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RE: Help Me Understand

Mex is correct. I had a 2003 silverado 6.0L - and charged, the voltage was just above 13 on my gauge (13.2 to be exact on my multimeter). A couple of times, the battery got run pretty far down and the voltage was above 14 on my gauge - and I believe it was 14.4 to 14.6 during the initial charge - but never anywhere near 15. GM's alternators are one wire - meaning the voltage regulator is built into the alternator. It sounds to me like the voltage regulator is going out. Last Summer, My alternator went out on my chevy - due to not charging - and I replaced it on a depleted battery. It was at 14.5 or so on my gauge. I drove it for about 30 minutes and it was just a tad over 14. josh
jodeb720 03/09/20 09:35pm Tech Issues
RE: internet

I'm not sure how the Canadian phone companies work - but if your phone is unlocked, you could purchase a sim card from a US company, put it in your phone and you're all set. Then you've got unlimited talk, text and data. Personally I'd recommend Visible - which is what my wife and son have. It runs on the Verizon network - which has good coverage. ATT (or one of the resellers of ATT) also has good coverage. Straightalk is available through walmart I believe. Once the sim is in your phone, you're all set. Last - on some of the newer iphones, you can put in a 'virtual sim' - which I don't know how to do that first hand, but it supposed to allow you to have two phone numbers in one iphone. I'm sure someone smarter than me will provide you with info on how to do that so you get the best of both worlds.
jodeb720 03/06/20 10:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Win 7 Question

having been through this nightmare, myself, I would advocate the following. I'd get a hard drive of the same size - and ghost the master to slave (there are lots of products on the market that replicate drives at the bit level). Once copied, replace the existing drive with the duplicate drive and then install windows 10 (professional or enterprise) on the duplicated drive and let it run it's course. It may not find the drivers it needs but many times it'll use the older windows 7 drivers to communicate with you hardware. If it works, you've got a backup in time of the original drive. If it fails, well, you've got a spare drive to backup to locally within the machine after you figure out how to upgrade it. 9 out of 10 times, it works fairly well - but you really won't know until you try it. If all else fails, you put the old drive back in the box and you've lost some time while you figure it all out - but you've not lost your original configuration or drive. The other alternative you have is to remove all connectivity apps on the windows 7 machine (e.g. Internet explorer, firefox, chrome), modify the firewall to shut down all network ports (TCP/UDP) except what your software requires to communicate with and put the box in a corner so it's not used except for recording. If it's never on the internet, and it's not used as a desktop for anything else, that should "sandbox" the device safely until you find a way to upgrade or change it. Josh
jodeb720 03/06/20 10:24am Technology Corner
RE: Look for Data Plan that throttles to greater than 3G

my wife and son are on visible. As others have pointed out, it only works on Verizon towers - but we've only not had a signal in northern New Mexico when we traveled from Denver to LA and back with the 5er over thanksgiving. My son uses about 50gb a month, and never complains about his viewing being slowed or buffering. As to whether ATT or verizon is better - it's best to have both. Some places you'll get att coverage (Straight Talk) and some places you'll get Verizon (Visible). I know in Yosemite, you get Verizon 4gLTe but not ATT in the valley. I know this because my family has ATT and Tmobile. For a time I had Sprint and my brother in law had verizon. Only verizon had coverage. it's been the inverse in other places.
jodeb720 02/28/20 10:32pm Technology Corner
RE: How best to upgrade Microsoft Office 2010?

crcr, There's a company called Techsoup. find out if your church has a relationship with them. They are a coordinator between large corporations (e.g. Microsoft) and non profits. They allow non profits (like your church) to obtain, for free a license for MS Office 365 - and Microsoft gets to write off the full MSRP of the software with the IRS. It's a win/win for everybody. Check with your church and find out if they have an account. They can request a license for Office 365, for free, and it only takes a couple of days for the license to be provisioned by Techsoup.org. I had 25 people at my church, I got a copy of Windows server, multiple copies of Windows 10, and office 365 for all the staff (both Mac's and PC's). The church benefitted because it was all legal licenses, they paid almost nothing for the 'affiliation fee' (like 50.00 if memory serves) and they had a clean, tight environment. Something to look into. The other option is this. If you work for a large corporation, Microsoft technically has a home version of MS office (that you can purchase from your companies website for 50.00 a year). It's an annual license for the software on your machine, as long as you're employed by your company. Last - if you or any of your children are enrolled in school, the same applies for teachers/students as an education license. They offer the same thing at a heavily discounted cost for teachers and students (college, etc).
jodeb720 02/19/20 07:26am Technology Corner
RE: Trip out west, YNP, Glacier. Which cell booster to get?

FWIW, Almost every year for the last 20+ years I've been to yosemite. Verizon has a tower somewhere in or pointing into the park and has coverage in the campgrounds. Sprint, text messages and voice work. ATT & Tmobile sort of have coverage in certain locations in the valley. I found all this out because my family that went all had different providers. 18 months ago, when I went the last time, I actually was working on my verizon Jetpack and did some testing - I was able to stream and such. I don't know if the other vendors (e.g. Visible - a verizon subsidiary) or other MVNO's will workin the valley.
jodeb720 02/19/20 07:17am Technology Corner
RE: Visible work on roaming towers?

FYI, We drove from Denver to LA south on the 25, west on the 40. With the exception of Northern New Mexico, we had coverage all the way. I'm not sure if any of the towers were not verizon, but the coverage was good the entire trip.
jodeb720 01/18/20 09:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Verizon 5g as hotspot if anyone has it yet

I'm sure someone will correct me, but 5g is a misnomer. There are different versions of 5g that are out on the market. I believe the version that Tmobile is offering is a higher speed LTE (or 4g) which has greater range but isn't as fast. Verizon's version is Millimeter wavelength and it can't pass through walls of a home. you have to have an external antenna to receive the signal - and it's a very short distance (1000' or less). It's back to the old CDMA (Verizon/Sprint) versus GSM (AT&T/TMobile). Let's not forget Starlink is coming in mid 2020 for much of the US and I think that will give terrestrial based solutions a run for their money. Of course, there are the questions of cost, bandwidth (Speed) and data caps. oh one last thing. If you use Speedtest, every single ISP in the country gives priority to those packets going to speedtest.net. I would suggest trying dslreports.com and use their speed test. It's going to be a more realistic test in terms of non priority routed packets through the internet.
jodeb720 01/18/20 09:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Wi-Fi extenders

I have recommended and used the Netgear PlW1200 - it's a different take on an extender. You connect one end of the unit using an ethernet cable into your router/Cablemodem. You plug the other end into the Netgear device, and that unit then plugs into your 120Volt wiring. The other end, you plug into your 120v wiring in the house, it has an ethernet port as well as wireless. In essence, it's using the wiring in the walls of your home as "network cable" to extend the signal to the other unit on the other side of the house. I have a friend who has one in his garage (about 200' from the house) and he's getting 900Mbs sustained to his home network storage device (NAS) as well as the same response as he gets inside his home. It's a simple solution and works well. j
jodeb720 01/02/20 10:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Bent Kingpin?

Sorry Guys - OP here. The trailer is in Santa Fe, NM and I'm in Denver - so I have to plan a road trip down to the storage facility to review what's going on with the pinbox (and thank you for clarification on the correct terminology). There's been some questions. 1. No, I didn't adjust the connection between the Kingpin (Spindle) and the Pinbox - 2. I've not had a chance to drive down (it's 400 miles) and peel back the plastic (under side around the front compartment and the nose above to get a look at it. 3. Under my bed is all covered in "quality" carpet. But it's a good idea to remove all the wood above the area if they are going to be welding. 4. I reached out to my bro in law who works for an insurance company. Had the nose crashed into the bed and bent it, the bed of the truck, and the trailer would have been covered - since the trailer is considered to be part of the truck - not a separate rider on the insurance polcy - and before someone recommends letting it - It's just not who I am. For someone else, that's an option but it's just my karma. Depending on the weather (it's not supposed to snow here, but the weather is reporting 5" of snow between here and Santa Fe - but not in Santa Fe - so we'll see how the road trip goes. My guess is that it will be another week before i go down to peel it all back and assess the damage. Next will be looking for a quality welder in the greater Santa Fe area. My alternatives are limited - I could tow it to denver - but how would I get it on a trailer? I don't have enough clearance to back it in. I guess a forklift could do it. Again, thanks to all of you for your suggestions. It's this place that has helped me over the years and the community has made these types of problems, manageable! Josh
jodeb720 12/10/19 06:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 50" - 55" TV... Uses 55 watts or less.

Roger, It seems to me you have a working TV, but the speakers have failed; however, you're able to use it with headphones? If that's correct, then a pair of desktop computer speakers that run on 12 volts seem to be a better solution than replacing your TV. We used to have desktop speakers - amplified - and they all ran off 12volt wall warts - and I think they pulled about an amp based on what I remember on the power supplies (12volts, 1 amp) - soemthing to consider.
jodeb720 12/05/19 10:13pm Technology Corner
RE: Mobile hot spots

I switched my wife and my son to Visible (my wife in October and my son in November). My son, is 20 and chews through data like there is no tomorrow - hasn't complained yet. My wife is a facebook/instagram (my daughters post all the time). excluding the onboarding process with visible, i like it. We just drove to LA from Denver - and I have Verizon for work. There were a few areas where I had coverage and she didn't (even though Visible is an MVNO of Verizon) - but they were few and far between and we were somewhere between denver and santa fe. Josh
jodeb720 12/05/19 10:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Bent Kingpin?

Thanks everybody for the quick replies. I'm going to raise the hitch height to get the clearance I need to get it to storage and then begin the process of working with lippert and the insurance company to figure out what are the next steps. I'm close enough that when I need to open up the front to take pictures - I can drive down and back in the same day, get the photos I'm sure they are going to want and go from there. I will tell you that I don't exceed the tire rating on my 5er. I've had too many years of blow outs to know that going faster than the tire speed rating ends up badly (Blowouts). The only thing I can think of is fatigue or poor welding and the factory and the welds finally failed. The New Mexico roads had quite a few "bumps" in the road and I'm sure that the whipping motion was more than the welds could take. Again, Thanks to all!
jodeb720 12/02/19 07:24am Fifth-Wheels
Bent Kingpin?

Greetings all. I got a new truck - and a new hitch - thanks to you all for your opinions. Hooked up the new hitch and the trailer and the world looked good - after some height adjustment. Things looked good. Until tonight. As I pulled into Santa Fe on my way back to Denver, I was looking in the rear view mirror and thought the spacing between the bed and the bottom of the 5er was small. So I Pulled into the Motel and stepped back. The entire kingpin looks like it's bent upwards - and had actually bent the front fiberglass nose of the 5er. I've never seen (let alone heard of) something like this. Tomorrow I can raise the hitch up - but I don't think that's going to stop the collapse of the kingpin into the nose and eventually it'll hit the bed of the truck. I have no idea what I'm looking at - if I can risk the 400 miles to Denver. Since I've never disassembled the plastic around the tongue to figure out what's behind it, I have no idea what i'm getting into (and won't until tomorrow. It's a Lippert chassis - cougar 244rls 2010 Thanks in advance! josh
jodeb720 12/01/19 08:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: A&E/Dometic Awning Question

Thanks Guys!!! This afternoon, when I was looking at my awning, I realized my able bodied assistant (son) wound it backwards! Good thing I know how to fix it! Again, thanks for the help! josh
jodeb720 11/19/19 09:40pm Tech Issues
A&E/Dometic Awning Question

I have an A&E Awning (16'). Product Number 958470040 Model Number is illegible but here's what I can see 916GU1 (either 8 or 0).xxxx (can't read the last four digits. I ordered new awning, and when my son and I took the spring loaded end off the arm, he didn't listen well and let the tube spin, then pulled out the end. I have no idea how many turns I need to make before attaching it back to the arm. I reassembled it with 10 tuns but it's not enough. I can remove and increase it a couple of turns at a time but I'm sure there's a recommended number of turns, and it's going to be a slow process. Does anybody know how many turns are the recommended number? Thanks! josh
jodeb720 11/18/19 10:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Demco Autoslide or B&W Companion Slider

OP Here, One question - the side to side pivoting on the B&W. How much is there? I've seen the amount of play on the Demco but not on the B&W. More times than not it's the lateral play that I've needed because of how the truck and the 5er aren't on the same plane and you either have to shim the truck tires into the plane or trailer. Otherwise, it's difficult to get the pin in the receiver without a lot of binding. I've used my Reese for the last 10 years - and it worked. Ironically, I've only used my manual slide 2 or 3 times in the last 10 years. Probably because I was too lazy to get out of the truck, slide it back then get back in and park. I just maneuver into position by taking my time and wiggling into my spot. I was watching video on the demco - you can connect beyond the 10 degrees, but you'll need to remove the side adjustments first, then connect (without the autoslide option) and then reconnect the parts after you're connected and aligned. All of these hitches are far heavier than what I had in the past. I'm guessing a trip to harbor freight for a lift to pull/put the hitch in and out of the truck is in my future. good thing there's a veterans day sale on! Thanks again josh
jodeb720 11/09/19 10:14pm Fifth-Wheels
Demco Autoslide or B&W Companion Slider

I recently replaced my Truck and decided it's time to upgrade my hitch at the same time. I've narrowed my decision down to two Hitches. Demco Autoslide or B&W Companion slider. One of my biggest complaints in my old receiver was the lack of lateral gimble from side to side. The B&W seems to have almost no side to side movement - where as the Demco seems to have enough to align the pin to jaws without binding. Any thoughts on either? I know the Demco I have to adjust the side guide bars each time I connect to the 5er - but that extra work will be worth it because of the lateral gimble. Thanks! josh
jodeb720 11/08/19 11:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Awning replacement Companies

Thank you so much!!!
jodeb720 11/03/19 09:09am Tech Issues
Awning replacement Companies

I know Oldman will chime in, but I just did a search for awning replacement companies - I remember there was one in the Northwest (Seattle? Portland Area?) and I can't find the post. Can someone help me find that posting? I need to replace mine and I'd like to get it ordered early. Thanks so much! josh
jodeb720 11/03/19 08:10am Tech Issues
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