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RE: One night running the heater and blower

typical furnace draw is 8-10 A. at 50F my guess is that with the thermostat set to 60F, yoau might have 4 hours run time on the furnace overnight, more likely 2 hours. Thats between 16 and 32-40AH, about 50% or less of a 12V battery. you will likely make it. FWIW In our 35ft trailer at temps in the 40's at night I set the thermostat at 45F and the furnace does not even come on. It will run for 2 hours or so in the morning to warm up the trailer. For us the furnace is noisy enough to wake us up when it cycles, so unless it gets real cold it doesn't come on at night. As a comparison I have 440AH of 6V batteries. We can dry camp for 6 or so days running the furnace as needed in colder weather, (2-3 hours day on teh furnace) along with a CPAP, and lights and occasional TV and using the microwave on inverter to heat vegies etc. before the batteries are at 50%.
ktmrfs 05/24/19 09:53pm Beginning RVing
RE: High brake light?

I'd like one as well. I easily installed one on my cargo trailer, since the rear was pretty open fishing the wire from the brake lights up to a CHMSL was "easy peasy" just ran it behind the drop down rear door spring. The light I used used each half for a turn signal and both on for brake lights. On the TT, NOT so easy, haven't figured an easy way to get the brake light wire up there.
ktmrfs 05/24/19 09:35pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Tiny Soldering "gun"?

for close spacing soldering a "new" techinque was developed decades ago. We used it in reworking IC's. We had deviced with leads on 10 mil centers. Use a hot air gun to remove the device. Dispense strip of solder paste using a sirenge, place the part reasonably accurate on the pads. Use the heat gun to melt the solder, the device will center itself, solder will wick up and not bridge any pads. Hot air soldering station systems are readily available for the kind of rework you are looking at. Much better than ever trying to solder individual leads.
ktmrfs 05/24/19 09:52am Tech Issues
RE: Chevy DEF system failure

problem is that the def heater failed. Won't cause any problems as long as temps are above freezing. Don't know the effect if below freezing. On GM, at least my 2015 it is covered for 150K miles or IIRC 12 years. Mine failed, have a good dealer. They had parts on hand, knew exactly what to do, scheduled an appt and it was done in 3 hours. DEF is NOT going away anytime soon. It is used not only on trucks but almost all Power plants using NG or diesel as well as well as other applications to reduce NO2 emissions.
ktmrfs 05/24/19 09:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: are RV microwave ovens the same as kitchen ones?

are they the same? mostly. Can you use a home microwave to replace the RV microwave? yes. need to check dimensions but yes, there are many to choose from. many have mounting holes on the bottom and are the same or close enough dimensions to be a replacement fit. I tossed the microwave in our RV and replaced it with a panasonic true inverter microwave. Advantages A better microwave, and when in other than 100% power it doesn't cycle power between 0% and 100% it actually drops magnetron power. So (1) generator doesn't hunt up and down, (2) If I set it to 50% power I can run it off my 1000VA inverter. And at 50% it doesn't take twice as long to heat/cook something, more like 25% longer. And it has a better defrost cycle and better popcorn cycle than the original microwave. And the panasonic mounting holes lined up with the OEM holes and the OEM surround trim fit perfect on the panasonic. Even vented the same.
ktmrfs 05/23/19 12:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Ford aluminum body reduces repair cost

Aluminum has been used in vehicle body panels for decades and shops have learned how to repair them. It's not a new thing. The F150 may have more aluminum panels, but it isn't the only vehicle with aluminum.
ktmrfs 05/20/19 02:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: fresh water tank bracing bending down

I'd say this is a common problem with most makes. How serious varies. My solution was pretty easy and worked well for me. I cut several pieces of 3/4" plywood that I could slide underneath the empty tank and above the angle support to brace the bottom of the tank. The I screwed through the rail into the plywood to capture the plywood. Just use screws that don't go through the plywood. then in several spots I screwed 1" wide 3/16" flat stock into the rails so the flat stock replaced the thin bands. This supports the water tank well. If you don't have clearance to install 3/4" plywood, use thinner if possible and if no room at all, use 1 1/2 or 2" 3/16 angle iron in multiple places screwed into th the rails. In fact you could sandwich plywood between the rails and the angle iron. The plywood distributes the weight so the tanks doesn't deform.
ktmrfs 05/19/19 03:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Lifting and handling heavy generators

weight was a factor when I was generator looking. I finally just got 2 honda 2000's. Advantages: 1) only weight about 50lbs, easy to lift and carry 2) two are about the same cost as the quiet honda 3000 3) more VA than the honda 3000, especially with the new 2200's 4) generally only need one, in fact now that we have the micro air easy start and picked up a honda 2200 (one 2000 went to our son), the 2200 will run the AC by itself even at 6000+ft, so it's very rare that I even need to parallel. If I need battery charging I can do that after the AC is off. Disadvantage: 1) no electric start 2) easier to grow legs than the 3000 3) a slight bit more noise than the 3000. If I had to do it again, I'd go the same route, honda, yamaha, HF all have 2kish generators that can be paralleled.
ktmrfs 05/19/19 03:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Aluminum Wheels

given that aluminum wheels are now pretty much standard on many vehicles, including 3/4 and 1 ton trucks, I doubt there is an issue if you get them from a reliable source. My trailer came with aluminum wheels, it's a 2010 and wheels still look brand new, unlike stamped painted steel wheels often do after 10 years. My 2004 duramax has aluminum wheels and they still look brand new.
ktmrfs 05/19/19 03:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Drinking Campground Water...

campground water unless labeled otherwise is potable. That means it is safe to drink. Doesn't indicate how it will taste. We run campground water through a filter into the tank. Drinking water from the tank goes through a 3 stage carbon filter spigot near the sink. If it still has lots of chlorine or other bad tastes, then we use bottled water. We happen to live in an area of the country that generally has very good water, low mineral content, reasonably soft, no alkali, no iron etc. In fact some sources don't even add chlorine. In camping and traveling, we have been to places where one taste of "potable water" and we switch to bottled water.
ktmrfs 05/19/19 09:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Bend, OR over to Lincoln City

Thanks for all the useful information! We actually have reservations at south beach and sunset SP. We just wanted to head as far north as as time will allow and start heading back south from Lincoln City. Thanks again! both nice parks. good choice
ktmrfs 05/17/19 09:53pm Beginning RVing
RE: Cell phone antenna booster

I have a WeBoost too. Works well to get a signal. Oddly though - they need some signal to work. So, if there's a signal of 3 bars or more, you don't need it. If there are one or two bars it works. No bars? No worky. Not as much interior range of.the rebroadcasted signal as they advertise. For RV-ing, we bought a flag pole mast at Harbor Freight. Bars are a very inaccurate indication of signal strength. Go to phone settings and look for actual signal strength. I've used Weboost on multiple phones, if signal is -110db or better I can expect it go to -80db, a very adequate signal. Some phones will show no bars at -110, others will show several bars. Problem is -110db is very close to no reception. As for interior reception, yes, best thing is to use a cradle antenna. If your in a very marginal situation, regardless of booster, phone on top of interior antenna is the only way to go. No reason to get 30-40db of boost then throw most of it away again being 10ft from an interior antenna.
ktmrfs 05/17/19 09:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Bend, OR over to Lincoln City

I would say easiest but if you can provide a scenic & easy one?? I just really want the easiest in all seriousness? 20 to 22 to 18 then south on 101. That way you avoid Portland traffic. And it is still a very scenic route. Mostly a two lane road with passing lanes on the hills, but generally traffic isn't bad. Least traffic would be during the week.
ktmrfs 05/17/19 11:26am Beginning RVing
RE: Looking for Honda EU2200 for my RV.

Right there with this poster.. after months of agonizing about what generator and how much to spend we finally got ready to pull the trigger on 2 EU2200i's they showed in stock on the Camping World(CW) site but had my husband call the local store yesterday to see if we could purchase there and were notified of the recall. I find it odd that it said they were in stock online though. So now we are back to square one.. CW says they have the EU3000i in stock for $2300 but it is 78 lb and only 2600 running wattage or I can get a EU3000is that weights in a 131 lbs but has a 2800 running wattage for around $2000... I really wish I could talk my husband into a Champion model as I can get a 3150-Watt(2850 running watts) with remote start for about $800 but he really isn't budging on it as he has heard the champions are not as quite and he is also worried about reliability but they have really good reviews.. I am just not sure what to do at this point but know I need to pull the trigger on something soon.. Don't mess with camping world. go to a honda dealership instead. Every time I've looked, most Honda dealers have the same or lower price than camping world. And they should have 2200's in stock recall done ready to ship. Dealerships can and are doing the recall now on previously purchased units, so there is no reason they wouldn't have them in stock. Meanwhile CW probably has to send there units to a honda dealership and we all know how fast and efficient CW is.
ktmrfs 05/17/19 11:18am Beginning RVing
RE: Bend, OR over to Lincoln City

Hello and thaks to all I advance! Heading to Oregon this summer and wondering about the best route from Bend, Oregon over to Lincoln City,OR? Define best most scenic? shortest? quickest? easiest drive? most things to stop and see? something else? Lots of choices depending on what you want
ktmrfs 05/16/19 09:15pm Beginning RVing
RE: Should I replace my batteries?

My 2010 trailer has the original GC2's, SG is still very close to new. cycles, in the 300+ range, about half of them down to 25% SOC (75%DOD), A good GC2 is rated for 500+ cycles to 25% SOC. Previously I ran a set of GC2's for 12 years with again 300+ deep discharges,then passed them to daughters In-laws who ran them 3 more years many discharges to 50% or less SOC before he replaced them. My advice, charge the up, measure SG compare to what it should be new. Also, load testing on GC2's will often give erroneous results. GC2 have high internal resistance so if you load test to the same load critera as a 12V starting battery it may show up as bad even on a well conditioned new battery.
ktmrfs 05/16/19 10:49am General RVing Issues
RE: After market options on New Truck?

good WD hitch, dual cam, equalizer, etc. and he should be good to go. If he is going to travel a LOT and be on roads with frost heaves, concrete joints etc. A AirSafe air hitch will make the ride much better on roads like that. We have one, and well worth it for the amount of travel and the roads we travel on. However, it's not for everyone. First it is heavy, near 100lbs, and it is NOT inexpensive, $700-1000 depending on which one you get. It does however work with a WD hitch no problem. Our trailer is about 32', actual tongue weight fully loaded 1450lbs, and even when the truck is loaded to max GVWR (10K) with WD set up, towing is NOT an issue, nor is control.
ktmrfs 05/16/19 10:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: converter replacement

Why do you need a converter for off grid use? The converter charges the batteries and supplies 12vdc when connected to shore power. When off grid the converter does nothing. When operating from a generator all power goes through the breaker panel, no converter necessary. Not in my trailer nor most/all others. when hooked to the generator the converter is charging the depleted battery! Like in my case to the tune of stuffing 75-100A into it for a few hours to get it back up to 80% or so. No converter, soon no 12V, no charging, dead battery.
ktmrfs 05/15/19 08:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone ever use one of these

Not the one posted but I do have true refillable 1lb propane bottles. they have an allen head on the vent valve and use a screw on head hooked to a 5 gallon tank turned upside down. easy to fill and don't need to chill, just fill till it spits out the vent and I check for weight as well. I have refilled the disposables, when filling I use a set of forceps to pull up on the vent valve till it spits, no need to stick in freezer that way. but eventually I've had the disposables leak.
ktmrfs 05/15/19 08:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Negative/Ground wire

2) Is there anything wrong with adding a negative wire, but leaving the frame connections? Yes, you will create a "ground loop", which could potentially depleat the battery. I see no reason that a battery would be depleted, a ground loop is just a concern for electronic equipment interference. exactly.
ktmrfs 05/15/19 11:35am Tech Issues
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