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RE: Gas prices

Try NEGATIVE $20/BBL https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/historic-oil-crash-sends-canadian-oil-prices-negative
ghostrider421 04/20/20 02:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gas prices

Oil prices crashed this morning - below $11.00/bbl for WTI. https://www.bloomberg.com/energy But of course Bakken oil is still making money on it, fields will start closing down. Workers will be out of jobs for the foreseeable future. https://www.rigzone.com/news/wire/some_american_oil_selling_at_under_10_a_barrel-30-mar-2020-161565-article/ Prices here in Brasil are below $1/gal
ghostrider421 04/20/20 08:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Register M/H in Calif

Used to be an LLC was private. But no more. When Montana opened their llcs to another state to collect taxes - it broke the privacy law https://rvtailgatelife.com/2019/montana-llc-registering-rv
ghostrider421 04/11/20 06:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Taking RV to FLA (west cost) to pick up mother in law

Lots of mean spirited posts here. I am not going down to Fla for the fun of it. My mother in law is 80 and with the way things are going if something happens to her we will not be able to go visit, or go advocate for her if any thing bad happens. Originally I thought the best place for her was in Fla, but with the way things are going not so any more. Believe me I am old and high risk also and the last thing I want to do is leave my home..... Nope just telling you the truth. The state added more roadblocks. The one we got caught up in was backed up five (5) miles. Why don't you just fly her out. My Uncle - who I just buried in MT - flew up until last December was 92.
ghostrider421 03/30/20 08:53am Roads and Routes
RE: Taking RV to FLA (west cost) to pick up mother in law

Forget travelling anywhere in Florida. State troopers stopped us on I95 asking us where we were going and how long we planned to stay. My son decided to not stay and we turned around and headed west on I10 where again we were stopped. So we turned north into Georgia - which has no roadblocks or overly inquisitive troopers. We will fly home to Panama tomorrow. Our vacation trip to Montana was just fine until we got back down to Florida. The rv company says they'll retrieve the unit for free.
ghostrider421 03/29/20 05:45pm Roads and Routes
RE: Hiawassee Ga via 441

Avoid at all costs the 75/16 interchange. It is a total CF with construction. Dangerous enough without a trailer. Lap527, I'd stick to Forsyth exit if I were you. To get around that bottleneck get off I75 at GA96 and take it to the end in Jeffersonville. Then GA540 to US441. Not only does it avoid Macon, but Dublin as well. 511ga.org
ghostrider421 03/06/20 09:23am Roads and Routes
RE: Hwy 491 new mexico

Good road - a bit lumpy. Plenty of commercial vehicles use it
ghostrider421 03/06/20 09:17am Roads and Routes
Were you in YNP - 08 SEP 2019?

Then the FBI is looking for your help finding the two missing children. https://www.eastidahonews.com/2020/03/fbi-releases-photos-of-missing-rexburg-kids-in-yellowstone-and-asks-for-help/?fbclid=IwAR1ATUlUPdB2WOlPkW5Sh0Tmbh3DkHid6mKk1uw02o6ycKkugUOST7yzRIY
ghostrider421 03/06/20 09:16am Roads and Routes
RE: Diesel Fuel for newer diesels

ghostrider421 02/04/20 01:31pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: 2020 Mercedes Sprinter based RV's

Mercedes has come out with a gas Sprinter. Are any of the RV manufacturers using it yet? Nope. Mercedes-Benz don't have the gas engine available on the cab and chassis Sprinter models; it's only on the lower-spec van bodies. It's also a pretty small engine for the vehicle, a 2.0L four cylinder gas engine, producing 188 horsepower at 5000 rpm. In a motorhome it would be a whiney slug. Yeah right - my first diesel was 150 hp/225# torque. These new gas engines are superior in just about every way. https://www.mbvans.com/sprinter/gas-engine https://www.mercedes-benz-vans.ca/en/sprinter/gas-vs-diesel https://www.trucks.com/2018/01/25/2019-mercedes-sprinter-whats-known/
ghostrider421 02/02/20 08:05am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2020 Mercedes Sprinter based RV's

I,ve never had trouble finding diesel. Not finding diesel fuel in general. Finding the right type. What do you mean "right type". ULSD is about all that is sold in North America - exc off road in Mexico.
ghostrider421 01/31/20 02:19pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2020 Mercedes Sprinter based RV's

Some of the newer vehicles are using the Ford V10 engines. I don't know real world mileage figures are to be believed - 12-15mpg?
ghostrider421 01/31/20 02:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: I didn't buy an RV

Solid, rigid construction was proven years ago to offer inferior protection in accidents, hence why modern automobiles are engineered to dissapate energy thru crumple zones and the like. Your basic RV full of plastic, luan panels, aluminum and other lightweight materials is much safer in a collision than your grandfather's solid steel Cadillac Coupe DeVille. Believe me when I say you're just full of yourself in that statement. Kevin Hart just was in an accident in a 70s Plymouth 'Cuda and walked away from it. Had he been in a new vehicle they'd be picking him up with a stick and a spoon. That old Plymouth had steel in it - it wouldn't crumble like todays vehicle with airbags. He wouldn't have had the engine sitting in his lap either! I'll take an old CDV or a schoolie any day of the week. You never see schoolies completely wrecked because they are still building them the same way as 50 yrs ago - with steel.
ghostrider421 09/05/19 03:23pm Beginning RVing
RE: I didn't buy an RV

Sounds awesome ghost rider! There's a solid chance a liveaboard boat could enter our future if time and finances allow it down the road, after retirement. 18+ RVs in your past? No wonder you tired of them. Either you spent ALOT of time in them or spent a lot trading up every other year. Either way, sounds like you're doing what you love. However I don't understand your subliminal dig on RVers... We were rv'ers decades ago - about the time Airstream was bigger then than now. We bought and sold lots of them - moving from cramped to luxurious models to class A's and 5ers to schoolies. We converted several old schoolies. Today an rv is a luxury item we can't afford to operate anymore. The last one in Mexico was worth $300k - it was broken into twice, finally stolen and burned by the cartel. Where we lived last (Guyana) the price of fuel was USD$4.00/gal. Not many roads there so you couldn't get into the back country without lowering the tire pressure and crawling thru the swampy jungle for hours to reach a river site. The same site I might add that boaters could reach in less than an hour without traversing downed trees and jungle. In my mind that was just stupid. We decided to sell the unit and get a boat. The offers came in from all over the area - we got for the first time in our history a cash deal $2k over asking. We settled and bought an old workboat. Fuel is less - around USD$3.19/gal and pure alcohol is about a dollar/gallon if we wanted to convert to it. So we have given up the expense of the rv and a 100 gals/day use for an old work boat that will soon have a mast and sail and use 100 gals/week instead of per day. There's so much to see here it blows the mind. I'm fielding questions now about the Amazon forest fires. They happen every year around this time and are no more than normal. Not as bad as the fires in Montana and along the Rockies. Whatever oxygen is produced there, is used there according to the locals.
ghostrider421 09/05/19 03:17pm Beginning RVing
RE: I didn't buy an RV

As a lifelong waterman, a licensed mariner and pathological sailor, I can assure you that those people are every where. I keep having to remind people that the only thing it takes to run a powerboat or motorhome that does not require a special license in the home state is.... A Credit Rating (and a pulse?) There are some idiots on sailboats too, but they can't get very far and can't go very fast. Oh, I almost forgot... There is one BIG difference between an RV and a Boat.... Water can leak OUT of an RV. Matt I have the proper papers to operate this 15m vessel - applied for and accepted before leaving Georgetown. Re-accepted by Brasilian officials on the "Q" dock in Belem. It's not like the USofA - where anyone can drive an rv or boat - without instruction or proper licenses. Canada has cracked down on boat operators several years ago. Down here you can't move anything over 12m offshore without the proper licensing and documents.
ghostrider421 08/31/19 06:51am Beginning RVing
RE: I didn't buy an RV

An RV is easier to handle than a boat.......just don't understand this post. All that rocking back and forth if the waters are rough. Once the RV is parked, it's stable. RV's - good ones don't rock - but in strong Chinook winds just about everything moves around. If you have a "steel" body construction vehicle like a Bluebird - now that's a stable platform. It hardly moves at all. Boats - I have a 53ft Skookum in Panama - it loves high winds and I don't get sea sick as I would on slow moving trawler or tug. I sailed it from Seattle to Panama by myself and learned along the way. Self taught sailor, I now have an ASA cert - I didn't start out with. Just kinda winged it. GR421 - you'll be happy with your solid purchase. I know I am - after 66 yrs of living on land, I'm heading back to Panama in my hurricane hole. Maybe we will cross paths sometime at Allbrook. Couldn't agree with you more. My trucks were all made of steel as well as my schoolies. I just know that I enjoy my new found friends easier to live with than my old rv companions. It seems since we moved on board we have many more like minded people wanting to visit. Maybe we will cross paths. What size engine powers that sailboat? I have a single DD671.
ghostrider421 08/31/19 06:46am Beginning RVing
RE: I didn't buy an RV

If you think RV crowd is "aloof" then you camp in places I haven't. Maybe you should stick with boats. I drove commercially for close to 40 yrs - and I've seen my share of idiots. RVers aren't much different - just less experienced. My truck and school buses had steel in them. Most all rv's can't say that! I camped in far more desolate places - like along the haul road in Alaska, in the Yukon and NWT - on the rivers. My brother and I had a Davis wall tent - 10 square - with a wood pallet floor and an 18" wood stove. Kept us toasty warm on those supercold mornings. It was the best and cheapest way to stay in the woods for months at a time.
ghostrider421 08/30/19 12:54pm Beginning RVing
I didn't buy an RV

Years ago I did the second home bit and it was great while the kids were growing up. But now we're kind of lonely and the rv crowd is more aloof. I've owned a half dozen class c, vans, class a and a dozen or more tt's. The thing that bothers me the most is lack of training. I know from experience living in the USA for a while that anyone with a reg Florida drivers license can drive off with a 55000lb class a and have no training. That scares me more than the drunk drivers out there. So why should I buy another rv? https://blog.cheapism.com/rv-for-sale/#slide=2 So I opted for a boat - maybe a slightly better choice given that it's steel. And solid - it doesn't roll when you walk the decks at night. The maintenance was high because it had been in saltwater. But now it's in fresh (Amazon Riv) so the bottom jobs won't be needed every three years. And the corrosion is minimal now. https://www.smartliving365.com/smart...-home-rv-boat/ Since moving to the marina - the people are more accepting of quirky people and help out far more. If you haven't tried it I highly recommend a week long rental cruiser and see what you're missing. That is before you decide on an rv.
ghostrider421 08/30/19 08:04am Beginning RVing
RE: Crossing to Mexico with Truck Camper & Dually F350

It is still an issue at many crossings except nogales, you can avoid it by getting the permit on line ahead of time and avoiding the laredo crossing I would also arm yourself with the documents available for download at Border info. You can also take your truck to a scale, unloaded, no tailgate and just vapor in tank and hope it comes in at less than 7710 ibs. Either way, your GVWR minus that weight is your crago capacity and they will come in at less than 7710. With the Sat regs you can download at that link, that should give you an argument Boy am I glad we went before this nonsense began.
ghostrider421 08/13/19 04:14pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: "LT" tire pressures on Expedition

Also, the Ford Explorer rollover begot lots of these labels and tire PSI monitoring...managed to the idiot and gorilla... I had one of those Explorers. Everytime it was in for service, the tech would lower the tire pressure to 33psi - despite tire sidewall was 44psi! Of course the tires heated up and had several blowouts before it flipped on my husband one day on I25. Not a pretty sight. The unnecessary trauma and weeks of rehab and exercise at our expense when it was the dealers fault. Eventually we were repaid - but it took years.
ghostrider421 08/13/19 08:23am Tow Vehicles
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