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RE: 12V electrical questions

I'm very confused. The standard electrical system has 120v coming in to the main panel with the batteries being charged off that. All 12v lighting and appliances needing 12v basically feed off the battery. No need for inverters or external chargers for the batteries (unless the Li batteries need something special). Alternative is no shore power and all 12v stuff runs off the batteries and nothing that's 120v works. Why complicate things? Lyle
laknox 10/12/19 09:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel with largest tanks

Problem is, that it takes about 10 minutes to pee it out! Sucks getting old(er). :B Lyle Get your Prostate checked out. They have Meds for that. Just did; as I have the past 20-some years. Woo-hoo! :B Lyle
laknox 10/11/19 01:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Broken Spring

Should've added wet bolts! Lyle
laknox 10/11/19 09:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Backup camera

FWIW, my cousins, who are rebuilding a bus into an RV, bought a Lorax video system from Costco. They plan on having a total of 7 cameras in, and around, the coach. :-) See www.beginningfromthismorning.com for the full build. Lyle
laknox 10/11/19 09:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Disinfecting water lines

Are there issues using a fresh water source and a fresh water hose to flush the black tank in a Solitude 369RL? Do we need to be concerned about any bacteria going from the black tank itself up to the connection point of the garden hose that we use? We don't really want to do this at a dump station. Most people, me included, use a standard white hose for fresh water, then have a separate hose for the black flush. IIRC, there's a backflow preventer / check valve on the flush line, so almost zero chance of contamination. Lyle
laknox 10/11/19 09:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel with largest tanks

Problem is, that it takes about 10 minutes to pee it out! Sucks getting old(er). :B Lyle
laknox 10/10/19 09:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fresh Water Tank Drain

My old Komfort had a 1.25" drain with a blade valve, just like the main valve. Drained =fast=! :B Lyle
laknox 10/09/19 08:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need help with sulphur smelling water

Actually, no need to "force feed" into the pressure side. You simply meter the chemical down into the well itself, then pump the water out from the water table. Lyle Are you sure that's legal to put chemical's in the water table? In Cali?! You can rest assured that =nothing= we do doesn't comply with 9,000+ regulations. Lyle
laknox 10/09/19 08:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need help with sulphur smelling water

THis doesnt make sense either- Im not sure if my post wasnt clear enough- I am looking for a chemical possibly to put in water to help with the smell ----------------------------------------------- I can tell you how water systems get rid of the hydrogen sulfide, they aerate the water. They spray the water up to the top of a tank that has screened louvers aound the top. The H2S outgasses and blows out the louvers. In other words the same advice Lyle gave you above. I don't understand how you think you can add a chemical to a closed pressurized system. You would have to use a meter pump to force pump it into your water lines. A VERY expensive proposition. Hydrogen peroxide would do the job and probably Bleach but the levels would have to be controlled. You don't know what you are asking. And BTW I was a certified water system operator and treated untold millions of gallons of water. Actually, no need to "force feed" into the pressure side. You simply meter the chemical down into the well itself, then pump the water out from the water table. We do this in our irrigation wells at our citrus grove in Tulare Co. We meter in chemicals to help slow down the bacterial growth that eats up the iron well casing. Just gets mixed with the water and pumped out when we run the wells. I suppose something similar could be done with whatever might be used to combat the sulfur but the =simpler= solution would be an aerator system. Pump out of the ground, over the aerator, =then= have the pressure pump into the pressure tank. Need to add a separate non-pressurized holding tank. Hell, we did something similar, minus the aeration system, for the domestic well on our farm. Originally, the pump was going direct into the pressure tank and, after replacing it 2 or 3 times, we got an old 3k gal steel tank, plumbed the pump into that (with float switches), then used a booster to pump into the pressure tank for the workers' houses. Never had to pull the well again until the farm was sold and =everything= was scrapped. Only maintenance needed was to occasionally fill the pressure tank with air. Lyle
laknox 10/09/19 09:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: ST Tires ???

Thats the good part when one of those G614 blows out . It’s ugly what they do in damage. Do you know another tire manufacturer that will pay for the trailer damage or ones insurance deductible? No, because the higher cost is the "insurance policy" you're buying with the tire. Simple. Pay the higher cost as "insurance" on the chance that you'll 1) have a failure that causes damage and 2) GY chooses to cover the damage (always a cr@pshoot) OR buy a ~30% cheaper tire, that has a history of far fewer failures for =any= reason and bank the difference. Lyle
laknox 10/08/19 08:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need help with sulphur smelling water

Ok guys- different type of question hope someone can help I have well water and a whole house walter filter I just had the filters changed and within 4 weeks the sulphur smell has returned Although it doesnt bother me to much= I have a 5th wheel on my property I use for Air B and B and I am sure its a matter of time before I get a person it offends I purchased a Camco 40043 TastePURE RV/Marine Water Filter which connect to the water hose- but it doesnt remove all smell Does anyone know of any chemical I can put in the water that might help with this smell? THank you in advance:D We stayed with some friends in CO that had sulfur in the water. The told us to simply fill a pitcher and let it stand for about 30 minutes. No smell. Had a tinge when showering, but it went away quickly. Some times you just have to live with it and warn your guests. The residents in the "big house" had to deal with it the same way. This was well before bottled water, so we didn't have any with us. Lyle
laknox 10/08/19 07:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel with largest tanks

Current and last DRV 100g fresh, 75g grey and 50g black. Been a good combo fulltiming 8 years. Now I have 66 fresh - 45 Black - 88 grey Strange numbers. Simply swap feeds on grey and fresh. :B Absolutely! You can dump grey tanks without much notice if necessary and, while it may not be legal, at least it's not like dumping a black tank. Frankly, the forests out here in the West can use all the water they can get. Lyle
laknox 10/07/19 08:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: No access to forum topics??

Check your settings.... Fix for forum errors May, or may not, work. Working for me, so far. As I've said elsewhere, it's be really nice if Emperor Marcus could cut loose of 30 seconds of profits to replace this antiquated forum program. :-/ Lyle
laknox 10/07/19 12:12pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: 5th wheel with largest tanks

I wonder how well a "dry camping package" would sell? Take an existing floorplan, cut out some of the frills, bump up the tank sizes, add a couple hundred watts of solar and extra batteries. Lyle Great idea Lyle,,,, that's probably why they don't offer it, because its a good idea,, Like importing Aussie off-road suspension systems to handle our cr@ppy freeways... Lyle
laknox 10/07/19 12:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Error Messages

Not ignoring I am just unable to duplicate the error message hence I don't have an example for them to troubleshoot. Most are just hitting the F5 key when they see it. I use RV.net and Firefox. It's kinda like going into a auto mechanics shop Mechanic says "What's wrong with it?" Driver says "People say it makes a funny sound" Mechanic says "Where is it coming from?" Driver says "I don't know" Mechanic says "What does it sound like?" Driver says "I can't hear it" Not good but that's what I'm stuck with. Some people run into the Captca whereas I don't see it. I got nothing to send to IT. I'm stuck and no way out at this time. Admin RV.net I was able to post 3 messages in Fifth Wheels this AM (all in the same thread), but after the last one, when I tried to go back to the main FW page, I got the error. Just now, when I tried to access this forum, after logging in, I got the error. The only way I could write this was to log out, go to this thread, find this message, click on "quote" which took me to the log in page, log in, and it took me to the message entry page. We've needed a new forum program for at least 5 years. Emperor Marcus should spend about 30 seconds worth of profits to buy a new one, IMO. Lyle
laknox 10/07/19 10:41am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: 5th wheel with largest tanks

I wonder how well a "dry camping package" would sell? Take an existing floorplan, cut out some of the frills, bump up the tank sizes, add a couple hundred watts of solar and extra batteries. Lyle
laknox 10/07/19 10:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel with largest tanks

My 2016 redwood had a 102 gallon FW tank.. My 2020 Redwood only has 65 gallons... I asked the rep why, he stated that the majority of people buying them do NOT boon dock according to their research ?? G*d forbid that they at least offer the option of a larger tank(s). :-( Right next to the optional disc brakes; oh, wait... Lyle
laknox 10/07/19 10:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel with largest tanks

Good morning. My current rig is a 2003 Crossroads Cruiser, 31' with 60 gallon fresh, black, gray, and galley tanks. As I get closer to retirement, I think i might want to upgrade to something newer but I want something in the same size range with the same tank sizes. Self leveling would be an added plus also. Does anyone have any recommendations for something like that? Thanks. That was one of the things that really turned me off to a lot of rigs when I was shopping a few years ago. My old FW, relatively small, had 3 45 gal tanks. While it's easy to haul extra fresh water for boondocking and you can, if needed, dump a grey tank (legalities aside), you can't dump a black tank. When I was shopping, my #2 choice would have had me giving up 13 gal of black capacity. NOT conducive to more than 2-3 days of dry camping, unless you just poop in the woods. If that was our preference, we wouldn't have bought the FW in the first place. I ended up gaining capacity on all 3 tanks with my KZ. Not only this, but whatever the mfr's brochure and web site says, what you actually get may be significantly different. I recently read about a guy who's FW was advertised with a 60+ gal fresh tank, but ended up with a rig that only has a 45 gal tank, as measured with a meter as it filled. That fine print of "specifications may change without notice" gets them off the hook legally, but morally, that mfr is a POS, IMO. Lyle
laknox 10/07/19 10:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: ST Tires ???

I don’t care what they are called the GY ENDURANCE has a stellar record. But it is still relatively new. Only been out 2 years or so? Launched Feb 2017.. Not really enough time to have a comparable record. They may well be great tires. Only time will tell. but for now. Maxxis seems to have the best longevity record. Maxxis is very long in the tooth, IMO. Still speed rated at on 65 mph and I've been reading of more failures on them, recently. If you're stuck on an ST tire, the Endurance is probably the way to go. Lyle
laknox 10/05/19 10:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: ST Tires ???

Sailun S637T are 14 ply ST tires that have a proven track record, also reasonably priced. Sailun S637T trailer tires Why? We don't even know what FW the OP has. Unless he's got a 15k+ rig, why not stick with a good E rated LT like a Michelin Rib or Bridgestone Duravis? Lyle
laknox 10/05/19 10:17pm Fifth-Wheels
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