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RE: 2020 GMC Towing Leader

The size of the screen is the same as the '17. The infotainment system itself is all new and much improved from my limited time playing with it. Here is the deal on the interior. Ram set the bar higher on the highest trim levels. On it's own the GM interior are very ergonomic, well thought and as a result very functional. What it is not, is blingy and GM is getting beat up for it. I confess I spend a lot of time in my truck and I want it nice and I want a certain level of Bling. I would be good with what is offered, but if they are going to improve it (which is subjective) I am for that. All that said sitting in the interior of an LBZ or HC level Chevy is not an uncomfortable experience and I have not seen anything written that says it is. It all depends on what you put value in. The interior is 3rd on my list, behind performance and dependability. If you think the GM interior is bad on first impression, spend some time in it and see what you think. I am not sure how anyone could step out of one and say that it isn't comfortable and functional.
ksss 08/21/19 09:41pm Tow Vehicles

Well done, gotta appreciate a man that walks the talk.
ksss 08/21/19 06:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Air bags/shocks and the anticipated ride.

I don't think the ride issues your noticing are due to the shocks. Although if they have never been replaced, it may help with the ride as well. I think a hitch like this http://www.trailersaver.com/see-how-it-works/ would likely do more to remove the issues your feeling when towing. If the truck is mostly level with the trailer in tow, I am not sure how bags would make a difference. What I think what your experiencing has more to do with the fifth wheel hitch than the pickup suspension. Your truck has the updated suspension that was implemented in 2011 and remains the same until 2020.
ksss 08/20/19 11:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Duramax Turbo

^ Depends if it's the vanes physically sticking or the actuator going south. They tested the actuator and they tell me it is good. The motor is an LBZ but still oil actuated turbo. Considering upgrading to a better turbo, but power is not an issue, it has a light 35 hp tune and it will spin the duals from a dead stop with a loaded trailer at will. I just wish it had the brakes and suspension that the new ones do, even the 2011 upgrade, to say nothing of the 2020. When I found out this news we (commercial sales guy and I) built a WT 3500 HD CC DRW 2020 verison and it has a 40 Gross combined capacity as built. Price is mid50K. Wasn't going to upgrade but maybe I will replace this truck. That is almost twice the capacity of the 06 DRW.
ksss 08/18/19 11:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I drove a 2020 Silverado D/A 3500HD today

Ok I got my first look at a Chevy 2500 truck and the front end is as hideous as the pictures. Also the bed step is a poor design that will add very little value. The interior looked ok with black leather seats. Something tells me Chevy is already planning on fast forwarding the refresh sooner rather than later. The front end, bed step and interior will receive the main focus on the refresh. Bottom line there's nothing with these trucks that make me want to part ways with my '12 truck. Those side steps on the 2020's have value if you work out of one. Take a look at any truck that someone works out of and look at the side of the bed. You will notice scratches from coat zippers and people dragging things across the tops of the bed rails that inevitabily slide down the outside. Why? Because they cant reach over the bed to the bottom of the deck to grab things, and they dont want to crawl in the bed to from the back to get it. The step on the side is a great feature, I am not crazy about the look of it. However there is no doubt it serves a practical purpose. At the end of the day for me, that is what matters. Just as a general unscientific observation, the internet objection about the looks has softened now that they are on lots and being seen in real life. I am not saying they that it couldnt have looked better, but its not the crisis that many would make it out to be (most of those were not going to buy a GM anyway). I do think the interior will get upgraded in the HD before to long as the 1500 upgrade is already enroute.
ksss 08/18/19 11:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Duramax Turbo

Well my VVT is sticking as well. Looking at options. $3800 from the dealer to RR. The diesel performance shops are considerably less even for a better turbo. Cleaning it sounds like it isn't a long term fix.
ksss 08/15/19 05:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I drove a 2020 Silverado D/A 3500HD today

Darn!! I just fixed my horn, put a new block heater cord and changed my oil in my “03”. Guess I’ll wait until next year, but gosh only 80 grand! That is a High Country trim level. You don't have to spend that to get into one.
ksss 08/15/19 12:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I drove a 2020 Silverado D/A 3500HD today

They hold their value. I was mid 70's for an LTZ SRW. Looks like a major interior upgrade is coming soon on the 1500's and so the HD's will be a year or so behind that. I will hold off on replacing my '18. I went in a couple days ago looking and ended up taking home a ZR2. I always wanted one and I can keep some of the nonpaying miles off my D/A (that's how I justified it anyway). Huntindog did you notice any dead pedal on your test drive? I cant say how bad I want that gone.
ksss 08/14/19 11:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires

The Falcons would be a good choice. I have had good luck with Nitto G2's. I run the Nitto EXO Grappler on my 3500, probably more aggressive than your looking for. Hankook ATM is a decent tire as well.
ksss 08/14/19 11:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Duramax Turbo

It is a good idea to use the turbo brake on a regular basis, it will help keep the adjustment range clear of build up. That is a good tip.
ksss 08/12/19 12:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Duramax class action suit

I read about this lubrication issue years ago. No doubt you will see Ford customers and likely VW file one as well.
ksss 08/11/19 08:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck Caps

https://www.highwayproducts.com/c/truck-bed-storage/p/pickup-pack-pro/ I have a version of this with the domed top from front to back, with headache rack but no ladder rack. Blacked out. Pretty outstanding. Super secure, it would take horde of crackheads all night to break into it. It you don't need the height of a typical topper, this is a pretty outstanding option. They are not cheap, but you get your money's worth.
ksss 08/07/19 11:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: About to buy a TT, so confused, could use some help.

Toyota clearly overspeced that vehicle. The transmission struggles keeping up when towing moderate weights, I cant imagine towing 10K with that platform. It is not often that an OEM overspecs their vehicles, but it clearly happened in this case. At the MPG you will getting with that SUV you could do it with any 3/4 gas truck and many 1/2 ton trucks and do it a lot more competently.
ksss 08/07/19 07:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Titan Cummins Diesel option axed for 2020

Not surprised that the "C" badge on the fender couldn't save this truck... And the Ram Ecodiesel better get their act together or they'll be next. Link A lot of mistakes were made both by Nissan and Cummins. Toyota was initially interested in this same motor. They ended that conversation rather quickly after the Nissan release. As others have said, and many forecasted including me that the mileage and capability don't pencil out. If you want to get 16 mpg you can get that in an HD/SD of the big three and have twice the power and capability. No question that is one ugly pickup. The roll out was not exactly problem free on the Cummins side of the equation.
ksss 08/06/19 09:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Test drove a Chevy 2020 HD 3500

The gas version needs a the 10 speed. They care going to get killed on the Ike. Another 4 speeds won't make a bit of difference one way or another in the real world. Pulling a grade you're going to be in the same range 6 speed or 10. Might make a difference in a forum or waterhole BS session I suppose. Ike? Who cares? Maybe someone who is pulling overloaded gooseneck manure wagons from Denver to Silverthorne twice a day, 6 days a week. Truck threads are amusing. Man those are ugly. That's coming from someone who owns another brand, and never would have bought the ugly brand regardless. Now if one of the detractors happened to buy one, it would suddenly be the most beautiful thing on the planet. It might behoove some of you folks to set up a firewall and block those midlife crisis afflicted Boneheads at TFL truck. I think it does matter. The gas engine would clearly benfit from more gears. Keeping it in the optiminum gear would certainly make it a better towing experience. The additional 4 gears would help with that. I may not run the IKE, but I do run the Teton Pass loaded and so do a countless RVers. The better it performs on the IKE, the better will perform for everyone else. Nothing wronge in my mind about having a discussion about that. As for the looks, I agree it gives those who werent going to buy one a new talking point, since the tow spec issue is no longer present. Even though few towed heavy enough to exceed the prior tow limits. With GMC offering a different look, it gives those who are truly interested, another option.
ksss 08/06/19 07:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Test drove a Chevy 2020 HD 3500

I didn't realize that the gas engine still got the 6 speed. I just built one and sure enough it gives you a six speed. I agree that is going to be a problem on the IKE and I think if there was a need for a 10 speed the gas engine would benefit the most. I am sure the ten speed will be available before long probably 2021. It should be available right now on the release. That is a mistake. It isn't so powerful as to overcome that shortcoming.
ksss 08/06/19 12:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone towing with a Honda Ridgeline?

Kinda reminds me of a modern day Chevy ElCamino. Yea but not as cool.
ksss 08/05/19 08:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Test drove a Chevy 2020 HD 3500

I thought the one I test drove looked alright, it was bright red so there is that, but the truck itself looked good. The GMC dealer has not got any in yet. Curious to see how that looks in person.
ksss 08/04/19 10:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Duramax Turbo

There are several good options in Idaho Falls if you need help. Two of them are independent Diesel shops (Adrenaline Diesel and Powerlab Diesel). They both know these GM trucks inside and out. I also have a positive relationship with two Chevy service departments in the area. If you have an issue say something and I can help you out.
ksss 08/04/19 06:21pm Tow Vehicles
Test drove a Chevy 2020 HD 3500

I took a 2020 HD for a short test drive yesterday. Somethings that stood out. The infotainment is much improved from the last gen. I liked the interior, would take getting used to the relocation of the trailer brake controller but it is more logical now. Overall the interior is not blingy (this was an LTZ) but very functional more so than the previous. 10 speed is really almost seamless, felt almost like CVT. What I really wanted to see is if that dead pedal was still there. While not as noticeable I still could detect the delay. I was hoping that if there were no nannies in play that would be gone. This truck had not been PDIed and it displayed "transport mode" on the display so maybe that was part of that. The money appears to be about the same as previous gen, but there are a lot more options now, so you could easily get carried away if your not careful checking boxes. They also has a 6.6 gas HD on the lot. They said that some guys took it out and checked the mileage and were able to get 16-17 on the Interstate. If that is true, that would be a good thing if it pulls like the spec sheet says it should.
ksss 08/03/19 12:28pm Tow Vehicles
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