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Double Chargng

It is happening too much to be happenstance. I'm not sure when it began but double charging. First I remember was at Bass Pro for over a hundred dollars and didn't catch it at the counter. Then it was here and there and over the Internet too on purchases and payments. Wife juts now got one reversed...and it will take days or weeks in most cases to get our money credited back to our accounts. have to suspect that many errors are generating income on the float, like many fuel stations use t and may still do. Tell them how much you will be putting in the tank and they charge the card. How many times have I been wrong by a hundred dollars, I don't know but it was it will be credited back to your account in a few days to two weeks, like the Pilot in Mississippi in 2012 or the $1000,00 over charge for motel room in Missouri. Yes,I raised hell.
down home 07/08/21 09:59am Around the Campfire
Smal lBird Nestng on Porch Fan

Now for 5 or 6 years apparently the same mall bird has nested on one of our rear porch fans,...r maybe it is one of it's offspring. It is a is a grey to black bird, and the male has a small black crest but it extends it sometimes, that is usually down. Female does not have the crest and is rarely seen.She is on the nest most of the time,maybe. They make a mess on the porch. We see the male on the antenna dish often or in one of the oaks. He is constantly scanning for bugs we can't usually see under the roof of the porch or just outside it. He is lightning quick and spend more time catching bugs than watching for them. I spend sometime this morning trying to identify our little bird and in years past. have not located a photo of one yet. What could I do to make a nesting site to draw it from the fans? This year it did choose the fan next to the one it has used for all the other years. Any ideas what our little birds might be?
down home 06/06/21 01:34pm Around the Campfire
A Rainy Nght

It's a rainy night, just a bit of chill, in the air. Sitting on the west porch,rain on the roof and all those leaves in the forest, is just meant to soothe the world. It's a good steady rain, and off to the west, a bit of a rumble as lightning dances in the clouds, pinks and blues and a bit of red and white. All is right this evening. I'm going back outside and sit for as long as I can keep my eyes open. There is not one other sound coming through the forest or from the road.
down home 06/02/21 08:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: Coffee Survey

I remember for decades going to the store and wandering down the aisle with numerous bags of coffee beans..and the big old coffee grinder. I think you poured the beans in and put the bag under a chute and set the machine for the grind you wanted. Even as a child I thought it was ambrosia. We were raised such that The Amish would be rated as Hippies, so we weren't allowed to drink coffee. I have thus far not found the coffee that taste as good as that smell. Sometimes a memorable smell resembling waifes by, but..... If there are markets that still have one of those grinders and shelves of different beans, I'm going to buy what smells the best and grind it for what type of machine? If I find the taste to match that smell, I'll trow out the Kerig and find the coffeemaker that doesn't screw it up. Starbucks is a total turnoff.Smells like burnt rubber or something. A coffee grinder of my own and the proper beans is the answer. Why can't I ever think of it when shopping?
down home 06/02/21 08:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: loss of spouse

We both are still here but at our age very conscious of life and its course. In years past we have encountered widowed Men, mostly still RVing on their own and in their nineties. I am sorry for your loss. I hope you keep the alarm set early and fill each day with things you want to do and bee happy.
down home 05/31/21 12:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: A Cat Screamed

Listened to recording of Bobcat last evening. The scream we heard was not that so... I'll have to keep an eye out
down home 05/30/21 09:34am Around the Campfire
A Cat Screamed

It has been a long time since I have heard a Cougar scream, and almost in my lap, on two different occasions. It has been as long since I heard a Bobcat scream and can't really remember what it sounds like. We have at least one resident Bobcat and maybe a family of them. One of them killed nine of the kids show chickens. Daughter took in a family of cats someone dropped off Dad and two kittens have Bobtail s but are not large. About 15 minutes ago a Cat screamed,not a house cat. My wife Daughter and I all jumped! The cats were huddled around the rear porch/deck steps. I told her not to put food for them, again, there. The scream sounded like a Cougar in full throat but not as loud as the ones from years ago. It could have taken over the Coyote den up the hill. The Coyotes have vamoosed. I hope it was Bobcat come for some easy food but I can't be sure. I don't remember what a Bobcat's scream is like. fit s a cougar appearing back after 20 years since last one. I'll have to do something about it. Does anyone remember if a Bobcat scream sounds like a Cougar just not as loud?
down home 05/27/21 09:42pm Around the Campfire
Rhematoid Arthritis and KneeTransplant

2015 It was found I had proteins associated with RA in my blood but no one not one Doctor at VA informed me of this.I found out at ER visit a few days ago. Last year in Flagstaff the technician showed me the bone scan and the black dots n in the marrow of the lower leg bone that are RA. This year sent outside for another not as sophisticated bone scan,in Tn the tech showed me the areas that are arthritis but...The Doctor said everything was fine. Wanted $572.00 for a test he said VA wouldn't cover for alergic reaction to knee replacement metals Asked to see an Arthritis Doctor but no. So I'm going to outside Arthritis Doctor and have this addressed. 2014 the Doctor at a Sports medicine clinic, that everyone recommended replaced the knee and refused to address the pain and stiffness after the surgery. If you are going to have a joint replacement ask questions.It is very apparent the metals in the replacement caused the Rhumatic arthritis in my lower leg. RA is an autoimmune disease and I don't know if anything can be done about it now.
down home 05/23/21 08:28am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
Coffee Survey

Since wife has started the Kureg thing coffee is inconsistent from one cut to another and in general it is bad as if powdered. Still have a coffee pot. Which brand do you prefer? how do you brew it? Maybe enough like one brand enough I can start from there. I mean if most people prefer one brand there has t be a reason.
down home 05/17/21 01:10pm Around the Campfire
RE: Electricty and RFI ib body

She went to a Doctor today, scheduled to see neurologist in 3 months. Son I Law said it is body's hysterical reaction to dying ear nerves, I think I have that right.
down home 05/14/21 07:20pm Around the Campfire
Electricty and RFI ib body

I'm not educated n the subject..but SIL's Mother hears music most of the time. She has nerve damage in one ear and virtually no hearing there. The music she hears is real. There is a term for it but no cure. They are going to prescribe medication to help her sleep, to ignore it. I have heard of people with dental implants or tooth fillings hearing radio stations, and even others near that person hearing it from their mouth. The body's own electricity saliva and dissimilar metals? This is a new wrinkle though. She said she couldn't sleep at all the other night because of constant jazz music. I'm wondering if disconnecting the router to the TVs mist stop it. This is weird to say the least.
down home 05/14/21 08:59am Around the Campfire
RE: Cottonwood Trees and their Seeds

I would strongly suggest not parking under the cotton woods, unless you have a strong preference for them, such as the shade. The problems with the cotton are hard to deal with. They clog acs and fans and they get dam from de or rain the only way to deal with them is a lot of water under pressure. They seem to wrap around little edges. Some of my favorite productive trout streams are shaded by them. They get on the line in the current and near impossible to remove sometimes. Have to reel in with fingers on the line before they get to the guides or a real mess,wit a fish on the end of the line.
down home 05/08/21 04:54pm General RVing Issues
Wife like the dark

Every time I turn the lights on, wife turns them off. I usually use my laptop in the dining room. I leave some lights on in the den/living area. I can see to navigate my way though the house to the bedroom that way. She turns them off. You lose your keys, turn the lights off you will bump into the, I've bumped into the soffas every chair and table and the tv and fire place in the dark of the moon and dark of the house. She says leaving the lights on waste money:...but it is cheaper than visit to the ER. And the twenty of LED light fixtures don't add up 100 watts I bet. So I have when she starts this,I follow her around after a couple of minutes and turn on every light in the main areas of downstairs. She doesn't say a more than dozen or so words and just turn them off. I'm going to buy head lamps! I have some old miner helmet lights if I can find carbide but I'm not chewing Red Man and spitting in the little can before screwing the light on. still don't know why they did that. maybe if I cut the lights off in the bathroom while she showers, to save money sh might get the idea.
down home 05/03/21 07:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: Inconsiderate People

Probably everyone on the forums have run into their own versions fo the campers from hell next door.Some municipal and county parks in Michigan per example. Rarely in the parks we stay have encountered such. Biggest complaint would be smoke from green wood getting into the coach, when Folks stayed up around the campfire most of the night past curfew. Most have curfews of 10 or 11. Party Hardioers on holiday and other weekends really crowd the parks in the most popular areas. Good Park Management won't put up with such sheninigans. Good RVers won't come back if they have to put up with it and...parks that only or mostly fill with Hard Partiers, on weekends and holidays etc don't make as much money ..plus they have to clean up after them.We've driven through a few of those parks an went back to the office and got our money back. Kids and adults on high powered ATVs and UTVs and, Golf Carts, mostly stirring up dirt and running through sites like it was a racetrack. the nights that followed were hell, from reports of others. And if the Camp Host can't or won't stop them then them the Sheriff, I'm sure gets lots of calls.
down home 05/03/21 01:29am Around the Campfire
RE: Bear Spray

I cannot suggest a brand..nor even their use.A week ago or so another report of someone outdoors, a Hunter, I think, used his bear spry, the trigger or switch was pulled and residue on his clothing indicated some blew back on him. He was killed by a Grizzly. it is chic or in fashion to reject firearms by some and we won't get into that. I will not go into the woods, knowing their are cougars, and bears,.. and coyotes and wolves and in some areas elk, moose, and deer in rutting season or with young at their side except for deer, without a firearm! Sound logic and reasoning dictates this. Pepper spray does not work even when the bear etc gets sprayed in the always. Success in survival is everything. There is no do over!
down home 04/29/21 03:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Turbo goes out at 37,000 miles

Won't pretend to know what killed your turbo: defective part, sand from engine casting coming loose bad oil flow, overheating? Overheating is common as another poster said shutting off,without letting the turbo cool a bit. California and some other places won't let you idle more than five minutes, which is perhaps enough if you slow down into truck stop ro wherever. They demand and some say you don't need to let it idle but I doubt they have any experience with one. Our Cat manual explicitly suggested or said to let the engine idle for about 5 minutes I think. We recently sold it so I don't have the manual to quote from. I always thought turbos could use an extra oil cooler on the pressure line. Ours was 16 years old when we sold it,still dong fine.They make better than OEM turbos but they cost more.
down home 04/28/21 06:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Unrecognized photo

The photo didn't matter. It was just another joke about Keith Richards, who is still performing recently had anther baby. The ti type of Great Grand father is dated on the back in smeared ink or something 1857 I think. Mom;s ancestor showed up in Franklin County tn pre 1800, his Grand dad and declared he was half Cherokee, to save his hide, from the Cherokees. Moravian Missionary christened him Chikamaka, mentioned in the Tn Bureau of Indian Affairs around 1800 and in 1813. Chikamaka is proper spelling and they were around before the Cherokee. "Crazy Men of the Mountains." An Uncle said he or soem of our Ancestors were "Bridge Builders from Mexico." And...I have found nothing on that.
down home 04/27/21 08:08am Around the Campfire
Unrecognized photo

I was looking though one of the books Grand Ma left me. The photo a tin type said on the back Wm Taylor --- and someone I couldn't read at Cherokee camp at Cowan 18 something. I couldn't make him out rel well so I got a magnifying glass. Keith Richards? Didn't look a day over 75.
down home 04/25/21 09:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: More Reasons to Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup

I'm brittle diabetic and High Fruitcose Corn Syrup is like poison to me.I think it is more than it being fruitcose as honey doesn't do the same things to me. I try to avoid High Fruitcose every time I am aware of it but it is in everything from breads, to hotdogs, to many hamburgers from fast food. One Drive In apparently washes their lettuce and tomatoes and pickles in the stuff plus it is in their meat and bun. I've been buying drinks in bottles that say pure cane sugar for folks in our group but they still have cut cabonization so much they are like syrup. but very seldom touch consume sugar knowingly..but it seems my bod reacts to diet drinks adversely too. They now use a different term in most instances "Natural Sugar" I think it is. Drinking lots of water, now and very seldom a diet drink even..but I crave them The high fruitcose corn syrup hits my bloodstream real quick and makes my feet and legs burn and it takes a lot of insulin and long time to get it back down. with the new contant meters with the sending unit in/on the skin I've got my A1Cdwon to 6.3 and one month 6.0. Don't think I allowed to mention brand. but that sugar may require me to monitor all day and inject more small does or large of insulin to get by glucose levels near normal. It is as if acid is in the stuff!
down home 04/23/21 10:54pm Around the Campfire
Riddle Me This

Who the Heck ws the first person to look inside an oyster shell and think "Huum..that big piece of snot looks delcious?"
down home 04/23/21 08:18pm Around the Campfire
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