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RE: Laptop battery stored in a cold car...?

Turn it off . Going below freezing doesn’t hurt it . How do they ship these things In the winter. ( hint , In unheated trailers ) charging or “maybe” using might kill it, not storing it.
jorbill2or 10/24/21 01:38pm Technology Corner
RE: Wireless HDMI?

I have and use IOGEAR Wireless hdmi but I don’t see it being a solution for transmitting from a tablet .
jorbill2or 09/25/21 03:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Domiciling in California

The only Issue with using a mailbox is many banks investment firms DMV's etc Know the primary address as a business and will not accept it. Even if the PO box is listed as an "apartment" unit or whatever. This has been my experience. Some will accept but many won't. My Bank suggested a relative to me. They want a Hard "home" they can find you at or a contact person to reach you for Homeland security rules. Almost all cards, banks, etc let you list a domicile address separate from your "mailing" address
jorbill2or 09/13/21 10:36am Full-time RVing
RE: Domiciling in California

Yes I think using a relative or close friend as the address but setting up a mailing address at a mailing service box would work very well. Your family member would get no mail other than a very occasional piece but it will meet the legal definition. While not California , but in Oregon I sold my Portland area home and changed my address to my sister in laws and “moved my drivers license ins credit cards etc all to her address but with a different mail center mailing address with no issues. Because I was a in state transfer I provided no info or bills from my “new” domicile , just filled out a change of address form.
jorbill2or 09/12/21 08:23pm Full-time RVing
RE: Got the MH weighed.

The dirty little secret is probably most RV’s are overweight going down the road and don’t know it , because few actual weigh their rv’s . 2-3 thousand lbs of capacity disappears very quickly. As we want more and more things , manufacturers make them very close to overloaded.. Add water , waste tanks , case of beer , clothes bikes bedding etc. we carry it in 1lb at a time. It adds up
jorbill2or 09/05/21 08:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Providing my own WiFi

way2roll, Have you found a stand alone device with an unlimited Data plan? That's what stops me. I listed two a page ago! Calyx institute $400 or $500 (5g) per year “donation to the nonprofit” - sprint/T-Mobile and the fmca sprint -T-Mobile plan at 50 bucks a month. They are true unlimited hotspots. There are others. They aren’t at Walmart .. you’ll have to dig some .. tech forums , rv mobileinternet , and others.
jorbill2or 07/27/21 05:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Providing my own WiFi

As a with a lot of things, the answer is - it depends. If you are planning to use multiple devices, working, streaming tv/movies etc I would definitely opt for a dedicated hot spot with an unlimited data plan. If you are just browsing, checking email etc, I am sure your phone's hot spot will suffice. Why? Everything you say can be handled by the phones just fine...at least it has for us. Because I’d venture You aren’t a real big user of internet.. ok but but some people are. Go over to rv mobile internet and see. In our case We use almost 300gb a month and are minor users ….there are those who use that in a few days.. how much are you using in your phones hotspot a month? 1movie is 2-3 gb If your a weekend warrior sure the phone may work. We started out full time that way and quickly adapted .. DW had a provided business phone with rare unlimited hotspot .. most don’t have much more than 15-30gb a month hotspot on their unlimited phone and don’t know it ! that’s a day for us . Using the phone became a hassle and I need cameras security etc online 24 7 Open up to the idea your method isnt the only way. Or even the best way for someone else The question was what were the options. Let the op decide
jorbill2or 07/27/21 08:29am Technology Corner
RE: Providing my own WiFi

How much data will you use ? The cellphone ( most ) will put low data cap on hotspot data on your “unlimited “ phone The dedicated hotspot will cost more but give you multiple WiFi connections tv laptop etc.” Verizon “ works well for you now but are you traveling ? How’s sprint/ t mobile? For example …. FMCA. Offers members 50 bucks a month for truly unlimited hotspot ! lease the hotsopt for 40 bucks upfront . calix institute for and annual 400$ donation will give you a truly unlimited-free hotspot (that works out to 33 bucks a month). After you buy the hotspot . there are many more solutions. How much do you need and want to spend ? Btw we never used campground WiFi in the last 5 years full time . We have att on the phone 40g ea hotspot. And an old att hotspot Mobley plan long gone - 23 bucks .. Verizon ( no longer avail ) 65 a month unlimited hotspot. We no longer use satellite for tv and stream youtube tv with others and my DW zoom business calls for well over 200 -300g a month.
jorbill2or 07/25/21 06:10pm Technology Corner
RE: Why is the generator cycling??

If the batteries were low ....Battery Charger?
jorbill2or 07/08/21 09:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Toto tires

Installed Toyo 295/80r22.5 7 years ago and 55000 miles ago, after I bought the coach,an 03 Beaver Marquis . I Replaced 5-year-old failing cracked sidewall Michelins. I didn't notice any handling difference between them but I only had a short time that I drove the 5-year-old Michelins. The Toyos still look new, with no cracks of course the tread is great since they are 150-200 thousand mile tires and I have never covered them, but I full time and they dont sit for Months. I'm looking to replace them this year as I believe they have timed out at 7-8 years. I would go with them again, no question! I will never put Michelin on with all the cracking on others I've personally seen and they are way overpriced.
jorbill2or 07/03/21 11:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wi-Fi / Cell-phone Signal Boosters

Wilson — now called Weboost that I started with 5 years ago. We have found in a terrible location it can be a lifesaver. It can also make a useable un boosted signal not work well. So we make sure we need it . We rarely find a need for it now and leave it off. We do use a mimo antenna on our two hotspots (Att & Verizon). Best money we have spent.
jorbill2or 06/22/21 04:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Up grade my AC thermostat.

"Microair easy touch" thermostat is designed for the Rv and the Dometic . Rv Geeks youtube channel did a review on it recently. A little on the expensive side,($250 but discount codes are available) but so is the Nest!. IF you have wifi/bluetooth, it's controllable with your phone from anywhere. I have a constantly on hotspot in the RV so its on my upgrade list later on. It looks and reviews like just the ticket! Plug and play directly to the phone line cable ....no wiring problems . Standard home thermostats are tricky to not useable in an RV I'm told.
jorbill2or 06/02/21 02:10pm Full-time RVing
RE: voting and driver license issues with full time

Yes some do have issues some don’t . The ones that do let you list another address , different from your domicile pmb ,, like using a relative as the mailing address. It only applies to some investment or bank accounts . The rest will normally accept a mail forwarder pmb address. Use it for everything and the relative or friend for those specific accounts . They really just want some real address that the people there will know you .part of the homeland security laws. In fact they let me use the relative in a different state and I listed my mailing address as the pmb . Doesn’t make sense but it is what it is.
jorbill2or 05/08/21 03:12pm Full-time RVing
RE: New Roof installed - RV Armor should I get it

My TPO roof is 19 years old, never an issue. I do inspect it and I did put Eternabond on most of the seams a few years ago. You just got a new roof, no reason to put another new roof on top of it right now. ^^^ this! Exactly ! Maintain it at least annually and Wait until it starts to fail. It’s a NEW roof for goodness sake. It should have many years without issues . Why throw money away ? Very odd to have a 17 have problems , if they fixed it properly it should be fine.
jorbill2or 05/06/21 12:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newby Satellite Questions

What you have... dome and 211 will work fine .. the “newer” wally has a new interface / guide that looks like the hopper guide and has a few advantages in speed of loading. But it still works fine and will take the addition of a hard drive to record while your away my suggest is Use what you have. See how you like it and the programming. Many in fact prefer the older 211’s as they are simpler and don’t have the occasional glitch that the wally with its programming may have.
jorbill2or 04/26/21 12:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Just an FYI about Dish

You can really see why they do this , right? You have full service and locals at home and a friend or relative in another town buys a wally system and has a complete set up for 5 bucks that he or she pays you ea month. The reason is to cut out “sharing” single account. This was and still is a problem for them as they have no idea where or who is using any additional tuners. This is also why they like to “install” with there contractors. I had a home account and a wally in the rv on a contract and had no issues changing locals by calling or text messaging. They don’t care as long as he entire account is changed. All tuners on the account must receive the same programming. Have the daughter pay for your second rv account ... I’m sure it’s less than the hopper etc charges on the home account it’ll give her a break on the fees. When my daughter lived in our house until we decided to sell it .. the “extras “ were on her! ??
jorbill2or 04/23/21 10:11am Technology Corner
RE: Dish Wally Receiver DVR Hard Drive

The Wally formats the drive to it own proprietary software when it’s first turned on. There is nothing special about the drive other than a few more dollars.
jorbill2or 04/12/21 09:27pm Technology Corner
RE: Dish Wally Receiver DVR Hard Drive

All of my installs (3) the last about 10 months ago just use the power from the Wally no outside source. all with no issues. never had any issues even with the old 211's I've had.Ive never used an outside power. My current ones are cheap Toshiba 1g spinning drives( I think I paid 50 bucks at amazon) but I don't think matters
jorbill2or 04/12/21 11:05am Technology Corner
RE: Black tank

You have a vent ... all do .. it goes up from the top of the tank inside a interior wall through the roof .. you should see it as a pipe with one of several types of covers. Burping is a full sign or a blocked vent. I wouldn’t trust gauges / indicators as they rarely work properly. Does it blurs all the time ? Even when you just emptied it.
jorbill2or 04/05/21 11:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: DVD and Blu Ray being discontinued?

You'll still have them , heck you can still buy record players ... .I'm full time , have a DVD player in the coach but haven't used it in 4 years. But your right streaming is the future and you say streaming is not an "option" for you..... It probably is , but like most you don't want or know how to find out. I have 2 truly unlimited streaming hotspot plans 1 Verizon and 1 ATT for a grand total of 78 bucks a month.one of them always gives me enough speed to stream HD There are many ways to skin the cat and many more around the corner. So while streaming is out of the question for you today , it won't be very soon. BTW in my casita I have a record album collection and a high end turntable connected to my stereo I've also got some "books" :)
jorbill2or 03/25/21 01:31pm Technology Corner
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