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RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

It's the price of the SPECULATORS set. Analysts are incorrect because of the extreme chance of war. Analysts are graduates of the University of Guesswork. We have J Stars aloft at all times in the Gulf. The Speculators are saying they do not know the origin of the rockets. Gimme a freakin' break, they know to the square foot where the rockets originated. This is an excellent opportunity to meet Saudi Arabia's demand for higher crude prices while speculators are drooling. Copy your reply and review it on the first of October. The USA exports more oil than it imports but that has nothing to do with anything these days. Use wisdom. End my comments.If you are so sure that it is "Speculators" driving up the price of oil, buy some oil futures, or buy some stock in oil producers, or oilfield service companies or whatever else would benefit from whatever or whomever attacked that oil facility. Oil is a global commodity. No individual, no group and no single country has the ability to unilaterally set the price. Supply and demand is the operative in play. I feel you are correct, but just like the equity market, short term, emotions become a factor.
dryfly 09/14/19 08:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Timken bearing sets

Probably sale 10 sets to every one piece individually sold and packaged in a single box. Next time our bearing rep drops by I'll ask him. Yes, I would assume a price break in any item sold as a "package or kit" vs. individual components. But when the kit costs less than either of the individual components, to me that's a strange marketing concept. However, I'm just happy to find out about the savings because individual Timken products are costly, and I'm about to replace all of my bearings, getting rid of the Chinese ones. I found out several years ago that Timken manufactured all over the world. I don't think that's of any concern as overall, they probably hold their quality control to a high standard, regardless of country of origin.
dryfly 09/14/19 09:18am Tech Issues
RE: Timken bearing sets

I know they are the best! Everyone knows! The question is why are the sets so much less expensive. I keep thinking there is no such thing as a free lunch.................
dryfly 09/13/19 08:51pm Tech Issues
Timken bearing sets

My 5th wheel has Dexter axles that use bearings L68149 and LM67010. I noticed these bearings are available with the cones as Timken Set17 and Set6. These are made in USA and when purchased as a set are a fraction of the price when bearings and cones are purchase individually. What's the deal?? Are these sets inferior to the individual components?
dryfly 09/13/19 07:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Landing gear question

With 5vr still hitched Raise the Inner tubes up fully Extend the Outer tubes until you hear then click/clack Retract then 1" and paint a RED Line -----that is the MAX extension you want to do so you do not damage drive nut/shaft/gears Are you saying that fully extending the outer legs (without any load on them) until they make a noise, will not damage the gears?
dryfly 09/03/19 05:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fridge not cooling on lp

all so clean the exhaust stack. OP says fridge works fine on AC. Wouldn't an obstruction in the vent stack affect that also?
dryfly 09/02/19 04:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: wet bolt on suspension

The wet bolts are supposed to be installed only at a certain angle to help in the addition of grease. They do not rotate in place as they are grooved to prevent them from doing so (at least in the case of the MorRyde wet bolts). As others have said, simply take a little pressure off each wheel until the grease goes in. You will find the sweet spot and the grease will go in easily. I have a couple that I have never found the sweet spot, removed, and repositioned at either 3 or 9 o'clock . They take grease fine when they are out, so I know they work okay, but just cannot get the grease in them with the weight on them or not. I pulled them out again this spring when I repacked the wheel bearings, and replaced the MorRyde shear springs, repositioned them , and they still will not take grease. Next time around I will replace them. I am not too worried they have been in there now for about 9 years ,initially greased when installed, there is very little grease around them anyway when they go in. They looked great ,even the two that I have not been able to grease . No wear that I could see. Thats 9 years with just the initial grease when installed 9 years ago. The bronze bushings were still good, and the wet bolts have no slop in them. What process did you use to remove them? I believe the are splined so I assume you drove them out. Did you use a hammer and punch, or did you use some type of a puller?
dryfly 08/29/19 08:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hitch choice

I dont know if this is any help, but I am a huge fan of the 5th wheel hitch from Andersen Hitches. It is super light weight and easy to install. Let me know if you have any questions. I had not paid much attention to the Andersen hitch until about 6 months ago. They are really developing a big following on this forum and others. The folks that own them really seem to like the way they perform.
dryfly 08/27/19 03:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hitch choice

Basically what some are saying is they never forget to do all those things, you know what they say about never . And, I'm sure there are those who "never" forget to do a pull test. Everyone has to have the hookup routine that makes them feel the most confident that they have done everything possible to prevent failure. Also, they pay the consequences of their actions if they are wrong. Sounds like there are different opinions out there. After reading lots of posts through the years I've found there are lots of good brands of hitches and everyone has their favorite, as well as their own hookup procedure. I still enjoy learning from everyone on this forum.
dryfly 08/25/19 09:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hitch choice

Let me re-phrase my question as I am not asking about the pros and cons of a pull test. I've heard the arguments for the proceedure, and they are all worthwhile. I'm assuming one can see the jaws are wrapped around the pin correctly, the handle is closed correctly, and the locking pin is in the pull handle. Based on this, couldn't you "visually" tell if you are high hitched or not? If NOT, is there any way you could drop the trailer on the bed, unless the hitch had a defect?
dryfly 08/25/19 12:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hitch choice

Well, we settled on a B&W Patriot 16,000 non-slider. Good price, good reviews. Having never used a 5th wheel hitch before, I have no idea how good it is, but it seems to have a good reputation. I'll be pulling a 5th wheel with GVWR under 10,500lbs. Thanks. Congrats on your new Patriot!! IMO, from actual use, the best rail hitch available for the dollars spent. You will be very happy with that hitch!! Jerry Congrats! It's a good hitch for sure this is the one I have. https://i.imgur.com/rl4dJu3l.jpg https://i.imgur.com/2Qj5ysml.jpg https://i.imgur.com/gyjAYWPl.jpg In this photo I can see the jaws are definitely around the pin, and the pin box is flat on the hitch head. It's very obvious! Please....I don't want to create controversy, but I'm curious about the term "high hitch". I assume that's when the flange on the bottom of the pin is set down on the top of the jaws of the hitch. If that's the case, couldn't that situation be detected by a visual inspection of the jaws? I've been pulling a 5th wheel for years and I've never had that occur once. Seems like one would immediately see space between the pin box and the hitch head. And if it's determined that the pin is correctly in the jaws and is locked in place, I would thank that would minimize the need for a pull test. Again, I've seen the need for a pull test argued many times on this forum, and I'm not trying to incite that. Just trying to find the way(s) that dropping the trailer is possible.
dryfly 08/24/19 08:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bearings and bad decisions......

What I don't get is how do you just readily view a grease hub? Aren't those usually covered by the rim or something like that? When I first got my camper it had silly little chrome cups over the center of the hub. Had to pull the wheel to get to the hub cap. Chrome don't get you home. I thought most all aluminum wheels had the chrome caps covering the wheel grease dust caps??? It would look pretty bad running the wheel without the chrome, but granted, give better access to measuring heat.
dryfly 08/24/19 05:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Yellowstone Grant/Madison CG's

My Grayhawk is 30" 9", and I was towing a CRV. I called the campground number and over a few days they found me a 3 night and a 2 night opening,(2 different campgrounds) THAT THEY SAID WOULD FIT my equipment, so no surprises upon arrival. I strongly recommend calling, not using the website. and Yellowstone was great (only our 5th trip)... You did not mention but I'm assuming the 2 different campgrounds you stayed at were Grant and Madison. Were your sites back in or pull through? I did make reservations over the phone but the folks I talked with were at a reservation center and not at the campground and basically were repeating what they had been told about the campsites, i.e. 30 feet max. If you remember the number where I could actually speak with someone at the Yellowstone campgrounds I would really appreciate.
dryfly 08/15/19 08:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Yellowstone Grant/Madison CG's

There are no measurement police, no one will come around with a tape measure to see if your unit is 30' or 30" 6" or 35' for that matter. If your unit fits in the site then you are good to go so long as it does not stick out into the roadway. I have never seen a NPS cg where the tow vehicle did not have room to pull into the site. Maybe not enough room but close. I had the rangers at Yosemite tell me to park my truck sideways once. Not that being said, if you cannot get into the site then you are out of luck, no refunds and they will not find you a different site. I appreciate your reply, but it does not answer the question. I know they will not measure my trailer, and I know if a vehicle is in the road you will be asked to leave. What I'm asking in my OP is if anyone has had experience with actually staying in these campgrounds, and if the sites will actually accommodate anything slightly over 30'.
dryfly 08/15/19 06:48pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Yellowstone Grant/Madison CG's

Grant and Madison campgrounds say max of 30' for trailers in back-in sites. After making reservations in May, I just picked up my new 5th wheel and found it is 30'6". I've looked at pictures of the campsites and can't imagine another 6" is going to be a deal breaker but if anyone has camped there I'd certainly appreciate opinions. I can't determine if 30' is the length of the site, or if it's a measurement with the trailer's wheels backed up to the log stop and the rear of the trailer hanging over. I called the reservations center today and was assured they could work me in a spot, but I'd hate to drive for 3 days to find it's a no go. Any help appreciated.
dryfly 08/15/19 04:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Grand Design purchase

Dave, I understand your frustration and we all expect these RV products to last longer than 2 years. However, all warranties are published for a specific amount of time. We know that when we purchase. If the product is past that period, why is it the manufacturer's responsibility to cover it? Granted, sometimes they make exceptions, but that is not mandatory on their part. As you say, pretty much all manufacturers are turning out cheaply made products.
dryfly 08/10/19 03:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wiring question

Based on the proximity of your entertainment center to your outside kitchen $1000 is an insane price. By the floor plan it looks as if one wall separates the entertainment area from the outside kitchen. I think it would be impossible to give you specific directions, but if you simply are careful not to drill into wiring, plumbing, etc you will be fine. Looks as if your drilling is in an area that will not be seen, i.e. behind the TV.
dryfly 08/10/19 03:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: reading transmission fluid dipstick

Actually the checking of Trans fluid levels is done in 2 steps. First step, check level with Engine off and Trans cold. With pressure bleed down this level will be max. Should be close or slightly over full. Smell the fluid and check color, should not smell burnt and show a cherry color. 2nd step, warm up Engine/Trans, run through all gears to bleed any air bubbles out, shift to neutral with parking brake on. This will be your operating level. After a few times you will be able to check Trans level hot or cold. Some Trans bleed pressure down back into the pan, some hold in servos, valve body and galleys. Well, this is getting interesting from several points. I've got to ask you about your second step. Instead of just "warming up the engine" wouldn't it need to get to full operating temperature before a final measurement is made? I don't think you are going to get the same dipstick reading on a warm transmission as one that the fluid is at 170 degrees or whatever the normal operating range is on a specific truck. But, I'll try both today and see what I get.
dryfly 08/03/19 11:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: reading transmission fluid dipstick

The lowest reading is always the correct one. If the fluid was higher, then it would read higher on both sides, not just one side. The higher side is generally due to scrapping across the bend. Be sure to check the fluid at operating temp with the truck running while in park. I was able to talk to a former Dodge technician today and he said the same thing. I've changed the fluid several times and did not remember this being an issue before. I know the tip end of the dipstick goes straight down into the pan but there has to be a bend to get it up into engine compartment. It's got to be dragging across a bend. Full operating temps must be reached if you intend to get a measurement to the "full" mark. I think it is possible to warm the engine up and get a basic reading but I would not want to rely on that measurement. I personally use neutral to measure based on my Dodge manual and various articles I've read.
dryfly 08/02/19 05:19pm Tow Vehicles
reading transmission fluid dipstick

I have an '05 Dodge 2500 with the 48RE transmission. When I try to check my transmission fluid I get a different reading on each side of the dipstick. On one side the fluid level is halfway between the "fill" and "max" level. One the other side the fluid is 1/2" below the fill line. The side that shows low does seem to be a nice clean level line. Am I dragging the other side across a bend in the fill tube and getting a bunch of residue from the tube??
dryfly 08/02/19 12:01pm Tow Vehicles
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