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RE: Big Foot Levelers stuck

This is an update to my problem with the Bigfoot Leveling system. I was advised by a BigFoot tech that the system needed to be bled and to loosen all 4 of the "retract lines" and to then run the pump until fluid starts coming out and then tighten the fitting. It Worked!! So now I know and hopefully this will help others with a similar problem. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
ernie1 03/23/23 08:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Big Foot Levelers stuck

Itinerant1; I've tried all the usuals of extending and retracting the different jacks and even rebooting the board but all to no avail. I even tried disconnecting the hydraulic line that is hooked up to the retract portion of the jack to see if anything changes but nothing happens. My next thing to try will be to bleed the jacks as per Bigfoot's suggestion. By the way, my system does not have an emergency retract button.
ernie1 03/21/23 01:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Big Foot Levelers stuck

Mntundraret; I've finally made contact with Bigfoot and they say it's okay to store the vehicle with the jacks down. Actually I was starting to have this problem before I put the rv into storage. Bigfoot tech guy thinks there's air in the lines and I'm going to have to bleed the system. We'll see.
ernie1 03/21/23 12:59pm Tech Issues
Big Foot Levelers stuck

I have the Platinum Series Big Foot Levelers on my 2018 PleasureWay on a Mercedes 3500 Sprinter. Months ago I extended the jacks to raise my rv so that all the weight would be off the tires.Now, 8 months later, I can't get the jacks to raise back up. The batteries are fully charged, there is plenty of fluid in the reservoir and I can hear a pump running and assuming it's the pump. What do you think I should do next? I've already called Big Foot in White Pigeon, Michigan, but, as usual, nobody has called me back.
ernie1 03/20/23 09:05pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C blower motor question..

Years ago I had a clothes dryer that had a squeaking blower motor bushing which was an oilite bushing. I was told by repair shops to just reoil it with turbine oil. When I went to buy turbine oil I saw that it was just this oil that seemed to be about 20w motor oil. So I thought that was a bad recommendation and put heavy grease on the bushing instead. Well this worked for about 4 or 5 cycles and the bushing started squealing again. So I tried STP oil instead and, again, it lasted. about 4-5 cycles before It would start squealing again. So, out of desperation I finally tried the turbine oil almost knowing it was going to fail. But it lasted for years until I sold the old dryer and bought a new one. I was told that turbine oil can operate at temperatures higher than regular lubricants. Must be true!
ernie1 03/19/23 09:14pm Tech Issues
RE: GE16-EXT Replacement

Amen to what 3 tons said!!!
ernie1 03/18/23 11:56am Tech Issues
RE: Spare tire size

Been there done that. If I were to do it again, I would carry a full sized spare that matches the others on the vehicle and also a GOOD tire plug kit. Don't get the cheapies that are for temporary use. Wish I could remember the name of the one I bought but mine has a metal tip for insertion, does not require any vulcanizing material and is considered a permanent fix. If you're not comfortable that it is a permanent repair, it will at least get you a very long distance to a repair shop. Oh also, get a good 12v compressor to air your tires back up. One the best is sold by Viair. Plugging the tire allows you to do a quick and easy repair without having to remove the flat tire and mount the spare. When we were in Alaska, there were places out in the sticks that you wouldn't want to be in the process of changing a tire and have some critter pay you a visit.Good luck have fun!
ernie1 03/17/23 05:43pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Ford V10 starting and dyeing

Check the throttle position sensor.
ernie1 02/25/23 08:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Aqua Magic Style 2 - bowl leaks down

Be careful when you purchase "plumber's grease". It could be a petroleum product or it could be silicone. Only use silicone products because petroleum will react with the seal and ruin it.
ernie1 02/13/23 12:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Propane smell inside oven

Is your propane level low? If so, then the mercaptans in the propane will start to smell because it is more concentrated in the bottom of the tank. That's why both the pilot light and the burner produces an odor. Just refilling the propane tank will take care of the problem.
ernie1 02/08/23 02:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Leak down test on the LP gas system, leak detected.

Thomas/NH- What does one do at high altitude when gas appliances don't want to operate? Is it ok to set the regulator for a higher pressure?
ernie1 01/13/23 10:40am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Forest River Forester opinions

klutchdust: Good point. The answer essentially is good luck in finding someone to service your MB. Not all MB dealers will service Sprinters and the very few that do, usually gives you a two to three week out appointment. Try to figure out how you can handle that to fit into your travels. Ask me how I know this? I have my last MB product ever and will definitely move on to some other brand once I'm through with this Sprinter.
ernie1 12/16/22 07:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Chassis Ear

SJ-Chris: After a bit of research I've settled on the Steelman 60635 4 channel chassis ears with wireless transmitters. Haven't had a chance to chase down the best price yet but it's looking like it'll be in the range of $265. I decided on this unit because it is wireless and not the more pricier version which pairs with a cell phone because of transmission issues. I know, my response is brief but I hope it helps you out.
ernie1 12/06/22 11:21am Tech Issues
RE: Chassis Ear

SJ-Chris: the chassis ear picks up vibration via a microphone(clamp) and sends a signal which you eventually hear as sound. That's approximately the explanation.
ernie1 12/04/22 09:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Chassis Ear

SJ-Chris: Will followup and let you know what I find out. Just thinking that shop rates can easily be $150+/hr, an investment in a chassis ear can easily be recovered. I'm also thinking of using this tool for those irritating squeaks and rattles that appear in all rvs. By the way there is also a similar tool called "engine ears".
ernie1 12/04/22 02:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Chassis Ear

profdant: what I'm looking to purchase helps locate and isolates the area where a noise originates so that one can find a problem and hopefully make the necessary repair. The chassis ear does not regulate noise.No I don't have a repair shop but I once was trying to find a very irritating loud whistling noise in my rv that would appear at 55mph and disappear at around 70mph. Chased it for over two years and was ready to sell it cause it was so annoying. Turns out the noise was coming from the drain line in the galley sink which had an empty trap and the vent line for it was making the noise like you'd get when you blow across an empty soda bottle. With the chassis ear I could have found the problem after only a couple of attempts.
ernie1 12/04/22 10:50am Tech Issues
Chassis Ear

Considering purchasing a chassisEar noise locator but am confused as to which brand or model to get. Also looking to spend a reasonable amount of cash. Is the wireless system better to have than the wired ones? Anyone have one you could recommend?
ernie1 12/04/22 03:20am Tech Issues
RE: Can you name that sound (squeaking)?

Have you checked the bushing in the tailshaft of the transmission? Maybe the oil around that area is due to a bad bushing which is hammering the seal to a point that it's leaking. If you can get your hands on a chassis ear tool it will find the problem quick.
ernie1 12/04/22 02:20am Class C Motorhomes
2018 Sprinter has tendency to overfill on fill up

My 2018 rv built on a 2017 Mercedes Sprinter chassis will periodically spew diesel out of the fill spout because it is overfilled and the nozzle doesn't shut off. If I'm not close enough to the vehicle to grab the filler hose and shut it off, it will continue probably until the service station's tank is totally emptied. To be clear, I'm not bumping the filler lever to maximize the fill. The nozzle's lever to provide an automatic fill is in the latched position and it is supposed to unlatch when the tank has reached the proper level. I've even tried using the slower fill position on the filler nozzle but I still have the same results. Another point is that this problem has presented itself even when the vehicle was new so it's not an issue with it. There were a couple of incidents where I was monitoring the fill by keeping my hand on the filler lever and the diesel came pouring out anyway. What I have also noticed is the problem happens more frequently in rural areas where I think the local agencies that are monitoring these stations are not doing their jobs and allowing them to use faulty equipment. My purpose for this posting is to ask if others that have a similar vehicle if they are or have experienced this problem.
ernie1 11/16/22 12:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Class C Sprinter questions

To add and concur with what bob Nestor has said, my 2018 MB 3500 is not hardly trouble free and very pricey to repair and only if one can find a MB dealer that will actually service your Sprinter. Only certain dealers can service Sprinters and the usual wait is weeks before one can bring their vehicle in for service. Think long and hard abought having Sprinter troubles while you're on the road and have to wait weeks before you can get it serviced. One of my key fobs quit working and Mercedes told me I'd have to wait until January 2023 before they MIGHT have a replacement. The key fob quit working August 2022! When and if the key fob arrives, it'll have to be programmed for two different functions and then the vehicle also needs to be programmed. Cost will be about $400. only a Mercedes dealer can perform these programs because they have the very expensive equipment and I think the info to do it is proprietary. Sprinter parts are costly as is servicing. Examples are: $500 for front end alignment, $225 for a fuel filter, close to $200 in parts for an oil change, etc. I want to add that after the service notification occurs for you to perform the A or B service (oil and filter change etc), it takes you 12 steps to undo the service notification that appears on your dash.
ernie1 11/16/22 11:31am Class C Motorhomes
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