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RE: Mens' belts left or right

I have always started it left but my belly and butt always distort the shape of even my most expensive belts, so I switched directions and never realized how hard it was to change. Just like when I had shoulder surgery. Never dreamed how difficult it was to preform some tasks with the left hand. I wear a 2 1/4" gun belt . It has a stiffener sewed between the two pieces of leather. it still sags from my gut. Paid over 100.00 for it. They make one that has a stainless steel trip sandwiched between the two pieces of leather. Guaranteed not to sag.I think I will order one but would like to see it before ordering.
down home 12/03/19 09:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Why cats don't like the desert

the ravens will get them.
down home 11/30/19 04:15am Around the Campfire
RE: Have no electrical power and no propane on one side of coach

tw days ago i tried to use a small heater t save propane, lost aal ac except heat pumps and house batteries would only charge with engine alternator.checked the breakers for microwave and plugs all was good. someone had glued the panel down over the large panel of breakers behind the charger converter. ^&%*&%*&. On top of the converter charger was three little buttons one was extended. pushed it and heard fan on converter charger come on and unit singing. all the circuits came to life and unit quieted down. The prayer was probably the trick. Mobile tech was on his way after a cold day Thanksgiving. Saved a bunch of money.
down home 11/30/19 04:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: jack pads

The 2x12s will break on this soil. Work fine on hard surface though. The plastic orange ones will simply bend and sink,which won't help any. Found some made by dica. 18 inch 11/2 inch thick unbreakable, 70.00 each anywhere so far on the internet. Really don't want to spend that much but.... AND no this is not a commercial for them. No experience with them.
down home 11/29/19 07:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: jack pads

The 2x12s will break on this soil. Work fine on hard surface though. The plastic orange ones will simply bend and sink,which won't help any. Found some made by dica. 18 inch 11/2 inch thick unbreakable, 70.00 each anywhere so far on the internet.
down home 11/29/19 07:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anybody else have trouble packing for camping

I believe it would be easier to just hitch the house to the Rv!! We can't get our RV up our logn drive and turn it around so we will be pakign at a facility several miles away. Loading it was an ordeal and we still forgot the kitchen sink.
down home 11/29/19 06:02pm General RVing Issues
jack pads

We are here in the Mohave. It almost sees the sand is quick sand. I have some large sections of 2"x12" for jacl pads but haven't put them under the jacks. Figured the sand etc was good enough. We hada lot of rain last night and the jacks sunk more than usual. Several RV Dealers around but all they have are those orange waffle like pads with solid on one side. Totally inadequate and have destroyed a couple sets of them over the years. Still have four in the compartment, for some reason. I don't feel like driving hundreds of miles knowing I'm not going to find any better. Cutting boards seems reasonable idea if I can find some thick enough. 38,000 lbs. Anyone found some really substantial tough not brittle plastic cutting boars at a Dollar store, Wal Mart or some place like that or any optionsat home Depot etc???
down home 11/29/19 12:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Howling wind

West of Fort Worth on thee Interstate is a long curve in a stretch that must get a lot of high winds. On two different trip we saw a semi or semis blown over on their sides. We have not spent much time in the Mohave Desert, but this trip, with wife's little sister terminally ill, we have been here three long long months. The wind has been hard many if not most days. Does little good to wash your car. The coach rocks many many nights.
down home 11/29/19 03:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Howling wind

Some of you may have been at the hastings Kansas FMCA or ACA Coach rally a few years ago, I don't remember which it was. We came from Arizona through Texas, to Oklahoma then Kansas. In Texas lots of wind from the west and the road was almost straight north and south. They drive on thee broad shoulders there in Texas and for good reason. about 30mph maybe was all we could do as it continually tried to push us off the road. Radio said something of 70-75 mph winds. We met semis who went to the shoulder as we did. If we had stayed n the road being so close e could have been frced into each other. In Oklahoma on the now Interstate turned east est. With those strong constant winds at our back, we averaged somewhere in the high 20mph range the most of the way to Hastings.. Hastings is where there are or were prarie dog towns in the medians and on the shoulders. One Intersection sticks out most, that was close to Big Box Stores.
down home 11/28/19 07:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Howling wind

Toppers are flapping. A tree to our rear has some big limbs broken off, but may have been done some time ago. Wind is slowing a bit, I think and is fr the northeast.
down home 11/25/19 01:46pm General RVing Issues
Howling wind

Near Kingman, Az the wind really is howling. I don't know how fast it is blowing but it one of the few times I've heard the wind actually howl. the awnings over the windows and door had t be brought in. Opening the door is a challenge. The coach is really rocking. I wouldn't want to be in a semi or rv, or car on I40 right now,
down home 11/25/19 01:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: The flat-Earth conspiracy is spreading around the globe

The earth is hollow :B You can ee where they hollowed the earth out on I93 to Vegas whole mountains of tailings. Recon how much further they will have to go to get to the other side if it's flat or if they will all fall into a great big empty?
down home 11/24/19 08:18pm Around the Campfire
RE: Large dog

Today in Vegas at Bass Pro there was group rasiing money for dog shelter or something. A large Golden Retriever with them walked ukp to me and nuzzled wanting his ears scratched. he wouldn't let anyone else near him other then the person he was with. I should have conversed about his availability.He would have been a great friend. Not sure how it would have worked out in our cramped coach, until we head for home though. I would drive the hundred mile back there tomorrow if they would still be there.
down home 11/24/19 08:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Holiday season begins

July 4 Christmas season started in cable. I wonder if Wal Mart has any Christmas Left Overs.As a kid an even as an Adult Day after Halloween was when we started looking forward to Christmas ,even the years there was none. As adults we were all married and Thanksgiving and Christmas we all, along with our kids spent all day each day, and twins the night or two before, til the we hours of day after Christmas. The tree, the decorations, the kids, the piles of gifts fro them and Mm and Dad and all the food and the card and board and video games until early hours of the morning. Dad in his recliner rocker taking it all in, a smile on his face, and little ones in his lap or bouncing on his foot. I looked forward to Grand Kids and the whole grand gathering, and singing carols. Now that Mom and Dad have gone on the family does nt get together like that. Oh Brothers and sisters and their families do.Keep the entire family at the Holiday Seasons Gatherings, whatever you have to do. Family is the only thing there is besides the central reason, Our Lord and Savior.
down home 11/23/19 08:56pm Around the Campfire
Mens' belts left or right

Ok. I have always, including in the army,I think, put my belt on, into the loops left side irst and and to the right side, with the end of the belt facing left. Someone told me I was putting it on backards. It is supposed to go on left side first and round to the front. he said. So that the belt end is facing right and overlaps in the same direction as pants and shirt. Which is it?
down home 11/22/19 01:40pm Around the Campfire
RE: $600K Of Marijuana Seized in MH Near Joliet, IL

down home 11/21/19 12:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: $600K Of Marijuana Seized in MH Near Joliet, IL

Eveery time I come across a pot head PTD kicks in. It i hardwired, from things suffered in Nam. It damages the brains of people, if they use it just a few times maybe once. ruined a CWO's life and nearly took it. Two of them high on Pot, did not install a locking ring on the driveshaft, to tail rotor properly. The ship crashed just after taking off. Another one sat stoned on bags on the position as rounds zinged right by him. They screamed at him and he laughed. Either a Russian 50 or rpg blew him to bits, I don't remember which. The stuff makes them think themselves superior and everyone else fools an so on. Oh and legalize drugs, that will stop drug abuse, that will stop arrests for illegal drug use. Yeah that's the ticket. Stay the h away from me while you are on it or ever used it. It criminalizes their minds. I don't care what thee Pot advocates/users and the tax many sa, Pot is a dangerous drug.
down home 11/20/19 06:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: The flat-Earth conspiracy is spreading around the globe

Go high enough and that will happen. Hmm, I just reread that post, and feel the need to point out that the earth rotates at about 1,000 mph at sea level at the equator. However it does travel 67,000 mph on its orbital path relative to the sun. Yeah about 1000mph. it just seems the days are getting shorter. A 1 hr day would be pretty hectic.
down home 11/20/19 10:06am Around the Campfire
RE: The flat-Earth conspiracy is spreading around the globe

But...if the earth is round,why can't I coast downhill on a bike? if the earth is round and rotating at 25,000 mph why doest it take so long to get anywhere? Jump up and about 100 miles shouldwhi by before you feet hit the grond again. :)
down home 11/19/19 03:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: convection oven not cooking

Ours is per neer 15 years old and perks right along. Says it is a GE profile.
down home 11/18/19 06:59pm Tech Issues
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