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RE: 2021 Super Duty Camera system

An aftermarket system that is very easy to install accomplishes what you're after. Nav-TV allows you to access any camera at any time and at any speed. Mine works great. I can check on what is behind my fifth wheel as I go down the highway. I did the install myself and am very pleased after a year of travel. I believe they are now available for MY 2020 and 2021. Mine is a 2019.
howardwheeler 03/02/21 07:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Peel and Sick Vinyl Plank.

I did my entire living area with Home Depot click together vinyl planks and left it floating. I used the higher grade (about $3.19 a sf.)as I liked the thickness, and it comes with pad attached to each plank. I had done glue down years ago, and it was really awful to get up. My son was a flooring contractor and did most of the work. It went easy once the old glue and torn-up OSB was fixed. It has traveled nicely with no problem at all. I really like the look. It's the closest you can get to real wood look without the wood. And it has, according to Consumer Reports, the very best resistance to wear.
howardwheeler 11/20/20 03:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best market for RV components for sale?

Okay Craigslist it is.
howardwheeler 10/30/20 08:38pm Tech Issues
Best market for RV components for sale?

If someone had a quality electrical component to an RV that was no longer needed, where is the best place to try to sell it? I wish this forum had a marketplace section to list for selling and buying. I had to switch out my {SNIP} for the {SNIP}. Ebay takes a pretty good hunk of commission, so I'd like to avoid it if possible. Any ideas?
howardwheeler 10/26/20 03:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Marshall changeover regulator doesn’t indicate empty tank

Does the Cavagna indicator work on a different principle than the Marshall and therefore not as likely to malfunction? Oil does seem to form in my propane lines.
howardwheeler 09/27/20 12:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Merging a Xantrex SW2024 to a Tesla Lithium battery

And thanks to everyone for the great advice. I have to say that this setup does seem just right for my needs. It had to be dialed in just right and had a learning curve, but now that it’s done, it seems looking back that it would be a simple changeover from FLA. There were a few perplexities encountered (like the Xantrex needing reprogramming), but as insurmountable as they all initially seemed, all were really in the end simple fixes. When you don’t know what you’re doing, every obstacle can seem enormous. Again thanks for the help.
howardwheeler 09/27/20 10:06am Tech Issues
Marshall changeover regulator doesn’t indicate empty tank

I have a fairly new (maybe one to two year old) Marshall Excelsior two stage propane regulator that has stopped changing the green sign in the upper bulb to red when the tank the lever points to is empty. It appears as though it is changing over to the other tank but definitely the bulb always stays green—-even with the tank removed! Is this fixable? What would cause this? If I’m not mistaken ( it’s been too long) I may have encountered this on my previous regulator, also a Marshall. Is my propane “gunky” and mucking up the signal bulb from being able to move up and down? What is going on? Anybody want to hazard a guess?
howardwheeler 09/27/20 09:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New tires for my 16K fifth wheel

Four Sailuns ordered. I will have my mechanic put them on next week. Thanks for the recommendations.
howardwheeler 09/25/20 12:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Merging a Xantrex SW2024 to a Tesla Lithium battery

Update and report: First, we finally found someone—Wendy—at Xantrex who took an interest in my problem. It turns out there was an available firmware update that would allow the programming of the bulk voltage down to acceptable levels. Problem? I had to send the unit—already installed—back to Xantrex! No good. But Wendy comes through and says that the Xantrex Combox allows user programming and firmware updates. So I found a good deal at Hodges Marine on a ComBox and got everything hooked up. I’m actually glad I got this because the Combox allows for a wireless router (my son had an unused Apple Airport Express) to be hooked up and I can now with a $39 Android tablet from Walmart monitor all Xantrex devices and reset them from anywhere in the fifth wheel. No more bending over. So we reset everything and all works great now. So let’s go on a trip. We went into the Colorado high country with one of my sons and his family and were six days completely off grid. A good test. We had good Colorado sun most of the time and my three solar panels that total 945 watts had no trouble filling my battery to 24.8 volts. Having the residential fridge and furnace running (every night was near freezing) we would every day drop down to around 21.6 volts. So the average cycle was 24.8 down to 21.6 volts. With anything close to this, which is keeping things between 90 and 40% of my Tesla’s capacity, the battery will last longer than myself or the trailer. Also because there’s no need for ventilating the battery I can have it in my heated basement so I don’t have to worry about the Tesla going to 32 degrees and charging, which would ruin the battery. Another very nice attribute of the Tesla is how fast it charges. Just to try it, I hooked up my Honda 2000 (rejetted for high altitude) and it rapidly charged the battery at a rate of around 40 amps at 24 volts. No more dropping off of amps as it nears full. I can reprogram the battery to be used from 25.2 volts down to 18 volts, giving me much more useable power but to cycle it that far will wear it out much faster. I might only have 700 cycles or so charging at that rate as opposed to probably ten times that doing it the way I am. Anyway, I’m extremely pleased. I’ve shaved 479 lbs off my pin weight, which, for the first time ever, actually puts my Alpenlite below the official rear axle rating of my truck. I took out all four heavy FLA batteries and the Onan generator. So I’m lighter. I can seemingly run forever in the Colorado high country and have a virtually maintenance free battery.
howardwheeler 09/24/20 02:22pm Tech Issues
RE: New tires for my 16K fifth wheel

This set is at five and half years and I’ve not had one problem with them—unlike all previous load G tires, including Goodyear’s.
howardwheeler 09/23/20 02:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New tires for my 16K fifth wheel

When I travel it is usually on fairly lengthy trips—4000 to 6000 miles. But as of late I can’t get away very often. I did just return from a shorter 2500 mile trip to Colorado. I’m looking very seriously at the Sailuns. I believe they have a 75 mph speed rating. I wouldn’t want anything less. I just don’t trust those 65 mph rated tires.
howardwheeler 09/23/20 02:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New tires for my 16K fifth wheel

They are LT235/85/R16. Tires look good. No noticeable cracking and still have tread. I just know that I’ve never had tread depth be a problem on any tire I’ve had that has blown. They seemed to have blown due to internal problems. So tread depth seems to me to not be a big concern. And I don’t remember any problem with obvious cracking. I used to always keep covers on them but now they are simply in the shade.
howardwheeler 09/23/20 11:06am Fifth-Wheels
New tires for my 16K fifth wheel

I just checked my current Goodyear G614 RST tires for age and they are five and a half years old. They are load range G LT235/85/R16. This is the first set I’ve ever NOT had a blowout on. Basically trouble free. First question, should I age them out at five years? Second question, though these Goodyear’s have finally been good tires with zero problems, are there any recommendations as to a better choice? I am most concerned with no blowouts. I’ve had my share of experiences and don’t want any more. I am fastidious with air pressure and keep my TST TPMS active at all times when towing. What do you think is the best choice if indeed I should age out at five years. Thanks for any recommendations. I am okay with replacing these with the identical tire since finally I’m getting good service from a tire. I have relatively new HiSpec rims and don’t want to move to a 17.5 rim because of expense. Again, thanks for any thoughts.
howardwheeler 09/23/20 10:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water refill when dry camping

Just as someone mentioned earlier that they did, I, too, have water bladders (two 45 gallon ones) that I will put in the back of the pickup and go somewhere with water pressure to fill. I then have my old water pump (it came with the trailer but was replaced with one of more power) to pump the water from the bladders into the freshwater tank. I went ahead and permanently installed my extra pump and hardwired it in just for ease. I open my water compartment, hook the hose from the bladder to the pump and stick the outlet hose into my freshwater fill. Then I just flip a switch, and it fills in about ten minutes for each bladder, but you don't have to watch it since the pump can run dry without harm.
howardwheeler 08/29/20 01:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Merging a Xantrex SW2024 to a Tesla Lithium battery

That’s what I’ll do because at least I know that would work. Does anyone know how to get hold of a Xantrex schematic?
howardwheeler 08/16/20 09:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Merging a Xantrex SW2024 to a Tesla Lithium battery

Okay, we are installing a normally closed contactor on the AC wire coming into the Xantrex inverter charger, following the very good idea from MrWizard. My question arises because the Xantrex usually passes the AC right through the Xantrex when no inverter is needed. If the contactor we are installing opens up because of high temp sensed by the BMS (which controls that contactor) then the Xantrex will go into inverter mode and the output wire is no longer simply shore power being passed through but is now battery power being inverted to 120v ac. This isn’t terrible because that’s what it is for. But our contactor is a DPDT, and I’d like it to open the power line to the Xantrex but close a circuit to the output wire from the Xantrex, which would normally be the AC being bypassed through the Xantrex anyway, but, with the contactor switched, the ac would be bypassing the Xantrex completely. In effect all that is powered by the 30 amp bypass current through the Xantrex would now just completely circumvent the Xantrex and continue to power everything vis shore power rather than the inverter. I know (at least I think I know) that I can safely do this with two DPDT contractors, with the second in line on the bypass wire coming out of the Xantrex, being NC letting the unit operate exactly as it does when all is well, but, when energized by the first solenoid because of overvoltage, it would open the line BACK to the Xantrex and close the ac current coming from the first contactor, thereby not only bypassing the Xantrex but also preventing any voltage from “back flowing” into the Xantrex through the output side. Does anyone know if I should be worried about power going back into the Xantrex via the output wire? If I don’t need to worry about that then the single DPDT will do the trick. Can anyone possibly follow what I’m attempting to explain? I’m not at all worried about all of you and your capacity to comprehend, but I’m totally convinced of my inability to explain with clarity what I’m doing. If anyone does understand please comment. Thanks.
howardwheeler 08/16/20 07:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Merging a Xantrex SW2024 to a Tesla Lithium battery

I have not done that. I have merely assumed it was reading battery voltage.
howardwheeler 08/12/20 06:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Merging a Xantrex SW2024 to a Tesla Lithium battery

This is interesting. Let me talk over this suggestion and try to work out some possibilities. The Morningstar MPPT controller works exactly as it says it should. If only the Xantrex would do likewise..... Thanks.
howardwheeler 08/12/20 05:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Merging a Xantrex SW2024 to a Tesla Lithium battery

We have apparently made a mistake in trusting the specs Xantrex publishes for their 24 volt units. If we could get it to do what it is, in fact, capable of (you can indeed set proper voltage parameters for absorption so it will work) then we would have no problem. I sure hope we can make this thing work because selling it will bring a big hit. But it has to work right. It has all the hardware capability we need. It's just the way it's programmed. I wish someone knew how to hack into it. We are in any event going to install a cut off contactor on the AC coming into the Xantrex as a safety. I believe MrWizaed is right about splitting the units into two. But I'm financially married to this Xantrex until I get grounds for abandonment.
howardwheeler 08/12/20 02:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Merging a Xantrex SW2024 to a Tesla Lithium battery

Anyone have ideas of how a resistance load could be put between the charger and the battery to insure it never exceeds 25.2 volts even while the charger is outputting 27.9 volts? Or any other solution. This Tesla battery charges fast! Very nice. Went from 6% to 90% in less than an hour and a half as the Xantrex dumped 50 amps at 24 volts into it.
howardwheeler 08/12/20 10:39am Tech Issues
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