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RE: I hate dinettes

We have one in our motorhome. Really thought I would hate it, but the wife liked it. u shape. After using it, I really like it vs the table and chairs we had in all the past rigs. Really comfortable and I can get a really good view from any position. And there is added storage below, a benefit.
et2 07/04/19 08:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Our new 2019 Rubicon

We own a 2017 wrangler rubicon. Yes it has steel door vs aluminum. I've noticed on the new wranglers the aluminum doors reflect light and shows deformation in the door. Like it's wrinkled. Must be something with the aluminum stamp door. The older models don't show this. Maybe the rear door and hood are aluminum too? Not to mention the new wranglers have the engine start stop feature. I hate that. We have it on our Grand Cherokee.
et2 06/24/19 07:35pm Dinghy Towing
RE: mild rant, contractors and repair folks

You mean like buying a new RV from a dealer and they treat you like a turd in the service dept after the purchase? Yup good customer service these days are a thing of the past. My wife and I discuss this quite a bit. I have a customer base which I need to be on point with jumping through hoops to be successful in my career. I slip up and it's lost business. I have had the same customers for decades. But I'm now a senior citizen, the upcoming young ones don't give a care.
et2 06/18/19 08:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mechanically Challenged RVer

At 199.00 labor rate I can certainly do research and read manuals to do what repairs I can. My experience with one chain dealer is they're rip offs, and the techs many times are hacks when it comes to repairs. I'm not paying that labor rate to have something done half bass. They'll charge you the full hour even if it takes 20 minutes and you get your rig back with more problems than you went in with. It's amazing what you can do if you read and give it a try.
et2 05/30/19 04:17pm Beginning RVing
RE: Brake Buddy Classic II .... Update

Update for anyone needing to know. We had the old Brake Buddy digital classic which was pneumatic. Powered by a 12v cigarette style plug. It was trouble free for 7 years. They don't make that unit any longer. The new replacement is the Classic II. On their web site it's just over $1100. The web site gives no information on how it compares to the old one it replaced. It's not pneumatic and is purely electric motor driven ( I was surprised and didn't expect that). It didn't fit my 2017 Jeep Wrangler as well as the old unit. I had to put about a 3/4" rise under the unit to make it more level. The brake pedal clevis that came with it was useless and cheap. It totally failed to work on my brake pedal and kept pushing off while doing the setup feature to bleed the brakes. I had to remove the old one off my old unit and install on the new one. This worked. The changes besides it's an electric motor is a one touch setup. The old unit required during setting up for towing pressing the test button five times. The new unit is much faster. Also the new unit no longer plugs into your cigarette lighter and must be wired to the battery thru the firewall and the break away is wired to that connection. So you can't use your old break away wiring. The power cable connect at the dash mounted plug and connects to the unit. One wire for power and break away switch. The new Brake Buddy Classic II is much lighter and there isn't much inside the unit except a motor, actuator unit, and a computer board. Not sure how well it will compare. It does seem slightly slower than the old pneumatic one when applying the brakes and retracting. Hope this helps anyone else looking into this. Not a thumbs up, but not a thumbs down. There were the four issues ( not saying it's all electric, really cheap adjustable clamp to brake pedal, height issue, new wiring required)
et2 05/10/19 09:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Brake Buddy Classic II .... Update

brake buddy advised me that I was having trouble because it needed a dedicated line so I ran a straight line from battery to unit never a problem since. Did you try that first? It runs. Just won't build pressure
et2 05/07/19 06:28pm Class A Motorhomes
Brake Buddy Classic II .... Update

My Brake Buddy digital classic crapped out after 6 years. I could probably send it back for possible repair ( air pump I believe). But we have a trip coming up this weekend and I need a auxillary braking. Never had issues with this one. But they don't make it anymore. The classic II is the replacement with some better features. I looked on-line for owner reviews, but didn't find much on the new unit. Anyone own one? http://www.brakebuddy.com/tablet/classic-ii.html
et2 05/06/19 05:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How much time is reasonable for work to be done

I will add that I bought the RV in April 2018, advised them of the problem in June of 2018 (Front nose fiberglass repair issue). Brought the RV in for them to do an estimate of repair and to get authorization from manufacturer. I was advised of the Authorization through the manufacturer in November of 2018 (Was told manufacturer denied authorization three times and finally approved after 4th attempt by dealer). I told the dealer at that time it was put away for the winter and I would recontact them in the Spring for the work to be done. They agreed to this. Called them April 1st to make an appointment. They would not give me a specific date to bring it in. Advised them I would bring it to them on April 10th. Brought the RV in for repair on April 10th 2019 like I said I would. Called April 26th for an update and was told they would check with the guy that would be in charge of things and call me back and received no call. Emailed them for an update on April 29th and received no reply. Called yesterday, April 30th and was told the person I needed to speak to was on "the other line" and the person on the phone took my phone number and said I would be called back. I have not received a call from them still! lol .. Sounds like that's out of the General RV dealership operations manual.
et2 05/02/19 05:53am General RVing Issues
RE: winterizing with compressed air

If you have a ice maker there is a "T" valve going to it ( most likely) the line will be a small 1/4" or so line ( probably yellow). Follow it until you see where it connect to the bigger main water line ( probably blue). Shut it off. I always disconnect mine when new and never worry about the fridge ice maker leaking. On this rig it's underneth inside the front bay. But do make such when winterizing you winterize that valve too, no matter what. I just get a cup and let the air blow the water in it and red pop when added.
et2 04/28/19 02:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ohio toll road E Z pass

We do always pull the toad. The calculated tolls from OH thru PA to breezwood round trip $192.00. The other routes not using the turnpikes would add 4 hours round trip and an additional $110 in fuel costs. So I chose the turn pike getting off and on at Breezewood in PA as the most logical and safe choice for our trip. Easy on and off for fuel and overnighters going and coming.
et2 04/20/19 11:44am Class A Motorhomes
Ohio toll road E Z pass

I just ordered a Ohio E Z Pass online for a trip using OH & PA turnpikes. Couple questions. Where is the best location so it reads when passing the toll lane. At bottom center of dash? It says on-line behind rear view mirror ( that won't work). So that being positioned up higher on the windshield has me concerned - if I set it up on MH dash, centered. The next is the class designations to pick from were real confusing. We have a MH with a tag. So three axles there, and the toad two axles. Total of 5 axles and 12 tires. Over 7000lbs. So that's what I put down. Not sure if I picked correctly as there was a lot of options. I'm assuming that won't matter as the reader will calculate correctly? Thanks!!
et2 04/18/19 05:51pm Class A Motorhomes
REV recreational group / Lippert Power Gear Leveling jacks

Just received a letter from REV asking for us to inspect the Lippert Components Power Gear leveling jacks for leakage. There's 4 areas to check. Both fittings, rod for excessive oil and accumulation on the pads. It affects 2016-2019 diesel class A Motorhomes manufactured through March 20, 2019, by REV recreational group, with Power Gear power up/ power down leveling jacks. Potential product list 2016-2019 American Dream 2016-2019 American Eagle 2016-2019 American Revolution 2016 American Allegiance 2016 American Heritage 2016 American Tradition 2016 Monaco Dynasty 2018-2019 Monaco Marquis 2018-2019 Monaco Signature 2019 Discovery LXE Subject of letter: If there is a evidence of concern needing jack replacement please contact your dealer to schedule an appointment. The inspection and any potential replacements of subject jacks(s) changes if offered free of charge for a period of one year from original mailing date of REV Recreation Group letter related to this QR - 079
et2 04/15/19 04:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What's the one thing that you have but hardly EVER use?

Plastic leveling ramps, wicker like large Matt, large wheel clocks, 12 ton bottle jacks, coaches air system to air up tires, water tank other than dewinterizing , road flares ( knock on wood), foot rest on passenger chair, floor cover for stair well when traveling, large awning light, folding large plastic table, beach umbrella, beach chairs, collapsible sun hut, standard stinky slinky sewer hose, plug in battery charger, Coleman white gas lantern. Lol, I guess that's my list of things to start removing.
et2 04/12/19 07:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Well George is home!

You said you have the Blue Ox Tru center. If so, did you also find the momentary actuation button or switch? If it works and the fuse isn't blown you should be able to set the steering wheel to take the fight out of side winds and road crown. Just put the steering wheel where you want it and press the button for a couple seconds and release. If operational and done correctly the wheel correction should now "not" be fighting you. The Tru center will be doing the work. It might take ocassional corrections depending on the wind and road conditions. But beware of fighting winds and the Blue Ox is set while going under a overpass or wind blocked by trees the Tru Center can send you the back toward the correction rather quickly. Just be ready for it. Next get Koni shocks. Made a world of difference on our first motorhome and I only owned it a few months. Weigh it and adjust tire pressure per tire manufactures charts. Out of all the things this also made a immediate change in handling.
et2 04/08/19 05:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Question for Tire EXPERTS

I'm no expert. But your owners manual might specifically state it. Good place to start. Here's what mine says. Replacement tires on any axle, must be of the same manufacturer. The brand, model, size, and load range and must have a load rated carrying capacity equal to or greater than the original equipment tires. Mixing tires on any axle of a different brand, model, size, load rating and load range can cause unusual handling and uneven braking due to different traction coef cient and could result in sudden tire failure or loss of control due to non-symmetrical handling. That tire isn't that big why not just carry a spare if this is your concern in an emergency.
et2 04/05/19 06:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Reconfiguring the console for ergnomic ease

X2 for the factory.
et2 04/05/19 05:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Overnight parking in Cranberry PA

That would be the best extra hour you ever spent once that rough turnpike with wall to wall trucks gets done beating you up.. Plus tons of places to just pull off and park if you want not to mention all the places to see and eat. Have fun in DC Seriously, is the turnpike ( actual road) that bad?
et2 03/30/19 06:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Overnight parking in Cranberry PA

Geeeeezzzzzz, is there not even a truck stop along the highway somewhere for getting a nights sleep and doesn't sound like the OP is looking for any real recreation? Does every nearby town, not have a Walmart, allowing for overnight stays? Start with giving this one a call.... 20245 Route 19, Cranberry Twp, PA 16066 (724) 772-4550 There is a truckstop if the OP goes 5 exits east of Cranberry Township and gets off on 70 then West about 5 miles.....it has a Pilot or Flying J. At that place it won't be the Cranberry Twp police knocking on the door, it will be someone looking to make a few bucks in a mini skirt or hotpants. Its a real nice truckstop. Has a gentleman's club on property also called Philly Corral LOL. Well that would make for a evening to talk about. The wife wouldn't be amused. :B
et2 03/30/19 06:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Overnight parking in Cranberry PA

Thanks for the replies. I was considering the 79 to 68 trying to avoid the turnpike fees. But it added over two hours round trip. The extra fuel was also a expense to consider. So we found staying on the turnpike to the Breezewood exit was the best scenario. That New Staton - Fox Den Acres looks like it will work. Thanks much!
et2 03/30/19 05:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Overnight parking in Cranberry PA

I checked rv Parky app and it says overnight is allowed. Reviews were 5 stars. I’d say any other places in suburban Pittsburgh would be tough. Rest stops on Ohio turnpike might be promising. Yes your correct it says it does. But as many these days you need to call to verify. I did and was told nope. No overnighting allowed.
et2 03/29/19 09:06pm Class A Motorhomes
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