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RE: Low point drain line caps nightmare

I went and bought plastic valves from the plumbing section at lowes and screwed them onto the 3/4" fittings where the caps go. No more need for caps. Just turn the valves. I did the same with mine as well as the fresh water tank drain. Much easier to deal with.
gmckenzie 04/08/19 04:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Truck trailering packages

IF you are stuck on a 1/2 ton, you want the GM Max Trailering package. The truck should come with the bigger mirrors (as the first clue) and the code NHT on the sticker in the glovebox. I would not try to tow a 30' with a non-NHT GM half ton. For my 2015 GMC with the above, I have a payload of 2,015 lbs (per the sticker on the door jam) and a max trailer weight of 10,800 (meaningless number from a brochure). I tow a 33''4" 2010 Cougar 30RKS that has a GVW of 8,200 lbs (and I've scaled it at that loaded). This put me at my maximum payload. I also use a Equal-i-zer 4 pt hitch that does both weight distribution and sway control. I'd recommend this hitch or one like it. Any more weight and I'd need a 3/4 ton. Interesting that the current version of the trailer has a GVW of 9,500 lbs. I would not tow that with my truck. Right now, I'd be inclined to wait until the new 3/4 tons come out. the 2020 Sierra/Silverado 2500HD will come with a 6.6L gas motor and close to double the payload of mine. If you don't like them (and I really do like the looks of the GMC) then the price on the 2019's should come down as dealers try to clear them out. Should be mid-June by everything I've read.
gmckenzie 04/04/19 12:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: OnStar Question

I never used my Onstar past the 3 free months. I hav Nav and do use it occasionally, but my 2015 doesn't have Android Auto. I have never updated my GM Nav so I can see in the future where I would use my phone more for navigation anyway. The NAV was in the truck I wanted off the lot. I would not have otherwise paid for it.
gmckenzie 03/27/19 11:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hitch weight?

Just one more comment on the hitch weight in the brochure being useless. My brochure has the hitch weight at 630 lbs. Dry weight of ~6800 lbs and carrying cap of ~ 1400 lbs. So the brochure has the hitch weight at less than 10% of dry. Actual scaled weights have the trailer right at the 8200 lbs and hitch weight at 1040 lbs. Best is to use the gross trailer weight (not dry weight) and 12-13% of that for hitch weight. Add 100 lbs for the hitch and that is what you deduct from your actual payload to see what else you can carry. My payload is 2015 lbs (per the door sticker) and I'm am maxed with 8200 of trailer.
gmckenzie 03/19/19 09:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Not the typical Gas vs Diesel, ½ ton vs HD question

I'm looking very hard at the 2020 GMC 2500HD Gas. Will be a 6.6L with 401 hp and 460 ft/lb. And a payload of just under 4000 lbs. But not available until June (ish) and I won't be looking until next year anyway. I tow now with a 2015 Sierra 1500 max trailer, 5.3L. If I were to go diesel, I would pass by the 2500 and go 3500. It's not so bad with the 2020's, but 2019 and older you'll find you don't have much more payload with a 2500 diesel vs. what you have now. I'm at 2015 for payload and most of the 2500 diesels I've seen are much more than 2300 lbs. I'm comparing CC numbers. I don't tow as much as you are (8,200 lbs wet) and my truck is good enough for now. I've had a diesel in the past (01 2500 Duramax) and also had a short commute (~3.5km) and would end up parking the diesel in the winter and by a POS for a few months as the diesel never got to operating temps. I'm not looking to get back into a diesel anytime soon for that reason. I just don't work it hard enough 90% of the time. Outside of power, the biggest difference in the gas vs diesel will be the tranny. Again, I'm only talking the GMC here, but the diesel has a 10 speed version of the Allison (not actually made by Allison anymore) and the gas will be a 6 speed. And you will get more engine braking with a diesel. The 6.6 gas will not have the power of your 6.2L. That is a nice motor. But it will be better than the current 6.0L in the HD trucks.
gmckenzie 03/13/19 04:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Too many choices

Good points everyone. Payload from door sticker is 1644#. You will have a tough time with any of the trailers you are looking at. Realize that the ~250 lb difference in payload numbers, from the brochure to the sticker, equates to ~ 2,000 lbs less trailer weight (using 12.5% for tongue weight). So a 5,000 lb trailer will have a tongue weight of ~625 lbs. A 7,000 lb trailer will have a tongue weight of ~875 lbs.
gmckenzie 03/12/19 04:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Too many choices

From the numbers above, the Jayco is too much weight and the Grey Wolf would be pushing it. I've got a 2015 GMC with a payload of 2015 (from the door sticker) and am maxed with my Cougar gross weight of 8,200 lbs. My max trailer is 10,800, but I run out of payload.
gmckenzie 03/12/19 10:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Check trailer wiring message 2014 Silverado

Had this happen to me. Bit unnerving to be without trailer brakes. Unplugging and plugging back in did nothing. Turning the truck off and on fixed it for a time. When I got home it went into the dealer. Apparently there is a TSB for this. Not sure if it was a grounding issue or a software issue, but the warranty repair fixed it.
gmckenzie 09/10/18 03:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: General towing guestion - newbie

My trailer is 8,200 lbs loaded. I've scaled it at pretty close to that. I have the max trailering package for my GMC Sierra and it works fine, even in the mountains. But this setup has a payload of 2015 lbs and I am right at the limit in my opinion. There won't be a current SUV that does this. If you want gas, a 2500 will work fine. If you go diesel, check the payload as some 2500 diesels don't have much more payload then I have. If I was going diesel I would go 1 ton.
gmckenzie 08/28/18 12:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: oil change question

Not a Ford, but I run full Synth in my GMC. I just never feel comfy running more than 6 months between changes, so even though I may only have 6-7K (kms) I still change the oil when I have the shop swap my tires (winters to summers). I probably could go longer, but it's not that much money and gives me piece of mind.
gmckenzie 08/15/18 12:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: British Columbia, Okanogan Valley Fires, smoke, delays

So, I was staying a bit further east mid-July. Not sure if you got a car there yet, but on Saturday they have a farmers market and the local distillery sells gin there. I sampled but they were out of stock so I didn't buy. Bought some cinnamon liquor (like fireball). Brewery east of town (Begbie) was pretty good and walking distance from the campground we were at, but not for you. We also did the Pipe on the ski hill. Was kinda cool. We didn't do the upper gondola and should have. Looks like some decent hiking up there. We didn't do the rail museum, only because we did last time through there and wanted to do more hikes this time around. But it was neat. Lots of places for easy hikes if you are into that.
gmckenzie 08/14/18 12:07pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: British Columbia, Okanogan Valley Fires, smoke, delays

Sorry to hear of your engine trouble. Revelstoke is nice but being stuck somewhere and not know has got to be tough. Used to have a Duramax and I do know some of the forums are good for helping out. Anyone else coming through the Okanagan, it's bad right now. Can't see the local mountains for all the smoke and our air quality is really bad.
gmckenzie 08/13/18 10:22am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: British Columbia, Okanogan Valley Fires, smoke, delays

Can barely see the mountains here in Banff. Lake Louise area is clear of smoke as of Wednesday 8 Aug. That's good to know thanks. We are leaving in about an hour for Vancouver Island. Will be going through Banff in about 3 hours from now. Taking the Coke, not going through the Okanogan. Hopefully not too much smoke on the way. Temperatures will be high today. Lots of smoke even through Kamloops right now, so expect a smoky and hot drive.
gmckenzie 08/10/18 04:14pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: are we welcome ?

Your almost ordered bumper stickers...they are bi-lingual...right? "Ne me blâmez pas - Je n'aime pas le tarif" Gary Haupt Thought they needed to be English and Mandarin on the island...... :)
gmckenzie 08/08/18 04:00pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: I need a new tow vehicle

Thanks for all the great suggestions and PM's I think I will go with a RAM Pickup Truck because as one has suggested I have 4 kids.... The oldest is 21 next month so he really doesn't go with us much and when he does he shows up in his own car. That leaves my 17 yr old daughter and the 11yr old twins so I think a crew cab would work for me....anyone else do this? (3 in the back) I have my eye on 2 trucks that fit my price / age / mileage range: Truck #1 is a 2013 Ram 2500 SLT crew cab 4x4 / 5.7L Hemi / short bed / 3.73 gear ratio / 11,290lb tow rating Truck #2 is a 2012 Ran 2500 St crew cab 4x4 / 5.7L Hemi / long bed / 3.73 gear ratio / 10,350lb tow rating The interior of Truck#2 looks nicer, one thing I like is the center console goes completely to the dash.... Truck #1 doesn't have console connect to the dash..... does anyone know if I can get an aftermarket (ebay!) to fill that in? Most importantly there is a 940lb difference in tow ratings between the two trucks....is this a big deal that I should be concerned with? both truck are with in a few hundred bucks of each other ...... either way my mechanic said I will see a big difference in towing considering where I will be coming from, a 1999 E350 Super Duty Van w/ a V10 Anything else I'm missing? Payload may be more of an issue than towing capacity. Can you see the payoad numbers for both?
gmckenzie 08/08/18 10:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: are we welcome ?

I've been warning our neighbors up here to build the fence. Build it now. :B . We are waiting for you to pay for it. :B But paying us to build it..right? Least get it done right. Gary HauptWith Canada we would use the WKRP Les Nessman approached, thousands of rolls of masking tape. Masking tape??? Duct tape or nothing sheesh.
gmckenzie 08/08/18 10:39am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: British Columbia, Okanogan Valley Fires, smoke, delays

Every darn year. Yup. Getting to be a common thing here. Sky is surprisingly clear these days though. Not as smoky as prior years.
gmckenzie 08/02/18 04:40pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Lake Louise Trailer Campground - Electric Hookups

Just got back from a few days at Lake Louise. Didn't find the train noise that bad. Maybe I just got used to it. There was a female Grizzly and 2 cubs in the area so some of the walking paths are closed and they are being real strict about the "bare campsite" rules. Nothing that has ever touch food can be left outside. I see that they closed one side of a nearby lake from access as a bear trampled a tent (no one in it at the time). Plus it is a bit hard to get away from the crowds. Have to be at Moraine by ~6am to get a parking spot and Lake Louise filled by 8:30 am. Even after a 3.4km hike uphill to the teahouse, the place was packed and the wait about 45 mins. The ski hill wasn't so bad and saw a grizzly on the slopes. They have three slots for dumping so there was no issue with that. Have to say, I preferred Banff.
gmckenzie 08/02/18 04:37pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
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