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RE: So tell me about your perfect couples travel trailer

our 2011 keystone outback 295RE is a perfect couples trailer for us. If the kids come, they just need to make up the fold out beds. When we travel with others the opposing sides give great indoor room for days when several couples want to do games inside due to the weather. you can get to fridge, stove, microwave, dinette, bathroom, bedroom and pantry with the slides in, nice for lunch at a rest stop
ktmrfs 05/30/23 03:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Honda 2200i travel

We've put 10's of thousands of miles on our honda generators (2200 and 2000) in the back of the truck. I just pack stuff so it won't tip over. And the honda let's you completely seal off the gas cap to avoid any spills. Just make sure the cap is in the "off" posiiton.
ktmrfs 05/30/23 03:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Small Propane Cylinder

I use the 5lb cylinders for the BBQ when camping, nope never a problem or an excess charge in filing them, Many places here give a discount once your total fill goes about 30lbs or so. Biggest issue is the cost. 20lb cylinders are a big "loss leader" and a "dime a dozen" 5lb, 30lb etc double or more the cost for a new cylinder Still way cheaper in the long run vs. 1lb disposables
ktmrfs 05/28/23 01:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: tow with all wheel drive?

Tahoe / Suburbans are 2WD or 4WD, not AWD. not true. there are versions with AWD as well as versions that don't have a center diff and are 4wd or 2wd.
ktmrfs 05/27/23 12:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Does Generator wattage size effect battery charge time?

yes or no are the answers it depends No as long as the gnerator can supply the continous VA needed by the converter. Yes, if it can't at least on a deeply discharged battery bulk charging current may be high enough to trip the overload on the generator. Now most 2000 VA generators will drive most commonly installed chargers. Those rated at 30-50A. And just because it works ok when your battery is partially discharged doesn't mean it will be fine with a deeply discharged battery bank. Current draw by the converter depends on how deeply discharged the battery is. In my case the answer is depends. I have 2 PD in parallel, a 50A and a 60A, the 60A is the max my honda 2200 can handle. If I have shore power or my generators paralleled I turn on both Chargers and can dump 100A into my battery ban for initial charge (4 GC2's) Each has a seperate circuit so it's easy to flip whichever breaker(s) I want. One isue with most chargers is the watts<< volt amp draw. They have a very poor power factor so the max current is higher than given by a watts calculation.
ktmrfs 05/11/23 12:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Rooftop AC Unit Not Cooling Well

Older portable units did suck. the new roll around units often have a higher efficiency rating than the RV rooftops and do NOT suck air out of the space. They have an inlet/outlet duct for the window so they don't suck air out of the room. Check around and see what you can find. The good ones aren't cheap. Cheap or Good, pick one.
ktmrfs 05/09/23 05:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Gray water joint leak

get some thick ABS cement, and a piece of ABS pipe. Use a horse shoe file and make a pile of shavings of the abs. Mix it in the ABS cement to make a pretty thick mixture. Then clean the ABS joint with alcohol and make sure it is completely dry. Then do a final clean with MEK, or Acetone. spread the mixture of home made thick ABS cement on the joint, let it dry, repeat a couple of times to build it up. Wear disposable gloves when you do this and if needed spread the ABS cement with your finger. You could use just straight ABS cement just takes longer to build up and fix the joint, Your solvent welding so in addition to sealing the leak, it is welding and strengthing the joint.
ktmrfs 05/09/23 05:24pm Tech Issues
RE: 12v rv freezer difficult to open,,,suction

means you have a good seal on the lid. Our ice coolers have this problem on occasion. Basic physics. Cool the air, density goes up pulls a slight vacuum. Doesn't need to be much before it takes some effort to open the lid. And our portable 12V compressor cooler/freezer for camping does the same thing.
ktmrfs 05/03/23 05:04pm Tech Issues
RE: SeeLevel tank monitor system

Another update. I previously stated our new SeeLevel gauges read in 1% increments. That is false. While watching the fresh tank fill, the reading changes in 3 or 4% increments. Still way better than the old empty, 1/3, 2/3, full LEDs. Mine reads in 5%. one can somewhat "adjust" the increment by looking at the sensor spacing and number of discrete points for the tank. I picked mine intentionally to go in 5% increments which also gives good coverage.
ktmrfs 04/24/23 09:04pm Tech Issues
RE: How do you sanitize your fresh-water tank and lines?

I use "spring fresh" santizer, easier than chlorine to get any residual smell/taste out. I do it every spring. The rest of the camping season I drain fresh tank after each trip, fill before the trip.
ktmrfs 04/20/23 02:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Micro Air

micro air vs. autotransformer: the purpose of the micro air is to reduce PEAK starting current (locked rotor amps) so that non ideal voltage sources (typical small generator) that have limited max current output to START a AC unit. It does nothing to increase voltage once started. Autotransformer: bump up a low voltage source to a higher voltage to keep voltage within expected operating range. So. If your using a "ideal" voltage source, most utility lines that can easily supply 3x or more the breaker rated current on a short term basis, the micro air really isn't needed. But if your line voltage sags, then the autotransformer is solution. Now I suspect, but can't verify, that what pianotuner is seeing with the micro air and autotransformer is this, The auto transformer probably has hysteresis, it will cut in at a low voltage and KEEP it in at a given level EVEN if the input voltage rises somewhat above the cut in voltage. So what may be happening is w/o the micro air, voltage sags enough to cut in the autotransformer but it doesn't rise enough to cut it out completely and continues to do it's intended job, Now add the micro air, Now input voltage never drops enough to get the autotransformer to cut in, since the current draw is low enough to not cause a big enough sag in input voltage, so the voltage remains at the very low end, so.... in this case the micro air (a) isn't needed to start the AC anyway and (b) then voltage remains low, If one takes the autotransformer out of the circuit and starts the AC I suspect the line voltage then would be back to the 107 or whatever it is with the micro air, Micro air shouldn't reduce the input current draw once the compressor is running by any noticeable amount, it only reduces starting current,
ktmrfs 04/19/23 11:44am Tech Issues
RE: Micro Air

Hi, I don't like my Micro-Air Easy Start. what don't you like about it?
ktmrfs 04/16/23 11:45am Tech Issues
RE: Micro Air

have one on my coleman 13.5K and it will start from my old honda 2000 with the honda in eco mode just fine with micro air. The issue that will arise is altitude. The honda 2000's run out of "omph" around 3500ft. The honda 2000 went to our son when the 2200 came out and it will run the coleman at 8,000ft no problem. So, the micro air does what it claims, very very well. But make sure your generator has enough output at the altitude you want to run at. The 2200 while only an extra 200W, has a 25% larger engine, likely mitigating the altitude issue.
ktmrfs 04/15/23 10:10am Tech Issues
RE: Securing a Regular Microwave in an RV: Affordable Solutions?

we tossed our RV microwave and installed a panasonic inverter microwave, and used the existing venting parts. In my other trailer just installed the panasonic inverter and left enough room for venting.
ktmrfs 04/09/23 07:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Some TV's get cable, some do not...WHY?!?!?

Since many non OTA suppliers (Dish, comcast, etc.) use some form of converter "box" along with HDMI output, I suspect the rational is no need for QAM tuner, that's done by the converter box. Notice what some of the TV's in hotels are like. NO power switch, volume, nor any tuner, all done through the remote and the cable box. It's just a display unit.
ktmrfs 04/06/23 08:45pm Technology Corner
RE: Some TV's get cable, some do not...WHY?!?!?

Our company was involved in the digital TV "evolution" on the standard committees. OTA and cable companies were fighting each other on the encoding, and finally went seperate ways with QAM for cable and OTA with ATSC. IIRC when sets were first introduced FCC required tuners to support both standards, sounds like that is no longer the case.
ktmrfs 04/06/23 08:35am Technology Corner
RE: Underground 250ft run

past wthose points it was on my dime to contract with a locate service to mark any underground lines since those are technically my responsibility.Understood. My question remains. It may be as simple as saying their definition of public right of ways and yours differ. The utility providers have easements to allow access to their lines that cross your property. This not only includes the lines to your meters but any other line that may transit your property. Transmission lines often do not follow roads and often bisect private property. It’s possible In utility company jargon an easement may be referred to as public access. The fact that transmission lines may cross your property is a good reason to call for location services before trenching even if your personal utilities are far from the excavation site. at least around here when you call 811 they will locate lines to your meters etc. AND they are required to also locate any lines within the easement to your property. But they also require that before they come that you mark with flags WHERE you intend to dig. So they will locate anything that is in the "dig" zone you outline, not necessarily mark ALL utility lines on the property. When I installed our sprinkler system explaining what we intended to do, they then did locate on the entire lot including easements.
ktmrfs 04/05/23 11:08am Tech Issues
RE: Some TV's get cable, some do not...WHY?!?!?

Yes, yes, and yes... INPUT was set correctly, scanned on "Antenna" and "Cable", walked through the set up several times and had the Vizio rep on the phone with me for over 45min. I'm beginning to think it has something to do with 2018 models/tuners vs newer models/tuners. Guys, seriously, not user error here...I'm above average on technology...but can't for the life of me figure out the answer. Thought maybe a TV or Cable Guru could educate me... my TV tuner from around early 2000's has no problem scanning, nor does a recent TV we bought. those stds were defined 20+ years ago.
ktmrfs 04/04/23 09:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Some TV's get cable, some do not...WHY?!?!?

you will likely need to tell the TV if you are searching OTA channels, Cable channels or sat channels, or a combo. each has different frequency allocations and in most cased the TV needs to have the search set accordingly. some tv's will do combo's automatically, some require you to select.
ktmrfs 04/04/23 07:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Underground 250ft run

private underground pipes and cables may not be owned or maintained by member utility companies, therefore they are unable to locate them. Unable meaning unwilling. That makes no sense. They will let a homeowner run the risk of digging up a line rather than spend 10 minutes locating it. I'll go out on a limb here and submit it's a liability issue. Utility companies are only required to mark location of underground cables to the meter, after that it is private cabling. There are companies that will for a price come out and attempt to locate underground utilities. At least around here 811 is a free service, likely funded by the utility companies and gov't. Purpose is to keep YOU from damaging THEIR utility and then YOU needing to pay for the damage. Saves both parties from possible damages and at a minimum expense to repair. Worst cast injury or death getting across an underground power line. Whats on YOUR side of the utilities is YOUR repsonsibility and on YOUR dime to locate. What is interesting in our area is that Sewer becomes your repsonsibility as soon as it hits your property line so all the sewer locate will do is mark from the manhole cover to the street.
ktmrfs 04/02/23 10:21pm Tech Issues
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