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RE: toad versus no toad

My usual was drive the DP someplace and plant it, then use the toad to go here and there, even renting motel rooms on occasion. Going on a trip without a toad was unthinkable 95% of the time! Now with my little Toyota I never take a toad.
jjrbus 02/18/20 05:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Rez fridge question

Another thing to consider. There is no Federal Inverter rating dept. So they can put any number on them they want. Not a problem with the high end brand name inverters, only the off brands sold here and there. Ask me how I know.
jjrbus 02/17/20 06:08am Tech Issues
RE: They all think I'm CrAzY

20 plus years ago I got the opportunity to get out of NY state. I sold the house and ran like the devil was after me. Not run actually drove in a class A with a toad. Full timed for 10 years and then decided to buy a house in FL. It was during the bubble and all I could afford was a dump in a crappy neighborhood. So decided to spend the rest of my life in the RV. Lesson learned! Then the bubble burst and I bought a house in FL. Sorry I did! All the people with their weird ideas and political leanings which screwed up what they want to escape are moving to FL in droves. Everything is booming, traffic is horrible, everything is crowded. Prices are increasing in leaps and bounds and will not be long before tax's will have to increase to pay for this madness. Most of quaint old FL is gone. I know several people that have abandoned FL and moved elsewhere. I am too old to move or I would. Choose carefully, everything changes and not always for the better!
jjrbus 02/17/20 05:50am Class C Motorhomes
RE: black tank chemicals

If you are getting smells in your RV there is something wrong with the venting system, no if and's or but's about it! There are 2 ways to find the faults in the system. One is filling the system with water and finding the leak. The second is a plumbing smoke test. Plumbing smoke tests are commonly done to find leaks in residential and commercial systems, Google it. All About Sewer Gas Exposure: Causes, Symptoms ... - Hydrogen sulfide is the primary gas in sewer gas. According to research , hydrogen sulfide has shown to be toxic to the oxygen systems of the body. In high amounts it can cause adverse symptoms, organ damage, or even death. But go ahead and cover a known toxin up with a pleasant smell.
jjrbus 02/10/20 05:18pm Tech Issues
RE: wifiranger Converge - Do you like it?

I am not full timing, when I do travel I change my Cricket wireless plan to unlimited data and 15 GB hotspot for a month at $60. Breaks my cheap little heart to do it. With Cricket I can do it for one month and then switch back to my $30 month plan with no hotspot, works ok for me and the 15 GB is enough for what I want to do.
jjrbus 02/01/20 05:15am Tech Issues
RE: Not enough space for lugs on post of battery isolator

I do not know about all RV's but my little Toyota sitting next to the house with a mostly OE system, the isolator is 100 amps continuous protected by 40 amp circuit breakers. So theoretically except for brief surges the most that can pass through there is 40 amps. If I were in this situation I would likely flatten a piece of copper pipe and drill a couple holes. On the other hand an internet search will reveal all types of terminal extenders, expanders etc. Of course you will have to find the post size and thread size to match one up.
jjrbus 01/28/20 06:26am Tech Issues
RE: RV for Central America Trip

People that are fretting about safety in S America should stay away from Miami. Also Tampa, some horrible things happening in Tampa. Also all Texas beach's, A couple in an RV were just abducted and killed there.
jjrbus 01/26/20 06:24am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dealer stripped threads in Hub ?

I know noting about a Fiat, but I have seen lots of people with ruined lug nuts and studs. Dealerships put the new guys on tires and they screw up, big time, not the new guys fault, improper supervision. Try going in with left hand threads and watch the new guy break a couple of them with an impact wrench. Mostly I do my own work but if I have to have the wheels done I stand there and watch and make sure they use a torque wrench, not jam them on with an impact gun. I would be at the dealer with fire in my eyes if no one else has serviced it.
jjrbus 01/24/20 05:23am Tech Issues
RE: RV for Central America Trip

I would not buy a new RV and pack it up for trip. If you must buy new get it at least 6 months ahead of time and put some miles on it to work out the kinks. My preference would be 1 or 2 years old with 20,000 miles on it. These things are a rolling conglomeration of parts and systems, supplied by the lowest bidder. All waiting for the most inopportune time to fail. Renting is a super idea. I do not see an issue, large family's crossed the US in conestoga wagons and most of them survived.
jjrbus 01/24/20 05:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Coleman ac remote died

put in new batteries... Did you kow that you can check a remote with the camera on your phone?? Just look at the remote with your camera, better with lowered lights, you can see the flashes when you push buttons, or not.. You camera can see what you can't. Well I'll be, it works. I must have known that but forgot
jjrbus 01/16/20 05:05pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Dually Valve Stems

I have almost lost a very expensive $400 tire using extensions and possibly lost a tire due to an extension on a vehicle I had just purchased. So I am not a big fan of extensions. Even the quality ones with beaded stainless steel are cheap rubber inside! So I have the proper valve stems for my wheels and carry a small compressor with a straight foot dual head inflator. https://www.amazon.com/CZC-AUTO-Inflatable-Compatible-Accessories/dp/B07QNNDBLQ?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-ffsb-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B07QNNDBLQ I bought a TPMS system with the type of sensor that mounts to the end of the valve stem. It is a real struggle to get the sensor on and off through that little hole to add air to the tire. Even my wife with her child sized hands has an issue with it. So I threw in the towel and use the braided flexible extensions for the inner duallys with the sensors attached to the extensions. At least if they leak the TPMS will notify me.
jjrbus 01/15/20 06:56am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Spaceship RV

Cool, I see a guy doing a bus conversion as a space shuttle years ago, no idea what became of it.
jjrbus 01/06/20 05:44am Travel Trailers
RE: Best Fuel Preservative for Pure Gas ???

They, whoever they are claim that non ethanol gas has a 1 year shelf life, so I need no stabilizer. Since I started using non ethanol all my small engine carburetor problems have ceased. For my Honda 2000 I run it on what is available when traveling and the last tank is always non ethanol. I do try to run things dry when putting away, bud does not work that way in real life. Non ethanol is common here in Fl so I buy in small quantities, a 2 gallon can never sits for more than about 4 months.
jjrbus 12/15/19 07:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Long term parking Tampa airport/staying in RV

Your right, they made a big fuss over the camp fire in the Wal Mart parking lot : )
jjrbus 12/14/19 06:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Long term parking Tampa airport/staying in RV

I would just stay in the RV and not worry about it. I have parked many times in the Tampa airport lot and would not have a problem leaving my rv there. I doubt very much if anybody cares whether you are in it or not. Also, I would not ask them. If you cannot stand the answer don't ask the question. This is just what I would do and am not recommending you do the same. Just follow your gut. Barney I'm with you, much better to ask forgiveness than permission. It would be cheaper to drive car and store at off airport parking, but less hassle to stay at long term.
jjrbus 12/14/19 03:47am General RVing Issues
Long term parking Tampa airport/staying in RV

Have a zero dark thirty flight out of Tampa Fl airport and will leave the RV there 8 days. Plus will return at zero dark thirty and may feel like taking a nap. The local sleep, park and store are not working out for us. I took a peak at the long term parking at Tampa on Google earth, they have an over size entrance and see trucks, RV's etc parked in long term storage. I have a small 21 foot vintage Toyota RV. So the big question, do you see any issues staying in the RV overnight in the parking lot? I did a search and most of the postings were long time ago and nothing specific to Tampa. I could stay at a few places in the area and then drive to the airport at 3 am, but why not just stay there?? I am not going to call and ask, as I find that with bureaucracy it is difficult to get an answer and for many it is best if they say no.
jjrbus 12/13/19 02:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: V 10 mpg

Been thinking about getting a newer class C for some time, seems the most common 24 foot or under on the used market is the V10. After following this thread and reading about repair costs on the V10, The community has convinced me to keep my Toyota V6 until it falls apart like some Keystone Cops movie. I would like to have more power so will be watching for a Toyota 3.4 donor vehicle.
jjrbus 12/04/19 06:24am Class C Motorhomes
RE: first report new springs with a surprize result

The wheels had been aligned less than 1000 miles ago. Again, not a mechanic. Cannot help but wonder if a vehicle with worn springs can be aligned properly. Guess it is better now, so enjoy the extra mpg.
jjrbus 11/17/19 04:20am Tech Issues
RE: first report new springs with a surprize result

NOt a mechanic but have spent a lot of time on the forums over the years. One thing that is common and often reported is noticeable mpg improvement after wheel alignment. Did the bad springs contribute to poor alignment? But 1.5-2 that is a 20% improvement for most, far beyond anything I have heard. Start with checking your math LOL
jjrbus 11/16/19 04:30am Tech Issues
RE: Yes boys and girls, you REALLY need to carry a spare...

Personally, I'll never be dependent on ERS, when I can change a tire myself IF necessary. Spotty cell coverage, long wait times, high replacement tire prices... Sorry, not for me. As an example of just the "time" issue; a few years ago, had an electrical issue with a Chevy Suburban, about 2pm. Called AAA for a tow. While we had good cell coverage, we were in Blythe, CA, and there was only limited tow companies available; and AAA wouldn't go off the pavement. Had a local "non-AAA" towtruck get us from where we were located (on the beach along the Colorado River about 150' from the pavement) to a parking lot in town (about 5 miles). Then we waited for AAA. And waited. And waited some more (Keep in mind that it was Sunday afternoon, after a day on the river, tired, ready to head home, AND it was still 115 degrees in the shade!!). AAA's only contracted truck in the area was coming back from a run into Encino (near Los Angeles). After more than 6 hours, he finally showed up, and then his winch caught fire while trying to pull the Suburban onto the flatbed. Waited some more for his shop to come out and fix the winch. Finally got it loaded and hit the road at 10pm, to begin a the trip home to SoCal, arriving home at 2:30am. No, this has nothing to do with a flat tire. But it DOES have everything to do with time. There is nothing in ANY ERS documentation that guarantees a "timely" response. Did AAA respond? Yes. Did they get my vehicle home? Yes. Would I consider it a successful "transaction"? No, and I'll never rely on them again unless there is NO OTHER CHOICE, PERIOD. Of course, YMMV. While your experience was pretty bad, it is far from the worse I have heard. Add, and then the tow company totaled our RV to get up into the top 10 worst stories.
jjrbus 11/16/19 04:20am Class C Motorhomes
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