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RE: Finaly got my new ARB locker!

Having driven logging trucks for years on the snow and ice,I can say that weight can be your enemy just as it can be your friend..It was quite common to put one chain on the front axle to steer and keep it on the road..I never leave the house without chains for a 4X4 or 2wd. Really heavy truck camper being as top heavy as they are,are an accident waiting to happen on snow and ice on pitched roads,especially without chains.
jaycocreek 09/23/20 05:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Ford 7.3 gas burner mpg hauling TC

No point to prove,Jim..Just saying buying a new production engine has its risk..I'm more of a buy an already proven engine guy...My son has A Chevy 6.0 which is a great engine in my opinion,more than enough power for a TC...The Ford 6.2 is another good one also with plenty of power for truck campers.. Remember the older motorhome were run by 460 and 454 motors and these new 6 litter engines have more HP and TQ than either of the big bores did..The 460 was burden with lousy gas mileage and they started lowering the HP for better mileage..I believe the original 460 came out with something like 385 HP stock...The 460 could have easily met the new 7.3 numbers IMHO...It's been pumped to 1500 hp for drag racing.:B
jaycocreek 09/22/20 06:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Ford 7.3 gas burner mpg hauling TC

Would a 460 Ford engine be better than my 2012 6.2? The 6.2 (378 cu in) pulls pretty good for a small engine. 15mpUSg empty 7 to 10 mpUSg with a camper on and 20ft enclosed trailer depending on The Wind. The 6.2 is a good engine and has know issues that I know of..Good HP and Tq numbers also...This about sums up my opinion on the new 7.3.. Ford has had a whole series of engine problems: The spark plug issues on the early 5.4s and the V10. The 6.0 liter and 6.4 liter diesels. It’s enough to make you think that Dilbert’s pointy haired boss is now supervising the Ford engineers. I would be very leery of buying a brand new design from them. I mean, why pay them for the privilege of being one of their beta-testers? The 6.2 has been around for years and has no known issues
jaycocreek 09/22/20 05:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Ford 7.3 gas burner mpg hauling TC

There really isn’t any way to compare the mpg because the trucks are a lot heavier now. They may be alittle heavier but they also have the newer technology and those 6 and 10 speed transmissions..It should be a no-brainer the newer truck would get the better mileage,especially loaded.. With all that new technology and the new multi-speed transmissions,that should mean better MPG than a 25 year old motor,but it isn't..So far..
jaycocreek 09/21/20 03:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Ford 7.3 gas burner mpg hauling TC

All of the years before 97 didn’t have a problem, so you can say 11 years means every other engine would have that problem. However, that ignores that they’ve gone 11 years and multiple engines without the issue. If you don’t like 1st/2nd years that’s fine, but if it’s because of the sparkplug issue, you don’t have a real concern. No Jim...I just don't understand Ford and there reasoning..They Already had a tried and proven engine for over 20 years and the EFI was making gas mileage much better... 460 V8 The legendary 460, one of Ford's 385 engine family, was the Blue Oval's final big block engine design. The 460 became available in the F-Series back in 1974 and was offered until 1996/7. The big motor remains popular today thanks to it's towing capability and reliability. It's also a great building block for making serious power, as even minor modifications can result in significant increases in horsepower and torque. The old 460 had a lot of horses to bring out of the stable as well as TQ numbers,but instead,they made the V-10 which kinda flopped and had some serious issues at first..Now the new 7.3 and I wonder like many,will this one be right? Fuel mileage isn't much better and neither is TQ..
jaycocreek 09/21/20 11:11am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper vs Mustang ... not a great idea.

That reminds me of my new neighbor when I saw he had an AF-990..He has it in a newer Chevy DRW so I asked..How does it handle and he said..If the corner mph says 35..You better be going 35 mph because I learned the hard way, with my AF-990.. So many are getting into truck camping without any idea on sway and instability..
jaycocreek 09/21/20 08:52am Truck Campers
RE: Ford 7.3 gas burner mpg hauling TC

From 1997 to 2008 Ford acknowledges there may be a problem..That's 11 years of problems since they quit making the 460.. Just say'n... The new 7.3 gas is to early to see if it suffers from anything..Maybe it will be like the old reliable 460 and maybe it will be like the problematic V-10 and 5.4..To early to say.
jaycocreek 09/21/20 07:57am Truck Campers
RE: Ford 7.3 gas burner mpg hauling TC

The problem with the new Ford gas engine is,since the old 460 gas,they have had problems with there new engines like the 5.4 and V-10 spitting plugs..For that reason alone,I would personally pass on the first year or two on new Ford engines.. I never really worry about fuel mileage having owned the big bores(440-454-460) for the last fifty years and my old work truck was always hoping to 5 MPG... My old work truck never did average 5 mpg.. https://i.imgur.com/9Lni7BS.jpg height=440 width=640
jaycocreek 09/21/20 06:37am Truck Campers
RE: How Much Stuff is in Your Truck Camper

I haven't started loading my newer AF yet. What new truck camper did you get?
jaycocreek 09/20/20 08:19am Truck Campers
RE: Onan 4500 watt portable generator ...Anyone tried one yet?

A while back I was looking for a new portable generator and the two new Onan's caught my eye only to find out,there a rebranded Westinghouse generator..The difference in price led me to buy the Westinghouse instead.. I found this also! There is pretty much no difference between the Westinghouse iGen4500 and the Cummins Onan P4500i. The Cummins Onan P4500i is just a rebranded Westinghouse iGen4500. Here is a test on the Igen 4500 run time..16 Hours to run it out of fuel. Igen 4500 run time test
jaycocreek 09/18/20 06:23am Tech Issues
RE: Is there a correct battery voltage chart?

Just to follow up after getting the reply from Motobat batteries..There battery is closest to Nicks test than the others on the chart..They did have it tested by an independent place.I thought so but was not sure,this confirms some of those charts out there are not up to par with different batteries.. https://i.imgur.com/jtmpgJK.jpg height=440 width=640
jaycocreek 09/17/20 09:08am Tech Issues
RE: Used TC: does it have a lien?

Hey burbman, are we talking just a title here, or an actual plate. Does anyone know ?? In idaho,it's just a title and the truck plates goes on the camper..Then you have to have an RV sticker for the camper.
jaycocreek 09/16/20 12:15pm Truck Campers
RE: butyly tape for solar panel install question

I used 3m VHB tape between my panel legs and the roof. No screws. 5 years and still holding. Very good reviews doing it this way...I am considering doing the same with an upcoming panel..No holes /no leaks
jaycocreek 09/16/20 11:37am Truck Campers
RE: Ford 7.3 gas burner mpg hauling TC

No one can possibly answer this. There are just too many factors: highway vs mixed or city driving speed driver technique wind hills/mountains This is very true...I get very good mileage with my 460 but others don't..I rarely put the pedal to the metal and keep it at or under 2k RPMs and have got between 10 and 14 mpg.. The op with his comparable TC to mine,would probably get about the same or better with the new 7.3, if he kept his foot out of it and kept it at or below 60 mph..Travel freeway speeds and the mileage goes South with big bore gas engines..
jaycocreek 09/16/20 07:48am Truck Campers
RE: Ford 7.3 gas burner mpg hauling TC

I haven't see anything with a truck camper loaded up but,hauling a 12.5 trailer it averaged 8.4 mpg and empty 14.5 mpg..Of Course rear gear ratio's can change that alittle one way or the other.. IMHO,the new 7.3 isn't getting much better(if any) mileage than the old 7.5(460) ..But there was a good HP and TQ gain over the stock 460.
jaycocreek 09/16/20 07:20am Truck Campers
RE: New Onan Generator

I'm buying one of these new gens as soon as it's available. I might also,it sure has my attention..One of the slickest setups I have ever seen was down on the Salmon river where Snowbirds stop for a week or two on there journey home..A guy had a Class C without a gen pulling a car trailer equipped with an Onan mounted on the front with outlets installed.He had it silenced and with a long exhaust..I really liked the way he did it and it was kinda quiet.. I would like to do the same to my ATV trailer and this new Onan looks like the ticket!
jaycocreek 09/16/20 06:26am Truck Campers
RE: New Onan Generator

.....Now if they would only make there generators more reliable and less troublesome like most portables.. Lack of use is what causes the problems. I don't have that problem with any of my other generarors that sit just as long as my Onan did,Including my 2 Hondas,a Westinghouse/Generac and ETQ..I am an Onan fan boy but they need to update there generators to modern standards like inverter technology and ease of maintaining..
jaycocreek 09/16/20 06:13am Truck Campers
RE: New Onan Generator

It's about time Onan finally updated to an inverter style gen set..Now if they would only make there generators more reliable and less troublesome like most portables..
jaycocreek 09/16/20 05:11am Truck Campers
RE: Using a c-pap in a TC Inverter numbers W/Humidifier.

Thank you @jaycocreek for that detailed information. It confirms what I have known for almost twelve years using my CPAP w/Humidifer powered by a pure sine wave inverter in either 5th Wheels or our current truck camper. I can go for at least four days without a recharge on my dedicated CPAP batteries and almost unlimited time with a daily two hour recharge from the Honda EU2000i. I also had a dedicated Cpap battery as well as a dedicated TV/DVD battery..lol..Having only one 12V battery for the coach in an odd spot that won't let me add another battery,I have to stick my extra batteries in the wheel wells with heavy duty 12V cables with a cigarette lighter plug..Kinda redneck but it works and that's all that counts in my book. Funny how we tend to take things for granted,yesterday some poor soul cut the fiber optic cord that brings internet and phones into two small communities here..Our Banks had to close/the courthouse closed and the hospital had to re-route emergency patients to hospitals miles away..All cell towers were down also!..Kinda scary something so minor shuts everything down..
jaycocreek 09/16/20 05:08am Truck Campers
RE: Using a c-pap in a TC Inverter numbers W/Humidifier.

I should have added how many watt hours they would use in a nights sleep off your battery but I wasn't sure how to do it.. Assuming you have a 100ah battery which is 1200 watt hours,this is what you would use running the C-Pap with the humidifier..(If I did it right LOL) 81 watts off the inverter for 8 hrs = 648 watt hours. 81 watts off the Inverter for 6 hrs = 486 watt hours. 64 watts off 12 volts for 8 hours = 512 watt hours 64 watts off 12 volts for 6 hours = 384 watt hours So if these numbers are correct,you could run your C-Pap with the humidifier, off an inverter for atleast one night for 6 hours and be above the 50% of the lead/acid battery.Using 12 volts easily for one night off of a lead/acid and more if you have a lithium battery for both ways.
jaycocreek 09/15/20 08:10am Truck Campers
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