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RE: what defines a 3/4 ton?

Yes, but if you really want to send the payload po-po into a frenzy, just mention this little Chevy mini-truck. The shame of it all, 4 lug wheels, and over 1600 lbs of payload capacity. :) https://i.imgur.com/fp0m82kl.jpg
gmw photos 08/26/19 07:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Another Tire Thread

I have 15" Good Year Wrangler HT, LT tires on my horse trailer.
gmw photos 08/26/19 06:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Tires

I've had Kumho Radial 857 in 205/R14C load range D for several years now. Speed rating R(106mph), 65psi. Tire wear has been really good and they run cool. Bought thru Belle Tire special order (not cheap at $150). These are for commercial light truck, transporter, van and trailer per the manufacturer. Probably the only LT tire for 14's. I might buy again when needed if still available but will probably spend less with the GY Endurance. I have about 15,000 miles with no issues. My other choice(which are installed on my single axle cargo trailer) is the GoodYear Endurance ST205/75/R14 load range D, speed rating N (87mph), 65psi. I have about 4000 miles on these and so far so good. A little more reasonable at $115. I too have a set of the Kumho 857's on my travel trailer. Been on there six years, and about 50K miles, still have good tread. Another 14" LT that is similar to the Kumho is the Hankook RA18
gmw photos 08/25/19 08:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tow Vehicle Tire Pressure

It has been said that a safe bet is to use the door sticker for min psi number, and the tire sidewall for max. Sometime, like on P tires, it's the same number. One of our trucks is a Ford F350 dually. These are LR E tires, 80 psi max. The door sticker says 75 front, 60 rear. That's what I have run for the last 13 years in them. This is the second set of tires, the first set aged out at 10 years with plenty of tread remaining. Almost all the miles have been towing either the large GN horse trailer or my equipment trailer loaded with Bobcat or other heavy stuff. Point is, in my case, running the door sticker recco has and still does work well. All pressures set cold, before leaving the barn, and never readjusted during the run. As always, your mileage, pressures, habits and beliefs probably will vary.
gmw photos 08/15/19 04:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Another tire thread

in LT's: 14", Hankook RA18 ( discount tire ) 15", GoodYear Wrangler HT ( any good year store ) And both have lower load ratings than you can get in comparable size ST tires, but to each their own. Ok, but most of the trailer axles that have 15" tires have 3500 pound axles. The Good Year Wrangler ( I run these on my small horse trailer, tandem axle ) have 2100 pounds of capacity. So 4200 pounds of tire capacity under a 3500 pound axle means the tires have 17% more capacity than the axle itself. I like that margin just fine. As I run my trailer with the quarter horse in it and everything for a show, I am at about 4800 on the axles. So let's assume it's all equal ( probably not, but for the sake of simplicity ) that's 2400 pounds on each axle with 4200 pounds of tire cap. That's a 43% reserve cap of tires. My travel trailer has 14". The LT tires have 7400 total pounds of capacity. The trailer as I tow it, has 3400 pounds on the axles. As you can imagine, I'm good with those numbers. Each persons numbers will vary depending on actual loaded weight of trailer. The CAT scale is your awesome friend. ....and yes, I'm one of those that would run a LT tire at capacity, before I'd run any ST tire with "greater load reserve". Your usage may vary, run whatever y'all like, folks. Not trying to start the usual tire argument, just trying to say there are some options in 14 and 15 inch if a person so desires. Again, I'm NOT saying to you all "to run LT tires"..... I'm simply saying there is the option, and it's what I choose.
gmw photos 08/15/19 04:21pm Towing
RE: Another tire thread

in LT's: 14", Hankook RA18 ( discount tire ) 15", GoodYear Wrangler HT ( any good year store )
gmw photos 08/13/19 04:44pm Towing
RE: Tow Vehicle Tire Pressure

Here's a pretty interesting blurb from a major tire supplier: Maximum Inflation Pressure A tire's maximum inflation pressure is the highest 'cold' inflation pressure that the tire is designed to contain. However the tire's maximum inflation pressure should only be used when called for on the vehicle's tire placard or in the vehicle's owners manual. It is also important to remember that the vehicle's recommended tire inflation pressure is always to be measured and set when the tire is 'cold'. Cold conditions are defined as early in the morning before the day's ambient temperature, sun's radiant heat or the heat generated while driving have caused the tire pressure to temporarily increase. For the reasons indicated above, It is also normal to experience 'hot' tire pressures that are up to 5 to 6 psi above the tire's recommended 'cold' pressure during the day if the vehicle is parked in the sun or has been extensively driven. Therefore, if the vehicle's recommended 'cold' inflation pressures correspond with the tire's maximum inflation pressure, it will often appear that too much tire pressure is present. However, this extra 'hot' tire pressure is temporary and should NOT be bled off to return the tire pressure to within the maximum inflation pressure value branded on the tire. If the 'cold' tire pressure was correctly set initially, the temporary 'hot' tire pressure will have returned to the tire's maximum inflation pressure when next measured in 'cold' conditions. A tire's 'maximum inflation pressure' may be different than the assigned tire pressure used to rate the tire's 'maximum load'. For example, while a P-metric sized standard load tire's maximum load is rated at 35 psi, many P-metric sized standard load performance and touring tires are designed to contain up to 44 psi (and are branded on their sidewalls accordingly). This additional range of inflation pressure (in this case, between 36 and 44 psi) has been provided to accommodate any unique handling, high speed and/or rolling resistance requirements determined by the tire and vehicle manufacturers. These unique tire pressures will be identified on the vehicle placard or the vehicle's owner's manual.
gmw photos 07/20/19 10:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Does anyone make 'em anymore?

Sounds like you want a 1960s era camper/trailer. You got it. And since I live in the inner city with no place to work inside, doing conversions is difficult and costly. Especially adding a shower and toilet. I was hoping I'd overlooked a retro manufacturer in my search, but apparently finding an old unit is my only hope. I certainly can't afford to have a Scamp, Casita, Oliver, etc. special built. Alrighty then, Craigslist it is. Teach The biggest problem with an old unit is at this point it's most likely going to need to be rebuilt/restored. Restore projects typically take much longer and require more material than you initially think. See if you can find the videos of Mark Polk rebuilding the old Yellowstone trailer. It's a good source of info on the resto of an old trailer. Came out awesome.
gmw photos 07/13/19 08:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Level trailer

....snip.... Last time gmw posted info on his trailers, IIRC, his are more of traditional architecture. Meaning the axle assembly center line is much farther rearward than more modern trailers that,IMHO, have more teeter-tootered weight centered than older, traditional .....snip... Hi Ben, yes you are correct, my 2012 funfinder does in fact have axles placed rather "farther back, behind the center mass" of the trailer, compared to many of the current gen of trailers. My two horse Titan horse trailer is also of this rear placed axle design, even more so than the travel trailer (which is typical of horse/stock trailers ). In my mind and experience, this attribute ( having the axle(s) aft ) does in fact make for a very nice, stable towed trailer. It was one of the design elements that attracted me to the funfinder. I love towing this thing....tows really well. With the blue ox swaypro WD hitch, both these trailers run down the road very well even on windy days.
gmw photos 07/11/19 03:21pm Towing
RE: Does anyone make 'em anymore?

https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=horse+trailer+rv+conversion&view=detail&mid=090DE42A78718917E5A1090DE42A78718917E5A1&FORM=VIRE Video of converted horse trailer holy moly, that guy did a nice job on that old horse trailer. There is a couple ( Bill and Deb ) on youtube that converted a cargo trailer and they are out in it now with continuing videos. He did many videos as he built it. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiRD6KaryF8e9-jF32h4Ipw
gmw photos 07/11/19 02:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Level trailer

Not the weights I experienced on my single axle flatbed: Based on your measurements, I would expect 4" low at 650 lbs, level at 600 lbs and 4" high at 525 lbs. I don't have a gauge for my dual axle enclosed (used bath scale on my smaller trailer). I was never very good at science and math class, and I am sure not an engineer, but perhaps the "equalizer" device that sits between the axles of this funfinder trailer has something to do with it ?
gmw photos 07/11/19 02:26pm Towing
RE: Level trailer

LOL, you guys are killin' me here....sent me out into the heat ! Tools to gather data: sherline TW gage, level, ruler. Level, four inches high, and four inches low. And yes, I know, I placed the gauge under the jack which is slightly behind the ball. Get over it. Tandem axle, leaf sprung, 19' funfinder. https://i.imgur.com/oWZvzpel.jpg
gmw photos 07/11/19 12:20pm Towing
RE: Terrible factory splices in brake wiring

On the subject of wiring, here's a suggestion I make to all new trailer owners. Spend the time on your back under the trailer to inspect all the runs of wiring. On my trailers ( all of them: travel trailer, two horse trailers and one flat deck equipment trailer ) I found places where wiring was run thru hole in the frame or around other edges where the wire could chafe and sooner or later rub thru the insulation causing a short to ground.
gmw photos 06/25/19 09:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Seeking custom rig

I have a mor-ryde slide out tray in one of my storage compartments. I could certainly see that an afternoon of fabrication could turn that into an "outdoor cooking facility".
gmw photos 06/18/19 09:26am Travel Trailers
RE: New - Buying a Tralier - No Clue What I'm Doing

Dragging a travel trailer around the country is not a way so save money, it's a way to spend money.
gmw photos 06/18/19 09:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Wobbly dinette table

In my trailer I leave my dinette table set up all the time. So I effectively attached it in a more permanent way. It still rests on the two posts, but I also have it attached to the wall under that end of the table top. Very sturdy.
gmw photos 05/14/19 11:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Tired of your NYS Commercial Plates?

In Missouri, we have to register the truck to include the weight of the trailer. The registration comes in 6K lb increments. So for instance, my Nissan Frontier, if all I was doing was running it by itself, I could buy a 6K lb plate. But since I tow the trailer with it, I am at about 8500 lbs combined weight, so I must buy a 12K plate. The reasoning is, because when we buy a plate for the trailer, it can be a one time fee and the plate is "permanent". I have been told the fine for overweight is $1/pound. Ouch.
gmw photos 04/26/19 08:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Gas engines in school buses coming back?

A similar stop and go type of route is a UPS driver. All of our local UPS delivery trucks have now gone back to gas engines.
gmw photos 04/26/19 08:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: good tires

I'm using 15" LT, Good Year Wrangler HT tires on one of my horse trailers with good results. The total of the load capacity of the tires exceeds the load capacity of the trailer axles.
gmw photos 04/26/19 07:56am Towing
RE: Best way to make white trailers white again?

For a quick touchup/removal of black streaks, I keep a can of pledge in the trailer supplies.
gmw photos 04/18/19 07:05am Travel Trailers
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