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RE: Expert suggestions for cyber security

If you're just browsing and streaming, you don't need a VPN.
joebedford 08/19/19 08:07am Technology Corner
RE: Music cuts out

Groove works well as does Media Player and / or VLC. Do I understand correctly that you don't go online in order to protect your photos and other info? I wonder if you'll ever get hit by an internal Windows error that would have been fixed in an update that you didn't download? Hopefully you do external backups of your precious data.
joebedford 08/18/19 02:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Onan 5500 Backfires and Dies under a load

That sure seems like a lot. I just measured mine. 13' from outlet on gas tank to inlet on gen on a 34' rv. Maybe they put the tanks under the toy hauler garage to be used to fill up the toys too?My toy hauler is 42'6". The generator tank is the rear tank right behind the tank for gassing the toys.
joebedford 08/18/19 08:38am Tech Issues
RE: Onan 5500 Backfires and Dies under a load

I doubt they would put a gas tank 35' awayThe gas tank on my toyhauler is "only" 30 feet away from my generator.
joebedford 08/17/19 06:39am Tech Issues
RE: Windows 10 Update - Frozen at Downloading 100%

I have advocated on this forum in the past to always run all the W10 updates. I have to come clean now. While I still advocate running all the updates, I have been fighting to update my PC for the last week and I've finally made it to the second last major revision: 1809. When 1809 first came out there were problems and I'm one of the few who suffered data loss. I recovered from that but was left with a PC that wouldn't update. Almost a year later I decided it was now or never. The vast majority of people would have wiped their hard drive and started over, but I have too many legacy programs that would be impossible to recover. I can't give you the entire story but I was left with a partial install of a W10 component that I could neither disable or delete. Ultimately I decided to break it even more and then I was able to disable it. Many thanks to the members of the Windows 10 support forum who helped interpret the setup logs and find the errors. So to those of you complaining about how long a major update takes, I agree with you. I've done it at least 20 times in the last week. I have not yet decided when to attempt the upgrade to 1903 (the latest version). I think I'll let the dust settle for a few days.
joebedford 08/16/19 06:07am Technology Corner

I've used copper compression rings and they have not been a problem. If you're not handy, like someone else suggested, use Sharkbite fittings.
joebedford 08/16/19 05:55am Tech Issues
RE: Canadian Satellite in the Southern US

I'm pretty sure that in the end my Shaw channels will cover everything I want. By the time their F satellites die it'll be time for me to stop snowbirding.
joebedford 08/14/19 06:56am Technology Corner
RE: Smoking GFCI outlet

my bad post
joebedford 08/13/19 10:51am Tech Issues
RE: Canadian Satellite in the Southern US

All TV broadcast satellites orbit the equator. So Florida actually gives you a better view of your satellite than Canada does.Actually it depends which way the transponders are pointed. Transponders aimed for arctic reception probably won't be available in Florida.
joebedford 08/13/19 06:57am Technology Corner
RE: Canadian Satellite in the Southern US

I was going to recommend joining digitalhome.ca which is an excellent resource, but I see you've already posted exactly the same question there. The only other thing I will say is that Shaw Direct has THREE satellites. G1 cannot be received in Florida but F1R and F2 can. Any channels on the latter two (after Shaw Direct has finished juggling) will be available in Florida.
joebedford 08/13/19 06:55am Technology Corner
RE: Adjust brakes with drop axle??

I should have said that this trailer is only 6 months old. It has about 2500 miles on it. I don't need to have the brakes inspected where I live. I had hoped that the brakes would be OK once they were broken in, but no. So I want to adjust them for the very first time. Fortunately I have a one ton dually that has plenty of stopping power. Still, trailer brakes are there for a reason.
joebedford 08/12/19 07:39am Tech Issues
RE: Adjust brakes with drop axle??

I've never heard of taking the drums off to adjust the brakes. Exactly how do you do it?
joebedford 08/11/19 08:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Adjust brakes with drop axle??

Somebody suggested taking the tire off to give more room.
joebedford 08/11/19 10:44am Tech Issues
RE: Adjust brakes with drop axle??

Right after posting the question, I found this adjusting tool. I'm still not sure I could reach the cogs with it.
joebedford 08/11/19 07:08am Tech Issues
Adjust brakes with drop axle??

I've adjusted brakes without problems on my trailers with straight axles. My little trailer has drop axles I guess to keep it close to the ground. The piece that makes the drop almost covers the brake adjuster slot. I don't see how to get at the cog with my bent screwdriver. Any suggestions? https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/ZVKlzOSSsMBxLcx84pbEz4acmWEcfUvQGs5vSnEhjzahWu5wICIE5pzBb7laQO5YHWqrPpHLyp6R5vqcXBCPbFxwFPZmjvnobDI-AN7bf4j2nIxNAE4alNfERdAI-VVIeg5I8AXy9seAz5GHwHcAWSrYdRDloZTfwU3UO0zUW2XkC1YVE4ihwI-0AajmMDV6CaQgRHZYSA_SGyEKDMCZqxZPEjkA_H9oRbDjU96DTS1Hsx0bNQRqDK9VrUpaQ2TSJvusAZ5teT7t_7_QwNz-pYfK50QgbsgptBi_tfBiVXDO3Zy4bE8MgaZVg8g5iTl7Nsi50O0Sgen4cian6MYjfl47VIPNjLUPIbEPHDYSh5BbmlZ4g5wPgthQtftaOLV4hxSVVvTxhX86m0ZXAzz9AIE8m1NOgm45uIyzhzfgu-EjVLJ37YSFPFpPvyyHrRbwFegQYeVhG5J5uSm06jjiBkgfU1kCmU5b-kS_2x8YbtHecHC3aoCraX1akRuLKwziGwJakoYC9eBreEs9hKEAuupLE0H3oRyuFrTKAzALIsa3DC16IWpTbSftg_4FQBUNpLqolS6gD6tjcsm95qm1vk2PSN2ueTB5obdpS5LLAAwudOnnbIDh3Mwf6kUGbZI7GJdUaslZRtYHSJ4peOr9_YlL_w=w696-h678-no width=800
joebedford 08/11/19 07:03am Tech Issues
RE: Shaw direct TV

joebedford 08/10/19 06:32am Technology Corner
RE: Chromebook Email Program

I store 'work stuff' in the cloud for collaboration but not important personal stuff.
joebedford 08/05/19 07:32am Technology Corner
RE: Bad city connection check valve cause low water pressure?

If the city water inlet is connected to a flexible hose/tube inside, it's a remote possibility the hose/tube somehow got kinked and is restricting flow.Good point - that happened to mine. The city water inlet is the second from bottom white hose on the right in the photo I posted above. A short length of pex then flexible hose. I had to loosen the connections and twist the hose to get the kink out. You can see that it's still a bit restricted but not bad enough to worry about.
joebedford 08/05/19 07:29am Tech Issues
RE: Chromebook Email Program

Yup, Been using mainframe/terminal since 1977 Terminal was a Teletype ASR28 back then if I recall correctly.. That was fun.Probably ASR 32
joebedford 08/04/19 03:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Bad city connection check valve cause low water pressure?

I know this is a pretty pathetic diagram, but it represents exactly what's in the photo I posted above. If your rig is like mine, the check valve is the only thing between city water and rig plumbing. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/gm5MrkQaSzhF2btYEx7s69J7ebklqIcatft8QyedXm-BJKJEHZWM9j6YjCT3WPZYLPTAMhqvbw7H8qHAC-nvrTuM0RfERA1ooyRMlxMdHv2g7a9sPG7TS4_xizyoxg3dTB3PFU1eXtS3RNw6tVvK4MWcoHkn-d_UPqdMtKdc8sqYkj7yPETT1Rv5GmpF16oKNItNhz1POrOoU0MzvuDR-MHxWqMdyq-OORiztlZdwIEqBoH5VAXz4rjX3gXSj2rKifWtJBDW32LCLpBp9klwD3nrnkjOa15Xoz_rHtg55v2IqEgpdotOl-O5sRSnR8Xm1dQuoTfKAYrUTjbdw8AfulEW4GlGiSXYkpGZfkYiluHHgAC7sh-rT5NV5MxiUCjmGuWYqVEBPCIgzC5en3bSX8s3aDL4S0wkeTfnJduHWn8XNt10cApJUACWxW_xYUuL6zRtACx4J_kiSGBATA0pRBKtc3Kx7pszj0pnzAwmgeRyFsij7C7kaGm4BICsaBCJRguWWygNCPGrWAenpzi7gA6dw_QjNdP2RJTFLWT0jGx0aQHKqB8Ta8NWseXIot_Gh2zqxFtHF76Ug8gkW7H5MwlRpWyWukVn6qsjNbCJBFHm9NqnF6aT1BiaMHpwECZBSiYcClufBgb6cCCAJaQWPVdVHQ=w1024-h511-no width=800
joebedford 08/04/19 03:36pm Tech Issues
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