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RE: Gone through 5 water pumps in 2015 cedar creek

I haven't used a Sureflow but in the years here, I think this is the first report of this problem. I thought freezing, but you ruled it out. Then the installation is wrong,in some way, or something is hitting it hard. I don't see a photo and installed which might tell a lot. On the Aqua flow four screws through four rubber vibration isolators, two hose quick connects and on quick connect 12v electrical plug is all there is. Only possible problem would be using a power driver to tighten the screws/bolts down but I think they are stepped on ours. The Sureflow is almost exactly or exactly the same as the Aqua Flow best I remember. Ours is 55psi at 5.5 gallons a minute I think and it would break of its on accord quicker than the Sureflow you have of its own accord. Have a Good Mobile Tech install the next one and look at the whole installation. Water pumps are probably number two in the number of jobs they get called for right behind water heaters, and maybe number one.
down home 11/25/20 02:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Geocache of a mysterious nature...

A lot of people like a bit of controversy, a sensation, the satisfaction of creating it, it's existence even without anyone knowing they did it. It is not allowed on Federal Property, but they will probably leave it alone. When I was kid they called me David Crocket....So I carved David Crocket caught a Bobcat, on one tree near the spot, and captured a bar on another, and David Crockett killed a Bar on this tree on another a mile or so in the woods. I knew no one would believe it bu to find something like that far off the beat track welll...
down home 11/24/20 11:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Reliable Walkie Talkie?

We have a couple of Midland GMRS/FRS radios. We have a couple more somewhere. The reed switches are cra3p on all of them. Easily damaged with a bit of thumb pressure. Range is supposedly about 35 miles, with lots of disclaimers. Wife and I tried for range in Indiana. There might have been a few buildings somewhere in the way. A little over a mile was it. In the woods etc don't expect but hundreds of feet, probably. Considering for a long time 2 meter radios.So much Information/Misinformation is out there. Prices in a couple of shops over from over $600.00 to over $1,000.00 for Motorolas and some others. Power is limited by small batteries and antennas and frequencies. A better model with larger battery on belt etc is available but cumbersome.VHS is allowed in Canada why not here instead of reserved for marine use? It would be a lot cheaper. I will spend a couple hundred maybe three hundred for two radios...with range..and reliability if I could identify them. There surely is someone here with experience not afraid to warranty, so to speak his recommendations. Licenses are not a problem
down home 11/24/20 10:56am Tech Issues
RE: Black Tanks Won’t Flush

Do you flush your tanks or just rain them? If you just drain them there is the cause of the problem...unless the valves are bad. They don't cost much and are easily changed but not a job i want with tanks backed up. If you determine the valves work and you have some capacity left in the black tank, pour a bottle of water softener in and good amount of detergent then ice, at least 20 lbs, if you can. Have it already hoked up and drive it on the roughest rad you can find for a couple hours. See if that helps. If not, perhaps, since I haven't tried it a snake up the outlet with the valves open of course..with a painters suit on or some such but don't be too aggressive you don't want to damage the valve seals or valve,I don't like this idea a lot, for obvious reasons but....
down home 11/24/20 07:31am Tech Issues
RE: I Hope This Doesn't Get Taken Down Right Away

High School 10th grade. Coach gave me his car keys and Another student and I went to his home to get a TV so we could watch the reports. Got back to school and a few minutes later classes were dismissed. Saw Ruby shoot Oswald on TV. Everyone was grieving and blamed Russia and Cuba.
down home 11/24/20 07:17am Around the Campfire
RE: The strange ramifications of COVID shutdowns

I think there are a lot of Writers out there eager to write their novels. Until now,they haven't had the time. Thanks to lock downs, they now have the time. Toilet paper is cheap and many do there best thinking there...and writing and pages failing editing cn hen be used for other purposes.
down home 11/22/20 08:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: The strange ramifications of COVID shutdowns

Huuumm! :)
down home 11/22/20 05:14pm Around the Campfire
RE: The strange ramifications of COVID shutdowns

Toilet paper and paper towels and some staples are now disappearing from Wal Mart shelves. I don't do stores Kids went yesterday and reported on the empty paper goods shelves. Then there was a mention on some news site of it yesterday evening.
down home 11/22/20 03:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: The strange ramifications of COVID shutdowns

Over the last 10 years the US Death Rate has been steadily rising. The death rate for this year is about average for the last 10 years (and tied for the lowest rate of increase in 7 years). Please read what the mod (and I) requested. Post WWII Baby Boomers,A few WWII, Viet Nam Era Vets mostly,now in the lead securing the other shore for everyone.
down home 11/22/20 03:09pm Around the Campfire
RE: Gone through 5 water pumps in 2015 cedar creek

Freeze damage is about the only reasonable thing I can think of, too. 9 years on first pump an Aqua flow, replaced with same. Switch went bad on it and they won't sell parts. Either it was freezing, or anything else, I cannot come up with it.
down home 11/21/20 09:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: The strange ramifications of COVID shutdowns

I got sad news yesterday. A dear friend that has been treated for different cancers before knew he had an issue and because he could not get in for evaluation until a couple days ago, he did not know that this time is was an aggressive cancer. It could have been if evaluated sooner, but it can no longer be treated. He expects to not make it to spring. I hate to think what the real cause of the Wuhan panic is..... Matt Prayers for him family and friends.
down home 11/20/20 05:56pm Around the Campfire
RE: Today November11 in history

Today November 19 1620 is the day the finally touched land at Plymouth. Debate as to the stone with the date now carves in it was actually where they put their foot down. It was a muddy shore from what I understand and is no all filled in and not recognizable to the Pilgrams. Stephen Hopkins, who was the Governor's aid etc was at Jamestown a few years before, after a ship wreck in the Bahamas and making his way to Jamestown.Returned to England found his wife had died in 1813, reclaimed his children from the church who took them in as Orphans, got remarried and came back to Plymouth on the Mayflower. Whole lot of people descended from him as well as the others. It is very hard to prove out ancestry to them for some anyway. Went to NY NJ, Conn, and Mass trying to get last names on a couple in the lineage. Women didn't use their last names on documents sometimes. The Mayflower Society Contact in our State wouldn't help at all. Think joining the SAR or DAR hard. They are not even close. Wife's Paternal lien goes back to Constantine. That is a bit easier because her Dad's line has 7 books on ancestors back through the 1000s. She and I re exhausted at this point and not taking up the pursuit again fora a while.
down home 11/19/20 05:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: Corn, Corn and more Corrn

I can't see the image but cats just aren't the same. :) They run the place not us.
down home 11/19/20 05:17am Around the Campfire
Corn, Corn and more Corrn

Watched Second Hand Lions again. never fails to resurrect the life of my youth. Didn't have any second hand lions but id bring home a Bobcat and a Bear. Couldn't keep them. Grand Ma didn't cotton to the idea at all. Barefoot walk to town enjoy the dam sand under the sycamores. Sit in front of the old Home Store with a Orange Crush with ice i it and a Moon Pie. No TV and Coal era lights and battery radio! WSM 650 and T Tommy Cutrer. Concerns, what concerns. Of course Uncles worked in the mines or building homes. Very little if any income taxes. Everything they earned was in their pockets or like Grand Pa buried in the yard or woods somewhere.. Still some Gran Pa buried in the early 1900s til late forties there somewhere. We wanted to hunt or fish , whats a Game Warden. Moms' Uncle Jim was Sheriff. Wanted to call cousins or Uncles across the hollars they yodeled, that's right yodeled Time revolved around the chimes at the old Grammar school across the mountain. It was so quiet that you hurt your ears straining to hear anything. The chimes were heard for at least ten miles in every direction. Doctor Grand Ma didn't charge much either. Steed on a 10 penny nail and all the way through my right foot. Soaked it in coal erl Put a rag on it and walked anyway fer a week.Everybody worked an worked hard but all the reward was theirs. Do you realize how much time TV and this here computer takes away from living, or driving 50 miles to a store? Peddlers came around regularly and...we had en here until late seventies. he got into air conditioning and retired from it all last year, with a reputation that any Preacher would envy. Cookware and vegetables and so on, farm equipment...and mail if you asked him to on his next round. N mail delivery in the sticks. Cousin lives in one of the houses and strangers in another I helped build. So Eden is getting crowded now with people from all the US moving in and buying and building at bargain price. What is Eden it is space, to do whatever you want, and peace of mind and happiness and no bills. You owe and the creditor owns you! It'd be right hard to fence this parcel but in My few years left I might just find me something further out and get me a second hand lion and a bar too. Only thing is how can I get half dozen kids to make it Eden. Anybody read any books on how to get your wife to let you have a mistress, and keep the wife happy. No I'm dreaming. Never would violate what my wife an I have. Maybe a fertility doctor. Any body thin it nuts to have kids at 72?
down home 11/15/20 10:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: The strange ramifications of COVID shutdowns

Taint no restrictions here and as large as family gathering as always. No one, in the family, or anyone we know has or had the Chinese Virus. However Wal Mart locally had several cases among some employees but not all, and closed for two or three days for cleaning. Brother is somewhat concerned because of kidney problems and stays on his 100 acres, all the time, since the scare was announced. We have not altered schedules or anything, with the exception of leaving our coach in Az and coming home in the Towed, because of concerns about finding open campgrounds. Went and brought it back and home in Sept. This virus seems to happen in clusters, when someone with it brings it among them, from the outside, like Travelers off the Interstate and into that Wal Mart. Here in the woods the Virus scare has been a relief, as not so many people, at the beach and on the lakes and river. People are coming from everywhere else and buying and building, including what was the back woods, of my youth, to escape the ant colonies and the problems of such things as this Virus and economy and other things. We always are looking for greener grass but it is not as green anywhere else as it is here. So we are not worried about the Chicom virus but don't go where there are crowds. Wife does go to the stores. I"m trying to get her to order groceries on line and pick them up or have them delivered 6u6 Thought about large UV lamp,s for the Florescent light fixtures, in the garage where all the groceries and such and most foot traffic comes into the house. Will it hurt the interior paint of the vehicles? Only company we have are the deer, and the cats someone dropped off. I know where some skunks are and have a large trap if I find out who did that. Thinking how I can get partially tamed the youngster Bob Cat we saw and get him or her, to sleep on the porch, to keep anyone else with the Virus, away. Life is good, and we are not watching the TeeVEE news to make us scardy and miserable. The turkey will be fresh as usual and about 24 lbs. Cost more but I'm worth it for family. Maybe as noted in the first post they will be cheaper. I would like to hunt one for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but not here in the yard, sorta. May anyway but not shoot anything. I hope everyone here has a Happy Thanksgiving not worrying and not worrying about getting bit by the Chicom bug. Turkey and cornbread sage stuffing, lots of cranberry sauce, smashed taters, candid yams, good green beans, pumpkin and sweet tater pies, apple and cherry pies, and cherry cheesecake, pecan pies,lemon pie homemade breads. But most of all I hope everyone has a smile and good time around the feast and all the youngins keep you up real late with laughter, playing cards and games and tricks on the ole Folks. Can't eat it all. one bite from each dish will fill me. But good no great times with the whole family. Wish Mon and Dad was still here to sit back and just enjoy it lie they use to.
down home 11/14/20 12:36pm Around the Campfire
RE: Veterans Day free Admission

I emailed our President about something we have petitioned for, for along time. Veterans especially Disabled Veterans hunting and fishing access to all Federal Lands and Waters. Of course states will holler but shouldn't. We pay taxes for game and fish management the US Fish and Wildlife service plus we paid the price many times over serving our country and especially if a Disabled Vet who ever day still suffers.
down home 11/13/20 05:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Veterans Day free Admission

Now if we could get a national hunting and fishing license...at least on our Federal lands and Waters.
down home 11/11/20 09:05pm General RVing Issues
Today November11 in history

Today is Veterans Day. To all my fellow Veterans Happy Veterans Day. Also on this day November 11, 1620, 400 years ago The Mayflower anchored off the coast of Cape Cod. https://thefederralist.com/2020/11/11/400-years-later-the-mayflower-compact-matters-now-more-than-ever/
down home 11/11/20 06:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: Cold Coffee

A cup warmer is needed. A cup cold, as everyone wants the house at 68 except me soaks up the heat from the coffee. If I don't drink it pretty fast it and the cup are cold. If I have the time, I put water in the cup and microwave it until hot and dump the water then the coffee. A heavy cup holds heat for a bit longer.
down home 11/10/20 08:51pm Around the Campfire
RE: A three cylinder Bronco.....a THREE cylinder Bronco???

We have the Edge ST twin turbo 2.7, that they intend to put in everything as the top option.The other is even smaller motor with electric. Ours supposedly puts out 335 h, Peak on 93 octane. It is 500 pounds heavier than our 3.7 v6 213 model Edge. We aren't saving any money on fuel. We intend to by another boat, or want to, but no way would I try it with a turbo mini motor, with design life of turbos only 150,000 miles. We have no engine braking, which is important in the hills of Tn but we have larger brakes. Our 05 F150 with 5.4litre v8 or 330ci still rides better than a Cady but gets only 16 mpg of regular cost per mile is favorable over the Edge ST in miles per dollar. 25mpg is tops on premium fuel in the Edge at moderate less than freeway speeds. I've owned many Fords but the next one has to still fill my deeds.
down home 11/08/20 11:16pm Dinghy Towing
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