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RE: A drone while camping

I thought about using a drone on very remote BLM land to check the rough road conditions ahead and look for suitable campsites. Also can check just before dark if other critters have set up camp close to me, etc. I go to very remote locations for true peace and quiet and privacy off the grid when in the mood. However changed my mind when I learned all the drones were made in spying China so no longer interested. Like always go to higher ground and survey area with binoculars. Works for me. If drones become too numerous and intrusive of our privacy many people will start wearing disguises with brim hats to thwart facial recognition software. Just musing Skynet is real,,be afraid LOL https://youtu.be/CLo3e1Pak-Y Seriously tho, law abiding people need not fear this,criminals will have no place to hide,good thing imo What matters is the end result such as elimination of poverty and improving economy in this case https://youtu.be/SSfsvaDS5zU Btw Google and NSA and CIA is spying on all of us already if you didnt know
free radical 11/27/20 09:16pm Technology Corner
RE: A drone while camping

If you think drones are bad wait till people get their own Jet packs :B https://youtu.be/b3k94u0JqB0
free radical 11/27/20 08:32pm Technology Corner
RE: The price of new trucks is beyond comprehension!

You can stil have low cost truck If you dont mind doing some wrenching :B https://youtu.be/c_fZXyaX0l4
free radical 11/19/20 08:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Elon's Starlink Internet Service

Like everything else the rest of the world will receive this service for free or very cheap reduced rates. Just saying.Will be interesting when places like China, N Korea, Middle East get unfiltered communication with the world. Chinese are quite inovative They just launched 6G comunications satelites into space https://youtu.be/LxaanrLX6j8
free radical 11/16/20 09:00pm Technology Corner
RE: How to start a Tesla at -34C

reminds me of my Dad telling us about having to drain the oil out of the vehicles at night so they could pour them back in in to start in the morning. of course that was at Thief River Falls. :) checked and the lowest wind chill was at Thief river falls at -54, with International falls setting the record at - 40 F. (Not windchill) weather only fit for rutabega farmers. :) bumpy Good thing someone invented synthetic oil. Long time ago bush pilots up north used to drain oil and heat it over fire before puring it back in the engine. Lots o fun flying in those early days
free radical 11/15/20 05:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

"The world technology is changing faster than ever..." I don't really think so, we're seeing improvements in the technology we already have, but no real revolution. Electric vehicles have been around since the turn of the last century, computers are 30 years old, cell phones are about the only real change, and again, just incremental. Hows this for revolution,avoiding banking fees https://youtu.be/SJh_Uir5EMI
free radical 11/13/20 07:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

"The world technology is changing faster than ever..." I don't really think so, we're seeing improvements in the technology we already have, but no real revolution. Electric vehicles have been around since the turn of the last century, computers are 30 years old, cell phones are about the only real change, and again, just incremental. The exponential improvements are in their capabilities. My smart watch has more computing capacity than the computers from 30 years ago. EV batteries are unthinkable to be feasible and practical 20 years ago. Solar energy and other renewables, are never dreamed to supply all of the state's (eg CA) electricity needs as in present times. And Elon's reusable rockets than can land on barge? Landing rockets back to earth was once compared to threading a needle from 10 floors up on a gale force winds.But seriously, who really uses a smart watch to do anything other than just another gadget. Yeah, the smart watch has lots of computational power, but it's just another doodad that does stuff that is already done by something else. And it will fall by the wayside when people realize it really isn't all that convenient anyway. And Dick Tracy had a wrist radio 70 years ago. :) The 8 track tape, replaced by cassette, replaced by DAT, replaced by CD, replaced by MP3 player, replaced by streaming, replaced by the next "revolutionary" process. Implants would be a pretty exponential improvement. Batteries are only really incredible if you're an engineer, most people really don't care, they just want it to work. And again, it's just improvements, batteries are still just electrical storage units. Smaller, more powerful, but same thing. You want to talk exponential, 65 years to go from primitive powered flight to landing on the moon. That's impressive and earth shattering. Fifty years later and they brag about landing a used rocket stage on a barge. Excuse me if I'm not so impressed. Perhaps I'm just too jaded to be very impressed with all this "amazing" technology. But to me it's all incremental improvements of existing products and processes. Show me a cold fusion reactor, anti-gravity generator, teleportation, and then I'll be suitably impressed. Isnt an airplane anti gravity machine ? :B Maybe someday we figure what makes them UFO move and go boldly where no man has https://youtu.be/IdIICGgk5tY
free radical 11/13/20 06:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: CDN Snowbirds getting their RV's across....

Ontario,,Quebec and Manitoba has more covid cases now too,good idea is to stay home and chill.
free radical 11/11/20 09:51pm General RVing Issues
Super Fireproof material

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30165922
free radical 11/09/20 08:02pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Super Fireproof material

Made with simple ingredients, https://youtu.be/aqR4_UoBIzY
free radical 11/09/20 08:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: What did you wake up to this morning?

Sunny and 22┬░Celsius, record warm temps in South Ontario. I could get used to this global warming :)
free radical 11/09/20 07:38pm Truck Campers
RE: DECA AGM Batteries

About to have the batteries changed out in the MH to AGM..finally. Last year where we had it stored didn't check the after and all the batteries went dry refilled and everything was good for a while but batteries were swelled and now 7.5 volts is all they hold. All that CW carries is is the DECA Brand. They are supposed to fit the same dimensions as the T105s. 1500.00 for four. Anyone have experience with DECA AGM deep cycle 6 volt batteries? Had bad experience with Deka AGM 12V Died soon after I bought from Cabela, ,I suspect it wasnt brand new but used,,got my money back so no harm done.
free radical 11/08/20 07:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Not Utilizing RV Parks or Boondocking

Just wondering how many RV folks choose not to use RV Parks and places like Walmart or boon docking to overnight? Instead using motels, hotels, or AIRbnb. It would seem that it may defeat the purpose of having an RV but there may be some people who just don't like RV Parks and would never stay in a Walmart parking lot or boondock overnight. I Stayed in motel few months one winter in Alberta when the weather got to - 30 C And I didnt have enough solar to recharge the battery. Long nights and too short days up there. Something interesting Family of five traveling the World in 1928 Graham Paige car https://youtu.be/VOgskJZ4WRc
free radical 11/07/20 09:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: travel during covid

How many of us have changed our plans because of covid? we have canceled 1 long trip because of quarantine regulations. Tokyo olympics and my flight got canceled so I only travel online now Bolivia https://youtu.be/madplgRfebo
free radical 11/05/20 09:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: travel during covid

..... What's the paranoia? It is almost pointless to discuss anything with some people because they have obviously closed their minds. Some people have concerns. You call it paranoia. Here are a few of my concerns: Even crowded outdoor areas such as hiking trails and overlooks can be risky. At home I have all my food delivered. When traveling I would need to stop at grocery stores. Gate attendants protect themselves with gloves which does nothing for the people who need to hand over passes and money. Who knows how many driver's licenses, passes and money those gloves handle an hour. If I get Covid and become seriously sick or at the point of death I would rather be at home. Remote areas often have very limited medical help and expertise. Let us not even consider what happens if you die thousands of miles from home. People living in many remote areas have been very slow to adopt any precautions. Now many of those areas are being hit hard with Covid. Thats the problem some people think Covid is no biggie and 250 thousand dead americans is just Fake news. It will take more deaths I suspect before it gets stoped if ever. Fwiw China stoped the virus in three months simply by mandating wearing face masks for everyone and now life goes on as normal But then most people there have enough money saved so taking few months off work is no problem https://youtu.be/GfMUSkT1mkc Some people say No freedom there LOL try drinking beer while walking down the street in any city here,
free radical 11/05/20 08:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Take-out in Yellowstone...

https://laramielive.com/man-busted-cooking-chickens-in-yellowstone-hot-spring/?fbclid=IwAR1fUAVtggB9EnKO-pbu-TUj8V6On2JBwfgwUo5L4HeBU2LgKLHdfaQwsM0 Gary Haupt He was lucky,eating chicken cooked in acid might give him quite an indigestion Lol Ive heard a story while back, about some experienced travelers who were in Africa roasting some meat on fire made from dry cactus,which unfortunately had poison in it and whole bunch went to sleep permanently. Leave Cactus for camels :) https://youtu.be/f-6ReiIXa2Y
free radical 11/05/20 08:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Painting roof What to use?

Dont know if it was mentioned but has anyone tried truck Bedliner coating on the roof? https://besttruckupgrades.com/best-diy-roll-on-bedliners-reviews/
free radical 10/29/20 07:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Heating Cost: Electric vs. Propane

Fwiw Id think diesel heater would be more eficient then either propane or electric I use Espar and in small TC two galons of diesel last me a week in winter In Edmonton. They also sell Chinese copy of Espar which is obviously cheaper Something to consider if youre handy This guy has some vids on how to convert MH to diesel https://youtu.be/ogLmROa1o9E
free radical 10/28/20 08:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: everyday truck ideas needed

Hi, soon my Prius will go to our son.... I am considering a pick up truck, but it will be my daily vehicle, running kids around etc. We'd also use it to throw our bicycles in, and maybe in the future for towing... Husband loves diesel....worth the extra $? Currently we use our 7.3L Diesel Excursion to tow our 30' 2007 Jayco TT. Not sure the smaller trucks would tow this, but we have the Excursion and plan to get a smaller TT in a few years once the kids no longer come along... I don't really like driving the Excursion, would there be a truck that's a bit smaller than this, or not really? That could possibly even tow the TT? Not sure if anyone makes small trucks capable puling large trailer Nowadays, Something like this would be perfect daily driver and TT hauler too Id think https://youtu.be/KTwzXxVMB1w
free radical 10/27/20 08:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: everyday truck ideas needed

I cannot imagine a cg with a charging station for that electric p/u. Those may be great but I suspect will be limited to urban areas with charging stations. Rewiring a campground for charging stations would be very costly. And where is that Tesla truck that Musk was bloviating about, one and done? Youll have to wait till the Texas Gigafactory gets built Plus theres close to milion pre orders for the Cbrtrk,better get in line :B https://electrek.co/2020/09/10/tesla-first-completion-gigafactory-texas-may-2021/ Btw Tesla is also building German Gigafactory and expanding the one In China In five years Tesla will be trilion $$ company imo
free radical 10/27/20 08:28pm Tow Vehicles
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