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RE: East/West bed???

I think some smaller/entry level campers still have the E-W bed. Travelite still makes some, so does Palomino. A lot of popup campers can still be had in that configuration. It used to be the norm. But if you travel as a couple, most people find the N-S more convenient. And the industry adapted.
joerg68 02/19/19 01:25am Truck Campers
RE: Gas VS Diesel FORD For Truck Camper

Another vote for DRW - twice the number of tires to carry the load on the rear axle. Unless you have a very good reason to go SRW. Then you need to know the limitations of the truck and load it accordingly. In my case, the wide rear track of a DRW is prohibitive where I live. In the US, that is usually not a problem. The 6.2 is a good engine. More power is always better, I guess. But for me, it does the job just fine.
joerg68 02/15/19 03:02am Truck Campers
RE: FastGuns / Hallmark - how to provide extra camper security?

I believe no HJ mounts are made for the aluminum bed. In that case, only Torklift or homemade mounts remain. But FastGuns are not needed with either, they just make life a little easier.
joerg68 02/11/19 09:23am Truck Campers
RE: FastGuns / Hallmark - how to provide extra camper security?

Wouldn't the risk be much greater that the truck is stolen? I have never heard of a camper being stolen off the back of a truck, and the truck still being there. I'd be interested to hear if that has ever happened. We use 4 normal key-coordinated padlocks with long shackles instead of the OEM locks. Mainly because we are in Germany and the padlocks were locally available. The purpose is just to deter someone from unhooking or stealing the FastGuns.
joerg68 02/11/19 02:26am Truck Campers
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Excellent! Looks like the insulation part is nearing its end. And congratulations - at almost 4000 replies (3974 as I am writing this), today is the first time I saw your thread at the top of the "Popular" page! It may have been up there before, I am not actively watching ;-)
joerg68 02/09/19 07:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Uh oh.. a strange AF 1150 problem?

Since the camper was under a roof, I think it is not very likely that the "source" is anywhere on the roof or high up. Was the water heater drained? If not, it is possible that that some connection on the water heater failed (the heater is on the driver's sid / front as far as I can see on AF1150 pics). That happens somewhat frequently, and usually not a huge leak. Should be visible when inspecting the connections of the water heater. Same could be possible for the water pump, which may or may not be in the same general area on that camper. On that side, there is also one access door and the lower refrigerator grille. Both can be good sources for leaks, where the water would eventually end up in the floor. In all cases, you should be able to find traces of moisture in the camper wing and the way down. If neccessary, you could test with a garden hose and see if you find any intrusion. But as KKeller14k has said ... any opening can be a leak. IMO it is not very likely that any rain got into the truck bed and from there into the floor. The camper overhang to the sides is big, and I have never found water in the bed - even though my rig is sitting outside in the weather.
joerg68 02/05/19 01:41am Truck Campers
RE: Uh oh.. a strange AF 1150 problem?

I don't really understand which corner is leaking. Is it at one of the lower front corners, near the camper floor? Was the truck bed dry in the general area? Was the side that leaked exposed to the weather under the carport? With your description, it could be anything from harmless to major problem...
joerg68 02/04/19 12:23pm Truck Campers
RE: TC's in movies...

The second picture is the from the original Blues Brothers movie. We have both kinds of music, Country _and_ Western...
joerg68 02/03/19 08:02am Truck Campers
RE: Possible cause of leak?

The seam in your picture certainly looks like a good candidate for a leak. The gap looks like it may have widened for some reason, not just the aged sealant. I have looked at pictures of the 845 online, and the LPG compartment is below the fridge compartment, right? In that case, look at the frame of the LPG compartment door, if the seal around it is in good order, and if it the inside lower edge is sealed well or if the sealant looks similar to the fridge compartment you pictured. The "floor" of both compartments was dry? You might also remove a screw or two from the lower outside edge molding below the LPG door and see what they look like and if they appear to be wet or dry.
joerg68 01/24/19 06:44am Truck Campers
RE: 1991 sunlite popup

How far do you want to go? Scroll up in this forum to the Truck Camper University sticky thread, open it and scroll down to "Camper Structural: Repairs". Look at some of the threads presented there to get an idea of what may be lurking behind the plywood. It appears to be always worse than it looks and more time-consuming to repair than anticipated. Repair is fairly simple and doesn't require particularly exoctic tools or materials. But it takes time, during which you will not go camping, and a dry place where you can store the camper while you work on it. Patch it up with as little effort as possible and make it work for another season or two, or tear into it, knowing that this may snowball into a very involved project.
joerg68 01/24/19 04:34am Truck Campers
RE: 1991 sunlite popup

There should be little to no tension on the spring when the roof is all up (potentially the canvas needs to be removed to get there). The spring that I have seen was just a piece of steel rod about 1/3" thick with square ends. One end fits into the front scissor arm, the other one into the rear mounting bracket. When the roof is lowered, the spring is loaded by the roughly 1/4 rotation of the scissor arm. Which means that the max. torsion force is permanently applied to the rear brackets when the roof is in the lowered position. The roof sheetmetal is glued on, at least I think it was with the Palomino. Different manufacturers may have different designs. The project was 10 years ago, so my memory is fading and I was not involved in all steps. The old roof was torn apart and discarded. I helped to remove the old roof and put on the new one. We built a scaffolding around the camper (from actual aluminum scaffolding elements that my buddy had) and used ratchet straps to keep the roofs in place. It is an awkward position to work in, very tiring. If you tear into it, you may not like what you find.
joerg68 01/23/19 04:47am Truck Campers
RE: 1991 sunlite popup

The spring gets loaded when you lower the roof so it can help with raising. So if you take the lift apart, be sure the roof is supported all the way up. The central seam is not neccessarily a candidate for a leak. But any vents and the trim pieces along the roof edges are. And if there is some water intrusion inside the roof, you can end up with little pinhole leaks from contact corrosion with the staples that hold the frame together. At 28 years, everything is possible. There is no simple answer, it depends on how much effort and money you want to spend. The guy that restored the old Palomino I mentioned had a complete new roof made from fiberglass. Another friend has patched the roof up as well as he could and covered it with some sort of bed liner.
joerg68 01/22/19 12:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Well, 27 degrees is pretty warm, that is a nice summer day here. Oh wait, Fahrenheit, not Celsius *ggg*
joerg68 01/22/19 02:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1991 sunlite popup

Traditionally, they are made with a wood frame, filled with styrofoam, covered with aluminum sheetmetal inside and out. I don't know if your Sunlite is made that way. When soaked full of water, they tend to be heavy. On the old Palomino that I helped to work on, you needed at least 4 people to lift and transport the roof. If you have the scissor type lift, beware of the preloaded torsion spring inside the upper tube. The spring is held by the brackets at the rear of the roof, which tend to become unaligned from the permanent torsion when the rear wood beam has rotted enough.
joerg68 01/22/19 01:10am Truck Campers
RE: Best Pop up for 2019 Ram 1500 or 2500

5 people and gear in a popup camper on a short bed truck? That sounds ambitious. Where do you want to travel, in what type of weather and for how long? Do all 5 need to sleep in the camper? Something like the Outfitter Juno might work. Not on a 1500. https://outfittermfg.com/campers/juno/
joerg68 01/17/19 02:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Heavy Duty Electric Trucks are Coming...

You see it is the tech in general that bothers me. And yet you type this on a computer, tablet or smartphone. No offense intended. A lot of the tech in modern vehicles can be aggravating for me. Climate controls that launch a hurricane inside the car, windshield wipers that panic, things like that. Touchscreens that replace buttons. Antilock brakes and ESP, on the other hand... GPS navigation (where traffic information, again, can be pretty useless) is a great tool. But you should still be able to read a map and understand the difference between north and west. Not all tech is bad.
joerg68 01/16/19 02:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Heavy Duty Electric Trucks are Coming...

Nobody is going to ask us if we like it or not... I see great chances with electric cars and (light) trucks. Like no local emissions in congested and residential areas. And a lot of challenges. Like charging in a housing area where you park in the street and not in your own garage. They will probably be overcome, one by one, as has usually been the case. Maybe battery technology is only a year away from the next great discovery. Maybe hydrogen turns out to be a game changer. Who can know? For the most part, I am just along for the ride as a passenger. Electric is probably not for every usage, unlike gas or diesel, which work anywhere with minimal infrastructure, and short or long range alike. I have clear requirements for my daily driver which are currently not really met by the market. But the market is emerging quickly, and who knows what will be out there in 2 or 5 years? Those that say, where to dispose of all the batteries: Current technology is disposing of the combustion products through the exhaust, into the open. And the batteries will have more than one use and can be recycled at the end of their lifetime. If we so chose. Those that say they can not imagine an electric RV, being parked in the boondocks: What do you do today? You keep enough fuel in the tank to get back into civilisation. What would change? Just don't park it with an empty battery. A few hundred watts of solar could even help to top off your batteries while camped. The range is not quite there yet to make it work for all of us, and maybe it never will. But that doesn't mean it can't make sense for anyone.
joerg68 01/16/19 10:18am Truck Campers
RE: Structual Repair with metal components

Do not use PT wood in the camper. It can be highly corrosive due to the chemicals used. So the wood may hold up, but may cause issues with any metal parts around it, such as aluminum siding. See https://galvanizeit.org/hot-dip-galvanizing/how-long-does-hdg-last/contact-with-treated-wood for more info, or just google "pt wood corrosion". It also used to contain arsenic, but this has been banned for about 15 years now, so any PT wood currently on the shelves should no longer contain any. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromated_copper_arsenate for more info if you like. However... the chemicals now used for the purpose may or may not be safer, I do not know. ETA: this document has some impressive images of steel vs. PT lumber:http://www.ggashi.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/PT-Lumber-Causes-Steel-Corrosion.pdf
joerg68 01/09/19 01:15am Truck Campers
RE: Death Valley over New Years.

Thanks for sharing! Now I want to go there, too...
joerg68 01/07/19 08:33am Toy Haulers
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

I actually do have one small datapoint for solar: We have one 100 W panel, glued to the roof - so no angleing. And one AGM battery, I believe 70 Ah. In an 8ft hardwall truck camper. We are three-season campers - never in winter. Whatever works on propane is left on propane - fridge, hot water, furnace, cooking. LED lights throughout, no TV, no Microwave, no electric coffee maker - you get the idea. We never had to plug into shore power all year. Often the battery was topped off by the time we had our breakfast. But that is just our rig and the way we use it.
joerg68 12/29/18 03:57am Class A Motorhomes
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