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RE: Winterizing

A compressor will get rid of most of your water, but to do it right I would also use RV antifreeze. Don't forget to open your low drains and empty your water tank. If it gets really cold where you are use the antifreeze. clean the lines with air. doesn't need a very large compressor, just want to keep the pressure down to 25-35psi. BUT this will NOT protect any P traps!! that's where you need the RV antifreeze. put some down each P trap.
ktmrfs 09/17/19 12:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: electrical calculation please

Too weak to have any effect at all. I recommend you save your money. agreed. if you have a humidity issue you likely will need to remove at least a few gallons of water/day. the device you mention is likely a peltier device, lucky to remove a cup of water/day. Go to a big box store and look for a portable compressor driven unit. small ones hold 3-5 gallons have an external drain. Now, they will draw about 1-2A on 120V when running, 1A is about 120Watts, so at $.10/kwh, it will cost about 10-20 cents/day to run it for 8hrs/day.
ktmrfs 09/17/19 08:58am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Dometic RM2551 fridge won't operate on propane

Ok; my flame doesn't look like that. It looks like the small, bright flames in the picture but doesn't create a plume of blue flame. Next thing is to check the pressure and make sure we are getting the propane necessary. Thanks for an informative pic! the orfice for the propane is very very small. easy for any spec if dust, spider web etc. to partially plug it. It happens, has been an issue for me on occasion. Solution is to remove the gas jet, clean it out with a welding tip cleaner of appropriate size and blow the tube out to get any dust, debris, rust etc out as well. and do the same around the flue. Then try again. Dirty orifice would NOT allow that good of a flame. Dirty orifice would disrupt gas flow which would NOT provide enough air mixture and flame would be very yellow That flame is from LOW LP SYSTEM Pressure I beg to differ since I have and a few others I know, flame very similar to the one the OP posted and inspecting and cleaning the orfice and the flame was back to normal. the "bad" flame was still blue, just very short. Now depending on how bad the orfice is plugged, yes it could very well be yellow. but a piece of spider web is all it takes to have an effect.
ktmrfs 09/16/19 08:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic RM2551 fridge won't operate on propane

Ok; my flame doesn't look like that. It looks like the small, bright flames in the picture but doesn't create a plume of blue flame. Next thing is to check the pressure and make sure we are getting the propane necessary. Thanks for an informative pic! the orfice for the propane is very very small. easy for any spec if dust, spider web etc. to partially plug it. It happens, has been an issue for me on occasion. Solution is to remove the gas jet, clean it out with a welding tip cleaner of appropriate size and blow the tube out to get any dust, debris, rust etc out as well. and do the same around the flue. Then try again.
ktmrfs 09/16/19 10:00am Tech Issues
RE: Reese Dual Cam HP frame brackets

John's advice is spot on. I also have about 1500lbs on my tongue. During intial setup first thing I did was put LARGE labels on the bars, Drivers side, Passenger side. My cams have worn like John's, I now have about 30K miles on the system, works well. Since my frame it tube, I made a plate from 3/16" steel that fits inside the tube, slides down to line up with the bolts and has nuts welded to the plate. No rivnuts etc., just the bolts into the nuts welded on the plate and sandwiching the whole system.
ktmrfs 09/12/19 09:08am Towing
RE: WiFi, and Cell Phone boosters and Internet antennas

Verizon has very good coverage all over the place. well, good coverage, and in many places but hardly all over the place. There are many many places we have camped and traveled to that ATT or Verizon or Both have very weak or no signal. The Weboost often helps. But in some cases all it will do is get you good voice if the tower is to far away. As an example this last week we were in a location with poor verizon and no ATT signal. The weboost was able to get me a 1xRTT signal (voice and messaging) at -50db, very strong. but unable to get me a reliable 3G let alone 4G signal. Those with us that had ATT were unable to get even a 1X voice signal with the booster. For us it is basically a non issue if we can't get a signal. we go camping and if there is no cell service so be it. If we do need to contact someone or need help then I can always use my garmin inreach to send a text, or worst case in the event of an emergency use the inreach SOS to get help.
ktmrfs 09/12/19 08:49am Technology Corner
RE: Full timers warning

For you folks who full time. We were sitting by the fire with the owner of a RV park. ( We were spending the week.) He brought up the full timers helps keep the lights on during the winter. He also said the IRS called him & wanted a list of people who were full timers. He told them he had no full timers just people who pay month to month. Someone stopped by & interviewed his full timers & they told him they were not full timers but rented month to month. So something is up with the government. Be careful out there. or it could be another phone scam!
ktmrfs 09/02/19 09:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Blue Tec Fluid

I've heard that all 2013 diesels require the blue tec fluid. How much cost does that add to your driving. Also how many gallons of diesel does one gal of the stuff treat? Thanks in advance 2.5 gallons of DEF at a auto parts store is often less than $10. and DEF useage is about 1.0%-1.2% of diesel consumption, so around 1 gallon of DEF for every 80-100 gallons of diesel. So, if you are towing and getting 10mpg you will use about 1 gallon of DEF in 1000miles, or $4.00/1000 miles or .4 cents/mile. using DEF instead of EGR to reduce NOx probably increased the fuel economy by more than the cost of the DEF fluid. And bluetec is on brand name. ALL DEF fluid MUST be the exact same formulation. So cost variation is in the packaging and advertizing. Now DEF is available at most truck stop with a Diesel island. One hose for Diesel, one for DEF, probably most used by truckers.
ktmrfs 09/01/19 02:47pm Tech Issues
RE: tires

my current trailer came with towmax. Ran them for 30K miles till they were worn out and replaced them with goodyear endurance. Other trailer has Maxxis, but when they are worn out I'll likely go with endurance. As for cost, the endurance I got when they came out were less than the equivalent sized and LR Maxxis. Why endurance ST rather than an Lt? 1) in a 15" tire there are virtually (maybe actually) no LT LRD tires let alone LRE. LRC just doesn't cut it, I need at least a LRD. And I wasn't ready to go up to 16" 2) the endurance while an ST carries a 85mph speed rating and load rating markings same as passenger and LT tires do, which I suspect that to carry the speed rating per NHSTA means the tire passes the same test that a LT tire of the same speed rating and LR does. And the endurance speed rating doesn't require a reduction in load capacity like many of the other ST tires have for speeds above 65mph. So I suspect that the endurance meets the ST tire requirements related to sidewall strength and LT tire ratings for load and speed. BTW, between myself and 2 neighbors we have logged well over 400K miles towing trailers. One neighbor has close to 250K of those miles. Two of us have TPMS. Between us we have had nada, zip, zero tire failures. With the TPMS I did catch a slow leak from a nail before catastrophy as did the one that has over 250K miles. And all of us have been using ST tires. Maxxis on another trailer I had, and Maxxis the dominate tire on the other trailers till the endurance came out.
ktmrfs 08/31/19 08:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tilting Solar Panel

Interesting discussion! I wonder why home solar panels aren't built to track the sun -- they are almost always stationary. My guess is that the cost and maintenance of tracking outweigh the gain in extra power. if the panels are facing south, and your in most of the U.S. normal roof pitch of 4/12 to 6/12 gives a pretty good angle to start with, so there isn't much to be gained. And if the panels are layed out to tilt very much you need to take into account a shadow of a lower panel on an upper panel. So in some cases, panel spacing needs to increase which decreases the number of panels so there is little advantage, possibly actually a loss. Large arrays where area is not a big limitation often do have trackers.
ktmrfs 08/31/19 09:09am Tech Issues
RE: Tilting Solar Panel

Hi ajriding, Thanks for taking the time to experiment and share it with us. Solar panels are a 'constant voltage' device. You may loose 25 to 30% by not tilting. But NO WAY am I climbing the roof in a storm to stow the panels. I'd consider a remote controlled tilting mechanism--but it is cheaper just to add another panel. I trust folk's opinions when they have actually done an experiment, rather than guessing. solar panels are not a perfect constant voltage device, but close enough for most first order calculations.
ktmrfs 08/30/19 09:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Tilting Solar Panel

It would be interesting to see the amps change as the panel is tilted been there, done that, what I found pretty much matches the math. the drop in power is related to the cosine of the angle error in the vertical and horizontal plane. as an example if the error is 45 degrees, power drops to 70% of max. a 60 degree error drops power by 50%. depending on your latitude and time of year and time of day the error can be insignficant or noticeable. And measuring voltage or current alone is NOT a good way to determine the loss. you need to measure both voltage AND current. to get "perfect" alignment, place a tube, like an empty tp tube perpendicular on the panel and adjust for no shadow. easy to do on portable panels. almost impossible to do on roof panels since most only allow tilt in one axis. and unless you have a tracking system, perfect alignment only lasts a short time. On my portable panels I just set them for best alignment around noon and live with what I get.
ktmrfs 08/30/19 09:34pm Technology Corner
RE: wilson electronics 4G-X RV cellular signal booster

what I have found is that in areas with poor signal that often means you only have one base station you can connect with. Now, if the area has limited users, once connected with a good booster you will likely get decent data rates for web, but often not for streaming. The bad situation we experienced this week was a location with one distant base station, close enough to give marginal voice and a campground with 300+ sites......... unboosted signal level for verizon or ATT was around -125db. marginal for voice, not much use for any web access. So...... even with the booster and signal levels near -70db (very good) voice was now great, texting was great, messages with pictures fine, web access, well in the morning and near lunch or dinner very very very slow. Often slow enough for browser to time out. base station was overloaded. in between times web access was marginally adequate for most uses. No way to stream video. The base station also served a significant portion of the local town. Turns out both Verizon and ATT had similar poor reception and with our verizon phones and web was virtually the same as friends with ATT phones when they used our trailer for phone/text/web hot spots. My overall experience with the wilson RV unit, which I've used for several years, is that it very often will get you voice and adequate web access in remote location. But don't expect it to get you the ability to stream anything.
ktmrfs 08/27/19 10:43pm Tech Issues
RE: inverter power cables cca or ofc

Spend a bit more and get a class T fuse and holder. Look at the short circuit current of your battery bank and the interrupt capability of the fuse. x2. and mount it as close to the battery as possible.
ktmrfs 08/21/19 09:11am Tech Issues
RE: Will GFCI work with items without equipment ground

Will it work: Perfectly Does the GFCI care. On some of 'em the safety ground is not even connected. the ground lug better be connected on a GFCI outlet or it is a code violation. And GFCI outlets sold today detect ground/neutral bonding so they must have a connection to the downstream ground.
ktmrfs 08/21/19 09:09am Tech Issues
RE: Will GFCI work with items without equipment ground

All this brings up another related topic. I know I'm wavering. My RV is in a storage lot where a, low potential, outlet is supplied for each camper. An AC unit or electric water heater will immediately trip the main. We, pretty much, only plug up to keep batteries charged. Nobody loads anything of consequence on the inverter or 12 volt system. Every motorhome owner I talk with seems to have a persistent problem with the GFCI's tripping. The only thing we all have in common is that we all have an inverter. Mine is a 1500 watt Xantrex PSW. Is there something inherent with motorhomes that could cause this? I know the 15 amp connections an campgrounds are GFCI, but I doubt they are used by motorhomes. if the trailer/motorhome has an outside outlet (which virtually all do) in wet weather moisture can build up in that outlet and cause enough leakage current to trip an upstream GFCI outlet. be it the breaker with GFCI or the trailer GFCI.
ktmrfs 08/21/19 09:06am Tech Issues
RE: Two honda generators in tandem

First of all 2200 + 2000 = 4200 (not 4400). Secondly at that altitude you are losing a lot of power; however, the AC should still run. Also, is that running watts or starting watts? Running watts could be way less and make a difference depending on other loads sucking power away at the same time as you trying to start the AC. Make sure everything else is turned off before you start the AC. Lastly, the start capacitor in the AC could be going bad. 4200 isn't running wattage, it is only peak wattage. I believe the 2000 is 1800 running and 2200 is 2000, so you're down to 3800, and at a mile high, it could be significantly lower. You might need to look into changing jets out in the carb, I seem to recall my BIL had to swap jets when his Honda wouldn't even start/run at high(er) elevation. a single 2200 is capable of starting and running a dometic or coleman 13.5K AC unit at 7000ft if an easy start is installed. That is with the factory low altitude jet. my brother and I have both done this many times this last summer and this summer with the honda 2200. the honda 2000 will start the AC but only consistently run it at altitudes less than about 4500 ft.
ktmrfs 08/20/19 11:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Will GFCI work with items without equipment ground

while a GFCI is designed to protect you in the case of getting across hot and neutral it is NOT guaranteed to protect you. If you are well insulated from any ground path (in the house with rubber soled insulated shoes) and get across the hot and neutral ALL the current flows through you via the hot and neutral and none through any ground path. hence no GFCI trip. Of course this is not the typical fault case but it can exist. As an example try using a outlet tester with a GFCI test button in a typical trailer hooked to a typical generator with unbonded ground and neutral. in most cases it will NOT trip any GFCI outlets. The reason is that the neutral and ground in the trailer are not bonded, nor are they bonded at the generator, and the trailer sits on rubber tires generator sits outside with plastic high insulation resistance between the neutral or ground and earth grounde hence limited or no ground path. same as if you got across hot and neutral in the trailer. A outlet based GFCI provide NO overcurrent protection just current imbalance protection. It relies on an upstream CB for overecurrent protection, a Circuit breaker GFCI will provide overcurrent protection and current imbalance protection. Now a GFCI will also detect and trip on one other fault. A downstream ground/neutral bond. By code ground and neutral are not to be connected together anywhere but the main breaker panel. so if ground and neutral are bonded downstream of the GFCI it will detect this short and will trip. This will occur even if there is no current flowing in the circuit.
ktmrfs 08/20/19 11:06pm Tech Issues
RE: inverter power cables cca or ofc

What type of power cables can be used for battery connections to 1500 watt inverter? CCA or OFC I use welding cable. I attach my own ends with a hydraulic crimper but most welding stores will attach lugs for you. Welding cable is much easier to run, nice thick insulation very fine stranded wire so it is easy to route. you can get colors but I just get black and then attach red shrink wrap on the ends. Compare 4/0 welding cable to std variety 4/0 battery cable. you'll immediately see the advantage to welding cable. For my 1000W inverter I use 4/0 welding cable.
ktmrfs 08/19/19 10:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Recommend me a Vacume Food Bagger

we've used a food saver for probably 15 years and still going strong. great way to buy in bulk and freeze, or prep stuff for a camping trip.
ktmrfs 08/18/19 09:43am Beginning RVing
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