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RE: mysterious disapearing topic

When a company intentionally jerks around its customers, the customer's natural impulse is to mention getting a lawyer; the connotation in this context, for this term "lawyer", simply means trying to "get justice and fair dealing" especially against an organization which, by its actions, appears hostile. Its pretty weak to use this as an excuse to censor someone's open complaint on a forum. Perhaps there are no complaints allowed against certain brands sponsoring this site, as has been implied here. If that is the case, it means only positive manufacturer reviews are allowed, i.e. the site is censored in favor of the sponsors. It should be pointed out that Users also provide a lot of unsolicited GOOD input on products and how they have been treated. This should be the goal of this site to get unbiased inputs from users on their experiences. There is no reason to delete a reasonable complaint against an RV industry participant. My observation is that the people on this site also have a pretty high "BS meter" when it comes to complaints of this nature, so having someone censor a view, as long as it is presented clearly should not be grounds for it to disappear. Well said and well written. Great job. Do I feel a 'poof' coming? Lakeside
lakeside013104 09/20/19 01:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Off-Roading Tractor Trailer

Very well said, Lakeside013104! Thank you otrfun from the Desert SW Lakeside
lakeside013104 09/18/19 04:26am Truck Campers
RE: Off-Roading Tractor Trailer

It takes a big person to admit when wrong. Glad you did no further damage to your rig and yourself. It all goes back to feeling certain that we can trust the drivers around us to be competent, safe, and able to make the responsible decision to do the 'right' thing. If you feel that you can 'trust' a complete stranger with your life, your safety, or that they will not damage your property, then 'throttle' back on the defensive driving. Otherwise, always drive defensively, remembering distance is your friend, and be prepared for the unexpected by keeping your attention on the road and your head focused on driving. I believe a very high percentage of highway crashes are preventable. If only we were not following too closely, if only I did not get mad when this person cut me off, if only I did not choose to 'show' him who is boss after he gave me the middle finger, if only I was not speeding, if only I was not texting, if only I had done my preventive maintenance to my vehicle, if only I had not been upset with my spouse before I left home, if only I had left earlier for work, and the list goes on. The point is, driving defensively and preventing vehicle crashes is a full time job that requires all of your attention all of the time. We are all human and make mistakes, but being lucky and surviving your journey intact is not worth betting on. When we get behind the steering wheel attention to detail on the task of driving defensively and preventing all crashes before they happen should be our utmost priority. Safe journeys to all. Lakeside
lakeside013104 09/17/19 04:40am Truck Campers
RE: ā€œI was shocked with just how white it was there,ā€ she said.

Well, I guess even RV.net is no longer color blind. I do not care if you are red, yellow, green, purple, or any blend thereof... if you want to camp, go camp. If you don't want to camp, don't. Is the next step quota's? Only "x" percentage of a campground can be occupied by a single ethnic group at any time? Affirmative action for RVers. SMH in disgust. Mike Well said. Doesn't matter what color your skin, we all have different interests. If EVERYONE liked to camp, there would be no sites left for anybody. I personally have seen two seperate black families camping and I have traveled all over this great country and into Alaska several times. Different strokes for different folks. Best to leave this 'sleeping dog' alone, before it wakes up and 'bites'. Lakeside
lakeside013104 09/11/19 03:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: ā€œI was shocked with just how white it was there,ā€ she said.

Nonesense..... Lakeside
lakeside013104 09/11/19 09:57am General RVing Issues
RE: mounting air fitting for air bags

I wire tied mine to the rear bracket on the driver running boards. Easy to get at, check and air up to. Lakeside
lakeside013104 09/09/19 05:37am Truck Campers
RE: Traveling through Canada with Dogs

We went thru getting the papers route before we went thru north of Glacier. The Canadian Border agent didn't want to see any papers and acted like he didn't know what we were talking about. Sounds like you were offering up information the CBSA Officer did not ask about and was not interested in. Best to answer questions 'asked' with answers that are honest and directly related to the specific question. Nothing more is required. For either side, vaccination records are all that is generally required. If the Officer sees the animal acting ill or aggressive, then they may ask additional questions. Lakeside
lakeside013104 08/30/19 02:39am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Air pressure in Firestone airbags.

I run 12 to 14 PSI when empty. I plan on getting airbags on my tow rig... Does the truck ride different when its empty? My truck rides better with 10 - 12 PSI empty compared to the 'stiff' factory ride without the air bags. A big and better improvement... Lakeside
lakeside013104 08/28/19 01:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Air pressure in Firestone airbags.

I run 12 to 14 PSI when empty. When loaded, that 12 to 14 PSI goes up to 32 to 34 PSI from the weight compression, WITHOUT adding any more air to the bags. Too much pressure will result in raising the air bags up off the overload helper springs, causing excessive top heavy feeling to the ride. Lowering the bags to allow weight on the overload helper springs makes the ride more stable on my 2016 F-350. Works for me. Lakeside
lakeside013104 08/28/19 05:50am Truck Campers
RE: How High???

12'4" to the top of the A/C Lakeside
lakeside013104 08/16/19 04:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: A request from your new mod

You got 'ta be one of the good guys because we share the same name, even the spelling. Welcome aboard. Lakeside
lakeside013104 08/13/19 07:19am Truck Campers
RE: Downloading at Campground

Don't off load. TC stays on the truck. Where we camp the only transportation required is by foot or by canoe/kayak. No utilities to be concerned with. Exercise comes from cutting enough firewood from the surrounding dead trees to keep a fire at most all times. Fish to eat comes from the river or the pond we camp at. Entertainment comes from what nature has to offer. Occasionally we encounter a Forest Ranger or a Game Warden, who often times look at the campsite and decide for themselves that offenses will be found elsewhere, bidding us 'good day' and departing as silently as they arrived. Back a few moons ago we did have a fellow camper show up and sit by our fire, shared a few stories and then he too moved on. The North Maine Woods offers 'room aplenty' for those so minded. Camper on or off the truck is OK. No one cares what you do as long as you don't infringe on other campers private experience with your noise, litter, offensive loudness, night times lights which spoil the star gazing,or uncontrolled pets. Keeping those annoyances in check allows others to enjoy the complete and amazing serenity that surrounds us. Safe travels, Lakeside
lakeside013104 08/11/19 02:56pm Truck Campers
RE: MN new laws August 1st

I agree with fj12ryder. We already have plenty of laws they don't enforce now. Just added a couple more. Barely slow down for stop signs, drive as fast as you want, turn signals are optional. MN Legislature makes up lots of laws but they don't provide any additional means to enforce them. B.O. This dangerous and inconsiderate driving is not in MN alone. Drivers in many other states have followed suit. The attitude is one of 'all about me, no one else on the road matters'. It seems our highways have become instant 'racetracks' where no rules apply. A very sad state of affairs indeed. Lakeside
lakeside013104 08/01/19 05:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Conquering the Great Divide

I think probably the best thing about off road camping (I don't like the term boondocking(, I prefer dispersed camping is the fact that you are the only person, maybe for miles. Suits me fine. Don't like neighbors 20 feet away, screaming kids, barking dogs and insecure people that have to leave outside lights on all night, why we don't do campgrounds. When we retire it's pitch black outside, you cannot see your hand in front of your face. You retire and listen to the forest sounds, the animals moving about, trees creaking and an ocassional ember popping in your dying fire. I find all that very restful myself. Always sleep like a log and always get up rested. Sure you don't have the convenience of a plug in or a water spigot or a dump station but you have serenity and in my view that is more important. Probably why I like to hunt too. Self reliance is a good thing. Doing what we do does have a learning curve but a little common sense and being prepared and you'll be fine. Hey sidecar flip, you paint a picture so perfect, I need to get the camper ready to roll!!! The things you described are exactly as I prefer to camp. You described a perfect place to camp. Enjoy. Lakeside
lakeside013104 07/30/19 04:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Conquering the Great Divide

I will make sure sidecar flip reads this and hopefully he will chime in. Lakeside
lakeside013104 07/29/19 04:57pm Truck Campers
RE: How would you rate Palomino Brand truck campers

Why don't you come east and visit the factory in Colon, Michigan which is just north of the Indiana Toll Road at the Middlebury exit. I bought mine from Outpost RV in Middlebury but picked it up at the factory in Colon. Nice folks (both places). My second TC, first one was a Lance. I've had zero issues with the Palomino. Had it 3 years now. I do like having the factory close by (60 miles from me) and I like the fact that if you do need something, you can buy it factory direct. They even take plastic. I might add, we have friends with one as well. They live in Maine and last year they took theirs from Maine to Alaska and stayed in Alaska 3 months with it. They had no issues either. The early ones had build quality issues but ever since Forest River bought them out, quality of build and innovative features has become their hallmark along with a very competitive price. My wife and I are happy with ours and we expect it to last many years with proper upkeep. Sidecarflip's post is all true as we are honored to be called, his friends. Our Palomino 2602 had a sink discoloration issue, slide alignment problem, and an awning frame arm broke completely off. The sink issue was within one year of purchase, but the slide problem and the awning frame arm break was after the warranty was over. The slide had to be removed and involved two men two days labor to repair and shim to realign the slide. The hole in the side wall had been cut off square which caused the slide to bind on the tracks when moving. Three of the four tracks needed replacement. The awning had to be removed and the arms were replaced. The awning was reinstalled with labor from three men. Upon the first retraction of the extended awning with the new arms, one arm broke and jumped upward tearing a hole three feet square in the extended awning. That awning was removed by two men and a new awning was ordered from the factory. Six months later, after the winter was over and the camper camp out of storage, the new awning was installed by the labors of three men. I had nightmares of the slide repair and the two awning repairs costing me thousands of dollars for I was past the end of the warranty period when both repairs were completed. To my pleasant surprise, my dealer Harvey RVs, located just past 6 miles falls in Bangor, Maine, completed all repairs under the Palomino factory warranty. My out of pocket expense was fuel to get the camper to the dealer. After experiencing the effort to fix my problems with this camper, I cannot say enough GOOD about my dealer and about Palomino. They all went above and beyond to help me with what could have been very expensive issues. Like sidecarflip stated, we did travel to Alaska for the summer and explored many states across these great United States of America without issues from our Palomino truck camper. Our experience has been positive and we fully enjoy our camper. I might add, we downsized from a 39' fifth wheel Bighorn which we towed across America two times. The fifth wheel was RVing and the truck camper is camping. A different way of life and one we much prefer over the RVing lifestyle of being cramped in between angry neighbors with uncontrolled barking dogs whose owners are so scared of the dark that they leave enough lights on to block out the view of the stars at night. Go truck camping and thank you Palomino. A great product from a company who stands behind what they build. Lakeside
lakeside013104 07/28/19 06:20am Truck Campers
RE: RCMP seek witnesses - Liard Hot Springs death investigation

Thank you Sue for the update. Lakeside
lakeside013104 07/24/19 03:59pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Dogs

I love dogs. We had dogs as kids. These were loving family pets. As an adult, I also had my own dogs. While camping last week, I was surprised by the presence of dogs and their impact on the campground. We were are Merrill Campground at Eagle Lake. Dogs like to protect their space, their owners, and the way they do that is go out to the full extent of their leash and bark. What surprised me was the 2-3 (or more) dogs per campsite, and the constant barking followed by the owners "barking" at their dogs to hush them. Merrill Campground is in the Lassen National Forest. Perhaps since most of my other camping experiences are in far less developed areas, I was just in for a little surprise with the pets. The dog owner has to be smarter then the dog. Lots of times, that is not the case. Lakeside
lakeside013104 07/24/19 03:51pm General RVing Issues

Dilan, Sitka is not an Island, it is a town on Baranof Island. Juneau is the only State capitol not reachable by road. If your leaving an RV there, how did you get it there? I would add to the OP's list about entering Canada. If you are wearing sunglasses as you approach, leave them on until the CA Customs officer looks at you and then remove them while he is looking. I do this so they know I an not afraid to let him see my eyes up close. You eyes tell a lot about you emotions. Second is answer as much as possible with Yes and No. If he wants to yack he will let you know. Excessive talking and jokes generally alert the Officer to nervousness on your part. Dimensional lumber is not firewood, it is kindling, if asked about firewood and you have only dimensional lumber tell the Officer yes dimensional lumber in X cabinet and here is the key. They are really cool guys that have a very tough job and have to deal with all sorts of people, treat them nice and have everything you can think of handy. I your wife is like mine, remind her to keep quiet and look at the Officer but don't answer for you and only talk if addressed. A nice touch is to say thanks when he waves you on through. Good points and very well said. Thanks Lakeside
lakeside013104 06/25/19 04:32am RVing in Canada and Alaska

To add a cent to the discussion.....Gun threads have been discussed ad infinitum, so won't really discuss that other than to note that ammo for all common calibers is available in Alaska. One might not find 16 ga SSG or Kynoch solids on the shelf in Tok or Gustavus or Venetie....but generally, ammo is readily available even pretty far from the population centers. IMNSHO, it's not worth the hassle and "risk of irritating" factor to bring ammo into/through Canada (particularly handgun-suitable ammo) when it is available in Alaska. Very true. There is so much ammo at the 'Three Bears Outpost' in TOK that I thought I was in a Cabela's store. Numerous weights available for hundreds of calibers of handguns, rifles, & shotguns. No worries about finding ammo to fit most any firearm in Alaska. Lakeside
lakeside013104 06/25/19 04:30am RVing in Canada and Alaska
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