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RE: which receivers

Yes , as I said the hopper Joey is much more capable. Also more expensive and continuous advanced Monthly DVR charges that don’t apply to the wallys with add on hard drives. It’s a matter of what you must have and what you want to spend. The other aspect of the wally i forgot is it can control a portable dish for use under trees etc. The Hopper can’t . I needed that for a host gig on the Oregon coast. Lots of options. The best is Dish is easy to deal with.
jorbill2or 07/12/20 12:35pm Technology Corner
RE: Synthetic Trans Fluid

You need to find a different mechanic, he is taking you to the cleaners over recommending unneeded services. With Transynd, your transmission is good for 150,000 miles or 6000 hours of operation or 48 months whichever comes first. The filters need to be changed 75,000 miles or 3000 hours of operation or 36 months whichever comes first. This is as per the Allison service manual. This ^^^ The Allison 3000 4000 etc with synthetic transynd in motorhome use is a different animal, filter changes “ maybe” and checking fluid levels with the shift panel not the dipstick are the maintenance choices .. perhaps fluid testing if your concerned. There is a retired engineer from Allison on one of the forums with hundreds of pages of info ... all of which says the above and “practically” as a sometime motorhomer you’ll never change the fluid , just test it . Those changing fluid every “?” Need to read up a little.
jorbill2or 07/10/20 06:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: which receivers

The hopper and Joey would be the most elegant and more expensive route and many go that way. I went with wallys -2 and added my own hard drive to each for a ONE time 40 charge NO continuing DVR charge. Just A $7 charge for the second receiver on the account . I can record one and watch another on each individual tuner ( 4 channels 2 receivers ) . With a over the air adapter those numbers would double with the ability to record / watch 2 ota channels per receiver additionally.
jorbill2or 07/09/20 03:55pm Technology Corner
RE: buy from dealer or private seller

Off topic but pertains to Pvt purchase via Cash. all cash Bank transactions withdrawals or deposits 10,000 or more are reported to the feds by Bank regulation and part of homeland security and of course watching for Drug transactions. If Purchasing with a dealer unfortunately I disagree with cash being King. Cash is not king anymore unless it's some mom and pop operation. Much like a Car dealer (never say your cash to a car dealer until the deal is done) Dealers can make money off the financing and may take that into consideration on their "deal" dealers can get better rates than you and then equal or better the rates you can get at the same lender while they get the difference. A legit dealer will lower the price counting on that income to make it up , you win with a lower OTD price and the same financing rate you would get on your own. Just some food for thought if your a Dealer purchaser
jorbill2or 07/06/20 07:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need some help with equipment to boost internet

As you hopefully Know Those are 2 different things For the Park WiFi Outside our bubble here has a lot of info that might help but as said VERY fw parks can support or allow streaming. Park systems are in most cases little more than the same thing sharing your home internet login with all your neighbors would cause ... a bottleneck. Cell phone .... weboost or a few others can boost cell reception sometimes but in Many ( most?) cases the booster in fact degrades the signal.I have one and leave it off 90% of the time. Also, unless you have a older Grandfathered plan your streaming on a phone is most likely not unlimited like the data when used on the phone itself is. Streaming is capped normally. 3 movies can wipe out that data cap The Question you want to ask is how can a purchase a Stand alone Hotspot and equip it with enough data to stream that doesn't cost a arm and leg. This is the Holy Grail that changes all the time with solutions coming and going monthly it seems. I Suggest you look at the "Mobile internet resource center" web site free area and if you "Really" need internet..... spend the money on a membership. JMO
jorbill2or 07/05/20 01:47pm Technology Corner
RE: buy from dealer or private seller

I agree private sellers may provide a lower price , keep in mind dealers are taking 10-20 or more grand for their service.. that said ......private owners have an inflated opinion of their units value and may become more easily insulted with a low offer, I have found most owners also lie ..” No Pets” when there has been obviously pets in the coach to someone who doesn’t have then the smell is obvious. We looked at 6 “owner” coaches and all of them neglected to mention or outright lied on several things , from pets to leaks, to condition ( one in “great condition” 2 hour drive and it was a mess .. but so was their house so .theres perspective I guess ... ) The big problem is financing at a reasonable rate on a older unit. Dealers can have relationships with lenders that will go further . They may make a “cut” of the financing but if the deal is still good who cares. Lenders tend to offer better rates and terms via dealers . Of course if your cash or have your financing already that’s not important.
jorbill2or 06/25/20 06:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Tires

6 years on toyo m144’s 45000 miles . Minimum tread wear and sidewalls look like new. Had cracking Michelin tires prior. Michelin make rv specific tires by using less tread depth ( you’ll never use all of a 150000 plus mile truck tire ) and softer sidewalks. I didn’t like them and they were cracking at 5 years old .. put on by the prior owner. the toyo tires ride just as well. I was told the toyo was designed as a bus tire to take abuse that RVers like hitting and rubbing curbing. Preparing over the next couple years replacing with the same even thought they look perfect, just for peace of mind .
jorbill2or 06/13/20 09:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 12v Refidgerators

12 volt Refrigerators are some pretty efficient units , or at least can be. Many people have preconceived ideas based on old tech. 400 watts solar with a sufficient battery pack and no additional large draws would be plenty for a 10 ish cubic foot modern 12 volt unit. Now if your camping in the winter with no sun and furnace use ... well most likely not. How much battery capacity ?, that tells you how long it will run. the solar or Generator (what solar is)just replenish the battery. hopefully 5-6 hours of solar replenish the 24 hour draw.
jorbill2or 06/01/20 10:17am Tech Issues
RE: DTV stopping DNS

You will not get network anymore unless you change your address ... that is not easy with direct. The comments about dish are accurate that Dish allows you to move your service address at Will giving you the locals near where you are are. Dish is very rv friendly. You can use your rv’s OTA over the air antenna to get the locals near you ( if you can) , change to Dish , or buy a streaming package for about 50 bucks that duplicates your direct account ( IE youtubetv which is rv friendly allowing hotspot access etc ) assuming you have unlimited hotspot internet access. ( not easy or cheap) or “move” to where you are now on directv .... a real hassle from what I’ve observed ..... but if if you don’t move much it might work ... good luck. Directv has abandoned its mobile customers and in my opinion, you are sol
jorbill2or 05/18/20 03:01pm Technology Corner
RE: DISH TV - Locals

I believe we have America’s top 250 and pay about $110 a monthI'll need them all. Does anyone know if Dish receivers have signal beeps when aiming the dish? Do they also have a signal strength display? Yes if your doing a manual dish I believe it gives you signal strength tone in the settings menu Most don’t mess with a manual dish as the portable auto dish are pretty cheap and no effort.
jorbill2or 05/03/20 05:53pm Technology Corner
RE: DISH TV - Locals

One good thing is flex pack allows you to change at will and add or subtract sub packages like a “news pac” movie pac etc for just days or weeks with prorated charges. Std packages require I believe a monthly commitment. dish has package comparison charts on their web sites , so you can see and compare what they offer.
jorbill2or 05/03/20 01:34pm Technology Corner
RE: DISH TV - Locals

Set it up yourself .. then call and activate on the pay as you go plan. Nobody sets it up except you. Most installers haven’t a clue and rv dealers are mostly who will set it up if you need someone to do it for you. The difference on pay as you go is you pay in advance. You must technically own the receivers, but some have transitioned their “loaned” Home account receivers. With your own receivers they don’t care how much you start or stop it. Even with a regular home account you can chat ( text) with dish and change locations as many times as you want , with the dish outdoors pay as you go account you can do if with no contact other than the app. I have changed my account as much as 25 times in a year and 5 times one week .. no issues. The only gotcha are taxes you pay. Communication taxes, sometimes high, are based on the locality you are getting your locals from .. for example Oregon had no communication taxes to speak of .08cents..... but Florida near Orlando I payed over 8 bucks!
jorbill2or 05/03/20 12:38pm Technology Corner
RE: Dish/Direct TV is going Bye Bye Millions soon to Disconnect

The full goal is 40,000 table size satellites. At the current 60 per launch it will take about 670 launches .. one a day for 2 years. I’m sure the US can be up and running sooner but the one a day launch ? Not yet In the cards
jorbill2or 04/26/20 07:10am Technology Corner
RE: Dish/Direct TV is going Bye Bye Millions soon to Disconnect

With time they won’t be in a “line” as close together but will spread out. Keep in mind only the northern 1/2 of the US and Canada is going “live” public testing this year and without its full array. Worldwide will take a lot more launches Supposedly you’ll need a 2 foot round plate type dish mounted on the roof with a clear view of at least part of the sky of course. Yes , Astronomers are having a fit about the visual interference. But it is the future. Sky net is near ,:) But tinmac is ... optimistic ? With his clickbait..... all of the US will not be accessible this year , not even close but if your in the northern states you may be able to beta test. The full northern array won’t be online just enough to begin “testing” public access.
jorbill2or 04/26/20 06:16am Technology Corner
RE: trading up to a DP, wondering about fuel program

Not a credit card a direct debit from your checking account ... same as the water company etc May do ... just google “ACH withdrawal” . Most are saving 20-30 cents minimum over best price plus credit kickback. And no looking and finding backwater stations ... best price I’ve found is Loves and even with the high pump prices they have ... the discount beats anything around. Do what you want ... look it up on the forums or google it and for over a year many are saving big $ .
jorbill2or 04/19/20 02:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What manufacturers will this recession bring down?

Fascinating! Five pages of commentary and not one answer to my original posted question. Lets try this again and just answer with RV manufacturers names. Fair enough. I answered you on the first page ... Winnebago it they leveraged the Newmar buy out.
jorbill2or 04/05/20 03:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: What manufacturers will this recession bring down?

Many small business’s are operating week to week .. many more than you think. Even with the loans and forgiveness they don’t have a chance.My guess is 20% are gone today and if this last much past may 1st many more will fall. Things won’t “just snap back” you can’t stop a super tanker and just snap your fingers and go. How much borrowing did Winnebago do to buy newmar? I’d say if they did much they are in trouble.that's my bet for the big guys All of the small towable guys are underwater all the time ( gone) . Class a sales were falling anyway and the market was very soft. It’s not snapping “back” We may have been doing great, and this isn’t caused by economic problems but it created one of the biggest economic messes since the depression. I think Rving will be the last thing most people think about for the next few years. The only “good thing” , if you can call it that , is the whole world is in the same mess.
jorbill2or 04/04/20 09:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Buyers market?

Actually, is it a good time? I’d say not yet, but soon. The full effect of the economy shutdown is a few months away. Lost jobs and the need for cash will cause a glut of new / almost new rigs being on a fire sale manufacturers/ dealers are sitting on way too much inventory ( they will soon file bankruptcy) which will lower values for the used market. People haven’t realized they are in big trouble yet , they will. But just not today. JMO This too will pass it always has .. smart people wait and buy the down times , if they have the cash or ability , most are not in a position to buy which is why you can Get a deal. I don’t feel bad buying something Cheaply as it gets them out from under a big problem even if it greats a smaller problem for them.
jorbill2or 03/26/20 06:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Brand New Vizio 40 inch TV problem, HELP

Unfortunately, even if you get an HD receiver which is capable of High Def, if you are using a dome, the dome can only receive SD programming and the picture will be small and it will be cr@ppy. However, it will be a more simple setup as you just select the appropriate HDMI input. That will also allow you to connect your existing OTA TV antenna to that one coax connection, do a new channel scan and you will be able to watch all of your favorite local TV channels in FULL HD! The OTA TV is the VERY BEST TV viewing available as it is not compressed like the other options. Want to watch the Super Bowl and you have Cable or DTV or DISH? Switch to the OTA antenna for a substantially better picture! If I read you last post correctly there appeared to be a complement in there. If so, many thanks! Bill i think he said this was on his sticksNBricks so hopefully no dome is involved :) let the High def flow!
jorbill2or 03/19/20 05:34pm Technology Corner
RE: Brand New Vizio 40 inch TV problem, HELP

probably not something you want to do, or figure out ,but you can change the Picture settings on the TV. something like wide , full screen etc. In fact you can toggle between them all and pick one that looks best without chopping too much picture. I'm glad you got this figured out ! At least you can watch a "picture". It wouldn't hurt to see if DTV will send you a new tuner that can do HDMI and how much it cost , or doesnt, might be a surprise. Then again it is DTV not known for customer service
jorbill2or 03/19/20 03:47pm Technology Corner
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