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RE: loosing old members

I am old and life does change, but having a guy like Old Biscuit with all the RV tech knowledge on this site is priceless. Well said ^. Plus I get tired of having my posts deleted. Some mod with personal axe to grid with me makes my informative posts disappear if I don't write it perfectly. I am old and it takes time to type a post, but no matter, poof, it is gone because of a difference of opinion. I find it is a waste of time to read or write as often as I used to on RV.net. I write a generic post and if it shares a different opinion from what this particular mod has, it disappears. Why bother. Oh yes, I fully expect this post to vanish also. Also: Moderator jplante4 is NOT the subject of my rant above. Just thought I would clarify. My issues have come from Around the Campfire. Lakeside
lakeside013104 04/01/19 03:32am Truck Campers
RE: TC / airbag suspension

Airbags adjusted correctly (not too much pressure) can improve the ride. Too much pressure will make the ride worse. I believe the key is to keep the overloads engaged. Air bags also give you a way to adjust the ride height if you are towing a trailer, or if one side of the TC/truck is heavier than the other. Do make sure that they are plumbed separately or you won’t be able to balance driver and passenger sides. Excellent information and exactly as I have experienced with my Firestone airbags. On initial install of TC onto F-350 at the RV dealership, the tech put 60# of air into my airbags. When I pulled out of dealership yard onto highway, I felt the truck was severely top heavy. I got out to look and saw the overload springs were 3" off the rubber bumper. I lowered the pressure by 10 psi and drove ten miles. I did this several times until the truck felt stable when driving. I found that at 28# of air in the bags, the truck was most comfortable to drive. Good luck with your new setup. Lakesidew
lakeside013104 03/26/19 04:48am Truck Campers
RE: Can't bring TT home because of neighbors parking in street?

Try parking your RV in the street. When they complain, tell them they have given you no choice. If they park in their driveways then you will too. Similar to my train of thought...... You have a couple different routes to go here, but Mr. Biscuit is accurate on how the whole situation will end.... Just know in advance if you follow my recommendations, issues could arise, be prepared...... #1 Park your trailer close enough to the uncooperative neighbor's vehicle so they cannot move forward or rearward. Leave a note on your vehicle that you would be happy to move your vehicle if they would move theirs. Leave a contact number and be ready to move your vehicle. Either the neighbor will contact you or the police will. You did not call the police, so you can't be blamed for them being on site. #2 I assume on the inside corner of the cul-de-sac there is a curb... have enough 2"x8" planks so that your trailer tires can ride up and over the curb to allow you enough room to pass the irresponsible and inconsiderate neighbor's parked vehicle. The #2 option is the best, but may or may not be possible. Good luck and keep us posted. PS......there are more bozos out on the streets of this great USA then just the ones you are dealing with. Sad, but true. Too many are concerned, NOT for others. All about 'them'. In their world, no one else exists or matters. Karma will prevail in the end. Patience is a must. Lakeside
lakeside013104 02/28/19 03:47am General RVing Issues
RE: 6.7 Diesel fuel mileage

Diesel engines exist because they give about 20 to 30 percent better mileage. Cost of gasoline and diesel fuels vary considerably across the country, so you may or may not have enough savings. My 2011 F-350 consistently got 17 - 19 mpg. My 2016 is getting 13.5 - 14 mph. I have heard that the additional smog devices on the engine has changed the mpg somewhat. Diesel prices this time of year in the northeast are typically $1 more per gallon compared to gasoline prices. In the summer, diesel is more closely priced to gasoline. In my opinion, the F-350 is the best truck I have ever owned and I have owned all models. The power while towing across this country two times and to and from Alaska is ample. The new engine braking on the 2016 is awesome. Crossing the Rockies several times, I can count on one hand the times I used the brakes to control the vehicle on steep hills. The electronic engine brake and the transmission brake are excellent features on a vehicle. Two things I wish Ford would change. #1 The process to re-learn tire pressure sensors is a PITA. Come on Ford. You can do better on this feature. #2 I wish Ford offered 'factory' air bags and inflation systems on their vehicles. Both of my trucks were fitted with aftermarket airbags. To the Oper, you won't be sad if you make the plunge and purchase this F-350. As long as it has been maintained properly, it should give you years of service and will be a pleasure to tow with. Your fuel mileage should be better then what you are currently experiencing. Good luck and keep us posted. Lakeside
lakeside013104 02/28/19 03:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: importing a truck

Well, other than you mis-quoted me, I said 48 hours, not 24, I also very clearly said “along with all the instructions/ information you need”. I’ve been to that website quite a few times, it’s extremely clear about what you have to do. BTW, even though the OP said they weren’t necessarily doing it, driving to the border and asking might be problematic since they’re in Tucson AZ so the nearest border crossing, Sweet Grass MT, is about 1,500 miles north of them. I suspect a fax, maybe a follow up phone call out of an abundance of caution, would be a little easier....... JaxDad, My bad about misquoting you, 24 vs. 48. I stand corrected. I will take a time out for my mistake. You are correct about the distance from Tucson, AZ to Sweet Grass, MT. You are not so accurate as to where to get the information, in person, that I spoke about. With a very small amount of ingenuity I located the following: Tucson, AZ has an International Airport, which has an arrivals section staffed with CBP Officers where you can speak with them in person to get the accurate information I suggested. Their location is: Reporting, Inquiries & Mailing Address: U.S. Customs and Border Protection Tucson International Airport 7150 S. Tucson Boulevard International Terminal Tucson, AZ 85706 If you are so inclined as to want to speck to Officials over the telephone, they may be reached at: Monday - Friday (520) 799-8348 from 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. If I have mistyped something or misspelled something not to your liking, again, my bad. More time out for me. Lakeside
lakeside013104 02/24/19 06:16am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: importing a truck

I would imagine importing a truck to Canada is the same as a motorhome. I imported the motorhome in 2017. It was a bit of a hassle. I used an import broker for most of the paperwork but needed to supply them with a bill of sale, clearance docs showing that all recalls had been done ( really hard to obtain) a letter from the manufacturer stating that speedometer read in kph, and that daytime running lights were operational. After the border where you pay the taxes etc you had a short window to get a federal inspection done (cdn tire for $125 and a days time) and then present the vehicle for inspection at the provincial dmv. I saved a few $ buying in the USA but it was a hassle i won’t do again. Good information. The only tidbit I would ad: you will need to 'export' the vehicle from the USA. Stop at the border a week or so before you actually want to take the vehicle across and ask the Officers what is required. They will advise you of the correct procedures and proper paper work. Lakeside This is completely unnecessary, all you have to do is fax a form (available from the CBP website along with all the instructions/ information you need) to the border crossing you will be using at least 48 hours before you get to the border. You are somewhat correct, using the form is allowed, but some folks are confused when viewing the CBP web site as to what form they will require. My advise about stopping to inquire prior to the crossing day with the vehicle, is recommended to those who prefer first hand knowledge given to them by an informed individual. Also, you are missing the point with your advise: "All you need to do is fax 24 hours before you get to the border, your words". This implies to the person attempting to do the 'right' thing, that all they need to do is send a fax to the border and then cross with their new vehicle. You are missing the most important step, which can be missed by just reading and faxing compared to talking to an informed actual person (Officer) in advance; YOU need to STOP on the USA side of the border on the day of the export to finalize the paperwork. A real live person will explain this to anyone who inquires, vs. missing that point with the 'fax' only information you provided. Again, no fees are due the day you 'physically' show up at the US border to export your vehicle. All the Officer will do is compare the previously submitted form information to the vin number of the vehicle wishing to be exported. It takes less then five minutes to export a vehicle from the USA. A very simple process, but a process that is mandated by federal law. You may ask, why all the fuss? Simply stated, you are removing an item of value from the US commerce (exporting) and introducing that same item of value into the Canadian commerce (importing). If the direction of the vehicle was opposite, you would be exporting from Canada and importing into the USA. This process is completed hundreds of times every month by both countries. The paper trail is there, OR it isn't, if you have failed to comply or complete the process correctly and completely. In my opinion, it is much easier to hear the words from a 'live' individual, rather then attempt to interpret the information available from a web site. The Officers are there and getting paid a fair wage, so lets use them for our benefit when the occasion arises. Lakeside
lakeside013104 02/23/19 09:39am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: importing a truck

I would imagine importing a truck to Canada is the same as a motorhome. I imported the motorhome in 2017. It was a bit of a hassle. I used an import broker for most of the paperwork but needed to supply them with a bill of sale, clearance docs showing that all recalls had been done ( really hard to obtain) a letter from the manufacturer stating that speedometer read in kph, and that daytime running lights were operational. After the border where you pay the taxes etc you had a short window to get a federal inspection done (cdn tire for $125 and a days time) and then present the vehicle for inspection at the provincial dmv. I saved a few $ buying in the USA but it was a hassle i won’t do again. Good information. The only tidbit I would ad: you will need to 'export' the vehicle from the USA. This is easy to do and costs zero at the US border crossing that your driving the vehicle across. Some folks use a US broker or export dealer, but using them, costs you unnecessary expense. Stop at the border a week or so before you actually want to take the vehicle across and ask the Officers what is required to export a vehicle into Canada. They will advise you of the correct procedure and proper paper work. Again, this costs you nothing to do if you do it yourself. The off-set is if you do not export the vehicle and at some point return to the US with this vehicle, when the US Officer discovers it is a US vehicle that has NOT been exported properly from the USA, you are subject to a civil penalty and or detainment of your vehicle until the export is completed properly. Not a good feeling to be driving up to the border with a vehicle you know has not been exported properly. The guilt feelings will show on you and a watchful Officer will pick up on the non-verbal cues. You may pass through the US border a few times, but then on a future trip across, the error will become know when you least expect it. Your trip to visit the US will be different from how you anticipated it to be, with delays and possible detainment of your new (to you) vehicle. We all buy insurance, or at least, are supposed to. Exporting a vehicle from the USA property is like buying insurance for your future trouble-free crossing at the border. And it costs nothing to do, other then as few minutes spent at the border 'to do the right thing'. Your choice. Good luck and safe travels. Lakeside
lakeside013104 02/23/19 04:42am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: RV travel agent? Could you suggest one?

I see the welcoming committee is working hard today. I've actually had family members ask us if we use a travel agent to plan trips. People who aren't campers/RVers really don't know how this all works. That said, I haven't seen any red flags that there is something amiss with the OP. Plan B RV is doing a good job of dishing it right back...Too bad he has to dish anything back. This is THE reason I've stopped asking for help on this forum. You ask, Mr. 2012Coleman. We will help you. Ignore the smart-aleck non-intelligent responses. Folks on here have a boat load of practical experience that most are willing to share. Lakeside
lakeside013104 02/21/19 03:05pm Beginning RVing
RE: RV travel agent? Could you suggest one?

Maybe Mommy will hold your hand. Your mommy? Haha. That’s great I thought Plan B RV did good with this statement. Most likely, way over the head of the person who wrote mommy..... still scratching their head and wondering what was meant!!! Using a agent for traveling is just another way to keep our economy going, plus it helps the person paying save time and effort. Some folks just do not enjoy spending hours on the net doing research. Each to their own. Good luck Plan B. Lakeside
lakeside013104 02/21/19 04:41am Beginning RVing
RE: Campbell or Alaskan Hwy?

https://i.imgur.com/ihWMsvil.jpg https://i.imgur.com/sb7eEgQl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/XTDNCGdl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/oi45pl3l.jpg https://i.imgur.com/2QopFtvl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/8EoL668l.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Gt5OAoJl.jpg Plenty to see on the Alaska Hwy and you are always within a couple hundred miles of fuel. We love the outdoors and view mountains, waters, abundant wildlife, and trees with awe. We enjoy the peacefulness and inspiring beauty that the Yukon and BC has to offer. Either way you choose will be memorable. My only comment, believe it or not, is: how much beauty can one consume in one adventure? After a while all the beauty seemed to be the norm. Everywhere one looked was more beautiful then the last, until all this beauty was part of everyday life, until it wasn't. How many pictures of mountains can you take? How many pictures of lakes, rivers, and streams can satisfy your hunger for beauty? How many pictures of bears sitting beside the road do you need? How many pictures off buffalo bulls, cows, and calves are enough? Is ten pictures of up close stone sheep adequate? How many pictures of elk, wolves, deer, and fowl is really enough? All questions to be answered differently by each of us. All the pictures of all this beauty is yours for the taking. Your best chances for wildlife picture taking is early mornings or was it midday, or was it evenings? Each experience will be different. All worth the patience it took to get them. Patience and time invested is the clue. Don't be in a hurry or you will miss out. Eventually you will drive past the beauty and be back into reality. Was I really there, or was it a dream? The thousands of pictures we continually review, prove to us, we were there. Enjoy your adventure, allow more time then you plan to, and you still will not have allowed enough. Bring along two good cameras and an open mind without stressors. You will be rewarded for a lifetime. Lakeside
lakeside013104 02/11/19 04:24am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: FastGuns / Hallmark - how to provide extra camper security?

Long shank padlocks from the big box stores work just fine. Or a sign on the side of your TC something like this: Thieves will be shot and survivors will be shot again. Or the problem could be when you live....LA.... Up in this neck of the woods we leave our keys in our vehicles and our homes and campers unlocked. Crooks know they may be facing the working end of a weapon if they attempt to steal. Not worth the price, so most leave things that don't belong to them, alone. Good luck. Lakeside
lakeside013104 02/11/19 03:36am Truck Campers
RE: Forecast of minus 60 in mid-west.

Plus, you can still heat up some ice cream in the oven :) Probably would not be called 'ice' cream then..... Lakeside
lakeside013104 02/03/19 03:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Forecast of minus 60 in mid-west.

Human body adapts to temperatures. I remember moving go California from 4-seasons and I was wearing T-shirt scarping morning ice from the windshield. 30 years later, couple years in Las Vegas and I need sweater for 75F. Still remember No Dakota guy saying that 15F is his T-shirt day. Anyway , good luck to guys who have to deal with negative temperatures. Thank you, It makes for good thick ice to drive our trucks on for fishing and we don't have any pesty bugs to put up with. LeRoy Positive take on a negative temp situation. Nice to hear the positive side of things. Good way to look at life's challenges. Lakeside
lakeside013104 02/02/19 04:08am Truck Campers
RE: Forecast of minus 60 in mid-west.

Amazing how the weather effects us all. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. Very good idea about turning off the news. Everyone would be better off with less stressful 'things' in their lives. To a degree, we have control over that. Warmed up nice here (northeast). Almost shirt sleeve weather. 2 above with 5 knots winds. Don't like the weather in Maine, wait five minutes. I was in the Yukon on the way to Alaska a couple summers ago. We stopped at a nice CG and while checking in, I asked the nice lady what the weather was to be. Her reply, "Now sonny, we don't much worry about the weather. If you want to know what it is, look out the window". No stress in this part of the wonderful Yukon. Lakeside
lakeside013104 01/31/19 04:39am Truck Campers
RE: Forecast of minus 60 in mid-west.

Yes, just hype. In Brainard, MN the windchill is - 50, but the actual temp is a balmy -34, that is is really only 66 degrees below freezing. Warming right up by putting hands in freezer at just 0. Now that freezer comment was funny. Thanks for making my day. Lakeside
lakeside013104 01/30/19 08:39am Truck Campers
RE: Forecast of minus 60 in mid-west.

That -60F is a lot of hype. The real temperature is much warmer. It is -17F here now with a wind chill of -55F. The winds are rather strong. Cold is cold but it is still only -17F when it comes to starting my truck not the hyped up -55F. Schools, community centers, etc are closed but I still had to plow snow on our commercial properties. I am all done for now (6:30 AM) and back home. LeRoy Seems very cold with the wind whipping by. I think the wind forces the cold feeling into every crack in a home, camper, or clothing. Homeless.....you are an early bird.... Lakeside
lakeside013104 01/30/19 05:43am Truck Campers
Forecast of minus 60 in mid-west.

The small furnace in my Palomino TC may not be able to keep up against this level of chill in the air. I may have to have the DW cut up some more firewood so she can throw another log on the fire before she cooks my breakfast this morning. Have a good day. Lakeside
lakeside013104 01/30/19 04:24am Truck Campers
RE: US citizen buying an RV in Canada

Get all important numbers, register it down here in your home state. go to Canada and put the US plates on and tow it home, say nothing at the border. about buying it in Canada. Blatant disregard for the law. Encouraging fraud and dishonesty. What happened to doing the 'right' thing, even when someone is not looking? Perhaps that childhood lesson was skipped, thus the effort continues to circumvent the rule of law. CBP rules for importation of domestic products are simple and often free of fees on products made in Canada, USA, or Mexico. Lakeside
lakeside013104 01/07/19 02:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Banff/Jasper July 2019

We are interested also but we are thinking of being in Banff/Jasper in April to mid-May, then head for Alaska. We were at Lake Louise in mid May. Snow banks every where and ice covered the lake. Be prepared for cooler weather. Still a very beautiful area to visit and enjoy. Many things to do as you will find out when spending some time there. Take your time and enjoy the sights. Truly amazing. Lakeside
lakeside013104 01/01/19 04:33am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: No TC's allowed

When we traveled to FL with our 5er we parked at a resort for a couple months. On one side of us was a very nice TT and on the other side was a million dollar Newell Class 'A'. TT folks were good neighbors, quiet, courteous, and hospitable. Class 'A' folks were loud, constantly screaming at each other or their barking poodle who had more personality they the couple did. No TCs allowed, but obnoxious people with money were. Go figure! Thus one of the determining reasons why we gave up the RVing lifestyle, sold the 5er and bought a TC. We much prefer the 'camping' lifestyle with the friendly folks we meet enjoying the great outdoors this country has to offer. Lakeside
lakeside013104 01/01/19 04:28am Truck Campers
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