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RE: AT&T 100 Gig plan on Winegard Connect 2.0 4g

According to the Internet experts: streaming Netflix at Standard Definition uses about 1 gig of data per hour. HD-> 3 gigs; 4K-> 7 gigs. YouTube uses about .5 gig per hour probably because of the smaller screen size. I believe that Netflix SD is equivalent to 480p. The original DVDs were either 480p or 480i so it is about the same, and plenty good for me. I feed our TV via a Roku which I have set to 480p to force the data rates down. I also configure the media such as Sling or Netflix down to 480p.
lenr 06/12/21 02:31pm Technology Corner
RE: AT&T 100 Gig plan on Winegard Connect 2.0 4g

For those wondering about the Windgard Connect 2.0 4g: this device has both a WiFi antenna and a cellular 4g antenna. You configure it to do one or the other. We got it to (hopefully) amplify park WiFi to make it strong enough to use inside the trailer. It creates its own WiFi from the roof where it is mounted that will be strong in the RV. If the park WiFi isn't strong enough, it can then be switched to cellular 4g (assuming that is strong enough.) You need a corresponding data plan from a cellular carrier. We started with a 15 gig Verison plan--only enough for data, not TV streaming. With the 100 gig plan we expect to be able to TV stream a little at low resolution, probably 480p. We also use a Roku on the TV which lets us mirror from a cell phone either streaming from the cell phone app or playing a previously downloaded video. The Roku really likes to be connected to a WiFi signal even when mirroring so the Winegard keeps it happy.
lenr 06/12/21 08:10am Technology Corner
RE: AT&T 100 Gig plan on Winegard Connect 2.0 4g

Wanderingaimlessly: Maybe--it would be right on the edge due to distance and walls reducing the signal strength. In the case of the TV, streaming would use up the 100 gigs of data allowance amazingly fast. We once used up 15 gigs in a day (higher resolution uses faster, obviously.) Tablets would probably be acceptable as long as you're not streaming video. Depending on how much you are in the house for cost justification, there would be much better solutions. Most of the major cellular carriers offer home programs with a non-mobile 4g antenna.
lenr 06/12/21 07:53am Technology Corner
RE: AT&T 100 Gig plan on Winegard Connect 2.0 4g

Plan is $55 per month prepaid--don't pay they'll shut you off. It is also 100 gig fixed--not an "unlimited" where they slow you down when they feel like it. You can't set it up online--it is an in store program only. It costs me $15 to initiate and $5 for the SIM card. They charged me local sales tax on the whole purchase. I'll see if the monthly renewal charges any tax. The store folks new of the plan but didn't know about implementing on a device not in their hands. This is an experiment for me to see how I like it on the Winegard Connect 2.0 4g. https://www.att.com/prepaid/mobile-hotspot-tablet/
lenr 06/11/21 05:33pm Technology Corner
AT&T 100 Gig plan on Winegard Connect 2.0 4g

After 5 minutes of experience, it looks like the AT&T 100 Gig plan prepay for $55 works just fine with my Winegard Connect 2.0 4g. I had been running it on Verizon with 15 gigs for $20. My local AT&T store knew of the 100 gig plan but they were quite sure that it would not work with the Winegard since I couldn't bring it into the store for configuration. We also had a Catch 22 for a while when they refused to sell me a SIM since they couldn't have the device in hand. After my insistence that it would work they set up a new account (not previously an AT&T customer). I think they were surprised when I could provide an IMEI number from the sticker on my owner's manual (be sure to take your manual to the store.) Initial cost was $55 prepay, $15 activation, and $5 SIM card. The next day I configured the Winegard: 1) Configured it to connect to my home WiFi. 2) Turned the power off. 3) Went to the RV Roof to remove the Verizon SIM and insert the AT&T SIM. 4) Turned the power back on. 5) Connected to Winegard with my tablet. 6) Logged in as admin. 7) Checked that Winegard was still connected to home WiFi. 8) Migrated to the Change Provider menu and changed to AT&T. 9) It will take a few seconds to download to the modem--click Continue and Proceed buttons as needed. 10) When the program configuration is done, migrated back to the Admin home page and select 4G/LTE instead of WiFi for the Winegard connection. 11) Wait for the switch, and then check your tablet of other device connect to make sure it is still connected to the Winegard (the Winegard will go dead while switching; then my tablet will switch to an alternate WiFi; then, the Admin page will complain that it can't connect, and the whole problem is I have to connect my table to Winegard again.) I was very impressed that it configured quickly and took right off and ran fine. No messing with PINs or chatting with online support. I was also able to create a "Prepaid" account and set up a credit card hit for the monthly bill. Feel free to post questions--I'll monitor for a while.
lenr 06/11/21 12:18pm Technology Corner
RE: 2021 Ford E-Series No V-10

The 7.3 gas engine has been in pickups since the 2020 model year. So, what are the known problems? By the way, this engine has a crazy flat torque curve which will be very nice for Class C RVs and other towing. The torque curve also looks like Ford is holding back a little as they get start bugs fixed. If they goose the torque just a little it will have as much as the vaunted 7.3 diesel.
lenr 06/11/21 11:26am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Screws backing out

Glad I posted--I hope ideas keep coming. I try to stay away from mentioning the manufacturer when posting to stay away from brand shaming. I would guess that there are a bazillion trailers made with this type of construction, so I agree that I need to figure out why they are backing out and what the best fix is. We are going to a manufacturer's rally in a week (so inquiring minds can figure out the brand if they work at it), and there will be factory folks to consult there. I'll keep digging.
lenr 06/11/21 08:02am Tech Issues
RE: Screws backing out

Wood glue? Thought about Hard as nails, but wondered if it would be too hard, especially if the screws needed to be removed someday. Also, though of silicone, except maybe it's too soft. I haven't had time to check out larger screws. Toothpicks were suggested by my wood worker son, but I've probably got a hundred screws to strengthen--that's a lot of toothpicks!
lenr 06/10/21 06:39pm Tech Issues
Screws backing out

The screws in the trim strip at the top of the sides of our trailer are backing out. The strip covers the rubber roof where it wraps around the edge and reaches down the side about 2". I presume that these screws go into wood roof framing. Some screws are actually pushing the plastic covering strip out of place. I found about half of them stripped such that they're hardly holding themselves in. What material could I squirt into the holes before putting the screw back in that would help hold them in place?
lenr 06/10/21 05:07pm Tech Issues
RE: 2022 Superduty launch delayed

According to several Internet stories, a company named Renesas suffered a significant fire at their Japanese chip plant in March. They supply about 2/3 of the chips used by the auto industry especially Ford, Toyota, and Nissan. So, Ford order delays have nothing to do with Covid, the economy, or someone named Joe, and everything to do with "just in time" inventory used by the auto industry. Renesas expects full production sometime in July.
lenr 06/09/21 06:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Plug or unplug that is the question

My last 3 Fords all disconnected all lines when the ignition is off which protects me when I forget to unplug it. A failed relay on my high mileage 97 truck kept a turn signal from working.
lenr 05/30/21 09:50am General RVing Issues
RE: 30 to 50 adaptor hot?

Lots of good advice on cutting the load on the adapter. However, to be clear if the 50 amp end is warm and the 30 amp end is not there is a problem with the 50 amp end that must be fixed. If left unattended, warm connections usually turn into hot connections that will start deteriorating the 50 male prongs. Most likely the problem is in the 50 amp female as covered above.
lenr 05/28/21 07:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Disappointed in Disc Brakes

Thread arises from the dead again: Apologies to howardwheeler--trailer weighs about 12,700, and Kodiak disc brakes rated at 6000 lb will skid the tires at 9 volts to the Titan BrakeRite actuator. With a Prodigy P3 set at 8.0 maximum gain and a B3 initial boost setting, I've been having a lot of trouble with bumpy roads fooling the P3 into thinking that it has a lot of deceleration, and applying a lot of brake voltage (rumble strips at a stop sign bring on full braking on the trailer). I've reduced the max gain to 8.0 to avoid chirping the trailer tires when the truck hits a bump in the road while braking moderately. Also, I'm going to try B2 boost for a while. So far it seems like the trailer is a little behind the truck in braking but balance.
lenr 05/13/21 08:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Benefit of extra fuel tank.

Our ’95 F-150 had 17 & 18 gal fuel tanks with a switch to change tanks and the fuel gauge. One had to stay cognizant of the “off” tank to keep from getting caught with too little fuel. When we went from a 27’ fifth wheel to a 37’ we swapped out the OEM 26 gallon tank (Super Duty short bed) for a 50 gallon Titan replacement purely for convenience. We’re not worried about the cost of the tank or saving fuel cost, although the larger tank does allow a little flexibility on fuel prices. With the old small tank we sometimes had to fill before the ¼ point because it was too far to the next acceptable fuel stop. Next truck (if there is a next truck) will definitely be a long bed Ford with a 48 gallon stock tank.
lenr 05/04/21 10:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 w EcoBoost 2.7

I can think of two things for the OP to try for improved mileage. Since the 2.7 engine is right at max towing capacity, definitely run in tow haul mode. Assuming it works the same as most other Ford tow haul modes it will at least raise the shift point RPMs keeping the engine from lugging with better fuel mileage. In addition it will be much easier on the transmission (read-> less transmission failure problems). Secondly, the 3.5 Eco-Boost recommends premium gas when towing, so I would guess the 2.7 is the same. That allows the engine to advance the timing for better efficiency. Only a couple of test runs would show if the mileage improved enough to pay for the premium cost.
lenr 05/02/21 08:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 w EcoBoost 2.7

My opinion--your my vary. I agree with above that diesels will get about 30% better fuel mileage but at a significantly higher initial cost along with generally higher fuel cost. Also, wind resistance is huge. With our Ford 6.7 diesel we got 11 mpg (within .5 mpg) for our square nose 6500 lb bumper pull, a 9400 lb fifth wheel and now a 12700 lb fifth wheel. My only explanation is that each one must have been more aerodynamic than the last one. 7 mpg would be disappointing, but gas engines do suck down the fuel. We got 8.5 gas pulling the bumper pull. Certainly a 250 with any engine would be a better towing experience (the 250 with a 6.2 only comes with a 6 speed) but at a repeat initial cost.) If OP only tows occasionally I would put up with the fuel cost which is probably small compared to the new truck cost right now with limited supply.
lenr 05/02/21 08:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: EZ Pass with and without trailer

Many, many, of the states have monthly service charges for their EZ-Pass accounts, including NY the last time I checked. That service charge month in and month out could easily offset the RV discount for using a NY transponder. The Central Florida Expressway offers the Uni-Pass which works in 18 EZ-Pass states and most toll bridges in the Eastern US. You can buy one off Amazon and then set up a linked account with CFX. It has NO service charge!!! You give them a charge card to draw from and an amount to trigger a refill of your account. Simple. You can also register your tow vehicle and trailer plates--some states bill by plate if you have no transponder. I have done all this and it worked just fine in FL and the River-Link bridges in Louisville. I believe both CFX and Sun-pass (FL turnpike) say to only use one transponder and they will count the axles. They warn that you may get double charged if you use two transponders. Personally, which, I've done, is to get one Uni-Pass and let the states figure it out--I'll bet the axle count will be correct or less than they should have been.
lenr 04/29/21 07:53pm Roads and Routes
RE: cost of Morryde suspension.

A little more: Our first experience above was with a 27' fifth wheel 9400 lb loaded. Because the SRE4000 made so much difference, we had it installed on our new 37' fifth wheel along with the wet heavy kit straight from the dealer. MorRyde strongly recommends their X-Factor brace when using the SRE4000. We ordered the SRE4000 and 3 X-Factors on line at considerable savings then had them installed at an independent Dexter shop. They used a Dexter wet bolt heavy shackle link kit. I put a shot of grease into each bolt about every 6000 miles, and expect to never need replacement parts. We had the work on the first trailer done right at MorRyde. Their service is very good but not cheap. We used them because we also needed 2" riser tubes added to level the trailer.
lenr 03/18/21 02:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: cost of Morryde suspension.

Highly recommend MorRyde SRE4000! It is as easy an installation as any equalizer. It does raise the trailer 1.25" at the axle so road bumps can move the axle more and the trailer less. Lippert Equa-Flex never seemed to make a difference for us compared to a solid equalizer. Adding MorRyde pin box helped 50%. Switching to the SRE4000 eliminated 98% of chucking which tells me that the trailer is getting a much smoother ride. If adding wet bolts I recommend heavy shackles at the same time--both Dexter and MorRyde make the heavy wet kits.
lenr 03/18/21 12:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: disc brake delay

Titan = BrakeRite. I am very happy with my Titan BrakeRite connected to a Prodigy P3. Others (my thread again) are very happy with a similar setup using a Ford controller set up to Med or High aggressiveness.
lenr 03/08/21 09:27am Towing
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