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RE: It finally happened

So I pose this question: Is there really any need for Dog Experts? Don't we have enough DNA level experience by now and enough Common knowledge..lore if you like to suffice for managing this relationship? When I see the results of so many poor judgements and lack of knowledge about canine behavior demonstrated over and over based on ignorance or bad information and old perceptions, YES there needs to be experts.
dturm 05/30/15 06:32am RV Pet Stop
RE: It finally happened

I think much of the controversy regarding "alpha" and "dominance" comes because of semantics and the tendency for some to oversimplify canine behavior. Most veterinary behaviorists tend to dislike the older terminology and methods - basically not believing in dominance, strict punishment and control. Most believe that dogs have evolved enough that their social structure and patterns identify less and less with wolves and have basically their own patterns. Essentially, the veterinary behaviorists see a more successful method (with less stress to the dog and risk to both dog and owner) using methods that don't include physical domination and punishment when the dog is not compliant. This isn't an area of expertise for me, but I tried to summarize my understanding of what I've been hearing about from the veterinary side.
dturm 05/29/15 02:05pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Heartworms developing resistance to monthly preventatives

I see Filaribits coming back on the market :B Seriously, this is a real problem that is being studied. Our best defense right now is to get every dog on preventive all year long. Because of the potential, it is VERY important to get an annual heartworm test even if being given medication.
dturm 05/29/15 01:54pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Charlie did me in, LOL!!

I see this situation from both sides, and it's a mess. Sandy has chronic degenerative spine and requires frequent pain treatment. It's gotten so bad that regular doctors don't like to give prescriptions of controlled drugs for fear that the DEA will show up locked and loaded. Then there is the record keeping and expense of dealing with controlled drugs (I deal with that professionally and it's a pain - pun intended) I understand that there is a drug problem in our society, but to make it so difficult to prescribe or get drugs for those who really need them isn't a good solution. Neither was the "Just say NO" campaign or locking up drug offenders (half our jail population is drug related) are solutions. The cost's due to people feeding their habits and then society housing them in jails just doesn't seem to be reasonable. Now they are trying to reduce supply by making it harder to get controlled drugs. We know how effective that is, just look at how prohibition fueled organized crime. Now the drug cartel/organizations component of crime will find a source even if every prescribed controlled drugs are eliminated. If you can tell, this is a sore subject with me. Doug, DVM
dturm 05/29/15 01:47pm RV Pet Stop
RE: It finally happened

I can't tell you the exact number of surgical repairs I've had to do on dogs who were doing the meet and greet at a dog park or day care, but there were a bunch. I guess I see the down side results. Doug, DVM
dturm 05/29/15 07:21am RV Pet Stop
RE: It finally happened

No flames from me. Totally agree.
dturm 05/27/15 06:08pm RV Pet Stop
RE: It finally happened

Your reactions to the situation shows a real understanding of dogs and dog behavior. Too bad everybody doesn't have that and that many of the people that make and enforce the rules don't have a clue.
dturm 05/27/15 04:06am RV Pet Stop
RE: suggetions for care of diabetic dog?

13 units isn't a huge dose for that size dog. How long have you been working on the regulation? I've had a bunch of patients that went pretty much as you are describing and when we got to that magic number (dose of insulin) there was a dramatic rapid leveling of glucose levels. I think the big thing is to keep the communication going with your vet. If things are not going as fast as you want, see if there is an alternative protocol. Sometimes it's difficult to tell what really worked when you start changing everything at once (diet, insulin dose, insulin type ...) and as long as there isn't a medical reason, the slow path your vet is using yields the best long term success. BTW, I really like the Stewart's treats too.
dturm 05/26/15 01:38pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Meloxicam for arthritis in dogs?

There are several nsaids that work for arthritis, each has it's potential problems, but properly monitored and dosed they can be given long term with tremendous benefit in quality of life. Metacam is the brand name meloxicam for animals. The human dose is such that the generic human formulas only work for very large dogs, so you might need to use a compounded or animal formula. There is no one treatment or nsaid that works best for every animal. If Rimadyl (carprofen) worked in the past there is no special benefit to doing meloxicam rather than rimadyl. Find what works best in your dog (including least amount of side effects) then don't be afraid to use it long term. I've had dogs on one nsaid or another for 5 or more years with no long term effects. It's important to have regular checks with your vet and be aware of the potential side effects, but these drugs are relatively safe for long term use. DMSO can be effective too. Most patients progress in the degree of pain to the point where they need more than one drug or treatment mode to achieve a reasonable quality of live. Doug, DVM BTW, I'm on meloxicam for my arthritis and it's helpful (not magic but certainly beneficial).
dturm 05/26/15 01:29pm RV Pet Stop
RE: suggetions for care of diabetic dog?

One quick thought and question, has she been spayed? One of the biggest problems with diabetics is a heat cycle - just can't get them regulated. What kind of insulin? I've had some that a switch in types or using multiple types works (regular and humulin-N). This whole process can get really frustrating.
dturm 05/25/15 03:44pm RV Pet Stop
RE: suggetions for care of diabetic dog?

I think you are doing just fine. If you're concerned about the corn content, talk to the vet again and if not satisfied with his/her answer, get a second opinion from another unassociated vet. The vet will say the food is the best you can get. I have been told they get a nice kickback for pushing the stuff. I bought a bag my dog ate it but it's expensive and the feeding guidelines are crazy. Maybe someone that is a member and stranger from an RV forum can offer good advice. That food is full of fillers and does not seem to have a very good reputation. Total GARBAGE. First, no kickbacks ever with any vet from Hill's/Science Diet. We purchase at wholesale and sell at retail with a smaller markup than PetSmart and the others get with their foods. Second, "fillers" are important in diabetics. Fiber tends to moderate glucose spikes, so that is beneficial. Corn isn't a problem in the amounts in WD. There are diabetic specific diets if you hare having trouble regulating when feeding the WD. Doug, DVM
dturm 05/25/15 02:09pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Calvin's PSA; Summers just around the corner, ...

And I run in such an elderly crowd, I thought "Calvin had a prostate check?" :B Me too!! I claim medical background, not age ;) Actually, this is a very good reminder - Thanks Calvin.
dturm 05/23/15 01:40am RV Pet Stop
RE: New puppy - a few questions

You are aware that what kills the fleas kills the dog? Bluntly put. Research it!!!!!!! I was going to let this go, but I just have to respond :) This is a very sensational statement long on drama and short on facts. If you have research supporting your assertion, show it. Have there been deaths reportedly associated with flea products? YES. These terrible situations have been thoroughly investigated and fit into categories of: 1. owner error (using dog product on cats), improper dosing (using large dog dose on small dog) 2. specific product related problem (a specific Hartz product was implicated a few years ago) 3. use on a sick/debilitated animal 4. use of a product that was tampered with - specifically counterfeit product usually purchases cheaply on the internet from unknown sources. What these sensational stories/statements fail to mention is that serious diseases ARE transmitted or spread by fleas and ticks and are a threat to people as well as your pets. Fleas and ticks are not just a nuisance. Responses have mentioned Lyme disease, but other diseases happen as well: Bartonellosis, Erlichiosis, Rickettsial diseases (several including Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever), Meningoencephalitis, tapeworms, and most frightening to me is that there are new ones showing up that we don't know about. One other note, in 37 years of practice I have not seen a single death from a flea/tick product; and that includes many years when the products used were not as safe as the spot ons we now have. Reactions were not usual, but not uncommon - those being topical irritation where the spot on was applied. BTW, advantix is labeled for use in puppies as young as 7 wks of age. Just make sure you use the appropriate size for the weight of the puppy. Doug, DVM
dturm 05/20/15 05:48am RV Pet Stop
RE: Emergency Travel Kit

This is a list provided by the AVMA. I would add to the campers list medications your pet may have needed in the past for diarrhea (metronidazole or loperamide), benadryl, topical cortisone, something for nausea (either zofran or cerenia) and crazy glue. I'll keep on thinking about other additions. eye wash antibiotic cream and antiseptic cleaner
dturm 05/14/15 01:19pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Purina v Blue Buffalo update

And to flip that coin....our three dogs now, and 3 before that, were all on Blue. We do feed the blue "Freedom" grain free, and all are in great shape, lots of nice shiny coat, and quite active. I never said or implied that dogs can't do well and thrive on BB, just as they can on plain old Dog Chow and just about every brand of dog food out there. It is the task of the owner to find what works best for their dog as NO food is universally the best for every individual. It's just that their advertising is misleading. Their business model does not put scientifically proven medical/nutritional information as the first consideration. Then it's now been proven that they made false claims about their ingredients. That just about blows my trust in this company (what there was to start with).
dturm 05/14/15 09:43am RV Pet Stop
RE: Kidneys, Struvite and Maine Coons

Struvite stones are composed primarily of Magnesium, ammonium and phosphate (they used to be named triple phosphate), so phosphorus is a factor. Cat food companies have done such a good job changing formulations in the last 30 years that we see a VERY small number of cats with stones/crystals compared to when I started practice. An animal fed an appropriate quality pet food diet shouldn't develop stones/crystals. In my experience, if they do there probably is some other factor, either genetics, behavior/husbandry (don't drink enough water), infection or structural problems that lead to this problem. In dogs, I suspect a good 75% of the individuals that have these problems are Schnauzer or schnauzer crosses or Dalmatians. We treat the formation through diet changes, the additives and prescription usually do a fairly good job to control the stone/crystal formation. The only reason a cat with a struvite issue would be more prone to chronic renal disease is when there would be severe or multiple obstructive events. One other possibility is if there were a genetic problem with metabolism or the kidneys. Re: Epakitin, our Henry is in chronic renal failure. We don't really know his age (he was a stray) but is probably around 15-16. His BUN runs about 50 and his Creatinine a little over 2 (both mild elevations). He is on Epakitin and is fairly good about eating it on his food. The theory is that it binds phosphate in the gut so that it isn't absorbed into circulation. Aluminum Hydroxide is also used. Neither of these cures the kidney disease, but they can make the cat feel better. The special diet for struvite crystals really shouldn't have much bearing on development of the renal disease. While 12 seems young, I've seen much younger cats develop CRF, I think that is probably just bad luck or hereditary roulette. Doug, DVM
dturm 05/13/15 02:39pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Purina v Blue Buffalo update

Sorry, Blue Buffalo has NO credibility in my book. It is a company built on advertising and profit and claims about nutrition are just without merit. If you check their web site, they list all their top executives, board of directors and nowhere is a veterinary nutritionist. Do they ever do food trials that are based on anything other than palatability as do many reputable food companies including Purina, Mars/P&G (Iams, Eukanuba), Hill's, Royal Canin? Their whole schtick is that they provide a natural, holostic diet with things you'd eat with no "objectionable" ingredients. Their premise that byproducts and meat meal is objectionable is just false. Quality byproducts and meal (and even grains) can provided needed nutrients and can be excellent sources of valuable nutrients. They got caught. Doug, DVM
dturm 05/13/15 07:31am RV Pet Stop
RE: Good bye Ava

Sound like Ava had a good life due to some real caring folks you worked with. Sorry for your loss. I've had a few GSDs make it to 17-18, but not many.
dturm 05/11/15 04:11pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Reglan for dogs

For long term, I like Zofran but the time frame you're talking about shouldn't be a problem.
dturm 05/09/15 12:46pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Cleft Palate Surgery

I only remember doing one, and it was very minor - just a small hole in the soft palate. Every other one I encountered I referred to a more qualified surgeon. Good luck. Doug, DVM
dturm 05/07/15 01:08pm RV Pet Stop
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