gaps. Then on top pull cover off ac and check for cotton wood tree seeds and any other blocking and clean and the fan too. Have someone turn it on from inside while observing and listening on top. Low refrigerant will cause the evaporator to freeze up and water should drip from ducts inside as well as drain if that is the case after turning off and given time for ice to melt. The front ac always catches whatever is in the air going down the road first.
down home 06/16/19 03:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire plugs

Semis will only have their tires patched on the inside and no patches at all allowed on steer axle tires. Too high a load and too much pressure for those plugs. I've used them and have kit with two tools and plugs that mushroom inside sealing there and in the hole but hven't used it in years. Won't do anything but inside patch on hp tires on our AMG. If the hole is near the edge of the thread or in the sidewall no patching of any kind works. Too much flexing. One reason to carry road hazard insurance on tires.
down home 06/16/19 03:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lightning and what it can do

When thunder roars go indoors. When small, at the old home place/Grand Ma's ball lightning came through the closed kitchen door and out the front window. Busted the glass in the window but the door seemed undamaged but was as hot as the wood cook stove in a circular area in top panel. Gradually over a period of an hour perhaps it turned dark brown and stunk to high heaven, or the air in the house did anyway.
down home 06/16/19 03:11pm Around the Campfire
Plain Black Wrapper

In Michigan last week on I94 we saw a lot of Troopers. A one turn around was a Trooper and a Motorcycle. The motorcycle bore no markings at all and the rider only displayed the Michigan State police seal or shield on the shoulder. He wore a subdued gold color helmet. A white cub type car passed us but not at any great speed and the Motorcycle after we had passed cam out an chased the car down within less than an 1/8 mile. Then he turned on the take down lights. The lights were flush and blacked out within the rest of the trim. It was a high hp Susukie or Kawsaki 4 cylinder with quiet exhaust. You would never recognize the cycle or rider at any distance, and maybe right next to them, as a State Trooper of a State Police motorcycle. Maybe there was some markings I missed, I dunno. nrapment? In our state in a plain unmmarked car the Trooper has to wear his DI or campaign hat, or other insignia, if working. But with all windows, just about, blacked out on their vehicles these days who can tell. In Middle Tn/Nashville and elsewhere they are in small Chevys with v8s and ow becoming ubiquitous the Chryslers with 157mph capability and more. Had a somewhat local Officer ask me about hopping up his Chrysler. I'm too old to fool with them anymore. Won't urpirse me to see the new Hemis 757 hp Chryslers as Police cars though their insurance already sky high, frowns on them using even confiscated left lane cars.
down home 06/16/19 03:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: lost my co pilot

Our sympathy for your loss.
down home 06/13/19 09:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: Supervisors that CANT supervise?

They do hire people with no people skills, who have a piece of paper that says they re proficient in some field. I had people with the paper but douldn't do the job. I had a janitor who was over qualified. The management by stress and tracking by GPS etc are some of the paper people. I din't have to hold hands of my Employees, and simple mistakes did not earn them check marks or blessing out. And....I had to fight other Employers from stealing them away. We were family...just like the old Ma Bells. People came back to the company to visit and everyone contributed because they wanted their company to be the best. Happy people make lots of money. The new Global Investor owned AT&T is a nightmare where everyone just wants their shift to end. The noldew ethic is drive the people like horses make them sweat put profits.
down home 06/01/19 02:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Midwest flooding andinto Michigan

Certainly the Great Lakes and some rivers feeding them an other lakes and other opportunities. Trouble is we are now in our seventies and problems. We rented boats on small lakes near Coldwater, Half a day was 200.00 or so and no trolling motors or anything else. So wife fished and I controlled the Pontoon Boat.
down home 06/01/19 10:54am Around the Campfire
RE: Midwest flooding andinto Michigan

I don't remember exactly the different taxes. A year or so before we sold they added a new tax to pay for a jail. We had the largest lot a bit over 3/4 acre, like that is considered large. Taxes, were higher than our last home here in tn on an acre lot. I don't remember the amounts right now. I had being finding a large lot and install pad, well and septic, for our Motor Home during season,in Ontario on Superior,or near Lake Michigan, in Michigan and on the Huron side also. As of now nothing is on the plate. We come through Grand Haven on occasion as well as the rest of the coast. We have frequently walked out to the light house at South Haven. Wife has relative that teaches and principle at the last one room school house inland several miles from there. We spent two days trying to find a place to fish from shore, as last time on a boat we both got deathly sea sick. We went out from South Haven, I think. Found one place but neither of us wanted to walk about a mile from any parking.
down home 06/01/19 07:01am Around the Campfire
RE: Online Oil Filter Dissection And Discussion

We use Cat oil filters. Two versions one has larger holes in the media. The better one has smaller ones and a lot more media. Don't remember specs. Brands get bought out and made cheaper to maximize profitability Not just oil filters but everything. I ahven't kept up but Fram went from best/better to an also ran many years ago. Maybe they re back to number1. Engines survive still. The Cat Filter is the same forever it seems. I was able to find them military surplus helicopter and other engine filters comprised of a metal housing and several cleanable and replaceable round small micron screens, Don't remember the specs, with rubber seals on the edges. Some still round as they fly Hueys still.
down home 05/31/19 06:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Mystery with Suburban furnace

I believe, from what we have experienced an what many have posted here and elsewhere, of various electrical problems that minor or not so minor corrosion is a major culprit in our RVs. We have stored ours indoors dry and warm for many years and since then no electrical problems, that I remember. Thermostats, control boards, fuses, plus vermin. Before then the thermostat was a headache for a long while. Points just like an old car ignition and just a bit of moisture, especially when it is warm/hot and humid stored outside. A dehumidifier would be a sound investment, I believe. Notice all the moisture on the glass and everywhere inside in winter especially when it is wet. I don't know if they integrate dehumidifiers in the new coaches or not but it would be a good selling point, to experienced RVers I think.
down home 05/31/19 04:57pm Tech Issues
RE: it has happened to all of us

Before they told me to be scared of snakes I picked them up quit often. I picked up a rattlesnake, when somewhere around 3 or 4 years old and chased my Uncle with it. Had a pretty hard time letting go of it. Always wanted to be man like my Dad and would not let any fright stop me except Grand Ma"s Big old White Leghorn. It was tall as I was and when he saw me you could see him moving his head a bit side to side sizing me up and then here he come. His spurs were at least three inches long. I swatted him with a piece of two by four more than once. Went back the next summer or sometime and she said you don't have to worry about the Rooster anymore. Asked why,she said we ate him. Sometimes she didn't care for the critters I brought back from the creek and woods. I did not know I was supposed to be afraid of them and that they were. .
down home 05/31/19 04:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Midwest flooding andinto Michigan

We had a piece of property near Coldwater, on the lake. It flooded last year and may times in history. The chain of lakes down in to Indiana before going underground or somewhere, has channels now choked by peat and vegetation. During the time the Sioux lived there up until after 1850s the river flowed good. The lake in Coldwater was the result of mining back when for limestone? marl for concrete etc, as I think several were.Probably deposits from glaciers thousands of years ago as is most of the soil. I would like to find place further up on a lake that doesn't flood by ten feet over the banks, some space, where there is some trout fishing and not to far from the big lakes. Taxes were more for that empty lot than our home here with summer taxes, winter taxes, school taxes and some others and being non residents.
down home 05/31/19 04:36pm Around the Campfire
RE: Tomatoes

They call real tomatoes, good tomatoes Heirlooms today. The Burpees catalog use to have all manner of good tomatoes. They don't do rea3l well around here. I don't remember the varities off hand. Too much rain, evening heat and blossom rot. Last home we finally figured out to shield them from the evening sun by planting so evening sun was shielded by trees. We have some on the patio in a large planter now. At night the plan is to roll them into the garage as raccoons, opossums,deer and foxes and everything else likes a good tomato. These will be real late to come in. Rutgers, I think. The old home place was on the mountain and the field sorta slanted north. Surrounded by woods for miles. Had a few bug problems and every morning a can with kerosene picking potato bugs off the tomatoes and potatoes, and dropping them in. No Jap Beetles. Big big Concord grape vine twined around the big Sycamore behind the home, huge grapes. Never any bugs bothered them. The Sycamore was kinda like an antiseptic or anti bug tree.
down home 05/31/19 04:24pm Around the Campfire
RE: Tomatoes

Making me hongry fer a bologna, onion, cheese, peach preserves,sandwich but no pinto bean ice cream this time.
down home 05/30/19 07:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: it has happened to all of us

We had snakes approach our pontoon boat. had one try to crawl in with us. Not sure if all were water snakes or not. Rattle Snakes and Copperheads and perhaps most or all snakes swim some. I'm not up on herpetology. We don't have water moccasins nor may Rattlesnakes here and few Copperheads, in this wedge between mountains of east tn and the Cumberlands. Weather is too cool and damp in winter and diseases and fungus gets them usually. TWRA thought there were not enough Rattle Snakes because people killed them and released a bunch on Mountains and in valleys. I don't think too many survived but on the mountains is the only place I've seen more than one. Stepped over one on the far side of a log then another on the far side of the other log. They were too cold to move much or I would have been hit. I've seen a lot of snakes round and in water and hooked one in the side while fishing in a weed bed. Below Tims Ford Dam I saw a monster of a snake appeared to be black, crawl along the edge of the small cliff and thee fall, off on purpose? and hit the rock shelf 20 ft or so down. It as stunned, I think but then crawled between some flt rocks most likely into a cave. The snake was as big around as my leg and 10 feet or more in length. Not the first time I've seen such large snakes in Tn.I have wondered if someone released some exotics. Hopefully if they did the weather killed them in winter.
down home 05/30/19 05:17pm Around the Campfire
Diesel prices by city or state

headed out in a day or two. Ihven't used Gas Buddy in some time. It is different now and cannot get diesel prices by station. Tried AAA and no luck with it either. What source is everyone using to locate diesel fuel stops along their route with the lowest price?????
down home 05/30/19 12:08am Class A Motorhomes
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