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RE: Jet pack 8800L have the problems been worked out?

Ahhh.. great.. keep posted how it all works out and don't trip.... heheh, I'm right behind ya... Good luck..
fpoole 04/05/20 06:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Jet pack 8800L have the problems been worked out?

i believe they have, but more important if you have the 'Unlimited' plan that you might be grandfathered in, it that Vzn won't allow you to go back to it.. Last advise I saw, as I was thinking of doing the same, was to get the 88.. from a 3rd party and then swap chips... This link might help, they just about cover it all... https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/ Hope that helps.. gotta watch Verizon, it's luv-hate thing... heheh
fpoole 04/05/20 03:58pm Technology Corner
RE: New smoker grill

So, curious, how does it hold to temps... I currently have a CharBroil and while it'll get up to some 550F according to the hood gauge, but when putting something in there it drops to around 350F and won't go any higher, not that I really need to, but the temp regulator doesn't seem to control the temp that much. It's either on or off... So wondering how this sticks to temp settings.. Thanks..
fpoole 03/16/20 10:10am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: New smoker grill

Kewl, looking good.. I put it on the Amazon Wish list... like the 'Smoker' option an the side trays.. thanks..
fpoole 03/13/20 04:38pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: First TC Rally

Yah, I saw that AFTER it was over... I was just up the dirt road there, Tyson Wash so that would have been fun. I've set the general date for next year if they have another one.. Fun.. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/8MSonbm4M7ETUiFyyr64ckOqdUS7PrlIbpEHfPq8ms_WmkeS0rHDMCiaBV7xudicfh851MpraOc8T-gPD7thHCcXm1FD4X-nGCxvIfhau8fp_JtncyvWff9eUoy9-s2E3j_MQAHYmd4mxXsKjrbzb54X2zcnZrRqFT5rtr8JgEmqlz6hTFa4DYXYG9YkHify3wT7Zq0JePBBCbB6S61l-uhEfEWvvl7yUa6QLwWZ13QscKDfLO1SLnkLtwob6dEyAuODnUUQafhACGqEmQYeq5itSkHyIgkDSV-vDef4ZK9CutX_LoWGLQdawwYUJTFwA34tSGwqZF5rvBCPJGj8XDHgbvgindPO3c5EQC1v3te5HAul56DYAGQ5TCo4PcgYFexBnwaaWCOMu1Z5qyku4FLouezCZbnZl8F03NaMbMpF_R_OLSyDsqXp2vUC5XWUzKk-UwVyvlgINW7sZRdpJWEcyMu7J-WwXIk_61BMOBNmWJfUgM9joxyMYDsjtOrCeBrvZdJzt1wQuHDc3_xc-KQCgbrzPlpH8sd-BH7_QYyaGSoBipxxVWGbpRiMeP08x0GS_R7rOUxCH5REiAfrY19VLK_qb8xhC5k-beUz8aDb8gZ1xlr67dkO6Xs21FdVm1VOuOh1594XNDTyRWWF8wYl37TKKvzBu148iqFelaJMEwLaVhpaq4YpzI-BuLpY8F1a5_zpU4vM2qzP1Xw6EWgzG0JkiPiW16sHVlEvCHo4kg_Klw=w357-h268-no
fpoole 02/28/20 11:29am Truck Campers
RE: My Folding Porch

Yah, I really like that set up... nice...
fpoole 02/09/20 07:42am Truck Campers
RE: step solutions

Yah, use the GlowSteps and luv'em. you can ADD steps, up to six I believe and they are adjustable to the ground. Compacts easily and is critical for WalMart (Markets) stops... They are easy to take off too. make sure you get the Locks with it, they are stronger and keeps them from wandering off. Alignment: I put mine offset a little to allow for opening the door while on them instead of right in front of it, so plan accordingly if you can.https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/TiEWkfNOxXxwUdtgPbT-mAMNtP-JjfYy5Eoxgxw7zh9TEwK_nJhrfjLgPeMJIdlQMrdf4kWdqQ9LCqdaRpdARFwUtNT2mQDetsANoaYhYplByZnXmMwxi9NbT31z9nMZ2WUp9qmpWzMRsnup-6Q2D5X6IQ4cp8_EnuiOtyKVRtXV4OIHDA4o-hngziCS8MegOnBds4T3Plnm0DIfMB5cmN2SJ-Xlb7FMFgC0dqHdPwqyvQCnU5Xt7D6REJn3YxnvB9YAFGz3NQgFfdtw4P1J4LrPSY5bRy24GLREqrwKeLtdxYlCQQdeopcxopLkYLV3537L3rXCXqyTwMFCZLVE2HcSlmHqG-dDqa7wN1NZntmGbpsQ7NzF7GyEXcwDSKMuQ_c7UAKBo7Vjb6TpGPtjVNlbdfoc_UvB4BUNL3NmbHPGy_YOYEmNFjUgWBrf9hZt4OJOhGj1A7IMaB_tird-_MZlA8n2G9s-jOnh-tcdtuP3ps9gm2cly0iAB3hSl5-PSM8nysNza5SHUVxPFWJb1x9I3gcxWiE2P9QjShlNB5UB-VKc82kRZrCEMAnRSDjc8AX2_6829aIaNt6LqMBlsvwP2hML5gcb5SlU5fjLf4Q75fpm2vL99Lms4Oul1T_ux9GCgTWr51H_ZIV66PQfPdsE7bqZ2sazrI6gbUgeIpi2Ey5_oJi9oapYTx82qqaCwarIvgBHR_tg2D70oMr9fSF4BOen_58juqsyJLzkPrmtDMxswg=w612-h814-no I string a set of lights for night time ease of seeing them which helps.. Can't really think of any negatives, but each camper is different.. so keep that in mind... Otherwise, strongly recommend them... Good luck... https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/1vlDq-_Suw_YWBy9zhP9mNI1jyMVYaZsXpfwDAZcThEZjtTTIii58gn0I5OfipmoBmO_-0O7t2kP-y3qgp78fVWF02K9EETDHYLvJ_o9ruqgtGKOKttPCopQKtUQB1GB3tHCoC0jfT0GfnX8PzRuNuXC1bLPr8rj_FjyzfwY9pKyLt2lkEBAOyamAcMgq-EppdR5Gy-urgP68HNzMYoVXrIVMNcXkgyCR6Lxmb7eM8bfVExdNr1ahkR-lTOBHTUwiVyhZc-jypO9RGr6euODGx5Pgm4uMPIPdPHKEPRH3In_frShKydDf8qh5S0Jn0eGRuULs4c0wxIXOzt4ieu5QzF7nCneq9Fh39_37xHvt5tDUsMeH3yXlZTvBJX0A3WV_oulZ2SoO131_YRyJ4kxf18IZO7fj06Nx7ZF96faAmiaBGhCChIUx5-ZNHb3ul8CD77ylR_7BK9tS_3AJ2_6bnz6SFVaq2fQHhK4A3btFguZOlicO8amjjnTbdz0x5e2-_7D5aSg1pX_MuR97v6pxYh1bfVayCI0NdMltwmE2Gwr4pslA27S23YaJt94fXlb1_hqFrncZ-majFm_lq0Z7cNRF7Ad8vukZU6s9FgiMzsKhMLhDRzNpNUIJPIDQWwT2M4QqSXqelCuHtYj5vGUHvIqWZ9iYSi0jxYdaNjJ4DL8jx89V6VNk5KpuA50nhOkhP5JU42eHqj789VYj5p-wcG6FoN34__8zfBHlo9TTjRno9mMcA=w640-h480-no
fpoole 02/05/20 07:14pm Truck Campers
RE: TC off truck

Yep, camper dependant, I sleep a lot with camper off truck, no problem-o. Just lower it down and while it will sway and shutter in a strong wind, it's fine... https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/ai3wl_IJXRUofEgYl1CV9nrOBpEP-bxaN8-dv3vvodE5_DVuCOR5M5VFXagcw1EQFosuPQ5Y_1hWwRRt4iYFv_iViPSQSGDx6ehSVdhRTo9dB93q-1-0Hto1qA0Bs9UgtEKxLsUL0flbupYyLRehAtARqc03SPR6FVu8xifz4oPplXaDRFfWdspQPy0LWOGpT9cFpVbJ8PysDkd4CTcJ3EDroLp9bU_PkYsiHxUkuMUfXB3-SQbL1KOE3gzmL5h7zHwN1b23RSagqotTWL8g9Irk-yEoVkhNsDOf1Rn1zwD7Z7xTpVcKXq0HLcucDZVGnl6jV9a-225CHtclC5HkpHUJRDdKl4IynO6sD1L-QU7_JMgQj0XzI6JcNACXOI5coCcg438Sth-oIFXoBHgSm0GKyhSKlOnxur8mP-H_h-JG0m40u30M0Bpnl_ZlJmIvK1AqlsxAVnEQ7rPsA97YFNoT-gqVH23Yc0prWAnYXuiBf8s4UKsQHyjMWVrCjKk0_DTU6M_6FeH8WNQ7BIU9DDZpLKJu26oa6_Hd8TcIuFqjWk-l46s1QP3K9dD1MLv32teh2Dbvl6qMXHSgOLP_RDuyO0LkO_lQ6qp3yP-r3L0NS3V_YtvtxmH4VfRjFQUW0X8cu-b_yj5WRn56XsCteP6Chj_9OklkFoqaX33979u-ovzdsB1Y0efhNqt1VFmcIEigYtEaywDU1hPv75MFayDLhm1Jpw26wFTndz3-cfQH-pnphA=w480-h640-no
fpoole 12/22/19 10:01am Truck Campers
RE: Anyone ever try the Traction pads for a Truck Camper

Yep, looking at them too, on the Amz Wish list.. I eventually plan on 6, for all tires or to run them end to end. Now, don't forget when you have to tow yourself out.. hehe as in nothing to attach tow rope to from winch... like a sand patch. You can bury something like 'Sand Anchor' but I'm thinking the Pull Pal.. also... It's tricky in trying to figure out just what works and what doesn't... So, matrix and the Pull Pal along with the winch are all on the list.. And here's why, Luckily, another truck camper was kind enough to 'Break from camp' and come to my rescue... I was lucky and am waiting to pay it forward... https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/3RxbRblZqsJQsjR-zQ1gQMihlGMyeAMVPNU5r_Tf6u4BB_MkwVD6Iff6bTfeHYViWee5r-ytwCT388HzSSXSfK78GV_nut6JmRVBVrYLpsorGHlri77bEm5VvUidKS0P3Nj_XZta3UJXsl1ZrF1-pkLtVi_pkb8BoBdG52ZOfS3QXReu9frvEZkDBL_Nc8T1w8yhSvjayALAQai_7ZNE5cK50VxidBSyJveb3SOVibg37mm_2if1Wz04Bg9I-NNKrSYRNn87Shvjbxlx1Qezk51zjGMwTgAuUDavTv3ROvZbBE-1BrJZDfHT4ANSRXhEIVjGZumKkk8QqiYHLD84INuPB-rWbUMG2Txv7clJ8Udmvq681mv3hKBgSkJGNgkP5o61UIkcgeUNZjA377BcylpBDQrtgBc3P54ENUdbQWvbG5GT-H4CwGFSGUDXf4eeAbpU09ybHS_4SFMG6WEAdav9vgCG4SwiJ9VzCaQET5Z-TE3bAE2quwnfyKtoeJJ7HqvUSi7Lpdsn5ig0Yb0tyOvPlzf_5CAkcRrTQEkZf378ric_a0KrifmWlHnvODBCQYyAPCzXIdUQqCFmVgC-H6g61N8CAuORierSDtuOCaxOm1aE_VTr2hcaVGaub0mbnrJZO5zdBWab_BhNHU8g6QHg9Y429PCH58TzcDTzP2h-FkmUPoRmk8pSWzBmFbxIphMooEZVdkqfvQHdXPYvi7SgyTjh9twWockEiQuAceyVm6Zo2g=w640-h480-no
fpoole 11/13/19 04:01pm Truck Campers
RE: 2019 Ford F-350 Sat Antenna Issues

Just in general, they have those little 'Antenna Pucks' that most put on the hood.. line goes under hood to the dash inside.
fpoole 11/10/19 11:51am Truck Campers
RE: Marinated Hotdogs

Sweet.... Luv the good ole Hot Doggies.. I"ll give it a try, thanks..https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/sHYUEX5HUcZ-NGPYTh9wNSfk1cdnIwS6jiJ1dg1uSgi5W2y8xVMiTgMUTupzTkMUT5CcCaBNqEgSxN22JU5_hj660FnMzuybPAWPZcTeFu5XOJwBHFBHjKdJb1gAIGq_pWUEZkHMwcbZGWDrt1yjjog3F3Ecp_hoAqSBQVKNpqfqqOH6sYSIuNMjKKCrtnhR6l0p2uxlJ6Yn5ZdNs9xQD2kpb7GIs5S7wW-vV9nseRPjT3NiUMI-Tz-ZmV6avCR6QRShXyhFI2bWK4biOFYZMlvWKfcXZer3mBKVZhlWjtdkm7ikbSWB1FTvLKXi9hZ_4Tw2uQ4WkRYCsIN2pOpUP1rZC5vGJIdcmI61L_NjVqRE5eo1baktudAosAZQ3zibEpCiGNNOxhonIgwOwNfAiVefhmvOZm3_Nak13T-i_BIMgPujoYVnU2fIKy97s3NuDQV4KSBDfcU8T-niYndgXFSh1MZvPFnhkB-Y1Wc15flbfcSiMgjzwyCFwrrwATe14bMlKX59B9xYw3_THo46Ku_OG9GB9mdSFZm49N6W69ucizGylgawkCuTwDbzFlzz9IFDtVqKAdoE7vjlMK_XbUBE9Ifs0yFy9xMIkY7JutylbjpYE7rWXejRQmebTWfkk2w3U8lN0RerustBUdlvJ7MeBzsHuvCb6hDaEacktrs0h7M7kF_9wpGWLYhP2PBzrNfRwpGDoNvf-TiGkDayoacxHzDXMGnMkEZwT30Uv5qUlI35nA=w640-h480-no
fpoole 11/10/19 11:36am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Country ham stuffed chicken breast

Nice, luv the Chicken stuff... thanks..
fpoole 11/03/19 12:29pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Oil changes en-route with camper on truck?

Yah, one that works with Trucks as noted, it more of a ceiling height issue.. I just all ahead and ask and if not they usually know of someone that does... Dealing with that and a 5500 presents it's own problems, but a 3500 should be ok... just call them and if hard press, you should be able to off load either at the campsite or at the dealer and reload when done... Have to call around.. Good luck..
fpoole 10/17/19 06:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Camping @ The Big E 2019??

I dunno, but it certainly helps to : 1. Say what the Big E is 2. Where it is, what State at least 3. When is it... Sure helps a lot.. Thanks..
fpoole 10/15/19 02:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Moki Dugway, can I do it?

Yeah, should be fine... I'm in a 10' Flatbed and while I wasn't towing at the time, I was surprised at just how easy it was compared to all the warnings.. just have to make one or two WIDE turns.. and since your there, don't forget the lookout point at the time. There's a dirt road, fairly nice at the time, although washboarded.. but slow n easy will get you there.. a little tight turning around but should be ok... Moki dugway https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/i8UEgsLCxpOmp3ADa_1-f6nOZFxADRvu35e0feRPcs8J63Vf1olR5ykfMjhmQNEcNOBNHsK4sCi4UclKBqGqgu6q4EfVWCaaX50cBKPgMXxp-998CQaT7ID2OcawFCU3XTngmV28l-5lrn_ryN0RkDcHHktKslEOaHnceoeEKls7zMffbbPPh4wv67lzDqnp2XFS1gpzZadUujfrZdLmywvmRQZa2DxgCpvJGQ-9N58sf28M6ZkPVpw3UAdRpqfHghiz0tylHtnNsRzIheb-n4supZE_ksdKCKbZWkJThvkR6mFipyJE3oy85ZVwxtZc-AJOLezlsaybl4AlIo9akIJgqu9Hko_9M0jKiT-1cslYE0lmIaURRXiUewP3jAIQ8Q837piwoVY6omY1mZseIV98b2zeGFYOp-P3v7Oxw54pmOpOFEqk_hdN4ziaac1wkyUzt4lPtLwwSsXGKpU4IgLlq3Y9b9IbCqpdvV-PouEFF5C7dmza5nUQqTjjQ1I-fWkAKMHnIwQlR5JQVc8howHwAqZsbPeFxOqvnHiCE6_VpGjOilrrYCO6njUPnvTj7S_dwFkSwKqpMG_cvLtOamydiMGl-PL1ml3kyimZozzzodPwId4bhiU7DDzAdRFBX4-fBLMGtjJto1zQt2-uGULP_barAExE7f-vr96QcS7hJE9LPjBmC9XbTFQW-qu_10djGN4bFXWw4cfTsFxsaNKSlMGAvrnaOqIbaT4h0CvQqo8NnQ=w960-h691-no height=600 width=428 Muley Point https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/QVFoaxcuVrFtwf2KTe6QALbq0woFyipPCPHt72ZRbndp_FPcg3cO0RJcJlD4VTsIaQ0nKTckWZyQhh7tlX2ZnN6Pbh2PxgFTpitKM0OgVPANOWIlLT333DFg_zFFdMRum0UaOskXPt0ZPVnU_-V43gui3hY6IxBc4bg1Eplckjn9KLIzn5BF7CadttBUN-acdV382GvgUZXGSHI_iu0RMz_ZzmfPrDJsO2ka9LmTKC_V7nvmC18EBCQSjOwh-TzxYsqxLbYEnH9LP3sXiFfl1KzkBwy_zx3hwawV29rMWbAlB86-1ZiXI6AGETV_sjbirXqydtpclfk-b05u_qPRm_afxM-8gwwEnTv6KA37uai_yPMUFFEoEIomCYdSWzds5ozKluduiSlsDrt1KPERCHsg-IVpDriXnZqakeqOEyuBpYcj-L2mzZBvjG0QLMAL1T5mQWJGankk9oJh_nMDJ4Srs6Jg4Guc6xho-CCxq57A-poSs2D2JevtmIbvj-PgKUAdJJT2fQrdUD4fsXG9MSccM5jFAjUuBVO7D_lKZgOPs6Xp9KufSSQbkGPl9RI4HlpSye2C3vEipXFHj6cglA-wKxQpGf7wXCtB4L3r81GpV4iu87joYKvgPSC4PPB0cvilN3FeHDChfVWfY3vPXj8CZI9F4gFXSIXLJNEShMIx64WHmohjcObokt9QcSJMokIh9xKL4x2ZKluFIUEz1xw7uQNBfvDwU8HQ55gT8CPvVMSZ2w=w960-h720-no height=640 width=428 Gooseneck SP https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/BDvSG3FiwSX-sK-72mUawYTLkLC5QX--ipvxRLLgV6uoNdHmn7DmroqgRR77cVeceptBcG4xBDJTjRqZvIL6wkpJf4peOw2ZJQefq093T8jYncA0m4MOSzJs8KEcqyMbLcZkrSq-gpr3BmCJAJoPmf8_-hg3RTAu6tPA6Rml9uiZDKoxrM8NMlz8eY1dNa2FPM-OjvNb6OqL_-Bko9vGhsdnCg6gWm3dt0QXc-xwwA0N_sFIz7Uwf3kNaCMclhE_0St15KvFtRhJ3PC-MS4BBH24umIFRei9RRBkpEuLCTmKCEBjcz4lN-Qf3e0Bp1EcKRZDFOVauvKPOOMuKIIBevelNUBfGeS8-DNCaQbpTOGw9F1q9hPIiAZYFYh0I_klITvMSrvjNtwKGs6_s-KSlzHLqDNqDfQmKMTmG1ddL-tgRVym71Jm8RIv6HMugo4eUKz7I2pUT_KDU_ts_6sHgqUNK7MAcUzhTkr7f519xmB2NM--QaRJcSKiW1sCUpYAlY6PyGwnuSgGh4FcvTgGk8TAbl4UPANMj5nkGtPGCMdKDD54Z-KNjcwb4-cyyb2fMLA_CrBFf3TenO-bYXi756cRoop772AWoPFXbV0SG-m_kI6P-Twwm0MwMERPLCBiF57dX-sMfNng2tr7juNfTLuMZoqQOVv-3SZfH6Vh5l5dPq4n_lG2TbRtZUujHsdTZKyEQ_Da1Ur-uEBpm_6bBqCmOeOvqgX0txgti_LYch2NZOsd2g=w640-h428-no Do a Triple Crown and stay at Gooseneck for a night or two..
fpoole 10/11/19 05:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Adding built in USB ports

Nice... I have the same problem, charging station... I'll take a closer look at it, right now just using an adaptor... sort of limited though... I'm not an electrician, so turning on a light switch is my expertise level.. But I like the idea.. Thanks..
fpoole 10/04/19 07:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Pan-Seared Cod in White Wine Tomato Basil Sauce

Whoa, sounds Delish... Will give it a try, Thanks.. PS. luv cooking with Wine/spirits etc... adds the flavor..
fpoole 09/23/19 05:01pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Factory Solar Question

Yeah, I've learned that whatever they tell you, double it.... I've the feeling that 'Solar' belongs in the 'Black Arts' category.. No person likes the previous set up... and they have their own idea of what YOU need and how to set it up...again, double it... especially the wiring gauge... You need to figure out what you need and future use possibilities... or you end up rewiring, moving things around or running outta room... So, while the good ones, installers etc, might be and probably are expensive, they're more likely to set it up with something you can use... Good luck, may the "Force be with you..." hehehhh, fun in the Sun as they say..
fpoole 09/02/19 04:10pm Truck Campers
RE: VIDEO: No Bugs Allowed In The Truck Camper

wow, kewl... I'll see what can be done, the Gnats are driving me Knutts... Thanks for the leads... Hava good one..
fpoole 08/24/19 09:59pm Truck Campers
RE: VIDEO: No Bugs Allowed In The Truck Camper

Well, sorta, hehehe... GNATS !!! The ones that circle the kitchen light.... they stay there... Tried various things, Bounce Laundry Sheets, AVon Soft skin around the lights.. No luck yet... next step would be bug Zapper... I have used the fan foe Wasps.. for some reason they come in there, maybe cause of the smells being pushed out.. but like a warring blender, Thrashed.... but then you need to clean up the mess.. heheh.. Fun in the camper eh??? Edit: Ahhh soooo.. the key is to turn OFF the lights and use the flashlights... Might give a try.. Thanks...
fpoole 08/24/19 08:00pm Truck Campers
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