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RE: Portable grill/stove

To answer a couple of questions and concerns I've seen since my post. To adapter to a standard lp system would be easy with an adapter hose. Any that converts your propane to the round connector for a 1# bottle will work. To tie into a system after the TC regulator would be a bit more troublesome, but could be done. As far as putting a pot on and boiling water, should be able to do it but would use more propane than a little side grill. I've been carrying the 17" with the griddle in the normal position in the back seat for the last 3,000 miles, some of it rough road. No bending of the sheet metal at the four post. No smell even after cooking salmon which is one of the smelliest things I know. We just put a Blackstone cover on it before sliding it into the little wooden box sitting in the back seat. The side towards the door of the box is open, but we haven't noticed any smell, even after getting in the truck at the end of a hot day. One of the key things to the griddle is not cleaning it too well. Usually after I cook, just scrape then turn off. When I turn it back on for the next use, just scrape again, wipe down with a paper towel then light coat of olive oil. Things like burgers are the worse, but still not a big deal. Cool down for storage takes about as long as required to eat. I have put it up within a couple of minutes when we had a storm roll in, just didn't put the cover on it until later.
kohldad 07/02/20 09:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Portable grill/stove

After several years of using a Weber Q1000 we switched to a Blackstone 17" griddle. The Weber was great and is still used at home but it was limited to grilling. With the Blackstone, we now can cook the meat, vegetables, bacon, eggs, and just about anything we want. Takes up less space. We carry it in the backseat, same place as the Weber and notice less smell from the Blackstone. The Weber was inside two garbage bags but the Weber is only under the cover. The flavor on the Blackstone is a bit different, but we are slowly learning to get the flavors we like. One key thing to reduce cook time is buy a dome which helps hold the heat onto the food. If it's only 2 eating, the 17" is doable, but for more look at the 22" as the extra width makes it a bit easier. Both are usually available at Walmart for same day pickup. Not the cheapest thing, but cheaper than my Weber and they are built to last so you won't have to replace every year.
kohldad 06/25/20 08:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Tie-down systems performance/safety vs cost

With an older truck, it should be easy with a little looking to find a used set of TorkLift. Or if you go new for a quicker solution, you should still be able to get about 1/2 your money back out if you take the time to pull them off before you sell the truck.
kohldad 06/09/20 06:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Getting the truck ready?

If you plan on boondocking (dry camping - no hookups) much and need the truck to recharge the camper battery, I would recommend against changing to the 7-pin harness for two reason. The lance plug uses #8 wire for the power feed which will help recharge the battery. Using an extension and the 7-pin in the rear will add about 16' of cable which will hamper the truck from charging the camper battery. Those both combined together will reduce the charging ability by about 50% or more. For the tie downs, unless you are very handy fabricating, definitely go with at least the fronts from Torklift. I have access to a fab shop and decided it was cheaper/better to go with Torqlift mounts. The rear are a lot easier to fabricate, but I again went with Torqlift.
kohldad 06/04/20 05:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Today was my first time......

Nice location! That looks more than level enough spot for me to level up with the little bit I carry. I can put two wheels up to 18" off the ground. I've never lowered the jacks, not even when I was going to be some place for four or five days. As far as wiggle, I enjoy it in my TC because we never lowered the jacks as a kid so the wiggle is relaxing to me. Now when I had a FW, that I had to have rock solid.
kohldad 06/04/20 05:53am Truck Campers
RE: Northern Lite 9-6 and Cassett Toilet???

Which model? I imagine on some models the cassette toilet is an option.
kohldad 05/31/20 09:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Considering a TC & Towing my Travel Trailer

The 2004 Lance brochure list the empty weight as 1695. Only option I have is AC so dry weight should be 1765. Adding 18gals water (140#), 20# of propane, 35# for battery it should weigh 1940. I'm a light packer and know it weighs 2,400# ready for a trip. I have carried this camper on two trucks. First was a 2004 Ram 3500 CTD Crew Cab 4x4 which had a payload of 2,200#. Second truck is the current truck, 2015 Ram 3500 6.4 gas Crew Cab 4x4 which has a payload of 4,300#. Both weights are actual weights, only difference is the 2004 was ready for the camper with tie downs and bed liner, the 2015 was brand new off the lot so still needed the tie downs and bed liner. The 2004 had helper springs which actually gave it a better feel with the camper on board after adding stable loads. The new SRW truck doesn't have the helper springs but the DRW does. Even with the heavier 2004 truck and towing my trail jeep on a trailer (~6,000#) without a WDH, my rear wheels still were well under the limit of 3,190. The newer truck with 18" wheels have 200# more capacity so would have even a better margin. Right now we are shopping for a newer camper. While the current camper has served me well for 11 years, I'm retiring soon so will be taking longer trips. We therefore want a slightly bigger camper with bigger tanks. Would prefer to stay 9'-6" or under so we don't have to run an expensive extension the few times we tow. With the 9'-6" camper, a simple 18" extension will do fine for a car hauler or the potential 30' TT. That said, we are looking at upgrading to a DRW because it would open up more choices. Even an Artic Fox 865 would be pushing the weights of a SRW. Our only concern is we enjoy forest roads which require 4wd and are afraid it would limit some of our travels. But we keep trying to convince ourselves that while our travels would be a little limited, we would never run out of places off the beaten path to visit. Sorry for the book, but you asked for more info. If you have other questions, just ask and I'll try to keep further answers shorter.
kohldad 05/30/20 07:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Considering a TC & Towing my Travel Trailer

We are considering the same down the line when we want to slow down. However we are looking at a 7,000# 30' TT along with something like our Lance 815. We've pulled cars behind our setup on u-haul trailer which would make it weigh around 6,000# so know it's feasible. We want the TC not only for having it around during the day trips but also so we don't have to return every night when we find that perfect sunset spot. We need the bathroom, fridge, change of clothes, and sometimes even a place to crash for an hour so it's not overkill for us. You numbers look good except I think you are under estimating the TC weight. Listed dry weights don't include any options, fluids, or even the battery. Does include empty propane tanks though.
kohldad 05/29/20 08:46am Truck Campers
RE: Where to watch rocket launch in or near motorhome?

For one of the last shuttle launches I got there very early (7pm for an 11am liftoff) and was able to get a standard parking spot in the parking lot at the causeway for my truck camper. Would have needed to get there earlier in the day for a motor home. If it had gone off I would of had great views. Kicking myself now for not waiting for the next attempt which would have been late that night as it went off. One thing to keep in mind is there is about a 40% of having good enough weather for the launch on Wednesday with the next attempt on Saturday.
kohldad 05/26/20 01:26pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: truck swerved with hard braking

Usually it is a sign that something is wrong - but I would do another test before pulling the brakes to check. Reason is if you were leaning any to the right because you were moving into the left lane and then hit the brakes as you pulled to the right, you created a double effect. First you went from leaning to the right to leaning to the left because pulling back behind the semi. Then you slammed on the brakes which further pulled the truck from under the camper which would have cause even more lean to the left. Any time your vehicle leans to the left, the truck is naturally going to tend to go right. You did this in extreme which means you had extreme movement. I think your natural reaction caused the problems and not your brakes. If you had continued into the left lane going straight, slammed on the brakes, slowed down sufficiently, then eased the brakes before changing direction, I don't think you would have noticed a problem. The only way to know for sure is while going straight on an empty road with room to your right, try easing into the brakes again until you are hard on them to see if it pulls again.
kohldad 05/14/20 02:05pm Truck Campers
RE: vibration

4WD System could have been bound up which didn't allow it to disengage the first time. Don't think the auto locking hubs on the Ford have changed much. If not they are basically the same as on my '92 and on more than one occasion I had to back up two or three times to get them to disengage. My question is why you had it engaged on a road that was dry enough and fast enough to be washboarded? Sounds like the road could easily have been done in 2wd. A dry dirt road will not provide enough slippage with a heavily loaded vehicle to allow for the differential in tire rotation during curves.
kohldad 05/11/20 08:29pm Truck Campers
RE: How inconvenient is a cargo trailer?

I will make do without a trailer for the reasons you mentioned but also because of the roads I travel. I travel a lot of single lane back roads and trails where trying to backup or turn around a trailer would be impossible. Giving up the mobility to me isn't worth being able to carry more junk that I don't really need.
kohldad 05/04/20 07:53pm Truck Campers
RE: The shorter the center of gravity, the better right?

The Lance 815 I know of for sure and I've seen a couple of others that did the same to handle the difference between the truck bed lengths. On the 815 and it's the only model I know of which they did this with is have pods that bolt onto the rear of the camper when you put it on a short bed truck. The pods gave a little extra storage but more importantly had built in lights. Because the camper was very light at only 1,600#, having the COG a few inches outside of the recommended truck's COG was not a problem. Moving the camper 18" on my LB truck will only shift about 300# from the front axle to the rear axle. So on a long bed truck, you had the option of removing the pods and letting the camper slide all the way forward in the bed which meant the camper stopped at the rear bumper. Or, you could put a spacer in front of the camper so it sat back 18" allowing you to leave the pods on. On a short bed truck, you left the pods on which provided tail lights at the rear of the camper and the camper stuck out 18". Any other short bed camper can go on a long bed truck because the differences in the bed lengths are all in front of the axle. So the difference in the relationship between COG and rear axle is zero between the truck beds. You do need to build a spacer (usually 18") so the camper has something to push against to prevent contact with the tail lights.
kohldad 05/01/20 06:32am Truck Campers
RE: Isotherm fridge in camper?

The odds of having to remove a fridge from a unit over it's life is extremely small so the sacrifice of having to remove the door to change it out is an acceptable risk. General the same size danfoss compressor fridge will fit through a door so getting the upgraded unit in is a piece of cake. The old unit can be removed without removing the door by removing the cooling unit from the back. If the unit was operational, it can be reinstalled fairly easy with the only additional item of some heat transfer paste.
kohldad 04/29/20 06:37am Truck Campers
RE: Car breaks down on a trip. What to do with your camper?

Most shops have a little pity on breakdowns because they've been there. For me it's going to be a simple choice. Sell the entire rig or buy a replacement vehicle that will allow me to continue on my journey. This is one of my worries I'm planning ahead to just deal with it as an adventure. Hard for me because I've repaired my own vehicles and campers for 30 years so having to break down and pay someone what I consider an exorbitant price is going to be hard. Just part of life's adventure.
kohldad 04/25/20 07:59pm Truck Campers

When I was towing a 12k FW with my diesel, I've seen it go from 80psi @ 70* in the morning to almost 110psi after 300 miles and temps rising to 95*. Just remember, don't let air out just because it goes over max pressure after driving. Tires are to be checked when cold which means less than 1 mile of driving and no sun shining on them. The tire manufacturers design in the rise of pressure.
kohldad 04/14/20 06:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Hardside that fits thru 8'x8' opening

Lance 815 would fit. It's 7" narrower than most. On my truck I'm 10'-6" but the bed is 32" which means total height including AC would be 7'-10". You could easily gain about 5" more clearance by going with a low profile AC unit. Any unit with a basement isn't going to fit so you can rule them out quickly. Unfortunately, that is most of the newer units. The bad is it has small tanks, even smaller wet bath and only 6-2 inside. But I've been using mine for 11 years now and it's still in great shape.
kohldad 04/10/20 07:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Driving With a Pop Up vs Hardside??

Since you have a good truck, I wouldn't worry about the weight difference. Yes the hardside will be a bit more unstable, but it shouldn't be bad at all. With the hardside, you may need to do a few minor suspension upgrades like heavier sway bar, stable loads etc. I have a Lance 815 which is a bit lighter and not only do rough forest roads but also easy off-road trails. I would be more concerned with how you plan on using it. If you travel all day and only stop at night, the pop-up may be a better option. But if you use the rig several times a day, then you will probably more satisfied with the hardside.
kohldad 03/23/20 04:42pm Truck Campers
RE: repairing eye bolt tie downs on 2003 Pastime

Here is the link for posting pictures. RV.Net Tutorials and Picture related FAQ's For some reason you can't subscribe to it to save it for future use. But you should be able to subscribeto this post which has a link to the above page in the first replay. Link for the link
kohldad 03/19/20 08:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Rec.gov cancellation policy

It has more detail in the confirmation email. I want to say just $10 fee if cancelled 2 days or more in advance though. Unfortunately I don't keep my reservation emails once I have used them so can't find the wording quickly.
kohldad 03/16/20 05:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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