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RE: Gen Y Hitch

I think I'm going to stick with the fifth wheel hitch I've already ordered. Its what I'm used to and I can still go with the Gen Y set-up with a king pin. Yes, the fifth wheel hitch takes up far more room but I have the pin that I can hook up to a chain and lift it out with my front end loader on my tractor. I know people can "push" a particular product on YouTube but this company sells both the gooseneck hitch and king pin fifth wheel hitches. The fact more videos from people using the gooseneck; I don't see them pushing anything. Now I will admit one thing they seemed to be touting that raised my eyebrows: That some people have seen a 2-3 mpg improvement using the gooseneck versus king pin. That doesn't make any sense to me.
lawnspecialties 05/13/23 04:47am Towing
RE: Gen Y Hitch

Nobody told me a gooseneck is preferred. But when I research the Gen Y hitches on YouTube, it appears the majority of people are going gooseneck. Gen Y makes both types so I don't think it's a marketing ploy. I do believe some manufacturers will void their warranty and many of the YouTube comments say so. But if I get a new toy hauler and the gooseneck option is preferred, I might be able to talk the dealer into checking with the manufacturer before I take possession. I ordered a 2023 F450 a little over a month ago. It's a 50/50 chance it gets made during the 2023 model year. I included the Reese hitch Ford sells. But if I decide to go with a gooseneck, there's no reason to pay $1750 for a fifth wheel hitch I don't plan to use. I do believe the Gen Y hitch is an outstanding product. The design seems solid and I believe Luxe is using it as their standard. I'm just trying to get educated on something I may not know, before dropping some money.
lawnspecialties 05/07/23 01:27pm Towing
Gen Y Hitch

While browsing for my next toy hauler, I have been looking into replacing the existing pin box with a Gen Y. But when you look into videos and such, it seems the majority of people opt for the Gen Y gooseneck coupler rather than the 5th wheel king pin box. I know gooseneck hitches are preferable for hauling horse trailers, etc since they have much for room for an angle when hauling a trailer off road. But other than that, I just don't understand. Does anyone have any idea why a gooseneck conversion is preferred versus a good quality 5th wheel king pin? I plan to use it on a triple axle toy hauler with really no need to go off-road.
lawnspecialties 05/06/23 04:20pm Towing
RE: Has anyone camped at Willowtree RV Resort in SC?

To the OP. We used to stay there a lot. The last time (several years ago), it felt as if they were slowly trying to change to a more "quiet, adults only" clientele. They certainly allow kids and they still had the large blow up slide in the lake. But we noticed they were starting to eliminate some of the family events. So that being said, if you're looking for a beautiful quiet campground that's still within driving distance from N. Myrtle, you'll definitely like Willow Tree. It is a nice 5 Star campground.
lawnspecialties 03/07/23 12:54pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Diesel to Gas Power Observation

I think gas and diesels have their rightful place in our lives. I have two F350s right now that I use for my landscaping business. They both have the 6.2. Although no astronomical powerhouse, they do me very well. My landscape trailers virtually never exceed 10,000 lbs and often are around 5500 lbs. These trucks are hooked up to trailers probably 98% of their life. But they do the job, are easy to service and maintain, and easy to find gas anywhere. That being said, I wouldn't dare try again gas with a camper. The only time we tried was back in 2014. The 2013 F350 I have now was used to pull a Work & Play 30WRS. For a travel trailer toy hauler, they were on the heavier side. Although the truck could handle the job, long trips just got really old. It took half a year and I bought a new 2015 F350 6.7. If I do buy another truck for my business before I retire in a few years, I would upgrade to a 7.3 gas. But if I buy another truck for our next RV purchase, hands down it will be another diesel.
lawnspecialties 02/01/23 11:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tampa RV Show

Just FYI for those interested in future Tampa shows. We did indeed make it. Drove out of central NC early Thursday morning and decided to come back a day early and got home Saturday night right at 11:00. 1. Show was fantastic. Every toy hauler I've wanted to see except the KZ Venom was there. Everyone had their side patio models there, too. 2. I was surprised at how many booths were there for vendors, campgrounds, etc. That was a nice break indoors. 3. The show was run very well. Police and staff were directing traffic and parking as soon as you got near the entrance. It was quick to get parked and since we had purchased tickets in advance, we were inside in no time. 4. It's great to see prices continually falling. They're nothing like they were when we bought our last toy hauler in 2016. But they're also nothing like they've been the past two years. Most triple axle toy haulers are running from the mid-$80,000s to around $140,000. 5. I thought this was primarily offered by the manufacturers. But in fact, it's primarily run by several huge dealerships along I-4 as you come into Tampa. General RV, Camping World, LazyDays RV, Blue Compass RV, and maybe a couple more. But they have so many brands and models, the manufacturer reps are well represented. 6. If you're looking for anything RV, it's probably there. Travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, Class As, Class Cs, and I couldn't believe how many Class Bs are out there. They even had Spacecraft Mfg. there. 7. Met with Luxe that Saturday morning. All I can say is Wow. But for the price of a new 48FB, I can get a new Seismic and F450 with money left over for camping. I doubt we'll be getting any toy hauler this year. All good reasons but too much to get into here. But I have business and job opportunities this year to greatly improve things and they're all worth waiting one more year. In fact, if everything works our for me this year, I won't have much time for camping. Hopefully next year, prices will drop some more and so will prices on the new F450s. But for now, we'll probably look forward to next year's show. 1350 miles round trip in less than 72 hours and they were well worth it. Not to mention. We are now officially well acquainted with Buc-ees! Excellent brisket sandwiches. :)
lawnspecialties 01/27/23 06:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tampa RV Show

We went the last few times and unless you want to look at RV's it is a waste of time IMO. Nothing worth the trip in the non RV dealer displays. And no good seminars/talks. We are going almost 100% to just look at new toy haulers. We sold our last one in 2019 when our youngest started college. But now we're in the early stages of choosing our next one. This will make number 6 for us and I'm just as pumped as the first one. A chance to see everything in one venue is exactly what I'm looking for. Hoping to really look into: Alliance Valor Jayco Seismic Momentum 399 Riverstones DRV New Horizons Vanleigh Luxe If it's a toy hauler with a side patio, we're going to take a look for sure.
lawnspecialties 01/09/23 02:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tampa RV Show

Bringing this old thread back up because we're going to try again this year. Last January, it snowed here in NC the week of the Tampa show. I plow snow for some medical facilities so I had to cancel our trip. I'm already checking long term forecasts for NC and so far, it's supposed to be in the 60s here which means all should be good. If all works out, the wife and I are leaving early in the morning of the 19th and returning the 22nd. Two days of camper browsing plus a meeting with the Luxe people that Saturday. Anybody else planning a trip? Really looking forward to a short getaway.
lawnspecialties 01/09/23 11:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Ordering a ‘23 Powerstroke

I will order the HO engine for the same reason it will be another 450 instead of a 350. Because it's more sexy. It's overkill but as was mentioned earlier, I can say I have it. I suspect the HO version will have some kind of "HO" badge or something. That alone is worth $1500 at the campground.
lawnspecialties 10/04/22 03:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Load Range F Tires

I got 5-6 yrs typically running LT215-85-16 or 225-75-16 hauling a 765 bobcat, and tbo15 trackhoe on the same trailer doing landscape work. Typically 10,500 on axles, 1500-1700 hw. I usually ran cooper highway tires. Usually rotted in some shape or form before out of tread. I choose not to skimp on tires too much in the 35 yrs before semi retiring 5 yrs ago. I did find coopers generally speaking a good bang for buck tire all around. Marty Coopers have been my favorite truck tire for years now. Both my F350s have a set. Never tried them on the trailers.
lawnspecialties 09/30/22 11:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Load Range F Tires

Maybe my original post read wrong but I didn't think so. My landscape trailer had E rated tires. I was contemplating going to F rated tires for $10 more per tire. I'd like to see better tread life and longevity. When I had G614s on our last toy hauler, they were fantastic. Excellent wear, never lost pressure, and an all-around good tire. I'm not putting G rated tires on a landscape trailer. $10 more per tire is OK. $50 more per tire isn't worth it. Either way, I already ordered the F rated tires off eBay. If this were my toy hauler, I'd probably get tires from a local dealer. But this is a landscaping trailer. It's not worth the huge extra expense for Gs and eBay tires are absolutely fine.
lawnspecialties 09/29/22 09:39am General RVing Issues
RE: 2023 Ford Super Duty Reveal

It's been on 18 minutes and I'm bored to death.
lawnspecialties 09/27/22 05:33pm Tow Vehicles
Load Range F Tires

My heavier landscape trailer has the typical Load Range E 235-80-16 tires. I've probably bought a dozen sets in my landscape career. But they live a hard life for the most part. This trailer sometimes sits for a month or more underneath a shelter but when I need it, it works hard. Today as I prepared to head out with my tractor, I noticed one tire was out of shape. I checked all my air pressures and they were pretty good. I brought them all up to 80 psi. But I was thinking that one lame tire had busted a belt or something. Once I got going, it was clear it probably wouldn't make it through the day. It was so out of balance, it would vibrate the truck. Sure enough, after about 35 miles of hauling, it went flat. My spare was pretty good so I was able to continue on for the day. So now I'm on eBay and I'm wondering if I should go to F rated tires. I think G rated tires are way overboard for this application. 10,000 lbs, including the trailer, is the rare maximum these tires will ever have to carry. Not to mention the price of Gs are far more expensive. But I have two questions. 1. F rated tires have a max. pressure of 95 psi. I know G rated tires have such a stiff sidewall, that if you let the air pressure get really low, it could damage the sidewall. Are F rated tires the same? 2. Is this even a good idea or a waste? They're only $10 more per tire. But I just don't want to have a tire that may not be more durable in this application plus I can't run a tire that's prone to sidewall damage just because it sat underneath my barn for a couple of months and maybe a minuscule leak caused it to drop 50 lbs. over that time.
lawnspecialties 09/27/22 04:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Truck Scalping

I stopped by my closest Ford dealership yesterday. I've dealt with them on many things so we're somewhat familiar. They told me if I put in my F450 order in October the first day it's available to do so, I would probably see the truck late January / early February. I was rather surprised and am still somewhat doubtful.
lawnspecialties 09/18/22 10:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck Scalping

As I stated, it was just a salesman in his golf cart. I took what he told me with a grain of salt. I will go to the first dealership I spoke with. They are the ones I've always had service work done with. That sales manager should be able to sit down with me and we can discuss realistic choices.
lawnspecialties 09/11/22 12:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck Scalping

I stopped by another Ford dealer today on the other side of town. They had a new F350 DRW Lariat but I assume that was somebody else's as it had no window sticker or anything. You could tell it was new but it was not in the area with the other Super Duties. A salesman was riding around in his little golf cart so I asked him about their situation on F450s. He said they get very few and it's just luck on getting one. He said they were taking orders right now for 2023s and they estimate 8 months and they were pretty consistent on MSRP. No mark-up but no haggling either. I think I may go back to the dealer from yesterday and seriously discuss ordering me either an XL STX or a Lariat.
lawnspecialties 09/10/22 07:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck Scalping

So I had to stop by my usual dealership yesterday to get the wife's Taurus state inspection. While there, I talked with the sales manager. He showed me the window sticker of a Limited that was enroute. Of course, it had everything except the massaging seats. The massaging seats are deleted due to parts or chips or something. Anyway, the window sticker was just over $99,000. He said they'd sell it to me for the window sticker plus their tax, tags, doc fee, etc. I was seriously contemplating but I've decided to pass for now. A Limited is far more than I desire, not to mention around $104,000 out the door. So for now, the search continues. But at least Fall is coming and things may get a little better. I'm in no super hurry.
lawnspecialties 09/09/22 04:47pm Tow Vehicles
Truck Scalping

OK. I don't know how to call it but that's what they call it regarding tickets to concerts, etc. I have been browsing available F450s on Autotrader. I put in my parameters as only 2020 models and newer but I was willing to accept used trucks as part of my search. I'm not saying this is right or wrong. Just a bummer for someone legitimately looking for a new truck soon. But there are several F450s within 200 miles of me that have anywhere between 100 and 1000 miles. But they are going for as much $126,000. XL STX models listed at well over $90,000 and the Platinums in the upper $120,000s. Most of these are at Ford dealerships. I guess since they are able to list them as used, they can charge whatever they want. They call it "Market Price". Oh well. Looks like it'll be awhile for me to get that new truck.
lawnspecialties 09/05/22 03:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The Future of Pricing

One of the interesting trends I’m seeing happen up here ‘north of the border’ is vendors (both private and stealerships) starting to refer to units as “cottages”. I asked a sales person (I was there getting parts and wandered out into the sales floor) and he made no bones about explaining it, “a traditional ‘cottage’ starts at $750k and it makes an RV seem like a screaming bargain regardless of the price.”. :S You can get a new 3000 sq ft house here in central NC for $750K.
lawnspecialties 08/31/22 12:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: The Future of Pricing

We were at the Raleigh RV show last weekend. Prices were stupid, like really stupid. There were several 5ers priced at around $250K "sale price" and nothing special TTs into the $70s. Browsers were everywhere. The little sales tables behind curtains between units were empty and every dealer in the state was there trying to move units. It was the biggest show in unit counts that I remember. The best deal of the show was a used 2021 Tiffin pusher in the mid $200s. A $250K fifth wheel at the fall show? That's ridiculous. Mobile Suites? We're in Garner. I opted not to go to the show this year because 1. the last couple of shows we've been to here were weak and 2. they hardly ever have toy haulers anymore. But I did have a friend do a trade-in at the show on his GD Imagine for a 2023 GD Reflection 5er at Bill Plemmons. He was pretty happy for the most part.
lawnspecialties 08/30/22 01:53pm General RVing Issues
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