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RE: Pets are sensitive and caring

Dakota passed in 16 I think. On one occasion I looked up and h was coming from the rear doors, someone had come in, and headed for where his bed was. heart jumped. Not too many days ago SIL came n front door and right behind him Dakota headed for where his bed had been.In 72 years I have seen many things and keep most of them to myself. It's hard seeing him and missing him. Imagination when not thinking of him?
down home 04/19/21 03:38pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Pets are sensitive and caring

Great story! I've always believed that animals have more empathy than they've been given credit for. Recently a study determined that dogs can hold grudges. I told that to a friend and she said "well duh!". Years ago, she had barked back at my Bat-dog - Bat-dog held that grudge for years and it took Aunt C a lot of hard work to be forgiven. Which breed is he? My dad's akita woke my niece up when an outlet in her room started sparking during the night. I don't remember the breed.He has a double coat or fur. His tail is in loop over rear of his back. He's a bit fat but I would say normal weight is 40 lb. He has black and white on muzzle and ears and stockings. Body color is not tawny but a bit paler. Can't let him out without a leash as he will go hunting and it may be a long time before he comes back.
down home 04/19/21 03:31pm RV Pet Stop
Pets are sensitive and caring

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30230341
down home 04/18/21 08:49am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
Pets are sensitive and caring

Son In Law's brother brought their Mother to live with SIL and my Daughter, He has SIL's dog, a Japanese hunting dog, rare breed, now for his companion. He saved his life when he had a massive heart attack and kept going from his bedroom to their Mother's attempting to and finally getting the message through to her to call someone. I am chronically ill and the other day I was sitting on the couch watching TV and not really functional. Felt like death. Keyoto came to me squeezed up tight to one leg and laid his head on my lap and looked into my eyes. He didn't make a sound but was saying I care. His warmth made me tear a bit. I scratched his ears and talked to him and he never moved, until my wife came to check on me. I thought my Dakota was the only dog like that. Dogs are intelligent and they care for their people. I first saw the dog in 2012, as just a months old pup. he would grab my pants leg and shake it trying to pull me off my feet. He loved attention and has more energy the 10 people. He is now 9yearsold, in his prime and wise. Too bad dogs don't usually live more than 1 5years
down home 04/18/21 08:49am RV Pet Stop
RE: Obesity in America

Fast food garbage is the major contributor. Do you have any idea the fat content of what you are eating? Trim the hell out of steak and chops. Leave zero strips of white. If you nuke bacon for three minutes look how little is left. Didn't use to matter when we were active. Body needs it in proper portion or proportion. My Uncle probably consumed 10,000 calories a day and had not an ounce of fat on him. He literally ate a week's worth of groceries at supper! Our genes are not made for a sedentary life style! Dad and Brothers had no fat. They were raised as sharecroppers and in military. year before dad died he put out a garden with a shovel. Cancer got him though. Weighed probably 130 lbs. All of us with Naive American blood well a 6 ounce steak is like two lbs to others maybe.They fix my knee I'm out of here and fishing every day or something. Doesn't have to be hard work but activity where there isn't a dinner table.
down home 04/16/21 03:09pm Around the Campfire
RE: Obesity in America

I have been lobbying for more access to the outdoors here in the East for decades. people that live in cities are restricted in opportunities to get out and be active. The once a year or twice a year trip to the Smokies doesn't do squat for activity. I did fish about every weekend and during the week, living near the water but now everyone of the hugely increased population since the fifties means everyone else is there too. Clearwater Beach,Fla., you can no longer see the ocean except by making a jog behind condos and it is overcrowded. Don't know when it happened but I remember the houses or condos were all the other side of the road. I'm older than dirt though.The Cumberland Woodlands should have been another National Park. Wife goes to the store,..why...because it's the only thing to do to get out so she shops and spends.America no longer tills the fields or works in factories. They watch TV which is all that many can afford to do. RVers are fortunate but as in AZ everyone was inside watching the boob tube! It was too hot or it was too cold.Some drove 2,000 miles to sit inside their RV! Pu the plug cut the cable, buy a fishing rod and an old car and hunting rifle..and go to high school games they are cheap and fun. Maybe there are some of the leagues not affiliated with the majors some where too but not around here.
down home 04/16/21 01:25pm Around the Campfire
Traffic on I24 near I75 Blocked Friday night- Monday Am

Anyone planning on traveling east on I24 to I75 then on toward Florida, or traveling north On I75 and then west on I24 toward Nashville, At mile 183, on I24 in Chattanooga,Tn traffic will be completely stopped from 8:00PM Friday night the 16th until the following Monday at 8:00AM both east and west for construction.It is already the rule to encounter 5 to 15miel backups due to construction. I expect traffic going east on I24 to be backed up to at least mile marker 152 but most certainly mile marker exit 161. There are alternative routes into Chattanooga but once surface city streets an access roads adjacent to I24 will be back way up Going north on I75 traffic may be backed up to Dalton,Ga. Only real alternatives is I59, or I65 south to Birmingham I65 and east on I20 I think. They are paving I75 south at the moment south of Atlanta, and going south is down to one lane. The weekend, I don't know.
down home 04/15/21 07:19pm Roads and Routes
RE: Riddle Me This

Do they make decaffeinated coffee tables? Not sure they can make decaffeinated coffee into a coffee table table.
down home 04/13/21 05:45am Around the Campfire
Sgn in Motel

Sign in Motel: ELEVATOR ICE Huum! How far down do the elevators go!
down home 04/13/21 05:42am Around the Campfire
RE: Questions for Veterans

This issue has come up before and Ft Bragg incident i. s why A homeless person was living on base, and doing a good job for his Chain of Command. He bought uniforms etc at PX somehow even though he was receiving no pay. Now uniform clothing and other items are off limits to Civilians here in the east. I wear ad for along time fatigues when hunting and fishing. No insignia themed for the outdoors of course. Just durable clothing. When mowing I wear them of did. I haven't worn blue jeans in 50 years. I collect different unit hats. One unit was dissolved in 72. My daughter has one of my hats with the wings and I cannot find another. Ill have to find a base ball type, issue od green cover and have it sown on, somehow.Dad wore mu old cotton fatigues, no polyester around aircraft, until they rotted, while working in the yard and garden. Reminded him of his 10 years or so from 34 to 45 in the Army. Same fatigues. Brother, we were dirt poor, wore my Khakis to high school til they wore out. After WWII the country crafts men etc wore surplus Khakis a dress to town etc. Someone gave my uniforms etc to a Museum, but I don't know which one. Someone was my Uncle Career Marine retired in seventies and passed in o7. Served in Nam in Danang 3 tours III Corps, while I was in II Corps in the Army. I find any surplus cotton fatigues that will fit I'm buying them for fishing hunting etc. No ideas o passing myself off as troop on base. They changed uniforms recently I understand. Veterans wearing old or new pieces of Military clothing is as American as apple pie.
down home 04/08/21 04:17am Around the Campfire
Why Not a Happy Drunk

Carbonated beer is natural and very old. Time for something new. They tried Helium beer but well won't work. How about No2 or Nitrous Oxide Beer? hey use in the Dentist chair and in Race Cars to good effect.Just think It would make drunks happy and hilarious and make them pull off the road,and take a nap before they could finish a bottle. They would arrive home sober and well rested. And no accidents. Bars would have to put in couches and such with a cloud of nitrous oxide, making everyone very happy before drifting off to sleep. No fights and everyone happy and well rested. Wine drinkers wold be hilarious and the life of the party and would tell all and instead of getting wine drunk would as well, take a nap,and arrive back at the office well rested and bursting with energy. Would a lot more laughter rest and better attitudes on skid row Too.They would all get jobs. Has anyone pattened this idea already?
down home 04/01/21 09:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: Route around Atlanta

I-75. Thought about going on I65 to I10 and across to I75 and toward Tampa. It's been a while and last time, Tolls at up rolls of quarters and and bunch of dollar and five dollar bills in a car on Sunshine Parkway. I understand some don't even take money now they mail you a bill a big one without a transponder. I should have asked for advice on entire route to Tampa, from I75/I24 split.
down home 03/31/21 05:05pm Roads and Routes
RE: Stolen Catalytic Converter

Six or seven years ago we had to have the Cat replaced on the F150 5.4. Cost was about 400.00-500.00 at Ford Dealer. As log as the ox sensor is in front of that Ca a pipe will suffice.
down home 03/31/21 01:15pm General RVing Issues
Route around Atlanta

I have yet to plot a route around Atlanta going north south. Atlanta occupies about a 1/3 of the state west to east. Anyone found a good route around Atlanta that won't take two hours longer?
down home 03/30/21 10:24pm Roads and Routes
RE: Dehumidify in storage

If I was storing Florida or Southeast outside or any high humidity area in winter a small heater and dehumidifier. Some can be adjusted to shut or at 35% or 50% humidity and so on. You don't want to simply plug one in and forget it. They have been known to catch fire. Pit it on a metal insulated fireplace/stove (what ever it is called) base. If you run the drain hose to sink make sure there is RV antifreeze in the holding tank. The small heater ill keep things inside from freezing up. Brother has a Trailer parked outside with a small heater and it keeps it in nice shape but metal, cold on the outside warm on the snide sweats and mold etc follows. I very seriously doubt those desiccants can take as much moisture as will be generated. The MH of course has dash air vents to the outside. Towables still have holes for plumbing etc so use an electric dehumidifier.
down home 03/22/21 12:40pm General RVing Issues
Double Dog Dare You

https://i.imgur.com/hLZdUL9.gif This young lady must beheaded to college,car idling, with door open, and won't be back fora while. :)
down home 03/22/21 09:07am Around the Campfire
RE: Do not believe every thing that you read .

Bobcat got 9 of the kids show chickens. Since then the remaining chickens have not layed one egg! Rooster Cogburn is no more apparently. Grand Ma had a huge White Leghorn that would take on man and beast. He had my number. About 4 or 5years old I made me club out of hickory.I smacked the Rooster many times but he apparently still liked the fight. Had he gotten those two or three inch spurs in me, well... Chickens kept on grass are not that dirty. Cleaning a chicken house of a dozen or so chickens is not that bad, except when you want to go fishing instead... but no way would I run a chicken farm. The smell would gag a maggot. However Clients had one and thought nothing of it..
down home 03/20/21 10:43am Around the Campfire
RE: Do not believe every thing that you read .

You mean you didn't even give it a blanket?
down home 03/18/21 05:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: Crazy Weather

Well at least the 2 weeks of arctic temps killed a lot of fire ants, crazy ants, armadillos, big snakes and who knows what else. Cattlemen and others ought to be ecstatic. those ants do a number on the animals.
down home 03/18/21 05:45pm Around the Campfire
Riddle Me This

If a Vegetarian eats vegetables, What odes a Humanitarian eat?
down home 03/18/21 08:08am Around the Campfire
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