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RE: Replacing AC; can a 15k btu go where a 13.5k btu used to be?

every one I've seen uses the same 14"? square opening on the roof. that's what's important. Even my 9K BTU polar cub uses the same roof opening size. And they all seem to be designed for a 20A circuit just like the 13.5K BTU
ktmrfs 01/31/23 07:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: PayPal Money Request Scam

I use paypay whenever possible for online transactions 1) the transaction is unique to that one transaction, can't be use again if someone is scamming, In fact if the transaction for some reason gets split for backorder etc. only the first transaction is allowed, and backorder will require another paypal transaction. Unlike bank card transactions where if someone gets the card it can be continually used until you stop it. 2) I did have one case of my paypal account getting hacked. I was notified of the transaction, called paypal and within minutes they had blocked whomever had accessed the account fully refunded my money back to my bank account, notified teh bank of the transaction. I ONLY use my credit card online if (a) paypal isn't accepted and (b) they use secure transactions that require I enter my bank card secure code and (c) state they do NOT store the bank card code. Ebay?? there are things I buy on ebay, great source for some obsolete/old/unique items. Like anyplace it has it's upsides and downsides. I will say in 20+ years of using ebay I only disputed ONE transaction (didn't recieve the item). If one decides not to use certain things due to political reasons, I suspect if you REALLY follow that, you'll find you can't do anything and will slowly starve to death.
ktmrfs 01/23/23 02:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Armada to Pull 33' Lightweight TT

One of the items I find interesting when a mfg states a towing capacity, is they never mention whether their rating is good for a trip to a camp ground 100 miles away on flat ground, or going across the US crossing the Continental Divide on very long trips over several months. The Armada will probably do fine to a campground a 100 miles away, but it doesn't have the transmission, rearend or brakes for longhaul traveling. BillI never worry about distance as much as the max towing is with only a 150# driver... absolutely nothing else in the base no options vehicle. And the other "Game" being played. TV mfg base towing capacity assuming max of 10% tongue weight. Trailer mfg design trailers to be in the 15% tongue weight. So.... pretty easy to not realize the different assumptions and discover that your tongue weight is more than the TV hitch is rated for or that once loaded even though the trailer is well "under" the TV mfg claims for weight, your at or over GVWR for the TV. And then trailer mfg tongue weight claim is for an empty trailer with empty propane tanks and no battery(s). Just filling two 30lb propane tanks and a couple of batteries just added 200lbs or so to the "empty" tongue weight since the weight is so far forward on the tongue.
ktmrfs 01/15/23 08:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Armada to Pull 33' Lightweight TT

I think once you take GVWR and cargo rating, subtract 2 adults, 4 kids, cargo you will find that your allowed remaining cargo and GVWR will be well below what any real 33ft trailer is. Fact: I have a 2500HD 3/4 ton diesel and tow a 32 ft "super light weight trailer". yes, "dry weight" seems reasonable, but once loaded, tongue weight with full propane, batteries, some water another story, almost 9,000lbs loaded, 1400lb tongue weight. With DW and I and 1 daughter and 2 grandkids and SOME stuff in the bed, we have used up the 2600lb cargo capacity and are at 10,000lbs GVWR. With myself and son and 1 dirt bike and gear...... same picture at 10,000lbs. Now for the towing experience. I have reese Dual cam WD hitch. yes, this combo with the truck makes a great towing rig, but I'd NEVER NEVER think of towing the same trailer with something like an armada, tundra, burb, etc. And a final note, several camping friends of ours started out with mid 25ft trailers and tow vehicles like the OP has...... it didn't take them more than a few trips to decide they had WAY overestimated the towing capability of the vehicle and decided they made a BIG mistake. Either way downsized trailers or went with better tow rigs.
ktmrfs 01/14/23 09:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: cheap solar panels

note that these (according to the spec sheet) are NOT 12V panels!!!!!!!!!!!! OC voltage is 40V, so I suspect they are a 24V panel or more so you need a MPPT controller to get anything close to rated output if your going to use them for your RV.
ktmrfs 01/09/23 10:22am Tech Issues
RE: breaker 15 / 20

That's a new one!!! Never in 35 years Construction have I seen a Peanut Breaker with two different amperages. they have been around for at least 30 years for Siemens breakers. I have several in my panel, and added several over the years 15/20 is pretty common.
ktmrfs 01/08/23 10:03am Tech Issues
RE: Why consider 12v fridge for boondocking?

when it comes to power usage, a 12V is not near as energy efficient (battery power wise) as an adsorbition fridge. you will need much more battery capacity and solar or a generator if you switch to 12V compressor. In terms of BTU or KWH needed to cool, compressor driven fridges are much more efficient than a absorption fridge. Generally you can get about 3x the input BTU used in cooling BTU from a compressor driven fridge. No it doesn't violate any laws of physics, it's the energy needed to move heat from one place to another. By contrast an absoprtion fridge is much less efficient COP is on the order of 0.7 or less vs 3 or more for compressor fridges. But in terms of how the energy is stored to use the fridge, propane in BTU/gallon or BTU/weight or BTU/volume FAR FAR FAR exceeds any battery for the same volume or weight.
ktmrfs 12/31/22 03:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Why consider 12v fridge for boondocking?

Though I have enjoyed reading all the comments, I should have been more specific when I started this thread many months ago. I was only looking for an energy saving advantage use of a 12 compressor fridge over and absorption fridge......nothing else. We primarily boon dock. And as I think I have stated in some of the comments, I've read on many RV reviews...."it has a 12v compressor fridge making perfect for boon docking". Reading a phrase like that indicated to me that there could be an energy saving advantage to having a 12v fridge that I wasn't aware of. What many people saw was the opportunity to share thier "preference" reasons for using 12v compressor fridges.....which is fine, but not what I was looking for and occasionally gets under peoples skin when discussing the politics of why and why not to have one fridge vs another type. And incidently I've never had any issues with our Norcold absorption fridge keeping things cool at temps over 100 degrees or down to 7 degrees. a compressor driven fridge is likely much more energy efficient than an absorption fridge in terms of watt/hrs needed. BUT the energy density/wt or volume for propane is orders of magnitude better than any current battery choice. So it takes way less area and wt to store the "fuel" supply for a propane fridge vs. compressor driven if your not hooked to a line power source.
ktmrfs 12/30/22 10:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Why consider 12v fridge for boondocking?

Just purchased a Grand Design TT with a DC fridge. The fridge is 8 cubic feet and It cools down very fast compared to an absorption fridge and you can run it while on the road. The antenna booster draws 1amp while on, the fridge 3. The trailer does come with a 165 watt solar panel. I like the fridge capacity size increase. Thinking of adding another panel and upgrading battery to lithium to run an inverter for AC when required while off grid. I think both have advantages. I started with a pop up, then went with a 28’ fifth wheel, then a 40’ Red Wood, drop down to a hybrid and now have the 200 mk trandscend. Lol heading to Yukon this August and will know much more after that trip. Lol enjoy what you have! And don’t stand with the door open. Play safe. If the fridge only draws 3A when cooling on 12V it's an outstanding fridge and I'd go for it, that's only 36W. I've never seen a compressor fridge at less than 150W or so. Now if the 3A is 120V, sounds reasonable, but that is about 40A on 12V operation.
ktmrfs 12/24/22 02:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Three-pronged plugs

On the non polarized plugs. Until the 50's or so they were common. Now the issue is that many many of the things plugged into them (e.g. old radios, appliances etc.) had the metal chassis directly tied to one side and either no transformer or transformer input side tied to the chassis. So, the chassis could easily be hot..... Now all these appliances had plastic cases and plastic knobs etc. so in normal use no issue. Now, suppose a plastic knob broke and the metal shaft for the volume control etc was tied to the chassis? Or if a tube went bad and you were going to see which one took off the back, grabbed the chassis, or decided to turn the volume up after the knob fell off. If the chassis was tied to hot side (50/50 chance) you could be in for a big suprise!!! Even worse, if the first time you tried this the chassis was indeed on the neutral side, no issue, then plug gets reverse, grab the chassis or knob again, no problem right? and then the big suprise The advent of the polarized plug fixed the problem, the chassis if connected to a line lead was tied to the neutral, so as long as the outlet wasn't miswired usually no problem. Then came grounded plugs with a requirement that the chassis, exposed metal be tied to the ground lead with a lead longer than either hot or neutral and neutral couldn't be tied to metal chassis or exposed metal. Then came the double insulated stuff that can have a two pronged polarized plug.
ktmrfs 12/24/22 02:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Three-pronged plugs

fj12ryder: My extension cords are probably several years old. I didn't realize some of the blades had changed sizes. Maybe that's my problem, I need newer cords. blade and plug sizes haven't change in over 50+ years. Sometime in the 1950's or maybe earlier they went from two prongs of equal width to "polarized" plugs, one prong wider than the other. With the non polarized plugs it was and still is possible for the hot and neutral to be reversed on the device plugged in. you could plug it in either way. AFAIK all the 3 prong "adapters" or extensions are polarized as well so that the common polarized non grounded plug will work with them. I have and have run across a few two prong non polarized 1 to 3 adapters There are still a very few non polarized cords around, christmas tree light cords are one such application. the vast majority are non polarized. If your talking about wall outlets, the newer "childproof" outlets are a royal PITA, it requires the blades to be plugged in uniformally so that the neutral blade opens the cover on to the hot side.
ktmrfs 12/22/22 09:14pm Tech Issues
RE: solar awning

solar awning= parking spot in the sun ideally facing south. One, we prefer to park in the shade, use portable panels Two: how many sites have the orientation to have the awning facing south? yes, if it is flat as long as sun hits it you'll get power, but then I prefer the shade.
ktmrfs 12/18/22 07:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Floors

We have a 2011 keystone outback with laminated floor. Gets used a couple months/year at least, and haven't noticed any issues with floor sagging anywhere. But we are careful to make sure there is no water intrusion. Fellow campers have trailers 10+ years old with laminated floors and lots of use and not issues either. Are there better floors? likely
ktmrfs 12/18/22 09:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Password

win 10 can be set up for multiple ways to logon. password, pin, video face recognition, fingerprint, my advice set at least two of the methods up so you have a backup. Ours are all set up for pin, password, face recognition. face recognition is good enough that our identical twin girls can't fool the face recognition, but can fool many a neighbor and friend.
ktmrfs 12/11/22 10:59pm Technology Corner
RE: Removing Sap

turpentine or naptha.
ktmrfs 12/10/22 02:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: not another solar question ??

The closer the charge controller is to the batteries, the more efficient it is. Distance from the PV (solar panel) is less critical. true for MPPT controllers, somewhat true for PWM controllers. With a PWM controller if the battery is deeply discharged it lets full panel current to the battery and voltage is regulated by the battery and internal resistance. Where the controller is really doesn't have much if any effect on charge current. As the battery nears full charge it switches to a duty cycle square wave, and here is where distance matters since now voltage drop between the controller output and battery will limit charge current and increase charge time needed for a full charge. For a MPPT controller it sets the voltage at the output of the controller during the entire charge so voltage drop in the line working against battery voltage and internal resistance= low charge rate. And since MPPT controller output current is higher than input current during initial charge, voltage drop between the controller and battery can be more limiting than between the panel and controller. Especially true if the input to the controller is a series string of panels. So for a MPPT controller it is important to have the controller as close as possible to the batteries.
ktmrfs 12/02/22 07:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Mounting cell antenna on a spring?

having what I think is the same system, my SWAG is "sometimes". The spring is pretty stiff, and it probably will depend on how fast you are going, how stiff the offending object is and if it can snag on anything. I actually pole mount my antenna and store the pole and antenna in the passthrough and use a flat RG cable section to go through a window into the trailer. Pole mount lets me get about 15' in the air if needed.
ktmrfs 12/02/22 03:25pm Tech Issues
RE: not another solar question ??

controller should be as close to the batteries as possible, especially if it is a MPPT controller.
ktmrfs 12/02/22 10:58am Tech Issues
RE: Truck starts on its own

As to opening the hood, parked in the garage I would simply not close the drivers door all the way. I don’t know about the newer models but our 2014 GMC will remote start just fine with the doors open. Our 2015.5 GMC 2500 and our two other vehicles (Acura and mercedes) with remote start won't activate remote start unless the doors and trunk are closed and locked and the hood closed and windows up and no CEL.
ktmrfs 12/02/22 10:55am Tow Vehicles

Advantage of dedicated hotspot is doesn't tie up the phone, runs longer on the battery. Last I knew FMCA had a deal 50/month unlimited 4G as I recall. SPRINT was the carrier when I had it (Now merged with T-Mobile) I suggest a hotspot on a DIFFERENT Carrier than your phone. WHY. Well they had not yet merged when I had it and some places one of them was "NO SIGNAL" the other broke the needle on my internet speed-o-meter (Well it's a graphic so it does not break but you get the idea) In other places.. Reverse the results. So a T-mobile hotspot if you have verizon phones or A Verizon hotspot with T-Mobile phones. Two thigns you need to know One. IT DOES NOT TIE UP THE PHONE... phone still makes and receives calls but you may lose internet when call arrives (Depends on phone) Two. Keep the charger hooked up battery life is forever. In the early days the phone did not properly control the battery charge so if you did that bad things happened. But today's phones are smarter.. Much smarter.. Way smarter. yes two carriers is a good idea. Just make sure they don't both use the same system. Verizon/ATT make a good combo and your spot on about often only one or the other working. For a long time we had our cell phones with Verizon and Onstar with ATT phone. good combo. And a cell booster can get you from zippo signal to signal decent enough for phone/messaging/moderate web use. Now, don't expect service well enough to stream video, expect service good enough to do most web based stuff, reasonable speeds for file download/upload maybe youtube, but not video streaming.
ktmrfs 11/27/22 08:24pm Technology Corner
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