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RE: Streaming with an iPhone

The lightning to HDMI adapter is working out just fine. I found that when using the iPhone as a hotspot, Verizon will throttle down the download speed at a lower amount than if using the cell data to stream.
dryfly 10/10/22 02:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Streaming with an iPhone

I purchased an apple lightning to hdmi connector. Hdmi adaptor Then connect to a hdmi input on the TV. It has worked very well for me. I usually have the IPhone connected to wifi. What you get on the TV is the same as what is on the iPhone display. The adaptor also has a lightning import port you can use for power from a USB charge port to keep the iPhone battery charged Thanks for all the suggestions. I just ordered the Apple HDMI adapter suggested in this post. It looks like there are several ways to accomplish mirroring but the adapter cable looks like the most efficient.
dryfly 10/03/22 09:42pm Technology Corner
Streaming with an iPhone

What would be the most cost effective way to stream video, such as Netflix, on an iPhone and mirror that content to my TV receiver in the 5th wheel? The TV is not a smart TV but I do have both an Amazon Fire Stick and a Roku stick that could be used. I'm thinking there may be a way to interface the two using Bluetooth, or by an HDMI adapter cable. Just wondering what method is the most reliable.
dryfly 10/02/22 06:24pm Technology Corner
RE: current diesel fuel pricing

It's a market thing. Diesel is primarily serving commercial operators. They have to buy X gallons per week regardless of the price. Efficiency is always important. Even with low fuel prices, fuel is still a major cost of business. The result is diesel prices tend to be inelastic. That means they tend to be slower to go up and down. Gasoline is primarily used by private individuals. Particularly when fuel prices are low, they tend to be less focused on efficiency, so when prices rise, they have more ability to reduce consumption. It could be as simple as easing off the throttle. It could be taking the compact car instead of the big truck. It could be skipping an optional trip. With a major price spike like we just went thru, it's not hard for a typical family to cut 10-30% off their gasoline consumption. The result is gasoline prices tend to be more elastic and thus go up and down faster as they try to react to the changes in demand. Thank you. That's a very good explanation of what I was asking in my OP. I really was not asking what the price is in a specific city or state, but why in general there is currently a large spread in gas vs. diesel prices. In addition to the overall static consumption of diesel fuel for commercial shipping purposes, I would assume we are seeing a current trend of this going higher. My reason being we are seeing the supply chain open up after a year of issues, and then there seems to be less problem finding drivers for trucks. More products and more trucks on the road equals higher diesel consumption.
dryfly 09/12/22 08:42pm General RVing Issues
current diesel fuel pricing

Locally, I'm seeing gasoline prices drop considerably, however diesel pricing doesn't seem to be going down as fast. Is the same thing happening in your area? It seems the price differential between regular gasoline and diesel is usually about 50 - 75 cents. Now it is about $1.40. What's going on with this?
dryfly 09/12/22 08:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Front Cap

I park my fifth wheel under a canopy but the sun can still get the front cap, I keep it waxed but is there any company that does just a cover that would only cover the front cap? Similar situation here. I went to Harbor Freight and got a heavy plastic tarp and modified it to fit the nose of the 5th wheel. They sell cheap metal grommets that can be used after cutting to shape the tarp. I used a piece of 3/4" EMT electrical conduit on top of the front of the trailer to hold the top of the tarp, and another piece of conduit laying on the pin box to hold the bottom. The top of the tarp is zip tied to the top conduit. Pieces of nylon rope are tied to the top piece of conduit, and run vertically under the tarp and go through pool noodles to the bottom piece of conduit to hold the tarp off the nose of the trailer to prevent the tarp from abrasing the nose of the trailer. Both pieces of conduit are tied off toward the back of the trailer to keep them in place.
dryfly 07/06/22 08:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Direct TV Question

Help! For those of you who travel with Direct TV, are you able to watch regional sports networks? We have Bally's Sports Southwest here in Texas, but I can't get a straight answer on whether or not we will be able to pick up those broadcasts traveling through the western U.S. states. The answer is yes. I have a standard Directv package (no special sports package) and we watch Rangers games wherever I can get a signal.
dryfly 06/03/22 11:02am Technology Corner
RE: Schwintek (Lippert) Slideout Motors

If the system was not installed correctly as in correct tolerances, squareness, size of opening etc, it's probably going to be problematic no matter what motor. That is the case more often than not, as the builders all suck and care less about having any QC or QA. Slap it together, push it out the door and let dealer and buyer deal with it. Lipptrt customer support? Now that's an oxymoron. roflmao. I'm thinking the same thing. While it would be nice to have motors with more torque, if the slide is not currently operating correctly, and has some alignment problems, putting more force on it may produce untoward affects. I'm wondering if anyone has tried the Schwintek type motors on amazon that are lower in cost: https://www.amazon.com/236575-Wall-Slide-Out-Motor-Assembly/dp/B09DPCGTT9/ref=sr_1_4?crid=DVWURBI1REEB&keywords=schwinntek%2Bslide%2Bmotor&qid=1654275052&sprefix=schwingtek%2Bslide%2Bmotors%2Caps%2C91&sr=8-4&th=1
dryfly 06/03/22 10:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Black Tank Valve

Has anybody here had to cut open the bottom and insulation to get to the valve? And how do you replace it if it has a cable that runs to the front of the trailer? I'm at a loss as to what to do! Most likely you are going to need to get to the valve to repair it. Some folks remove the underbelly, or if they know the exact location of the valve they can cut an opening in the underbelly then tape it back when finished. The tank and valve should be in close proximity to the valve handle. Drop one side of the underbelly below where the pull cable handle is and you can probably see where the valve is. When you get access to the valve you MUST make sure you have dumped all it's contents before removing the 4 screws that hold the blade valve together or you will get lots of stuff in your face. Once you get the valve apart you can observe any problem with the valve, which usually only requires cleaning and lubing. Remove the cable from the valve and see if it moves freely. If the cable is binding inside the outer sheath you probably will have to replace it, but you might get some lube in it. Also, what do you mean by "turning" the cable handle. You only pull and push it.
dryfly 04/03/22 03:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Trade in values

Are most RV dealers giving top dollar for trade ins right now? Yes, dealers are giving top dollar for your used RV right now. And yes, they will then sell you a new RV for top dollar.
dryfly 03/20/22 10:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Yellowstone second thoughts.

One comment on the crowds. I was there in June of last year and the park rangers told us it was a developing into a record attendance year. There were lots of folks everywhere in the park, but seeing everything was very doable. The traffic on the roads is the worst part, mostly caused by folks that have never seen a buffalo before. Parking at the various attractions was a little tough at times, but with a little patience that too is doable. Once you get out of your vehicle and on the trails, the crowds really don't present that much of a problem.
dryfly 03/20/22 10:24pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: iPad as a GPS device

I recently got a wifi only (non-cellular) iPad. Is there a way to tether the iPad to an iPhone to enable using it as a GPS device? Just found this after I posted my response. “AirLocation is an iOS app that sends GPS data from your iPhone to your Wi-Fi-only iPad. To use it, you activate the Personal Hotspot on the iPhone, connect the iPad to the hotspot and run the app on both devices. Now you can use proper, accurate GPS data to track yourself on the iPad's large screen.” https://www.wired.com/2011/04/airlocation-sends-gps-data-from-iphone-to-ipad/ I couldn’t find the actual app anywhere but it did lead me to numerous other posts both on the internet and YouTube about how to accomplish what your trying to do. Hope this helps. That sounds like the solution, but as you say the app is nowhere to be found. I'm surprised there are not more apps like that out there. I'll do some more searching and look for the posts you mention. Thanks.
dryfly 03/20/22 09:51pm Technology Corner
RE: iPad as a GPS device

I do not know if the I-pad can read the phone's GPS however Can you get a GPS Dongle for the I-Pad. most of them are designed to plug into USB-2 or 3 but you might be able to find one for the pad. This will be WIRED however (plugs in) I have one for a radio I use that I've yet to install (Need better weather and a few parts) Once that's done my radio will know where it is all the time... (some of them do now but this is the one in my car so it moves) If the pad has a standard USB port look at the Garmin GPS-18X The one I have does NOT have a USB connector but they make it with. I am not that familiar with the iPad but I don't think the port on the iPad is a standard USB 2 or 3 port. Maybe someone will correct me if I'm wrong. I bet if it were possible there would be lots of info out there, and of yet I have found none. I did a quick look at the Garmin 18X and it appears it is for interfacing with a computer. Since I have other GPS devices to rely on, I'm not that interested in spending a lot of time or money, but just wondered if the phone and pad might work together. It's looking like it's a no go.
dryfly 03/19/22 02:56pm Technology Corner
RE: iPad as a GPS device

Wifi only iPads do not contain the GPS hardware to allow them to act as a standalone GPS. The OP is wanting to know if the iPhone can somehow share it's GPS info with the iPad. I don't believe simply using the iPhone as a hotspot will work for that. It would be easy to test, though. Yes, maybe I need to clarify my OP. I already know how to how to tether via Bluetooth and WiFi, and use as a hotspot. Since the iPad has no built-in GPS, I want to use the iPhone's capabilities, and also because of the larger monitor on the iPad. I've tried it before on another older iPad with marginal success. There was considerable lag time between the GPS reading on the Pad and that of the phone.
dryfly 03/17/22 04:35pm Technology Corner
iPad as a GPS device

I recently got a wifi only (non-cellular) iPad. Is there a way to tether the iPad to an iPhone to enable using it as a GPS device?
dryfly 03/17/22 11:31am Technology Corner
RE: Road side assistance

dryfly, don't leave me hanging. Who'd you end up with? I had thought that CoachNet was the one, but lately, I'm changing my mind. But still looking. Well, sad to say, I'm my own roadside assistance at this time. We don't do much long distance traveling now so most of the places we go I'm familiar with close towns and would just call for tow service. I'm close to 80 but I can still change tires, replace batteries, etc. I really don't mind paying the yearly fees charged now but honestly there are so many negative stories vs. positive stories out there it seems like a waste of time/money to depend on these companies and get left on hold. I realize a lot of "reviews" on the internet are meaningless, but when you hear RVer's on various forums tell of their misfortunes on the road, when they most needed help, only to be let down by these RA companies, there just doesn't seem like a good path is available.
dryfly 02/09/22 11:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Road side assistance

I took advantage of a 3 year introductory pricing offer by Good Sam last year. After 6 months of not needing roadside assistance, I kept reading very bad reviews from GS customers. There were enough of the detailed, accurate, negative reviews that I called and took advantage of their prorated cancellation policy. I will say they made it very easy to cancel and I promptly received a refund to my credit card. I was a past member of Coachnet, and used them one time about 10 years ago. The service was excellent. But, it appears all of the roadside assistance programs were good in those days. Now, I can't find any company that constantly receives an A rating. I don't trust every review I read on the internet, but when the sincere bad reports become the norm, it's time to give strong consideration who you are doing business with.
dryfly 02/07/22 09:25pm General RVing Issues
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