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RE: How to rotate dually pickup truck tires

Topic is "How to rotate dually pickup truck tires" What did you say that helped the OP??? I don't rotate my dually tires either. Manual says side-to-side only. Outer wheels are aluminum and inner duals are steel.
joebedford 08/07/22 05:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Slide Electrical Issues

On our previous RV it became habit to turn the LR manual crank one turn before trying to power it out. Never did fix it before trading it.
joebedford 08/04/22 09:30am Tech Issues
RE: Barbecue hookup

What's called a grill in the USA is a BBQ in Canada though I've spent enough time in the USA that I call my BBQ a grill. Straddling the border I guess.
joebedford 08/03/22 04:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Birds nest in AC

This is the birds nest I found in the AC. You can see a couple of dead birds in the pile by my foot (which is the photo for scale). https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/4H70ySrugdC_HxCQF6xj6xG1WxG0U1qlT1XqZkKmf-URTNu0pFIipod7nW8mpLe6eWJMd9sT6eL-l2MOBW4CB0j4FqHdFujjUTTQdj15xI0gHq1EobWipaW__XjgpgZWCvF9qpxcerjU4jV-wZnboChKDHeKjKtyrkTOSGqWQEdCbVGTXWyGRDW0Lltv8H3CvsclDTIctJlWLWTFwRB94_MBI2j7v44Olempp6pDx0e2okcIWo1B2C64uJUS15NnMsSYOEzTQa-qiw439reWk8Rpz0kvt6CzrVgMQiDfMpcqwLgZwSASoaN7baZnhkD_E-LBkx70BstA_aSagYaKGWQf_MKyNnXW0F9E25bXaug5tia_IHknY0xQVHqvrzeqdrjBBtRny4HRuUOIa7t7qHmN4hoTDiT0mZdUW_2wXmIPy23CAHoRXAdDKvoG12CoHS1c17ylt2xoZQ6TpUeoJZy8M4vgfAwqYFgFmmN63PZc5_o80gXa4ANfzXzcpKxgMwUCwA8rRZ6vURQ3Wp6DuVfqBKnUjdeDEwCB9SbC1LKaLchrUxCAxpp8qQP2wQ24EFlOHXygAq2mq8TscD-a2vEiBTJ3iw3oN1z1n3nImsQmuBOxMRGGJTRvF4AYwxwjO8Ewz47oxVus_yc9DlaBSC3GABYCz5CwcfKqpAsd8bz4xULD9x8SZQfuj9V7MPyipkxtHJCK9pvN6hrE3v-k52ZXefvxzipzAS99Ifgn5X2cOC1Uj283XbT1RbcEDh-ZNMCIbN4SUuLJGUk4Ucgt5yfDX8Q-sYkzZALyM-0paaOapKH4JLhX7p0oCSkYV1mbSw=w1267-h950-no?authuser=1 width=640
joebedford 07/31/22 01:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Birds nest in AC

I have a photo to come that shows the birds nest in my RV AC, but my stick house AC quit as well. Look what I found inside: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/bk2XGw2a_bisnXY4d0NZK59SND1tTs7esNeGuhN88kegfJEchsrfEqBxUpJaz10VIOZEQAPCZR4E7UzFurBP35YMvLlpB7CIj4qO5ua_WAbkhehaWVJKi6lwmxp_a9e8K_gC2PLDvwNy4pdwqQQVNj1bJngY2N9NOgAeZJ62tSEan-8x2vSlJC2UOeBM8fQ_kArdsArjrO83ej_oJ0qQULXEoWevBIaTWZtEcSSiXb8w9Zzy9L9KYTy5p2ew-46_LpjD1ArtlEnxzclLexhWo-dUPyPzC0Ynrk-1kzg1XGO7C8WSwltY38P1s-Bevk9kJgPta-gSTo_E9W9oNeoD8mrC0jCgCBgEZPkWTvzYlGwgQkORq1fYPeAlCbBOugjtoINOxxemwnYm1rlJbISMc8S5qs4VwLBb9l6pTEVr4S0WCbGuySqJcHXkhN34BF46GQTLWofZYzlA0jZLXrpKpqFKAgUjeNeOODPASa3UjCP8qWeGEWAheoY0N1KRM8KH6yMM6F6Rh25_CxqBjazL11qtlUl-dLfmLUlBLfQznH8R7aA2xfW9CXJUSGDMTCjK7eNamewFQK5HWaYXU1fJT19fZ26nKdtsTforBx1k_JAFlEZNTgh5jbAKtEPWEhxXTAgCK51yFTK3nKeplcoxYOELfUhCpu9XSU8NpczK9MLKYP9xNzeHbbi1QhS5KJVttRg1307pAhDMLjycT2CxvJdkVnRUOIfkUvRmnjUrg7MSXQW8aV11hD-5eoC6hBCZr4djLHtKRDmWDFdCireiyctVkZc3kvy3k91QOhlX10GzyNFVKwvy4HZiOfN6lZTx9Q=w1267-h950-no?authuser=1 width=640 This mouse nest didn't seem to interfere with operation - there was a burnt wire from the start capacitor. When I replaced that, it worked.
joebedford 07/30/22 04:32pm Tech Issues
RE: No 110/plug in for pop up

Fuse in your inverter? As littlebill said, you probably won't be able to run the ac off the inverter.
joebedford 07/27/22 04:42pm Tech Issues
Birds nest in AC

I finally got around to looking under the shroud of my main AC after the RV has been sitting for over two years with a small hole in the shroud. There was a full birds nest in there with a couple of dead eggs and a dead bird. Thanks to DW for cleaning it - I'm too heavy for the roof. I was going to screw a wire cloth screen but the shroud plastic is so brittle it broke where I was drilling my first hole. I taped it up and she reinstalled it. I didn't want to cover any vent holes but that's better than another bird getting in. I did a quick search and the one place I found with a replacement shroud wants $500 for it. WOW! Maybe there's an RV junkyard with one off a wreck.
joebedford 07/26/22 08:22pm Tech Issues
RE: can't use gmail on 2 browsers

Although it is a bit humerus to think that one will reduce the personal data consumption while using Googles Gmail :SI think it's more "humerus" to hold up your bicep.
joebedford 07/26/22 09:51am Technology Corner
RE: 2 a/c units on 1 gen?

I run my two on an Onan 5500w. I'm guessing you could run either of yours but not both.
joebedford 07/22/22 02:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Can you use all terminals in parallel connection?

Dunno - it came with the RV. I just added an extra breaker. There are lots of items similar to this.
joebedford 07/17/22 01:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Can you use all terminals in parallel connection?

This is what I have for multiple loads off the battery. The bus bar is full now - last slot used by breaker for inverter. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pU8VbCriAN0supkxa5jYSZK_l482UCN9n6tAsoOnv580gNzHEJ869zG1ahqI17fi5lIksMm11Fc-f9vBDBj2wVg_hxZi_yPzJsjpRdRGcSYDrM8kT8Xbf-yvm8EwvQMNz3OM8v4DKkTh8Jt8Fwb6jO2WCtn9k-1wV0nHTORkaJs_mf6EhjSiDjoYj0rFOo_-irZOZRA7PDYBMMoNxFMn832RlsfETH6bhAmkaRvjL2G-vBrp2S90bJe6MrZJTwKFSu1kAYtktSBjrHMgirQmIpHgRU3o39G54j_RZjiaAnC82zs5KtjMZXfoM6A_qlLPbOYlF0yF0dcWTfIYKkGnpkjRmTTv8Zl7O5HA77oqck41OWwA7VECWh70sFf66rNPzJ5cvpX7PorLw0Di7U2G6IECFFkfKA6ckWOu_5x6rq9i8QhFZcrysGKscd0iuGDq7BiU7AoqudNhswcpMbENYuZBe8Cm_qs3fTLzSqaJ7OHGUvhsL8-JE0Bj9AalMJqryXTuw0Js2enEOBYFy_dvdbAHdYLqdfSYonyWeaHPdBNvlpww9uufvUaDjGU80Sn7hjzz0BSpt6ecUh4anPcD8Z46hN4VzCQWYLm2_InYH0EeJKts7jnJ7zDBlCLqDzq7jAtiPaamTfWlLzhOmPNYvlYFvSIgGh-T9BM5epKYAdvM04goGHVfVoNEwnxhRzjXb3oiXssUba7TF6Pi94JtPKvUxMy2kxRGdHC6O2wB6gDloqzMVPJHJMTU5cqRw0S2oJ4WdHUlFF5UqoKDm_gghJ6aVBAFhtOomWo0eaByJw0QxVbWVhsniKmJIKkotq-u=w1268-h951-no?authuser=1 width=640
joebedford 07/17/22 09:35am Tech Issues
RE: Can propane leak out of switch over regulator?

The Cavagna regulator looks interesting but I'm concerned that its max capacity is 160,000BTU as opposed to 225,000BTU for the MEGR-253. Mind you, the MEGR is 150,000BTU on reserve and I never had a problem with that. Is Cavagna lower capacity on reserve? Looks like connectors are directly equivalent to the MEGR unit.
joebedford 07/15/22 03:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Can propane leak out of switch over regulator?

I know the regulators used to go for $40 or so. Lots of places offer them for that price but they don't have them in stock. I was hoping the prices would have headed back in that direction by now, but no. I can afford $100 but why pay an inflated price if a lower price is available. I must confess that I normally turn the tanks off but because I'm testing systems, I left them on. My mistake - but, when we're camping, the tanks are on - better I should discover a leak now than when I'm on the road.
joebedford 07/15/22 01:42pm Tech Issues
Can propane leak out of switch over regulator?

I haven't been able to find a MEGR-253 at a reasonable price for the last few months. Doesn't matter though because I'm not using the RV until the winter. It won't auto-switchover. Still checking out various systems - most recently tried fridge and it worked fine on AC. Then I was going to try propane. There wasn't any in the tanks. I'm pretty sure there was some (< 1/4 full) when I put the tanks into the RV. Haven't used any. My question is: is there a failure mode of the regulator whereby it leaks gas from the tanks? I didn't smell any but the rig is far enough away from the house that I might not. I know this has been asked before, but is there a substitute regulator?
joebedford 07/15/22 10:20am Tech Issues
RE: Consumer Cellular advice

Isn't the $25 only for "Party Pay" of 4 people or more?
joebedford 07/13/22 08:18am Technology Corner
RE: Restringing Large Rear Window Day/Night Shade

Yes, you're right. The blind has all strings attached to a single spring at the top.
joebedford 07/13/22 08:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: no power to 12 volt battery with shore power'

This is what I have in my 5th wheel: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/iXMCOAFDXU71qE-3Guk3g29VkaHw-921xmv5DWZl46nmrGVOWynnbyklDDfrnr0HmcNGU_vzHa1TmHB7s8HlQWPsQaiOiQjDzw03vAUuVJqmHIMroPu2b08tJDIwJAdMLPDxqOpL5sSMlTbf1_kp3077RtVJvMPtgvooTuPev768FsRZOcZJIzTb4YaUz5Mq2UZhPUh9UUzt0xJQ0G9aTP2F4wX_fkrbGtmK5d3JkgNGZDN2W0_DrfeNB4RJmkk313y5-9LhWiJNNbW2WXZS4ijJWOSrtDWFTEg6_pFhlu9Xeoo0fYtUQDyGJw5LnsbNPh2VyEEqGKMuWiexAtbGv5xW350wWq4abcRu4s7qvd97f3kCZLp-KLWw-5WTObQEOoh9WMfVHquN7IPX5Z-LmS4T_AuIXKdj3S4vW1xAf8PZ-YK-oy1y6wTqsI2ahmLxgYm1SUahaF7akzRjWs5VHhAc_EPY9EX5YIXxL9h_f_3hdqgzhXHvg_X67c3jfXimv4F8stI6wVpeVnBw2zFkl0nCIMcJdotzx1tW9_hMIl-8ffM1ia8ltXsGz8pGcL38nwewyeFWE_M67q23TuZSRbqgxJ2TjUnOrmqjGY2QyRcmZLEL-9H4RlzxaRtaDoc1EL9TpDvIGFjdQ3ySLMPTzwva-j-fJGVUP3pytcV7fz1tjXeFwAcAElo_gfuyGtbysHUQaU8-XOmxAfcEsCbKfaa7S1fsubZZXeEF4xgY1RpiFjw3LuFFnUo9LdruY9m4Sjco3R1Of3OwbBcR9-62zeh59XdrWrD0bsePlkgh7a8HHepIqlFs0ixCqHYN1bWicg=w1267-h950-no?authuser=1 width=640
joebedford 07/12/22 11:46am Tech Issues
RE: Restringing Large Rear Window Day/Night Shade

I redid mine. I'm surprised you don't have springs. We did. One in the top and that was it. With a single action blind, I can understand one spring on a single string (looped). But the double action has 2 strings looped.
joebedford 07/12/22 11:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Restringing Large Rear Window Day/Night Shade

I redid mine. I'm surprised you don't have springs.
joebedford 07/12/22 11:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Where to store through winter without much snow?

I'm curious - why little or no snow? If you're worried about leakage, throw a tarp over the whole camper. I suppose some locations could have too big a snow load, but those are not common.
joebedford 07/06/22 09:39am Snowbirds
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