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RE: wilson electronics 4G-X RV cellular signal booster

Before you invest in that, consider this $30 MIMO antenna. This thing is worth its weight in gold in improvements in speed in MANY areas. https://learntorv.com/netgear-hotspot-antenna/ It plugs directly into your hotspot. My family and I fulltime and all of our TV content is streamed from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube. I have both a Verizon Jetpack and an AT&T Hotspot device depending on which provider has better service. There are cases when the booster can help, but for the most part- this antenna beats it.
ependydad 08/23/19 09:33am Tech Issues
RE: Standby Sams

What's the point of this post? This was a multi-page thread the last time you asked it: https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/29934766/srt/pa/pging/1/page/1.cfm
ependydad 08/23/19 09:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Fifth Wheel Height

Brochure.......12'10" Actual measurement AFTER setting up 5vr for level towing....13'4" 6" matters.
ependydad 08/23/19 09:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: About that shortcut.....

ependydad 08/19/19 11:11am Roads and Routes
RE: Hitch choice

You said long bed so I have to assume you have a real truck with a 8ft bed. That is what I call a long bed. Go ahead and do it right the first time and be happy. That is what I did in 2006 when I bought my first 5th wheel. Spend the money and buy either a 25k air safe hitch(25k because it has the Binkley Holland head on it) or a Trailersaver air hitch with a Binkley Holland head.You won't even know the 5th wheel is behind you. And nothing moves in the 5th wheel unless you slam on the brakes. Like my friend told me that said to buy the 25k air safe hitch. He said " I am not telling you it is worth the money, but I like the ride". He pulled a center console boat behind his 5th wheel to the lake. And said one time he forgot and left a soap bottle on the kitchen counter. And when he go back home from the lake it was still sitting their. I agree 100%. I'm amused how often B&W hitch owners rave about their hitches. I'm by no means discounting their quality, the design or anything else about B&W. However, there is no comparison between a fixed hitch and a floating hitch like those mentioned above regardless of brand. I'd never tow a fifth wheel again after having my Hensley Tralersaver air hitch. Yes, the jaws are robust and have a positive hitch action, too. There just is no comparison between fixed vs floating hitches no matter what brand. When asking for hitch recommendations you should specify fixed or floating. No comparison and that includes price but worth it to me for the rv pin box. I've gone through a bunch of hitches- two B&W hitches (I upgraded the Companion), then an Andersen Ultimate, and finally a TrailerSaver TS3. I only switched away from the B&W because my new trailer was 21,000 lbs. and the B&W Companion was only rated to 20,000 lbs in the gooseneck/post configuration which is all I had as an option in the 2012 truck I had. Of them, the TrailerSaver TS3 gives the best ride. But I find it's hitch head more finicky than the B&W. With the B&W, it didn't matter what my last movement was with the truck (forward or backwards). With the TS3, if I last pulled forward, I have to be intentional about putting the truck in neutral and taking my foot off of the brakes or the hitch head binds up. I think the B&W is an absolute stunner of a product. For most people, it's hard to justify the $3,000 spend on a new TS3. I think you need to plan on towing a lot to justify the cost. And the B&W wins, hands-down for ease of removing it from the truck. I've never lifted my TS3, it was placed into my truck bed by forklift and then I hang it from the camper between uses. Which, for me, is a hassle as I bring in all slides and raise my steps if I'm going to raise/lower the landing gear on the camper.
ependydad 08/16/19 09:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is tongue weight calculated in CGVWR?

8,700. If you're worried about 400 lbs, maybe consider a second vehicle to move people out of the tow vehicle?
ependydad 08/15/19 01:14pm Towing
RE: Camping around DC area

Here's a list of options: Washington, dC Camping | LearnToRV
ependydad 08/14/19 11:56am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Those with 50 amp 5er's

I think it depends on the length of your rig and the placement of your power cord inlet on the camper. On my old 42' rig, the power inlet was at the rear corner. I only ever had 2 or 3 occasions in 5 years (1000+ nights and probably 150+ campgrounds) where I needed an extension cord or could have used one. On my new 44' rig, the power inlet is mid-ship. I have had the camper for almost 18 months now and have needed an extension cord probably a dozen times. I actually really like Old-Biscuit's idea of putting in a second power inlet onto the camper. If I recreate that rear corner inlet, it should alleviate the need for ever needing an extension cord.
ependydad 08/13/19 08:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Kathryn Abbey Hanna - Campsite Walkaround Video

While I like the park, it has many off level sites and when it rains it floods. Flooding is harsh with the number of tenters that are here. We had a hard rain and faired OK. I did have a pair of LynxLeveler blocks sink with the leveling system. They’ll be fun to dig out!
ependydad 08/12/19 06:00pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Kathryn Abbey Hanna - Campsite Walkaround Video

Be aware that this park gives zero refunds. If your travel plans change after a reservation is made you will get $0 refund. That actually came back to haunt me already. They do allow a single change to your reservation. But they don’t do refunds. I booked 8 nights and meant to just book 7. I am loosing the $34 for the one night.
ependydad 08/12/19 05:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Kathryn Abbey Hanna - Campsite Walkaround Video

Clicky... Smack my forehead. Thank you. I forget that this forum software is stuck in the dark ages.
ependydad 08/12/19 05:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: True bunkhouse (4 teenager sized bunks)

Maybe a toy hauler with the garage built out to suit you? We don’t have a travel trailer and our toy hauler is obnoxiously long. But, here’s an idea of what you can do with the garage: https://youtu.be/S7_8KRUhlng
ependydad 08/12/19 05:51pm Travel Trailers
Kathryn Abbey Hanna - Campsite Walkaround Video

I absolutely love this park and decided to make a quick 2-minute video showing our campsite: https://youtu.be/UD9NgVfFCQI I’ve come to love city and county parks. They’re hidden gems!
ependydad 08/12/19 09:54am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Are these stickers needed??

One word of warning. I have stayed in at least three RV parks that you have an RVIA placard on your rigs to stay there. I wonder if that type of rule was adopted to discourage home built and school bus conversions. Have you had somebody come out to your commercially manufactured rig and actually look for the stickers? I’ve seen the same requirement at campgrounds/RV Parks. I’ve never had anyone look for the stickers, but I clearly have a commercially built rig.
ependydad 08/12/19 09:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Please help me identify 5th wheel towing issue.

My experience with a pin light fifth wheel (15.5% measured) and the Andersen was exactly as you described. It was a nightmare for us and we ultimately replaced it after just a couple of months. It caused my wife significant pin while towing. I first towed that setup with my B&W Companion and didn’t experience the same jerkiness. I traded that out for the Andersen due to the weight of my trailer (21k) vs the ratings on the B&W (20k for the post version). I went crazy and switched to the TrailerSaver TS3. It’s comically heavy but the full air ride hitch is amazing. Longest story shortest: ditch the Andersen.
ependydad 08/12/19 09:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slide out awnings

They’re a yes for me, but there are pros and cons: https://learntorv.com/slide-toppers-aka-awnings-definitely/
ependydad 08/12/19 09:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Which Cell Phone Carrier is best in specific locations?

The problem in snowbird areas is that the cell towers get overloaded at the height of the season. There's no way of telling which will be better and it can actually change periodically. I carry both AT&T and Verizon and can definitively say neither is significantly better than the other. Some places one is better; other places the other is better. Even other places, neither works or both are great. As said, roll a coin and flip the dice.
ependydad 08/08/19 01:33pm Tech Issues
RE: I need a large 5th wheel but am I looking too large?

We full-timed for three years with two boys and a 50 pound dog. I will advise you on what we found worked for us, perhaps it can better prepare you for your journey. I would only consider a toy hauler, a bunkhouse would be my second choice. Toy haulers are unbeatable when it came to packing up large items quickly such as bikes, outdoor furniture, and other things full timers with kids accumulate. I would want a trailer in the 40 to 43 foot range. Triple axle, with at least 3 to 4000 pounds of cargo carrying capacity. A bath and a half would be fantastic, I don’t know that we would’ve needed 2 showers with only one hot water heater. Which brings up my next item, at least a 10 gallon water heater. With two bathrooms I would also like to mention that I would definitely prefer a single sewer outlet. I would want a East/West bed in a slide out, with the large front closet for full-time use. I would opt for no dinette. Maximum seating with the TV in a great position to watch. I would prefer the washer/dryer be somewhere other than the master bedroom. We were running clothes constantly at night and I preferred to not listen to the machine when I sleep. We live in Florida, so for full-time a residential fridge would be ideal. In the summer there is no RV freezer that will keep ice cream cold enough for our taste. The ice maker is also a blessing. You can modify the top bunk on a Happijac to (2) twin beds in a North/South configuration. Just build a new longer deck. Ependydad on the Forest River forum did the same thing. Alternatively, one can sleep in the loft. The important thing is to have designated sleeping spaces that do not need to be taken apart and put together on a daily basis. The toy hauler allowed us to put 2 dressers in the garage for the boys to keep their clothes in. This was actually a huge feature for us. Good luck on your search and I hope one or two of our suggestions might be of help. Hey, that's me. :) I largely agree with what redhooker said with a couple of caveats. First, here's a tour of our garage. The kids share a sleeping space but I did do the north/south beds on the Happijac lift (write-up and video): https://learntorv.com/toy-hauler-kids-room/ Second, I DO NOT recommend the use of lofts as sleeping areas unless they have 2 ways of getting in/out (such as: entry + emergency exit). Those with just 1 can be death sentences in the event of an emergency. Third, I've had the washer/dryer in the master bedroom and now back in the garage. Honestly, I couldn't care less where it is. It never intruded on our sleep. The absolute most important part of fulltiming is the cargo carrying capacity. A 50' rig with only a 21,000 lbs. GVWR is going to have very minimal ability to carry cargo. My 43' toy hauler has 5,100 lbs. and that was unusually high from what we found. Add another 7' of RV and likely furniture/whatnot, you're going to eat into that. Our 42' bunkhouse had 3,500 lbs and I was happy with that. Friends are in a 40' mid-bunk model and have under 2,000 lbs. I've buckled the frame of a camper from being overloaded. I won't overload my rig again and strongly suggest no one else does. My second biggest advice, really focus on your needs. I hear you say you want 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. There's a Voltage toy hauler that has something like that. But honestly, if someone needs some space- a Clam Screen Shelter setup outside is an easy way to get that. If you need 2 people showering at the same time, there are bath houses. (Though, ironically- a bath and a half are a requirement for us; I don't like my disgusting kids and guests using my bathroom regularly.)
ependydad 08/08/19 01:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2nd AC and Vent cover questions

For the vents, Amazon has them but you need to measure your current ones: - with a 1.5" collar: White Adjustable Ceiling Vent with 1.50" Collar - with a 0.25" collar: White Adjustable Ceiling Vent with 0.25" Collar As long as all of the wiring is in place, I've heard from quite a few people that self-installing an A/C isn't very hard. Worst part is getting it onto the roof. No idea on where to buy. If local parts + service center was close to cheapest, I would buy from them for a little local tech support if the situation arises.
ependydad 08/02/19 03:09pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Water Filters

But, they're expensive at $250. For full timers this is probably a good investment. But it's exactly why I recommend to "weekenders" to use gallon bottles of water. I can buy many years of gallon bottles for my trips and still spend far less than that. Agreed. BUT- we've been working hard towards getting rid of disposable bottles. There's just so much waste with them. I think if we weren't fulltime and had a home, we would still use our Berkey water filter and would just refill containers from it. Take it to the camper when we go camping.
ependydad 08/02/19 02:01pm General RVing Issues
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