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RE: To buy or not to buy insurance?

Very simple if you can absorb the $30K loss without any negative consequences no insurance required. If you cannot absorb the loss you need to buy insurance. the liability your exposed to is WAY more than 30K. once the trailer is unhooked your on the hook not just for trailer damage but liability. someone trips and falls on the stairs...breaks a leg your on the hook. As far as cost, I pay $109/year when coupled to my regular insurance for comprehensive, $1M liability in conjunction with my umbrella policy and theft, damage. Deductible is 1K. $600 sounds WAY high. In my case as long as the trailer is ATTACHED to the truck it is covered for liability, collision, comprehensive etc. under the tow vehicle coverage. Once it is unhooked unless I have the other policy I have NO coverage for anything.
ktmrfs 06/05/20 07:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Narrow Staple Gun

bosh, portercable, ryobi, metabo all make narrow crown staplers, and the staples fit most any gun. The portercable NS150 is a good gun as is the metabo. Both are around $100 or less at lowes/home depot,etc. make sure you adjust the depth of the crown. Especially on thin material it's easy and possible to set the depth so the crown of the staple goes ALL the way through the top material! On thin material I usually adjust the gun so the crown of the staple just indents the material.
ktmrfs 06/05/20 10:15am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Circut breaker question

No main breaker is required. Main is required if it requires more then six operations to disconnect power. My Pace Arrow does not have a main! At one time that was NEC code for houses but what I remember was 5 operations max to disconnect power. Common setup was Range, Stove, Dryer, maybe one other 220 appliance then another 220 breaker feeding ALL the 120V circuits. 5 motions, turned off power. Not sure that is still allowed by code. None the less, If the Pace arrow has no main breaker it is definitely in the minority, the common WFCO panel as a 30 or 50A main breaker feeding the panel. And the WFCO is used in the vast majority of trailers built in the last 20 years, The others are similar with a main then the other breakers.
ktmrfs 05/29/20 10:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Overhead Clearence

Another bit of info. Often the clearance listed is the side clearance of the radius not the overhead clearance in the traffic lane. So, for most vehicles the clearance is more than adequate. There are places I've been that show a 12ft or so clearance where the normal traffic lane is 14ft. Confuses the GPS to no end. This seems to occur on older tunnels not on overhead bridges. Oversized vehicles could be in trouble but not regular vehicles if you stay in the traffic lane.
ktmrfs 05/29/20 09:56am Beginning RVing
RE: Service Trailer Brake System message

Probably corroded wiring shorting out somewhere. Start with cleaning and inspecting the trailer connector. yup. Make sure it is dry and no mud/dirt in it. What I've found is that after rainstorms or a good wash water can enter the connector and cause the service message. Once I blow it dry, message gone.
ktmrfs 05/29/20 09:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Battery Life?

"Best" route when a microwave oven is not involved exactly. What is great for one application may be a disaster for another. GC advantage is ability for 100's of deep discharges to 25%SOC, excellent life when current draw is limited to say 50A or even 25A or less. Big disadvantage is very high cell resistance = voltage drop on high draw >50-75A and coupled with no ability to load share between batteries when comparing 2 GC to 2 marine 12V jugs. My past experience is that a pair of GC would run my true inverter panasonic microwave at 500W output as long as battery was at 85% SOC or more. Otherwise the inverter would cut out due to low battery voltage. Others had similar experience. With 4GC I can go down to about 50% SOC.
ktmrfs 05/25/20 06:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Life?

duplicate post, sorry, the darn "page not avaiable error"
ktmrfs 05/25/20 09:44am Tech Issues
RE: Battery Life?

On my trailer I bought in 2004, the first set of Trojan T125-s went to our daughters in laws in 2012 and he ran them 3 more years before they started to loose noticeable capacity. I then installed the set I had in my 2010 trailer on the 2004 trailer and they are still doing well. On the 2010 trailer I then put new Trojan T125-s on in 2012 and they are still doing well. In both trailers the batteries are very often discharged to 30-40% SOC so they see pretty deep discharges. On both trailers I have a 3 stage charge controller (PD) and make sure they are fully charged after each trip. (Note the std WFCO charger is NOT a good charger, it will seldom if ever fully charge a set of batteries). Then in storage the batteries are kept charged by solar panels.
ktmrfs 05/25/20 09:44am Tech Issues
RE: Oregon trip

Just tossing this out...I know it wasn't the question...in your planning, if you go from north to south, you will not regret that. That direction of travel will enable you to leave the highway to oohh and awww and then pull back into traffic withput risking life/limb. Going south to north is just plain dangerous, for the mentioned reasons. Even other RV'rs accelerate to try and get ahead of an RV driver trying to get across two/3/4 lanes of traffic. Gary Haupt I agree completely with Gary. Same if your going on 1/101 in California. Much easier access to turnouts.
ktmrfs 05/21/20 11:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Oregon trip

I'd say it depends. Oct-early may our trips to the coast mean including the dehumidifier. Summer, occasionally it is needed. My advice, Many of the places you are likely to camp near will have a Fred Meyer, Lowes, Home depot nearby. You could just wait and see what the weather is like and if you decide you need one, stop in a get a small compressor driven dehumidifier around $100. When it is humid ours will pull about 5 gallons out the first 12ish hours, then drop down to 1-2 gallons/day.
ktmrfs 05/20/20 09:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Coax connector 2011 Keystond Outback

Welcome to the forum. I own that unit. You should have 2 separate connectors on the outside. One is wired through the antenna and the other isn't. our 2011 outback has only one connector, it's a cable connector. and no it won't work for sat. some 2011 outbacks built later in the year added a sat input.
ktmrfs 05/19/20 10:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water in Fuel? When Do You Drain the Filter?

In 290K miles on my two duramax's Ive never had the WIFlight come on nor has there ever been any water in the filter when I changed it. Get fuel from stations that do a reasonable amount of business and likely never have a problem.
ktmrfs 05/15/20 10:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: New and looking for a generator

3000 watt likely will do what you want, but may be heavier than you want to handle. A 2000W inverter generator is likely to have problems starting the AC unit, especially at higher altitude. But it will be quite and easy to carry around. Add a micro air easy start to the AC and the 2000/2200W generator will likely do what you want. Now quiet & cheap are somewhat mutually exclusive. PLEASE do NOT buy an open frame cheap generator. Spend some money on a quiet inverter generator. honda yamaha and champion have some nice decent quality quiet generators in the 2000-3000W range. We boondock a lot, have a 13,500 BTU AC unit, an 1000W microwave and have a single honda 2200 W generator. My brother has the same. The AC units have the micro air easy start installed. Both of us consistently run the AC units at altitude approaching 7000ft with zip problems starting or running the AC. That said a honda 2000, or yamaha 2000 will eventually (20 minutes or so) overload at altitude above about 4500ft. Just can't run the AC AND microwave at the same time, but a 3000W wouldn't let you run both at the same time either.
ktmrfs 05/13/20 08:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Factory tow ratings apparently assume empty tow vehicle

and add to that: TV mfg assume 10% tongue weight and around 20% pin weight And the hitch weight needs to be added to the truck empty weight as well further reducing payload. Then Trailer mfg typically design for 15% tongue weight and around 25% pin weight further upsetting the calculations. So, it's pretty hard to be able to tow the max rated trailer even without anything else in the vehicle without going over GVWR and still be way under GCWR. My duramax when loaded with typical bed stuff, firewood, firepit, cooler etc. along with a 9,000lb bumper pull with 1400lbs on the tongue and either 5 passengers, or my son and an additional motorcycle in the back is right at 10,000GVWR.
ktmrfs 05/13/20 08:36pm Towing
RE: Building own travel trailer legality?

Try looking for "buikding a stealth" trailer. They usually start with a enclosed box trailer. Been there, done that. Did it not because of low cost (it isn't) but because I wanted a small toyhauler for my 3 bikes that I could use for day trips as well as camping in addition to the use as a toy hauler. By the time you put in trailer stuff, like sinks, fridge, stove, shower, furnace, AC, build cabinets, scrounge up a fold down bed, come up with a fold up couch, put on an awning, it wasn't less expensive than a bigger toy hauler, but it did fit what I wanted, something that was useable on longer trips but also useable for day rides. And it's still registered as a "utility" trailer not a TT, so registration is way less expensive.
ktmrfs 05/12/20 08:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: propane fire pit operating cost and connection to TT

In some areas, a fire ban means "no open flames" of any type, so that's something to research in the provinces you travel in. yup. My experience is that in "Most" "fire bans" they will allow an open flame from propane appliances that have a quick shutoff. There have been a few cases where the only propane they allowed was a BBQ grill. No propane or white gas lanterns, no firepits. Interestingly in a few places the first restriction is NO CHARCOAL but still allow wood fires and propane. Then it's no wood but propane.
ktmrfs 05/07/20 09:58am Travel Trailers
RE: propane fire pit operating cost and connection to TT

One gallon of propane weighs 4.2 pounds. A "full" 20 lb cylinder should have 4.7 gallons of propane in it which translates to about 430,000 BTUs. Dividing 430,000 by 58,000 BTUs burned per hour gives us 4.7 hours on one bottle of that size. I also balance checkbooks but charge for that basic arithmetic. 430/58=7.4 hours not 4.7 hours. probably dyslexic typing! Now, at full draw, what I will say from experience is the last gallon is going to be a lower output. as the propane boils away it cools down and 58K draw from a 5 gallon tank will start to have reduced output with around a gallon left. You will see the flame go down. but figure a good 6 hours at full output, on medium 10 hours or so.
ktmrfs 05/06/20 07:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: If you have a Diesel HD truck - Code reader

I like the ScanGauge II because you can add custom parameters to it and the cost is reasonable for a standalone device. Many people are going with an OBDII dongle and smart phone with software to monitor their vehicles which is another option. Did you see this thread? https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/30074765.cfm Thanks but look at the first reply on that thread. I checked a number of the readers mentioned and none claim to read diesel specific codes. At least the ones I checked before giving up. it does. I had one on my 2004.5 duramax and have one on my 2015 duramax. It will read all codes that trigger are stored or pending. Basically any code reader will read codes that are stored. It gave me the code that indicated my grid heater was not working, a quick trip to the dealer and a new grid heater under warranty. Depending on vehicle it can do other things. On GM it will read balance rates, boost, EGT, soot level, distance since regen, and a bunch more. Now if what you are looking for is something that gives live data and will do what factory service systems do, that's another story. These systems will do more than read codes, it will check virtually ALL car systems. Foxwell scanners do that. I have one for my duramax and one for my acura. they will let you do things like lock/unlocks doors, run AC etc. etc.
ktmrfs 05/06/20 07:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tabletop LPG Barbecue Grilles Anything To Be Wary About?

stainless when exposed to high enough temperatures will oxidize (rust). So it's fine for the case, the griddle etc. but will eventually degrade when used for the heating area. Some portable grills can be used with either high pressure or low pressure sources. My favorite portable grill is the Magma series. Runs on high or low pressure, very well made, easy to clean, nice slide out grease tray Not inexpensive, but for us has been a very great grill.
ktmrfs 05/05/20 09:42am Tech Issues
RE: Cd's into zip drive so I can play them in new car

easy peasy. first cars have a usb port, not a zip drive, so it's a "thumb" drive your looking for 1) put your CD's on either Itunes or Google play through your laptop. then copy them to a thumb drive and plug it into the USB port on the car. 2) just plug your ipod into the usb port and in most new vehicles it can be accessed just like you do on the ipod. The above work on my 2015 Denali, my 2020 acura mdx a neighbors accord and our daughters ford edge. or (3), there are a still a few cars with single slot CD drives either std or available to install that integrate with the existing audio. Some Acuras (our 2020 MDX has a CD drive)and audi has a CD drive, Honda has a CD drive you can install on many models. you might check out that option. On the Acura I have an ipod plugged in, but I'm in the process of copying my CD's to the HDD in the car, HDD capacity 500GB, takes about 5-10 minutes to copy a CD to the HDD, so it's going pretty fast. Or last option, for <$50 you can get a cd player that runs on 12V or usb and has audio out that will plug into many of the new cars audio in port. Virtually all cars I've seen with no CD player have in addtion to a USB port a analog audio input jack.
ktmrfs 05/01/20 07:46pm Technology Corner
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