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RE: Time to install tires on my truck camper setup

Also, 35" tires are huge! The stock size tires for F350 4x4s has been 33 inches for years. Even my Ford F450 has tires that are 32 inches in 225/70 19.5s. So, 35 is pretty big, but not that much larger than stock. It would raise the truck camper 1 inch.
jimh425 08/24/19 06:30am Truck Campers
RE: Time to install tires on my truck camper setup

Yeah babe. Just finished your build? Congrats! :D
jimh425 08/24/19 05:56am Truck Campers
RE: Time to install tires on my truck camper setup

That's what I was thinking. My last 3 that went on my Ranger (BFG, Hancook, BFG) were all factory siped. But I've heard that diesel's chunk out siped tires. Les Schwab has siped my tires for my diesels since 2006. They’ve been fine. However, I run 19.5s.
jimh425 08/23/19 06:01am Truck Campers
RE: Time to install tires on my truck camper setup

Toyo that has high capacity 18s. I’d look for those. LT285/75R18 Toyo AT II 4080@80psi
jimh425 08/22/19 07:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Camp sites

I think this is the wrong forum. Try one of the general campground info forums under Locations.
jimh425 08/22/19 07:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Clean Trucks? Electric Truck?

If you want to put a gasoline engine in, I’d check to see what conversions are available. Presumably, you could put a Ram gasoline engine, but you may have other options. However, that also means changing the fuel tank, exhaust, etc., and then have it certified or fully understand the certification rules before you do a conversion. I have no idea if EU allows repowering.
jimh425 08/22/19 07:25pm Truck Campers
RE: Clean Trucks? Electric Truck?

Have you priced the shipping to EU? Unless you are getting free shipping, I think it would make sense to buy/rent local. That is, unless you plan to live there for an extended period of time. In any case, I don’t think you use your transmission if you converted to electrical. There were a few companies in the 80s. I don’t know if they are still around. But, if they are, I’d check one of them out.
jimh425 08/22/19 05:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Small Lithium Batteries

Just be careful about adding batteries where they aren’t designed to go inside compartments. They weigh a lot and can tear the compartment apart.
jimh425 08/22/19 09:51am Truck Campers
RE: Looking to upgrade (more room)

If you go to the Seattle RV show, you can see several brands of truck campers and models at the same place. Length or a slide will add weight. In the case of a slide, 200 to 500 lbs. It’s not more because you lose cabinets which are weight. Likewise, length adds weight of 200 to 500 per foot. More length also means more overhang, more overall length, and requires the use of a longer more specialized hitch. Also, a longer slide needs more support because it is more weight and is harder to support in a small RV such as a truck camper. In our case, the second slide does add more floor space which is helpful if you ever use a dog crate. It also adds to the esthetics which my wife loves. We can say what we like about each of ours, but ultimately, you have to trade off something.
jimh425 08/22/19 09:28am Truck Campers
RE: The ticking time bomb under the hood

6.0s sucked before ulsd came out. But looks like you’re lucky with one or that snake oil actually works! As you probably know, all of the issues with the 6.0 were known by 2004. Ford had a lot of remedies. Bulletproof can make the rest. And it’s not snake oil to use an additive if you don’t drive them much and have a variable geometry turbo like a 6.0. The blades will rust together if you don’t drive them much in the NW and don’t use an additive.
jimh425 08/21/19 10:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking to upgrade (more room)

I have a 2006 Host Double Slide Ranier that was built at the end of 2005. Our slides have been fine, but from what I remember, they changed their slide design several times up to that point. You can search here and possibly owner groups to hear about other brand issues. It seems to me that more people complain about Arctic Fox and Lance slide adjustment and breakage but maybe that’s because they sell the most. It’s possible to break anything. Sure, there are some bad designs, but mine isn’t. I can’t vouch for other designs. At the same time, a poster here was able to break a Host that is the same model as mine. Then, their “fix” seemed to be quite a hack, but they liked it. I haven’t seen a post from them lately, so maybe they traded or maybe it is doing fine. No brand has a lot of extra structure in a truck camper. So, if there is a lot of weight in the slide, and/or it’s out of level, you will likely have more issues. If you plan to stuff the dinette drawers with heavy weight and you/spouse/other occupants add up to significant weight you have more chance to have more issues. On the other hand, we’ve never regretted having ours. The second slide makes a big difference. Maybe it doesn’t matter to you. I find most but not all nonslide campers to be a tunnel. I don’t personally like that style. I’d personally would never own a Bigfoot. In that style, I’d buy a Northern Lite because their floorplans are significantly more usable for how we use a truck camper. Choose what makes you happy.
jimh425 08/21/19 08:52pm Truck Campers
RE: New Moderator

Have fun Bedlam, or at least, survive. :D
jimh425 08/19/19 02:05pm Truck Campers
RE: 2000 Fleetwood Camper - Owner's Manual?

You like to make statements on subject you have no idea about. ... Than with upgraded tires the trailer has seen it all. All the way to the point when axle slightly bend, Sorry, i thought it was easily overloaded, and you bent the axle. I must have been wrong.
jimh425 08/16/19 09:02pm Truck Campers
RE: 2000 Fleetwood Camper - Owner's Manual?

As far as the trailer is concerned. The little Harbor Freight trailers aren’t really designed to go cross country although I suppose someone has done it. Not really the weight police, but sounds like you are taking a lot of chances and need to buy a truck or change plans. I had 1 of those trailers for 26 years and sold it to a friend this year. Mine was routinely overloaded and at the end I carried 3000lb garden sculpture on 1000lb trailer via my backyard. Originally those trailers come with cheap tires, but Less Schwab carries the size with much higher rating. I used the trailer few times on 600 miles trips just fine. Like I said, someone has probably done it. I’m not sure why you bothered to get a DRW, a F150 would have carried your camper just fine. Think of the money you wasted. Joking ... For the record, the little Harbor Freight trailer rating is 1090 lbs. By the time you add sides of almost any type and a spare and trailer jack, you are way below 1000. You can bet it has at most 1500 lb axles. Plus it has tiny wheels which will be spinning really fast at any reasonable interstate speed. That’s a recipe for bearing destruction especially in hot weather. That is, if you are lucky enough for the trailer to stay bolted together.
jimh425 08/16/19 12:44pm Truck Campers
RE: 2000 Fleetwood Camper - Owner's Manual?

As far as the trailer is concerned. The little Harbor Freight trailers aren’t really designed to go cross country although I suppose someone has done it. Not really the weight police, but sounds like you are taking a lot of chances and need to buy a truck or change plans.
jimh425 08/16/19 05:18am Truck Campers
RE: Bought a 2019 Northern Lite10'2 EX CD SE dry bath

Thought about lengthen the tongue of the trailer, cut the frame even use a little heavier steel, the weld is always stronger than the metal. my trailer has a V nose is 12 foot long and has two axles with brakes on all four wheels the trailer will never have more than 900 pounds in it. What do you think of that idea? There are people here that lengthen the tongues. Other than making it harder to hookup under the camper, there is no issue with this approach.
jimh425 08/15/19 01:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Bought a 2019 Northern Lite10'2 EX CD SE dry bath

Congrats, but you don’t really need a Northern Lite owner. :) I use a 2 1/2 extension because my truck came with a 2 1/2 inch hitch. I have a 9 1/2 TC, so I only needed a 18 inch extension. It’s important to not go any longer than you have to because it puts more stress on the hitch. I think you can likely get by with a 24 inch extension. People who tow heavy usually use a more heavy duty hitch like a Torklift Superhitch. Towing a motorcycle probably doesn’t count as a heavy tow even with a Harley in it.
jimh425 08/14/19 07:03pm Truck Campers
RE: "Porpoising" - How to Tame the Rocking Camper

First, tighten the tiedowns to correct tension. Overtightening causes extra stress on the mount locations on the Truck Camper. Usually, porpoising is an out of balance condition. Better shocks should help. I’m assuming you have stock shocks. But, there are things you can do before spending money. Try adjusting the Timbrens softer or slightly harder. Finally, try adjusting the tire pressure while staying high enough to support the weight you are carrying on your Tundra. The first place I’d look is probably front tire pressure since I’m assuming you are already at max pressure on the rear.
jimh425 08/14/19 06:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Arctic Fox 811

It’s probably between 12- 12’6” on a Ford. I’m sure someone will probably post what their height is.
jimh425 08/13/19 04:23pm Truck Campers
RE: 2019 Northern lite

Wow, that’s really hard to read with no line spacing. Anyway, I think I’m following your question. I don’t know the size of the furnace, but Northern Lites are built in BC, Canada. They don’t build truck campers that won’t heat up or stay cool. They are known for having very good insulation. Assuming you get a basement model, the furnace should keep the tanks from freezing with vents that heat that space. Personally, I’d buy a Northern Lite if their floorplans work for you. Bigfoot isn’t the same Bigfoot company of years ago. They were out of business for a while. Northern Lite has been in continuous production except for the short period when they had to rebuild due to a fire. Atwood doesn’t exist anymore since they were bought out. People have good luck with every kind of jack. I don’t think it’s a major consideration for a lighter model camper such as the Northern Lite.
jimh425 08/13/19 03:48pm Truck Campers
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