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RE: Newbie Ques for hitch selection

I'd consider looking at something like an A-liner or some of the pop ups. First they have lower frontal area, less drag, second they are considerably lighter. Third once set up they are pretty roomy. And finally you'll be able to have a hitch weight reasonable enough for some cargo and people. Yes, they do take a bit more time to set up once at a campsite, but that's one of the tradeoffs. We have an MDX, it's a great SUV, great family car, great for vacations with a large "trunk". decent ride, good handling. But I'd say it's not a good choice for towing something other than a pop up trailer or A-liner type trailer.
ktmrfs 05/24/22 03:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie Ques for hitch selection

Vehicle weight sounds a little porky, unless you're figuring it loaded with passengers and stuff. Which would figure into your available payload. Idk about the exact recommendation for that vehicle (based on the info posted above), but in general, little mid size suvs will want/need a wdh for any significant tongue weight. Not as tolerant of weight as say a full size truck or something designed more with towing and tongue weight in mind. You're tracking correctly. I think the OP may have misposted the MDX weigh. We have a 2021 MDX advance hybrid, the heaviest of the bunch and it is around 4500 lbs. IMHO the MDX tow rating is misleading at best, dangerous at worst. Typical cargo capacity which include hitch weight is about 1000lbs on the MDX. Now a 5,000lb trailer typically will have 700+lbs on the tongue. That leaves 250lbs for TOTAL other cargo, basically 1 passenger and suitcase. Fill the car with people and you'll be way over Cargo capacity or no capacity for trailer towing. And IIRC Acura has a 500lb limit on the hitch, so it conflicts with the typical 5,000lb trailer hitch weight of over 500lbs. In fact passenger alone can get you over Cargo capacity. The MDX is available in either 6 or 7 person seating. Not hard to imagine going over 1000lbs with 6 passengers. But then at campgrounds I've seen MDX and Pilots loaded with mom, dad and kids and a trunk full of stuff pull in with some pretty good sized trailers. Doubt they are realizing how overloaded they were, even with the tail almost dragging on the ground. A big problem with todays cars and trucks is they have the power to get this overload moving and going up hills and give a false sense of security. Not like 20+ years ago when vehicles really didn't have the power to tow rated loads, let alone an overloaded situation.
ktmrfs 05/24/22 12:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie Ques for hitch selection

Check your owners manual first, the online version I found said, "A weight distributing hitch is not recommended for use with your vehicle, as an improperly adjusted weight distributing hitch may reduce handling, stability, and braking performance." Which it totally not what I expected. the key words are "improperly adjusted". We have an MDX, don't tow with it, but with the short wheelbase, unibody construction and limited tow capacity, I could imagine someone adjusting the hitch in a way that way overloads the front end of the tow vehicle. to the OP the tow rating on the MDX assusmes: 1) tongue weight is no more than 10% of trailer weight, while trailer mfg typically design for 15% tongue weight. Easy then to go over the TV weight rating 2) you need to carefully look at the MDX 'cargo" weight rating. the weight of passengers, cargo in the back and trailer tongue weight combined must be below that number. 3) you need to actually weight the trailer in question loaded up as you would tow it for trailer actual weight and even more importantly trailer tongue weight to make sure you don't go over the MDX hitch weight limit. 4) A MDX may have a GWVR of around 6,000lbs, but actual weight is around 4500lbs.
ktmrfs 05/24/22 10:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Cell Phone Booster installation

So for the ignorant (me) , those of you that are running a booster. Do you see service in places where you didn't before or only stronger service where it is normally weak? Both. There are places where we can get marginal phone/text service and with the booster phone/text is like normal and we get decent internet service. there are places that w/o the booster we have no service, signal level below -120db but with the booster we can get phone service and text. Some of these remote spots also let us get email and marginal internet, hit and miss. And then there are places where we still get no service even with the booster. The booster generally has a 3-5 watt max output vs. a phone around 0.8 watts. So if the booster can detect the cell tower signal AND then have enough signal to handshake with the tower (same process for the phone) you can get then get service. So to get service you must meet two criteria 1) be able to receive and process a signal from a cell tower 2) the phone/booster must be able to transmit a strong enough signal for the tower to process and analyse the signal. Now for best reception always put the cell phone in the cradle or on top of the indoor antenna wifi pad on the booster. In places where reception is marginal with the phone just being close to the indoor antenna may be adequate. so I just put my hotpsot in the booster antenna cradle.
ktmrfs 05/22/22 09:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Solo fire pit

A neighbor had one and said he wouldn't do it again because you can't see the fire like with a regular one. Just his opinion...I agree with him after seeing his. A BIG advantage of a washing machine drum is with all the small holes in the sides and single wall construction you see the fire AND get lots of heat along with minimal or no smoke. And much lower cost than the solo. Smoke bothers DW eyes and with the washing machine drum that problem is completely solved. Downside is that washing machine drums are reasonably large, hard to find one like the small Solo units.
ktmrfs 05/21/22 08:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cell Phone Booster installation

I have a WeBoost Sleek which uses 75ohm cable, but to use RG6 would require an adapter on each end to adapt the F type connectors to the type used on the Sleek. those are readily available. We also have a WeBoost 75 ohm system in our trailer. There are several weBoost amps that have a 75 ohm output. The advantage is that low loss 75 ohm cable is much less expensive and much smaller diameter and much more flexible than low loss 50ohm cable of the same loss. A distinct advantage and the ability to have the antenna 25+ ft from the amp input to avoid oscillation from feedback. Just make sure you also use a antenna matched to 75 ohms.
ktmrfs 05/20/22 04:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cell Phone Booster installation

tv antenna will use 75 ohm cable. Most cell boosters use 50 ohm cable. A FEW, do use 75 ohm cable and 75 ohm antennas on the output but they are very few. So....... does your booster have a 50 ohm or 75 ohm output?????If it's 50 ohm, RG6 will be a large impedance mismatch and very poor cell performance.
ktmrfs 05/19/22 09:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can 19 Silverado 1500 pull 23rslw jayco with just a ball

Payload of my truck is 1826. Towing capacity is 9400 Trailer is hitch 536 Dry weight 4800 Gross is 6000 I don’t have a weight distribution hitch yet just a plain 2 5/6 ball. Think I can get it home from a 2 hour drive? Any reviews on this trailer also appreciated what is the dead weight hitch rating on the truck? In many/most cases the max hitch load for dead weight (non WD) is lower, often significantly lower than WD rating. First thing is to make sure your not exceeding the hitch limit.
ktmrfs 05/19/22 11:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer Brakes Disconnected message

Vehicles from all 3 mfg seem to have the problem show up occasionally. The GM system looks for a given resistance on the brake control wire to determine if the trailer brake system is connected. Once it thinks it is, it continues to monitor and if it goes out of range then the warning comes up. I suspect this is similar on others as well. GM has had a few TSB's on the issue. What I have found it to make sure the connector on the TV and trailer is well seated, and clean. And that the TV connector doesn't have any moisture in it. Also some of the lesser brands of trailer plugs have pretty weak spring force on the contacts, doesn't help.
ktmrfs 05/17/22 08:44am Tech Issues
RE: Small trailer suggestions

In many states, RVs under 4000 lbs. GVW don't require a title to sell I've never seen a trailer (RV, cargo, utility, etc) traveling down the highway without a license plate on it. Which states allow trailers to go on public roads with a license plate (and title)? Come to Oregon. In the last 45 years I've never licensed any of my utility trailers. yup, trailers under 1,800 lbs LOADED don't need registration or license in Oregon. it's the "LOADED weight that has gotten folks into trouble, common one is boat trailers. I also have had multiple utility trailers, some pretty good sized that I never plated or registered. Actually pretty rare to see a smaller utility trailer with plates on it around here. Now don't know if any travel trailers would fit in the <1800lb loaded category, but then it might run into the requirement that travel trailers be registered and they get money out of you by the foot.
ktmrfs 05/16/22 01:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Solo fire pit

Hello, Anyone on this site have a Solo Fire pit? Looking into getting one. What size did you buy. Pro’s and Con’s …Thanks in advance. P.S did u buy any accessories, if so what did you get. My observations (ignoring the price difference) If you really want something that will mimize any smoke, the solo is great. If you want very close to the same control of smoke but also want lots of heat, a washing machine drum is better. Either is orders of magnitude better than typical campground fire pits for control of smoke, amount of heat, ash, and amount of wood needed. And with a screen on top IMHO (and several rangers who have seen our washing machine drum with SS grid on top) much better for fire danger from sparks, embers, etc. A top load washing machine drum radiates a great deal of heat and doesn't smoke if you keep the wood below the top. The solo has a inner and outer drum with air going in the bottom up then exiting at the top. like a washing machine drum it keeps smoke down with a blast of hot air at the top, but the inner/outer drum makes a heat insulator so it doesn't radiate as much heat as a washing machine drum. And a washing machine drum is way less expensive. The best ones are the comercial stainless steel drums, very light weight, I welded on some large (3/4") nuts on the bottom (3) and have some long bolts I can attach to raise the drum off the ground. Or if we are in a place with a firepit I just set it on top of a firepit grate. The washing machine drum like the solo burns most everything down to a fine ash.
ktmrfs 05/15/22 01:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fluctuating water temps

many hot water bypass systems only have 1 quarter turn valve along with a one way check valve on the other port. The one way check valve tends to have a very non linear restriction vs. water flow and pressure. So.... as you turn down the flow on the shower head, the restriction on the one way check valve goes way up and you get an imbalance in hot water flow, much less than expected. Solution, toss the check valve and install a bypass system with two quarter turn valve. Problem solved. And if you want to really improve your shower control, install this shower valve and then keep the oxygenetics head, but no use the valve to control flow and get constant temperature.
ktmrfs 05/15/22 09:04am Travel Trailers
RE: We all use different ways.

To the folks who just showed up in the 43ft $200,000 fifth wheel, that costs double my house. you have a beautiful rig. To the folks who are down in the woods in a bivvy tent, you guys are hard core, awesome setup down there. To the folks who just pulled in with their 1979 c class with more rust than panel. I can only imagine the memories you’ve made in that thing. I bet that dent has a story. To the folks that took that last site that nobody wanted you pulled in, put down the seats in their mini van, and started cooking. Your dinner smells delightful. Y’all, we all camp differently, and we may not agree on it all, but we have to remember the only thing that matters is memories are being made, and you’re getting 120% out of your time with your loved ones. You have to forget HOW you go camping, and remember WHY you go camping. THAT is camping my friends. Spread love at the campground this season. exactly. and we have been seeing an increase in tent campers over the last few years. Decades and decades ago the non tent camper was a rare site, then tents were rare, now tents seem to be making a comeback. We enjoyed tent camping for generations, as a kid with my folks, and with our kids as they grew up. Now we are in the trailer mode, but the memories of tent camping are still with us. one of the best memories one of our daughters (and many of her friends) has is a birthday campout with her high school friends. It was along with us for a motorcycle event. She and about a dozen friends wanted to camp out. Many had never camped. Our group showed them how to set up tents, start fires, cook dinner.......Then the rain came, and came, and came.... all through the night. Even with our advice (which they didn't completely follow) the morning brought wet campers.... Yup, they learned. this was almost 30 years ago and she and her friends still talk with fond memories of the campout and most of the "never camped before" friends have since enjoyed outdoor activities and many have taken up camping.
ktmrfs 05/10/22 07:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric bikes !!

I get it on speed but E bikes are no faster than regular bikes. I am often get passsed by regular non E-bikes all the time. Your gripe is with the biker not the bike. You must ride/bike at a speed appropriate for the conditions, no different than driving a car. Appropriate speed applies to both Ebikes and non E bikes. I agree, we often get passed on our e bikes by other bikers. Now I will admit it is easier for us to go faster on the e-bikes than we would or had been going on our regular bikes, (uphill) but on level ground we travel at about the same speed. Now for e bike ratings, the two common systems (pedal assist and throttle assist) have built in motor control for electric assist to quite at 20 mph. But it is easier to go 20mph+ on level ground e bike or not. and downhill even easier. Now our e-bikes are pedal asist, not throttle assist and when you stop pedalling, just like a regular bike you slow down. you MUST keep pedalling to maintain speed. Throttle assist bikes can keep going with the throttle only.
ktmrfs 05/10/22 06:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: hundreds of CD's many in original packaging, mostly country

donate them to your local library
ktmrfs 05/08/22 08:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Just give me the bad news.

I'd try disconnecting the battery(s) for 10 minutes or so, then connect battery back up and start the car. See if that fixes it the display and error codes etc.
ktmrfs 05/08/22 08:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 30A Surge Protector Recommendations

I hardwired a progressive with display. Easy install. Don't have to worry about someone stealing it. Has saved my bacon numerous times from LOW voltage and improper wiring. clicky thingy yup. couple of things about this unit 1) it has on several occasions caught an open ground at a campground, 2) if you have an unbonded generator with the remote you can turn the system off and bypass a ground/neutral bonding plug for the generator. Need for a EMS unit with a generator is minimal. 3) While I haven't caught real low voltage with it, it has occasionally shown the voltage getting down during hot days at a campground so I could at least pay attention.
ktmrfs 05/08/22 02:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: 1157 LED Bulb question

Kelvin color temperature chart good summary but I will "quibble" with the statement "the higher the color temperature the WHITER the light will be". as you go up from 2700 K or so color does appear whiter but as it continues up it goes from "white" to bluish, not whiter and as you get to around 7000K light definitely is IMHO not white but bluish.
ktmrfs 05/08/22 02:39pm Tech Issues
RE: 1157 LED Bulb question

Higher the Kelvin rating the whiter and brighter the light! Careful! The base is the same as an 1157, however the 1157 is a dual filament lamp. Look inside the socket single pin is an 1141, dual pin is a 1076 Kelvin temp relates to the COLOR of the light spectrum NOT how bright it is. 2700 or so is in the yellow spectrum, 5K or so more like daylight and more white, then as you go up more towards blue end of the spectrum. Brightness is measured in LUMENS. It's easy to have a 2700K bulb appear and be much brighter than a 5000K bulb.
ktmrfs 05/08/22 10:09am Tech Issues
RE: 1157 LED Bulb question

One brand I suggest for those wanting more light is ECO-LED.. many RV dealers have 'em about $20.00 a pop give or take a bit when last I priced. Now.. you can get LEDs nearly as good for about 2.00 a pop. But I know the ECO-LEDs work COOL-WHITE is brighter than Warm White by the way. cool white has a higher color temperature (more towards blue end of spectrum) Warm white has a lower color temperature, 2700-3000K, (more towards the yellow end of the spectrum). For the same lumens they are the same light output. One may APPEAR more pleasing or brighter depending on what you like, but the light output for the same lumens is the same. People generally have a preference for color temperature, pick whichever one YOU like best. Now for quality, it varies all over the place from downright crappy to excellent. the el cheapo ones often use just a dropping resistor to set the current to the LED. LED's are very sensitive to current, and to much and they will heat up enough to burn out quickly or even unsolder themselves from the circuit board. The higher the voltage the higher the current, and going from say 12.5V at the battery to 14.5 during a charging cycle is enough of a change to (a) change brightness and (b) shorten the life. Good units use a converter to give a constant current source, much longer life, consistent brightness, but the converter in SOME will cause enough RF interference to give you a problem with audio on the radio/TV/etc. No way to tell bad from good other than to buy one and try it.
ktmrfs 05/07/22 04:02pm Tech Issues
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