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RE: New Tires

Had three blowouts on one trip with 6 year old Westlakes. Spare was brand new and mounted under the trailer and it blew too.. Buy all 5 new!
johndeerefarmer 04/04/23 10:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question for TEXANS- Class A non CDL

Class C is correct as I said, which is why you can buy a truck derated from the factory. As far as I know this is the reason that Ford and others started selling derated trucks. You can tow 16k lbs with a 10k truck https://escapees.com/texas-drivers-license-requirements-for-rvers/ To be "legal" I can also get the toy hauler derated as well if I want. For example, Big Tex https://dealerportal.bigtextrailers.com/wpbigtx/wp-content/uploads/form_vin_re-rate.pdf Then your only worry is if you are stopped and weighed and weigh over the 26k lbs. I have never in 45 years of driving saw a non-commercial rig weighed.
johndeerefarmer 03/25/23 07:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Question for TEXANS- Class A non CDL

Maybe it is because I'm not from Texas, but this kind of question always confuses me. The wording of the question suggests you know you have a responsibility to take/pass the test if you want the privilege of driving your RV. Do you think you lack the skills to pass the test? Do you think you are not smart enough to get the skills needed? What makes you special enough to be allowed to share the road with others while you have so little faith in your skill level? Been towing FARM trailers for 40 years. Skill isn't the issue. The PIA of having me and my GF to have to try and schedule and take tests is an issue. Around here you have to wait half a day or more just to renew your drivers license. I also know MANY horse folks that tow 45' trailers with large trucks and just use their regular drivers license. How do they all get away with it? It must not be enforced (at least in Texas) for the horse folks and RV folks
johndeerefarmer 03/22/23 02:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Question for TEXANS- Class A non CDL

I would research the requirements in your state. It's binary, either you need a different license or you don't. If you need it, get it. It's pretty simple. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. The question about whether you get pulled over and the consequences is just noise. If you have the proper license it's no longer a question. I was in an interesting situation pertaining to a Texas DL. Class A - a combination of vehicles with a combined GVWR of 26,001 lbs and towing a trailer with a GVWR greater than 10,000 lb. Class B - a single vehicle with a GVWR of 26,001 lb or a combination of vehicles with a combined GVWR of 26,001 lb and towing a trailer under 10,000 lb. Class C - a vehicle not falling under class A or class B towing a trailer with a GVWR of under 10,000 lb. My truck/5er conbined GVWR was under 26,000 lbs. So I did not fall under the class A license. Or class B. But my 5er GVWR was about 14,000 lb, so did not fall under class C. So my situation did not meet any of the requirements. I continued to tow with my class C wondering how a LEO would respond if I got stopped and he questioned my license class and I then ask him what class I should have based on my weights. :h Never got stopped to find out. Class C is fine for what you have. Many hotshoters have their truck derated to 10k lbs (which is why Ford offers this option when you order) and with a truck rated at 10k they can tow a trailer with a GVWR of 16k and still only run Class C Registration on a 10k truck is cheaper and so is insurance I think
johndeerefarmer 03/22/23 10:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Question for TEXANS- Class A non CDL

A question, because many owners of RVs are known to travel; It is a given that if your Drivers License is good for what you are driving in home state, it is good for all states. Does it follow that if your DL is NOT good in your home state, it would not be good in any state? I know that in my state, if don't have a good license you vehicle can be impounded. That would sure mess up a vacation. If half of the TX DPS officers don't know which license is required how do you expect cops in other states too?
johndeerefarmer 03/22/23 06:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Question for TEXANS- Class A non CDL

Driving with out the correct license will void your insurance coverage. You could lose your truck and fifth wheel in an accident for failure to obey the law. I have saw others post this but no one has ever posted that it actually happened. Also saw posts where supposedly someone was pulling a trailer and got stopped in another state. Because they had the wrong license they weren't allowed to drive with that trailer and had to get someone with the correct license to come and take over. This makes no sense?? How would a cop in Virginia for example even know what license was required for a Texan? He wouldn't..
johndeerefarmer 03/22/23 06:39am General RVing Issues
Question for TEXANS- Class A non CDL

We are looking at a toy hauler that combined with the truck will be over 26001 lbs. Legally this requires the Class A non CDL. I know many horse folks that are towing way over that that use their regular license. Also quite a few RVers that use their regular license. Anyone been stopped or ticketed? Thanks
johndeerefarmer 03/21/23 08:03am General RVing Issues
RE: 12 ft garage and 36' max length

Maybe a horse trailer with living quarters??? I think that's what I need to do. Sundowner or Cimarron can custom build whatever we want and it will be built way better than a RV type toyhauler. Thanks Can build anything with a big enough checkbook….even though there are many plain ole toyhaulers that meet your 12/36 requirement. What are the brands and model numbers as I haven't found any? NOT bumper pull..
johndeerefarmer 02/25/23 04:37pm Toy Haulers
RE: 12 ft garage and 36' max length

Maybe a horse trailer with living quarters??? I think that's what I need to do. Sundowner or Cimarron can custom build whatever we want and it will be built way better than a RV type toyhauler. Thanks
johndeerefarmer 02/25/23 07:54am Toy Haulers
RE: 12 ft garage and 36' max length

We have a Momentum 28G with a similar concept that we haul my Indian in... Certainly pro's and con's for a separate garage vs an integrated one. I love the open concept it allows when the bike is removed, much more open space than having a wall next to the kitchen. As others have said - dirt/mud will need dealt with.. Thanks. I think I better stick with a separate garage
johndeerefarmer 02/24/23 08:29am Toy Haulers
RE: 12 ft garage and 36' max length

The Momentum 315G has a garage that's 15-3 full-width and 19-4 minus the depth of the kithen counter. It's 36'5" long with a GVWR of 16,400. Of course, with this configuration, you're giving up 1/3 or more of the trailer to garage. Momentum 315G Rob Thanks. Any thoughts on having the rzr in the living quarters? Any gas smells?
johndeerefarmer 02/23/23 11:23am Toy Haulers
12 ft garage and 36' max length

Anybody know of a fifth wheel toy hauler with a 12' garage and 36' long? Might go 38' but then some sites at older state parks would be out thanks
johndeerefarmer 02/22/23 11:05am Toy Haulers
RE: heavier trailer tires and fuel economy

It matters with tires on a trailer also and can be even more so depending on how much pressure is used in the heavier duty tire. Some rv folks tend to over tire their trailer like this rv trailer owner found out. ***Senior Member Joined: 10/22/2011 View Profile When it came time for me to replace our tires, I researched many different ways to go. I wound up purchasing 17.5" J rated medium duty truck tires and wheels. When all done and said, it was $5.00 per wheel and tire combo more than just replaceing the 16" tires. This tire and wheel combo is good for 6005 pounds each. Using the inflation chart to get the pressure for the load, I inflated to 80 psi which was good for 4500 pounds per tire. With the first tow with these tires to Kansas City, I have made this trip to the speedway several times before, I was down almost 2 mpg both ways. The tires were 20*-25* hotter than the truck, which I have never experienced before. I inflated them to the side wall pressure, 125 psi for max load, before our trip to Florida. Now the tires run 5*-10* cooler than the truck and my fuel mileage is back where it used to be. I have always run max pressure up until I installed these tires, with what I have experienced, I will continue to run what the side wall indicates.*** One poster mentioned LT tires for a 10000 lb trailer. Its been my experience best idea for trailers with 5.2k and 6k axles/16" wheels and 16" LT tires recommended by the tire mfg for trailer use. Interesting. Thanks. These are on my gooseneck trailer. GVWR =16k but it came with 12 ply tires. Not sure what psi the rims are rated for but I ran 80psi in the old tires..
johndeerefarmer 10/12/22 08:07am Fifth-Wheels
heavier trailer tires and fuel economy

I know heavier tires on your truck decrease fuel economy but what about on a trailer? Looks like once you get it up to highway speed it wouldn't matter? why I asked was I got tired of the blowouts on the 12 ply junk and put some heavy 14 ply on my trailer. Wondering if and how much mpg will be affected Thanks
johndeerefarmer 10/11/22 02:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel & Half-ton TV Thoughts

Hello all, I have a friend who has a F150 who is currently towing a 30ft bumper pull trailer who is looking to move up to a 5th wheel. I am concerned that while the dealership says he'll be fine that he'll have clearance issues with his small 5'5" bed (his F150 is a crew cab). He has already upgraded his tires and suspension so handling the pin weight (he's looking at the lighter halfton 5th wheels with pin weights around 1400lbs). If anyone has any thoughts or experience when it comes to clearance issues and hitches it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks I tried it with a F150. I extensively modified the suspension to to work. RV was a 26' fiver. Pulled it fine IF the wind wasn't blowing. If the wind was blowing 15+ mph you got blew all over the road. The new aluminum F150's are too light.
johndeerefarmer 09/29/22 10:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Two blow outs in one day

How did you absolutely rule out overloading, under inflation, over inflation, sun exposure, excessive speed and, the big one, road hazards getting to “it is all Westlake’s fault?” I had THREE Westlakes blow on me (e range). Whole trip was 320 miles. I drive 65-70 mph. RV stays in the barn so no sun exposure. Tires probably have 6k miles. Tires stay at 80psi and I have a TST tpms. No way in hell I hit three road hazards. RV isn't overloaded as on a three day trip we carry no water. Tires were the original on the RV (2016) but still three blowing on one trip is bad luck. I have never had a blowout before. After the first blew I put on the spare. On the way back on Sunday afternoon had the second blow. Luckily my stepdaugher and BF were following us in two trucks (one without a camper). He found a tire shop open on a Sunday afternoon. They were closing at three but said they would wait for us. We took both blown tires. He only had used tires and charged me $110 total for the both including mounting. I gave him an extra $20. Drive another 20 miles and the third Westlake blew. Put on my last spare and drove at 55mph the last 80 miles home. Wiped out both fender flares and bent up the sheet metal on both sides. Caught the wires to the kitchen slide and ripped them out. When I got home I patched them back together and for some reason the bottom roller (Schwintek slide) was stuck. Ended up taking that whole mechanism apart. It's in my shop now..
johndeerefarmer 09/29/22 10:32am Fifth-Wheels
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