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RE: Border is open

My wife called our normal CG in Florida yesterday. They are "OVERWHELMED" with reservations. Said they don't know why! DOH! May not be able to get a reservation this winter due to canadians swarming in. Not sure how I feel about this turn of events.
larry cad 11/11/21 04:02am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Black Water Valve Will Not Close

Remove four bolts and replace valve. X2
larry cad 11/11/21 03:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Stability Issues

Also be aware that the driver seat position of an A is higher up than a passenger car. This magnifies the driver's view of left/right "sway" and fools the driver into thinking the RV is swaying back and forth more. It is a feeling you get used to quickly. The passenger also gets this feeling, perhaps even more than the driver, but again, it is something which you get used to.
larry cad 11/08/21 03:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Stability Issues

Since you previously said when asked… “How long and how much to spend?Shorter is better -- say 25 ft. Budget: maybe $30K”, so, YES it’s going to have handling problems. Sure helps when you know the whole story! Hmmmmm
larry cad 11/07/21 05:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 7500 diesel generator

Did you change the air filter when you changed the fuel filter? Also, have you cleaned out your spark arrester, per the instructions in the manual? Been running my 7500 for 16 years and never had to prime it.
larry cad 11/07/21 05:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: More garbage that'll get us ALL banned from National Forests

Dang, I could use some of that stuff at home! :(
larry cad 11/04/21 03:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Electrical issue on 50amp service

Yup. Just like me.. You HAD a screw or two loose. one of the same ones in fact. Had weak (not open) Neutral at my house by the way.. That was fun. (NOT!!) ;)
larry cad 11/04/21 04:08am Tech Issues
RE: Electrical issue on 50amp service

Check all the neutral connections. A loose or open neutral can cause different voltages between legs. This is your problem. 70 volts almost always means an open neutral connection.
larry cad 11/02/21 02:28am Tech Issues
RE: Tires?

Actually TOYO is a product of Japan, and most are built right here in the good ol' USA, in Georgia. Um, better recheck that. Wow!! That is an amazing list which seems to say, you probably don't know where your tires are made! There's a tire code for that. I have a feeling some of us will be surprised by the code on our tires. I am blown away by that list. Who knew there were so many tire plants in the world. Now we need a list of those plants with quality score cards. :B;):)
larry cad 10/27/21 06:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good Sam ERS Hung Us Out to Dry

I gotta get my two cents worth here. Last year I was traveling from Ohio to AZ in my DP. I was on I55 east of St Louis, in Illinois. Unfortunately, my fuel pump decided to retire and I had to coast to the side of the road. I called GS and within the hour the sent a very large tow truck that was able to tow us to a suitable repair shop about 12 miles away. The bill for the tow would have been $1200 for me, but GS covered it. The tow truck took us right to a bay door at "Truck Center" in Troy Ill. No complaints
larry cad 10/27/21 06:11am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Air operated stairs not working.

By the way, this switch, available on Ebay, is likely to work on this application, and for only $59 plus shipping. 4 way, 2 position, air switch. The ports and slides are slightly different, but pretty sure this one can be made to work, but we have more studying to do. This is the same switch that MountainAir05 suggested also.
larry cad 10/27/21 05:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air operated stairs not working.

This is not going to be easy. Looking at the sticker from the side of the box, you will see the four ports, 11 and 14, 21 and 22. These are the ports with the red and black hoses plugged in. We will have to understand the diagram first, and then also identify which hose goes to which port. Looking at the diagram, the zig-zag thing on the bottom is a standard symbol for a spring that forces a slide to go up or down when you operate the black switch on the dash. The switch is in the diagram up at the top. It is at the end opposite from the spring. In each of the two diagrams, you have to imagine a rectangular block that slides up and down when the switch is changed from up to down, and vice-versa. Each of the blocks has two arrows that slide up and down with the block. Each of the arrows is a path for air flow and as the block is moved up or down, the path of the arrows changes. Now you have to visualize air flowing from the ports, and through the arrows, to the arrow point. At the pointed end of the arrow, the air can either flow out a port, or it can be blocked due to no port at that particular position. Again, you have to visualize the two positions that each block can have. As they are moved up and down by the selector switch, the airflow will either push the air cylinder out, or cause it to retract. It is this action that moves your step cover. At this point, we should now understand the purpose of the spring. When the selector switch is in one position, it compresses the spring by sliding the block down. When the switch is in the opposite position, the spring is expanded by sliding the block up. This is the basic operation of the switch. However, there is more information we need. Read this first, and let us know if you understand it all.
larry cad 10/27/21 05:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wisconsin Good Sam Club

Care team, I'm with OP, nobody home in Wisconsin!
larry cad 10/26/21 05:03am Good Sam Club
RE: 600 hp

A while back, an acquaintance bought a brand new, 45' luxury DP with a 600 cummins engine. In less than a month, the engine blew! Had to tow the DP back to the factory, totally disassemble the house so they could lift the engine up from the chassis rails. Quite a mess. Fortunately, Cummins covered the whole deal. Mostly, Cummins is a very reliable product, if properly maintained.
larry cad 10/26/21 04:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good Sam ERS Hung Us Out to Dry

Hello Oakman, We sincerely apologize for the frustrating experience you had when calling in for assistance. We set a very high customer service standard and always want to make sure we are providing that across the board. I wanted to reach out to let you know our office has received your concerns, and I have sent this over to the correct leadership team requesting that they review your service call to determine what went wrong, to ensure this does not reoccur. Thank you for taking the time to make us aware of this issue, and for giving us the opportunity to assist with having this addressed. Hopefully the rest of us will hear the outcome too.
larry cad 10/26/21 04:48am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Tires?

Actually TOYO is a product of Japan, and most are built right here in the good ol' USA, in Georgia. Um, better recheck that. Wow!! That is an amazing list which seems to say, you probably don't know where your tires are made! The problem with tires for RVs is that most "truck" tires are made to go 1000s of miles in a short time while RVers drive their tires 100s of miles in a very long time. About 20 years ago Michelin tried to address that conflict with the XRV tire. Problem was the XRV would blow out at the steel cord area, and the steel cord was rusty when it did. Worst thing was that Michelin refused to cover the tire failure, blaming it on the owner/driver in any way they could, such as "too fast/too slow", or "low pressure/high pressure", and so on. After that, I vowed to never buy another Michelin. I have a friend who is an executive in a major tire company, and he has nothing but good to say about the quality of Chinese truck tires. It is a difficult situation for US tire brands.
larry cad 10/26/21 04:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air operated stairs not working.

https://i.imgur.com/ptApWRAl.jpg Here is a photo of a pneumatic switch you can purchase for about $10. However, it is not suitable for your application. I am only showing this to demonstrate that there are possibilities, but we need more informtion. Keep at it. We are getting closer.
larry cad 10/26/21 04:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air operated stairs not working.

I copied the photo, pasted it into irfinview, and enlarged it as much as I could. There is for sure a label on the left side with information that should help us. It looks like the red and black grommets around the hoses are grippers. If you drain the air out of the system, hold onto the hose just above one of those colored rings, and push the ring straight down, it's possible the hose will pull out of the fitting. To reinstall the hose, just push it down into the fitting. To remove the box, you will have to remove the "UP" "DOWN" switch knob. It is probably held on with a allen screw on the bottom of the knob. After you take off the knob, there is probably a hex nut holding the box in place. Just educated guesses, but worth a try. Once you get the box out, post a picture of the label on the left.
larry cad 10/26/21 04:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Atwood water heater problem

All of the above are good suggestions, but here are couple more: 1. The ground wire is critical for proper operation and must have a clean connection to ground. That connections frequently gets corroded under the head of the screw that holds the wire to the furnace. Just taking the screw out and reinstalling it works sometimes. A better fix is to clean the metal surface and the wire/screw with a wire brush and then reinstall. Be sure it is tight. 2. If you have cleaned the electrical connections on the board with emory cloth, you may have cleaned off the connection surface too. A simple repair is to use a solder gun and silver solder to restore those surfaces. Just heat up the gun or iron, and melt some silver solder onto the strips. I have done this in the past and it does work. I would try the ground wire first.
larry cad 10/24/21 05:42am Tech Issues
RE: Atwood furnace needs new blower motor

There are a number of good suggestions here, but to be certain, I have decided to bite the bullet and take the furnace out of the RV, and totally disassemble it to (hopefully) get a part number from the motor. I have two furnaces in my MH, and I have already changed the first one (several years ago) but can't locate the paperwork, and at that time, Atwood was still, well, Atwood. I think I will try to take some pix and post them as this is a tedious task and photos might help someone else.
larry cad 10/24/21 05:33am Tech Issues
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