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RE: Camping on my lot against zoning law

We ran into the same situation in Coldwater Michigan, on Wife's deceased Father's property. neighbor across the street had the city send us a letter that we could not park our motorhome on it. Spent 10,00-.00 on preparing the lot, near the water.On top of that she had been going into the old house and leaving food for feral cats, then complaining to the city about the cats. We would only be there maybe a week or two with full hookups in the summer. We ended up selling it. She cost us over 50,000.00. The people we sold it too put a real big modular home on it. I bet that frosted her cake. She and neighbors wanted it for their parking lot for friends and family It was about an acre in size. Space is your friend: buy a nice piece of property in a county with fire service to save ins money. And build whatever suits your fancy for home and RV. We have a small ten acre lot, but no preparations to park the mh. Too many springs. We keep in storage formerly with full service, inside, we will do that soon as another facility opens...but no zoning ordinances, and neighbors too far away to care and RVers themselves...They and I would not put up with something that would reduce our appreciation or our property and surrounding areas of course.
down home 08/19/19 08:54pm General RVing Issues

down home 08/19/19 08:41pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Lubricating manual tongue jack - it binds

At a Gun shop buy CLP. It penetrates cleans and lubes, and protects from rust. About 10.00 for large spray can. Spray it in or on, let set for a few minutes and spray with more. after a good while wipe off excess that there might be. We use it on firearm all the time and used it on our garage doors a month ago when freeing it up. On our fifth wheel it wasn't the landing gear that gave us problems as it was inside the Fifth Wheel but the rear jacks. Road spray and the more dirt the worse. Every time I set up, just about I had to use water under pressure to clean it off then sprayed them with silicone. Silicoen might be the better option you jack after it is cleaned up or out. Something dry won't hold as much dirt.
down home 08/16/19 07:16pm Tech Issues
RE: cat toys

Didn't let them out for two weeks. They would come to us. We left them out for a bit andthey came in.
down home 08/16/19 10:04am Around the Campfire
RE: A tire blowout with a twist....

Along time ago bias ply tires were all there were. I waswithmy Uncl on the road in Indiana. He heard tire thump. Got out and changed the left rear. We wtcched as the knot on the tir got bigger and about the time he was going to lift it into the trunk its very large swelling and it went bang.
down home 08/16/19 10:02am Around the Campfire
RE: cat toys

Kids were moving from Ga, to Az to his new position. So we took their cats home with us for the time being. Dakota when we pulled into the driveway with them and let them out for a bit went and found hos ball and brought it dropped it in front of the cats, and did everything he could come up with to try to get them to play. All the cats the first few days got out and ere run over and owls got one. Only Garfield was left and he and Dakota were pal, until he decided to go Tom catting in neighbors barn with his cats. One evening he didn't come back. Dakota was sad sitting at the door, or on the porch and barking for him. Garfield tried his best to "talk" to us.. Dakota had to be put down two years ago. Miss them both. That;s the thing about dogs and cats even inside all the time they don't live but long enough but to leave hole in our hearts.
down home 08/15/19 06:38pm Around the Campfire
RE: Mat rant

I will have to take measurements, soil samples format contamination make up brand and price and get back to you sometime a long long time from now.
down home 08/15/19 06:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mat rant

Grass was dead and gone on that site right at where everyone's awning is door to the coach or other RV and in an almost uniform pattern as if everyone used the same size mat...Grass has been gone in a rather uniform patch there too for some time.Or maybe the grass is dead in a uniform pattern/patch since that's where everyone walks, cooks, gathers, sits, etc., and has nothing to do with the use of a mat or not.:h Not unless they wear square shoes and walk in square patterns. Usually they put their grills out in the grass, as I observed. A couple of chairs or maybe four, if company, under the awning. usually they are gone as we are, fishing, antiquing, visiting her relative, at that one campground. We sit out in the grass watching the ducks and fishermen or around a campfire, in a ring. Have no desire to sit on the dirt or in the mud that is under the awning area. If we make friends and they come over usually it is toward dark and we eat inside and play cards or talk,because of the mud and the dirt and skeeters, even though there is an outside TV.
down home 08/15/19 02:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: cat toys

Ping pong balls on a hardwood floor. We have a long hallway. Close all the doors and lob a ball down the hallway. Total action for about five minutes. Is it a Manx? We had one a delightful cat. I would lay on the floor watching TV and he would lick my ears almost raw. We had those urethane little balls.It was amazing to watch him bat that ball between his fore paws around the floor like a basketball player with both hands, dribbling the ball. A neighbor poisoned him. I'm not going to buy a cat but if a Manx wonder here looking for a home or someone has a kitten I will take it in. he would play with just about anything in reach. unrolling the toilet paper was a favorite. He learned it from our pet raccoon, I think.
down home 08/14/19 11:15am Around the Campfire
RE: Sam's Duracell 6v Battery Dimensions

It's a stupid battery, not a pipe fitting or pair of eyeglasses. Your "differences" amount to tenths of thousands of inches. No one cuts mounting clearances with even close to that degree of resolution. Our coach has four Trojan T105s measuring for then available maintenance free lifeline batteries they were a bit too tall and maybe other dimensions were too big. It's been a while. huge chassis batteries on swing out on top limit the room. Sometimes available space is limited by an inch or so.
down home 08/14/19 11:06am Tech Issues
RE: Mat rant

Where we have frequently stayed in Michigan, is where I have seen the most damage. Sites on the lake People come further and stay longer, or not. Watched an RVer roll out his mat for only the weekend. Grass was dead and gone on that site right at where everyone's awning is door to the coach or other RV and in an almost uniform pattern as if everyone used the same size mat. Our site we have used it before. I even got permission to water the site, when it was real dry a few year ago. Considered getting some grass seed and straw. If e had been there for a month more I would have. Sure the straw is not ideal but grass comes up quick on that soil and in two weeks we would have had a lot of green. Of course the next RVer might put down a mat and kill the grass. Grass has been gone in a rather uniform patch there too for some time. I know when the original Owner was alive, I believe they sowed grass in the fall. They close down except for permanent stays in October I think. I keep hoping they will put in concrete pads/patios. There was some conversation they ere considering it. Best of all worlds is up near Travers City and nice pads/patios, lots of grass and flowers ponds and ducks. Cost quite a bit and perhaps all the sites have sold by now. You gotta pay for what you want.
down home 08/14/19 02:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Major Road Closure in Indianapolis

I got sidetracked. Usually going north we use I65 anyway. At the Elizabethtown, exit to new I69 alignment to 75 still puts us below Cincinnati? I71 to I75 how is that road? And where does it intersect I75? Now if we could miss Louie-ville, where that I69 section is now much better. So at Elizabethtown is it possible to go east a good route and miss Cincinnati?
down home 08/12/19 07:53pm Roads and Routes
RE: Car and Driver octane test

Torque is more immediate and performance better across the band with higher octane fuels,dependent on turbo design and its lag. (3 octane is not for top end wot performance but allows increased timing advance and torque from bottom to top of the throttle. Only problem is the cost of 93 octane or 87 octane and octane booster. There is no gain in power without increase fuel. Unless we get into Adiabatic engines with or without turbos and much higher temps and effeciency, at greatly increased cost, of course.Burnign lots fo lower octane fuel leads to detonation. The engine software ******* the timing and opens the bypass valve sooner,so it doesn't detonate but operates at less power. If you have enough power to get you up the hill fine, but it will use more fuel than higher octane and may still overheat. Heavy enough and it will still detonate.Savings using 87 octane over 93 octane current prices, I have no idea. I'm sure the mfg has tables but perhaps not published.
down home 08/11/19 10:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Jay Leno predicts demise of vehicles running on gas.

I saw an article and a photo of a diesel generator with a charge point for a vehicle. There is no magic decrease in energy consumption when converting from one for to another. Exactly the opposite is true! And the losses in efficiency cause the cost of net energy delivery to be a lot lot more.Lots of losses in producing electricity and changing it and then transmitting it on those high tension 80kv and higher lines. Those things get very hot, as in consuming energy and all along the way. Going on a long trip, take a sleeping bag and a portable generator with fuel in the trunk. Maybe an extra ten thousand invested in a roof that is a solar system? Work somewhat well in the Southwest maybe, if you don't drive at night. The first part of this year and last part of last year was mostly cloudy, damp and cold, so you don't and won't see many solar installations here. There use to be more but they are now defunct not enough sunshine. Can you imagine one of the thousand room motels in Vegas with cars all plugged in over night to charge or during the day? They will have to greatly expand the coal fired generator in Az and burn lots and lots more coal. Of course California will have clean air courtesy of Az and the rest of the Country choking on coal soot. And the electrical bills, a lot lot more than what the gas and diesel was
down home 08/11/19 10:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Major Road Closure in Indianapolis

The new I69 routing Interstate type roads not complete yet, from I24 east will that take you above Cincinnati before intersecting I75, and if it won't where does the new I69 routing take you; above Indy Perhaps? I have n idea as to mileage either. AT Cincinnati I75 was completely torn up for miles this June. Took over an hour to get clear of the mess. So I'm thinking of I24 north intersect the Pennyrile Parkway, at the Ft Campbell exit, the new I69 routing, and east to I75 if we can miss Cincinnati. Once clear of that mess.
down home 08/11/19 10:23pm Roads and Routes
RE: I-40 West of Memphis

Traffic on I40 is bad with semis running the left lane and blocking up the whole state it seems.Once west of Ft Smith it opens up a lot. Oklahoma laws on left lane use really work....for the most part.
down home 08/11/19 10:13pm Roads and Routes
RE: Chicago

I believe I would go up the thumb, then west! Kinda joking then maybe not. Chicago is a whole lot of crazy.Peak times all roads lead to nowhere. People run the left lane until their exit then block up traffic crossing to the exit, cutting off everyone. Most have pretty fast cars apparently as those that the induce with road rage in can't catch them.
down home 08/11/19 10:09pm Roads and Routes
RE: Southern destination w kids week of New years? Where to go?

You may have to go to the Keys for warm weather! Last trip down in January have been a few years but at Disney World it was down in the thirties and in the twenties when we left, during the day. Stayed at Kings Bay one year while looking for rental for kids right at Christmas and it was cold. Long range forecast? I would look at that and the almanac. Texas Coast, is a **** shoot too. You get to Needles California might be safe. Kingman,Az had big snows that stayed long and in 2012 we re camped at an RV Ranch just west and rain storm, dirt storm and snow storm and cold the whole period. We were there for Niece's funeral. Red Rock state park are campground in January. right before that we had to run the furnaces.
down home 08/11/19 10:03pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mat rant

We had a mat, a big and very heavy mat. Wife gave it away at RV rally, and didn't tell me. We used it once or twice a bear at our age to handle and store. But we did not put it don on grass, anymore than we would throw cigarette butts and trash in the fire ring, but we don't smoke. We used it on pavement and on a mud hole. Twice I think might have been all. Might have used it on the dirt/sand in AZ.
down home 08/11/19 08:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Mat rant

They don't care they are there for a week or two and kill the grass with their mat. next year they may come back and put their mat back down as usual, killing any grass that has come up. Everyone else gets to experience the mud hole and the mud splashed on tires and wheels and wading it into the coach and back out to the car and muddy shoes they must clean and steps an sometimes into the coach. A good grassy site stops all that but these city people want a living room outdoors and probably never experienced thick lush grass between their toes, or clean wheels and tires, I get older cleaning those things is a chore. Last trip I put lengths of plastic carpet runner next to tires and stopped the splash butt could not enjoy outside under the awning or get to a grassy area because of the mud!
down home 08/10/19 03:12pm General RVing Issues
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