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RE: toilet treatment for black water tank

Depends on the sensors you have for the tank. If they are in tank contacts anytime solids or paper hangs up on them they will show the tank is full. You can use every magic elixir, snake oil, spray accessory know to man and the monitor will work until something hangs up on the sensor again. Which usually does not take very long. To save some long term aggravation, turn off the pump, push flush lever and look in toilet with flashlight, what you should see is black water tank level. Flashlight held up to fresh water tank will also show level. If you have external sensors, usually a strip of what looks like foil, then you have another problem. If you wish to add external sensors look up Seelevel tank monitors.
jjrbus 10/15/19 05:44am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Honda eu2000i separate on/off switch

So oldman and driver, you would rather remove the cover and drain the gas in the carb to where? The back of my pickup. It is less than a quarter of a cup. It isn't hard, or a big deal and evaporates very quickly. It takes less than two minutes start to finish. Edited to add: By draining the carb, you are going to get more gas out of your carb bowl than running it dry. THAT is why I am a fan of draining instead of running them dry, therefore why I think it isn't a big deal. Me too, have not had carburetor problem in small engines since I started about 5 years ago! With the Honda 2000 when traveling I will not go out of my way for non ethanol and use ethanol gas. But the last tank through is always non ethanol. I do not use stabil as the non ehtanol has a claimed shelf life of 1 year.
jjrbus 10/14/19 07:28am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Quiet generators

I have had 6 Honda generators over the years and sold 5 for various reasons. I cannot believe the money people will pay for a used Honda and how quick they sell! So to my way of thinking Hondas are cheaper! I was told parts are expensive, but never bought any so do not know? Except for a pull cord and that was generic. Let a Honda EV4010 go with an RV I sold, what a mistake!!
jjrbus 10/14/19 07:20am Tech Issues
RE: RULER reading???

Partly I don't want to post because they are old and likely worn so measurements could be skewed.. I am also old and worn and by the time I got to the computer I forgot. I just remember being surprised by the dimensions.
jjrbus 10/13/19 05:52pm Tech Issues
RE: RULER reading???

Got me curious so I went and measured a stainless locking hitch pin and and a hole. Surprised by the results!
jjrbus 10/13/19 10:50am Tech Issues
RE: Generator pros and cons

About 6 years ago I bought a back up Honda 2000 for $650, now it mostly sat around and got very little use. I just sold it for $600! This is not the first time I have sold a Honda generator I have used for big bucks so to my way of thinking Honda is the cheapest long term. They tell me parts are expensive but the only thing I have ever bought is a pull cord and that was generic. The small tank is a pain, but extended run setups are easy to cobble together or even easier to buy. I might have $30 in mine. I am still mad at me for letting a Honda EV4010 go with an RV I sold. Big Mistake.
jjrbus 10/09/19 05:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Champion 2k in storage for three years. Advice starting it?

I have sworn off ethanol gas in all my small engines, no carburetor problems in years! Shelf life on ethanol gas is claimed 60 days, non ethanol 1 year claimed. With the Honda generators when traveling I do not go out of the way looking for non ethanol, but run ethanol. The last tank is always non ethanol and run dry!
jjrbus 10/07/19 05:43am Tech Issues
RE: Looking for Fridge Suggestions

Folks I have a Freedom 458 series combi inverter/charger, it is a 2000 watt, is this good for running the residential fridge down the road? Is this a sine? Hey Sarge, the Freedom is a good solid unit and will not cause issues. These guys forget that all we had at one time was MSW and when PSW came out it was super expensive. I would be cautious with a $75 Harbor Freight MSW but not the unit you have.
jjrbus 10/01/19 04:16am Tech Issues
RE: Looking for Fridge Suggestions

Well I got the Haier 9.8 fridge from Lowes on Friday around noon. They actually put it in the MH, but couldn't get it in the area it needed to be with the doors on. I took the doors off and Sat Morning my neighbors came over and lifted it in place. I put the doors on and waited till about 4pm to plug it in before locking it in place. As of Sunday night it still hadn't cooled down. Why me all the time, guess I'll call Lowe's and ask them to come get it and return my money. We must be related!
jjrbus 10/01/19 04:08am Tech Issues
RE: Looking for Fridge Suggestions

I used a Xantrex 3624 modified sine wave with a house fridge for years with no issues. Not only me but lots of RV'ers. I would be leery of a small cheap MSW, but have no experience with them. Some refrigerators today do not have coils they use the sides and top to dissipate heat and need space for air to circulate around them to cool, check instructions. Many products today claim to use the best material and design and manufacturing techniques possible. But then say in tiny print that if you use the product the warranty is void.
jjrbus 10/01/19 04:05am Tech Issues
RE: The mini splits are coming,

Before you get all excited about installing one on your own. I have 3 Daikin mini splits in my house that I self installed. If I had room for the evaporator (inside unit) in my little Toyota I would install one in a heartbeat. However the main reason mini splits fail is due to improper installation. The new 410A run at up to 700 psi and need to be put in right. Not rocket science but proper installation is a must! I have hundreds of dollars invested in AC tools in order to do proper installations.
jjrbus 09/28/19 05:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Household refrigerator to replace Norcold N641?

Some refrigerators today use the skin to dissipate heat and do not have coils on the back. Requiring air space on the sides and top. Check the installation instructions available online before purchasing.
jjrbus 09/28/19 04:56am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Best Solvent To Remove RV Window & Roof Caulk?

Buy some high dollar $$$$$ caulk remover with a fancy high tech sounding name and use it next to mineral spirits. Mineral spirits at about 20% of the cost works as good as any of the ones I have tried in the last 60 years.
jjrbus 09/12/19 05:54am Tech Issues
RE: Best Solvent To Remove RV Window & Roof Caulk?

For caulk, not silicone I find mineral spirits is best all round remover and plastic razor blades or sharpen the edge of an old credit card. Remove the bulk with what ever you can use without scratching paint and such, razor knife, knife, chisel, putty knife. Then soak the remaining caulk with mineral spirits. I wet paper towels with ms and cover with plastic wrap and will tape it on walls. Let the MS do the work, then scrap with plastic and use scrubby sponge to clean up the rest.
jjrbus 09/10/19 06:17am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter Generators

I have stopped all carburetor issues by using only non ethanol gas in all my small engines. When traveling and the Honda is being used all the time I will run ethanol gas in it. But last tank before putting away is always non ethanol. If not using for a while I always run the Honda dry, with non ethanol gas. Ethanol gas has a shelf life up to 90 days, non ethanol up to 1 year!
jjrbus 09/07/19 07:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Residential refrigerators

I am not an electronics guy but suspect there is a difference between cheap msw and pricier msw inverters. A long time ago I was being wooed my the Thou Shalt buy a PSW inverter or the world will end crowd. The old guys rolled their eyes and did not say much. I put in a Trace 3624 and used it for 10 years with Flat Screen TV, satellite dish, charging cell phone batteries, power tool batterys, computer, printer, house hold refrigerator, microwave, on and on. The only problem I had was the clock on the microwave would go berserk, but the micro wave functioned just fine. So me personally I would not run out and buy a new inverter. PSW is way cheaper now than it was, so I might buy one at replacement time.
jjrbus 09/05/19 08:08pm Tech Issues
RE: anybody ever install wallpaper inside their RV?

I used pre pasted wallpaper from big box store and spent the next year repasting edges where they curled up!
jjrbus 08/31/19 05:31am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Odd tire wear

Took RV for tires and had balanced. Did not drive RV for long time and ended up at another shop to have checked due to vibration. Guy comes back in office with a huge handful of wheel weights and asks who balanced my tires as they have absolutely no idea what they are doing! I know they were my weights as I had painted rims and they had paint on them, all of them. Use this shop exclusively now for alignments and such, RV will not fit in bay so they align it in the parking lot. Also do tire shaving for out of round tires and they are reasonably priced. Alignment is $59 West Coast Alignment, Ft Myers FL.
jjrbus 08/26/19 05:09am Tech Issues
RE: Champion generator

If you want to buy over priced equipment go Honda. If you want reliability at a decent price go Champion. :) Yeah, them Hondas- can't depend on them at all... :R And the replacement parts are sooooo expensive. Well that is just what I have heard, never had to buy any:R
jjrbus 08/23/19 05:13am Tech Issues
RE: Removing Silicone caulk

Silicone is very difficult to remove. It must be carefully scraped off using a tool that will not damage the surface below. I have found small plastic scrapers in kitchen stores that work not too bad. But even after mechanically removing as much as possible, there is still the residue left behind and a small amount of the silicone. Only after physically removing as much as you can use a product such as Chris above mentioned. Do not use acetone! It will damage all surfaces and take the paint off. Acetone is ok only to make a final pass with a well wetted rag of it, and only to take off any final residue of oil, dirt etc. Do not rub or scrub with acetone. A quick wet wipe, and then let it evaporate. And acetone will not dissolve silicone. Silicone is uncured rubber. Once cured there is not much that will break it down. Silicone has its place, but NOT in the exterior sealing of an RV! Why people insist on promoting the use of this crud baffles me. In 45 years of the solarium / glazing / renovation business I have earned a serious heap of money tearing down and replacing rotten sunrooms that were sealed with silicone. Well said, Sillycon is not only the wrong product it is the worst product that can be put on an RV. Tried several of the magic elixers for silicone removal,, if they work it is not silicone.
jjrbus 08/22/19 07:19pm Tech Issues
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