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RE: Eagle Cap 1200 Weight on Ford F350

Deaver isn’t cheap, they were about 1/2 of the kelderman. I went with air, it’ll put that 1200 at unladen height. In my experience Deaver has always been a deal. They fabricated two 3 leaf overload spring packs, installed while I waited for $375. So what Kelderman system did you install?
egarant 08/16/21 04:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Eagle Cap 1200 Weight on Ford F350

eagarant, so you know the numbers, both weights and capacities. You said you refuse to do more suspension work ( as I read your post) yet you’re asking how to haul a 3+ ton TC on a 1 ton dually. I’m not following. Hauling one of them on a (new or newer) class 3 dually is akin to hauling a 4000+ Lb camper on a 3/4 ton. It’s done all day long by many people. Question is can you accept driving a truck at or near its practical limits? Another consideration is the pickup bed itself. TCs are tough on truck beds and the beds are made the same so the heavier you go, the more considerations or damage you may expect (vs a flatbed). This appears to be a rhetorical question that you already have strong opinions about or against, so why the question? I'm against doing nickel and dime suspension add on's, I don't believe adding a sumo spring, air bags or Torklift stable loads are the proper or safe way to increase a trucks capability. I currently drive my TC at it's practical limit, 600 lbs over my GVWR. I've never experienced any TC I've owned damage any truck bed so I don't follow, it they are mounted correctly the truck bed should be fine. My question was and still is....is anyone actually carrying a EC 1200 triple on a F350 dually.
egarant 08/16/21 08:40am Truck Campers
RE: Eagle Cap 1200 Weight on Ford F350

That’s why I said “if you can ignore the 14K gvwr on the F450 pickup”, because it IS bogus. It’s only purpose is to keep it a class 3 so it won’t compete with the F450 chassis cab. Look at the components used on the F350, and compare them to the F450 pickup. There’s a reason the F450 weighs more. But, I was just throwing it out there as an an option because you said the F550 was your only alternative. It isn’t. And yeah, I’d like to see the 7.3L offered in the 450 pickup, as well. The 4.88 rear axle may not be the deal killer for me like it used to be, now that they have the 10 speed tranny. :):) Good points, thank you very much for your insight. I want to stay away from the chassis config if at all possible. I've driven my 7.3 gas rig with the TC on it with 4.30 gears for almost 9,000 miles now I'm seeing a combined MPG of 9.7.
egarant 08/14/21 05:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Eagle Cap 1200 Weight on Ford F350

On the Ford Fleet PDF Ford Fleet You can only get the F450 with the 6.7 diesel which robs a lot of the weight carirying capacity. The cargo weight rating is 4,513 for the F450 and it is 5,712 with the F350 gasser, and 4,967 in the F350 with the same 6.7 diesel. The spec.s just don't suggest that the F450 PU is better suited for carrying a truck camper.
egarant 08/14/21 04:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Eagle Cap 1200 Weight on Ford F350

Is your 2021 F350 7.3 liter gasser a DRW or SRW? DRW
egarant 08/14/21 02:27pm Truck Campers
Eagle Cap 1200 Weight on Ford F350

I know this general topic has been discussed a lot. According to Truck Camper Magazine an EagleCap 1200 can be expected to weight roughly 6,600 pound wet that includes 500 lbs of stuff (which I think is projected on the light side personally). My new 2021 DRW Crew Cab 4x4 F350 7.3 liter gasser has a 14K GVWR has a truck camper rating of just over 4,500 lbs and a cargo rating of 5,910 lbs. My last trip to the scales had me at 14,400 lbs. RAW rating is 9,900 lbs and I was at 9,700, I wasn't close to reaching that limit. I currently carry a 2013 Eagle Cap 950 on it. I live close to a very reputable spring shop called Deaver Springs and they increased my overload spring capacity so when the camper is off the ride stays the same. My point.....ithere is no way in hades that a 350 crew cab can carry this huge triple slides. I am NOT into aftermarket tweaks like airbags, sumo springs, Torklift stuff to McGiver the weight rating. Beefing up the springs and adding Fox shocks (when they finally come out fro this truck) is all I usually do. It looks like a 550 chassis cab is ones only alternative with these monsters. IMy question....finally...is anyone successfully carrying these monsters on a truck like mine?
egarant 08/14/21 11:52am Truck Campers
RE: New Coleman Soft Start Option vs Microair

Coleman offers 2 versions of all their Roof AC units. 1. Usually OEM only has the soft start included. The OEM requests this model because they usually are a 30 amp RV or a smaller than 4.0 k genset 2. The standard 95% offered models without the soft start. The problem you run into, especially with supplies limited by Covid, you have to order the soft start as almost all Retailers just stock the standard without the soft start option. To determine if a RVP model has a hard start kit. Doug 2ND NUMBER AFTER THE LETTER IN MODEL NUMBER TELLS THE TALE IF 5 O6 THEN NO HARD START KIT IF 7 -8- OR 9 HAS HARD START KIT Am I to assume as I am already that an aftermarket Micro-Air is better than the Coleman "soft start"?
egarant 08/12/21 05:02pm Tech Issues
New Coleman Soft Start Option vs Microair

I see Coleman (Airexcel) is offering a 13,500 btu Mach 10 NDQ quiet air conditioner with a "soft start" option. Does anyone know what they are using and does it work as well as the Micriair that I installed in my Coleman. I am ready to order a new RV and wondering if I should spec. the soft start option or install a Microair after the fact. Thanks!!
egarant 08/12/21 01:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Campground Rates

My huge complaint is with government owned parks (usfs, blm, etc.) selling out to concessionaires. Instead of doing their job of running their campgrounds they sell out to the highest bidder for quick cash and leave us to the mercy of their own rules and regulations. Like>>>> It makes me furious when I have to pay extra to use the dump station when I am already paying full price for a campsite. (Canyon Ferry Lake & Strawberry Reservoir) Or being told that my Senior Access Pass is only good certain days of the week or not good in double campsites. (Strawberry Reservoir) I hate them.
egarant 08/03/21 12:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Generators!! Yes YOU!

I frankly don't care if my generator offends someone. I'll camp the way I want and you camp the way you want. I'll do my best to park far away from you. Doesn't sound very nice but that's the way it is. Out in the boonies there are no rules. Scary…….
egarant 06/02/21 09:54am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Generators!! Yes YOU!

This is one of those "us versus them" threads. I will always give in and move if there is someone obnoxious near me, meaning noise from generators, music, or parties. I won't wait for them to do something and confronting them these days could get me shot. So I would just move down the road and not let my blood pressure rise. That said, it is unbelievable that in this day and age with all the technology of batteries, inverters, and solar panels that many have not been able to make the change. That is what's holding back the rest of the clean energy advancement. What a pity. It won't change until every drop is used up. That's how we humans are. Well said, spot on!
egarant 06/01/21 11:23am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Generators!! Yes YOU!

There's a simple solution...go out and buy 10's of thousands of acres of range land. Build a road into the center of it and post no trespassing signs. Then you can set whatever rules you want for appropriate camping activities. As long as it's public land and they are following the rules (official rules, not the ones you make up in your head), they have as much right to use the land as you do. You probably are seeing a new crowd. If there is cell coverage, they may be out camping and working at the same time. Did you go over and talk to them...get to know them? Or did you sit their stewing over the newbies who don't know how to camp the right way? So it is my job to educate the noisy neighbors…like you said ti is a new crowd and most don’t like to be told anything different. Most of the time you would be told to F off. Go. ahead and HIDE behind the “rules say I can” so I will! It’s the lack of common sense or common courtesy that we are talking about. Just because you can do you HAVE to?
egarant 06/01/21 10:00am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Generators!! Yes YOU!

Boy howdy. Just got back from a trip where a guy ran his all night. That's a first. Then there were a couple jerks at a park near Las Vegas with the contractor specials who ran them nearly all day. You feel more like you're in a construction zone than a campground. I think part of the problem is not only a lot of new campers, but people who don't understand inverters and solar. I just got off a FB board where a guy said he had no clue what an inverter is. Good point, my wife said most folks just don’t know about solar/inverters…and that is too bad for all of us.
egarant 06/01/21 09:01am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
Generators!! Yes YOU!

Since when did generators become an esential piece 0f camping equipment? Must I hear a dry campgound buzzing all day long because people and KIDS can’t unplug? Do people come out to camp anymore to enjoy the outdoors or do they come out to sit in their RV and run their generator ALL DAY so they can live the “at home” life while camping? So beautiful cheap campgrounds are ruined by the sounds of generators, lost are the sounds of the birds, groundhogs and geese surrounding the campground. And the Park Service is to blame as well, what is the point in “limiting” generator use to daytime hours? Running them during the day is just a annoying as I am awake and outside trying to enjoy the scenery. Some parks, very few…limit generator use to 2 hrs in the am and again in the pm, now that makes more sense. Please don’t try ahd justify your use with health reasons….those are few and far between. Boil water on the stove, pan heat your meals, feel the sun on your face, put the friggin electronics away, your CAMPING!
egarant 06/01/21 08:13am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping

The traditional sliding window, my favorite. When open you get what, about 40% open to the air?One of my sliders is sticking so bad I can hardly open it. Got any tips? Remove the screen and use a wet microfiber towell to clean the tracks really really good, That did it for me 3M does make a window slide lubricant that you might try.
egarant 05/29/21 04:15pm General RVing Issues

As far as I can tell there are three kinds of RV windows out there … The traditional sliding window, my favorite. When open you get what, about 40% open to the air? The Doemetic push out window, a window NOT for grizzly country or for any kind of leave the window open while you sleep security. Plus you roll all the bugs attached to the screen down into the window when you let the screen drop. Those will never be an option ffor me. Then the frameless windows…now my question is since those windows only go out a few inches, how much airflow are those windows allowing into the camper? Seems a bit restrictive to me. Youe thoughts…. Cheer, Mr. E
egarant 05/29/21 02:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Solar with Lithium Battery

I've had two LifeBlue 125 ah batteries for almost 3 years now. I have a Xantrex 2000 watt inverter connected to all the outlets in the TC and have 460 watts of solar on the roof. I went with the LIfeBlue batteries as they have a built in bluetooth system that provides all kinds of battery info, takes the place of wiring in a system for the same info. You have to get as much solar on the roof as possible, maybe just buy the one battery now and fill your roof with solar and if you need more then buy another battery. Do however make sure you purchase a good MPPT controller, I us a Renogy, and get it large enough to handle maximum solar panels you will have on the roof. Cheers, Eric
egarant 02/22/21 10:54am Truck Campers
RE: New Ford 7.3 Gas

The tires on my F350 dually give it 18,000 lb capacity. Rear axle was derated from what I heard. so taxable 14,900lb is way below actual capabilities. That still doesn't show their knowledge about TC use. I am not a fanboy of any brand, only look for what will do the job for me. What does impress me about FORD is that they offer up everything in that brochure and you cannot find that kind of depth of information with RAM or Chevy, of which I have owned both.
egarant 02/11/21 01:55pm Truck Campers
RE: New Ford 7.3 Gas

What type of payload rating are you seeing for F350 SRW Lariat with the 7.3/ 4.30 gear combination? I’d like to get rid of my class C MH and get a non-slide TC. I really like what I read about the new Lance 960 or Cirrus 920 or AF865. All of these will push 3000 plus dry weight. Doable with the 7.3 SRW? Ford has all this great info, no guessing required, in this brochure, page 13 to be exact. Truck Slide in Camper ratings
egarant 02/11/21 11:35am Truck Campers
RE: New Ford 7.3 Gas

I pulled out the Truck Camper Specification sheet for both trucks: 2013 RAM 4,784 lbs 2021 FORD 5,071 lbs So the FORD gains me overal 666 lbs in cargo capacity which includes 287 lbs of truck camper carrying capacity That is due Ford switching in 2017 to aluminum beds and heat-treated frames, what saved about 500lb from truck weight. Nothing to do with engine. Talking about huge HP in newer engines - you can't use it if you can't cool it. Gas engines produce about twice the heat diesels do. FYI the entire truck body, not just the bed is made of aluminum. I was shocked on how light the hood was compared to my RAM.
egarant 02/10/21 08:38am Truck Campers
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