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RE: Wheelbase factors

There are many other factors at play than just wheelbase. It does help, wheelbase, but there is more to it than that. My 2011 Tahoe, 6 speed Transmission, 10 Ply LT tires, large trans cooler, 3.08 gears, 31 ft Travel Trailer weighing 7,200 ish lbs. Tows like it’s on rails behind my Tahoe, the same vehicle that many people discourage others from towing with. Trans temp stays about 180 degrees while towing. And, my previous TT was pulled with The Godfather of TV, a CC, LB, Dually so this isn’t some newb trying things out. I love pulling trailers and this is my favorite TV I have ever owned. Thousands of trouble free miles over several different vehicles, it’s all in the set up. All of it. Not just one piece of it. https://i.imgur.com/bsFFKKql.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ZbBC3ZFl.jpg Hitch Hints Article Thanks and JMHO based on experience. Jeremiah
jerem0621 08/22/20 09:32pm Towing
RE: ACME nut destroyed

Better have them made by local propane distributor, they will use better hose. I didn't know you can have these made locally. I'll check into it. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 08/10/20 12:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: ACME nut destroyed

Buy pigtails made by Marshall Excelsior. They will be USA made, including the hose. I buy the steel braided version. You probably have the hose with the reverse flare on the regulator end, and probably 15 inch. 15 inch, green nut, steel braid LP tank pigtail Charles Thank you! I will order one. Jeremiah
jerem0621 08/10/20 12:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Think your're good at backing? Think again.......

chage that traier to somthing with some weight and double axels and lets see how he does. for a car to accelerate like that, the trailer must weight abnout 500 lbs. Steve You would be surprised how well cars can pull full size travel trailers. https://www.canamrv.ca/towing-expertise/videos/
jerem0621 08/09/20 07:01pm Towing
RE: ACME nut destroyed

Thanks everyone, these are BRAND NEW. It’s a 2020 and always under a cover. As a matter of fact, this was fine two weeks ago when we last camped. Just funny.
jerem0621 08/09/20 05:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thinking of New Aluminum Sided Travel Trailer

Not sure about all the sciency stuff but I love our Crossroads Zinger. I’ve watched the brand over the years and they seem to hold up pretty well. Ours is brand new and knock on wood, no issues except a broken ACME nut I found yesterday and some nuzmbskull installed the door latch backwards. Thanks and good luck Mike Up! Jeremiah
jerem0621 08/09/20 01:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Picking up new camper

Congrats!!!! I wouldn’t worry about the Pentestar too much. It’s the best engine Chrysler has made since the slant 6. Just let it rev. It will do fine, just keep it maintained and keep your speed down. I tow about 57 MPH. Thanks and good luck no matter what you decide. Jeremiah
jerem0621 08/09/20 01:11am Travel Trailers
ACME nut destroyed

Set up the Camper at the local campground and was checking the propane and look what I found. https://i.imgur.com/Cw7Ev7Kl.jpg Camper is less than 3 months old. Guess I’ll be adding a new pigtail as the gas to pull the trailer to the dealer is more than the pigtail. Anyone ever experienced this? Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 08/09/20 01:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Vehicle for Towing

As to the crew cab vs SUV. I’ve had the CC and I much prefer the SUV. I like being able to store my gear in a locked and air conditioned place. People say just get a bedcover. That does not even compare IMHO. I get to vote with my money and experience so it’s what works for us. Others experience is different and I appreciate that. We really do have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to choosing a Tow Vehicle. Thanks! Jeremiah. Different strokes for different folks. Would you want or enjoy carrying a 4kw generator with fuel INSIDE your SUV? I wouldn't. Would you want or enjoy carrying a 15 gallon gas fuel tank INSIDE your SUV? I wouldn't. Would you want or enjoy putting 3 full sized bicycles inside your SUV? I wouldn't. Would you want or enjoy carrying your full of dirt "patio mat" inside your SUV? I wouldn't. Would you want or enjoy carrying firewood inside your SUV? I wouldn't. Would you want or enjoy carrying your dirt bikes inside of your SUV? I wouldn't. There are many more situations like the above that a SUV vehicle really does not make sense.. As far as OP's computer tower goes, why carry that inside the vehicle? Put it in the trailer, absolutely no need to baby that thing, not sure how you think it got shipped to you.. UPS, FedEx nor USPS gives anything that kind of kid glove care.. Computers can far more abuse than you think.. Over the last 22 yrs I have built and setup around 20,000 PCs for my company, they get shipped on pallets, they get air freighted, they get UPS, FedEx and USPS treatment from not only from the East Coast to West coast but to Canada and even Europe. I can count on one hand how many failed to boot up on arrival. I can however say, we have had more arrive damaged via fork trucks spearing them or other physical damage done from tar/oil spills to being dropped from and run over by the delivery truck. Some folks do feel that owning a SUV is a status symbol, it is not, a SUV is more like a oversized "woodgrained minivan" from the 1980s which replaced the "woodgrained station wagons from the 1950-1980s.. A pickup truck a SUV is not. I believe in the right tool for the job, sometimes a SUV is OK and there is those times it is not. Whew, touched a nerve. I’ve carried most of that stuff or similar in my vans or SUV’s. That’s why I keep a simple tarp around. Quite a handy little tool, the Tarp. Firewood (Hauled firewood yesterday with my Status symbol SUV, which is Old by this forums standard), gas cans, mowers, appliances. If it fits it goes... plus with the seats flipped forward and out I have tons and tons of tie off points. I’m not a statisy kind of person and I don’t really care what you or anybody else thinks or does or feels about my choice. And I didn’t criticize you for yours. You undoubtedly worked hard for what you have and you use it and enjoy it and it does what you want it to do. Do what thou wilt. I’m just sharing my experience and my preferences. I personally don't really like pickup trucks. That’s a preference thing. Some things you really need a pickup truck for...I get it. I’ve owned a TON of trucks, found myself using the easier to load and easier to haul utility trailer for most heavy stuff. Much more useful and if you buy the right utility trailer more cargo capacity than all but a F450... and I can still pull it with my Tahoe. Of course The context of this website Is RV’ing.... and the full size SUV does RV’ing very very very well. Thanks and have a great day Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/11/20 11:16am Travel Trailers
RE: 2017 Chevy as tow vehicle

I tow with my 2011 Tahoe with the same 6 speed trans and 3:08 gears. Does great. My 5.3 has the AFM (or DOD, it’s the same thing) and it works great. We are nearing 140k. I run fully synthetic oil only and I change the oil when the OLM gets to 50% because I tow a lot. (My camper and my father in laws big pontoon boat) 3:27 would pull better than my 3:08 but with the 6 speed my 3:08’s do great. My TT is 7,000 ish lbs loaded and 11 ft 2 Inches tall. Trans temps rarely top 180° and pulls like it’s on rails. Love my Chevy. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/11/20 06:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Vehicle for Towing

what is a squishy tire? thought all tires were squishy? They are not. The tires on the Tahoe were great when empty. When towing they allowed for to much lateral movement. LT tires fixed that for me. No more squishy handling. As to the crew cab vs SUV. I’ve had the CC and I much prefer the SUV. I like being able to store my gear in a locked and air conditioned place. People say just get a bedcover. That does not even compare IMHO. I get to vote with my money and experience so it’s what works for us. Others experience is different and I appreciate that. We really do have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to choosing a Tow Vehicle. Thanks! Jeremiah.
jerem0621 07/11/20 06:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Vehicle for Towing

Out of the box the Armada if you get the lower profile tires and IRS will handle the trailer better. The Tahoe will handle like garbage with the squishy tires GM puts on them. However,some stiffer LT tires and a perfectly installed WD hitch... Possibly some better tuned shocks and the Tahoe does pretty good. Mine took some fiddling but it handles great now (like it's on rails) Thanks and good luck! Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/09/20 08:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: first time towing

Jerem, I notice the "push" from other vehicles. I can feel when a semi-truck is passing me before I even see it. Do you suppose it's the air from the semi pushing the trailer away from it causing that feeling? Yes! You will be able to feel the different types of semi’s too! The new aerodynamic Semi’s with the skirts on the sides and on the sides of the trailer barely push me. The old Kenworth’s push a lot more. The goal is to have your rig dialed in so that you feel the push from the passing vehicles as one push against your trailer and truck. The feeling of the trailer swinging from the push followed by the tow vehicle is not comfortable or safe. So, my TV is what some would not call optimal being it’s a 116 inch wheel base and the trailer is 31 ft long bumper to tongue. I had to put a little work in to make it rock solid but it is now, my favorite TV I have ever had, that includes a F350 long bed dually crew cab! Basically, shore up your tires, you want a STIFF side wall tire. These are easiest to find in LT tires in old range D or E. I put Load Range E LT tires and I air them to 44 PSI for towing. Ensure your weight distribution hitch is dialed in and then add two friction sway bars. I prefer standard round bar weight distribution hitches over square bar hitches because they ride so much better in my experience. Anyway, probably way more info than you wanted but vehicles pass me and I get the push (just like I did with a Dually) but it’s one solid push that usually doesn’t even require any steering input. Thanks and good luck! Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/01/20 05:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: first time towing

Hi, do you have any other experience towing anything else? If so, that will help. These big beasts feel totally different than anything you may have towed, even enclosed trailers are typically lower and more aerodynamic. Basically, the trailer is going to get some push by passing vehicles and the wind. Make sure your WD hitch is dialed in, same for your brake controller, same for your sway control (if using sway bars (if so, you should really be using TWO bars)) Also, my speed limit is 58 MPH while towing. Life is so much happier at 58 MPH for me. That was that way with my previous rig and with a Dually and my current rig with my Tahoe. 58 MPH and I happily let people pass me as I am in the slow lane. Thanks! And all is JMHO based on experience.. Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/01/20 03:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Any new developments in hitches?

Slow down and enjoy the process!! This is part of the ritual of going camping to me! Towing is one of my favorite parts!! If you do not have an electric tongue jack please get one, they are a game change for sure! Also, I don't have a back up camera so practice backing up and find reference points in your mirrors that can help you. Of course, I have a Tahoe and my Tahoe has a hump directly in the middle of the rear hatch for the rear windshield wiper. Just find your reference point and go for it. Thanks and JMHO! Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/01/20 03:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2020 F250XL 6.2 V8

At the weights that these RV’s run I doubt you would find the 3:73 in the way at all. How fast do you need to accelerate? How fast do you tow? Me, there is only so much speed at 55 MPH while towing. :) Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/28/20 05:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2019 Dodge Durango with tow package? am I making a mistake?

We use a 2011 Tahoe, it’s only 116 inches in the wheelbase. Our TT is 31 ft long and 7,200 lbs loaded. It is absolutely fantastic as a Tow Vehicle and as a Family Vehicle. You are right about finding one with the HD towing package. It’s nearly impossible and the factory Trans cooler is small anyway. I just looked for one that was in good condition and added the trans cooler myself. I was ready to change the rear axle ratio but the 3:08’s have worked out great. I tow all the time with it. I tow my TT and I tow my Father in Laws 24 ft Pontoon trailer. We just completed 820 plus mile round trip with it towing our TT and had a wonderful time. The 5.3l has more than enough power and the 6 speed is just about perfect for towing. My truck has 3:08 gears and it works great IN TOW HAUL mode. I have no problem getting up to or maintaining speed. I’m a tinkerer and will change things to accomplish my goal. I had to spend some $$ to make the Tahoe rock solid as a tow vehicle. 1) tires- I changed the squishy P tires to General Grabber ATS LT load range E. I air them to 44 PSI While towing. 2) Transmission Cooler- I added a Hayden 33,000 GVWR cooler. My trans temps stay well below 190° - typically at 176° 3) Well dialed in round bar WD hitch and dual friction sway control 4) self imposed speed limit of 55 MPH 5) Close attention to weights. My tongue weight is 850 lbs with the hitch... I weigh it. 6) pack the trailer and not the truck. All the truck carries is the tongue weight and the people weight. 7) highly detailed attention to maintenance on the TV and the TT Getting this rig into and out of gas stations and other tight situations is so much easier than our last rig. (CC, LB, dually) Works great for us. YMMV, etc etc etc. https://i.imgur.com/lsK7H06l.jpg Thanks and good luck with your search. Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/28/20 03:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is anyone towing with a Chevy/GMC 1/2 ton 3.0L Diesel?

You rarely pull at an RPM higher than 2500? You must have a really light trailer, live where there are no mountains, or just like lugging the engine to death. I was pulling about 5000 lbs through the mountains of TN in tow/haul mode with the cruise set on 60 and let the 8 speed do the work. It would occasionally drop 5th gear at 2700 rpm. Most of the time it was in 6th gear at 2200 rpm. That's remarkable. When I've got 6,500 pounds behind my 2009 Suburban with the 6.0L I'm usually down to 4th gear or even 3rd to maintain interstate speeds on the grades here in VA and WV. My 2011 Tahoe with a 5.3 pulling 7,000lbs at 55-60 MPH is about 22-2500 rpms too. 5th gear usually. I am impressed with this little 5.3l 8.6 mpg as well. Handles like it’s on rails. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/25/20 05:13pm Towing
RE: Towing with a Ford Explorer

It would be a whole lot cheaper just to install a transmission cooler. They can he purchased and installed for a few hundred or less. My Tahoe didn’t come with the factory HD towing package. I added a transmission cooler that is about 2x the size of a factory job. Trans temps do not get over 189 and typically stay at 176° Towing a 7,000 lb loaded TT. My engine temps stay at 220° same as not towing. The chassis are the same Despite what coolers are installed, maybe different shocks—-cheap. Maybe different cooling packages but radiators and coolers are cheap too if you need to upgrade them. Anyway, you don’t have to spend an extra $20k just to tow a trailer. It doesn’t take that much HP to pull a TT... aerodynamics play a much bigger role IMHO...a 20 ft long full profile trailer has to punch the same hole In the air as a 30 ft full profile trailer so the aerodynamic load is the same between the two. Setting up the WD hitch properly is important. Thanks and JMHO Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/25/20 05:08pm Towing
RE: 10,000 wdh for 4,000 lb TT

You will beat the trailer to death. I would get a properly sized hitch. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/22/20 09:39am Towing
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