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RE: The big purchase

So my question is if anyone would like to offer an opinion is. Would it be a good idea to post an add wanting to buy an RV? Something like looking for responsible original owner. One who has kept up with all the maintenance and such, willing to negotiate? It appears to be a buyers market for used RVs so screening the sellers may work? I have seen enough adds to kind of spot the scams and unknowledgeable sellers as well as cruise America adds (without even having to open the adds anymore)Any thoughts on this? You certainly can post an ad on Craigslist. I have done countless ads for "wanting" something. You will get a lot of responses that clearly you are not interested in. I might suggest the following: 1. State exactly what you are looking for. Year, mileage, floorplan, chassis (Ford, Chevy Dodge etc.) what features such as generator solar etc. Be as specific as possible stating must have items etc. Take your time and make this list as it will help you eliminate a lot of responses that do not meet your need. 2. In BOLD UPPERCASE state that responses that do not meet your requirements will not be responded to. Request multiple photos in response showing that your requirements are met. 3. You can provide your phone number in a Craigslist ad BUT be prepared that you might get phone calls at all hours of the day or night. It might be better to have them email you their phone number asking for a good time to call. If you do provide your number state the times that you will accept calls. Tell them calls or texts outside these hours will be ignored. 4. Consider getting the unit inspected prior to purchase. Kind of like a home inspection prior to buying. If you decide to do this, STATE this requirement in your ad. You will also have to state that you will pay for the inspection. If a seller refuses then that is not the RV for you. I know that major purchases can be stressful but you are opening a exciting new chapter in your life. Take time and enjoy everything. I wish you success in finding the perfect RV for you and much fun in the future. Dave
dpgllg 07/18/19 03:47pm Beginning RVing
RE: Repainting Front cap

Has anyone ever repainted their faded front cap themselves. Was it worth the effort verses having it professionally done at $ 2000.00 dollars ? also what did you use to accomplish this... $2000 seems high to me for just paint. My previous 5th wheel had the entire drivers side from front cap to bedroom window torn off while driving it home. I found a repair shop close by the specialized in fiberglass repair. They repaired all sorts of things from swimming pools RV's and boats to those rail cars that transport you in the Pittsburgh Airport. They repaired the side including lights, replaced the awning material, state inspection, and went over and caulked the entire unit. Total for everything was $3200.I suggest maybe looking around for other places to perform the work. Below are before and almost complete photos. https://i.imgur.com/KiHrkXil.jpg https://i.imgur.com/P9OCbatl.jpg
dpgllg 07/18/19 03:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dometic AC potential issues

OP Here, An update on the AC unit. It has not froze up again BUT I do not believe it is working as it should. Things that I have done so far: 1. Replaced Freeze sensor. 2. Made sure upper unit was clean and free of debris. 3. Made sure drain holes onto roof were free. 4. Verified squirrel cage and main fan operate. 5. Cleaned interior filter 6. Put thermometers on interior air intake and one on the output vents. Less than 5 degree difference in temperature. Temperature at output vent was 76. Thermostat set to 66. AC only shuts off around 2 or 3 in morning when outside temps are in mid 60's. If outside temp is above 70 does not shut off. 7. Spoke to Dometic. They are going to extend warranty until I get it into a service center for inspection. 8. Called multiple service centers including selling dealer. Selling dealer is 3 hours away and has a 8 to 12 week wait. Of the 4 dealers close by one refuses to work on Dometic because they will not pay him and ship defective replacement parts. The 3 others will work on it BUT I have to pay up front and then seek reimbursement from Dometic. Dometic refused this option. All local dealers also have a minimum of 5 to 6 week wait just to be seen. # of the dealers believe the upper unit needs replaced based on symptoms. 9. One dealer Dometic recommended (45 minutes away) will accept warranty but the person who does the work is semi-retired and only comes in when he wants. I have to call back on Monday to see if he might be coming in next week. If he decides to come in then there is a chance I could get it looked at next week. So I'm going to shut the AC off and wait and call Monday. I'm just afraid that the rest of the camping season will be lost while this issue is resolved. Dave
dpgllg 07/17/19 11:08am Tech Issues
RE: Dogs

We travel with 3 dogs. 2 cocker spaniels and one Standard poodle. When we go camping I try to make a point of meeting my neighbors and introduce myself. I tell them about the dogs and provide them my cell phone number. I ask them to call me if there is any problem and we will gladly come back and take care of it. When we go out without the dogs they are kept inside the RV with AC and stereo on. In over 10 years I have not received a phone call. I do follow up with the neighbors after we come back to make sure there were no problems. One time they reported that some kids from the campground were banging on the side of our 5th wheel causing the dogs to bark. They told them to stop and the dogs quieted down. When we are with the dogs we control their behavior to insure everyone has a enjoyable time. Kept on leash, picked up after and kept off other campsites. All it takes is some basic training but I know there are those that don't do it and that gives all pet owners a black eye. Dave
dpgllg 07/15/19 12:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dometic AC potential issues

OP here, I started looking at getting a 2nd AC unit installed but I need to know what all parts that I would need. I want a Dometic 15,000 BTU Brisk Air II unit with black / dark shroud. This would be a ducted system with thermostat. My 5th wheel is prewired including the thermostat wire. I have found the upper roof top units and I know that I need a ceiling assembly for inside and a thermostat. I think that there is a control box as well but I have no clue what actual part number that is. Is there anyplace online that lists all of the required components? The local RV shops are all booked for the next 6 weeks so I want to at least know what is required and the cost of the parts before I take it in. Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 07/15/19 08:15am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic AC potential issues

"A 15k AC in a 32 foot RV will NOT cool the RV." OP here, Do I need to add a 2nd AC? I thought you could only run one AC at a time? I do have 50 amp service. I am also prewired for a 2nd ac. Is there a bigger more powerful ac than a 15,000 BTU AC? Dave
dpgllg 07/14/19 05:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Help finding Roadside assistance & benefit plan for me

Do you have no friends or relatives you could call on to drive the 5ver home if the situation arises? What's the wife drive if you're in a hospital 500 miles from home if the truck just headed north with your trailer? And where would she stay? I think there are more unanswered questions that roadside assistance can't be of assistance with. You can google different RA companies and their plans. Pick what works for you. I have family and friends BUT they cannot drive the 5th wheel home. If they could I wouldn't be looking for this service. The wife is perfectly capable of driving the truck just cannot with 5th wheel hitched. She could stay in 5th wheel until I can fly home drive the truck back and forth to hospital and then fly home with me. There is absolutely no reason to send truck and 5th wheel home before me. I know that there are things still that need to be resolved BUT I'm trying to be proactive in getting as many things addressed as possible beforehand. I have googled the majority of companies that offer this service AND I ASKED for anyone that had used this service and how did it go. Dave
dpgllg 07/14/19 09:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Norcold frig connection for 12v lead for fan

OP here, Connecting to the inside light on my Norcold is not an easy task as it is in the top of the frig and very difficult to access. I tried running the wire down the drain tube but it keeps getting stuck halfway down the tube. Tried for about an hour yesterday. I'm also concerned that having the wire in the tube will block the drain. The wire is very small BUT so is the tube. Any other suggestions I could try? Dave
dpgllg 07/14/19 07:06am Tech Issues
Help finding Roadside assistance & benefit plan for me

I have health issues and while I'm doing okay I know that in the back of my wife's mind is what would happen if I took ill while traveling. We travel with Chevy truck and 5th wheel. I am looking for the best plan that would provide roadside assistance AND have my truck and 5th wheel returned to my home if I am not able to drive due to a medical condition. My wife will not and can not drive while towing the 5th wheel. We are going to Disney this fall from Pennsylvania and have several trips planned this summer. I want to get something in place so if something were to happen there is a game plan in place and to minimize any worry for her. Is there anyone that has actually used any programs benefit to return their RV to home? How did it work out and would you recommend them? Why or why not. I want to make traveling enjoyable and I know that if I address this my wife will feel so much better. Thank you in advance for your assistance! Dave
dpgllg 07/13/19 04:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dometic AC potential issues

1. The freeze Sensor not connected. WHY would you install a new one? Why not just install the old one? 2. They are sealed systems. IF you had a leaker, then ALL the coolant would have been gone by now. They only hold a 16 ozs of coolant. 3. Water Coming OFF the roof indicates the Unit is doing its job. 4. Your brother and you have no way to tell if the compressor is "going" bad:B FYI, your compressor is not going bad. 5. How hot is it and how big is your RV? Doug OP here, The end of the sensor did not have the flat blade attached so it broke off or whatever. To be safe it wasn't an expensive part so I replaced it. I stated that I had no clue about the compressor. Was hoping for a little feedback if there was any simple way to determine any issue with it. It was in the mid 70's now 80 at noon and the AC has not shut off at all. It is a 32 foot 5th wheel and the AC is a 15,000 BTU unit.
dpgllg 07/13/19 10:28am Tech Issues
Dometic AC potential issues

SEE UPDATE ON PAGE 2 My Dometic AC froze up while camping last weekend. I would let it thaw and it seemed to work for awhile and then freeze up again. When we got it to the storage yard I took the inside cover off and discovered that the Freeze control sensor was not connected. I ordered a replacement and brought the RV home so I could plug it in. I replaced the sensor and the air is moving but it does not seem that cold to me. I made sure that the baffle between the warm and cold air was in place and not leaking. The AC is putting water out across my roof as expected. My brother looked at it and he said "maybe" the compressor is going bad. I have no clue how to tell if the compressor is having issues. This AC is 25 months old so it shouldn't be worn out. I have already talked to Dometic and they are going to extend my warranty to get it repaired or replaced but I have to wait for an appointment anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks to get into the shop. While I'm waiting is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot the AC? I'm going to let it run awhile to make sure that the freeze up is resolved. If it does freeze up again then it's possible that the Freon is low. Since it is a sealed unit then a replacement would be required. Thanks in advance for your assistance! Dave
dpgllg 07/12/19 06:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Buying out of state

I cannot answer the Gas and smog issue but regarding the registration you should get a temporary registration / plate from California that would give you time to drive it back to Florida. Dave
dpgllg 07/12/19 06:23am General RVing Issues
RE: New Trailer with 50 amp service?

Progressive Industries EMS is a very good protection system. I have the portable unit and no issues. You will need to get a 30 amp to 50 amp adapter as well. The other comments about not running 2nd air and microwave are all valid. Just watch what things you are powering on. I just spent the 4th of July at a 30 amp campsite and my 5th wheel is 50 amp. We had no electrical issues at all. Dave
dpgllg 07/11/19 02:06pm Tech Issues
RE: MORryde step question

Wow and I thought the fact that they dumped debris and water into the rig when retracted was an issue. Not being able to close the door is a serious deal breaker. If you are prepared for it, it's really not an issue. It just takes a little time to learn the limitations of your rig and to analyze the campsite parking pad slope quickly. And to have enough lumber to accommodate any situation. I don't disagree that the challenges of MorRyde steps can be overcome with enough effort. However Glowsteps by Torxlift deliver the same stability without all the challenges. With GSR's there is no sweeping or wiping off. The steps stay on the exterior where they belong. They are very adjustable and can be leveled in many ways. For me the negatives of the Mor Ryde steps outweigh the positives. They create as many problems then they resolve I was never really crazy about the idea of bringing exterior steps inside the RV. Now add in the fact that under the wrong circumstances you cannot close the door!I'll pass on the MorRyde steps there is a better mouse trap available I have balance issues going up and down steps due to a stroke so a set that contacts the ground is a huge help to me. I installed a set of the Torklift Glosteps and could not be happier. I don't need to carry extra lumber to level or a separate step stool or anything to get the steps adjusted to where I want them. I can also deploy them in tight quarters such as a storage yard or rest area (vehicle parked next to you) and still safely access my 5th wheel. They stay on the outside of my 5th wheel so no mess inside. I am looking to purchase the handrail now to even provide better stability for me. The Glosteps are far superior to the other steps available today. Dave
dpgllg 07/11/19 08:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Norcold frig connection for 12v lead for fan

Does it have a light inside the refrigerator. That's what I used on my Dometic OP Here It does have a light but it is on the top panel and from what I see not nearly as accessible as the Dometic light. Dave
dpgllg 07/09/19 07:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Looking into a 2017 Grand Design

We have a 2017 Grand Design Reflection 27RL. This model has been discontinued by Grand Design. We love our 5th wheel. The only issues that we have had is the bathroom door latch needed realigned to latch and the Air Conditioner Freeze Sensor has become disconnected. Waiting on a replacement sensor from my dealer as we speak. Both of these I am able to address and no need to go to dealer. We are very pleased with ours! Dave
dpgllg 07/09/19 01:28pm Fifth-Wheels
Norcold frig connection for 12v lead for fan

Hello, I have a Norcold N811F refrigerator and I'm looking for the best place to connect the 12 volt connection for a fan attached to the cooling fins inside the frig. It attaches using alligator clips to the fins for the ground. I prefer not to drill through the frig if at all possible. Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 07/09/19 11:49am Tech Issues
RE: Add leveling jacks

I would add a complete auto level system if it all possible. I just push the auto level button and the system does all the work. Couldn't be easier. If you add separate rear jacks then it will be difficult to level side to side. If you can't adjust each front jack by itself you will get the rear level side to side but never the front. I think that this might put unwanted stress on the frame. Dave
dpgllg 07/09/19 11:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Domectic AC Freeze control sensor issue

this should show how to install the freeze sensor Insert the Freeze Control Sensor Thank you for the link. I have printed the manual and will keeping it with the RV. It does not look to difficult and the new sensor will be here Thursday. Thanks again Dave
dpgllg 07/09/19 10:03am Tech Issues
Domectic AC Freeze control sensor issue

Hello, This past weekend our Dometic AC kept freezing up. We would let it thaw and it would freeze up yet again in hours. I called a local RV shop and they said it was low on Freon and had to be replaced. No other possible issues could cause it. My warranty expired on June 14th. I then called my dealer (over 3 hours away) and they also told me that IF it was a Freon leak the only solution was to replace. He stated that it could be other things as well such as the air mixing (hot & cold) because the divider was damaged. He suggested that I call Dometic and see if they could help in anyway. He also stated there was a 4 week or more wait to get into the shop. I called Dometic and they were very helpful. I explained the situation and the lady told me that since it didn't freeze up in less than an hour that it most likely was not low on Freon. She also informed me that they would extend my warranty for this issue. I explained that the shops 4 week minimum wait. She stated that make the appointment and they would extend the warranty through that date. KUDOS TO DOMETIC! I just had to provide the model and serial numbers to them. I went over to the RV and opened up the AC from the inside to access the data tag. When I did a wire with a yellow tag fell down. It was the Freeze Control Sensor. Apparently the end is supposed to be inserted one inch into the evaporator coil fins. I looked up a replacement wire and it has a flat tab on the end inserted into the coils. Mine does not so I'm guessing that the wire became disconnected somehow. https://i.imgur.com/UHMruCHl.jpg My questions: How does this sensor keep the AC from freezing up? Is there a defrost type of device that it controls? I guess what I'm looking for is what exactly does this sensor do and how does it work? Since the current wire does not seem to be complete I will order a replacement as the cost is only $20 to $26. How difficult is it to replace the entire wire? Where on the coils should it be inserted? The tag only states insert one inch into the coils. Since the wire was not connected to the coils am I safe in assuming that this is the problem? Should I make the appointment to take it to the dealer in four weeks and then go ahead and replace the wire while waiting? Thanks in advance for your comments! Dave
dpgllg 07/08/19 01:30pm Tech Issues
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