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RE: Battery time. 6V?

My theory on rv batteries is get the cheap ones and don't worry about them. Mine also..The last set I had was still going strong at 7 years when I sold the trailer.. I thought about 6-volt for my TC then decided against it..Am thinking 4D right now for the space I have...
jaycocreek 04/04/20 01:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Project B.I.G. Built-in Inverter Generator

I have often thought why camper manufacturers do not at least offer this type of gen set as an option. I agree.. There is no comparison between a Honda and an Onan for quietness or even the Champion for that matter..Onan built in gen sets are problematic compared to the external set..I have owned a few built in Onan generators with only a tail pipe pointed away from the unit..My last Class C had an Onan below the dinette on the side with the tail pipe pointed away from the unit and window..Certain winds brought the fumes toward the window and we had to close it.. But we never died and I have never heard of a death from a built in generator... Nice build your doing opp..Thumbs up...
jaycocreek 04/03/20 08:09am Truck Campers
RE: I'm going camping.

Me?? I'm going camping. Enjoy..Our State campgrounds are closed also as well as most forest service..Infact,One national forest close to here just locked and closed all the outhouses... None of that impacts how I camp in out of the way places..
jaycocreek 03/30/20 02:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Small Window AC vs Roof Top Air

Installing a roof air is ridiculously easy, I’ve done it several times. It pretty much just bolts right on. No doubt, but you still have to get nearly 100 lbs on the roof. Is not that bad..The last two times I did it,I wrapped the AC in a moving blanket then used a rope to pull it up top...Works best with two people but one can do it..The blanket keeps it from banging the sides of the camper..Then the rest is easy... But they are noisy and expensive..I'd rather change out a roof air than change the heating unit in an RV fridge anyday...I didn't enjoy that...
jaycocreek 03/30/20 06:00am Truck Campers
RE: My new to me camper.

Where did you wire it to...I have an extra battery in each front wheel well not tied to anything using both with alligator clips...My house battery never gets low because I use the other two for the heavy work... Did you link the wheel well battery to the TC battery? Ipad keyboard errors lol
jaycocreek 03/28/20 06:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Small Window AC vs Roof Top Air

An option I am considering doing excpet for the view that window gives..From a good guy on Lance owners.. He did a great job and saved the window for if he ever sold it.. https://i.imgur.com/HG7kEGW.jpg height=440 width=640 https://i.imgur.com/RQnZtNI.jpg height=640 width=440
jaycocreek 03/28/20 02:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Small Window AC vs Roof Top Air

by cobble I mean taking a standard household AC and sticking it out a window of the RV. and IMHO it is insane to have to mount/un mount a window unit every time you go to move the RV. bumpy The benefit is you only mount/take it when you need it..When I use mine,I am staying not moving and the thing is so lite,it's no different than bringing in a small cooler.. You must camp different than I..My camping is all but 100% boondocking in the mountains of Idaho..No neighbors and it could be a week before you see someone drive by..So looking redneck is what we do here because we are..LOL If it isn't broke..Don't fixit..
jaycocreek 03/28/20 01:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Small Window AC vs Roof Top Air

Freestanding ACs are heavy and besides, there is not much of a floor in a popup TC. Exactly and not much floor space in a non slide either..Everyone has choices for the way they use there truck campers,most prefer the roof mount AC while others don't for there style of camping or the area they live in and camp in, rarely requires AC..A window unit is an alternative means in hot times..When it's really hot,I just throw the light weight window unit in the back seat just in case it is needed.. If buying a new truck camper with the option of a roof mount or window mount,it would be the much quieter window mount for me,permanently mounted.
jaycocreek 03/28/20 07:18am Truck Campers
RE: 1987? Bigfoot Fiberglass Camper project time!

Cool project and a Bigfoot to boot..Looks good on your truck..I sold a 8.6 Lance to a guy with a shortbed 350 and it looked all but exactly as yours does with the tailgate down..He's still driving it like that 4 years later without any issues... Keep the pictures coming...
jaycocreek 03/28/20 06:44am Truck Campers
RE: Small Window AC vs Roof Top Air

I dont know how a window unit could be any louder than a roof top AC. Ours in our 5th wheel is so loud you cant hear the TV. So if its not too hot we run the bedroom during the day and the LR unit during the night. That's how I ended up with an extra window unit..We had a new 30' travel trailer and the roof AC made so much noise that I bought a window unit and put it in the bedroom through the escape hatch..It kept the bedroom like a walk in cooler and that's where I parked when it got hot..LOL The window unit is 10X quieter than a roof mount..Watching TV was quite nice with it on in the closed space off a TT bedroom...Same in the truck camper,barely heard watching the TV.. In my old Lance TC the brand new roof AC(13.5) i put on because the old one quit,was so noisy and constantly cycling,we rarely used it because of the noise..Watching the TV on the loudest setting was a chore and un-settling..Not so with the window unit and it keeps my 9.6 TC really cool.. I would love to see an option for a window unit install on a TC like they do in other small RV's instead of an AC meant for a larger RV..
jaycocreek 03/27/20 01:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Small Window AC vs Roof Top Air

All the previous post in favor of a roof unit (except making your already tall camper taller) are correct and valid. I agree, Roof units do not have a high fail rate, but if they do can be costly. Everyone uses there TC's for different reasons..A roof AC ads to the height of any RV and for those that use there RV's back in the woods,that extra height causes issues..I am 10' to the top of my ladder rack and one reason I bought this TC for dodging tree branches on old forest service and logging roads.. Rooftop AC's has certain issues over window units..One is the sun and the AC shroud which I have replaced a couple times..I bought a cover but it seemed a pain and I drove off with it on losing it..If the shroud gets to much sun and cracks,then it will leak... The roof AC sometimes have issues with the gasket sealing it to the roof..Sometimes you can just tighten it a little more and your good to go,other times that don't work and you have to pull the AC and replace the gasket..That is a pain.. The biggest gripe I had with a roof AC was the noise even in larger trailers/fivers and motorhomes..There really noisy while a window unit is not near that..A 13.5 roof AC on a TC cycles to much as I found out the hard way..Live and learn..LOL Did I mention roof AC units are noisy,especially in a TC?..LOL
jaycocreek 03/27/20 09:40am Truck Campers
RE: Small Window AC vs Roof Top Air

I’ve had two items fail on my TC. The AC and water pump. I am trying to think of what has not failed and I had to replace... Oh..The oven..laffin On topic,I have replaced two RV air conditioners,One on a Class C motorhome and the other on a Lance TC.. They do fail and leak...
jaycocreek 03/27/20 07:16am Truck Campers
RE: Small Window AC vs Roof Top Air

And I would think that with a window AC the air will be constantly be blowing directly on you. They have adjustable louvers to blow air where needed away from you if needed..High or low and side to side....
jaycocreek 03/27/20 07:05am Truck Campers
RE: Small Window AC vs Roof Top Air

Definitely a window unit..The Honda 2K doesn't even know it s there..Quieter than roof air also by quite a bit..Roof air raises the overall height of your TC camper also..Roof air is super expensive and window units can be had for like $99 on special and draws less than 5 amps.. My truck camper did not have roof air and I was going to put one on until I looked at the prices..It was getting into the high 90's here so I tried a 5K window unit I had in the garage..At like 95 degree's out I was about 72 degree's inside on the low setting and it was super quiet compared to any roof air I have ever had..(There noisy) So I am sold on the window units..Quieter/less power draw/easily ran on a Honda 2K in eco-mode/there not heavy/they don't raise your overall height which is very important to me and why I came back to a TC.. I only put in my rig when I think I might need it.. https://i.imgur.com/eISPFQh.jpg height=640 width=440 https://i.imgur.com/REqbDaz.jpg height=640 width=440
jaycocreek 03/27/20 06:08am Truck Campers
RE: Spring has sprung....

Mack,I'm sorry..LOL..Used to drive an old Mack logging truck,worst one I ever used..There engine braking system wasn't meant for logging.. On a better note..Just finished loading and securing my TC..Ready to roll now..I really missed it not being on the truck this last winter.. I here the mountains calling.. https://i.imgur.com/geqDI2V.jpg height=640 width=440
jaycocreek 03/22/20 12:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Buyer beware

Of course, if you can get by with less, you could buy a camper shell and camp in it, too. Funny you mention that,I did that quite a bit..One of those shells that is like 8-10" above the cab..Bed across the front on plywood with the storage under and camp stove/chair etc in the rear...Pretty popular years back.. I want one now for when I take the TC off but I can't find one that is reasonably priced..They are very hard to find..
jaycocreek 03/22/20 11:06am Truck Campers
RE: Buyer beware

Can you imagine buying a brand new truck camper for say $40,000 bucks and have delamination within two years, making it almost unsalable? I go back and forth on buying my last new TC because of re-sale value..Because of this alone,it makes buying a Northern Lite or Bigfoot that much more logical,for the long run.. I have four truck campers I would buy,two are non-shell and ofcourse two are....As far as I can tell around my area,the BF and NL hold there value better than the AF and Adventurer.. If they could only put the AF-865 floorplan in a shell,SOLD..LOL
jaycocreek 03/22/20 10:00am Truck Campers
RE: Buyer beware

Is your TC built like this one? Hope not! One of the best video's I have ssen to show how a lot of our TC's are made... During my senior year at high school,I worked at Security Industries building trailers and truck campers on the line at different stations..They were as well made as any today in my opinion with plenty of 30-40 year old campers still in duty,some have never leaked.. The key is maintenance,if you do your part they will do theirs,if not,you see video's like this one..
jaycocreek 03/22/20 09:25am Truck Campers
RE: Corona Virus and RV Travel Video

All my TC'ing will be in my backyard this year but my backyard is 43 acres big. Mine also, but my backyard is almost 4 million acres of Wilderness within 50 miles of home called the Selway-Bitteroot/Frank Church and Gospel Hump Wildernesses. These certainly are uncertain times with those that say the sky is falling to those that say it is all hype..Somewhere in between we have a major happening effecting us all and it most likely will get worse before it gets better.. I feel fortunate to live in a small community right now without any chain stores and only two small locally owned grocery stores.
jaycocreek 03/22/20 08:07am Around the Campfire
RE: Spring adhesive for rubber?

With all the diseases going around I decided to make do with what I had so I cut down a couple hose clamps so I could get these things on my truck so I could load it up and use it.. Worked out just right for the needed space to engage the helper spring. https://i.imgur.com/MosXyk0.jpg height=640 width=440 Thanks for the idea's..
jaycocreek 03/21/20 10:24am Truck Campers
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