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RE: Sweet Abby

So sorry about Abby. I know she'll appreciate the time she has left and you'll make it special. BTW, I've had a couple of cases similar, one made it several months. Knowing Abby's breed and location, did they theorize that this is a hemangiosarcoma tumor in the heart that has started "leaking?" Doug, DVM
dturm 11/25/15 12:23pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Andy has a mass in his liver

Rita, I'm so sorry you're going through this. We know all to well what this is like having lost Jill just a couple of weeks ago because of tumors in her liver and spleen. Just give him hugs for as long as you have him. Doug
dturm 11/23/15 01:21pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A delicate question.

Contacting a local vet is the best advice. If they cannot offer services directly, they certainly can give you information about who to contact in the area. We have provided this service many times over the years to people who were visiting or passing through our area. Another bookmark to keep handy is the AAHA hospital lookup search engine. When planning a trip with an elderly pet or when you have an animal that has major ongoing problems this would be a useful tool in keeping track of what's available along your trip. Doug, DVM
dturm 11/22/15 09:01am RV Pet Stop
RE: Crossing state lines laws

With the bird flu epidemic last year and the loss of laying hens (have you seen egg prices) some states have instituted pretty strict bird movement regulations. I'm not sure that applies to parrots, but certainly many birds.
dturm 11/19/15 06:25pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Testing Junior the Cat's Blood Glucose

Generally ear is tolerated better (less pain). Rub and warm the ear first. Some cats like to be bundled in a towel with the head out and one person holding the cat while the other does the stick. The new blood meters are great because they really need only a very small drop of blood. Hope this helps. BTW if you do foot pad, go to the side where the pad joins the skin... fewer nerve endings. This area isn't so good on long haired cats.
dturm 11/18/15 06:27pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Testing Junior the Cat's Blood Glucose

Where were you getting the sample, ear, toe or elsewhere? Sometimes cats can adjust, but many don't. The stress of getting the sample will elevate the glucose level making the results less meaningful. I've found that some cats get so stressed during the hospitalization for the glucose curve that it's problematic. That's not to say don't do a curve, just there are factors to consider. Doug, DVM
dturm 11/18/15 02:34pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Spaying pets

This is an area of controversy. There is a statistical association between some issues found later in life, but a causal relation has yet to be proven. Essentially increases in cruciate rupture, hip dysplasia and bone cancer have been reported. It is easy to associate the weight gain commonly seen in spayed females with the cruciate and hip issues. This is more of an issue to be considered in large breed dogs and working dogs. The increase in incidence of these is WAY less than the increase in incidence of breast cancer associated with delayed spaying, especially in small dogs and house pets. As in most things in life, risk vs reward. Doug, DVM
dturm 11/17/15 06:20pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Spaying pets

I'm still in the camp that believes that spaying before the first heat has benefits that FAR OUTWEIGH any potential downside. My recommendations are to have them done together at the same time and before 8 months of age. While there may be an association with musculoskeletal issues and hormone related incontinence, there IS a major association with the number one cancer in female dogs - breast cancer. There are permanent changes in breast tissue that happen with the first heat cycle and the associated hormone changes that make the potential of breast cancer 200X more likely (that's the figure I've heard used most often). The more heat cycles, the greater the risk. If spayed before the first heat, the incidence of breast cancer in females becomes the same as in males. In 37 years of practice, I didn't see one case of breast cancer in a female spayed before her first heat. As far as urination with excitement, there doesn't see to be any association with spaying, sorry this isn't the reason. This happens in spayed and unspayed, male and female. Doug, DVM
dturm 11/17/15 05:04am RV Pet Stop
RE: Old dog leaving calling cards

Cholodin is a nutritional supplement, not really a prescription item. I usually like to start this at the first signs of CCD, it doesn't stop the progress but can lessen the signs. There is really no reason not to try it. Anipryl is a different story and I agree with your vet about starting this med.
dturm 11/12/15 11:11am RV Pet Stop
RE: Old dog leaving calling cards

Cholodin works pretty quickly, usually within a few days. I'd say the success rate is greater than 50%, but even those that don't have total success may have some benefit in that the frequency of problems related to age are not as severe or happen as often.
dturm 11/12/15 08:49am RV Pet Stop
RE: Old dog leaving calling cards

I have found that sometimes a medication used for CCD (canine cognitive dysfunction) can help this condition. I usually start with Cholodin or try Anipryl. This is a very common problem in older dogs. Doug, DVM
dturm 11/12/15 04:35am RV Pet Stop
RE: Why do Dogs like to ....

All of my dogs have been stick-a-holics, and yes, they bring the stick right back at a dead run and throw it down at your feet for another toss. Just a little warning... When you let your dog run with sticks, train them to run with the sticks across the mouth rather than sticking out the front like a cigar. I had a few cases where the stick got impaled in the jaw or soft palate when the dog stumbled or ran into something. Many of our dogs chased sticks. It was great fun, and Amanda was the best. She kept looking for bigger sticks. It got to be funny watching her trying to bring back a log. Doug, DVM
dturm 11/10/15 02:23pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Canine management chart (illustrated)

:B Probably better managers than some I've seen...
dturm 11/09/15 08:39am RV Pet Stop
RE: Shaking, pacing and panting

You might want to try a Thundershirt. Excellent idea.
dturm 11/07/15 04:53pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Shaking, pacing and panting

The adaptil (formerly DAP) can help with anxiety. There are also prescription medications if that alone does not work. Also these symptoms could be nausea - motion sickness. The benedryl could help, but there other medications that might work better. Cerenia, Zofran (generic), metoclopramide are all prescription meds you could request from your vet. Also dramamine and bonine can work. Doug, DVM
dturm 11/07/15 01:48pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Can my dog ride in the back of my pickup truck?

Some states it is perfectly legal, some it is not, some localities have laws against it too. Most of those states where it's legal require the animal to be secured either by tethering or in a crate. I didn't read every article referenced, but another thing to consider is the level of carbon monoxide and exhaust that naturally accumulates in a pickup bed due to aerodynamics. Studies have shown dangerous levels to the point that it's a health hazard. Doug, DVM
dturm 11/07/15 08:20am RV Pet Stop
RE: Another great one gone

Sorry for your loss. We know the exact feelings as Jill (13 years old) left us yesterday after finding masses in her spleen, liver and possibly elsewhere. We had a few more years, but it's never enough. Doug
dturm 11/05/15 09:42am RV Pet Stop
RE: Jill's final trip

...Or perhaps she picked you, which is usually the case... I think this was the case. She came just a few months after Megan died, she helped us through the death of my brother and the adjustments of retiring and moving, pretty stressful times in our lives. She gave us way more than she got from us, pretty typical of dogs. Thank you all for the kind words, they really do help.
dturm 11/05/15 05:38am RV Pet Stop
RE: Rimadyl Or What

Don't be too hard on your local vet. The markup on brand name Metacam mostly comes from the drug company, Boehringer Ingelheim. What markup your vet does is "probably" a pretty standard markup that covers the costs involved in purchase,keeping the item in stock on the shelves so you can come in and get it immediately, costs involved in prescribing (record keeping and liability), and a reasonable profit. Also according to most rules and regulations your vet has to abide by are established by the FDA, DEA (in cases of controlled substances) and state boards of veterinary medicine. In most cases, a DVM is REQUIRED to use or prescribe the medication that has been labeled for use in the species being treated when that medication is available. Even though the human medication may be identical, it is an "off label" use prescribing it to a non-human and your vet might be opening him or herself to legal action either by you a federal or a state licensing agency. The same things goes for compounded medications. Those regulations have been pushed by drug companies, but they have at their heart an attempt to safeguard your animals as well as the drug company bottom line. There are "outs" for us, but it's not quite a straight forward easy option. Some of us are a little more flexible, it seems like 37 years of practice have made me a little immune to the political junk. Doug, DVM
dturm 11/04/15 02:03pm RV Pet Stop
Jill's final trip

Jill's final trip was today. She had 5 1/2 years with us where she learned to love RVing. She had the scourge of Golden Retrievers, hemangiosarcoma. Tumors were in her spleen, liver and skin and probably had metastasized to either her brain or spinal cord or nerves to her front left leg. There was really no option other that to eliminate her suffering. Those of you who met her at the Old Fella Rallies got to see the gentle soul she was. She had a tough first 7 1/2 years, mostly ignored and left outside with little human interaction. She had heartworms and multiple intestinal parasites along with being pretty thin when we adopted her. It took her about 6 months to get past the OCD behavior that was her mechanism to cope. She grew to love the RV and camping then her housemates, first Charmin then Henry and more recently Kaylee. This was taken about a month ago at Paynetown SRA near Bloomington, IN (her favorite campground). Jill is telling Kaylee that she doesn't have to chase EVERY squirrel away. http://i454.photobucket.com/albums/qq261/dturm/DSCN0076.jpg width=720 RIP, Jill.
dturm 11/04/15 12:53pm RV Pet Stop
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