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RE: Harvest Host users

Here’s my full review on it: Harvest Hosts Review on LearnToRV Your link isn't working. Thanks for the head's up. It's been fixed.
ependydad 12/05/19 09:18am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Harvest Host users

Here’s my full review on it: Harvest Hosts Review on LearnToRV Longest story shortest, we love it but it almost never fits our actual travel style. We rarely do overnights. And if we do, we are stopping late (generally 9pm or later). Harvest Hosts want you to arrive during business hours. (Edit, link fixed.)
ependydad 12/04/19 09:54pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Who has sold everything and started rving for life

cook you own meals for $10.00 per day $300-ish per month for a grocery budget? Goodness, I’d be happy with double that! Family of 4, we run anywhere from $1,100-1,400 per month on groceries! (And that doesn’t include our line item for restaurants!)
ependydad 12/04/19 09:50pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Chucking....is it the trailer or the truck?

Got it, I thought it was one of those pin boxes with the air bag. So the B&W was not the solution either, it sounds like it was after the Andersen before the trailer saver. The B&W worked and gave us a good ride. I got rid of in and got the Andersen due to the weight of the trailer (21k) being over the ratings of my particular B&W (20k). I used it for a couple of months before switching. I sold the B&W and went to the Andersen for 4 months and it was terrible for me/my setup. I then went to the Trailer Saver air ride hitch. I'm one of the "lucky" few who have had both the Andersen and the B&W with the same truck and same trailer. I got to give it an apples-to-apples comparison.
ependydad 12/04/19 02:50pm Towing
RE: Charging trailer battery while towing and smart charging

Thinking about wiring gauge and voltage drop, do I then have to mount the dc to dc charger at the back of the Suburban so it's close to the trailer? Or can I mount it up front and run a 12 or 10 gauge wire back to the plug? If I mount the charger in the back, do I need to run a 12 or 10 gauge wire to feed it? I think oldwizard kind of answered that but I want to be sure. The one installation that I've seen of this, the DC-to-DC converter was installed in the camper near the batteries. btw, thank you for asking this. I'm learning a lot!
ependydad 12/04/19 02:48pm Towing
RE: Chucking....is it the trailer or the truck?

This. This right here. I'm not an Andersen hater, but I went from a B&W Companion to an Andersen to a Trailer Saver TS3. Your Trailer Saver probably did more for your ride then anything. Did you ever have that connected to the Andersen , or did you go right to the B&W and the trailer saver ????? The Trailer Saver is an air ride hitch, not something you attach to the camper: http://www.trailersaver.com/product/ts3-air-ride-hitch/
ependydad 12/04/19 10:09am Towing
RE: Chucking....is it the trailer or the truck?

With that Andersen ,and I didn't see mentioned , torque those bolts with the pin weight on the truck if not already done so. That should prevent any fore ,and aft movement if you are getting any . I really wish Andersen documented this or were more direct in their responses. I emailed them and asked them if this was the proper torque method. They replied, "yeah, you an do that."
ependydad 12/04/19 10:04am Towing
RE: Who has sold everything and started rving for life

My wife, 2 kids, and I took off on a 1 year trip back in June 2015. 2 years in, we sold the house (we were renting it out at a loss). 3 years in, we returned and sold our belongings. We are now 4 1/2 years in. But, "rving for life"? I don't know. We'll do it as long as it stays fun and is practical. I don't think of much anything that I do as "for life". But for now, it's fun and we're enjoying it. We'll keep it up. No one can tell you if you're crazy or not. No one can tell you if you'll love it or not. Will you be happy in a tiny house with limited stuff? Will you mind having to watch the weight of items coming in and going back out? Will you and your husband fair well in a tight space 24/7? Will you enjoy dealing with the public while work camping? What's your why? Why do you want to live this life?
ependydad 12/04/19 10:03am RV Lifestyle
RE: Thousand Trails/Encore Trails Collection info?

UPDATE needed: How has the Trails Collection worked in Florida for both last winter and this winter?? How many nites are you able to get at Florida Encore parks here in Florida? thanks. We are Elite TT members and have the TC add-on. The Elite membership allows us to go directly park to park. You may go park to park from TT to TC and vice versa but not TC to TC. Once you stay at a TC park, you must be out of the TC system for a week. Zone pass members have a week out between both types of stays. Past winters were easier to get into Trails Collection parks. 2017/2018 was great, we got into anywhere we wanted when we wanted (except for the Keys); 2018/2019 was a little more difficult and we found availability at fewer parks. And this year (2019/2020), it's been much more difficult but I've still been able to maintain in the TT/TC system for a majority of the winter. Last winter, I had the following stays: - 11/11-11/12/2018, TC Tropical Palms, Kissimmee, FL - 11/20-12/1/2018, TC Tropical Palms, Kissimmee, FL - 1/4-1/5/2019, TT Orlando, Clermont, FL - 1/5-1/13/2019, TC Sherwood Forest, Kissimmee, FL - 1/19-2/2/2019, TT Orlando, Clermont, FL - 2/2-2/12/2019, TC Breezy Hill, Pompano Beach, FL - 2/12-2/25/2019, TT Peace River, Wauchula, FL - 3/24-4/2/2019, TC Harbor Lakes, Port Charlotte, FL This winter, I stayed at a TT park for 1/2 of November and I just pay for a park for all of December (same as last year), so my reservations don't start until 2020: - 11/17-12/1/2019, TT Orlando, Clermont, FL - 1/1-1/14/2020, TC Tropical Palms, Kissimmee, FL - 1/14-1/28/2020, TT Orlando, Clermont, FL - 2/1-2/15/2020, TC Sunshine Daytona, Daytona Beach, FL I will most likely head to a TC park on 2/22 for a week while we go to the Strawberry Festival. And then I'll try to hit the Keys in the second half of March or the first half of April. The key to the TT/TC system is to not get too hung up on when you want to be places. And the last tip that I have (one which I haven't been following myself!) is reservations open online at midnight central time. In the past, I've been known to search for reservations at 1am ET. More limitations: - you may only have 2 high use TT reservations on the books at a time - you may only have 2 high use TC reservations on the books at a time - the booking window for TC is 60 days out - the booking window for TT is up to your contract (we have 120 days at most parks) - and the not prorating thing is real; I purchased in September and my contract year was up in December (I knew what I was doing and it paid for itself, but be aware)
ependydad 12/03/19 01:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: 4-Corners

We enjoyed it. Everyone is right, there's a small fee to get in and there's not a whole lot in the surrounding area. I wouldn't make a trip just to see it, but I would deviate from a route to go. It's unique- where else can you be in 4 states at once? (Ignoring the fact that the marker may be slightly off position, the idea is there.) We went and will likely stop again if we pass near by.
ependydad 12/03/19 08:03am Roads and Routes
RE: Chucking....is it the trailer or the truck?

I use the Andersen Ultimate hitch. This. This right here. I'm not an Andersen hater, but I went from a B&W Companion to an Andersen to a Trailer Saver TS3. The ride with the B&W Companion was fine, but I was over its ratings by 1,000 lbs. The ride with the Andersen was HORRENDOUS. So much movement in the cab of the truck. It threw us around and sucked. I kept it for 4 months before upgrading. When I upgraded, I went a little crazy with the Trailer Saver TS3. But we fulltime and I could sort of justify the $3,000 spend. But ditch that stupid pyramid. You're the 3rd person now that I've heard has a poor ride with it.
ependydad 12/02/19 03:13pm Towing
RE: digital photo storage

Photobucket, Flickr, SmugMug, Clark Color, SnapFish, and ShutterFly come to mind.
ependydad 12/02/19 03:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: Help with full timing over the winter

Thousand Trails is my answer to the question of where to land for the winter. With the Trails Collection, I have access to 190 parks. Lots of good parks in Florida, Arizona, and Texas. Not to mention California which I haven't been to yet. Can move "park to park" and mix it up with stays in state parks and private campgrounds. Solves the dilemma of which place is best. With the "Elite" contract, you can make reservations 120 days in advance. 1, I don't know the age of folks involved but the Trails Collection parks in Arizona are all Age Qualified (i.e. 55+). The only non-AQ park in AZ is the Thousand Trails park. 2, Trails Collection is limited to a 60 day reservation window regardless of your Thousand Trails membership. I have Elite and am at 120 days for most TT parks but not TC parks.
ependydad 12/02/19 11:14am Full-time RVing
RE: Oxygenics Fury RV Handheld Shower

How much hair do you and your family have? My hair is medium length and I can still wash it and rinse along with the rest of my body with about a gallon of water. My wife has shoulder length hair or perhaps a bit longer. She probably needs another quart of so to rinse it but she typically does not wash it everyday. My point is simple a shower head which uses a gallon or more a minute is going to waste a lot of water. When it is important to conserve we do so by wetting down, soaping and then rinsing with a gentile stream of water. If water conservation is not important then turn up the water flow and any shower head can be used. It sounds like you both have relatively short hair. I have the shortest hair of my wife, daughter, and I and it's probably 2-3" below my shoulders. It's thick- think Fabio type hair. :W My daughter is next with hair a bit longer. And my wife's is even a bit longer than that. All three of us have very thick hair. We use LESS water even with a higher flow due to the extra pressure of the water actually getting through the hair vs. a crappy shower head that doesn't seem to help boost the water. I know it's hard to imagine, but it truly does make a difference.
ependydad 12/02/19 11:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Oxygenics Fury RV Handheld Shower

An Oxygenics shower head uses about 1 1/2 gallon per minute. I use a shower head with a slow gentle stream. I use about a gallon for an entire shower. If you need to conserve water, an Oxygenics is a poor choice. If you are using hook ups then it doesn't matter. How much hair do you and your family have?
ependydad 11/30/19 02:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dash camera recommendations

Only recommendation from here is to get an extra SD card to go with it. In case of an incident, remove and store the installed card, and replace with the new one so that the camera continues working. This was a hint from a friend that had an opportunity to need the recorded video. This is great advice, while we can record six hours before it starts recording over existing files. I should get a extra card. One thing I like about my dashcam is that I can “lock” a video and it won’t be overwritten. I also spring for a 256gb memory card and can record 12 hours at the highest resolution.
ependydad 11/28/19 08:56am Tech Issues
RE: Oxygenics Fury RV Handheld Shower

I’ve had both an original (Body Spa) and a Fury. The Fury has multiple spray patterns but doesn’t boost low pressure as the Body Spa. The Body Spa boosts water better but doesn’t have multiple spray patterns. For my family, we prefer the adjustability of the Fury and that’s what stayed in the shower. Every once in a while, I wish we had the Spa but if pressure is that bad, we’ll fill the freshwater tank and will run off of the pump (which does a pretty decent job!).
ependydad 11/28/19 08:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Camp Ground Near Palm Beach Gardens

Otherwise, looks like there are real nice options around there: http://www.campgroundreviews.com/regions/florida/palm-beach-gardens
ependydad 11/27/19 10:25am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camp Ground Near Palm Beach Gardens

Do NOT go to Highland Woods or Breezy Hill in Pompano Beach. Super tight spots and difficult layout makes parking a freaking nightmare.
ependydad 11/27/19 10:24am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Uncomfortable Sofa

What? you never sleep in a recliner at home??? I despise sleeping in recliners. Hurts my back something fierce. Though, I know lots of people do it. Maybe I'm the issue. :B
ependydad 11/27/19 10:20am General RVing Issues
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