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RE: Ford F-150 towing mirror size?

Been looking at getting the factory towing mirrors since I first considered buying an F150. Pricing on the aftermarket copies is down in the $200-250 range. My TT is a "narrow" version and the standard truck mirrors work to see pretty much straight down the TT sides. BUT being able to see more is always better ;) Anyways, being too lazy to run out to a Ford dealer right now, anybody with a 2019 F150 with towing mirrors care to measure the mirror sizes and distance from the window for me, please? Since no one has as of yet I can measure mine when I get home...Do you have any specific measurements would you like?
librty02 03/10/20 10:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Enough truck?

You should be fine with the current set up but probably not for the long haul as that truck is getting older but like you stated you will upgrade the truck. 2 things of advice I could give is stay at at least 1600lbs of payload and you will be fine and I would recommend the longer wheelbase truck 157" as they tow quite a bit more stable than the 145" wheelbase trucks....ask me how I know I have a 11 3.5 eco with the 145" and a 18 3.5 eco with the 157" wheelbase...both tow my rig great but the 157 does it that much better...
librty02 03/10/20 03:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Ford 2.7 eco boost

Where did I get my information? How about 27.5K behind the wheel of 2018 F150 with a 2.7 10 speed. All across the southeast. And no I don't pull a trailer with it.Well if you've never pulled a trailer with it, you probably never had it in Tow/Haul mode, and hence, never experienced the engine braking with a load behind it. Second possibility is your truck is defective. The rest of us seem to have real experience with the engine braking. You should get your's looked at so you can get the engine braking you should be getting. It's a company truck so that's why I have it. I have tried it in tow/haul. It is better, but it's a gear or 2 down to start with. But you will never get the braking from "waste gate" turbos that you get from the variable geometry turbo. Good truck, rides good and gets real good fuel mileage. Better than the V8 2011 that it replaced. Obviously the Mountaineer 5th wheel in sig is to heavy for any 150/1500 truck, so that's why we have the DRW Duramax. And after owning 2 DRW diesels my opinion of any 150/1500 trucks towing abilities will be different than those who do tow with them. Guess I just like the other flavor of Kool-Aid.:W I've had both flavors of the so called kool-aid as my last set up was a 08 350 dually with a 14k 5th wheel and we downsized in 2013 to the current TT we have now and the current set up we have is just as solid as the dually was with the 14k 5th...after 80k towing with the current set up it has towed just as well.
librty02 03/07/20 09:55am Towing
RE: Ford 2.7 eco boost

Duh! I could've had a V8! ;) And I do! Ha ha I had the 5.0 in 11 and wasn't impressed by its towing capabilities at all so traded it in in 6 months for the 3.5...night and day difference to me..it reminded me of the ol '08 5.4 I had..but to each their own we all like different things and I'm happy we have as many options out there to choose from as we do. :D
librty02 03/05/20 09:45am Towing
RE: Ford 2.7 eco boost

Where did I get my information? How about 27.5K behind the wheel of 2018 F150 with a 2.7 10 speed. All across the southeast. And no I don't pull a trailer with it. Well then the 3.5 is a totally different animal then cause it hold back my 7200lb trailer and truck without any issue at all
librty02 03/05/20 07:06am Towing
RE: Ford 2.7 eco boost

While the OP wants to use the truck on flat ground, it should be mentioned that the lawnmower engine will not do a good job holding back if a steep downhill is encountered. Eh both my 3.5 so called lawn mower engines hold my 7200lb trailer back very well all through the Appalachians in Pa Wv Va and NC usually only tap the brakes twice on the 6 mile 1700ft decent on 77 through the Blue ridge mountains it holds at 55 with no problem whatsoever...if the 2.7 is like the 3.5 in that aspect I don't see an issue...where I see one is possibly the trucks GVWR and wheelbase for that longer trailer. The 2.7 won't hold the empty truck back. Other that that it's a great truck. I don't see how the 3.5 could do much better. Unless like some of the other Fords, it uses the service brakes. I have 2 3.5 ecos an 11 and an 18 and they have both held back my 7200lb trailer with extreme ease...not sure where you are getting your info that it won't even hold an empty truck back?!? As I have over 80000 miles towing that 7200lb trailer with both trucks now all through the Appalachians. Have you or do you own a 3.5? If not how can you say what you did?!?!
librty02 03/05/20 04:28am Towing
RE: Montana vs. Arctic Fox vs. Grand Design

I completely agree with you but unfortunately it has been that way for the last 20 years that I know of and how do we as consumers change that? We need to stop buying the products then...but with RV sales at an all time high I don't see this ending anytime soon ugh :S
librty02 03/03/20 01:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford 2.7 eco boost

While the OP wants to use the truck on flat ground, it should be mentioned that the lawnmower engine will not do a good job holding back if a steep downhill is encountered. Eh both my 3.5 so called lawn mower engines hold my 7200lb trailer back very well all through the Appalachians in Pa Wv Va and NC usually only tap the brakes twice on the 6 mile 1700ft decent on 77 through the Blue ridge mountains it holds at 55 with no problem whatsoever...if the 2.7 is like the 3.5 in that aspect I don't see an issue...where I see one is possibly the trucks GVWR and wheelbase for that longer trailer.
librty02 03/03/20 01:05pm Towing
RE: 1st TT arriving tomm, what is your check list for setup?

Sure would be nice if more RV dealers offered weekend RV-101 classes for new users. They could probably pick up a few sales on useful accessories doing so. Maybe there's a dealer near you with such a class. This is becoming a big thing now I know one of my local dealers does this and nationally I know Lazy Days has done this for years now.
librty02 03/03/20 09:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Montana vs. Arctic Fox vs. Grand Design

“The last phone call with Grand Design the gentleman I spoke with basically called me a liar saying I never reported any of these issues.” And then you mailed or emailed the gentleman copies of all your written issue reports, correct? To show the gentleman you weren’t lying? I didn't mail them but I gave him all the dates times and people I talked to. His response was it's not in my system so it didn't happen. I hate to say this but the issues you had for the most part are with the other manufacturers and not GD as they don't manufacture the frame, ac, door lock, etc. Being out of warranty any manufacturer will most likely tell you to pound salt especially if/when the problems are not with the quality build of the unit itself but with the components they used from other manufactures...does that suck well yeah we pay a lot for our rigs but we all rely on those other manufacturers products as well no matter who uses them in their product as they all use the same...whenever I'm looking at rigs I always ask the dealer when the rig was delivered to the dealers lot...being in southwest Pa myself road salt eats everything and I would never purchase a unit that was delivered from Indiana to western Pa during the winter months in fear that salt was blasted all over that thing for over 300 miles then how long it sat on that dealers lot before the rain or they washed it if they ever did before that coating on the frame has had time to cure.
librty02 03/03/20 07:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford 2.7 eco boost

Just wondering what people that have the 2018 Ford F-150 10 speed trans. 2.7 ecoboost think. Purchased a new camper Spirit 2963BH dry is 6408 will probably end up around 7K loaded up. Towed my expandable with it didn’t even need the weight distribution hitch and felt good. The new camper I will be towed for the most part in southern Illinois (flat ground). Since you own the truck and the trailer...you tell us how did it tow? What is your trucks GVWR and payload rating? What is the wheelbase of the truck? Is it a crew cab short bed? long bed? Let us know...
librty02 03/03/20 06:13am Towing
RE: Montana vs. Arctic Fox vs. Grand Design

I say pick the floorplan and style that suits you and your needs the best. Forget about what brand it is as they all have their issues and they all use the same component manufacturer's, dometic, norcold, lippert, suburban, atwood, etc, etc....The more units the manufacturer puts out the more you will hear about issues that's why keystone gets the bad wrap most of the time on forums as they are the highest selling manufacturer by far and have been for years. GD is catching up to them and have a great re-pore with "most" owners fixing things with mobile techs and or out of warranty. As for Northwood from what I have seen they need to get out of the 80's styling...to me it personally looks like I'm back in 1983 when I step into one of their units. What I'm trying to get at is forget the dealer, forget the brand, pick what you like and what suits you most and just deal with any issue as they come. My Keystone lite model is 7 years old now and not 1 single issue at all and I have over 50k miles on her now with an avg of 150 night a year use....
librty02 03/03/20 05:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Manual or electric trailer dolly?

These work very well on all terrain... https://parkit360.ca/products/trailer-mover-10000lbs-capacity-base They also go on sale fairly often this unit would be around 1300 sale price is typically what I see
librty02 02/26/20 06:50am Towing
RE: Please help me check my capacity math

Please help me check the math on my trucks’ ability tow my TT. My TT: 4900 lbs total 550 lbs tongue weight My truck: GVWR: 7200lbs Max Towing: 8800lbs Truck weight without passengers and a full tank of gas: 5890lbs So here is my math: (7200-5890) - 550 = 760 So I would have 760lbs for passengers and all of our other stuff? Please tell us the weight of you and all occupants you will have in the truck while towing...also how much weight do you think you will have in the bed of the truck also while towing...will you tow with a full fresh water tank all the time? sometimes? never? These things will help us get you an answer.
librty02 02/20/20 07:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Please help me check my capacity math

And 760 pounds ISN’T enough. If he does have 760lbs left over why would that not be enough? How do you come to that conclusion without know his situation? :h I thought the same thing. Forums can be very helpful but need to filter out helpful from just the noise. Plus the OP already has used a CAT scale so he's well aware of his cargo numbers REREAD "handye9's" post. That IS the REAL answer. For some reason everyone is attached to and obsessed with the "dry weights". Brochure Dry weights are bogus to start with. Brochure Dry weights often do not include silly things like a battery and propane. Brochure dry weights do not include any options from factory or add on options at dealer. Only the actual weight sticker the manufacturer must place on the trailer will list the real dry weight. Yes, not "everyone" will use the full GVWR of the trailer, BUT, MANY DO. And by they way, 13% is the MIDDLE of the recommended range of tongue weight, the HIGHER tongue weight you have the MUCH better the towing experience will be.. Reality is you really want to be 15% not 13%, the trailer gets much more stable at 15% than 13%.. And with borderline or subpar tow vehicles combinations you REALLY want the max tongue weight you can get without going over your TVs axle ratings. Can the OP tow it, yeah, perhaps, but I myself would not do it.. ASSUME AND PLAN FOR THE WORST CASE SITUATION, the result will be a much, much better towing experience.. Half of this is correct and half of this is just more NOISE... He never stated who or how much weight he plans on putting into the tow vehicle while towing and never stated if he will ever tow with water as it seems most people here never do..I for one never leave for a trip without a full fresh water tank...my point is everyone's situation is different and we don't know his entire situation yet to make a bunch of assumptions...oh and to the real numbers statement nowhere was it stated in that post that using the wdh will transfer weight back to the trailer axles too taking weight off of the tow vehicle...mine for instance is 120lbs....taken from the scales which voids more than the weight of that wdh being taken from his payload number...will it all be the same no every truck trailer combo is different ;)
librty02 02/20/20 07:33am Travel Trailers
RE: my travel trailer will be stationary throughout the year?

Other than the financier demanding it, not sure why you'd need insurance on a stationary trailer. :E :S
librty02 02/19/20 01:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie Pre Purchase Questions

Ram's website claims 8510lbs tow capacity. Here's my advice - go to rvshare.com and rent the TT you think your truck is able to pull. Take it on a highway trip and let some semis pass you. Good luck. I sense a hint of sarcasm in his response, but renting once or twice is good advise to find a floor-plan you like and seeing how the truck behaves. Only problem I had when renting was the guy never bothered to check or setup the WDH for my TV, so you do have to be careful there.Not sarcasm, but real life experience. My FIL wanted to join us on one of our trips and did just as I stated - rented from rvshare.com - selecting a TT based on his tow capacity. I followed him after he picked it up. It was great till we got on the interstate. Thing was all over the place. Same thing on the way to the CG. The guy was a pilot in Vietnam, but was so frazzled that he called the guy to come pick it up from the CG after our stay was over. And - if you have to modify your TV with airbags, that should tell you something regardless of the axle weight limit conspiracy theories. Like I said - Good Luck I see renting a trailer as both a good and disastrous thing to do... The good - getting a feel for hooking up a trailer, the wdh, the electrical, checking the lights, tires, etc...towing anything in general for the 1st time to get a feel for it how it moves and tracks at turns... The bad/ugly - A improperly set up wdh can put fear into you while towing especially the 1st time doing so. An improperly wdh can ruin the entire experience I don't care what type of truck you have as I have towed with them all. Now if the wdh is set up properly and dialed in it could be an entirely different experience.
librty02 02/19/20 01:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Motor options on a replacement tow vehicle.

The 6.2 gets the same mileage as any HD gasser and that is subjective based on, well, all the factors that go into mileage. 3.73 6.2's both of em averaged 13+ mpg commuting/hiway/city mix. Towing 10k+ or high profile, mileage was 8+mpg I'd say. 3.73s towed 10-14k lbs flatbed no problem near sea level, but used the whole tachometer unless I was poking around holding up traffic. I'd absolutely recommend 4.30s for towing duty if you have the choice. Yeah my experience with them empty as I have not towed with one but have a few buddies that do but the 4.30s def got better mileage on the daily commute with all the stop and go it doesn't take as much to get it going. Towing mpgs for my buddies seem to be all over the place from 6 to 10 towing larger travel trailers. Was just curious what he was experiencing withe the 5th.
librty02 02/19/20 09:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Motor options on a replacement tow vehicle.

I have been towing the 10K fifth wheel through the Smokies and back since i bought the 6.2 in 2012. Nary a problem. Dave just curious what gear ratio you have the 3.73 or 430's and what kind of mileage you get towing the 10k fiver with it.
librty02 02/19/20 08:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Used 2011 F350 6.7. Do I need to purchase warranty?

"And RAM is now using the CP4 also...as of 2019" Cummins decided to let Ford work all the bugs out before going to the CP4. :B Don't we all wish the CP4 could be considered reliable
librty02 02/18/20 12:58pm Tow Vehicles
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