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RE: Solar Panel Height

I've got about 2" under my panel and none of my RV's have caught fire yet from the heat...
lane hog 04/22/21 02:24am Tech Issues
RE: mounting my solar panels

Mine have maybe 2" underneath and none of the three RV's they've been installed on have caught fire yet...
lane hog 04/22/21 02:22am Tech Issues
RE: Oklahoma Turnpike info

I know it's not completely relevant to the original post, but just in case someone is searching and sees this thread... Oklahoma Turnpike accepts its own PikePass for electronic tolling or cash. No online option, no credit cards. No interoperability with EZPass or other agencies other than TxTag(Texas) and K-Pass (Kansas). Texas and Kansas tollroads do accept Pikepass.
lane hog 04/22/21 02:15am Roads and Routes
RE: Some questions on using solar.

Fans usually work great overnight. Even better if you can find a USB powered one or a 12V. We do have solar, and it works for most of our boondocking or overnight parking without hookups, but occasionally we'll be in a situation where running the AC is unavoidable. You'd need a couple thousand invested in a lithium battery bank to do it for a couple hours. Or, you can run the generator... This is why I invested in quiet Honda generators, and not one of the $500 chain store specials... For just the air conditioner, a single Honda EU2000i works fine, although I do flip the breaker to our converter off. Outside, is barely noticeable above the noise of the air conditioner unit running. Inside, the noise is undetectable.
lane hog 04/22/21 01:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Trailering

I am wondering just how many of you really need or want items like 55 gallon diesel tanks, or worry about MPG or a reasonable speed to travel at. I don't sweat any of those, but I do suspect we camp differently from you. We almost exclusively are in state or national parks, not resorts. Having a larger tank gives me peace of mind. Pure and simple. I can go 3-4 hours between fuel stops. That lets me skip fueling up in a city at higher prices and get a little further down the road to a truck stop where I know there's less concern about getting in and out. When I'm not towing, I have the option to fill up once every three or four weeks. That helps me wait out a panic-spike at the pump like when a hurricane hits the Gulf Coast or the Suez Canal gets blocked for a week... Most important... it gives me the freedom to never have to worry about falling below a quarter tank in places like Big Bend NP or the desert Southwest, and the next gas station that's open might be 40 miles away.
lane hog 04/20/21 07:49am Travel Trailers
RE: 18" Equal-i-zer Shank - Hitching with Tailgate Down?

Thanks. Do you have the extended shank? Nope. I couldn't tow my trailer with one because of the weight I'd have to shave off. Can your ramps be positioned to help bridge the rear wheel? Is there perhaps a hard point up on the frame you could block up on and not have to rely on the wheels for support? Maybe try one of those fifth wheel tailgates? I had one back in my fifth wheel days, and the ones with louvers aren't going to hold any weight, but Stromberg Carlson makes one from steel tubing that looks like like it could support *some* weight and may provide enough clearance for the shank & jack. https://www.etrailer.com/Tailgate/Stromberg-Carlson/VGM-07-100.html You could also check with a fabrication shop and see if they could make a half-gate that would support the tire, fit into the pocket, and latch onto your cable pegs...
lane hog 04/20/21 07:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Roof Replacement

Dunno... $2K for good skin and frame plus appliances doesn't sound too bad to me. A replacement door alone runs about $500...
lane hog 04/20/21 07:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Roof Replacement

The renovation looks great. Looks like you kept the original motif and character with the paneling. Not for nothing, but you bought a 20 year old trailer... what were you expecting? I'd expect anything older than 15 years old that wasn't either an Airstream or an Avion i.e. all-aluminum to be a potential gut and rebuild...
lane hog 04/20/21 02:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Roof Replacement

Seems silly not to have some natural ventilation via convection, but to each their own. If you're worried about the leaks, just get a $25 Camco vent cover and caulk it along all four sides.
lane hog 04/17/21 04:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: 18" Equal-i-zer Shank - Hitching with Tailgate Down?

Remove the gate. You're asking for trouble with it down. My tailgate doesn't clear my power jack, and even with a Jack-E-Up, the gate would crunch into my propane tanks on a turn... Disconnecting my tailgate with a camera and power locks takes about a minute... 10 seconds to disconnect the cables, ~10 seconds for me to crawl under the bumper, 10 seconds to disconnect the wiring harness for the camera, 20 seconds to get back up (takes twice as long these days...), and then another 10 seconds to pop it out of the hinge pockets.
lane hog 04/17/21 04:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Real life Hybrid towing experiences

Hybrid Explorers can be bought reasonably equipped under $40k. A Powerboost F150 is close to $60k with little room room for discounts at the money. I don’t consider that “almost the same”. I got my 2016 Powerboost for under 27K with 60K miles on it... just sayin'... Well, that's a heck of a deal since they're first available as 2021 models. But you probably got a nice Ecoboost for that much. Powerboost is a thing?... I assumed you'd renamed Ecoboost.
lane hog 04/14/21 02:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Real life Hybrid towing experiences

Hybrid Explorers can be bought reasonably equipped under $40k. A Powerboost F150 is close to $60k with little room room for discounts at the money. I don’t consider that “almost the same”. I got my 2016 Powerboost for under 27K with 60K miles on it... just sayin'...
lane hog 04/13/21 12:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Inverter Recommendation

Not looking for disposable, but I know that the Victron is out of my price range. I have and recommend Go Power inverters. Not the low price solution. I recommend a stand alone inverter with a separate transfer switch. Most inverters at this level have a remote power switch available to stop the power consumption when not in use. Those look reasonably priced. Our footprint is fairly small -- it would handle some light TV and possibly 5 minutes of a coffee maker drawing 1000W. We have 130W solar and a pair of 27DC's currently which does fine for our 12V needs. I do have a 30A transfer switch from the Winnebago, so I guess that could be spliced in-line. Maybe that's a better option in that I'd only have to have one run of Romex from the inverter (near the battery) and put the transfer switch in back of the power distribution panel.
lane hog 04/13/21 12:08pm Tech Issues
Inverter Recommendation

Hoping someone has seen one of these, and can give a recommendation... On our now-deceased Winnebago Class C, the 1000W inverter that came stock with it had a pass-thru 110V plug so that it would sense shore or generator power, and not engage the inverter & draw down the battery. I'm looking for something similar in the 2000W range that I can use to have all of the plugs off of a given breaker be energized when we're off shore power, essentially splicing the inverter to be behind that breaker. Can anyone recommend something that won't break the bank?
lane hog 04/13/21 04:38am Tech Issues
RE: killed new Jeep Wrangler by Flat-Towing It in 4-Low !

Thank you...harsh crowd here..not like someone has never dropped a fifth wheel trailer, turned to sharp with their short bed truck and fifth wheel or put gas in a Diesel...etc I've done two of the three... and neither one required a trip to the shop or an insurance claim, but I've heard about it from my wife for years and that's much worse. Re: the Jeep.... two thoughts. I'm surprised the driver couldn't feel the resistance from being in gear. We dolly-towed for 13 years and I never once didn't feel the weight of the van behind us. Having the car in gear would have felt a lot different. I'm also surprised the crankshaft gave up before the transfer case did. I always thought the chain in the case was made to be a first line of defense from bad things happening i.e. you over-torqued while under power. Curious if the fact the transfer case didn't go first is indeed a manufacturer defect.
lane hog 04/13/21 04:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck Question

Depending on the length of your trailer, you might be OK with the F150 MaxTow Eco. I'm pulling around 7500lbs @ 32' with one, and it works although if I had the purchase to do all over again, I'd hold out for a F250 gasser with a longbed. That extra length and weight make a difference for stability.
lane hog 04/13/21 03:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Real life Hybrid towing experiences

I can't imagine it would be a problem. You'd simply run on the gas engine more than you would in non-tow mode. But... if saving money is the goal, the hybrid version of the Escape will usually run about USD20K more on a new vehicle. No idea about the Toyota. You might be better off getting a used gasser with the tow capacity you want. It's going to take a lot of miles to offset that much of a price difference, especially if electricity isn't that much cheaper on a per-mile basis.
lane hog 04/13/21 03:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: 30 amps for 50 amp trailer

Why should 30A service be considered antiquated?...
lane hog 04/13/21 02:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Nightmare

Sure would like to know some more details on this... If you never took actually took possession, the odds are in your favor somewhat. Did you sign the title transfer paperwork, or did you simply give them a check for the balance? Without closing the deal contractually, it's still their trailer. BTW, punctuation matters. Did you actually purchase *after* a hail storm or did you purchase and then shortly after there was a hail storm?
lane hog 04/13/21 02:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Poop in outside sink

I don't ever recall any sink being plumbed into a black water tank on a rv. Either something else is happening or it plumbed wrong. Quite common on Class C's and Class A's. On trailers, it wouldn't surprise me in a half-bath.
lane hog 04/13/21 02:42am Travel Trailers
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