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RE: Popping Sound

When my water heater lit it would pop. Sounded like someone tapped the wall. Blow out those fuel lines going to heaters etc. spiders like to make webs inside and it restricts fuel flow. There is an opening just before where the flame lights. While you are at it remove the cover for your refrigerator back on the outside of the rig and inspect for dust leaves etc. If you have compressed air blow up the rear of your fridge, watch the dust etc come out of the roof vent. Your fridge will thanks you for it. Compressed air is a great way to maintain your rig. I always go nose to tail blowing dirt and debris out of everywhere. Blow on those seat cushions and above the window coverings. nice.
klutchdust 05/05/22 01:28pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: receptacles not working

On my Cambria there was a reset on the inverter that would trip. I used that plug for my coffee grinder and nothing else. Difficult to see that it tripped as it was all brown.
klutchdust 05/05/22 01:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1989 Ford 460 E 350 not running, need help

Have experienced fuel lines that collapsed and restricted fuel flow. They would rest and open up again then suction would collapse them. again.
klutchdust 05/02/22 10:18am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1983 Midas Kingston - free RV with a locked engine

Photos. we want photos. Having installed 12 ft. of living quarters in a blank 32ft. gooseneck van, I appreciate your enthusiasm. What i found out is that is a learning process and one that benefits from a bit of planning. The tech section of this forum is great for electrical. plumbing etc advise. Get the drive train in shape first so you can determine if you should move forward. Interiors can be tricky. Save as much as you can. Look around your area for a rv wrecking yard too. treasures await you. Ask for help, ignore the naysayers and photos, we want photos.
klutchdust 05/02/22 10:13am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Importing an RV from Europe to the US

I purchased a Honda Ruckus titled in Arizona. It needed to be disassembled enough for CHP to view three areas for VIN numbers. That took a few days at their inspection site, then California said there are no smog certifications for the Scooter so I couldn't register it in California. Now, I couldn't register it in Arizona again, which many people do using friends addresses, because the seller did not notarize his signature on the title. The seller was uncooperative as it was payment for a debt. So..... as i sat in AAA office speaking to the agent she said, it has to be under 50cc then it would be smog exempt. Well guess what. Honda made these 49CC. Moral? of the story? attempting to import a vehicle and getting it to comply with US regulations, in my opinion, is a total waste of time. I filed a non-op registration as the bike is used as a pit bike at racing events. I insure it, man that's another story, for legal reasons.
klutchdust 04/12/22 10:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator Wildlife Hunt

I had rodent issues and found that by having a light shine under the coach at night they stopped coming around. I am fortunate that my equipment is in my backyard. So they moved next-door and are chewing my neighbors car that he doesn't use ....:W
klutchdust 04/06/22 12:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator Wildlife Hunt

If you are just idling the motors for 15-20minutes, you might be causing more harm than good. They need a load to get up to full temperature which will burn off any moisture in the crank case. Assuming you put them to bed for the winter properly, better to just let them sit until spring. Of course, the mice/rats/squirrels chewing the wiring are a different matter. Why would idling for that amount of time cause problems.
klutchdust 04/05/22 09:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: mb diesel oil mistake

No problema. I was talking with a Sprinter van owner recently in a campground with his hood up. He had the Mercedes diesel. I asked him where the DEF fill was. He said "what is DEF?" Time to head for town and buy some DEF. He was thankful. If DEF goes low does the vehicle go into "limp" mode?
klutchdust 04/05/22 09:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Help with malfunctioning automatic RV step.

You might also want to check/test the door magnet. That was where the problem was with mine. Cleaning/vacuuming and i must have hit the wire that connected to that device.
klutchdust 04/05/22 09:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sewer connector for Sprinter

I had a previous Class A with a built in Macerator that used a smaller hose. I just went to Lowes and got a Cap for the sewer cleanout, a threaded adapter for the hose and drilled a hole in the CAP, put the adapter through and put a PVC nut on the back. It's all schedule 40 stuff so no real risk of a point of failure. I never found a pre-made adapter but for a few bucks was easy enough to make one. It's just plumbing. Sounds easy enough however the cap for the clean out is under rose bushes and an extension pipe comes from there with the standard fitting on that.When my home was built we had a cleanout put by the street and in the garage. I have found a 90* fitting that his hose can slide into and when fastened to my drain pipe will be pointed skyward. Thanks for the suggestion.
klutchdust 03/11/22 12:19pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sewer connector for Sprinter

https://i.imgur.com/Nb7i7AVl.jpg This is how his sprinter connects to a sewer line, it screws into the receptacle. https://i.imgur.com/GVxvJmnl.jpg My hoses connect to this. So I haven't found any connectors to do that.
klutchdust 02/28/22 12:25pm Class C Motorhomes
Sewer connector for Sprinter

My friend has a MB Sprinter. I have a dump station at my home. His connections on the sewer dump line screws into a connector that you would find at a RV park. I use the twist and lock type. Is there an adapter that his small line can screw into then twist and lock it onto my dump connection.
klutchdust 02/28/22 10:57am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Advice on unique oppotunity

At this point I am not sure what "support" Bigfoot would offer anyway. Appliances are readily available as needed and structurally ,regular maintenance and repairs should take care of that. Find a good Mobile RV mechanic vs brick and mortar and get the help you may need. If it were me ( I repair my own stuff) I would go for it. Duramax is great, leave it stock. It goes fast enough and is strong enough. When I read online about my Duramax the one's complaining have them chipped or performance mod. Also learn the proper maintenance of the diesel. Fuel filters, how to change, how to prime. I use a fuel conditioner also. Diesel fuel has lost it "lubricity" I use Optilube XPD. Lucas is top line also.
klutchdust 02/18/22 11:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: E-450 Stuck on Defrost Mode

On another Ford product my in laws had it required removing the dash pad for access to those actuators. Removing the dash is not as complex as it might seem , some screws and it can be tilted backward. However. I am not familiar with this application .
klutchdust 02/06/22 09:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Hardware costs for flat-towing (brackets/wiring/tow bar)....

Reading this has made me wonder something, I've not tried it, but may, would a 4 wire trailer plug and harness, with the same plug at both ends, be able to back feed your tail lights on the towed vehicle without needing to add other harnesses? Likewise would the same thing with 7 wire plugs on both ends maintain the towed battery? Or do the electronics and diode setups in newer vehicles make that impractical? Basically I'm asking about tying the trailer plugs on both a motorhome and towed together. https://i.imgur.com/SIj76f3l.jpg worked great.
klutchdust 02/06/22 09:27am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Just purchased a 2016 Cambria

2009 29 ft Cambria towed a 2 door Jeep Wrangler and did not know it was even there. It had zero effect on mileage which after 45K miles averaged 8.5 MPG. If you are setting up to tow ,do it right from the beginning. Being a mechanic I was able to set my Jeep up correctly from the start with all the wiring and brake systems to enjoy trouble free trips. It can be costly but well worth it. I owned my Itasca Cambria for 6 years. I did all the repairs myself. They are a fine rig but like anything require attention. Any questions, just ask. Enjoy your rig.
klutchdust 02/04/22 09:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Walmart has new auto battery maker

I switched over to AAA batteries as I tired of dragging batteries into the store and back. Recently one in my Duramax failed, AAA came out replaced both and prorated them for a discount. At around 130 a batteryI find it to be a good value. Trojan batteries for my Class C worked well as house batteries but AAA for chassis.
klutchdust 01/24/22 09:37am Tech Issues
RE: Differential Service

I wonder how a shop sees metal shavings in the diff fluid when checking. Maybe they sucked some fluid out from near the bottom with something like THIS SUCTION GUN. I use one for adding/filling differential and manual transmission fluids. Good question. Maybe a flexible magnet into the fluid. Metal shavings are common in those types of gear assembles. And when they say shavings think the size of ground pepper or even smaller, more like metal chips/flakes, not what you see when you drill holes in steel.
klutchdust 01/07/22 09:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Differential Service

^Exactly. And your explanation may help the OP understand that. Maybe I wasn’t clear, but I don’t consider a broken spring locator pin an alignment issue, but rather a parts failure. I consider alignment something that is adjustable. Thanks for the feedback.
klutchdust 01/05/22 10:37am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Differential Service

Recommended differential service is between 50,000 and 60,000 miles. So it was time. They just replaced the gasket and the fluid. Because it was just service the warranty does not cover it. Didn’t hurt to ask. I still don’t have the RV though because they were not happy with the alignment so sending it back for a rear axle alignment. These look like they are relatively uncommon. But if the steering wheel is off center or there is pull one way or the other I guess it’s possible the rear axle can be adjusted. Can’t find much on it on Google. So the shop that does alignment for them can’t get to it until next week. It’s drivable they say but I didn’t want to experience a problem after all the work I’ve had done so I won’t get it until 2022! Fwiw, unless there are some extenuating circumstances not mentioned, it is virtually impossible to knock the rear axle of a solid axle vehicle out of “alignment” and it is 1000% not adjustable. If for some reason there is a gross misalignment or bent axle, it is a mechanic shop or body shop job. Or in other words, you’re likely being sold a bill of goods on the rear alignment. Beware. Leaf springs have a center pin that protrudes out and a saddle may sit on and be centered by that pin.The axle sits on that saddle and is held together by the leaf spring u bolts. If the pin fails the axle can move. Occasionally you will see bob tail or pick up trucks doing the doggy walk down the road, favoring one side or the other. FWIW fact: I performed wheel alignments on semi trailers and the front axle was 1/4 inch longer in measurement from the king pin on the drivers side and the rear was adjusted to be exactly the same distance from the front axle. This was to keep the trailer axles favoring the crest of the road. Often a trailer came in for wheel alignment as the driver noticed the trailer "dog tracking" A broken center pin was the first item we checked.
klutchdust 01/03/22 09:46am Class C Motorhomes
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