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RE: Help selecting East Coast location with lots of variables...

If you want to be close to a beach then take a look at Willowtree RV Resort in Longs SC. It is in the North Myrtle Beach area off of Route 9. About 20 minutes from Cherry Grove Beach. Willowtree They have very nice cottages both one and two bedroom. In peak season the one bedroom is $137 a day and the 2 bedroom is $197. Very nice park quiet nice pool hot tub and walking trails. Sites are spacious as well. Good luck! Dave
dpgllg 10/11/19 07:46am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fresh Water Tank Drain

Very, very basic plumbing. This is the type of response that really shouldn't be posted. While it might be basic plumbing and fully understandable to you it is not to the OP who posted. If you are going to respond please respond with something useful that the OP can use.
dpgllg 10/11/19 07:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Winter Cover

I also have been looking for a cover for my 5th wheel. I have narrowed it down to two. Classic Accessories OverDrive SkyShield™ Deluxe Tyvek® 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Cover Classic Accessories Goldline Cover Goldline They are close in cost but I am leaning toward the Classic Accessories cover. It is lightweight and has tension straps across the front and rear. Be prepared for a lot of comments from those who say not to cover. I posted asking for feedback on these two covers and the only comments were not to cover. If you get a properly sized cover, put it on correctly using foam etc. to protect all sharp points, and check on it regularly to make sure the straps are still tight there should not be any problems. Good luck in your search! Dave
dpgllg 10/04/19 07:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel cover selection help

Surprised at all the cover haters coming out of the closet here! You better not be the same folks reccomending them in the "How do I keep my RV from oxidizing and stickers form getting crispy" threads. Now I only used a cover 1 winter for about 6-7 months. It was windy and snowy (Alaska). Saw zero wear n tear on the camper from the cover. Here at home I'm fortunate enough to have a shop big enough to stuff the camper in. What I did find was it was a b____ to pull the snow off the roof and the icecicles from freeze thaw tugged at the sides (then I ripped the cover trying to pull off a ginormous icicle). After a thaw, I tossed a blue tarp over the soft cover. Not much larger than just the roof area. Made getting snow off waaay easier and kept the icicle build up down with less snow stuck up there and drips off the tarp vs running down the fabric cover. The naysayers are probably some of the folks that complain about why campers are schitty quality and don't last..... OP Here, I was looking for feedback from actual cover users of either the Goldline or Classic Accessories covers. I know about the damage if the cover rubs the wrong way. If a cover is not put on properly it will rub and rip. I plan on using foam shaped to fit at all of the critical rub points and adding additional straps to secure it. I will not be taking it off until spring. I also have the advantage that the nice little lady that owns the storage facility inspects the property every single day. If something is amiss such as a loose cover I will be called and I live close by. My previous 5th wheel was so sun damaged and developed leaks where the roof met the front cap. This caused a failure of the side wall fiberglass which had to be replaced. I do not want that problem again with the new 5th wheel. The one thing that you said about the ice makes me think that the roof straps that come with the Goldline cover would be a benefit. These straps help support the weight of the sidewalls. If there are any Goldline or Classic Accessories cover users out there I'd really appreciate your feedback. Dave
dpgllg 09/28/19 05:25pm General RVing Issues
5th wheel cover selection help

I want to cover my 5th wheel for the winter months. We live in the Southwest part of Pennsylvania and have snow wind and ice throughout the winter with occasional thaws. I have narrowed the selection down to two different covers. A Goldline cover Goldline Cover Classic Accessories SkyShield Deluxe 5th Wheel Cover Classic Accessories Cover I am looking for feedback from actual users of these covers. Would you purchase again? Why or why not? Any tips on using these particular covers is also appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help. Dave
dpgllg 09/27/19 07:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Need an Overnight stop off I-95 near Walterboro SC

One more question. Do you know where you plan to stay on the return trip? We like using Fayetteville RV Resort in Wade NC on our return from The Fort. It’s a good day’s drive, easy to access from the interstate, and well maintained. Hope you have a great trip. OP Here, We won't be traveling that far North on I 95. I will be getting on I 26 south of there to go over to I 77. Thanks for the feedback! Dave
dpgllg 09/12/19 05:42am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Need an Overnight stop off I-95 near Walterboro SC

Hello, We will be traveling to Disney World November 7th and need an overnight stop somewhere near Walterboro SC off of I 95. We will be getting on I 95 from I 26 I'm not against a rest area or Wal-Mart but being November we might need to run the furnace for some warmth. We don't need anything fancy just a safe spot where we can get some sleep before moving on in the morning. Dave
dpgllg 09/11/19 07:09am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Best Route to Disney Fort Wilderness from SW Pennsylvania

I hate I-4 around/in/thru Orlando. There are toll roads you can take that are a million times better. OP here, Can you share what these roads are?
dpgllg 09/11/19 07:03am Roads and Routes
Best Route to Disney Fort Wilderness from SW Pennsylvania

Hello, We will be leaving for Disney Fort Wilderness On November 6th or 7th. My proposed route is as follows: I 79 South to Route 19 to I 77 to I 26 to I 95 to I 4 to exit 67 Epcot Center Drive to Bonnet Creek Parkway to Vista Blvd. to Fort Wilderness Trail. My questions / concerns: Weather in northern mountains. This will be in the middle of November and I have not driven through these mountains this time of year. Sorta unsure on what to expect. I am comfortable with everything until I exit I 95 onto I 4. I know nothing about the route from there. Are there toll roads? Better route to take? Roads to avoid at all costs? We will be towing a 32 foot 5th wheel. My truck is a 4 X 4 but I have no desire to tow in the snow if at all possible. Thanks in advance for your feedback! Dave
dpgllg 09/10/19 06:15pm Roads and Routes
RE: Steps recommendations

Is the reason folks get the new steps like the Glo steps is because they make contact with the ground and are less wobbly? For the ones that came with my diver I put the leveling blocks under the steps but just to take the wobble out of the fiver when going up or down them. I was just curious as to the reason why folks change. I have seen them and they do look nice. Yes they are very stable and do not wobble. My 5th wheels factory steps were only three steps the Glo Steps are four. The rise is not as high as the factory step and is somewhat adjustable as well. They also can be set to accommodate uneven ground. They can be deployed in tight spaces like a storage yard. They also stay outside the RV where they belong and not folded up into the RV. I got them because I suffered several strokes and have weakness and balance issues. I felt very nervous going up and down the factory steps. With the Glo Steps I do not have such a fear of falling. We had a 15 year old Cocker Spaniel. He couldn't go up or down the factory steps but he handled the Glo Steps just fine. I have nothing but praise for these steps because they truly did make a difference for me. Dave
dpgllg 08/26/19 06:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 50amp power protector

Another vote for the Progressive Industries EMS system. Had mine for 2 years now and no problems Dave
dpgllg 08/25/19 07:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Pennsylvania Turnpike

I live in Pennsylvania and I use the EZ-Pass system. It is a transponder device that you put in your car / truck up near the rear view mirror. Once you get the device you register ALL of your license plates including RV plate. You can move the transponder to each car / truck that you have registered so you only need one device. You have to maintain a $35.00 balance in the EZ-Pass account. Having the EZ-Pass provides two benefits 1 the tolls are less money then if you have them mail you the bill and two there is usually not any wait at the EZ-Pass lanes. Also EZ-Pass is not just for Pennsylvania. It is accepted in multiple states and Toll Bridges. Below is a link to the Pennsylvania EZ-Pass website. It explains all the details and where you can use it. PA EZ-Pass Have a great trip! Dave
dpgllg 08/25/19 11:28am Roads and Routes
RE: 5th Wheel Insurance questions

OP Here, I should have mentioned that we currently have Farmers and Foremost is the RV portion. I guess I need to check to see if I can keep the Foremost if I drop all of the other Farmers Insurance? Dave
dpgllg 08/24/19 07:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Steps recommendations

While I don't have the Glow Steps, I'm a huge fan of them based on what I've seen. I'm considering getting them at some point. I'm curious about their longevity especially the 4 or 5 step versions used by those who extend and stow them frequently. With so many connections/moving parts do they loosen over time and loose their rigidity? My Glow steps became difficult to extend and retract. I messaged Tork Lift asking about what lubricant they recommend for the steps. It turns out they do not recommend a lubricant. The steps are adjustable by tightening or loosening several of the bolts on the sides of the steps. The instructions are in the manual on how to adjust the steps. I followed the instructions and my steps work just fine now. The steps are made of aluminum and are of a very high quality. Installation was fairly easy and my son-in-law did it by himself in just under an hour. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND READING THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS AND FULLY UNDERSTAND BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO INSTALL THEM. When you first unpack the steps you might take a look and take apart sections that you do not have to. Just follow the instructions and you will have no problems. Dave
dpgllg 08/24/19 07:39am Fifth-Wheels
5th Wheel Insurance questions

I am in the process of changing our insurance. Until now I bundled everything with one company. I am very interested in Amica insurance but they do not offer RV insurance for a towable. They will cover a motorized RV though. If I want to get just a policy on my 5th wheel what companies should I consider and which to avoid as well as why. I do store my 5th wheel in a storage facility when not in use. Dave
dpgllg 08/23/19 06:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Steps recommendations

Another vote for the Torklift Glo steps. I suffered several strokes that has left my left side rather weak. These steps make it a lot easier to get in and out of our 5th wheel. Dave
dpgllg 08/20/19 08:28am Fifth-Wheels
Ohio Amish country in September Favorite things to do

We will be going to the Ohio Amish Country on September 17th and while we have been there before I was curious about some of your favorite things to do and see while there. I know that nothing is open on Sundays or after 5 (except restaurants). We will be staying at the Evergreen RV resort in Dundee Ohio. Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 08/14/19 01:20pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: When replacing tow vehicle, do you.....

If buying a new truck now I would consider one with the puck system like RAM. Not sure if Chevy or Ford have them or not. Means you need a new hitch and no rails at all. I like the fact that with the puck system when the hitch is removed everything comes out of the bed leaving it totally flat. When I switched to my 2013 Chevy I purchased new rails it was cheaper and less hassle then removing them. Dave
dpgllg 08/11/19 02:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Grand Design purchase

Dave, I understand your frustration and we all expect these RV products to last longer than 2 years. However, all warranties are published for a specific amount of time. We know that when we purchase. If the product is past that period, why is it the manufacturer's responsibility to cover it? Granted, sometimes they make exceptions, but that is not mandatory on their part. As you say, pretty much all manufacturers are turning out cheaply made products. I agree that there is a time limit. My point was that Grand Design USED to have a very good reputation about standing behind there product and tried to make the owners happy. That was my primary reason for purchasing their product. That reputation means nothing anymore since Winnebago has taken over.
dpgllg 08/10/19 05:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Grand Design purchase

We purchased a Grand Design 27RL 5th wheel on June 14th 2017. On Saturday July 6th 2019 the Dometic Brisk Air II Air conditioner quit blowing cold air. 24 days out of Dometic warranty and 1 year 24 days for Grand Design. My frame is full of surface rust, the entry door has developed a leak around the window, the toilet started leaking where the PEX connection was made ,the latch on rear window will not stay latched while in motion and all of the dark brown trim screws have lost the paint. We were very happy with the RV when purchased. The only issue until now was the latch on bathroom door required adjustment. I contacted Dometic and they said take to an authorized Dometic service and based on the findings they would extend the warranty, All of the local service places to me refused to work on it under warranty. Three separate places refused and said I could pay up front and get reimbursed by Dometic because Dometic does not reimburse either enough or not at all and could be many months down the road when paid. Dometic refused this option. My selling dealer is over 3 hours away and would work on it but they had over a 12 week wait to get it in. I replaced the Freeze control sensor, thermostat and control board with no luck. Because we have trips scheduled including Disney, I ended up replacing the roof top unit and it now works fine. I had my brother and friend do it as I am disabled and getting up on the roof of the RV is out of question. I contacted Grand Design and spoke with two separate individuals. The one gentleman said that would do nothing regarding the AC. They offered no relief. On the frame rust I need to send them pictures and they will review. On all other issues same thing out of warranty no help. When reviewing which RV to purchase Grand Design was noted for standing behind their products. I read many reviews on how they went out of their way to take care of their customers. Now that they have been bought out by Winnebago that customer service has gone away. I caution anyone reading older reviews to disregard them because the service they were noted for is gone. Having gone through all of this I believe pick a RV with the floorplan and features and price that you want and forget about the RV manufactures standing behind their products. They are all made with the same frames and components any way and as cheaply as possible. Knowing what I know now I would probably buy from a local family owned dealer that has been around for awhile. My previous 5th wheel was purchased that way and for the twelve years I owned it they gave me great service at fair prices with little to no wait time. I truly regret my Grand Design purchase and will no longer recommend them to anyone. Dave
dpgllg 08/10/19 12:41pm Fifth-Wheels
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