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RE: Main Heat Pump buuumr on heat

Doesn't do it on cool.
down home 10/12/19 10:11am Tech Issues
Main Heat Pump buuumr on heat

Our main or primary heat pump, started a noise like buuuum on heat the other night and still does it until the compressor cuts out. How bad is it and can I fix it?
down home 10/11/19 11:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Boycott “No Campfires”

A campground we have frequented for decades, we love a fire out front of the coach near the lake, in the cool of the evening and night. The Loons hollering early,Squirrels running around. Trouble is I can't take much of a good thing, Build the fire out large oak and hickory and I might make it two hours but probably not once the fire is crackling, stars sparkllng overhead and my eyes refuse to stay open. If I can find one again a hammock with a rain cover or whatever overhead and a couple of warm blankets, and I'll sleep by the fire. If I was younger might do it on the ground again.
down home 10/11/19 08:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Places To dine

We ate at the airport today. Quiet only four other customers. I had the fish sandwich fora change.Sandwiches were it. The Breakfast was better but it was 2:00. Food, unremarkable but good setting and good service. We had to go to VA ER in Prescott and didn't get a chance to look around.It is about 100 miles from here. They get more rain. Lots of greenery and some small lakes and nicer more upscale area. We ill go to the Hot Rod Cafe in a day or two. the Lodge in the state park maybe later and check out the BBQ.
down home 10/11/19 06:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Deceptive traffic citations

Grand Pa told me about when Tn instituted speed limits, in 1955. Up til then it was reasonable and safe or some such, outside of town limits. They theory was adopted to set speed limits at 85% of what the average speed was in an area. Porch Sitters didn't like cars whizzing by at 40 or 55 or 65. They relished the days not long before when cars usually drove 15 mph to 30 moh because roads were not that good and cars not that powerful The reason he said was the small town and other Law saw a way to make some money to pay for police and fire. the 85%rule is ridiculous. Reason says you set the speed limit at what the average speed is plus a bit more, unless you are a control freak and also want to use human nature and want to make money writing tickets. Case in point of the ridiculous logic used is when they inflicted the national 55mh speed limit. It had been 75 in Tn on Interstates and 65 on State Roads. If you drove 90, or 15 over the 75 mph limit it was considered reckless driving. When it was 55 if you drove 15mph over the 55 limit or 70 mph it was labeled reckless driving. That defies logic and reason. Reasonable and prudent should be the rule,and ticket issued to persons driving 10 mph under in the left lane and other regulations to harmonize traffic flow.
down home 10/11/19 06:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to eat a onion ring

Went to the airport Inn, not the name whle out here RVing in the desert. Wife got onion rings, I got fries. I ate one of her onion rings and encountered the ubiquitous problem. Take a bit and the onioot as the glaxzesn ring nside the breading comes loose at one ed in your teeth the other end flops down over your lip and chin and o course hot as the blazes. So I know my teeth are in the correct palce, due to an overhaul several years ago. So how do you eat them? A pair of scissors without the point ends so you won't cut your nose or trim nose hairs, Or do you use your pocket knife, or face down suck it n like a noodle. And what do you do with the empty fried shell? Or...has anyone got a receipt they share with the world wher the breadign and onion will stay together????? I've has a similar problem. I try to slice them in pieces with a knife. It sometimes works, sometimes not. No offense, but, your post is a little had to understand. Where you drunk when you wrote it ???? I have nerve damage to some fingers and especially the left hand and sometimes keys hit one finger or the other hand hit before the other even when struck in the proper sequence, plus the print is hard to see. So sometimes don't cath it and correct it. Thank you
down home 10/11/19 06:19pm Around the Campfire
How to eat a onion ring

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 29982743
down home 10/11/19 05:09pm General RVing Issues
How to eat a onion ring

Went to the airport Inn, not the name whle out here RVing in the desert. Wife got onion rings, I got fries. I ate one of her onion rings and encountered the ubiquitous problem. Take a bit and the onioot as the glaxzesn ring nside the breading comes loose at one ed in your teeth the other end flops down over your lip and chin and o course hot as the blazes. So I know my teeth are in the correct palce, due to an overhaul several years ago. So how do you eat them? A pair of scissors without the point ends so you won't cut your nose or trim nose hairs, Or do you use your pocket knife, or face down suck it n like a noodle. And what do you do with the empty fried shell? Or...has anyone got a receipt they share with the world wher the breadign and onion will stay together?????
down home 10/11/19 05:09pm Around the Campfire
RE: Blizzard hits plains states and PNW

Might help if you read the article and not just post. Spokane WA got 3.3" with a full blow blizzard predicted date Oct 9 2019. You read?
down home 10/10/19 11:06pm General RVing Issues
Places To dine

We are near Kingman,Az or a bit. We have looked around but not found what we want but did find California pricing on everything. Did the Cracker Barrel( no frosted mugs for root beer anymore and higher prices). Did the Golden Coral, lots of Chicken and chicken and chicken and mashed and fried potatoes and such. Most of the usual fast food places. I swear if I ever take another bit of a McDonals burger, I will croak. Found one little restaurant near a days inn California pricing small fare. A steak house now,no guns allowed, 24.00 for small cheap tough steak. But no Mom and Pops. Went to Bullhead City and Laughlin Nv. Not going to the casinos. Just the same typical chain out of the freezer into the fryer stuff. Same in Havasu City Surely there are some good places in Western Az to eat. Where and who are they?
down home 10/10/19 08:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: No Restrictions Florida Keys

Naval Base!
down home 10/10/19 08:33pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Hope all you Snowbirds got out ahead of the blizzards!

28 tonight in Prescott and here. No clouds but any water will freeze however. 50 this am and 60-63 the high today. High winds for the next several days. Wind is quartering out of the northeast and from her that is the alley that bad weather comes from up noth.
down home 10/10/19 08:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why did the motorists cross the road?

S&H Green Stamps, ad there was another one or two and glasses at service stations. At Olin we gave S&H Green Stamps for safety records and other things, Lots of them. In the fifties and sixties Mama bought lots of things with books of S&H Green Stamps. And...we would cross the street to a station that gave S&H Green Stamps. My sisters have some glasses that Mom got from a Texaco way back when.
down home 10/10/19 08:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: Boycott “No Campfires”

How dare the owner of a private campground put a rule in place that didn't make everyone happy....After all, it is their place, and their rules to be made. What is this world coming to? You don't get it your way so you go for a ban, or boycott? Here is a novel idea, JUST DO NOT GO.... :S That's not the idea. The idea is he is disappointed by it, and encourages others besides himself to boycott such RV parks and campgrounds that excluded that part of the RVing/Camping experience. I did not read of it being stopped because of red flag fire warnings or local ordinances. In California, I read sometime ago somewhere of efforts and laws to outlaw outdoor campfires and even BBQ grills, older less efficient wood stove s and fireplaces and even the new high efficency, expensive wood or other stoves like corn or pellet fed. But that was not brought up by the OP but by others who read that into it or interpreted it that way.
down home 10/10/19 03:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Blizzard hits plains states and PNW

They should have kept track of how much firewood the Indians were cutting reports! :) Even in the early and mid part of the last century the Farmer's Almanac was the most reliable weather forecaster. Grand Ma read the signs of the animal movements and birds and caterpillars and such and of course the clouds other natural signs. Dad was born a Sharecropper. He related the weather discussions and the signs, at the little store that no longer stands. In the seventies during deer season I went hunting in the mountains. All the deer were moving east and down the mountains into the cedar thickets and hollows where the springs flowed. The birds were all flying outhwest It was in the fifties. The next morning work up to huge snow storm and for a period of near two months the river and lakes froze over. Animals feel see and know the signs same as we can smell rain coming. Dad's Brothers moved to Indiana. One operated a peach and apple orchards miles from the nearest paved road. he kept track of the signs and knew hard weather was coming but didn't know it was going to be that hard, in the seventies. The well froze down over 50 ft. The electricity went out and it was below zero for a couple of months. he had to cut orchard trees to feed the fireplaces in the big old fireplace and to cook. The seasonally stocked freezers weren't enough and they ate a lot of venison.Other Uncle made sure my cousins as did the one that operated the orchards, they knew how to identify the clouds, and signs and kept a daily log of the weather. There is a reason GGrand Pa's cabin has a steep pitched roof, in Tn.Weather runs in cycles that exceed years, and decades. We will see more intense cold and snow even in the deep south. We will see more dry and hot and on natures schedule, not ours, caused by smoke from the BBQ grill. I've seen snow on Easter at Grand Ma;s in the Cumberlands.She said it was going to snow but it was near 70, then in the evening the rain set in and it turned brutal cold and started to freeze then heavy wet snow followed by lihgt tiny flakes. Snow was on the ground for two weeks or so. Hawood's Civil and Political History of Tn tells of a yea when there was frost every month, and ice fog and intense cold in April and heavy snows all winter. And he relates the same occilations or changes of weather in Tn we see today,of warm periods, followed by rain and then cold and repeat. Here near Kingman,Az woke up to 50 degrees and now at almost 3:00 it is60 degrees with high winds for a week and a visible dust storm visible just miles to the east and wind quartering from northeast. We may/might/will get covered in dirt. Haywood relates a native American returning from the west visit in his who counted his years as over 90 snows I don't remember specific number. This in Tn. With the satellites they have now weather prediction is really accurate but I bet Grand Ma would predict the times right that they miss.
down home 10/10/19 03:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mystery

Something tells me that when you last looked at the mileage you were wrong on the number you remembered. If he's getting better then 30 MPG with a a class I want what he is smoking LOL It's ultra low sulfur diesel! Ony smokes when you hit the throttle though. I don't, I imagine it is just turrible.
down home 10/09/19 04:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do Flea Collars Really Repel Pests?

no cat. looking for point of entry, too. two different issues, though. the mice and whether a flea collar can really repel other pests as the tip stated. apologies for my poorly worded post. i doubt the mice found their way in via the water heater...evidence was in a closet drawer and under kitchen sink...mostly in the closet drawer. I didn't address that my error. I've heard about the flea collar too. Works on bugs, rodents?
down home 10/08/19 08:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mystery

Well I'm going to add up the receipts for fuel for the last two years. Right now it appears we have been getting about 32mpg. Hot dang. I hadn't been getting much sleep and at one place in eastern Az, the pump was so slow I went back in the coach and got a stool and sat there nearly dozing waiting for it to fill, maybe I filled the coach behind me as so far on this trip 284 gallons off diesel but at 32 mpg I should have only used half a tank or so getting here. Now all you Drivers who been getting 8 to 10 mpg eat your hearts out...and quit pulling up behind me to fill your tank when I'm asleep.
down home 10/08/19 07:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Deceptive traffic citations

I'm not going to quote the long post by fellow Rver from PA...but... no speedometer ss accurate to one mph except at one point in the wear of the tires perhaps. There is no Judge unless he is running a ticket factory going to fne your for one mph over. He does appeal, though costly will get it thrown out and maybe that judge counciled. here in Tn and in parts of Pa I have been in a car on cruise and especially a Mh, or your foot on throttle and brake cannot keep speed on the mark! Our little AMG with tremendous torque engine braking might in fifth gear but not 6th or 7th but I doubt it becau of the hills and even minor rises and dips.. They tried that trick on downgrade of Interstate 81 I think, north of Knoxville years ago, and in many places around the Country until the State got involved.And in VA years ago using it as excuse for drug checks or something and the money. State put an end to that too. Around here 10% or 10 mph on the interstates or more. Keeping with the flos of the traffic as is the wise logical and safe thing to do.
down home 10/08/19 06:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do Flea Collars Really Repel Pests?

D Con will draw them as it is food to them. It will kill them seeking water or drinking it.If there is water nearby that may be where you find them dead. Looking at your coach in your profile, I can't tell but your water heater is up on the side of the coach, isn't it. If they are getting to it there you have a hole on the bottom somewhere Really strong lights in the closet and elsewhere with you on the other side may help you find that hole and others. The expanding foam, in there flavors, large expansion small expansion etc squired into that or those holes and they won't come back in that way. They'll chew new ones if they can. Copper Sulfate, if you can find it will stop rot, bugs and just about anything else. it smells like army tents or supply rooms used to. It is green an can be painted on. Maybe it can be sprayed on too. Might take some effort to get it everywhere. Maybe start feeding your cat a bit less and under the MH if it is a mouser.
down home 10/08/19 06:39pm General RVing Issues
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