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RE: Tires

LT tires generally have more flexible sidewalls than trailer tires. Also, on an LT, check the load rating. Ken ^^THIS^^ is so UNTRUE and what the ST tire industry has brainwashed consumers with. When I had STs pulled off my 5th and replaced with Bridgestone Duravis R250s the sidewalls on them is easily 2x them crappy China Bombs. There is absolutey no comparison between these tires. Dont believe everything you read or hear. See for yourself... I agree 100%. The ST tires that came off my last rig were like bicycle tires compared to the Michelin Ribs that replaced them. If they made a LT tire that was in the load range I need, I would have them again in a heartbeat. B.O. Personally, I'd have zero problems running an LT 10% over the rating, but that's just the old farmer in me. :B Also, given that ST tires have about zero reserve capacity and passenger rated tires have about a 25% reserve (according to any number of tire people I've talked to in the past few decades), I don't have an issue with it. Hell, given the out and out abuse I gave tires while farming, and still drove them 10's of thousand of miles more, until steel was showing, I don't feel unsafe. :B Lyle
laknox 06/21/19 12:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires

Lyle....From what I can find out from Bridgestone 1-800 tech line the Duravis R250 has been discontinued and replaced with the new R238. Same all steel ply carcass ribbed type tread like the R250 but has a bit more siping in the tread. Some large dealers may have the R250 in their warehouse. Hadn't heard that. Thanks for the update! Lyle
laknox 06/21/19 12:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Atwood 2000 lb Landing Jack 75030 Bevel Gear Substitute

Nice write-up! Lyle
laknox 06/21/19 11:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Recommendations for 30 -32 ft 5th wheel

We want to buy a 30 or 32 ft 5th wheel trailer with at least 2 slide outs. We are concerned with the quality of new trailers, so are willing to buy a used 5th wheel trailer that is considered a quality build. After 9 years we sold our 2010 Montana with the hope of buying another trailer that is smaller in length. Greatly appreciate any suggestions Rvers on this forum can suggest. Thank you. I've got a KZ and am impressed with it, so far. It =is= a "post-Thor" build, so I can't compare to the "pre-Thor" models, but I've not any experience with them, so can't really compare. I was looking for a "light" model and got a Durango 1500 that's a few inches under 32' at 31'8". My #1 KZ choice was 31'11", but I didn't end up with it. KZ's also seem to hold their value a bit better if the used prices I was seeing a couple years ago were any indication, so that tells me that there's a demand for them. I'm active on the KZ Family Forum and there are very few "horror stories" though, like any brand, there are a few. KZ's customer support still remains some of the best in the industry, as well. Lyle
laknox 06/21/19 11:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Damaged RV on roads on way home from Florida, anyone else?.

FWIW, the state congresscritters and loser governor, passed a bill here that upped our car registrations $32 a year. Now, in AZ, tags are an out-n-out TAX that's levied on everything with a plate and, for the most part, is based on valuation of that vehicle/trailer, and changes year to year. Sounds sorta like your property tax, but it goes =down=. This flat-rate increase was to pay for road and infrastructure improvements. Now answer me this; since we have 2 major freeways that pass through the state, I-40 and I-10, and is a bit tourist destination, why not simply tax =all= vehicles that buy fuel here a few extra cents. That way ALL vehicles that use our roads help pay for them, NOT just the residents? We'd still be on a par with 3 of the 4 surrounding states. (CA doesn't count since they're basically insane there. :B) Oh, sorry; dropped off again... Lyle
laknox 06/20/19 11:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Damaged RV on roads on way home from Florida, anyone else?.

One thing that our Canadian/Saskatchewan Auto Association does every year is run a contest to nominate the worst road in the province. In an effort to raise awareness and embarrass government. Maybe there should be a nationwide organization here to do the same, state-by-state. THEN publicize the hell out of it with recommendations to NOT drive those roads unless absolutely necessary. Maybe the economic impact will help (embarrass) these states into doing some actual repairs. Huh? What? Oh, sorry I was napping and having a dream... Lyle
laknox 06/20/19 11:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires

I need advise on replacing the china oem tires on my 5th wheel. It came with st235x75r15 brand x tires. I am considering going to a Bridgstone Duravis m700 light truck tire in a 225x75r16. The Bridgstone Duravis is within 1" height of the size of the 15" that are on it now. I have used the Duravis on other travel trailers with great results. Of course I would have to buy new 16" custom wheels which will run about $110 each. My other thought was to just replace the 15" tires that came on it with Goodyear Endurance. I have has bad experience with Goodyear marathons. I know the Endurance is suppose to be a completely redesigned tire trying to bring people with bad Marathon experience back to Goodyear. We are planning a cross country trip next year and the last thing I need to worry about is a catastrophic tire failure. Please let me now your opinions. Personally, were I in your boat, I'd go with the Duravis R250 all-steel tire. Cheaper than the Michelin Ribs and just as good, from what I've read here. Don't forget that you can sell off your old tires and rims and recover quite a bit of your cost back. Also, if you buy a tire/rim combo, it can save you a =lot= of money over buying them separately. Just make d@mn sure you check the offset of your current wheels and match them. Most RV wheels are zero offset, but there are a few oddballs out there. You can ruin bearings/spindles in short order by running the wrong offset. Lyle
laknox 06/20/19 10:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: rv extension cord

FWIW, my extension cord resides in the same milk crate as the OEM cord, 30/50 dog bone and various other adapters. Also, if I can find one, I'm going to buy a screw-type 90 degree dog bone adapter that has a standard 4-prong female plug on the other end and only use the Camco extension cord, since it's so much more flexible. Lyle
laknox 06/20/19 10:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 50amp surge protector ?

Hi PI has a better warranty. A few of us are using autoformers instead of PI or SG units. Seems like everybody is hung up on PI. Maybe they're right, but I have had surge guard for 18 years and it still works great. Been through all kinds of weather and has never failed. This =used= to be true, if you believe the most recent reviews on PI. Quite a number of people, including people who have had PI for years, are complaining that PI has changed their replacement policy on units that have suffered an "event". Can't remember specifics without going back and re-reading them, but the new owners have changed things, and not for the better, it seems. The other biggest complaint is with the weather cover on the portables. If you have a cord with a handle on the plug, the cover won't close so you either have to cut off the handle on the plug or cut the cover to allow it to close over the plug. I gather that the older models had a deeper cover that would close over a handle. Personally, I've been thinking of an autoformer, too. Lyle
laknox 06/19/19 09:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Air in water lines

OK, older model, so no "convenience" center. Most likely culprit for air is the inlet side of the pump, IMO. As for dinging the cab of your truck, were you backing up or going forward? If going forward, then your truck, IMO, has one =tight= turning radius...assuming you had the slider in the rear position. If you were backing up, ALL FWs will hit the cab; the slider just gives you more time/room before you DO hit. Lyle
laknox 06/19/19 09:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Battery drain

Are the Duracell deep cycle batteries? They say deep cycle in the case? I read somewhere that they were made by Deka which is a good company? There are very few 12v true deep cycle batteries out there and they are expensive. Most people use 2 6v golf cart batteries, available at Costco or Sam's, for "light" boondocking. With 200w, or more, of solar, you're good just about indefinitely. Hard core 'dockers might go with 4 batteries or go whole hog and use Trojan T-105s. One guy posted pics here of his battery bank that was 6 2v batteries. He had something like 400 or 500w of solar. :B Then there's lithium... Lyle
laknox 06/18/19 10:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 50amp surge protector ?

For my money, brand is less important than features and value. I went with a hardwired top of the line because it's a new rig and I expect many years of far flung camping. If you like larger or more urban campgrounds then less will do fine. So, what =did= you go with? Lyle
laknox 06/18/19 09:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 50amp surge protector ?

The go-to for years were the Progressive Industries units. After a recent buy-out, though, complaints have gone way up. Issues with weatherproofing seems to be the biggest complaint followed by warranty problems. Still not a bad unit, but you need to know what you're getting in to. There are other options out there. Now, PI's hardwired units don't seem to have the same complaints since, obviously, they aren't exposed to weather, but the warranty issues still remain. There's one unit, can't remember which one, that is rebuildable after an event that takes it out. Lyle
laknox 06/18/19 10:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: B&W Companion Slider 20k, used, thoughts??

Nice! Lyle
laknox 06/18/19 10:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Small 5th wheel bunkhouse suggestions

KZ has 2 BHs in their Durango Half-Ton line, both with a 10.5k GVW. One had queen bunks, the other has a bunk over a "jiffy sofa". Lyle
laknox 06/18/19 09:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: no water pressure thru hot water side

fixed, thanks ill post another question about a clogged toliet soon So, it =was= the check valve? Lyle
laknox 06/17/19 03:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: B&W Companion Slider 20k, used, thoughts??

Sure, its' 1-800-Uh-No-Way! Shoulda been 1-800-ialreadyboughtit... :B Lyle
laknox 06/17/19 03:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: B&W Companion Slider 20k, used, thoughts??

I have the B&W turnover ball system in my truck already. This B&W Companion Slider is set up for the B&W Turnover ball. I have the 6-3/4' bed. No rails, no factory puck system, only the B&W turnover. If this is the =Companion= Slider, and not the Patriot, jump on it with both feet and don't look back! This model retails for $1,633.00. Just the =base= will run you $800-900, new, and you've got to add a head. Most places are selling these, new and complete, for $1,400-1,500. Lyle
laknox 06/17/19 09:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: rv extension cord

I am planning a cross country rv trip and need to get a power extension cord. What do you feel is the maximum length I will need? Trying to not buy more than needed as storage is a premium on our 5th wheel. I had a 30a plug installed at my house when I had my old FW, and needed an extension cord to reach it. That meant that an extension was required when I got the new one. I was able to find a used 25' Camco cord on Craigslist and made it a part of my standard kit. It must be an SOOW cord as it's a helluva lot more flexible than the OEM cord. I've not had to use the extension while on the road, yet, but I have/had them...in case. Lyle
laknox 06/16/19 10:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: storing power cord on new f'ver

I grab one end of the cord....then the other...drag those to the storage and place the ends in the compartment first...then pile the rest on top. Always the last in and first out. Works for me :) Funny but that is basically what I do. I just put the cord in last on top of everything else. No need to coil it or spool it or put in a bucket! It's not that complicated. Just toss it on top at the end of a trip and pull it out 1st at the beginning of a trip I guess you and Learjet never boondock, where you don't need the cord but need stuff under it. :B Lyle
laknox 06/16/19 10:13pm Fifth-Wheels
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