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RE: 1979 Lance TC

Congrats for your new "vintage" camper! Lance do have some historic information on their website, but only back to 1993: https://www.lancecamper.com/owner-support/ There is online information available for many/most appliances. Find out the make and model numbers which are usually somewhere on the appliance and google for them. Of course that will not help with a missing refrigerator. Watch out for pre-existing water damage... the camper may be dry now, but it will probably begin to leak like a sieve when it is out in the rain. Maybe you can get better answers to specific questions when you post some pictures. You can use http://photoposting.is-great.net/ to post pictures here and follow instructions on that site. Good luck with your new camper!
joerg68 07/04/22 11:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Electrical Help pls

You may well be near or over your payload rating, but not necessarily over the axle ratings. The next time you are ready to go camping, take your rig to a scale and get the actual axle weights of both axles. Compare with the axle ratings on your door sticker. That will tell you if you have any weight reserves left.
joerg68 06/29/22 11:19am Truck Campers
RE: Trailerlife portal down?

At the time of posting, on my machine the following happens: https://forums.trailerlife.com/index.cfm opens the forums; https://forums.trailerlife.com/ redirects to rv dot com.
joerg68 06/29/22 06:49am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: 2008 Northstar Arrow 8.5

The "literature" is just a collection of owner's manuals for the individual appliances (water heater, refrigerator, furnace, ...). They are usually available online when you look up the model numbers of the appliances. But they will not give a complete overview of the camper system. In your case, I would check if the battery is in good condition, and if it is correctly connected to the camper. If the camper has been sitting for a while, it is quite possible the battery is dead and can not be resurrected. If, for example, the propane detector has been connected all the time without a regular charge, it will have drawn the battery down after a few weeks.
joerg68 06/18/22 02:51am Truck Campers
RE: General newb questions - Advice?

Very nice looking rig! I wish you many happy travels! Glad you are getting all the gremlins sorted out one by one. If the camper has been sitting for a long time, expect it will need some further TLC once it gets back out in the elements.
joerg68 06/06/22 11:07am Truck Campers
RE: General newb questions - Advice?

Hello, welcome and congratulations! Do not worry, these things are not rocket science. You will be fine. The answer to most of your questions: Yes, maybe, in principle. Without knowing your camper, the appliances, how they are set up, and what has been modified since 1994, definitive answers are difficult. Let me try to give you a general idea to get the discussion started. Your questions on battery charging: Typically, the built-in charger of the power center (the box that has all the fuses) of the camper will charge the battery when you are plugged into AC. Usually, the battery is charged when the engine is running. There are a number of reasons why it might not be, though. It will not be overcharged. Hot water: your typical water heater works on LP and may have an additional AC heating element. There should be a way to switch the heater and the element on and off. Newer campers usually have these switches near the water pump switch inside the camper. But in my 2002 camper, I had to go outside and manually light the water heater. It did not have an AC element, but when you have one, I am sure there is a way to turn it on and off. What your manual is telling you: Never, ever run the heater in either mode when there is no water inside. The fridge: Most run on AC or LP, many also on 12V. Many have an automatic changeover mode where they automatically switch to AC when you plug in. Some do not, and you need to switch over manually. To get better answers, you could give us the make and model designation of the appliance, or maybe post a picture. Picture posting here requires you to upload and link the picture. You can use http://photoposting.is-great.net and follow instructions there. best wishes, -J
joerg68 05/28/22 12:09pm Truck Campers
RE: 2019 Wolf Creek 850 Rear Tie down

What do you mean by "saggy"? Got pictures? (you can use http://photoposting.is-great.net and follow instructions there) The tiedown should not move. There may be water damage (if wood framed), or it may have been overstressed. Repairs can be done by a DYIer with a reasonably equipped workshop, a dry place to work on the camper out of the weather, and (usually) a lot of time - more than you anticipate. Ask yourself: Do you want to travel, or are you looking for a project? Should you be concerned? Probably. Cautious? In any case. Can someone with more experience look over the camper?
joerg68 05/23/22 09:21am Truck Campers
RE: Propane question for a trip around the world

As a european ... every country here has their own legislation and there are a number of different fittings and adapters out there. Typically, an empty tank is echanged for a full one (at a campground, home improvement store, supermarket or gas station), and refilling or even doing that yourself is unusual or even prohibited in many countries. Of course, the tank needs to belong to the local system, sometimes even the correct vendor chain. Also, the dimensions of our euro tanks do not fit into US camper LPG compartments, euro tanks can not be laid on their sides, and all other sorts of discouraging technicalities. On the other side, many countries/regions have LPG readily available at many regular gas stations, but others not so much. If you have the correct fill adapters for an american tank and the three common automotive LPG systems, it is technically not a problem to fill your tanks at a gas station that sells LPG. Do not overfill and you are good to go. But it may be prohibited where you are, and the gas station personnell may or may not care, so it is up to you which risk you want to take.
joerg68 05/21/22 06:08am Truck Campers
RE: Twisted Truck? UPDATE-Fixed!

Without knowing all the details, that looks like more twist than I would expect to see in this situation, with an older camper on a 2500 truck. When you move next time, get the rig on level ground and see how it all checks out. It would not surprise me if there was an additional mechanical issue - e.g. a broken spring, or a bed mount or cab mount rusted out or broken. Frame damage could also cause this, but I think that is unlikely. But then I don't know what the truck has been through during its lifetime.
joerg68 05/21/22 05:20am Truck Campers
RE: Ford Trailer Backup Assist

You want to pull a trailer behind a truck camper with a long overhang, using some sort of hitch extender, right? You can always try and see what happens. In order to calculate the necessary steering maneuvres, the algorithm probably needs to have an idea of the positions of the camera and the hitch point (and the trailer, via the sticker already mentioned) in relation to the vehicle axles and steering. Since these positions are constant on any given vehicle (with the exception of the trailer sticker), they may well be somehow included in the algorithm - either hardcoded, or as parameters. Or the assistant may just work with very broad assumptions, camera data and a self-learning approach. If you change the camera and hitch positions without "telling" the assistant algorithm, it may produce results that do not match the actual physical reality. Or the way it is set up may prove to be fairly flexible and the results may still be useful. There is no harm in trying under carefully supervised conditions ;-)
joerg68 05/19/22 01:39am Truck Campers
RE: Tailgate for a truck camper

When I look at this picture: https://www.hostcampers.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/0020-3.jpg it looks like the tailgate straps would be in the way when the tailgate is in place and open. I am also not sure if nothing under the rear of the camper extends below the truck bed level.
joerg68 05/16/22 12:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Seeking Airbag Advice for Lifted F150/TC650

Any F-150 with any camper is pushing or exceeding the rear axle weight.* As has been stated, most of us TC drivers try to keep the CoG low to get the best handling. Do you know the actual, loaded axle weights of your truck with the camper? If not, you should get it weighed. *) I know, that is a very general statement, and exceptions exist - there are very lightweight trucks and campers, and HD F-150 trucks, and weights and capacities can vary greatly. And I understand that the stated camper weights, payloads, and axle ratings are up for discussion, and only a scale will ever tell the truth, and only you can decide what is comfortable for you.
joerg68 05/16/22 04:23am Truck Campers
RE: Jack Failure Disaster

I wish you best of luck and many happy travels now that you have it all sorted out! A beautiful camper, and I am sure it will look great when painted!
joerg68 05/12/22 02:01am Truck Campers
RE: hundreds of CD's many in original packaging, mostly country

You might try a recommerce site "...Recommerce companies like momox, rebuy, musicMagpie or ThredUp..." more info: https://medium.com/actoncapital/recommerce-the-new-old-b95df04e05fb That is an old article from 2017; I don't know who the big players in that market are these days, or if it even still exists. I sold a number of DVDs back in 2016 to one of their german counterparts, I believe it was rebuy. What they did not take, I gave away. It was a straightforward process; scan the cover/barcode with your phone and get an instant quote (or not, in many cases, which probably means there isn't much market for the item). At the time, I decided to keep my CDs. I stored them in cardboard CD boxes which store about 30 each, and I made an archive using the MusicBuddy app. I only takes a few seconds for each CD and you get the title, artist and full track listing in a database. If I ever need any of them again, I'll know where to find it. (I'm not affiliated with any of the sites/products mentioned)
joerg68 05/09/22 05:50am General RVing Issues
RE: How am I going to re-attach this jack?

Before investing a lot of work into a fix, I would check the overall integrity of the camper. As others have already said, there is a possibility that this is not the only corner that needs attention. If the rest of the camper is more or less solid, a cradle fix might be a relatively easy way to get a few more camping seasons out of it.
joerg68 05/05/22 08:51am Truck Campers
RE: How am I going to re-attach this jack?

This does not look good. Everything can be rebuilt, but first you need to start disassembly, then you can assess the damage. It is frequently a lot more work than anticipated. For a general overview, go to the Truck Camper University at the top of the TC section https://forums.trailerlife.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/25966285.cfm (or rv.net, or whatever flavor of the Open Roads Forum you use) Scroll down to "Camper Structural Repairs". There you will find a lot of good reading material. If the only damaged part of your Atwood jack itself is the cover, you may find a 3d-printed replacement. The jacks have been discontinued and parts are hard to come by.
joerg68 05/05/22 01:07am Truck Campers
RE: should I be using a stand when not in use

I am in favor of additional support when the camper is off the truck for some time. It is not much effort, and it will not hurt. When the camper is outside, the wind can cause a little sway that may "wear" the jack mounts over time. If the camper has additional support, this can no longer happen. When the camper is completely sheltered from the elements, it probably doesn't matter much.
joerg68 04/27/22 05:32am Truck Campers
RE: Tailgate for a truck camper

Generally, you remove the tailgate when loading a truck camper. Obviously, if the camper is so short that you can close the gate behind it, you can leave it on. Some campers have an overhang that extends below the truck bed (my old Lance had the gray water tank there), so they would interfere with the tailgate. Some will technically fit, but if you leave it down, it will likely collect a lot if rock chips. I guess you could cover it with transport wrap for protection. But the tailgate is not designed to carry any of the camper weight. The tailgate itself is also dead weight behind your rear axle, which you usually want to get rid of when you carry a camper.
joerg68 04/22/22 03:13am Truck Campers
RE: Jack Failure Disaster

So one of the front jacks failed first. That is not surprising as they carry more weight. Would it have failed in the same way if the rear jacks had been anchored at the bottom? Maybe, maybe not. In any case the bending loads in the rear get much more evenly distributed that way, and there is much less possibility for flex overall. But the front jacks are still standing free and the mounts need to be able to absorb a lot of bending force. What you did see was that the jack mount tore off the camper structure as it was probably designed to do. Imagine that you snag the jack on a wall or some other obstacle while driving. Then this failure mode will be much easier to repair than if it tore out the complete camper frame with it. From the first picture posted, it looks like the camper was on fairly level, but soft ground. One of the jacks under load probably started to slide away, not neccessarily the one that tore off. I have personally watched the third leg of a three legged camper loosing footing on a patch of ice and folding under ... with much the same result. For me, the three-jack design does not inspire more confidence than the four corner jacks. Some pieces of plywood or similar under the jack feet might have helped, or loading on an even, paved surface. Then again, they might not - I was not there. We use the electric drill method on our camper as well, but always on a paved surface. One of the rear legs comes off the ground quite frequently in the process, and there is no flex or movement of concern. This happened on the previous campers with electric jacks as well, as the jack motors never have the exact same speed and start to run out of sync eventually.
joerg68 04/14/22 04:57am Truck Campers
RE: Jack Failure Disaster

Sorry this happened to you. Luckily no one was injured. Campers can be rebuilt or replaced. Do you have any pictures of the aftermath? (to post photos, you can use http://photoposting.is-great.net and follow instructions there)
joerg68 04/11/22 11:37pm Truck Campers
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