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RE: US travel to Canada

Going from Canada to USA, on November 24, 2022, I had to have proof of vaccination for the USA border folks.We (both Canajun) crossed into USA on Nov 9, 2022. Did NOT have to have proof of vaccination. Mind you, we were in a truck lane by mistake.
joebedford 12/02/22 09:29am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Apache and Roosevelt Lakes...

Loved your photos - brings back memories. Tortilla Flat has good ice cream. Always did the trail on my Harleys. My VRod was my favourite because I could shift without clutch. That way I could hold my camera in my left hand and record the whole trail. Got some funny looks from white-knucklers in Jeeps :) The road on the other side of Roosevelt Lake is really good too.
joebedford 12/01/22 06:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dometic microwave no START

I wish I had your skills. The microwave started to NOT work later this afternoon. I'm guessing that I need to replace the control board but where to find it?
joebedford 11/20/22 08:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic microwave no START

OP here: guess what? - we bought a spare microwave for $70. Of course, today the built in OTR works! ARGHHHHHHHhhhhh
joebedford 11/20/22 01:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic microwave no START

I would tend to take another look to find a 15 amp slo blo fuse.Even though the microwave works in a non-useful way?
joebedford 11/15/22 06:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic microwave no START

Thanks for the suggestions. Didn't see any fuses but I can put my meter on the door switches. I realize Dometic / LG doesn't have the best reputation but it worked fine for 11 years. I'm not going to fool with the microwave generator - my life is worth to much (to me anyway) but that appears to be working (there's a combination of buttons that will start it in a useless way (but it works) - just not with the start button. Incidentally, if the microwave works in this 'odd mode' I'm guessing that means the door switches are working. Do you think the refurb LG board on ebay is compatible?
joebedford 11/14/22 06:50am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic microwave no START

This is what it looks like but this is LG brand. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/NrIAAOSwwadgvfsY/s-l500.jpg width=640
joebedford 11/13/22 06:50am Tech Issues
Dometic microwave no START

My Dometic microwave will not start. All the other buttons work. Interweb scanning I've done points to a faulty control board. (or door switches but they look good). I can find similar / identical(?) boards for other brands, but nothing for Dometic. Can you recommend a source? Also, any other ideas what the problem is?
joebedford 11/13/22 06:46am Tech Issues
RE: Just a shout out -Weather

We ride summer: north and winter: south.
joebedford 10/25/22 09:11am Toy Haulers
RE: Likely to regret

Toy hauler? Many of these never go to an organized park.The only un-organized parks we take our toy hauler to are Walmarts.
joebedford 10/24/22 04:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Shaw Direct in Florida

Yes, F2 is 17 years into its 15 year life forecast. It was expected to last until 2025 but it's using fuel faster than expected and will probably only last until the end of this year. Once F2 is gone the only sat. Shaw Direct will have is G1 which is aimed at Canada - no Shaw Direct channels will be available in southern USA. (unless Shaw can scrounge another sat. that covers USA) but I seriously doubt that they're even going to attempt that. Most recent development is that they're transferring channels to G1 but using a new compression algorithm to make all the channels fit. Unfortunately the 6XX series of receivers will not handle the new compression algorithm. I managed to swap one of my (owned) 630 PVRs for a rent free 830 PVR. It will handle the new compression but when F2 is gone, Shaw Direct is gone down south. I dunno what we're going to do for TV after that. Maybe VPN? Maybe stop travelling? There's no good solution for snowbirds.
joebedford 10/23/22 07:38pm Technology Corner
RE: Battery Bank Location

6 Golf Cart 6 volts $600I suspect I have to replace all 6 of my golf cart batteries because it sat in a cargo trailer for the last 2.5 years untended. Where do you get them for $100 each?
joebedford 10/20/22 08:23am Tech Issues
RE: Heating the Garage

You talking about an RV garage (i.e. toy hauler) or a big room where you store the RV? There aren't any water lines in my RV garage but I put a small heater in it because WE'RE in there in the winter.
joebedford 10/20/22 08:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Can 'O Worms: how long can I expect my 5er to last?

OP here: my 5er is 11.5 years old and my truck is 11 y.o. I'm beginning to wonder about my 5er but my truck is practically brand new.
joebedford 10/18/22 08:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Tiffin Schwintek motor removal

On my rig (which is only a couple of years older than yours) Schwintek had not yet started putting the slot in the rails to remove the motors. I had to remove two motors over the years because of broken wires. I could have detached the entire slide(s) and pushed them out to remove the motors, but I cut the frames thereby duplicating the later Schwintek slides. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/s-Xp46BgSt_CBbcR64serOZoiBlLW8qkLYfgqasC6aoiPf4mnN1aD0hklNOYkDQMVFe2t8hFvwj4raIyl9QDFDgX-enCcfWbvfkHpCCgQWk3PWxTACQmk8tnSCM05Et216LTY_gtRGn1UY7OIqywMZRGowssuAbhPuK9A5MypZiIyVvtrRvEM8knAEjdcaK_pQ26SHGyCDJarYLBbdwK-QV5vMFIXUr9dUmjgIRJWyZ0AXXaXhveIlyYnNsqC0xMbnFFxelJMpvdS-c-L4Be_3BWJwmxq3Lj2GtrxckdfjhkHtziBdwZopjPx04FPAgz-iDI5Zi5gGxQtXuEyXpwwDd8KRg9rV8zbMQLykjgj3hScfacl_JYuSqTG8nGWrwq4RTu8gPlA3zY78s5PUT4THf2T2A0qDUZGoQdzSkJeQndKEyp1y_ai1R0qoIt19G4IykVECPzK-xXvtPE61Q8CEaBdDLkf8gTp3iMQG7wZwKs_cvX5g4ixhuh3C3qEMRHY6Ib6FSm9n9Fc1NzwtbOFJKpJ0D4gfeqhmX6_zv5plqJpRFpKtMUHbldJG1ezdJh9iWXktnA-rzPT2yt5Vd-EvVTjgZH6pdCJVheL79U7cXAj2tEZfP6T_yAi-qDXNN8bM_gJcQRMHBpW76QgI_rrczmoLBA69esSMY1jtWSdqUVGdinLr_jXI0I4lOk5lm2DEBrCi_h5qFUrv1RxP-k8dkT9issQvqf3SXRsuS9k5P5R9XGmrbD0Zgigpyyvl4PXwcUfhEdG5ZDpOahzWLqomQzq5P1qyc76SqTgGEHwLz1r4THQd8z_bsNsPCe7X9kyhHrY0VukTTAoSORH_7lbrGBdYcldVjBAtKyyVvTLTUF5w8BnRmkL0WTn2u3MBBHg1uiI0KOE3LP5KOTLaaFc1u9_AHoI3JYzUucliHN5Oj4c_WKBKsKZ074vQlC6BpNOifaYw8rEKGWwae5fA3PmB-1HfROoZiBtKiHrryB=w1300-h975-no?authuser=0 width=640
joebedford 10/16/22 09:36pm Tech Issues
Can 'O Worms: how long can I expect my 5er to last?

My first 5er was a 2003 and I traded it for our current 2011 in 2011. The 2003 I didn't feel it was safe to haul down the road because the walls weren't square to the frame any more. The ramp on the TH was hard to close if the walls were leaning over. My current TH is a 2011. That's 12 years old except it hasn't been used in over two years because of the pandemic. I don't see any signs of leaning or twisting on this rig like the last one. The only -ve is that there's a lot of (surface) rust on the chassis and axles. Personally, I think it's safe for the highway. I parked it in Florida over the summer three years ago but we brought it home a year later in March 2020 (again, because of the pandemic). We're hoping to leave it in FL again but we might have to bring it back. Dunno. I know there are million answers to this question and some people will answer that their rig will last forever and others will say theirs was falling apart on the way home from the dealer. What's the rule of thumb for how long a rig will last. I know many parks "don't allow" rigs over 10 years old.
joebedford 10/14/22 07:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mysterious Propane "Leak"

I tried it again today: as soon as I turned on both tanks, the indicator turned green. I turned off the tanks, did a few things and checked the regulator about 5 minutes later - it was RED. I didn't smell any propane. This is a brand new dual regulator 59007 replacing a MEGR-253. ON EDIT: I asked CAMCO if that's normal behaviour. They said "That lights indicates if a tank is full or empty." Uhhhhh ... huh?
joebedford 10/11/22 10:00am Tech Issues
RE: Mysterious Propane "Leak"

I turned my tanks on at 6pm yesterday. The auto-change regulator didn't go green until I turned on the cooktop. Checked it today at 9am (15 hours later) and the regulator was back to red.
joebedford 10/11/22 07:45am Tech Issues
RE: TV and Internet

Have you checked with a neighbour when your internet / tv goes out? Are they out at the same time? We're at 27 down / 6 up. Plenty good to stream two at a time. There's nothing wrong with your speed (when it works)
joebedford 10/10/22 08:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Voltage Drop - NOT Park Problem

I got E1 on my Dometic thermostat when I was running (by mistake) on low voltage.
joebedford 10/07/22 08:31am Tech Issues
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