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RE: Good Sams membership so far great but

Finally our loan is all done. The biggest frustration is no communication. BUT THE ONLY reason we used them is we got 3.89 financing. We could have used another lender and been done weeks ago but not at 3.89. People a dealership is not your friend on a loan. They will make up any excuse not to give you the best rate but we worked hard to have great credit and an 826 credit score deserves the best rate even if we did have to wait. Remember the dealership gets a kickback from whomever they get you the loan thru. I even told mine i will go that way provided i get the kickback. Hey they didn't find me, get my credit score to 826 or anything. By simply having you fill out your loan application at there dealership they MAKE MONEY off of you. I got a laugh and we don't do that from them on the kickback money. It's easy money and they are not giving it up. They are banking on you being so excited you won't mind paying 100 bucks more a month for 20 years, gee its only 24,000 dollars but who's counting :) Remember the higher interest rate you pay the more kickback they receive. Out Yippee
jimbo4UT 11/14/20 06:55am Good Sam Club
Good Sams membership so far great but

Good Sams rv loan service is absolutely horrible. No way to call and talk to someone. Stuck in the 1950 with the way they handle paperwork. No communication as to where you are in the process of getting funded - being approved means very little. Mailing a check to dealership instead of wire transfer is another 1950 era policy that is horrible. I know as i am going thru this process. Olga C
jimbo4UT 11/05/20 07:37am Good Sam Club
Sunseeker 3010ds has arrived

Took 2 months 2 weeks, and we’re picking it up in the morning. Would have gotten it much sooner but we wanted full body paint. The salesman also took a week off and the first day his vacation started the rv arrived. So at least in my case it wasn’t 3/4 months. Just letting anyone know who might be thinking of ordering. See ya down the road Jimbo
jimbo4UT 11/01/20 11:52am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Living space

Check out Forest River Sunseeker 3010DS. It has the largest kitchen we could find in a class C - it's the same floor plan as the Leprechaun 319MB but has more bells and whistles than the leprechaun. We compared both and Forest River was hands down better for us. Solar, 2 AC units with shedding system. 10.7 refrigerator (12 volt only) are just 3 items that the leprechaun we looked at did not have. I looked around and got a great deal. Not every dealer holds out like the one close to me did. I had to drive 120 miles to get mine but saved close to 40,000 so I call that a win for me. PS It didn't help that the Leprechaun we were looking at was 45 miles from our house and the dealer said "only have this one and won't see another for months so were holding out for close to MSRP" maybe he got it I have no way to know but if you look at what the Leprechaun calls full body paint it a tan color with a white truck compartment. It not really even nice looking - looks like they forgot to finish it at the factory. Mine has full body paint.
jimbo4UT 10/12/20 01:51pm Class C Motorhomes
Where to buy propane hose that connects

those little round propane tanks you can get at Lowe's or home depot or Walmart (20 pound tanks) to the motorhome tank. I know they are different connectors but without knowing the names I don't know where to look. Not talking about those 14 oz green ones for the grill but the bigger ones that are outside in a cage. thanks in advance, Jimbo PS Just thought it would be nice to have that hose available incase I don't want to move but need some propane.
jimbo4UT 10/06/20 05:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Want to give a big shout out to Good Sam's Financing Center

I,d bet a beer it ain,t done in 3/4 weeks. hope your right,an enjoy your new toy. I'll take that bet and here is why. On 8-8 the day the dealership faxed my order into the factory I was also in contact with the factory. Was told: If you get your order in by 8-20 we can start to build it sometime in October. Yet on 9-17 my motorhome was DONE being built and in line to be painted (full body). So far the holdups seem to be Dometic refrigerators coming slowly from the factory BUT i have a 10.7 12 ONLY residential frig not built by them so I avoided that slowdown. Remember, at least with Forest River - can't speak for anyone else all retail orders go to the head of the line. So based upon what I know as of 9-23-20 it will not be anywhere near 3/4 months but more like 2 months and 1 week. Also only 400 miles from the factory so delivery would only be 1 day. But if it comes in December I am fine with that too as I honestly thought it would be that timeframe from what I was told on 8-8-20. What model you order (bunkbed models take the longest as there is a tremendous demand for them.) what dealership you used to order, distance from factory, etc all play into the timeframe. Jimbo
jimbo4UT 09/23/20 04:48am Class C Motorhomes
Want to give a big shout out to Good Sam's Financing Center

New 2021 3010DS SunSeeker I applied for financing online yesterday at 10:55 AM eastern time. At 3:00pm eastern time they ask for additional info (2 pay stubs and last years W2) and I sent them in at 6:07 eastern time. Today at 5:31 we are totally approved for full-timers rate 3.95 APR I special ordered the rv on 8-8-2020 so total time looks to be around 2 months and a week as the factory expects it to arrive around the 15th of October. It's built and they are painting it (full body) hence the 3/4 week timeline for paint I put this here because its a Class C but also to give people hope that maybe they don't have to wait 4/5 months for everything to happen. If a moderator needs to move this that is fine i just could not see a place that was specific for Financing. Jimbo (back on the road again very soon)
jimbo4UT 09/22/20 04:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best portable heater (30 amp) for my rv?

thank you everyone for your answers. You guys are the best. Jimbo
jimbo4UT 09/20/20 10:48am Tech Issues
RE: Best portable heater (30 amp) for my rv?

wow lots of great tips, thanks everyone. I had an oil filled heater and i never got even close to warm. I tried using a fan blowing thru the heater to get it to give out heat and that didn't work either. Really like the idea of using another heavy duty electrical line from the pole to inside and just run the heater from that one. Saved on the rig electrical lines, i would think and you can place it where you want to. Thanks again everyone Jimbo
jimbo4UT 09/19/20 05:38am Tech Issues
RE: The state of full time RVing in 2020 - RVs and TVs.

to Techwriter. Why did you post a youtube link that begins with a 15 second ad (wonder who gets paid for the click) and i cant seem to find anything about rv issues at all.
jimbo4UT 09/18/20 01:52pm Full-time RVing
RE: Class C Pros and Cons

Insurance amount is really high, my 90000.00 class c 2021 insurance is 130.00 a month and that is full timer insurance thru progressive. Part timer insurance is less. Jimbo
jimbo4UT 09/18/20 01:44pm Class C Motorhomes
Best portable heater (30 amp) for my rv?

Would appreciate anyone who has a ceramic or other type portable heater to chime in and tell me what brand they have and if they feel it does a good job heating. My rig is a 32 feet Class C. thanks in advance, Jimbo
jimbo4UT 09/18/20 01:39pm Tech Issues
Update on my 2021 Forest River 3010DS that is being built.

Ordered 8/8/2021. Will come off assembly line 9-17. Then 3/4 weeks for full body paint. The factory says the supply of parts is the biggest holdup due to the virus. Actually i am very happy with the progress. I will get the coach just in time to do my first winterize :) LOL No honestly i am very fine with the dates and progress. It will have one 100w solar panel done at the factory, and then once it arrives at the dealership i am adding 2 more 100w panels. The controller can handle up to 5 100w panels. Our first camping experience will be Skyline Drive starting at Front Royal VA. Jimbo
jimbo4UT 09/12/20 08:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Renewal

You can download and print the card then laminate it yourself and carry it in your wallet if that makes you happy. I have laminated all my check list so if they get wet it will just wipe dry. I have laminated one note that says I am 11.3 inches tall and it hangs by my dash. Think i spent 9 bucks for the laminate stuff on Amazon.
jimbo4UT 09/12/20 08:17am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Tow/haul mode

Well you guys did answer my question. My concern was it going into first gear and destroying the engine. F350 dually pulling a TT was not the issue nor did i have a weight problem. Operator error maybe, but mostly did not the speed i was going downhill (heck i think it was 35) but on a very steep grade and i knew it would pick up more speed and it was already revving to high for my liking.
jimbo4UT 08/31/20 04:39am Towing
Tow/haul mode

What to do? I was on a steep grade and tapped my brake and it downshifted from 3 to 2 and hit 6000 rpm. I still wanted to slow down more but could not hit the brake again as I was high on rpm already in second so I took it out of tow mode and hit the brakes hard then put it back into tow mode. Was that correct? What would have happened if I hit the brake in tow/haul mode from second to first gear with no room for more engine rpm? Jim
jimbo4UT 08/30/20 05:41pm Towing
RE: New England Travel

Yea i don't get the whole it's my freedom thing and this virus. Does freedom really mean we have the right to make others sick and possibly die? Gee where were all you freedom lovers when aids was going around? Why did you not speak up when laws were passed to criminalize aids? I just shake my head when someone says that it is there right to make me sick - we sure have sunk as a country haven't we? Notice i said nothing political and i would love to keep it that way. Just think we were close to getting it under control and now look at us as a country. Truly sad.
jimbo4UT 08/15/20 01:45pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Timeline if ordering a new Forest River Class C

Thank you for emailing about time frame on new units. All retail orders take priority when we are scheduling. Right now our production schedule is set through the week of 9/14. If you were to order a unit in the next two weeks, we would build in October. If you order a full paint unit it usually takes 2 weeks to complete. If you have any more questions please email me directly. I did't put the persons name or email address on here but this is what i got from Forest River this morning. Doesn't seem too awful long to get a new one with everything you might want in a Class C. Ordered 3010DS Class C Sunseeker with full body paint and a few extra goodies :) last week.
jimbo4UT 08/04/20 08:32am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cracker Barrel

WOW guys I can't believe that my asking about parking at Cracker Barrel turned into 7 pages :) LOL It has been fun reading all the replies. Thanks everyone Jim in Stafford Va awaiting my 3010DS 2021 Forest River Class C (I special ordered and was told maybe October or November)
jimbo4UT 08/01/20 10:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Got my new class C sorta :)

Thanks fx2tom,wife has really good taste and yes expensive taste too :) We feel lucky to full time rv 2 different times in our lives. This time we go until well the end i guess - or we can't do it any longer due to age.
jimbo4UT 07/30/20 06:03pm Class C Motorhomes
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