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RE: New Solar Install

@Son of Norway - Thanks for the tip! that's a great place to start!! I appreciate the lead.
jodeb720 03/11/22 03:27pm Tech Issues
RE: New Solar Install

Price quoted $6512.00 Freedom 2000w pure sine wave inverter Installed, $1402 Freedom x Control Panel (Bluetooth), installed 248.00 Solar Kit (1 panel, no brand name provided), installed $1253.00 Solar Kit (2 additional panels) $1678.00 4 golf cart batteries, AGM (no brand name), Installed $1931.00 We just went to lunch, a Renology 2000w inverter - amazon priced - 269.00. this just seems to be outrageous. After a lengthy convo and he has two generators (honda, 2200w) why spend all that money. I can see the batteries (and Lead Acid, costco 210ah, 6v around 100.00 each, a good battery charger and the inverter = A whole lotta less money... now, he's got a 40' toy hauler and can't really park in places like national/state parks (because of the length) so generator noise or minimal run time isn't an issue... And most of the time there's nobody close to him anyway so is it really worth it?
jodeb720 03/11/22 03:25pm Tech Issues
New Solar Install

Guys, a good friend of mine reached out to the folks at camping world. They gave him a quote for 510watts of panels, some GC batteries (AGM) and controllers etc. We all agree before you start down the path of any solar install, you need to know what your usage is on a daily basis and size the entire package from there. What I'm looking for is recommendations as to who you would purchase the panels from - and is competitive in pricing and is a quality product. We live in Colorado - so if there's someone local - that would be good to know as well - though we have no particular need to purchase them locally (Other than saving on shipping). Thanks in advance for your experience and recommendations! Josh
jodeb720 03/11/22 11:15am Tech Issues
RE: Dreaded Roof Bubbling

Doug, Thanks for the clarification. I was really hoping not to pull the cap. My wife and I just finished renovating the top of the 5er - and had we known there was a problem (there has been no water damage inside the rig) I would have remediated the problem before I started the renovation inside. I believe the damage was just caused on the last trip. One of the RV Parks we stayed at was subjected to the storm that hit califorina - and we were pelted by acorns the night before we went into yosemite. I found one small cut in the roof and it looked fresh. The good news is if I have to replace some the of wood on the roof, I'll get to check my AC Vents and make sure they aren't leaking and put new insulation on top to reduce heat transfer. Thanks again! josh
jodeb720 10/31/21 10:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Dreaded Roof Bubbling

Doug, Thanks for the prompt reply. At least I know what my options are... of our course, the follow up questions are: if I'm in that far, how much extra work are we talking just replacing the entire roof? Let's be honest, the front cap isn't a walk in the park pulling it off! once you got it off, the rest is remove, repair if anything is there, replace and reassemble... Thanks again! josh
jodeb720 10/30/21 10:20pm Tech Issues
Dreaded Roof Bubbling

Morning all - On our trip back, a really nice driver pointed out to me that my roof on the crown of the 5er was bubbling up in the wind. I pulled over and had some tape - but that didn't work. I resorted to stopping at a home depot and picking up some furring strips (1x2's) and screwed them down through the rubber membrane of the roof - and that worked enough to get me back home. Now the real work starts.... So - how do you reaffix the membrane to the roof? is it as simple as unscrewing the brackets and lifting it up, applying some adhesive and reaffixing it or is there more to it? What adhesive is used? THe alternative is the roof needs to be replaced - but I'm still back to removing everything, and applying a new membrane with adhesive? Can you cut the membrane at a line on the roof where it's still stuck down, remove it, clear the roof, apply the adhesive, and glue it back down and at the seam lines cover it with some eternalbond? Thanks in advance, josh
jodeb720 10/30/21 08:34am Tech Issues
Carbon Monoxide Detector Proper Placement

I've been rebuilding the inside of my 5er after a structural failure and am on the last mile. I've built new cabinets, new sink, etc - and I'm down to putting the finishing touches (DW's punch list). There's a couple of interesting items. First my Carbon Monoxide detector - battery operated - was (originally) placed about 5' up from floor level - in the "upstairs" sleeping area. Second, on the bottom of the detector it states "Replace after 2015) and my 5er was manufactured in 2010. I'm going to address item number two with a new unit, but I thought Carbon Monoxide is heavier than air and should be mounted down near the floor (Like my propane detector - which is hardwired to 12v near my power distribution center). Where is the proper location for a Carbon Monoxide to be placed in the Trailer. Thanks in advance! josh
jodeb720 09/27/21 11:02am Tech Issues
RE: AT&T no more Wireless Home Phone

FWIW, my Panasonic Land Line phone also will allow me to connect it via bluetooth to my mobile phone. that way, when my mobile phone rings, all the phones in my house ring on the panasonic handsets - and I can answer, make calls and get caller ID on the Panasonic handset. Granted, 99.99% of the time the phone is on my person, but once in a while it's connected to the charger and I need to leave it - but still receive calls. One more thing, I can answer my Teams calls on my panasonic. the phone just forwards all the calls to the bluetooth panasonic handsets.
jodeb720 09/14/21 10:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Ryobi 2300 generator keeps overloading

start by flipping the breakers in the box - Make sure your Fridge is running on gas not Auto (that's pulls a few amps) Make sure your water heater is running on Gas - not electric. One at a time, flip your breakers on and see if that resolves your issue. Eventually you'll find the circuit that's utilizing all your amps and you'll be able to charge your batteries as well as run your tv, etc.
jodeb720 09/14/21 10:16pm Tech Issues
RE: RV parts shortages

My former neighbor from LA (who was a longshoreman - he just passed) as telling me last month that there is an acute shortage of people willing to work on the docks. They make bank (like 120k annually working on the docs). He was telling me last month that the owners of the docks were offering cash incentives to work triple shifts just to clear out the back log of ships, sitting offshore of Long Beach, CA. Doug is spot on with the inability to move the containers off the ships and onto either rail or truck. Oh that's another story. The trucking industry is also struggling to find drivers. Many of the young people who are thinking of going into the business see automation replacing drivers in the future, and don't want to get into an industry where automation will replace them in the future.
jodeb720 09/14/21 10:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Erratic fuel gauge

my 2003 chevy silverado truck had a similar problem. Gauges one at a time started to fail. Found a guy on fleabay and for 75.00 he fixed it up and shipped it back to me. NO fuss, no muss.
jodeb720 09/13/21 10:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Replacement LED light Fixtures -

Gary - Thanks for the link - that's something to keep in mind. 450 Lumens on the ceiling - at 3500 is a decent color but I wonder how bright. GDE - I'm with you on the replacement bulbs. It's so hard to find the brightest LED's out there. Any suggestions on SMD types of panels? I'm wondering if they've gotten around to COB's that are just solid luminous panels that give off a ton of light. The other issue is boondocking. I've seen the round LED light fixtures that will fit into the ceiling in place of where my existing fixtures are - but I don't see the lumen rating - maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Thanks Again! josh
jodeb720 09/13/21 11:47am Tech Issues
Replacement LED light Fixtures -

Ok, 10+ years ago I bought a bunch of the SMD LED replacement light "bulbs". They have been relatively dependable but they are starting to Fail. As I'm doing a complete renovation of the 5er - and I'm coming to the end (finally after a year +) we (DW and I) are looking to replace the fixtures with Black (he design motif is using the rubbed bronze look so it's almost black anyway). I've done a big of searching and what I'm finding is similar to what I've already got - SMD LED boards in the fixtures. What I'd like is much brighter LED's that what I have from 10 years ago. Any suggestions on: Replacement fixtures (Where the lumens are posted)? The incandescent bulbs (I believe) put out about 210 lumens (Someone correct me if I'm wrong, please). The latest and greatest replacement bulbs are 360 Lumens (again, correct me if I'm wrong). New Fixtures are what lumenosity? Thanks in advance! josh
jodeb720 09/12/21 09:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Best Cleanser for Condenser Cleaning for AC?

@OldWizard,won't the acid in the vinegar corrode the fins? Thanks guys. I took the 5er back to night - almost done with my floor - but I know the AC unit needs a good cleaning! That's next weekend.
jodeb720 08/15/21 10:06pm Tech Issues
Best Cleanser for Condenser Cleaning for AC?

I did a search - and there's a host of answers. the most common were 409 cleaner, Dawn dishwashing soap, Simple Green. What's the most effective cleaner to remove all the crud from the condenser/eveaporator? Thanks Josh
jodeb720 08/15/21 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: Dexter Axles

I have them on my 5er - and annually pull and inspect them. the rubber plug on them routinely breaks down and I have to replace it. A couple of years ago, i had checked the plugs and they were ok, but when I arrive at my destination, two had broken and that meant dirt could have contaminated the bearings. Off came the tires, repacked the bearings after a good cleaning to be sure no dirt got inside of them. I like the idea, but in reality the old school checking and packing annually reduces the amount of excess grease the will expand with heat to a minimum. And, as others have said, it'll foul your drum brakes if it expands too much.
jodeb720 08/15/21 09:11am Tech Issues
RE: Coleman Mach III 13.5 btu replacement

quick update. I brought the rig home - and after reading a parallel thread, where someone posted there's a high temperature cut off on the top of the compressor - I tried the unit here at home. I works. In a way, i'm kinda bummed, especially after looking at the spec's from replacement units. Interesting thing about running it here, when I put my volt meter in my outlet - I'm getting 120 even with the AC running. I want to thank everybody for the suggestions though. J
jodeb720 08/14/21 10:25am Tech Issues
RE: Coleman Mach III 13.5 btu replacement

outstanding! Thanks all for the insight. I'll start with trolling through the specs from the document library. From there i'll start making decisions. We're not going out in the 5er at least until October - so I have time to figure this all out. We're finishing the RV Makeover - and i'm planning the next phase of the update. Take Care all and thanks for the suggestions! josh
jodeb720 08/08/21 09:37pm Tech Issues
Coleman Mach III 13.5 btu replacement

after 11 years, my ac unit gave up the ghost. I have run my ac on my honda 2000 - but when it's really hot (above 90) it's exceeding my Honda's running capacity. The Honda's rated output is 13.5 amps at sea level (with a 16.6 amp 20 minute 'burst'). I know, I could buy a higher rated generator, but I don't need the AC that often and if I could get away with a higher priced AC unit that would draw less amperage, maybe it might be enough. how much less amperage will a power saver reduce the amperage consumption on a replacement Coleman Mach III PS? thanks in advance, Josh
jodeb720 08/08/21 09:34am Tech Issues
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