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RE: Lighter weight power cord

C'mon, these 50 amp cords aren't that bad. Unless you have disability problems it's just not that big of a deal. I'm 74 and getting it out of the truck, coiling and uncoiling, and plugging isn't enough to really stress anyone out. Sounds like you guys need to eat a bigger bowl of Wheaties. :) The meaning of a "Manyl Man" right there folks!!! :B
larry cad 05/08/23 08:36am General RVing Issues
RE: 2022 Salem destination rv has no 12v batteries

I had no idea what a "Destination Trailer) was, so I investigated and came up with this: So What Is A Destination Trailer? Destination Trailers are the original tiny home. With the current cultural explosion that is the tiny home movement, the Destination Trailer can proudly say that they did it first. Destinations tend to have some of the highest quality amenities of any type of RV, including full sized washers/dryers, residential refrigerators, and a plethora of other options that are more typical of a home than a travel trailer. The Destination Trailer has been known by many names, including park model, cabin, villa, residential trailer, resort trailer and more… ( note, park models are technically different than destination trailers but the two are commonly interchanged sometimes incorrectly) … But no matter what you call it, the destination trailer is a true home away from home. While most travel trailers are meant for life on the go, the destination trailer is meant to be stationary for months at a time. The destination trailer is a perfect option for long term campers. Those who want to find a spot, and settle down for a while before hitting the road again for a new season. Something that sets the destination trailer apart from its true park model counterpart, is the fact that the destination is self contained. Meaning that they have holding tanks, grey water, and black water tanks and can be hooked to campground hookups if needed. Whereas the traditional park model does not contain these aspects and must be hooked to a residential sewer system.
larry cad 05/01/23 07:59am Tech Issues
RE: Lighter weight power cord

Most factory cords are a type of plastic cover that works but is thicker and heavier than rubber cord. I changed mine to rubber cord and it is a big improvement.
larry cad 05/01/23 07:51am General RVing Issues
RE: How to repair front trim/stripped holes on trailer?

If you have to fix cracked or broken wood for screws to hold, consider using wood epoxy, such as JB Weld wood repair. It bonds well, can be drilled and screwed, and is weather resistant. X2
larry cad 03/30/23 07:16am Tech Issues
RE: Furnace won’t light

I think our OP has left the building.
larry cad 03/29/23 01:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter Upgrade

Too bad you didn't just upgrade to an inverter that was also a charger (converter). Two birds with one stone. I agree with Bruce Brown, that you should maybe upgrade to a 3000 watt inverter so that you can for sure use the microwave. It would involve some wiring, but there are many on here who could help.
larry cad 03/28/23 08:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Furnace won’t light

What make, and model is it? If Atwood, they have a regular problem where the electronic circuit board gets mild corrosion on the board connections where the multi-conductor plug is plugged in. I pull the plug, and clean the tabs on the board with a pencil eraser. That usually fixes it. What others suggested also, particularly mud in the vent pipe. One other suggestion is the green ground wire may be corroded where the screw is. Loosen it and re-tighten it. That is a common problem after setting also.
larry cad 03/28/23 08:00am Tech Issues
RE: Foggy windows help please

^^^ I certainly wouldn't do it that way. Remember, somebody installed it once so it can be done again. What you're describing sounds exactly like ours was, the one removed shown above. It wasn't any harder to do than the others. The only thing on that one was the weight. It wasn't terrible, you just needed an extra set of hands. I ended up doing one of the small windows in one slide end - believe it or not that one was the hardest to disassemble.I watched the video of the DIY repair... Sorry, but mine are much more complicated. The passenger side top pane is above the large slider. The driver side is above the front A-pillar window (also fogged) AND above the driver's door. Many of the repaired windows, even those done by pros rather than DIYers, end up fogging again a year or so down the road. I also don't want to mess with window frames that don't currently leak by removing the entire frame and re-installing/re-sealing. I'm still trying to determine what the downside of my plan would be? Can you get a picture of yours? Yours sounds a little different, however most Class A are something like this; https://i.imgur.com/7l81xPT.jpg That one is ours, shown out in an earlier post, now back in. Sure there was more to it than the others but it still wasn't hard, not by a long stretch. As to the downside of your plan, my thoughts are... Tempered glass doesn't break easy Tempered glass doesn't break clean The panes fit within a frame. Even if you could get it to break clean and easy, you would still need to get within the frame to install the new one. You also risk breaking both windows if you happen to hit the inside one a little harder than you planned. Whenever I'm tackling a job like this, something I've never done before, I remind myself someone else did it before me. They're not necessarily smarter than I am, they just have more experience - and they only way I'll ever gain any experience is to do it myself. So far that's worked out fairly well. Well said Mr. Moderator!
larry cad 03/17/23 08:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Solar charger

Was it a real bright sunny day?
larry cad 03/15/23 09:56am Tech Issues
RE: Water pump/filter location

I have a 2018 Phantom 25T and mine is located under the bed next to the fresh water tank. Ditto for our friends Coachmen RV Leprechaun
larry cad 03/15/23 09:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: NORCOLD Refrigerator Removal

larry cad 03/15/23 09:43am Tech Issues
RE: Did I damage my house batteries?

When staying at Quartzite in 2015, my 4 house batteries were not adequate. I went out and bought 2 Interstate, and 2 Trojan batteries. They have been installed since then (i.e. 8 years) and are still good. I have a 3 stage charger in my DP, and I keep it plugged in all the time except when on the road. I have added a small amount of water twice during that 8 years. Still can't tell you which is the better brand, but I'm content with both/either.
larry cad 03/10/23 08:30am General RVing Issues
RE: NORCOLD Refrigerator Removal

my norcold 1200 went through door of 24 and a half inches by removing norcold front doors installed samsung the same way I will also consider that option. Thanks. GM This should work, if you remove the frig doors, and maybe the RV screen door. That worked for mine when I did it.
larry cad 03/10/23 08:23am Tech Issues
DP rubber roof replacement

I'm looking to get my rubber roof replaced and am looking for suggestions on a shop that can do it. I live in Ohio but can travel a reasonable distance. Any suggestions? Thanks
larry cad 03/08/23 12:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Residential Frig doors lock

Amazon has several types of frig door locks. Check them out. I'm using a "generic" one from Amazon right now.
larry cad 03/04/23 07:10am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Motorhome Refrigerator Problems

The No Co error is triggered when your fridge does not produce refrigerant for 2 hours. When your fridge does not produce refrigerant, this means the boiler is overheating. An overheating boiler not only warms the food in the fridge, it is what causes the fridge to fail. The first time the “no co” fault code appears on the optical control assembly, it can be cleared by the user by turning the refrigerator OFF and then back ON. This gives the user the opportunity to check for problems that may have caused a "no co" code, such as obstructed ventilation. This fault code occurrence is then stored in the controls. If the refrigerator completes a full cooling cycle after the user turns it back on, this fault code occurrence will be cleared from the controls. Second "no co" Fault Occurrence If the refrigerator does not complete a full cooling cycle after the user turns the refrigerator back on and the "no co" fault displays, the control locks the heat sources and a "hard-wire" power board reset is required. The hard-wire reset of the power board must be performed by a service center according to Norcold if you are not qualified to preform this task. Sounds like the service shop messed it up. Good luck.
larry cad 03/03/23 07:59am Tech Issues
RE: Belt change 300hp cummins

You have to take the tension off of the belt by turning the tensioning pulley. You do that with a 1/2" drive rachet. The 1/2" "hole" is in the middle of the tension pulley. Once you have the tension off, you have to remove the belt and install the new one. Take a picture of the old belt in place.
larry cad 03/01/23 05:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Negative and ground wire questions

If you use the chassis as a conductor, you have 4 connections, two at each end. If you use #4 wire, you have 2 connections. Reliability in electricity is a function of the number of connections. 2 is twice as reliable as 4. If you decide to use the chassis anyway, be certain to use a corrosion limiter such as De-Ox, or similar. Once the connection to the chassis gets rusty, you are in line to have the next problem.
larry cad 02/25/23 05:43am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Service

My ? Is why do people still buy from camping world. Have never read a good review from anyone that dealt with them The interesting thing is that every time there is a legit complaint on the forum, the Camping World team comes on, and tells the customer to call them direct. However, we never seem to hear any more, including a successful conclusion to the problem. And while we are at it, the problems continue with no sign of overall improvement.
larry cad 02/21/23 08:20am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Foggy windows help please

Great job! I cant believe that window people cant find a better way to seal those windows! Larry Cad, You are correct. double panes do make them warmer. Hanginin, babies can take a lot of time especially if you are being the main daytime care giver. I did my 4 and then took care of grans so moms could work. Love my grands! Still have one with me full time. :B
larry cad 02/07/23 05:09am Class A Motorhomes
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