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RE: Purina Lawsuit Filed

I'm going to close this, there was a thread (previously closed). This is redundant. Propylene glycol IS the ingredient in our RV antifreeze. It is also the base/substrate for many IV and oral medications used both in animals and people. There are some individual cats somewhat more sensitive to propylene glycol, thus the elimination in foods. Generally: Proplyene glycol causes a Heinz body anemia in cats BUT The problems with Heinz body anemia in cats occurred when propylene glycol composed >8-12% of the total diet. It's unfortunate that these things get traction on the internet. The facts as presented by the plaintiff lawyer sure seems to indicate a potential of toxin, but they lost me with the discussion of propylene glycol. Mycotoxins are certainly consistent with the symptoms listed, but there are so many places where mycotoxins could enter the food (including while in possession of the owners) that causation will be difficult to prove. We just don't have enough information when trying to judge this by the press release of the plaintiff's attorney. The problem with our legal system and the internet and these types of suits is that they basically are judged guilty and if and when the suit is dismisses or lost there is very little PR. This is a good reason that the rules prohibit posting when lawsuits are contemplated or actually files. BTW, Mark (BCSnob) looked up the LD50 for propylene glycol and it's higher than Vitamin C and table salt. :)
dturm 02/25/15 10:10am RV Pet Stop
RE: Collapsing trachea

As evidenced by the responses, there are huge variation in the degree and severity of collapsing tracheas. In a huge majority it's an annoyance, but can actually be severe enough to be life threatening. Torb works great in many of the more severe cases, it has anti-tussive (cough) properties and mildly sedates so it's a great treatment for collapsing trachea when treatment is indicated. I only had one patient that I referred for surgery (in 37 years of practice).
dturm 02/24/15 01:54pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Little Dogs

I get a professional SmartBrief email daily that basically searches animal related stories related to veterinary medicine. Yesterday's brief pointed to an article about a study from Penn. Basically, there are breed tendencies but such a wide variation within a breed and so much cross-over behaviors (they studied aggression) that generalization about breeds becomes a problem. Serpell says the C-BARQ data paints a more complex picture than expected, even within breeds. So judging a dog based solely on its breed overlooks one of the most important aspects of its behavior: The influence of its owner and environment. This is a link to the story PRI (public radio international)
dturm 02/24/15 01:48pm RV Pet Stop
RE: dogs and wild life.

Shining example of those banned, evil, aggressive Dobermans :B Thanks for the share.
dturm 02/24/15 05:40am RV Pet Stop
RE: New 2015 recalls including ones containing 'listeria"

Listeria is a bacterium present just about everywhere. Avoiding Chinese sourced foods really doesn't address this particular problem. Improper food handling and preparation and cleaning equipment are the major reasons.
dturm 02/23/15 03:45pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Class action suit against Beneful for poisoning dogs

I'm going to shut this thread down but leave if open for information only, no comments allowed. Posts are not allowed in which a local, state, or federal consumer action board and/or legal counsel is/have been involved. This includes posts related to future, ongoing or past lawsuits. There are some glaring problems with either the article or law suit depending on which is accurate. Propylene glycol was mentioned as the automotive antifreeze where Ethylene glycol is the common poisonous ingredient in antifreeze. Propylene glycol is what is in our pink RV antifreeze for water lines and is a vehicle used in many oral and IV medications. Seems like a big error in reasoning or reporting. It's a stretch to go from 3000 online complaints about "food making my dog sick" to a particular food or even food for that matter being the cause. I've dealt with thousands of cases of sick dogs where the owner though they were poisoned or the food caused it where the actual cause was proven to be something else or couldn't be found. Doug, DVM
dturm 02/22/15 04:44am RV Pet Stop
RE: Canine Grain Free Food

Not so much a sore subject as misinformation, advertising and internet postings taken as fact. You have given a great example of finding a food type that works for your dog and trying to stick with it. There is obviously a GI issue that has been addresses successfully with diet and you have a happy, healthy dog. This situation points out a difficulty with getting information (especially medical) over the internet. None of us have the history and medical information that you and your vet have and run the danger of giving inappropriate responses.
dturm 02/21/15 07:12pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Had to make a very hard decision yesterday!

So sorry for your loss. While hard, sometimes it's the best thing for the dog and you showed how much you loved him.
dturm 02/21/15 12:44pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Canine Grain Free Food

Why are you concerned with grain free??? Absent a true allergy to corn, wheat or soy there is no proven benefit to grain free in dogs (or cats for that matter). Apparently Blue Buffalo has done a good job marketing. The grains do add calories, but adjusting amounts is usually all that is needed. Find a food that your dog does well on and is readily available and you should be good to go. Doug, DVM Oh boy, here we go again with a food thread.
dturm 02/21/15 12:09pm RV Pet Stop
RE: How Do You Handle Litter Odor?

Henry in on K/D (hill's renal diet) when he'll eat it and epakitin - a phosphate binder. His medical condition is currently a balancing act, he's also hyperthyroid. Treating this reduces BP to normal levels but tends to reduce kidney function. The hyperthyroid is presently controlled on methimazole but that showed us a latent kidney issue that was hidden by the hyperthyroid condition (very common situation). He's a big cat - 15# and not overweight when normal, now he's under 12#. We're worried about keeping his weight up and as long as his kidney function tests remain reasonable, we'll not force the food issue. Thanks for the thought about food, that really is an effective treatment of chronic kidney disease.
dturm 02/20/15 08:41am RV Pet Stop
RE: How Do You Handle Litter Odor?

We're finishing our second month out and have to report the best litter we've found is Cat's Pride Fresh & Light - fragrance free. It's a clumping, light weight and handles odors while not having the overpowering fragrance that doesn't work in the small spaces of an RV. One other note, Henry is in the early stages of renal failure which means that his body compensates by increasing water consumption and producing HUGE amounts of urine. This litter absorbs all his urine without forming the paste that makes the clumps attach to the litter box like other forms did. One other plus is that he doesn't track as much litter as the other brands. Doug
dturm 02/20/15 08:11am RV Pet Stop
RE: Drone deliveries and dogs

This is an area where technology has shot way ahead of our laws. Even the proposed regulations on drones won't go into effect for a couple of years (if my understanding is right) and if Amazon has anything to do with it, the proposals will be changed before enacted. I think the question about invasion of privacy is one that will be battled out in the courts. There is no question that with increased numbers and use by anyone out there (rather than trained, skilled users) that they could become a problem in lots of different ways. There have even been reports of "near misses" with commercial aircraft. The question about these things being dangerous to living things is a no brainer. That's why the RC clubs have flying fields and for the most part hobby fliers observe safety protocols. I've never seen an injury to an animal or a person from contact with a prop from an RC plane or helicopter, but I've seen many cats severely wounded from fan belt/radiator fan injuries and they aren't pretty. I'd suspect a similar type of injury, just a little less force from a small drone. Doug, DVM
dturm 02/16/15 02:45pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Dangerously low temps/Florida warnings for pets??

Cancel your reservations to our state parks Now! Maybe we can get in. We do pay for them in taxes. You just pay the fee. Okay,just shorten your visit Sarcasm off. You don't pay income tax or inheritance tax like most other states. We visitors pay substantial hotel tax (also added to campground fees, at least in some areas) added to the sales tax, gas tax and spend money so your businesses pay taxes so I guess we pay a significant part for your state parks. So I guess we can use the state parks :B
dturm 02/16/15 06:26am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Dan, come on down here - it did get down to 32 last night and all the native residents were feeling the chill, but highs are into the 50-60's. So much better than up where you are.
dturm 02/14/15 06:19am RV Pet Stop
RE: Resuming heartworm preventative without a test ?

It depends on the preventive being used :). Heartgard and generics(ivermectin) are often given to heartworm positive dogs before treatment. So while there is a chance of a reaction, it's probably safe. Others can cause such a serious reaction that it would probably be best to test before you go. If you keep him on a preventive from here on out, you won't need another test this year. Doug, DVM
dturm 02/14/15 06:17am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Let's not get political, wouldn't want to have to edit this thread :)
dturm 02/13/15 04:44pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Pet Euthanasia at Home

Dr. Doug, I have a question for you that I've meant to ask my own vet but have never gotten around to. Let's say you have a long-time client with a very elderly pet or one who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. If that client called and said it's time for euthanasia but I'd like something I can give my pet at home to heavily relax/sedate him prior to bringing him in the final time -- would that be do-able? It seems to me that having the pet already at least partially sedated would really help a lot (both the pet and their person/people) when coming for that final visit. It seems to me to be a humane approach all around. We did this all the time. The only caveat was that most sedatives also lower blood pressure and that makes the whole procedure from our end a little more difficult, but that is a very small consideration to make the whole thing easier for all involved.
dturm 02/12/15 07:16am RV Pet Stop
RE: Pet Euthanasia at Home

An opposing perspective and things to consider: While a relaxed home setting is idealized, there are many factors that your vet considers when making the decision to offer home euthanasia. Thankfully “problems” with euthanasia do not happen often, they do happen and being in a hospital setting with access to multiple drugs and assistants allows us to deal with the unknown more expediently. Until recent DEA rulings, it was illegal for veterinarians to carry controlled substances outside of the office and there is still some ambiguity about the rules in place. Many dogs do become anxious just being in a veterinary office. Dogs are amazingly intuitive and often will react to the anxiety of their owners, particularly in the situation surrounding euthanasia. With a calm, caring staff and a family attentive to the dog’s needs during the euthanasia (rather than their own pain), an office euthanasia can be a peaceful end. I’ve done many home euthanasias but frankly didn’t like to, the benefit was more perception than real. I’ll admit that this perception is important to many. Just my perspective after doing this for 37 years. Doug, DVM
dturm 02/12/15 06:34am RV Pet Stop
RE: Do You Get Your Dogs' Teeth Cleaned?

Now just getting into personal attacks. Time to close.
dturm 02/10/15 09:54am RV Pet Stop
RE: Do You Get Your Dogs' Teeth Cleaned?

Doxiemom and CAPOPPY both give excellent advice on dental cleaning. There is a difference between individuals and breeds regarding the need and frequency for dental cleaning. Some individuals need it way more frequently (like a couple of times a year for the worst) than others that may only need the cleaning a couple of times in their lives. The other issue comes with costs. While an important part of general health, if there is a fixed limit on money available for care many will choose to spend that money on other important issues (like heartworm medication). Another note on cleaning: What your vet does is (or should be) more than just scraping the tartar (calculus) off the teeth. While this should be done on all surfaces of the teeth (lingual or tongue side too) there should be a polishing after the scaling that reduces the micro grooves created by the scraping. The teeth should be cleaned under the gum line as well. Pockets should be measured, evaluated and treated as well as a thorough examination of the oral cavity. Often your vet may recommend XRays of questionable teeth, you just can't always tell from visual exam. This thorough exam and treatment is why anesthesia should be a part, as long as the pet is medically able to undergo anesthesia. You just can't do everything necessary to an awake animal. That being said, there are patients I've done abbreviated procedures with little or no sedation due to medical condition and others that have benefited from procedures done when awake, but if you trust your vet and communicate well with her/him, you should arrive at a pretty good consensus as to the need for a dental. Doug, DVM
dturm 02/06/15 05:58am RV Pet Stop
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