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RE: Are the campgrounds full in your area?

Slammed! Cant speak for middle of the week but weekends in state parks right now, forget it. Private parks you might get lucky and find a spot but it is very tight. Much more so than usual here in PA
kfp673 09/12/20 08:40pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Thought on suspension equalizers

Wondering if anyone has tried the fairly new Lippert Road Armor equalizer. They list comparisons and of course claim to be the best. I was planning to go with MoRyde but recently saw these and am considering. Any thoughts?
kfp673 09/12/20 07:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: PA Boondocking??

PA Boondocking on state forest is called motorized camping with permit max 30 nights per year at established sites. Sites have fire ring and picnic table same rules at parks with carry in carry rules. Some may be near PA DCNR wells for water fresh. Allegheny National Forest. 14 day Max per stay camp anywhere. I use a popup camper for boondocking, open up entire screen area. I don’t have to worry about any overhead obstacles and get the 20 foot highwall pup on almost all sites. Thanks again. We just got back from the weekend of camping at an RV park. Friday morning we ventured out to scout some of the sites in your area in the state forrest. 3 of the 6 sites are huge and I don think I'd have any problem putting a35' trailer on. The others we visited in that area as well as over closer to Pecks Pond area would be more of a challenge, and some are definite no. Overall beautiful area and we are going to see if we can get one of the sites in a few weeks. Thanks for the info!
kfp673 09/07/20 01:53pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Generator storage for travel trailer

Only places I can think of are in the truck or on the back of the camper. And as mentioned, if you are mounting that much weight, and the TT does not come with an appropriate rack, be sure to take to a weld shop and seriously strengthen then bumper / rack. Our Outback TT came with a rack like this. It is rated to 200 lbs according to the sticker. We use it mostly for bikes but it would work for that application. That said, this exact reason is why I went with 2 2000w vs a single 3500. They are easy to lift into the truck. Or stay toy hauler. I often think about moving to a toy hauler to add more hauling space
kfp673 08/30/20 05:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Small Trailer Weight suggestions

If I read this right, the tongue weight is way too low and sway is a real possibility. That 900lb tells me that it has toys for tires and it will not carry enough. Skip it. After further research, the dealers website does not match Jayco. Imagine that ;-) jayco website has it listed as dry weight 4700lb, 6k GVWR and 465lb dry hitch. The truck payload is 1155. Online Toyota shows a tongue load rating of 640lb max tow 6400lb. I know all about dry ratings so after doing some simple estimates, it seems like this trailer is basically right at the max. Obviously payload is the big variable depending on what they load the truck/trailer with, but in general it seems right at the max. Do you all agree? Too much for that truck? Think it will be ok?
kfp673 08/29/20 10:21am Travel Trailers
Small Trailer Weight suggestions

Hello All, Throwing this out there to hear some thoughts. I am helping my in-laws find their first every travel trailer. I have had travel trailers for 20 years but have only ever had a HD truck and larger trailers. My in-laws are looking for a small trailer they can pull with their new Tacoma. We have found plenty well within the weight but the inventory right now is slim pickin's everywhere. So, here is the questions. The tow rating for the Tacoma is 6000 lbs. They found a 20' trailer with 3200lb empty weight and 1300lb cargo rating. I know the story on tow ratings vs GVWR but either way this trailer is well within. Problem is they are nowhere to be found. They then found a 22' Jayco that has an empty weight of 4500lb with 900lb cargo capacity. So now we are getting on the high side for that Tacoma when loaded. BUT.. The Jayco empty Tongue weight is only 340lbs vs the light trailer 430lb. AND, the jayco is dual axel vs the smaller trailer being single My initial thought is that while the Jayco is really pushing the limits of the Tacoma's weight and tow ratings, it may actually tow better due to the lighter tongue weight and dual axels. They will be buying a good hitch setup. Most likely the BlueOx sway pro. What do you guys think? Is that too much to ask of a little tacoma? Saftey is my main concern mostly becuase they are not super experienced towing trailers. Thoughts?
kfp673 08/29/20 07:33am Travel Trailers
RE: PA Boondocking??

Great info guys. Passed some of these camp areas hundreds of times and never knew they existed. Definitely going to give it a try this fall! my 12 yr twin girls may not love no hookups, but they will get over it ;-) Thanks for the info!
kfp673 08/28/20 03:00pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
PA Boondocking??

I have done overnight tent camping along hiking trails, and I have used our travel trailer in campgrounds, but I have never "Boondocked" in the travel trailer. I love the thought of finding open land and just spending the weekend or more. But where? PA has plenty of land but I feel most is posted, owned by mining companies, or would otherwise not be allowed. Anyone have suggestions or locations in PA or surrounding states? Or, any types of lands I could look at? Thanks
kfp673 08/27/20 05:16pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Buying land for camping...

Thanks again all. Was hoping to get a few replies and am surprised how many of you have direct experience or friends/family with this experience. Again, not on the radar any time soon, but I always like thinking a few years ahead and always like thinking of new ideas. Maybe some day I'll stumble across an old abandon mobile home deep in the woods along side a pond with a well already dug, electric already run, and a septic solution where all I need to do is remove the old trailer and replace it. Anyway, thanks again for the feedback. Ironically, we have taken 7 trips so far this summer to 7 different locations. Most within 3 hours of home but never the less, we also enjoy the new sights. Maybe I'll just buy multiple campers. It's only money right?!?! ;-)
kfp673 08/19/20 09:04pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Buying land for camping...

Great replies everyone. Thanks! I agree with most that we would miss the moving around part for sure. Ironically to the first reply, we are camping this week at a place about 20 miles north of Towanda and this area is what made me think of it. Anyway, all great thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to reply!
kfp673 08/12/20 04:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Buying land for camping...

Hello all, I am not sure if this is in the correct category, and this is really just a curious question / dream. Has anyone every (or known anyone who has) purchased a piece of land specifically to either leave your camper or take your camper to for camping? I am not speaking of the RV parks where you own your lot. I am talking about a random super rural property where you are on your own. As I sit at an RV park in northern PA with a site right on the lake, I think it would be amazing to have a property deep in the woods that sits on a pond or lake with no one around but us. But I would think getting electric/water/sewer to those locations would be costly. Again, purely curious.
kfp673 08/12/20 08:09am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What is your long term Dicor plan?

I have done water damage repair on several campers. Just a small amount of water will ruin a wall or roof. My plan is to touch up the dicor once. I do not layer and layer it on a spot, after a spot has been touched up then the 2nd time I will scrape it off and start from bare. It scrapes off so easy with a scraper. Being paranoid about water damage is good. Water means death and is why RV's typically die. Water damage is the majority of problems in RVs. A friend kept layering on silicone and it looked like an ice cave formation, but still leaked. Silicone is a disaster as it is hard to scrape off and layering it on just made the leaks more of a labryrinth I have used Eterna bound. If you over-lap the tape then that area will leak. Use Dicore where it overlaps as the tape will never fill in the tiny right angles the tape makes on its edges. Use dicore everywhere the tape meets or overlaps, then it will work and likely not leak. Dicor is easy because it can just be scrapped off and redone, where Tape makes a mess to redo. Tape has its uses. I'm feeling like this is most likely the route I am heading. As noted, we have owned the camper 2 years. I have touched up many individual spots but nothing more than once. Now that I have added a lot across the front seal we will see how it ages. I have never removed Decor so it's good to know it's not difficult. Thanks again all! Unrelated.. Is it St Clair PA you are from? Spent lots of time outside St Clair ATV riding over the years but it's been a while.
kfp673 08/01/20 10:20am General RVing Issues
RE: What is your long term Dicor plan?

Thanks everyone! Regarding eternabond it's easy to get mixed reviews. Lots of online reviews of people having water work it's way under and it turns into a mess. My old camper we used it and it started looking ragged around the edges. Not saying it does not work, I just figured I would stay with the standard sealant unless needed. That said, it is tempting to just cover the front and rear seam with eternabond. I just hate seeing some of the pictures of moisture underneath the tape. Anyway, thanks for the feedback so far! Roof care seems to have a lot of opinions. Only consistent opinion is it needs to be taken care of.
kfp673 07/31/20 05:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cleaning Black AC cover and other black items

Hello all- So I did end up going with 303 for all of the black plastics and trim on the camper. Looks great until it rains and then it runs like crazy. I made sure to really wipe it in and in most cases spray on the rag to apply, so I do not feel it was overused. Tried it again yesterday for certain areas. Again looks fantastic when done, but it rained this morning and those black plastic items are all streaky again. Any thoughts?
kfp673 07/31/20 02:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is your long term Dicor plan?

Thanks all! And to address the do I need it after 2 years.... Possibly not. But if I see something that even resembles a crack I touch it up. Along the front seam it seemed to be showing signs of some hairline cracks so I just ran a new bead across. Seems like there is always a small spot here or there that looks like it might start cracking so I have just been adding from time to time. I probably overuse it which is what prompted my question. I had serious water damage in a previous camper and it destroyed the camper so I am a bit over cautious I suppose.
kfp673 07/31/20 06:10am General RVing Issues
What is your long term Dicor plan?

Our camper is 2 years old. I check the roof on average 3 or 4 times per year and wash it twice. Each time I touch up questionable spots all over the roof. Today I added quite a bit along the front seal where the roof meets the front cap. My question is, when (if ever) do you, or have you decided you have put on enough, it's time to pull it all off and start fresh? I feel like continuing to add cant be a great idea long term. Our previous camper which we had for nearly 15 years we had Eterna bond, but I am not interested in using that at this point on this trailer. Anyway, do you all just keep adding or do you eventually somehow remove the old and reseal the entire roof or sections? Thanks
kfp673 07/30/20 09:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Sales Push

I just got off the phone with a RV salesman who informed me that he was low on inventory, trailers were selling as they come in, prices were going up, etc. He said that factories were down for three months and they were way behind. Any truth to any of this, or just salesman push? I am not desperate for a new trailer and can wait to save a couple of thousand. Normally I would say sales tactic, but here in PA at least it is true. My in-laws just put a deposit on a trailer and a friend is looking for one. In-laws went to 3 dealers looking. Thought about it for 2 days and the 3 they had listed as favorites were already sold. Dealer had 3 of the same model all sold. They searched around and again very little they wanted. Seems the smaller trailers are going the fastest. Obviously there is inventory, it's just a matter of if it matches what you want.
kfp673 07/30/20 09:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Adding second AC myself

Quiet? None of them are quiet enough to sleep with running in the bedroom. IMO, it only helps cool the whole coach while both are running during the day. And that is likely plenty, but still prefer the quieter the better. We did have 2 nights last week that did not drop below 88 with high humidity. I was able to aim our bathroom and bedroom vents both into the bedroom to make it tolerable, but it was struggling. Otherwise, most of our summer nights are in the 60's and 70's and then the single would have no problem at all.
kfp673 07/30/20 01:19pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Gatlinberg, TN and Ashville, NC

For Gatlinburg we went last year for the first time and spent a week in KOA Gatlinburg East. We thought it was great, and a lot nicer than some of the others in the area. About 10-15 minute drive into town but heavily shaded, nice size sites (for a private campground) and the owners gave it an overhaul with things like new stone on all roads within the past few years. They were talking about paving the roads. Small campground, nice pool, nice scenery. Also, the owner was on the show "moonshiners" so it's interesting to talk to him and see the pictures in the office. Not loaded with amenities but after a day exploring the national park or town our kids loved the pool and we loved the shady relaxation.
kfp673 07/30/20 06:09am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Adding second AC myself

Interestingly, there is little agreement on which models are quieter. I have been doing a bunch of research and one person says Coleman is quieter, the next says Dometic is quieter, the next says domestic sounds like a jet taking off, Furion now has one.... Crazy that the manufacturers dont post DB ratings so you know factually. Trying to find anyone with inventory of all the pieces is a challenge as well. I am quickly thinking this might be a spring of 2021 project at this point. Another 45 days here in PA and I likely will not need the second AC anyway.
kfp673 07/29/20 06:17am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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