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RE: 4 sec 0-60 in an EcoBoost F150

My " work truck" which is my company truck is a "19" 3.5 eco boost platinum.. that truck is awesome to drive, although it does not tow, it just carries stuff.
ford truck guy 11/13/19 09:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Landing gear motor.

When I had my old fifth wheel with those telescoping legs, I greased the zerk and it only helped a bit... I sprayed the **** out of the inside of the legs with lubricant, I sprayed until it was running out of the bottom..... That freed up my binding issue..
ford truck guy 11/12/19 11:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane Tank Gauge,recomendations please

agree..i'm not paying for the full bottle if I am topping off for a trip.. maybe it;s a Cali thing?
ford truck guy 11/12/19 10:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane Tank Gauge,recomendations please

The other one that works quite well is the Mopeka. The only problem that I have had with it is that the battery life is only about a year(or less in cold weather). It uses sonar to check for the height of the liquid/gas interface. I ended up making a remote battery system for mine so that the battery can be changed without removing the propane bottle. I had this on my system a year or so ago, tossed it out after a few months.... Couldn't get the meter to register the tanks, got new batteries, got new scanners, still nothing Was too frustrated in messing with that stuff . . .
ford truck guy 11/11/19 11:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane Tank Gauge,recomendations please

I have a buddy that has one of these, AND LOVES IT - Trauma gauge and it seams to be pretty accurate.... kind of similar to the one I use. https://i.imgur.com/q1OKZIEl.jpg Jerry YUP, I use that one myself.. the one I showed seamed a bit more accurate to me, I really don't think it's an exact science
ford truck guy 11/11/19 11:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane Tank Gauge,recomendations please

I have a buddy that has one of these, AND LOVES IT - Trauma gauge and it seams to be pretty accurate....
ford truck guy 11/11/19 10:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Today is Veterans Day and Remembrance Day

I believe that every day should be VETERANS DAY.. It seams like we all too often forget why we have the things we have. It is because of all those courageous men and woman who fought so hard for YOU and ME... Some made the ultimate Sacrifice, Some didn't, but they are all equal.. man, woman, black, white, whatever.. ** Thank You to ALL who has served, or are still serving.. **
ford truck guy 11/11/19 08:49am RV Lifestyle
RE: Just curious?

I think the first mistake is believing the MSRP. My trailer listed for close to $90K but I paid nowhere near that nor would I have, ever. Molding falls off driving down the road, wall cracks appear, so, I don't think price reflects overall quality. Higher prices are in general, for visually better looking trailer. One of the things that I =really= like about Jayco is their build 'n price web site. No more dealers pulling an MSRP from their nether regions with a Jayco. You spec out what you want, or what the dealer's offering, and you have the MSRP. Everything else is dealer add-on or dealer BS. Yeah, right, shipping is $5,000; KMA. Used to see identical rigs at dealers literally cross-town from each other, with one claiming thousands more in "shipping costs" and not dealing. I sure wish all mfrs would have the "build and price" on their web sites. Lyle When I was looking at buying my KZ Montego Bay back in 2008, I was seeing the exact SAME trailer with the same exact options with $6,000 - $8,000 different MSRP.. Thankfully I met Christina Remble who was the sales rep at the time.. She was awesome, and was the ONLY reason I purchased that unit ! She cut through all the dealer Bull for me
ford truck guy 11/11/19 06:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Just curious?

You paid 77K for a High Country????? WOW they are the "entry level" Montana still nice But my fully top of the line Montana Legacy edition cost 72K and that is out here on the West Coast where they are more expensive and she has been a great 5er with few problems very happy with it as well as my other 2 Montana's My Montana High Country listed at $77,000. It's a good camper (now) since I've done several self-improvements and fixes to it. But, even at $77,000, as it came from the factory, (in my opinion) falls far short of what one expect for $77,000. So those 5er's with a price tag over $100,000??? True!!... the "glitch" is really nice! They are absolutely beautiful gorgeous "campers". The electronics, the technology, the outside paint jobs, all the unique ways they've utilized space for storage, all those things that are appealing to the eye, are way over the top! Beautiful. But in the real world, traveling with them, cross country trips, bouncing down the road, parking at campgrounds, interstate driving with bridges that have those horrid expansion joints and when you hit them you swear you've just flattened all the tires on your vehicles, rail road tracks that are rough as washboards, turning, twisting, uneven roads, backing up, skidding tires, normal wear and tear, real world use??? ... how do they hold up? Are they really worth the $100,000 and upward price tag? Are they really better built? Or is that $100,000 and upward price tag to cover all the "glitz" and modern technology in them? If you have one of these over $100,000 5er's, how has it held up over the course of time? I have no plans to sell or trade my Montana. It's perfect for us (and completely paid for)! I'm keeping it for a long time! But still, when I see these videos, it makes my jaw drop and I think to myself, "Wow!" Thoughts? He stated that his LISTED at $77k... NOT that he paid $77k.... I received just around 40% off that over inflated MSRP when I purchased my 2 Redwoods.
ford truck guy 11/10/19 01:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Just curious?

My first Redwood was a "16" and carried an MSRP of Over $125,000.00.. It was like new until April of this year when it was flattened by a neighbors tree.. I am hoping that my new " 20 " Redwood will hold up as well as the first one... I had 1 instance of a day/night shade bracket breaking in transit, I replaced the bracket and used black zip ties in an X pattern around the bracket and rail for added support. The Independent Suspension really does help with longevity in my eyes.. At the end of the day, they are ALL RV's rolling down the wonderful highway system we have here in the US and MOST if not ALL will suffer their share of problems no matter the price tag..
ford truck guy 11/09/19 06:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rear Hitch Bike Rack for Travel Trailer

I hang a 4 bike swagman off the rear of my fifth wheel.. I use one of these - hitch tightner On the connection and it is rock solid. I have a camera on the back and turn it on here and there to see what is going on and see nothing moving.. My bro in law has followed me and said there is virtually no movement. on edit.... i have a 2" receiver on the back of the RV that has a 300# capacity tongue weight, and 3,000# tow capacity
ford truck guy 11/08/19 07:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help and Advice on a badly placed 5th wheel

This; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6qamcLAVaU He will not spend the $$$ to rent a forklift for the day, he sure as heck wont pony up for that..... I'd remove the fence, grab the 5'er, replace the fence... Or just rent a lift for the day
ford truck guy 11/08/19 12:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: winterizing black tank flush with air

I just blow mine out as well.. That just gets any standing water OUT of the line...
ford truck guy 11/08/19 09:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: furnace while driving

For OUR RV, we don't need to do that, it will heat up very fast.. Usually by the time I am done setting things up and scanning the TV, we are getting warmer.... We just turn on the LP heat AND the electric fireplace..all is good ! What are the odds you're at the sprint car national finals in Charlotte? They got qualifying in before the rain! Nope, the Redwood was dropped at the dealer yesterday for a small list of warranty items to complete. Been making a list since we got it in May.. The last thing being done is the pink stuff will be added :(
ford truck guy 11/07/19 06:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: When will the 2020 Ford Super Duty show up?

yup, another Crew Cab must for us.... We can't seam to get rid of our 21 year old, she still loves to camp with us every . chance she has off from work, and our 2 labs like the leg room...
ford truck guy 11/07/19 06:42am Truck Campers
RE: furnace while driving

For OUR RV, we don't need to do that, it will heat up very fast.. Usually by the time I am done setting things up and scanning the TV, we are getting warmer.... We just turn on the LP heat AND the electric fireplace..all is good !
ford truck guy 11/06/19 12:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Texas couple killed

It was easy for me to get alcohol when I was underage and if drugs were legal it would be easy for our youth to get them too. I don't want my high school age grandkids to have easy access to meth and heroin. News flash.... They probably already do, and either just do not know, or wont go near it.. You would be surprised at what issues the schools systems have today and don't publish.
ford truck guy 11/05/19 10:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Having a SENIOR moment

It is the "entitled, I get anything I want" generation. Perfect example of the "spare the rod" child raising school. Give it a few generations for the world to get rid of them. Weird, last 2 on-ramp loafers I seen yesterday were both blue hairs. Both women. 1 with a car full of presumably grandkids getting on I 90 at about 44mph and the other, grandma flying solo in a circa mid 90s Buick, same deal. Pretty sure neither of them consciously thought they were “entitled” to drive so d@mn slow, they were just slow. Now the Subaru with the “coexist” sticker on the back doing 68 mph passing a semi that’s going 67mph in a 70 zone. Yeah I’ll slap the entitlement tag on them leaf lickers! I firmly believe though, it’s simply lack of awareness of surroundings or others that cause most of the traffic issues, not a conscious desire to mess with others. Couldn't agree more.... People are clueless when it comes to driving, I firmly believe A LOT of it has to do with technology, WAY TOO much going on inside the cars anymore to actually pay attention to the task at hand - DRIVING.... Its the folks who are merging and just take the lane at the very end as I am unable to merge left due to another vehicle that I want to scream at ! !
ford truck guy 11/04/19 09:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Having a SENIOR moment

I still believe that MERGING should be a part of the drivers test... and a re test
ford truck guy 11/03/19 05:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Campground Theft

That does suck....Someone else didn't feel like sourcing a new one so they took matters into their own hands... Camping for 30+ years and all I had go was a pair of sneakers while in Myrtle Beach...
ford truck guy 11/03/19 05:52pm General RVing Issues
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