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RE: Motor options on a replacement tow vehicle.

The 6.2 gets the same mileage as any HD gasser and that is subjective based on, well, all the factors that go into mileage. 3.73 6.2's both of em averaged 13+ mpg commuting/hiway/city mix. Towing 10k+ or high profile, mileage was 8+mpg I'd say. 3.73s towed 10-14k lbs flatbed no problem near sea level, but used the whole tachometer unless I was poking around holding up traffic. I'd absolutely recommend 4.30s for towing duty if you have the choice. Yeah my experience with them empty as I have not towed with one but have a few buddies that do but the 4.30s def got better mileage on the daily commute with all the stop and go it doesn't take as much to get it going. Towing mpgs for my buddies seem to be all over the place from 6 to 10 towing larger travel trailers. Was just curious what he was experiencing withe the 5th.
librty02 02/19/20 09:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Motor options on a replacement tow vehicle.

I have been towing the 10K fifth wheel through the Smokies and back since i bought the 6.2 in 2012. Nary a problem. Dave just curious what gear ratio you have the 3.73 or 430's and what kind of mileage you get towing the 10k fiver with it.
librty02 02/19/20 08:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Used 2011 F350 6.7. Do I need to purchase warranty?

"And RAM is now using the CP4 also...as of 2019" Cummins decided to let Ford work all the bugs out before going to the CP4. :B Don't we all wish the CP4 could be considered reliable
librty02 02/18/20 12:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Used 2011 F350 6.7. Do I need to purchase warranty?

OP, the die-hard Blue Oval fans will likely roast me for this, but the 2011 6.7L had several teething pains, some of them quite serious. If you are set on a Ford, go for a 2015 and up (or a good old 7.3L), but be aware that the high pressure fuel pump failure potential is valid for all 6.7L Fords. Some will tell you it's rare, but it truly sucks if it happens to you. At my work, we have a lot of Fords and have gone mostly with gas engines, and it's not because of the initial purchase price......Flame suit on! :B I understand that GM and Ford HD diesels use the CP4 Bosch High Pressure Pump. GM switched to a Denso fuel system. And RAM is now using the CP4 also...as of 2019
librty02 02/18/20 11:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Please help me check my capacity math

And 760 pounds ISN’T enough. If he does have 760lbs left over why would that not be enough? How do you come to that conclusion without know his situation? :h
librty02 02/18/20 08:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Question on inverter/charger AC backfeed

Hi Larry, My inverter powers a 30 amp female plug. I plug the shore power cord into that inverter powered outlet. Best non-automatic transfer switch you can have ! Simple and not too expensive. Had to think about it for a minute, but now I understand exactly that. This is fairly common just plug the shore power cord into an inverter. You just have to watch how many watts you pull at a time not to overload the inverter...and drain your batteries quickly...the biggest thing is turning off the breaker for the converter in the rig. With the breaker on you would be using your batteries to charge your batteries and that will drain them very quickly...it would be a never ending cycle ha!
librty02 02/17/20 07:43am Tech Issues
RE: Solar energy when battery disconnect is applied

I would think even the cloudy days would be good enough to keep the batteries charged. Leave it all plugged in and if worried about extra loads on the battery why not just pull some fuses inside the rig so there is no extra draw on the batteries while you are away...
librty02 02/17/20 05:47am Tech Issues
RE: Lithium 12 volt battery Is there a clear leader?

I just put 3 Battleborn 100 Ahr batteries in place of 400 Ahr of AGM. I have 1050 watts of solar and after much consultation with BB my converter is fine as is my solar controller, which is programable. I was impressed with their construction and assembly methods. I thought about making my own pack, but, could not find an external BMS I would trust. :( Our experience boondocking with the BB Lithium is fantastic. The voltage stays very constant througout discharge and they provide up to 300 A if needed. Highest I have seen (microwave) is 140 amps to the inverter. They seem like a solid company and all is assembled in the USA. :B Housted Hey Housted what converter is it you have that BB said was fine just curious, what is the charge rate? I am looking to upgrade myself and am doing some research on all of this. TIA
librty02 02/17/20 04:23am Tech Issues
RE: 3.5 EB Engine Braking?

Absolutely love the engine breaking on both of my 3.5 ecos...put er in tow/haul and let er go that's what it is for...forget manual shifting that's what the tow haul is for if I wanted to manual shift anything I would purchase a truck that had a clutch...who cares if she's revving at 5k RPM she can do that all day long...after 50k towing on my 11 and 20k towing now on my 18 I have never ever even thought about using the manual shift while towing the only time I have used that was in severe snow conditions not towing. But this is my opinion and my 2 cents...
librty02 02/17/20 03:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Trojan T-105

Sounds like I am going to stick with the Sams club GC2's then....you hear so much about how the trojans are superior but in reality I guess they are not. :C
librty02 02/15/20 07:58am Tech Issues
RE: Trojan T-105

I planned on going with this as it's a direct replacement of my wfco 8955 https://powermaxconverters.com/product/pm3-mba/
librty02 02/14/20 06:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Trojan T-105

Sam's club has had a couple of sales on GC2 batteries. Are they Trojans, no, but at $90 each, a much better value. they should have a 1 day sale in the next month or so, and that's when the GC2 batteries go on sale. Yes I have seen these too! https://www.samsclub.com/p/duracell-golf-car-battery-group-size-gc2/prod3590228?xid=plp_product_1_15 Apparently they are made by Deka. My group 24 that I have now is a Duracell from Sam's and has held up well for 3 years now and has been superior to the previous Interstate battery I had. Do you or anyone else have experience with this particular Duracell GC2 battery? As I would not be opposed to buying these either. I just need more AH for boondocking overnight at rest stops etc. while traveling from park to park.
librty02 02/14/20 09:44am Tech Issues
Trojan T-105

About to take the leap from 1 12V Group 24 to a pair of 6V. Is this a good deal for the Trojan T-105's? https://shop.pghbatteries.com/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=35&products_id=5373 This place isn't far from me and I could pick them up anytime I like. Any other suggestions you may have is appreciated also.
librty02 02/14/20 07:29am Tech Issues
RE: RV easy start A/C

health? How to support it? I believe that with the help of keto! who are interested write to me or see the info here ***Link Removed***! SPAM :M I tried to "notify moderator" and received a failure notice Same here
librty02 02/06/20 11:26am Travel Trailers
RE: RV easy start A/C

health? How to support it? I believe that with the help of keto! who are interested write to me or see the info here ***Link Removed***! SPAM :M
librty02 02/06/20 05:40am Travel Trailers
RE: RV easy start A/C

Totally bizarre how they list the BTU as 13`500 instead of 13,500 Whenever I see blatant bad grammar / typos / lack of attention to detail in marketing materials, I loose faith in the product being marketed. Same here 1st rule of thumb seeing things like that anywhere is "SCAM" This is horrible... The Westinghouse iGen2500 portable inverter generator produces up to 2,500 peak watts and 2,200 running watts, only 48lb and super quiet (ust 52dB). Sold from most mayor retailers.
librty02 02/05/20 10:43am Travel Trailers
RE: RV easy start A/C

Totally bizarre how they list the BTU as 13`500 instead of 13,500 Whenever I see blatant bad grammar / typos / lack of attention to detail in marketing materials, I loose faith in the product being marketed. Same here 1st rule of thumb seeing things like that anywhere is "SCAM"
librty02 02/05/20 10:40am Travel Trailers
RE: New Trailer Tires - And THANKS

I don’t do Facebook. I have done several searches and not one non road hazard has been mentioned. So as a friend tells me please prove with pics and testimony these you mention are NOT roD hazard. To be honest I can’t believe there have been none my self but I have seen nothing along with CapriRacer. I have the pics and they are not road hazard issues they were tire failure themselves as the entire tread has separated from the sidewall. I have posts from facebook and instagram. I would post the pics here but not sure how to from my phone. Can I send them here through a message?
librty02 02/05/20 05:36am Towing
RE: New Trailer Tires - And THANKS

Just for my own curiosity what does your data show on the new Carlisle Radial Trial HD? I had these on the previous trailer for about a year without any issues and have not notice any failures mentioned on the forums so just wondering if these tires are better now too. Rob Sorry, but I don't any data. First, my experience was with a major tire manufacturer and we only tracked RETURNS for THAT manufacturer. I retired 7 years ago, so not only do I not have current data on ANY current tire, I don't have ANY data at all. What I have been doing is looking at reports on this and other forums and the one that stands out is the Goodyear Endurance. It's the only one I know of where I can track when it was introduced AND there have been no reports of failures. I am sure that eventually there will be a failure reported because consumers don't know how to discern the difference between a road hazard related failure and a failure caused by the design. (Please note: My experience says that by far and away, it is the design - that is, the materials used and where they are placed - that results in failures and not defects - things that aren't supposed to be there and things that aren't there that are supposed to be.) There are failures of the Goodyear Endurance a few actually. Go to all the Facebook RV pages and you will see pics of them there where the treads have separated from the sidewalls completely the entire way around the tire. I have a few of those pics saved to my phone. I have yet to see a failure on a Carlise Radial HD though...but that may be because they both came out around the same time the Carlise just a few months sooner and everyone is jumping on the made in America Endurance.
librty02 02/04/20 01:34pm Towing
RE: Quick overnight

Heck when I sleep I couldn't hear a dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin plant :B
librty02 02/04/20 11:43am Travel Trailers
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