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RE: Negative/Ground wire

Thanks for the replies. I know what I'm going to do, but it is a secret to avoid flaming.
lenr 05/15/19 08:18am Tech Issues
Negative/Ground wire

Our first trailer had both the positive and negative 12 volt wires running from the battery to the combination distribution/converter panel. The negative wire was also grounded to the frame. On the next two trailers, there was no negative wire. Negative was grounded to the frame at the converter and at the batteries with a fairly small self-tapping hex head screw. My concern is long term corrosion at the frame grounding point. 1) Am I being overly concerned? 2) Is there anything wrong with adding a negative wire, but leaving the frame connections? It seems to me that the wire will increase the odds of a good solid connection for years to come.
lenr 05/14/19 06:33pm Tech Issues
RE: New SRE 4000 and Disk brakes

Just sent rmoparman a PM on getting service. Anyone considering MorRyde service should give them a call. They are great and willing to talk on the phone giving advice on which system to use. Their service is top notch. We had the Lippert cushioned equalizer that is similar to the MorRyde 3000 system. I never noticed an improvement after installation. Then we had MorRyde install the SRE4000 along with riser tubes to give enough clearance above the tires (SRE4000 requires 4") and to level the trailer. What a difference. We hardly felt a bump on the way home from MorRyde. That was only a 9400 lb trailer with 5200 axles, but we just had the SRE4000 installed on a 12,000 lb trailer with similar results. No doubt the IS system is superior, but it is also many times the money. Call MorRyde and ask for an estimate. We also had disk brakes installed at the same time as the SRE4000 at a different shop because MorRyde does not do axle nor spring work, which we also did.
lenr 05/13/19 08:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Crossroads Zinger quality

I believe that Crossroads quality runs hot and cold so the trick is finding a good run. And, once someone has a bad experience, that brand will never be good again. That's me with our 2005 Zinger. The gas line was run through the spring hangers and got pounded flatter every time we hit a bump. Nobody believed it until they saw the trailer, then Crossroads issued a recall for every trailer built that day. The refrigerator was supported in the back by a #10 screw into the 3/32" paneling, of course where you couldn't see it. but after a few years of bumps, the wall started buckling as the fridge platform sunk down. The windows used that wrong type of seal and continuously leaked. After 8 years, when we sold it with a rotten floor from the leaking windows, all the appliances still worked fine. We replaced it with a Puma from a dealer that sold both. He told us we made a better choice and that the Puma would weigh more for the same exact floor plan indicating stronger construction. Observing the Puma, I would agree that it was well built. So, after our experience with Crossroads, I wouldn't touch them with a 10 mile pole. Others may have done just fine.
lenr 05/13/19 08:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Rubber Roof Cleaner and Protectant

Talked to Dicor (who makes most of the rubber roofs) at a Good Sam rally a few years ago. They recommended using their cleaner and protectant saying that the more expensive treatments are not needed.
lenr 05/12/19 08:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Selecting new TT Tires

My sons and I have run a bunch of Maxxis over the last 6 years. They are excellent, and show an amazing lack of dry rot at 5 or more year of age. HOWEVER, they are 65 mph tires giving no margin of 66 MPH. I just put Goodyear Endurance an a utility trailer and a new fifth wheel camping trailer. I am impressed with the higher speed rating (don't remember exactly, but it is 80+ mph) which gives a margin of safety when driving at 65 mph. They are also heavier tires than other ST and LT tires in the same size. Lastly, they look good. So far, no problem, but it is early.
lenr 05/12/19 08:19pm Towing
RE: New SRE 4000 and Disk brakes

MorRyde will estimate SRE4000 at about $1100, and you will be amazed how good it is.
lenr 05/12/19 08:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New SRE 4000 and Disk brakes

I had MorRyde SRE4000 installed a year ago on a 9400 lb. fifth wheel trailer. Night and day difference--eliminated 98% of the trailer chucking. I believe that MorRyde recommends IS for 7.000 lb. axles and higher. They recommend SRE4000 at the 6,000 lb. axle level. I just had SRE4000 installed on 6,000 lb.axles by ordering on line and installing through a less expensive axle shop. Feel free to PM me for the name of the shop. MorRyde is very good. Only two problems: 1) they schedule very precisely and are currently booked out 3 months in advance and 2) their shop rate per hour is pretty high. However, no one will be disappointed with the service work.
lenr 05/12/19 08:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford Diesel trucks

Ford has used their own automatic transmissions for a long time. The (not too reliable) E4OD and 4R100 are very Ford transmissions. 2002 through 2010 torqueshift 5 speed 5R110) is entirely different from 2011 through 2019 6 speed (6R140). The 5R110 became very reliable after the diode was fixed. But the 6R140 became necessary to handle the higher torque of the 6.7. First year had some shifting problems mostly fixed with electronics flashes and a shift solenoid recall, but several early torque converters were also replaced due to initial problems. I agree that Ford transmission 2002 and after have been reliable. Eliminating 2011 eliminates the more serious initial transmission problems and eliminating 2012 eliminates some of the initial engine corrections (none very serious). I have a 2012 and got the recalls--also did some installation of improved parts at my own expense.
lenr 05/10/19 07:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How level when towing

IMHO-- I'm the opposite of a prior poster. I would rather lower truck clearance to 6"-7"and tow level. And, rising the pin box 1" will bring the front end down and the back end up so the OP might be real close to level. I never had a problem with 6 years of towing with 6" clearance. Now that depends a little--if you're getting way off the beaten track, 8" might be necessary.
lenr 05/09/19 08:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking to buy older 5th wheel

Most of the advice has been about running gear, but I honestly would be more concerned about caulking. A unit that has been sitting at a permanent site may have had little caulking or roof maintenance as the owners came to visit occasionally. The running gear is a given--it will need maintenance.
lenr 05/09/19 08:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford Diesel trucks

Executive summary-- With a fir amount of Ford experience in the family, I wouldn't consider any Ford older than 2012.
lenr 05/09/19 08:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford Diesel trucks

In my opinion--your's will vary-- Avoid 2011 first year transmission troubles. The 6.7 has been "fairly" trouble free. Each year gets a little better, but a little more torque and HP so loaded a little hotter. Ford got a bad rap for not paying for high pressure fuel pump and injector failures that showed evidence of water in the fuel. GM was paying as they came out of bankruptcy, and Ram claimed more reliability by using the CP3.. However, to keep up with torque wars, RAM has now incorporated the CP4 pump. Reality is that water in the fuel is not Ford's problem. I always felt that I would replace the high pressure fuel pump if I bought used just for insurance against abuse by a prior owner. Our 2012 has been fairly acceptable for reliability. They still fight the "plugged" EGR cooler problem with the earlier 6.7 models. Later ones (about 2015) started running the hot radiator loop through the EGR cooler, but don't know if that has helped reliability in regards to plugging. And, of course, the 2017s eliminated rust with the aluminum body.
lenr 05/09/19 08:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Boxes for T105 batteries

Thanks for the ideas. Got to go measure available space.
lenr 05/09/19 07:23pm Tech Issues
RE: So what's the deal with weight stations?

CAT Scales are everywhere and actually easy to use. Don't be intimidated by the semi-trucks, just pull on to the scale. Pull on slow and don't stop fast--it's hard on the scale equipment. The scale will have 3 sections--pull forward until the steering axle is on the final section, drive axle is on the middle section, and trailer wheels are on the first section (motor homes--make a judgement on what sections to stop on). Then step out and pick up the phone. The attendant will want to know your trucking company and truck number--I usually tell them Private and #1--but they don't care--they just need to enter something. It helps them find your ticket in a stack of tickets that other drivers haven't picked up. The attendant on the phone will tell you to pull forward--just find a place to park that doesn't impede other trucks--that about all the other drivers care about--just don't slow them down. Go inside to the "Fuel Desk"--it's usually obvious. There'll be a fee ($11 last time) to get your weight ticket. You can also, usually, re-weigh in 24 hours for a smaller fee. You need to tell them on the phone that it is a re-weigh. Re-weigh is necessary to get the hitch or pin weight. While virtually all grain elevators have a scale and most would weigh free, it's likely that they only have one platform so you couldn't get hitch or pin weight without tricks such as part of the rig off the scale. Good luck weighing!
lenr 05/08/19 07:08am Beginning RVing
RE: So what's the deal with weight stations?

Years ago there was a post that one of the western states had a sign that said something like "...RVs this means you" indicating that RVs had to stop. Don't remember which state, and it has likely changed. If I don't see a sign that says RVs are included (never in 14 years), I keep going.
lenr 05/08/19 06:45am Beginning RVing
RE: Boxes for T105 batteries

Thanks for the confirmation of my suspicion. I'm getting ready to replace two 12 volt batteries supplied OEM with 4 Trojan T105-AGMs. Tired of messing with flooded cells. I've used the HM426 in the past--they are very well made, and I'll likely go with them again. Just wanted to check the options for less money.
lenr 05/08/19 06:38am Tech Issues
Boxes for T105 batteries

Does anyone know of decent, but reasonably priced, battery boxes for T105 Golf Cart batteries? I'm aware of the NOCO HM426 which is a very good battery box, but a little pricey. Really looking for a box that will hold 2 of the T105s.
lenr 05/07/19 08:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Refueling

Fly'n J is the best with RV lanes out front dispensing both gas and diesel, and big parking lots with plenty of room to move around. I avoid Pilots because the older ones typically have crowded auto lanes. I have noticed a few new Pilots and Fly'n Js built the same way--one long row of diagonal auto pumps. I used to gravitate to Loves because they usually have enough room to navigate around with our 27' trailer. However, we just upgraded to 36' 3" and I'm figuring the auto lanes are out. I dream of a 36 gal. tank like the OP. We have a Ford short bed with 26 gal. of diesel. Seriously thinking of a 50 gal. replacement tank.
lenr 05/05/19 04:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: GVWR, AXLE Ratings, and Tire Load Range???

IMO--yours may differ: Sorry, nothing to bash above--I know I'm letting readers down. However, I would enhance: Load range E tires (80 psi) aren't just a good idea; they are essential because tires are so often the weak point and take the most abuse from road hazards. Also because this is a toy hauler, depending on load, the tongue weight may be fairly light loading the tires and axles very close to their limits. I would also suggest tires with higher than 65 mph speed rating (Endurance--my choice, or Carlyle) since that provides some extra capacity at normal speeds. However, OP must be absolutely sure that the wheels are rated for 80 psi or new wheels are needed. And be sure those new tires are aired up to 80 psi!
lenr 04/12/19 08:48am Towing
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