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RE: Replacement for Onan 4000

It would be interesting to know what exactly failed in some of the Onan generators and what it cost to repair. I find it curious that some have had multiple Onan's yet experienced failures in each one and others seem to have outstanding service using them. What occurred that would lead someone to not ever want to own one even if for free. As I have said, my company had no less than 500 units powering refrigeration units and other than normal maintenance were not in the shop unless they were getting a rebuild.
klutchdust 04/03/20 05:58pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacement for Onan 4000

I especially like this comment by grit Dog "Just stop taking it places that charge $300 to replace a $30-60 carburetor. " There are mobile mechanics out there that are ready and willing to work on just about anything. I would suggest that one seeks out a mechanic in their area and check out their services and cost. Now, I had my rototiller give me issues after storage even though I had fuel additive in the gas. A product called mechanic in a bottle was suggested and is available at the big box orange store. Well, as skeptical as I am i purchased, followed instructions and guess what, it idled smooth as silk.
klutchdust 04/03/20 02:50pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacement for Onan 4000

way2roll, I appreciate your replies. I am a full-time worker with 3 young kids. We live in Southern CA . We only do RVing in spring breaks or summer time. I find it is too much to exercise the Onan monthly and only use it 2 or 3 times a year. Now that the Onan is broken, I am deciding to get it fixed or buy a generator where we do not need to exercise monthly . On edit: I reviewed a few of your other posts an it seems like you have an RV that only gets used 1 or 2 times a year. As a result you are having issues due to lack of use. RV's - like anything else - like to be used or they start to have problems. Have you considered that you may actually be spending more money addressing things from lack of use than selling it and renting an RV for the 1 or 2 times a year? Again, not trying to be snarky, just a thought. All generators need to be exercised regardless if they are under the rv or portable. It has to do with the windings. The engine is one issue.
klutchdust 04/02/20 08:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacement for Onan 4000

In my industry we had maybe 500 Onan generators and they proved to be a workhorse and very reliable. They need to be run and run a lot. Replacing with portables seems to be a costly solution to a small problem. Storing them, carrying fuel....no thanks..... Servicing your unit then using it like it was designed to do may be the best option for both ease of use and dollars spent. Portable units. Always turn the fuel supply off and let the unit run out of fuel. This will prevent fuel from gumming up in the carburetor. I have a 10 year old Champion that has seen plenty of abuse. It sits sometimes for months and once i turn on the fuel, wait a minute, half choke and half a pull it starts right up. i started using non-ethanol gas in my saw and rototiller. I still include fuel treatment though.
klutchdust 04/02/20 10:41am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Wheel Lugs

I check mine immediately after I buy tires. I don't think I've ever found any under-torqued, but finding them over-torqued happens too often. x2 I have removed tires from other cars not my own and wonder if they used a cheater pipe on the end of a breaker bar. And i usually find that out on the side of the road with the OEM lug wrench/pry bar thingy as my weapon of choice. My dad always had a 4 way in his vehicles. i carry a breaker bar and strong socket.
klutchdust 04/01/20 01:54pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Wheel Lugs

Wow, I never check them, never thought of doing so on any vehicle I own.Every tire shop I've been to tells me to check them at 50 miles after a wheel removal. My guess is to double check their work. Remember, be sure you are using your torque wrench properly. snap check is the best way otherwise you may add a little bit of torque each time you check. Do you back off your wrench in-between uses? So far and wrenching for a living I have not found a torqued lug nut loose, now in heavy equipment is another issue.
klutchdust 04/01/20 01:50pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Storing with levelers down?

I see no use in doing that. The design of the vehicle, the weight rating on the tires etc are all factored in. Tire covers, proper inflation is sufficient in my thinking.
klutchdust 04/01/20 10:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: back up cameras which one is best for class c

What about upgrades to present hard wired from the factory cameras. After using the new color screen clear as a whistle in my new JL wrangler I find the one in my 09 Cambria slightly boring.
klutchdust 03/26/20 10:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 5.4 E350 performance and reliability?

As Gump would say fuel mileage is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.....
klutchdust 02/25/20 09:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Convert your old Class C to a custom cargo carrier

Another stupid, juvenile video. And fun to watch. better than watching most reality tv programs these days....
klutchdust 02/25/20 09:00am Class C Motorhomes
RE: toad versus no toad

Gas stations in the west part of the US are more open and as not as tightly packed as the eastern states where you live. I have always been able to fill my Class-C and toad without unhooking them. x2 even when driving a friends 42 ft. with a toad no problem. As far as fuel mileage. I drove on a trip of 275 miles with the toad, next trip without the toad, same trip same mileage. My 2 door JK had no effect on mileage. I forgot it was there until I made a left turn into a street...
klutchdust 02/18/20 04:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Toad/Dingy Rental

You could always try Turo. Since it's personal cars being rented, you might get lucky and find somebody who is already set up. What a great idea. Im looking to dolly tow something, looking into the rental company contracts to see exactly what is allowed or not. Basically I'm looking to "rent a wreck" to help with my fishing in the sierras. I have towed my Jk but my new JL 2019 I am hesitant to invest a ton of money for such short adventures. My JK (jeep wrangler 2 door) was all set up but only went on a few tours.
klutchdust 02/18/20 10:36am Dinghy Towing
RE: Toad options

So, you are planning on borrowing a dolly, renting a car and towing it when needed? Are you dragging the empty dolly to near your destination then renting a car nearby? 2 trains of thought. 1. Rental company will never know you're towing it if you drive away with the car. Liability? Assuming your insurance covers rentals, check with them and it essentially doesn't matter what the rental co policy is, if there's an incident, you're paying whether behind the wheel or behind the moho. 2. You have a brand new Rubi, why not just dolly it if you don't want to flat tow it and save the rest of the hassle? Can't dolly a jeep, it needs to be either 4 up or 4 down. The jeep on a trailer exceeds my C's weight limit. My concern is basically for my fishing in the Sierras. Last night i did a little more research and have discovered a few more roads that allow off road vehicles to be driven from point a to point b.The only requirements are stop/tailights and insurance which i have and ohh yeah my green sticker So I can leave my campsite and get to some great streams on my side by side.If you get to Arizona they allow travel down the road provided you have all of what I said plus directional signals. In quartzite that a very common mode of transportation. California hasn't caught on yet. UPDATE: A local to me car rental company that is not a national chain replied, sure no problem. Once I get ready and carefully read the contract I will be on my way
klutchdust 02/18/20 10:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2020 Winnebago Spirit 31k Wrench Light Warning

If you have an auto parts store nearby often they offer free code reading. Sometimes a engine warning light, or in your situation a wrench symbol is triggered by a loose fuel cap. If it came on just after you fueled remove the cap and tighten accordingly.Adding premium fuel will have no positive effect on your issue.
klutchdust 02/18/20 09:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Toad options

I have found that most rental car companies I have dealt with, do not allow you to tow one of their rentals behind your RV on a dolly or car carrier. There was one that if you had the correct "membership status", they had an option for those renting at a popular tourist destination. My destinations usually involve somewhat of a remote area near a stream or lake . I am going to research more and speak to the agencies. From what I have gathered so far the employees I have spoken to only understand what day you are picking up and what day you are returning, understandable though.
klutchdust 02/17/20 04:20pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Toad options

I have access to a tow dolly and if I were to rent a small car and tow it backwards it would be fine. Even if a rental company would allow you to dolly tow their cars why would you tow it backwards? I think most small cars are front wheel drive. And, dolly manufacturers probably do not recommend towing a car backwards for safety reasons. ok, you didn't read my comment where I realized my mistake. I changed it. Anyway, Im old school where the only front wheel drive car was a Eldorado. We laughed when he came in and had snow tires put on just the front. I forgot everything else is front wheel drive EXCEPT anything I drive. As far as safety is concerned, as a young lad and operating a wrecker service we towed hundreds of cars backwards and only using the seat belt to hold the wheel. way off topic now.
klutchdust 02/17/20 03:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Toad options

I would wonder if the rental car company would allow you to dolly tow. FWIW, virtually every small car these days is front wheel drive, so you would load it on the dolly forwards instead of backwards. Yes, you are correct, what was I thinking. I did just call one company and they were like duh......
klutchdust 02/17/20 03:04pm Class C Motorhomes
Toad options

After spending a considerable amount of time and treasure to outfit my 08 JK to be towable behind my Cambria ,I found that it did not go on as many trips as I thought it would that would require a toad. I do travel quite a bit solo but my Honda Ruckus sits on the back of the coach. Sure, it was great to have at Moab and out in the desert, but I find myself using my side by side and motorcycles more as the wifey likes to stay home and chase bees with her business. I have a 12ft. flatbed for that. So, I now have a 19 Rubicon. At this point Im not real comfortable setting IT up and possibly ending in the same scenario. I have access to a tow dolly and if I were to rent a small car and tow it behind the motorhome. I need a car for fishing trips in the Sierras, Bonneville and maybe another adventure with the wife to Mt St Helens. All our other planned trips will not require other transportation. Does anyone else do this sort of thing.
klutchdust 02/17/20 02:49pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: engine longevity?

I have rust on my unit's frame from just visiting a few days most Winters Up North. I don't know when it becomes a problem though. Same with my Mercedes-Benz autos. A couple weeks most every Winter up North, and bits of rust show wherever bare metal is. It's part of the North Country Winters. Surface rust is going to happen. Having lived in upstate New York I have seen firsthand what salted roads can and will do to your vehicles. I like to take a creeper and go underneath my rig and i do it on a regular basis. You may want to try that and poke around at the rust and see what is going on. As you describe your adventures, my guess is you have just some surface rust. As was said, take a hammer and tap on some metal, if the rust falls off you may have some issues.
klutchdust 02/13/20 09:18am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Bolt on bigfoot levelers on an e450 chasis

I'm looking to install a bigfoot system on my Nexus Viper 27v. Does anyone have any experience with the new ford e450 bolt on system they are offering to mount the cylinders? I'm curious about clearances required for outside mounts of the rear cylinders. Is this something that you would like to do yourself or have someone do it for you?
klutchdust 02/11/20 09:06am Class C Motorhomes
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