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RE: How long do you drive/tow in a day?

We are Retired so 250 Miles MAX Depart by 10AM and Set Up sitting under the awning with adult beverage by 3PM Not retired.....as long as it takes----time is of the essence similar for us. there are occasions where we have done 400 or so in 1 day, but only when we are going to then stay for days/weeks. Like to leave around 9ish in the morning, be parked by 3ish, 4 at the latest, relax have a nice happy hour and dinner. But we are retired so have more flexibility.
ktmrfs 03/06/21 09:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fog lights on w/ High Beams, New GM trucks

I question how full manual control of the fogs is possible with the Boostauto or DIY diode mod. IIRC, Boostauto doesn't claim the ability to turn off the fogs when high beams are activated and it doesn't make sense that it would be possible. Last 2 trucks I did, the fogs were automaticlaly on with the high beams. Just like this one. Regardless, if you have your brights on, it's for more light and the more the better! I haven't really given it much thought, but I can confirm that the Boostauto kit does indeed allow you to turn the fogs on/off with high beams on via the factory fog light switch. range of control of the fog lights on/off with high beam on may depend on the year of the truck. On my 2015.5 GMC 2500HD denali the diode mod including the boost auto creates a logic OR function, not a logic AND function. Fog lights on if the fog light switch is on OR if the high beams are on. I have the full set of truck wiring schematics for the upfitters and the BCM control for the lights is done via logic states, not relays etc. and the boost auto (and as far as I could determine the ONLY way) to do the fog light control with high beam via logic functions basically "tricks" the BCM to think the fog light switch is on and the high beams are off. Other years may have different logic for the BCM and may allow the fog light switch to turn the fog lights off with the high beams on with the diode mod installed.
ktmrfs 03/06/21 11:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing Harley and trailer

Thanks everybody for all of your input and advice. The Max payload for the truck is 4000LB in bed of truck. The max towing capacity is 15300LB for trailer or 18000LB for 5th wheel. I bought the extension from E-trailer which is a good source and in the specs it says to reduce max tongue weight about 1/3 which would make now make max tongue weight around 1340LB which would be no problem being that my trailer tongue weight is around 900-1000LB. This pic was August 2019 from Vegas to Williams, AZ. About 600 miles round trip with no problems but I want to raise the bed to get it level. https://i.imgur.com/UK6pOZ7l.jpg having owned 2 duramax 2500 CC 4x4 trucks, I have a hard time seeing a 4000lb payload capacity. both of mine are around 2600-2800 payload capacity. empty empty weight from the factory is 7200-7400 lbs and GVWR is 10,000 to get 4000 payload you would need an empty weight of 6,000 lbs. I don't think any GM cc duramax 2500 has a 4,000lb payload capacity. A 2wd std cab short box gas base model may have a payload near 4,000. take the truck with the harley in the bed and trailer hooked up and see what the truck total weight is. If you don't have much else in the truck your probably close to the 10,000. On my duramax CC I have 1400lbs on the tongue, and with my KTM bike in the back along with all the rest of my gear etc. and a couple of people in the truck I'm under 10,000 but not by much. Now the new 2500's with a 11,300 GVWR another story
ktmrfs 03/05/21 08:38pm Towing
RE: Fog lights on w/ High Beams, New GM trucks

I installed this kit on our 2017 GMC 2500HD, works great. It installs on one of the plugs inside the cab. Allows you to use the fog lights on either low or high beam, fog light switch still functions as designed. So the fog lights only come on if you choose to hit the factory switch. All this kit does is prevents the fog lights from being automatically switched off when switching from low to high beam "if" you have the fog lights turned on. After install your lights will function as follows: Low Beams Only- Only Low Beams will be on Fog Lights Only- Only Fog Lights will be on Low Beams & Fogs- Only Low Beams & Fogs will be on High Beams- Low Beams, Fog Lights, & High Beams will all be on (GM by default normally turns off the fogs when in high beam, but this kit solves that) Running the fog lights with high beam in rural areas such as ours really helps....and before anyone wants to lecture me on how it's illegal because you could blind oncoming vehicles, I'm not of of the jacka$$e$ who approaches oncoming vehicles with my high beams on so it's a non-issue. https://boostautoparts.com/products/6hi one of my complaints about high beams on cars is that it usually reduces near field side visibility. It's a great mod and can either be done with the boost auto parts or using an appropriate diode. Another good mod on earlier GM vehicles with quad headlights is to keep the low beams on with the high beams. Many cars do this, it is perfectly legal in all states. For some reason some quad headlight GM vehicles turn off the low beam with high beam on. My 04 silverado did that and I modified it so the low beams stayed on.
ktmrfs 03/05/21 10:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: DOT Endurance Test for ST Tires NOT same for LT Tires

one thing people fforget is ST tires were designed to handle the torsional stresses that are put on a trailer when you are cranking it sideways into a parking spot. LT may very well be great for going down the road but they dont handle the twisting stresses as good as ST tires. Steve It may very well be true that an ST tire handles torsional load much better than an old 2ply or 4ply passenger car tire that existed when ST tires first started appearing and may be better than a P rated tire today. But saying a LT tire is not capable of handling the same torsional load as an ST is IMHO stretching it.
ktmrfs 03/03/21 11:18am Towing
RE: Fog lights on w/ High Beams, New GM trucks

yes, a definite nice update. With many functions controlled by the BCM logic rather than dedicated switches there are some other easy diode mods that work at least on the 2015.5 trucks. turn on the mirror LED backup lights and the truck bed lights whenever you go into reverse rather than having to turn them on manually Have the mirror cover lights also blink as turn signal indicators.
ktmrfs 03/02/21 02:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: DOT Endurance Test for ST Tires NOT same for LT Tires

Those could be a good option for some. 2000 capacity is VERY marginal for my trailer, The Maxxis in LRe might work will need to check them out. I need something in the 2500lb capacity to have a reasonable margin.
ktmrfs 03/01/21 08:17pm Towing
RE: DOT Endurance Test for ST Tires NOT same for LT Tires

I only wish there were a selection of LRD or LRE LT tires in 15" to choose from. AFAIK there is only 1 I am aware of, a 15" for sprinter vans. LRC not an issue in 15"LT, but LRD or E another story. Now if you already have 16" rims, much easier task. This was Timmos argument to begin with. He’s stuck on LT tires for smaller trailers 14-15” rims that LT tires are unavailable or all but unavailable. And of the very limited choices, they are rated much lower weight than comparable ST tires. So bottom line, doesn’t matter what the test methods are, if you can’t buy the tire you want. what I can say is I've put almost 100K miles on two trailers, my neighbor has put close to 300K miles on two trailers he has for going to races etc. SIL folks have put 50K + miles on trailers. All with ST tires. Total number of tire blowouts or catastrophic failures zip, nada, zero. Between the 3 of us we have caught two nail punctures with our TPMS that likely avoided a blowout. All three of us have run Maxxis and now goodyear endurance tires.
ktmrfs 02/28/21 08:43pm Towing
RE: DOT Endurance Test for ST Tires NOT same for LT Tires

I only wish there were a selection of LRD or LRE LT tires in 15" to choose from. AFAIK there is only 1 I am aware of, a 15" for sprinter vans. LRC not an issue in 15"LT, but LRD or E another story. Now if you already have 16" rims, much easier task.
ktmrfs 02/28/21 03:22pm Towing
RE: DOT Endurance Test for ST Tires NOT same for LT Tires

yes, ST hasn't been updated in a long time. and for trailer tires with only an ST rating, it is a pretty minimal test compared to car/truck tires. However what is an open question (at least to me) is the current crop of "ST" tires like the goodyear endurance that carry a passenger car/light truck speed rating as well. To meet the speed rating requirements it seems they would need to run the endurance test at the rated speed and load like any other car/light truck tire would need to be run through for the same speed rating. Goodyear endurance carries a speed rating for something like 85mph IIRC at full rated tire capacity. and the chart shown by the OP doesn't show the test sequence for ST tires with a load range of C, D, or E. Or for ST tires with a speed rating of 65mph, It just starts with Load range F and speed rating of 50mph. It would be interesting to see the test sequence for ST tires with C, D, or E load range with a speed rating of 65mph like the vast majority of ST trailer tires. It look like the chart is more aimed at tires used for mobile home tires etc.
ktmrfs 02/28/21 01:01pm Towing
RE: Help!!!! Travel Trailer Back in

for some real at home practice a couple of things that may help you understand the physics of backing. 1) take your kids wagon, grab the handle and practice moving it backwards and turning like you would to park a trailer. you will see how the tongue is just like the wagon handle, how it needs to move to move the trailer (in this case the wagon) And when backing into a spot we prefer one we can back in to on the DS, PS is harder to see, and definitely needs a spotter. And DW and I have a pair of walkie talkies we use if needed. Don't rely on cell phones since many places we go have NO cell service. And I never back if I can't see the spotter in a mirror. 2) get a toy semi truck & trailer with a real working steering wheel, and practice with it. Even w/o a steering wheel, moving it backwards to park should give you the idea of what your truck needs to do. These may give you the "ah ha" moment, then practice with your rig in a parking lot. Personally, backing a short trailer is harder than a long trailer. My 14ft cargo trailer responds way more quickly than my 35ft TT.
ktmrfs 02/26/21 08:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: How Important is Garage Storage?

IMHO it is how important it is to YOU!! Yes, it would be easier to keep it clean and protected, but outside storage is the by far most common storage method. If it was MY decision if two choices were equal in other desires, and it was down to a "flip of a coin" then the one that would fit in the garage would win.
ktmrfs 02/26/21 09:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Using RV generator as backup for house?

Jeezo High current starting Split phase Most of the higher efficency gas furnaces (>75% or so) have gone to variable speed digital controlled motors. starting currents are way down from the old single or two speed split phase used in past years. So.... depends on how new your furnace is. On our furnace with variable speed fan and two stage gas total running current varies between 250W and 695W depending on fan speed, 1st or 2nd stage gas and static pressure. Don't know what the starting current is.
ktmrfs 02/24/21 09:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Using RV generator as backup for house?

Having never lived with 200-amp service Furnace fans for gas... Are they 240 vac? well, it depends. Most gas furnaces run on a dedicated 120V circuit per code. Usually a 20A. However there are exceptions. The "gas pack" external combined furnace/AC unit are usually 240V input, since that is what is needed for the AC side.
ktmrfs 02/24/21 01:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Using RV generator as backup for house?

Coolmom - you seem like a very capable person. I think you could easily install one of those EZ Generator transfer switches that someone else gave a link to. This switch is installed on a single circuit on your service panel. It allows you to use your generator to power just that one circuit. Since your generator is 4000w, I think you could run a 1500w electric ceramic heater to at least have some emergency heat in one room. Since a whole circuit is powered, you could also have internet and TV - as long as you chose the circuit that you would power with that in mind. I installed one of these transfer switches myself a couple years ago for basically the same purpose you are talking about. However, the big difference for me is that I heat with wood, and all I needed power for was the blower on my wood burning fireplace. I have that going, and I also have a few outlets on that same circuit so that I can get the fridge connected (with an extension cord - indoors) and some lights as well. The EZ Generator company is EXCELLENT in terms of customer service and their very clear and understandable videos. They go into the issue of bonded and floating neutral ground so that you know what to do. The wiring is a very easy install. The total cost for me was in the neighborhood of $100 start to finish. (I wanted mine outdoors so that I wouldn't have to run a heavy-duty extension cord through a window or something. To make the transfer switch weather-proof I had to build a little "shelter" thing for it to attach to the wall of my house.) -Speak also installed the EZ generator transfer switch for our furnace. And while I was at it installed a box with two duplex outlets on the same circuit as the furnace. So... in the event of a power outage I can also run an extension cord to the nearby freezer and also to the fridge. That keeps the major things power up. I did the same thing at our son's house. The EZ generator has a make before break transfer switch, you choose, panel power, off, external generator power. And as mentioned can be wired correctly to code for either unbonded or bonded neutral generators.
ktmrfs 02/24/21 08:56am Tech Issues
RE: How to listen to MY own music on my phone?

750MB of music, is few hundred mp3 files A fair number of titles, but not much data to store Even a cheap prepaid phone or free Obama phone can hold 4 times those numbers, in memory space, without an SD card or usb stick I typed M when I should have typed G. I have 175 GB of music uploaded to google play. Unless one has a phone with a SD card slot (getting rarer today) kinda hard to have all my music on the phone. But with youtube music you CAN play the music you uploaded to google play, not as easy as google play but you can play all your music w/o any ads. you just need to go to google and transfer the music to youtube.
ktmrfs 02/23/21 08:10pm Technology Corner
RE: Good Year buying out Cooper tires

Cooper does have a very good reputation and their tires are good quality and good value for the price. There are also a lot of "house brand" tires that are made by cooper. Personally I think they suffer from not being a large well known international brand and hence often get overlooked by people looking for quality tires. Hope that only get better with the merger, not worse!
ktmrfs 02/23/21 11:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: 50 Gal Water Tank Mounting

on my outback there was enough room between the water tank and floor that I was able to use 3/4" plywood under the tank and then screwed the plywood through the channel to keep it ancorred. then I put three pieces of angle iron crosswise as well to support it, We always travel with full tanks and no problems.
ktmrfs 02/22/21 07:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Using RV generator as backup for house?

So the gas burns outdoors and is pumped in with the freon or a fluid? Sounds like a heat pump to me even if it uses heated air rather than the bitter cold outside air to move the heat. I am sure the multi-speed blower and maybe multi-speed compressor make it very efficient. One's I heard about have a plenum from the unit to the house to move hot/cold air for heating or cooling. Unlike an outside AC unit that has the freon lines going to the inside furnace and plenum. think of it as a typical furnace mounted outside the house. Some are roof mounted. So, no they are NOT a heat pump for heat, just a heat pump for the AC just like any AC unit is. Likely reason they need 240v is for the AC unit, so they run the furnace section off the 240V or may have an internal transformer for the furnace section.
ktmrfs 02/21/21 09:13am Tech Issues
RE: Gas Credit Cards

I haven't paid a dime of credit card interest in probably 30 years, that's a fool's game. X2 Dear Fool's, Thank you for the interest free loan. Bob And the merchant increase in price to cover their CC costs well that is the cost of doing business today.Yep, except for gas and a few other items, you'll pay the same whether you use a card or pay cash. I have negotiated a price cut for paying cash, but it doesn't happen often. Like you say the price reflects the CC costs regardless. my experience as well. We pay off the CC every month, don't pay a dime in interest and collect the benefits offered and don't have CC that have any annual fees. I don't "decide" what to buy based on CC "points, cash back or whatever". We just spend like we normally would but use the CC, in fact that makes it easier to see where expenses are going as well. And instead of monthly bills coming from the checking account, if the utility etc. takes CC w/o any fees, it goes on the CC. In the end, we get 5% + usually Kroger points on gas, and enough points on our Visa card to pay for all our airline tickets for planned travel every year.
ktmrfs 02/19/21 04:05pm General RVing Issues
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