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RE: Friday Funny - nice home-built

Looks great as long as you don't try to move it. Or have to live next to it!
jake2250 04/19/19 10:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Handy tool to help change oil on Honda EU2000

Ha, I also talk to my generator, I build its spirit! My generator knows its the best Generator of any camp ground we are at! And my generator rewards me by,, well,, you know,,,well,, by generating! Oh yeah and fresh full synthetic oil and a clean drain and fill! OMG!
jake2250 04/19/19 09:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Thinking about changing from DirecTV to Dish

Three years now, Dropped Directv, Dropped Dish, I save $450 a month. Stream thru Roku at home and listen to music while camping!
jake2250 04/19/19 09:25pm Technology Corner
RE: 2020 Chevy 2500HD 6.6 Gaseser data.

KW/00 I follow your thoughts. Only two of us and we tow what fits us comfortably. Both financially and mechanical wise! Had a diesel but didn't really need it. Liked it, but didn't really need it. I am so amazed what all trucks have evolved into. I love this time and age. Can't believe the thinking, amount of money and busted knuckles to get where in time we are now! 400 hp and a six speed transmission! I would have NEVER thought that was even in the cards when we started pulling trailers in the early nineties, let alone the comfort of vehicle and camper that is available today! My trailer is 13 years old and we are Very comfortable in it. My truck is 7 years old and seems Old compared to today's market!
jake2250 04/19/19 08:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Handy tool to help change oil on Honda EU2000

$7 will buy a 12 pack of Budweiser on sale! I use the PVC Schedule 40 funnel, Didn't cost a dime, I replaced some lawn sprinkler connections and had some PVC left over. Works like a charm and stores next to the oil fill/check. Also, a 50cc syringe with a short piece of tubing works great also, takes a few times to pull out the old oil and a few to squirt new oil in, But it does it cleanly!
jake2250 04/19/19 07:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Gun or Tears -- HELP PLZ!!!

Well...... First off,, If you take it back to the dealer to fix it.Play dumb, don't say a word on what you did, just tell the it doesn't work and You have no idea what to do, please fix this! When they ask you what happened, tell them you did exactly what the salesman showed you and it didn't work! Sounds like you figured out your mistake, and its way to late,, But,, its under warranty, so let it be what it is! Nice. People rant about unethical practices by dealers and here's an advocate for dishonesty in claiming warranty coverage for what was clearly not a warranted defect. How is going right back to the dealer and NOT ranting on about what you think you did wrong unethical? Or Dishonest? Have the DEALER show You how to hook it up! And if it sparks and carries on then thats on them,Not on You! How receptive do you think the shop is gonna be to you getting all freaked out that they screwed your trailer up? All your doing is asking for clarity on how they hooked it up! Let them determine if it was hooked up wrong and see what they will do for you! Best thing to happen is that they realize your a new trailer owner and EDUCATE YOU on how to do it properly and maybe cut you a break on new or newer batteries! Or not, your left to figure it out on your own! But before you make that mistake again, Wear eye and hand protection! I have seen the aftermath of a battery explosion! Last tip; Never disconnect or connect batteries with the trailer shore power plugged in. Plugging in shore power will power the on board 12 battery charger and who knows what type amperage you will get! Un plug shore-disconnect batteries do not plug shore in again until you have batteries hook up properly-then plug in shore power. Your complete electrical system is designed to work with a 12 v battery inplace! If no batteries and you plug in the shore power, your 12 Positive for the batteries will be HOT! This was most likely the cause of the sparking when hooking the batteries up both times! The CO/propane detector is another issue, next time it goes off and won't shut up, VENTILATE the trailer immediately! open it up! Its a TH correct? Open windows and the rear TH door and see if it goes off. If not I would assume a Propane leak some where and take it back to the dealer to investigate!
jake2250 04/15/19 03:43pm Beginning RVing
RE: One thing you use ALL the time?

My stainless steel washer drum! Yeah, we used to use a porcelain Maytag drum, but I had a neighbor with an LG top load washer that crapped out. He dragged it to the curb for County pick up. I dragged it up the driveway and gutted it! WAY bigger than the Maytag. And the hotter you get it, the more colors its changes! Every camping trip I use the washer drum. Love it and will even use it in the summer,, the holes in the side are majestic! Have had it so hot the whole thing was orange, woke up the next day and it was blue and purple and orange! Absolutely Amazing!:C
jake2250 04/13/19 11:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gun or Tears -- HELP PLZ!!!

Well...... First off,, If you take it back to the dealer to fix it.Play dumb, don't say a word on what you did, just tell the it doesn't work and You have no idea what to do, please fix this! When they ask you what happened, tell them you did exactly what the salesman showed you and it didn't work! Sounds like you figured out your mistake, and its way to late,, But,, its under warranty, so let it be what it is!
jake2250 04/13/19 11:37pm Beginning RVing
RE: Guilty pleasures

Here we go. The "I never have a problem" crowd, the "I like to make fun of them crowd", etc., should pop up about now. This never ends well. Mod, you might want to consider closing this before it gets out of hand. So if I understand this correctly. You clicked on this this thread by your own well being. And because you don't like it or got Butt hurt over it, You felt the need to notify the mods to close this? I enjoy reading this,, I guess I don't count? Its all about Crowe? Couldn't just roll your eyes and move on? You my fickle friend are the joys of camping! Watching people like you blow a gasket over simple stuff that is Totally out of your control! My dog barks all the time for your enjoyment, my LED lights run All night for your enjoyment! My kids like your grassy section to run around better than the one I chose! I only burn my trash when the wind blows towards your camper! I drive home chuckling at how mad you were the whole time I was there! I plan to be ahead of you when we go to dump our tanks,, because I flush my tanks at least three times! Dude,, relax!:p
jake2250 04/13/19 11:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: minimum amount of solar

agree, the 100 watt setup is a great starting point. It helps keep from running the battery down quickly. Its good for putting "Something" back in the battery. Great for charging phones, will take the "Parasitic Draw" off the batteries or battery when producing solar. I started with a 100 watt panel, went "dry camping" and it helped allot, after three days of battery use (heater at night and water pump) I would need to run my generator at dinner time to re charge the batts. But during the day I could run the heater, charge phones and play the on board radio. Installed another 100 watt for 200 watts total and now we can go out for about five to six days before the need to run the generator. We camp at the coast often so sometimes there is clear sky's and we get full solar, sometimes we don't but at least it still puts something back in!
jake2250 04/11/19 10:09am Tech Issues
RE: Is this one of you guys?

IMPRESSIVE! Takes patience! If your gonna pull it, you should be able to back it!
jake2250 03/27/19 07:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Oil change SHOCK

Husband should have taken that Ram and the bill back to the store and had a chat with the Manager! I would have him explain WHY she was not given a pre work estimate? And then ask that Manager if they rely on repeat customers? Thats just Highway Robbery! Sounds as though they took advantage of her! Unless of course she did sign a work estimate! Oh and those that buy all that stuff and take it to the mechanic/ shop to have them do the work,,, had a friend that worked at a speedy lube place, Didn't matter,, they got the cheap filters and what ever was in the big blue barrel for oil! Unless you crawl under there and check your just guessing that they used your stuff! Or you stand there and watch them!
jake2250 03/23/19 11:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM Certified Pre Owned 2016

I am on my second "Year Leftover", First one was a year old Ferd "Left over" 18K on it (I guess it was a parts runner and lunch getter and daily Lend out), But it was fine and carried a complete "New Truck" warranty! I was happy. Current truck, a "year left Over" uh huh,, 21K miles on it,, BUT,, a certified Chevy! I was skeptical, Said they would add the Extended New truck warranty on it! I balked,, said you just don't have a year left over get 21K on it sitting on the lot. turns out to be a short GM lease truck, BUT they Certified it and extended the Certified Factory warranty but wanted $4500 for that favor! Drove off the lot with the truck and paid $1100 for the extended Factory Warranty! Certified means they inspected it and it meets New Truck specs, from what I understand!
jake2250 03/16/19 07:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can I tow with this?

Boy that truck sure dates itself! The frenched Cadillac tail lights and Roll pan rear. Is that the fuel tank they left just hanging in the back? The Blue flaming skulls is sweet! but to not shave the door handles and maybe some other mirror other than those store bought $10 jobs. The SS hood looks good from a distance,, But yeah.. Thats a dated truck!
jake2250 03/16/19 07:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can I tow with this?

Yes you sure can,, Just bolt a hitch to the frame,, throw a bumper back there,, wire up some trailer lights and let Granny ride on her rocking chair in the back! Probably gonna want to ditch those tiny mirrors for something you can see what your towing with,,,but yeah,, its a truck, you can tow with it!
jake2250 03/16/19 06:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cold tire pressure vs hot

You also need to factor in weight,, what are you loading that tire up with? Weight. outside ambient air, road surface temperature, speed etc! Oh and Altitude makes a bit of a difference! Nitrogen will fix all of that and give you consistent pressures!
jake2250 03/16/19 09:39am Tech Issues
RE: Salting a Battery--Ruined It?

I fell for the "Salting" of the battery, but I tried it on a "Core Charge".. Didn't work,, knew in my mind it wouldn't work. Good thing I didn't try the "Potato in the exhaust" trick to prevent moisture from rotting my muffler! Duh,, But I gotta say,, the Banana's and saw dust in the rear differential sure did quiet it down allot!
jake2250 03/13/19 07:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Large Helium balloon for locating RV when riding

You know,, back when,,, my Great,Great,Great,Great,Great grand parents used to leave camp, they would leave the weakest person back at the wagon with the shittiest rifle, they would stoke a fire and keep it SMOKING, as a reference to whence to return! Humane evolution has evolved to,,,,,Wait for it,,,,,,,,,G,,,,,,P,,,,S.. So,, save money on stupid balloons,,buy a chord of wood! DUH!
jake2250 03/12/19 11:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Replacing Shocks - How much time.

Like said above,, Its a straight forward job,, After you do the first one,, the others go fast! I would rate it a three Beer job! Well,, Ok,, If you are going to document it and take pits,, and then admire it,,maybe a four beer job! A 2500 is simple to do! Enjoy!
jake2250 02/28/19 05:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Go to Grand Canyon...glow in the dark...

Is this a "Manufactured Crisis"?
jake2250 02/20/19 07:20pm General RVing Issues
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