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RE: Theft at a State park.......

Don’t let staying in a State Park give you a false sense of security, I was at the State Park in Lake Havasu in my truck camper, full hook ups, I unplugged my power cable but left my expensive surge protector locked to the electrical post, went around town, came back and the surge protector was gone! I complained to the front desk they asked around and then the Ranger came by with my surge protector! He said the “help” had thought I was gone and took it for safe keeping in case I would return. They didn’t check if I was there another night, which I was, they kept it in their shed, not the front desk, where I would have gone. I told the Ranger I was going to call the City Police and he wanted no part of that, so they credited me with my entire stay for free. I’ve also had chairs and a portable BBQ taken by the neighbors so they would not be “stolen”. If not for some nicer neighbors who came by and told me what happened, I would have lost those as well. Don’t trust anyone or any place….
egarant 11/02/22 02:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Proper Accumulator Tank Pressure

Well I called Shurflo today, hard to find their number, but it's 1-800-834-3218, keep it in your phone. According to the tech, if you have the 4008 pump, as stated the turn on pressure is not the re-start presure and he didn't know why the manual for the pump doesn't clearly state it. The turn on pressure for that pump is 38 psi, so the accumulator pressure should be set at 38 psi. I think someone did come to that same conclusion, but I thought I'd double check. Cheers, Mr. E
egarant 10/13/22 10:30am Tech Issues
RE: Proper Accumulator Tank Pressure

Thanks so much! Mr. E
egarant 10/10/22 04:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Proper Accumulator Tank Pressure

ACCUMULATOR TANK: Model 182 INSTALLATION MANUAL Thanks, but I do have those manuals, I'm interested in what the proper set pressure... Egads man, don't be so lazy, read the manual! From the manual that was linked above (took me a whole 2 seconds to find the info).. "RV/MARINE APPLICATIONS WITH PRESSURE SWITCH-CONTROLLED PUMPS The accumulator contributes to longer pump life, less noise, less amperage draw, and reduced water pulsation. The most efficient use of the accumulator occurs with the pre-charge set at the SAME pressure as the pump’s pressure switch “turn on” setting. Typically, a 45 psi pump will turn on around 30 psi . Therefore, the pre-charge should also be 30 psi . The pre-charge MUST be set in a “static” condition (pump off and at least one water fixture opened). Depending on pre-charge pressure to the accumulator, in relation to the pump turn on/off pressures, stored liquid is about 2 to 4 oz. . If accumulator tank pre-charge exceeds pump turn on pressure, the liquid volume is reduced." Simply put, find the TURN ON pressure of YOUR pump, set accumulator pressure to the TURN ON pressure of YOUR PUMP. Is that clear enough? I read the manual, I even quoted the one part of the manual that I had a question on....is the RESTART pressure the same as the Turn on Pressure? That's all.....
egarant 10/10/22 02:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Proper Accumulator Tank Pressure

ACCUMULATOR TANK: Model 182 INSTALLATION MANUAL Thanks, but I do have those manuals, I'm interested in what the proper set pressure...
egarant 10/10/22 12:47pm Tech Issues
Proper Accumulator Tank Pressure

Hi, I have a Shurflo 4008-101-E65 that shows a shut off at 55 psi and a restart at 40 psi. I have a Shurflo 182 accumulator tank, that if I am correct, should be set at 40 psi. That seems rather hight to me, I believe it is shipped with 20 psi. I've had them in the past but never paid attention to the proper psi, I just installed them as they came. Can anyone clarify this? Thanks, Eric
egarant 10/10/22 10:53am Tech Issues
RE: Heki 2 Skylight outer hinges

It has seen the sun 365 days a year down here in Southern California and AZ deserts, so lots of UV damage for sure.
egarant 09/01/22 03:04pm Truck Campers
RE: DC to DC charger

Best addition I ever did to my truck camper. I've got a lot of solar/Victron multiples and MPPT controller, but the DC to DC charger took out the worry of topping off the batteries on a cloudy or rainy day. My particular unit puts out 30 amps. You won't regret it.
egarant 09/01/22 03:03pm Truck Campers
Heki 2 Skylight outer hinges

If I could be Thor and throw this POC as far as Thor can throw his hammer I WOULD!!!!! This has been the weakest link in my entire TC. I’ve replace several inter latch hinges, 4 sets of struts an entire internal frame that included both the blackout screen and flyscreen. Now two of the three external hinges that hold the entire contraption on are broke, one completely broke the other 90 percent there. Of course what is broken is not the simple black hinge, its the other half of the hinge that is built into the entire external frame…..no JB welding that. I’m at Home Depot looking for possible replacement door hinges…. Has anyone used Eternabond to act as an entire hinge. One big strip across the bottom and viola! Boy I wish there was a drop in alternative replacement unit.
egarant 09/01/22 10:53am Truck Campers
RE: Shocks... KYB Monomax versus Rancho 9000, equivalent?

I wish there were KYB Monomax’s available for my 2021 FORD, great shocks. I curently have Rancho 9000 shocks on mine which are a step up from stock but I still feel are in adequate. I am installing Fox 2.5 adjustable Factory Race shocks, I had them on my 2013 RAM and they were what the truck/TC combo really needed. Something that would not fade and help with the overall drivability of the truck. Not cheap a pair will run close to $1,200, but if you have the cash, you won’t regret it.
egarant 08/05/22 08:19am Truck Campers
Armless Rear Awning

Hi, We are all familiar with the standard rear awning that you get on a rear entry truck camper, they have the arms on the sides that if you don’t extend the awning all the way out you have a chance of hitting your head on the unfolded awning arm. I would love to put on of those newer armless awnings in place of what I have. I would even be open to a hand crank version. Has anyone seen or done something like this? Thanks, Mr E
egarant 08/03/22 02:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Heki 2 Skylight

If is quite easy to use a freight forwarding service to have the product shipped to a local address (in the UK) who will then forward on to you. For example I have used Forward2Me.com to buy lots of stuff in the UK from suppliers who will not ship to the US. The price is reasonable and there isn't any ongoing membership charge. They will even act as your buyer if the vendor will not accept a US credit card. They have shipping addresses in Germany and throughout Europe as well. If you don't like them they have many competitors. When my Heki dome cracked, a new one from Dometic cost almost twice what I was able to buy the whole unit for from the UK. That advice has been a lifesaver! I found a complete bottom frame that includes both the flyscreen and the blackout shade in Australia. AUSFF.com is who I am using as Forward2me didn't work with Australia. Great advice!!!!! Thanks for taking the time to answer my query. Eric
egarant 04/27/22 05:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Heki 2 Skylight

Here is the one that I used. The only tricky part was removing the old one as it has been in there for 15 years. It was kind of stuck. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B097H15SH6/?coliid=I1NGQDCUWBHXBZ&colid=28ANU1EKUFK6F&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it&th=1 I saw that one as well but the measurements look to be too small, even with the larger model to replace the large Heki 2 skylight.
egarant 04/27/22 12:22pm Truck Campers
Heki 2 Skylight

Many parts of my original Heki 2 are in need of replacement, I would probably be better off just putting in a new one. BUT they are not made anymore, Dometic has no replacement or new parts. There are several overseas countries, Germany, Australia and the UK that have them, but they won’t ship internationally. That is CRAZY!! I’ve scoured the internet/ebay and the like and have come up empty.
egarant 04/27/22 10:11am Truck Campers
RE: Bedding in overhead beds in T/C

After using almost all the previously mentioned configurations of bedding we are now trying out Beddy’s Bedding. Kinda like a sleeping bag but much more confortable and nice looking. Very easy to make the bed. I recommend upgrading to the higher quality sheets inside. Beddys
egarant 04/07/22 08:40am Truck Campers
RE: Is it common to remove your truck camper at your camp spot?

Two campers over 24 years, and we've removed it exactly once; to drive the Monument Valley loop without shaking up the beer. Why unpack the camper to pack for the day trip, when everything we might need is already snug in its place? Food, clothing, water, bed (strictly for napping :)), first aid kit, dog gear, swim suits, etc.. And when the boat goes along, launching with the camper on gets easy with practice. EXACTLY x 2
egarant 04/06/22 04:18pm Truck Campers
Dometic Heki 2 Replacement

Has anyone had luck finding a replacement hatch so I can remove this marvel of engineering....... Mine has many broken parts which are almost impossible to find and if so very expensive. I have not hand any luck looking online for marine or other hatches with that cut out dimension which is 38" by 26". Thanks in advance! Eric
egarant 03/16/22 05:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Toyo M55 3 ply sidewall tires

The M655 look like a nice tire but they only come in 17.5 and 19.5’s good for you guys driving 450’s and up.
egarant 03/09/22 10:46am Truck Campers
Toyo M55 3 ply sidewall tires

These tires look pretty nice! Looks like they have a legitimite 3 ply sidewall that some complain make the ride stiff, but in the truck camper world, a stiff sideway would be an asset in mitigating sway. Anyone running these bad boys?
egarant 03/09/22 09:19am Truck Campers
Michelin Agilis CrossClimate Tires LT

I’m tire shopping……. The BF Goodrich KO2 is the leader in the clubhouse right now But then I ran across these. Does anyone have any experience with these tires? According to the literature they are commercial all terrain tires with the 3 peak snowflake symbol made for carrying heavy loads. Looks like there are several types of CrossClimate models out there by Michelin, but it’s the Agilis in the LT model that I am interested in. Sounds like a good tire for TC use….
egarant 03/04/22 09:49am Truck Campers
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