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RE: Help a Newbie, question about gas vs. diesel

Shocked that no one has said anything about popcorn and beer!! OP asked if 4x4 was worth it. For those of us that don't go mud boggin', on a per use basis, it is not worth it. For the few times you get stuck, it's priceless. It is more needed with the diesel because of the much heavier front end weight of a diesel (more or less 700 lbs. more than a gas engine.) I'm sure glad I have it.
lenr 08/17/19 03:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Disappointed in Disc Brakes

Trip report:> We made a 550 mile trip--mostly Interstate but enough stopping to test the new Titan Actuator. The Titan actuator is smooth and strong. The pairing with the Ford IBC is very adequate. The combination will definitely stop the combined rig. Having the Ford aggressiveness adjustment (or a Prodigy P3) would allow me to tune the combination a little better, but it is just fine the way it is. Although it is a tad light on light braking, it does come on pretty quick, and is fairly well matched to the truck.
lenr 08/11/19 08:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Disappointed in Disc Brakes

Final report—maybe. Warning—long! The Titan BrakeRite EHB was installed last Thursday. It is definitely smoother in its operation (than the Dexter actuator was). Voltage check in the driveway confirms why. The Titan starts running with as little as 1 volt on the control line. So it starts pumping on light braking from the truck, and then ramps on up. Also, the Titan is a 1500 psi actuator compared to 1600 from the Dexter. That allowed me to change the gain on the truck controller from 6.0 to 7.0 without wheel lockup. That in turn will cause the truck controller to output just a little more voltage on light braking getting the actuator turned on just a bit sooner and smoother. Despite the lack of the aggressiveness setting in my truck, it seems like the Titan turns on at a low enough voltage that it may be fine with the Ford IBC eliminating the need for an after market controller. We start a trip soon, and we’ll see how it feels after some miles. Issues along the way: It seemed like everyone (and his brother) recommended using the Titan Ford/Chevy adapter with the adage that it wouldn’t hurt if you don’t need it, and it may help. In addition, Titan documentation seems to indicate that it is needed on Fords after 2006 ½. So, the adapter arrived, and I installed it on Saturday. Next time I tried the truck IBC, it threw a wiring fault. When I checked the adapter, it measured less than .2 ohms regardless of the polarity of the meter. That’s a short circuit, so out it came. Not wanting to start a long trip with any chance of problems, I bought 2 drum brake magnets and wired them in. The actuator cranks up fine at this point—road test tomorrow. A second issue is that the Titan makes noise and clicks about every 3 seconds. This is, no doubt, the Ford IBC pinging the trailer to see if it is still connected. The noise changed and got quieter after I installed the magnets. In fact, it is currently so quiet that some folks might not notice it on their trailers. However, it concerns me that it will put premature wear on the actuator. At the time I discovered this, I wondered if a properly functioning adapter would have drained off enough current flow from the ping to stop the actuator from clicking. Further research will be needed including getting specs from Titan engineering, and getting a scope on the brake control line to measure the ping (don’t have a scope yet.) However, see additional information in the paragraph below. Rant: On three prior occasions, I spoke with a fellow (name omitted to protect the ??) at Titan Customer Service and Warranty. This fella was unable to answer any tough questions like “how can I test the Ford/Chevy adapter to confirm that it is defective?” He wanted to blame the actuator noise on a defective Ford IBC (just put in a P3 and everything will be fine). Today this guy left work early—lucky me. And, I was referred to another person (Randy) who was very knowledgeable. This individual confirmed that the adapter was defective. In addition, he stated that the small noise from the actuator would be no problem. He also stated that a properly functioning Ford/Chevy adapter would have drained off the current from the ping, and thus the actuator wouldn’t be clicking.
lenr 08/06/19 09:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Road closure (detour) questions

Anyone headed to Goshen or anywhere else in Indiana should avoid Indianapolis like the plague. It seems like we have more interstates closed than open along with GenCon in town and the state fair starting today. The traffic jams have been worse than Atlanta!! Don't plan on passing through--drive around.
lenr 08/02/19 07:08pm Roads and Routes
RE: Considering a newer tow rig....

Cousin bought a heavy F150 to haul a 30 ft. toy hauler with a 5.0. So, disappointed that he traded for a RAM 2500 with a 6.4 V8. The 3.5 has a much better low end torque curve than the 5.0--that makes a big difference when towing. The 3.5 also likes premium gas when towing. Kind of surprised that no one is pushing an F250 or 350 with the 6.2 engine. My son has an F350 with the 6.2 and tows his 31 ft. trailer just fine. The Ford 6R140 six speed has close ratios in the top 3 gears and is great for towing.
lenr 07/30/19 09:07pm Tow Vehicles
?? Mail on the road ??

What have you folks found most successful and least successful to handle mail on the road. Our plan is to travel for 2 months 4 times per year. We already have all routine bills coming by email, but the unexpected bills and junk mail plug the mail box. Worse, the PO has become VERY unreliable at holding mail. The online system tells you it's being held, but then we come home to a box stuffed with wet mail. We are already ruling "hold mail" out as unacceptable. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
lenr 07/30/19 10:33am RV Lifestyle
RE: Battery Question??

WFCO converters are almost universally installed in trailers, and almost universally problematic. They can fail in many ways but my most frequent experience on 3 trailers in the family is that they don't go into a period high voltage to equalize the cells. My last one ruined some expensive T105 batteries causing them to boil out eating away a bunch of metal in the front of the fifth wheel. The weirdest one was noisy voltage being put out by the WFCO that caused a Norcold fridge in my son's trailer to malfunction. Replace the WFCO--fixed the fridge--nothing done to the fridge. Do to that experience I wouldn't run a WFCO converter without a battery attached. Suggest replacement with a Progressive Dynamics or BoonDocker converter and a new battery.
lenr 07/28/19 06:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pleated shade only raises half way?

It sounds like the OP is talking about Day/Night pleated shades that slide up and down a string. The string has to be tight to create friction in the plastic bar to hold the shades in place. The strings stretch and the shades drop. The little plastic piece at the bottom where the strings tighten is difficult to use because the strings just wind up on your screwdriver. Adding a small washer between the screw and the plastic piece will allow tightening without winding. Eventually the strings will wear and catch. There are YouTube videos on re-stringing. We had a 56” shade that kept falling down because the RV manufacturer screwed it up with just 2 screws. We gave up, threw it away, and replaced it with a household curtain rod and curtain—loved how well the new curtain worked.
lenr 07/27/19 07:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Disappointed in Disc Brakes

A Titan BrakeRite actuator will be installed next Thursday replacing the Dexter unit. The folks at Titan confirmed that their initial voltage for turn on is less than one volt—much less than the stated 3 volts for Dexter. The trailer dealer that I’m switching to called his contact at Dexter technical who confirmed that the higher turn on voltage is probably the root cause of my problems. I also noticed that the wire gauge requirement for the control line for the Titan is smaller than the Dexter. That tells me that the amperage draw by the Titan from the truck controller is lower than the Dexter—that’s good. I’ll also be using the Ford/Chevy adapter since Titan recommends it and the success stories seem to use it. Big thanks to Planning for posting the price at Eastern Marine—ground delivery in 3 days for $20. By the way the price match at ETrailer is more of a stall technique than anything else. I’ll post results after installation.
lenr 07/27/19 06:50pm Tech Issues
RE: 50 amp cheater box

Interesting discussion. I two days ago put a double 30 into a 50 Y connector into my save list on a large online company while I made up my mind if this was really what I wanted to do. This device has a neutral line of 8 gauge which would get pretty smokin' warm if the two 30 legs were on the same side of the 240. There potentially wouldn't be any breaker protection up to 60 amps. I plan on evaluating our new trailer for normal amperage drawn by each major load to see how far under 30 amps each side of the 50 amp 240 feed can be run. Then before using the Y I would evaluate whether the two 30 outlets are on the same side or opposite sides of the 240 thus determining which loads can be run.
lenr 07/26/19 12:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Disappointed in Disc Brakes

Sure wish I had TBC Effort--it sounds like it is just what I need. But, I don't have it. I'm going to check with a dealer to see if there is an upgrade available. Thanks for that informative post.
lenr 07/17/19 08:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Disappointed in Disc Brakes

My truck is 2012 Job 2 Premium Package. It has the larger dash display that came standard with the higher line trucks that year. It has the menu entry: “Settings |Driver Assist | Trailer Brake Mode | Electric or Elec. over Hydraulic”. The issued owner’s manual says it has been verified to work with some Electric over Hydraulic systems—check with your dealer to find out which ones. I’m betting my dealer wouldn’t have a clue. I see nothing in the owner’s manual nor in the display about aggressive settings—it sounds like the aggressive setting might solve the problem, but it doesn’t exist for me. Now I need to figure how to get this fixed less expensive than buying a new truck.
lenr 07/17/19 06:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Disappointed in Disc Brakes

One more question-> Those of you running the Titan with the Ford adapter, are you leaving the IBC set to electric even if there is an Hydraulic selection available? When I did some Voltage tests setting in the driveway, the two settings did not seem to make any difference. (My owners manual says there is no IBC output reduction for speed when using the manual lever.)
lenr 07/17/19 01:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Disappointed in Disc Brakes

Thanks for the responses-- Update and details: My 2012 XLT does have an Electric Hydraulic setting, and that is what it is set on. It has been my goal from the start to try to make the IBC work because I want trailer braking controlled by how hard I push on the petal. The IBC set to electric has worked fine with drum brakes. The truck is an XLT—don’t know if that affects additional adjustments, but I can find nothing but gain. The advantage of a Prodigy would be that the initial boost could be set such that it turns the pump on and the gain could be set for smooth transition from that point to just below tire lockup. My present setup is ANYTHING but smooth. One question does seem to be answered—Titan gets the vote. I’m going to research the interface module—maybe it provides different functions beyond proper loading for controllers lacking hydraulic settings. Part of the problem with the Dexter actuator is that it does have a higher turn on voltage, so it doesn’t get rolling until the controller is calling for a good chunk of braking—thus the jerkiness. Maybe the interface helps with that issue.
lenr 07/17/19 01:34pm Tech Issues
Disappointed in Disc Brakes

I admit, I choose that topic just to get your attention. It’s the actuator and its integration with the brake controller that leaves me disappointed. I’m very interested in hearing others’ experiences. We had Kodiak disc brakes and a Dexter actuator installed on our new fifth wheel trailer. We’re using the integrated brake controller in our 2012 F-350. The disc brakes work so well (after break in) that I have to turn the gain down to 6.5 (out of 10) to keep the wheels from locking up on hard braking. With the gain turned down the Dexter actuator doesn’t start up until the brake controller is up to 40% on the dash bar graph. Then when it does start it’s into serious braking. So, the result is no help from the trailer on light braking and a big jerk once the brake petal is pressed into medium braking. The whole business is very disappointing, and has me wishing that I had just stuck with drum brakes. 1. Does anyone think that a different actuator would solve the problem? The Titan BrakeRite apparently has a lower start up voltage--but, it still is going to be up in the range a little, probably about 20 or 30% brake. 2. I’ve read that there is a time delay with disc brake actuators. What actuators are the fastest, in your experience? While I may be experiencing this also with the Dexter, the bigger problem seems to be not getting up to the turn on voltage. 3. Installing an after-market controller such as the Prodigy seems to be a catch-all answer. If you have found this to be a solution please explain why you think so, and how it works better. 4. What setups are you perfectly happy with: controller and actuator? Thanks.
lenr 07/16/19 07:25pm Tech Issues
RE: I-70 west

Just drove I-70 from Indy to Cambride, OH, today. While not quite as rough as prior years, it is still pretty bad. Indiana is worse than OH, but there are plenty of rough spots in OH.
lenr 07/03/19 04:01pm Roads and Routes
RE: What Fuel Do You Use in Your EcoBoost?

When Ford first put the EB 3.5 in the F 150, they lowered the compression ratio from the auto version to avoid pinging while towing. Of course the other way to do it is higher octane fuel. Very interesting that octane is well established as not worth the cost.
lenr 07/02/19 08:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: SWR 5th wheel towing

We just stepped up to a 36' 3" fifth wheel on our Ford F-350 SRW Diesel, crew cab, short bed. 10,780 dry, 12,660 loaded ready to camp (full fresh water tank), with 2440 pin weight. I'm comfortable because we installed 6000 lb. axles with disc brakes. But that is it--I would not be comfortable with any more weight even though Ford says we are good for a 14,500 fifth wheel. We are just below the rear axle rating and tire rating--so OK, but no room to spare. SRW is going to save money on tires and initial cost. If looking at longer, heavier, or toy hauler trailers, MHO is one is in dually territory. Toy haulers tend to be nose heavy to allow for the heavy toys in the rear, and really cry out for dually. I was honestly surprised how close we got to our weight limits on axle and tires after we got this trailer. In terms of handling, the SRW crew cab short bed handles this trailer just fine--comfortable in emergency moves, and the disc brakes will stop a freight train after a short delay to build pressure. Our trailer has dimples that allow for tight turns without bumping the cab, so short bed is not a problem, although we have a slider hitch form the prior trailers.
lenr 06/30/19 08:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: One very last water tank question

Those fuses are not famous for their labels. It's likely combined with something else. What is the issue? How about pulling the 15 or 20 amp fuses to see which one makes the light go off on the switch that turns on the water heater (if it has a lighted switch)?
lenr 06/21/19 08:31pm Folding Trailers
RE: Why 4.1 axle?

The more speeds in the transmission, the less the rear ratio matters. If your next truck is a GM or Ford, it'll likely be a 10 speed.
lenr 06/13/19 04:26pm Tow Vehicles
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